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Default Young Lawyer Caught Off Guard

Erin Wilson put the finishing touches to her make up before tying her long blond hair into a tight bun. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was a model of neat professionalism in her business suit with buttoned up blouse. Her confident looks hide her nervousness – today was an important day and she knew it. Play this right and her career could skyrocket. She slid her feet into her closed-toe heels, grabbed her laptop case and left her Berlin hotel.

It was rush hour on the Berlin subway but Erin was well prepared and gave herself plenty of time to get to the office. This was her first business trip abroad since graduating college and she was leaving nothing to chance. She had memorised all the stops and even knew the exact fare cost. To the people around her, she could have been a lifelong Berliner. The carriage was crowded, certainly no seats left, and as the train left the platform with a jolt, Erin looked around for something to hold. She could only find a hand bar directly above her but her petite 5 foot 2 frame struggled to reach it. She stretched her arm as long as possible, and although she was just able to reach it, this caused her blouse to push up exposing her tummy to the whole carriage including the top rim of her pink underwear. She never realised this and wondered why the group of teenage boys in the corner were sniggering. “Maybe one or two hairs became out of place”, she thought, now obsessed with that idea. She waited for the next stop, and carefully felt her bun, tightly correcting any hair she thought was misplaced. “That should do it”, she thought, content with herself. As the train moved off, she again stretched her arm to reach the high bar. The teenage sniggering resumed. “Idiots!”, she thought.

She arrived at her office with plenty of time to spare. Brandt International was a major global law firm, founded in 1973 by Hans Brandt but now run by his 32 year old brunette daughter Claudia Brandt from their Berlin HQ. It was Claudia who spotted Erin’s potential during a headhunting trip to Harvard University, and had no hesitation offering her a graduate position with Brandt’s Boston office when she graduated. Erin’s first six months passed with flying colors and she quickly developed a reputation for her professionalism and diligence. Therefore, Erin was thrilled when Claudia invited her on a business trip to Berlin to meet an important American client and finalise some contracts. In fact, this client is worth so much to the firm that he is responsible for 45% of its revenue. Erin knew this, knew how important this meeting was for her firm and her career. She was going to bring her A game. She was not going to let Claudia down.

“Thank you so much for inviting me to this meeting Ms. Brandt”, beamed an enthusiastic Erin upon seeing Claudia for the first time again since Boston. “You’re very welcome Erin, and please call me Claudia”, she replied as the two exchanged a firm handshake. “I presume you are up to date with all the documentation”, the CEO asked. “Absolutely”, replied Erin confidently. “Great. I’ll introduce you to Mr. Charles Jackson”, said Claudia.

The building was bright and modern, albeit very clinical with a reliance on glass and steel. Mr Jackson was waiting in Conference Room A which would be his office for the day. He was in his mid-fifties, quite tall but slender with a full white moustache and still wearing a cowboy hat, which amused the Germans in the building. Despite the laughter lines around his eyes, his gaze could be quite piercing almost intimidating, which is an asset he often used to his advantage. He looked and acted exactly as one would expect of a powerful Billionaire Texan businessman.
“Charles, allow me to introduce Ms Erin Wilson who will be walking you through today’s proceedings”, proclaimed Claudia after entering the conference room. Charles pushed his chair back, stood up and looked down at Erin with her professional yet faux half-smile and outstretched arm. “Pleased to meet you, sir”. “My my my”, bellowed Charles, “I want to shake your hand but I’m afraid I’ll accidentally snap it right off, uh?” He gestured to Claudia and they shared in a laugh with Erin left standing awkwardly. “I can assure you she is one of the brightest sparks to come out of Harvard for a very long time. I’m sure you’ll enjoy working with her”, Claudia assured. “Very well, take a seat my dear, we’ve a lot of work to get through”, replied Charles. Erin sprang into action. She was back in her comfort zone. No more embarrassing small talk. She retrieved all her color coded documents from her bag and set them up in perfectly aligned bundles on the table, like an expert marksman dismantling a rifle. With the gentle whirl of her laptop’s fan and the click of her pen she proclaimed “Ready when you are”. Charles smirked. He admired her work ethic. “Well I’ll leave you to it”, said Claudia as she left the conference room.

The day went very well for Erin. She had expert detailed answers to all of Charles’ intricate questions and even surprised him with a few improvements to the existing contracts that would put his firm on a better footing with his German suppliers. At lunch, Erin sat alone in the conference room eating her salad box while Charles and Claudia chatted and laughed in her office. They were on very good terms. A few hours later, and the work day had finished. Erin and Charles got through all their detailed work in no small part to Erin’s diligence. There were just a few minor issues to be resolved the following morning before Charles’s flight back to Texas. “Well Claudia, you have a tough little cookie on your hands here”, said Charles as he was leaving for the elevator”. “Make sure you don’t loose her”. Erin looked at the floor, a little embarrassed. Claudia expressed her thanks and the elevator closed. Erin’s posture finally loosened a little after the long day and let out a tired sigh. “You did great Erin”, said Claudia, “you should be very proud of yourself”. Erin said that she was proud but was looking forward to soaking in her hotel bath to recharge after the day.

“Oh”, exclaimed Claudia, “I guess that was my fault. I forgot to tell you. We are meeting Charles in an hour. It is important we entertain our top clients when they are abroad. Erin’s heart dropped a little because she was so tired but she understood providing clients with 5 star restaurant meals and expensive wine was part of the business, especially at this level. Erin enquired where they were going. “A spa”, said Claudia, “the best in Berlin”. Erin wasn’t sure how to process that information. She stood motionless for a few seconds and then the most logical fact came to her logical mind, “but I don’t have a swimsuit or even a bikini with me”. “Oh don’t worry about that”, said Claudia, “you can get everything there. Quick, the cab is waiting.”

In the cab ride, Erin’s mind was a flurry of activity. She was suddenly finding herself in a situation were both her boss and her client will see her in swimwear. She could feel her cheeks blushing at the thought of that. She was always embarrassed to wear revealing clothing. She had considered joining the swim team with her friend in college but didn’t want everyone seeing her in a one-piece. She didn’t even like people seeing her toes. But she knew she couldn’t get out of this without hurting her career, and she thought maybe the sauna would be so misty that visibility would be poor. She lifted her chin with that comforting idea and composed herself. She was certain she would get through this.

Erin and Claudia arrived at the spa’s opulent reception. The receptionist informed them that Mr Jackson had already arrived and was in the male changing room. Erin sighed heavily. Claudia asked for two premium packages for females to be charged to the company. The receptionist gave one bundle to Erin and one to Claudia and directed them to the female changing room. In the bundle, Erin could see sandals, a towel and a robe. She assumed her swimwear was mixed somewhere in the middle. As they entered the changing room, her logical mind perked up again and she wondered how the receptionist gave her the correct size because she wasn’t asked. This was puzzling her. Erin and Claudia had lockers side-by-side. Erin unwrapped her bundle but found no swimwear. She rolled her eyes and told Claudia that the receptionist had made a mistake. “Oh no no”, explained her boss, “this is a nude sauna. Did you not study German culture before you arrived”? Erin’s legs literally gave way and she sat on the bench. Claudia was now naked from the waist down. “Come on Erin, lets not keep Charles waiting, or do you like that view of my bush that much”, winked Claudia. Erin was in a tizzy. Her head was spinning “Um…no…ah…what”. She looked up and saw her bosses bush literally inches from her eyes. “Oh gosh, sorry, I mean, what…what should I do?”. “Well”, explained Claudia, “stop staring at me, stand up and get undressed. Then put on your robe and sandals and we’ll meet Charles. Erin started removing her clothes slowly. With each article she tried to wonder how she was going to get through this. She guessed this was normal culture in Germany but she suddenly longed to be back in America. Claudia, her boss, the woman who interviewed her and hired her, was now standing completely naked. Her massive DD breasts with large light brown areolas drew the attention of anyone who looked in her direction, including Erin who was now in her bra and underwear. Claudia sensed the attention. “You should see the looks I get from men when I go topless at the beach”, she smiled, “but yours are cute too. Not as big but cute. What are they B cup?” Erin just nodded while simultaneously looking at the floor and removing her bra. “Aw you have awesome nipples Erin. Very suckable”, exclaimed Claudia, “I’m jealous”. Erin bit her bottom lip and pretended she didn’t hear that comment and quickly put on her robe. She removed her underwear underneath her robe and slid her feet into the sandals. She could feel her whole body trembling with anxiety.

Charles, dressed in his robe, was waiting for them outside the door. “Ah here are my two favourite lawyers”, he boomed, “you sure know the best places in Berlin Claudia. Great work today Erin. I hope you enjoy the relaxation here this evening. Erin politely smiled and nodded. She hadn’t worked up the courage to actually speak yet. “You know”, said Charles, “I don’t think I noticed in the office, but that is a mighty fine color of varnish you have on your toes Erin. Lavender is it?”. Erin thought, “My client, who I spent the whole day with in the office is now commenting on my toes. This is a nightmare”, but she replied with a simple “yes”. “My my, those are the tiniest, teeniest little toes I’ve ever seen. Very petite”, Charles claimed enthusiastically. “Don’t mind him”, explained Claudia, “he just has a little foot fetish”. Erin looked at the floor and tried to calm her breathing.

They walked to the outside of the sauna which was a small cabin like structure on the grounds of the spa. Beside this at the back were hooks for guests to hang their robes. Claudia immediately disrobed and her amble DDs jiggled as she walked towards the sauna door. Charles caught Erin looking at her tits, “It’s tough not to look at them isn’t it?”, he said with a smirk. Erin made some noise but struggled to form a coherent word. Charles disrobed next and Erin just kept a straight stare, making sure not to glance at him. Claudia and Charles were now waiting naked by the sauna door. “Hurry up Erin”, asked Claudia. Erin knew what was next. She couldn’t avoid it any more. She faced the wall and rubbed her face with her hand. She could feel the heat of her blushing cheeks. She took one long exhale and removed the robe. Her bare golden ass was now exposed to the world. Her heart beat faster when she realised Claudia was probably staring right at it, and even faster at the thought of Charles doing the same. Her toes curled at the embarrassment. She placed the palm of one hand over her pussy and her other arm over her breasts and slowly turned around, again trying not to catch a glimpse of her naked boss or her naked client.

“Finally”, exclaimed Claudia, “let’s get inside”. Claudia opened the door and held it open for Erin. Charles didn’t move but just watched Erin walk inside, her hands still covering her most intimate areas. But Claudia did notice his eyes widen at the sight of Erin’s perfect tight bare ass as she passed through the door. She took the first seat she could find – the ground level bench on the left side of the sauna. She sat upright, crossed her legs, and placed each of her round tits in her hands. Charles entered next, and sat at the bench on the right side, directly opposite Erin. Finally, Claudia entered and closed the door behind her. She climbed to the second level bench on Charles’s side, doing so on all fours. She would have given Erin a perfect view of her anus but Erin’s gaze was fixed tightly on the floor. Charles did enjoy the sight of Claudia’s giant tits swaying from side to side as she got into position. She leaned back, one leg outstretched, and the other leg bent at the knee. They were alone.

“Well now isn’t this just mighty fine”, proclaimed Charles, “nothin’ like some Berlin hospitality. What do you make of Berlin so far Erin?”. “It is OK”, she replied still staring at the floor. “Oh my goodness”, interrupted Claudia, “be a little more talkative with your client Erin!” Charles smirked. Erin lifted her head and saw the two nude bodies staring back at her. “Sorry, it is mostly good. Maybe a few cultural differences to get used to”. “You’ll get used to it in no time”, assured Charles, “but for heaven’s sake you are sitting there as rigid as a flagpole. You need to loosen up girl. The key to saunas is just to let at all hang loose. You’ll enjoy it more. It does the skin no good to be clutching your chest so tightly”. “I’m fine”, said Erin, barely above a whisper. “Erin please don’t disrespect our biggest client. He is providing you with excellent cultural advice. You should mind what he says”, said Claudia like a CEO reprimanding a junior. Erin tried to think of her career. She didn’t want to make a bad impression, so fighting off all her embarrassment, she dropped her hands to her side and uncrossed her legs. The hard nipples of her perky round tits were now pointing directly at Charles and she could feel her anus clench with supreme mortification. When she was being interviewed by Claudia just a few months ago, she never expected she would be sitting naked with her.

“That’s more like it”, said a very happy Charles, “You have nothing to hide. Your nipples look delicious”. “That what I said”, exclaimed Claudia as Erin quickly buried her face in her hands to hide her blushing. She didn’t want to show any more weakness so she quickly returned them to her side. “During all our discussions today, I kept trying to imagine what you were hiding behind that blouse Erin. Your areolas are a little bigger than I would have thought, but I love their light pink color. Very nice indeed.” Claudia smirked at his analysis of Erin’s tits. She completely agreed. Erin just pursed her lips together practically chewing on them with her teeth, stuck in the most bizarrely uncomfortable moment of her life.

Charles’s gaze moved down along her slender torso. “Ah, I see you have a pierced belly button. Tell me about that”. “What do you mean”, asked Erin. “Why did you get it”, he explained”. “Well, my sister wanted to get hers pieced but she was too nervous so I went with her for moral support and got mine done too”, said Erin speaking the most amount of words since they arrived at the spa. “Do you like to show it off when you aren’t working”, asked Claudia, “like wearing crop tops?”. “No”, replied Erin resulting in a chuckle from Charles. “She is far too modest for that Claudia”. After a period of silence Charles enquired, “Why do you shave your pussy bare?”. Erin gasped a little and instinctively moved her hand between her legs. “I don’t know, I…I just…, I just like it to be neat and tidy down there.”. Charles let out a hearty laugh. “Neat and tidy, just like your notes on my contracts”. “You should let it grow a little”, advised Charles, “take a look at Claudia’s bush. That’s what I like”. Claudia looked pleased. “I’ll work on it”, said Erin which was a clumsy cross between a joke and her professionalism kicking to try to keep the client happy. She felt mortified. “By the way Erin”, said Charles, “I think it is best to increase the level 3 commission to 2% across all our UK contracts. Do you agree?”. Erin literally couldn’t believe they were now conducting business nude. Her professional business world was being invaded by her naked embarrassment. She straightened her posture despite knowing her breasts, hard nipples, pussy, everything was on display. She tried to be professional. “Well, um…”, she tried to think, “I’ll phone Dick, I mean Richard, in London in the morning”. “I think Dick, or is it Richard, will be just fine with that Erin”, Charles replied.

Claudia advised that Erin lie down on the bench to get the full effect of the sauna. She initially refused because she knew that would completely expose her pussy. But then she considered that she could at least stare at the ceiling to pretend nobody could see her and that also had the added benefit of avoiding the awkward attempts not to look at Charles’s dick. So she slowly stood up and lay down on the bench underneath Claudia. Her tits pointing straight up and her feet just a few inches from Charles. She imagined Claudia and Charles enjoying the view of her completely exposed clit but tried to think of the contracts to distract her. “You really are teasing me with those cute little toes of yours”, he said, “do me a favour darlin’ and wiggle them for me”. Erin was about to politely decline but could predict a scolding from Claudia. So she starting wiggling her toes much to the delight of Charles and Claudia. Claudia joined in, giggling a little. Erin’s heart was beating so hard her tits were moving slightly with her heartbeat, a little detail that didn’t escape her two colleagues. Claudia looked at Erin’s toes, still wiggling, then at Charles beaming smile as he stared at them, and she then noticed his dick beginning to swell. “Are you ticklish young lady”, he asked but before Erin could even think of an answer he ran his finger along her left sole. Erin’s leg jerked back and she let out a cross between a shriek and a laugh. Every goose bump on her tight body lit up in a sudden potent explosion of sensation. It was totally unexpected. Her sound caused Charles and Claudia to erupt into laugher. “Wow Erin”, said Claudia struggling to talk, “you really are ticklish!”. Erin, still lying naked flat on the bench brought her hands up to her face. She was so embarrassed but at least that sensation was oddly enjoyable. It was a distraction from the rest of the uncomfortable evening. She moved her hands back to her sides revealing a smile, a genuine smile for the first time. “I think she liked that Claudia”, said Charles clearly delighted with the events, “it is good to let your guard down darlin’”. Suddenly, he ticked her other sole and Erin let out another scream, but this time more euphoric. She slowly exhaled while whispering “oh my gosh” and even allowed herself to brush her hands over her nipples. That felt good. She looked up and saw Claudia doing the same. She finally found the courage to glance at Charles’s dick. It was rock hard. He saw her looking and she glanced away. Claudia suggested they return to the locker rooms as their skin was starting to prune. She left the sauna and returned with Charles’s robe. Erin once again covered her pussy and tits with her arms as she too left to retrieve her robe. She never felt so much relief to be finally covered again. She just wanted to climb under a duvet now, away from prying eyes. Charles and Claudia emerged from the sauna. Claudia advised that she “needed to help Charles with something” in the mens locker room and for her to get dressed and get a cab home. Erin jumped at this opportunity for this embarrassment to end.

She was back in her hotel room within 30 mins. As she lay in bed, she tried to process what had happened. She felt her face blush against her pillow at the memory of her body being on display for her colleagues to see. But she was also intrigued by the tickling sensation. It felt so good. She hopped out of bed and grabbed the empty ice bucket. She left her room barefoot and in her PJs to get some ice, but really she wanted to feel the carpet on her soles and maybe even pass by some strangers barefoot. What had this sauna experience awoken in her, she questioned? It is a new experience but oddly invigorating. At the end of the hall, she saw a woman dressed in a business suit enter the ice room. She suddenly had an idea, she pulled down the back of her PJ bottoms half way and walked quickly to the ice room. The woman was there filling up her bucket. She noticed Erin’s bare feet and said nothing. Erin felt a surge of hotness through her body. She turned around and dropped her room key, letting out a fake sigh and slowly bent down to pick it up knowing she had just exposed her ass to that total stranger. Without even getting the ice, she scurried back to her hotel room, closed the door and let out an excited little scream. An exhibitionist is born!

The following day back in the office, Erin was about to enter the conference room to finalise a few little things with Charles. She was still a little nervous and opened the door after a deep breath. “Ah Erin”, he said,” I have reviewed the amendments you made. All is in good order and I am happy to sign. Erin was pleased but didn’t know what to feel. There was no mention of the sauna and the man next to her saw her completely naked. She felt so weird. Claudia entered the room to bid farewell to Charles. “Well girls it has been wonderful as always”, he said, “I’ll be back in Berlin next month for the new account openings, and Erin, I hope to see some hair on your pussy this time”. Claudia and Charles smirked. Erin defaulted to staring at the floor, but based on her ice room experience the previous night, and her newly discovered feelings, she looked him in the eye and winked. “You’ve got a keeper here Claudia”, said Charles.

They left Erin in the conference room as they walked to the elevator. They discussed final commission figures and other account details. At the elevator bank, Charles pressed the button. “Thanks as always for your hard work Claudia. I couldn’t have done this deal without your firm’s help.” “I do everything to keep our biggest client happy including your ‘special requests’”, she replied, “I hope Erin was suitable”. “Absolutely”, he answered enthusiastically, “I could almost smell the embarrassment from her. Great choice Claudia! Who else is in the pipeline?”. Claudia smiled, “I was at our Tokyo offices last week and met a lovely young Japanese graduate. Straight out of college. Dresses very modestly and very eager to make a good impression on me. Very conservative girl.” As the elevator door opened Claudia had a twinkle in her eye. “I fancy another spa trip. I think I’ll invite her to Berlin next month for her to meet our biggest client. Her tits are even bigger than mine”. Charles stepped into the elevator and as the doors closed said “Now that I’ll have to see!”.
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This is an amazing story. Very rarely do we find such good writing these days. I love how you started with the incident at the bus to set the tone for Erin's embarrassing day
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Really interested in hearing about the Japanese girl and her embarrassment day.
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Originally Posted by linkvskosmos View Post
Really interested in hearing about the Japanese girl and her embarrassment day.
I have an idea for that but I first want to rewrite the ending of the above story. It ended a little too quickly (because frankly it was getting late and I was tired) and I'll change the experience back in the hotel too. Then I'll write the Japanese girl story which will also feature Erin.
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