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Old 04-15-2019, 07:38 AM
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Default Worshipping a Goddess

In the early days, worshipping was ‘from afar’ – I never had ‘relations’ with girls, and you can’t go up to a girl at work and tell Her “I worship you beautiful Miss, you make me cum in my pants”, even nowadays, when everything is so explicit and girls are more or less the same as boys about sex and stuff.

Apart from ‘lucky views’ I only ever saw girls show in my magazines, of which I had 1000s and 1000s. I longed to see a girl pose for real, like in the photos of amateur photographic sessions I saw in my mags, but I never dared go along to these.

If you read my story, ‘The First Time I saw a Girl Pose’, that tells how I came to worship a Goddess, Miss Lisa, personally for the first time. I was already in my 40s by then, but it would be years before I was able to worship a girl personally again. When the Internet came along, I found some of the girls who had their own sites and posted photos and videos of themselves showing off would reply to emails.

There were two Goddesses I worshipped for a long time, and every week I’d send them ‘worship sheets’, even videos, and they’d reply how much they enjoyed them, call me a wanker, and say lots of other lovely things. Even though I’d seen Miss Lisa pose, I never thought it would be possible to see a glamour model from magazines pose.

I’ve worshipped glamour and nude model Miss Jessica for 19 years now. The first time I met Her was at an exhibition She was at, when She told me I could see Her there. I’d sent Her 100s of emails by then and as many worship sheets, which She said She liked, and She told me I could print one to bring along to give to Her.

I worshipped Her faithfully week in week out, and finally, 5 years after that first meeting, I was allowed to see Her in a studio, take photos, and give Her printed worship sheets and certificates. I saw Her pose, making me cum in my pants despite how nervous I was. I told Her some months later, and She said She knew I had.

Of course, every worship sheet told Her about how She made me cum in my pants all the time looking at Her photos, and which pics had made me, so She was well aware of the effect She had on me and how I worshipped Her. I was too in awe of Her to have any sort of proper conversation, though She tried, asking me where I was with Her photo-sets, because She knew how long it took me to go through them and that I was always months behind with them as a result.

3 years after that, I was allowed the first full proper Worship Session. I was allowed to bring my laptop full of Her photos, videos and all the worship material I’d done for Her over the last 15 years. She asked what outfits I’d like to see Her in and I emailed Her the worship sheets I’d done of Her in those outfits, with my captions and cartoons telling Her how many time the photos had made me cum in my pants.

I was allowed to video the whole Session, as well as bring Her worship sheets, ‘mag covers’, certificates and more, plus my little camera to take photos of Her as She posed. I was so looking forward to showing Her the worship videos I did for each of Her sets, detailing how many times She’d made me cum in my pants and including the animated cartoon of ‘me’ with cum running down the front of my trousers.

I was very nervous as I played the first one, but oh, how She laughed at them, telling me afterwards I was a wanker, and gently mocking me about how I spunked my pants all the time. For me, that Worship Session was the pinnacle of girl-worship, and I still can’t believe it happened, all the lovely things She said, how She posed, and how She knew She would make me spunk my pants during the session, even asking me if I’d brought a change of underpants!

Better still, if that’s possible, was Her telling me I’d be allowed another Session, and that happened a year later. At the start of that Session, She changed into the outfit shown in the worship sheet I’d given Her, and came out and did a little tease in it, winding me up (in fact if She’d carried on it’s highly likely She’d have made me cum in my pants right in front of Her).

She looked at lots of worship videos on my laptop, sitting in Her outfit with stocking-tops showing, as well as lovely cleavage. She laughed and commented about the worship videos, and asked again if I’d brought a change of pants. It was so lovely, She made me spunk my pants before She even started posing.

I didn’t just worship Miss Jessica, I adored Her. She was, and is, my life. Her beauty, Her charisma all overwhelmed me, and She is the love of my life. Unfortunately, She ‘retired’ from modelling, and I’ll never see Her again. The last ‘Worship Certificate’ I sent Her tells the story –

• 92,385 photos of Her
• 1127 videos
• 8354 worship sheets I sent Her
• 743 ‘mag covers’ (Spunk Queen series and lots of others)
• 510 worship videos
• Over 3000 emails exchanged over the years, including 1243 worship sheets/videos/mag covers / stories / poems etc sent to Her
• 152 Worship Certificates
• Times She made me spunk my pants over 1300, including 3 times in Her presence, over 130 times after looking at just one pic, and over 360 times where it was the 2nd or 3rd time one a photo
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