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Old 10-31-2016, 07:43 PM
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Originally Posted by smjimmie1348 View Post
Awesome story as usual love how you made Mickie strip herself but not torrie lol.

But as for your question I say on nxt takeover you post it a day earlier also its in Toronto so you maybe could have Trish stratus come back in her hometown for a fight .

You'll learn why Mickie does some of the crazy things that she does - such as stripping herself - as the story goes on.

You won't be seeing Trish. She's gone. NXT Takeover maybe be in Toronto but my story isn't. I'm actually somewhat following canon WWE Raw from ten years ago back in 2006. So the two shows featured in the next chapter are going to take place in the same cities as the originals. May 22nd 2006 Raw = Las Vegas Nevada. May 29th 2006 Raw = Tacoma Washington.
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Default Makes sense

Ok makes sense thank you for anwsering my comment .
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Old 11-18-2016, 11:06 PM
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Have you decided on whether you'll be posting it tomorrow in celebration of Mickie's return or Sunday as planned?
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Old 11-19-2016, 03:00 PM
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Default Chapter 3 Part 1

Mickie’s Title Rampage

Mickie's back tonight and so is this story!

Okay so I finished this chapter but I’m not going to be able to finish Chapter 4 in the span of two weeks. So I’ve decided to split this chapter into two parts that way I can keep up my promise of posting every time there’s a Pay-Per-View. Hopefully 2017 will have a more relaxed Pay-Per-View schedule.

This first part of the chapter is going to be mostly character development and plot building. The second part has the naughty stuff. And don’t worry, the last two chapters were mostly set up so they were somewhat tamer. Now that I’ve set the stage for my big match and mature content I can get more ‘extreme’ with my matches.

Chapter 3 – The Rise and Fall of Beth Phoenix

The big news in the wrestling industry was that WWE Backlash had passed 1,000,000 buys. The final numbers were 1,050,000. This was historic. No one had ever expected the solo-brand WrestleMania fallout Pay-Per-View to go from 220,000 buys and more than quadrupled with replays until it had outsold every other Pay-Per-View in WWE history. The fact that Smackdown’s Solo Brand Pay-Per-View Judgment Day which had aired on May 21st had only received 250,000 buys solidified the fact that Backlash was an enigma thanks to the Mickie James/Trish Stratus Match.

WWE Corporate and Creative decided it was time to launch their experiment to see how much attention it would garner. The WWE.com overhaul had gone as planned. WWE’s official website could now handle ten times more traffic and they had updated their default video player. The plan was to stream an exclusive Raw Post Show Match after next week’s Raw on the website. Anyone under eighteen would be cleared out of the arena that night after the show. Anyone that wanted to watch the match online would have to pay a one-time fee of $6.69. The logic was that over 800,000 perverts had paid $34.95 for replays of the Mickie/Trish Match so they’d be willing to pay a fraction of that match specifically.

WWE Corporate had set the stage for the match. Now Creative had to provide the two competitors. Mickie James was a given but who would be her opponent? Elizabeth Kocianski aka Beth Phoenix was considered by many to be one of the top talents in OVW. She had been apprehensive about accepting her new contract for a match against Mickie James where everything goes. But she was still a rookie trying to escape the developmental territory and to start her career on the main roster. She didn’t want to rock the boat. The Creative Team decided to go ahead and promote a personal rivalry between the two women for their special match on May 29th.


Monday Night Raw – May 22nd 2006 – Las Vegas Nevada

Raw is underway. In the most recent segment Edge and Mick Foley had announced themselves as the co-holders of the Hardcore Championship and then accepted Paul Heyman’s challenge to face Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk in an Extreme Rules Tag Team Match at ECW One Night Stand on June 11th.

Jerry Lawler promotes the Diva Search then the cameras go backstage to a returning Maria.

“Hi guys! I’m back!” Maria chirps. She’s back and in high spirits. “My first guest is Raw’s newest diva… Beth Phoenix!”

The camera zooms out to reveal the muscular blonde who had saved Torrie Wilson from Mickie James last week.

“Hey Beth!” Maria greets her guest. “So last week you attacked WWE Women’s Champion… ” Maria pauses and then quickly adds, “andthewomanwhobrokeTrishStratus… Mickie James. And…”

“What did you just call her?” Beth interrupts, “The Woman Who Broke Trish Stratus? You do realize that she’s not here, right?”

Maria’s cheery smile fades and she timidly whispers to Beth. “I don’t want to make her mad again…”

Beth shakes her head, “I can see that she’s already done a number on you. But that’s why I’m here… to stop that psycho from ruining anybody else’s life.”

“Ssshh!” Maria hisses as she gives a panicked look around her. “You shouldn’t call her that. Mickie gets really mad when anybody calls her the s-word.”

“Psycho starts with a ‘p’,” Beth corrects the ditzy interviewer. “Didn’t you have something you wanted to ask me?”

“Um… you mentioned that Mickie ruined your life…” Maria recalls, “So I guess that means you know her personally. Would you care to share?”

“That’s kind of personal for a first interview,” Beth remarks, “But fine, I’ll humor you. Everyone should have an extra cautionary tale about trusting crazy b*tches, especially that one.” Maria once again casts a wary look around her. “Oh, calm down! She’s not there.”

“Mmhmm… go ahead,” Maria meekly prompts her guest.

“Mickie and I met when we were both training to be wrestlers,” Beth begins. “Back then she was really energetic and very helpful. She was… like an enthusiastic puppy.”

“I love puppies!” Maria gushes. Somewhere in the arena Jerry Lawler wholeheartedly agreed with her.

“I do too,” Beth agrees, “That’s why I didn’t see anything wrong with her behavior right from the start. She was always there training when I was and she always brought an extra towel and an extra bottle of mineral water. She was a constant source of encouragement and was always willing to spot me when I was lifting. I thought we were friends… but apparently she thought we were more than that. I had moved to Louisville to train for the WWE. But training to be a wrestler doesn’t exactly pay the bills. Most months it was really hard to come up with the money to pay my rent. Mickie had a place and offered to let me move in with her. I wasn’t exactly in a position to pick and choose so I accepted.”

Beth shakes her head, “I didn’t know what I was getting into. Mickie had failed to mention that her apartment only had one bedroom… and only one bed. I can’t tell you how many mornings I woke up to find that woman cuddling me. And then there was her bathroom. First of all, there was no lock on the door and second, her shower curtain was clear and not frosted clear… but completely transparent see-through. It never failed… whenever I was in there Mickie always found some excuse to come into the bathroom. The low rent wasn’t worth it. The only one really benefitting from the relationship was Mickie. She could see me naked whenever she wanted and got to fondle me in my sleep.”

“And if being smothered at home wasn’t enough…” Beth continues, “My social life suddenly took a nosedive. I reached out to some of my friends to see if they’d help me out… but they stopped answering my calls when they started receiving threatening voice mails. And the guys that I dated… most of them never lasted beyond the second date. I’m willing to bet now that it’s for the same reason as my friends. The one guy that lasted a bit longer ended up breaking up with me when some crazy woman broke into his house. Wanna take a guess who that crazy woman was?”

“Umm… Mickie?” Maria answers uncertainly.

“That’s right…” Beth confirms, “But you know what? All that would’ve been worth if it hadn’t been for what she did next. About ten months ago … I finally received the call to come up to the main roster. Trish Stratus was coming down to Louisville so I could have a tryout match. I decided that was finally the time to part ways with Mickie. I tried to let her down easy because despite all the craziness she had been there for me when I needed her. But she did not take it well. First she started crying like I’d broken up with her. Then she got angry, called me ungrateful and all but kicked me out. And just as I was leaving… she pushed me down the stairs.”

At this point, Maria is staring at Beth in horror. Or maybe behind her is more accurate.

“She broke my leg,” Beth recounted. “Needless to say I didn’t make it to my tryout. So had no income, no home, no friends, no boyfriend and a major injury to pay off and rehab. That crazy b*tch ruined my life! And you know the best part? Two months later, guess who I see cozying up to Trish Stratus on Raw? The psycho took my spot!”

Maria frantically shakes her head. Her eyes are wide in panic.

“And so as my leg slowly healed I watched as she sank her crazy claws into Trish and destroyed the life, career and legacy of one of the greatest women’s competitors of all time! I was too late to save Trish… but now I’m here to make sure she doesn’t do the same thing to anybody else!”

”Funny… that’s not the way I remember it…”

The camera slowly zooms out to reveal that Mickie James is standing behind Beth. The muscular blonde warily turns to face her while Maria looks like she’s two seconds away from running for the hills.

“Oh, this should be good…” Beth growls as she folds her arms across her chest, “How does your addled brain see the situation?”

“Everything that I had I shared with you!” Mickie exclaims, “Do you think I was doing well financially? I lived in a tiny one-bedroom apartment with a broken bathroom door and a crappy shower curtain for crying out loud! I spent all my time trying to make sure you were comfortable!”

“And there you go again,” Beth notes, “Twisting things so that you’re the victim… How do you explain chasing away all my friends and boyfriends?”

“What friends? They abandoned you!” Mickie reminds her. “Real friends would’ve helped. And those guys? You have the absolute worst taste in men that I’ve ever seen. They didn’t deserve you! And that last guy? I saw some weird stuff in his house when I broke into it. I think he might’ve been in a cult or something. Maria, does that sound like someone you’d wanna date?”

“I agree with Mickie!” Maria yelps with a panicked expression.

“Good girl,” Mickie says with a smirk, “See, Beth? I was doing you a favor.”

“I’m not falling for that, Mickie,” Beth insists, “I know you. Half the stuff you say isn’t even true.”

“Typical Beth,” Mickie remarks, “Everything I did was never enough for you. The second something better came along you broke up with me!”






“EEEEP!” Mickie and Beth both turn to see Maria run off in terror unable to cope with the high tension between the two women.

“You’re not gonna ruin this for me, Mickie!” Beth snaps, “Not this time! I’ve finally realized that the only way I can have successful career is if go through you to get it. Like a Phoenix I've risen from the smoldering ashes that you left my life in. Now I'm back and I won’t let you hurt anybody else like you did with me, like you did with Trish… like you did with Maria. I’ll save the WWE from your insanity.”

“I—“ Mickie starts to reply but Beth steamrolls right over her.

“AND that starts now!” Beth interrupts, “You probably haven’t heard yet, but later tonight there’s going to be a match to determine the new number one contender for your Women’s Championship. And guess what? I’m in it. My debut match will be my first step to saving the WWE from you… I’m coming for you, Mickie. I’m gonna take your title and you’re gonna get everything that’s coming to you.”

Beth turns and stalks off.

Mickie is left seething as she glares after the blonde then let’s out a shrill scream. “AAAAAAYYAAAHHH!” Mickie spins and kicks the camera. The cameraman falls over and the camera feed cuts.

J.R.: It looks like someone’s finally managed to get inside Mickie’s head.


This week in wrestling history shows Scott Hall going over to WCW and igniting the Monday Night Wars.

I AIN’T THE LADY TO MESS WITH! WOO! Victoria’s theme Don’t Mess With hits as the tough as nails veteran diva makes her way out from the back and heads down the ring. She's dressed in a red top and black trunks with her signature brace on her leg.

Lillian Garcia is in the ring for the introductions, “The following contest is a fatal four way elimination match to determine the new number one contender for the WWE Women’s Championship! Introducing first, from Los Angeles California… VICTORIA!”

Move Your Body plays next and Candice Michelle saunters out from the back wearing a long pink coat, pink pants and a sparkly silver top. “And her opponents, first from Milwaukee Wisconsin… CANDICE MICHELLE!”

Legs Like That sounds through the arena as Maria seemingly wanders out from the back looking like she’s only just been informed that she’s competing in this match. The fact that she’s still dressed in her blouse and skirt from her earlier interview and comedy segment with Carlito, Gene Snitsky and Goldust dressed in drag (because its Las Vegas) further cements the fact that the interviewer didn’t even know she’d be a participant in this match. “And from Chicago Illinois… MARIA!”

Generic rock music sounds through the arena and Beth Phoenix makes her debut as she comes out to her new Jim Johnson theme Count On It. Beth is wearing the same burgundy top and pants that she’d been wearing for her interview. “And from Buffalo New York… BETH PHOENIX!” Beth gets on the ring apron then climbs up onto the nearest turnbuckle and sits on it facing away from the ring before she flips backwards to finally enter the ring.

Lillian leaves the ring while each of the four divas are brought to a separate corner. Then the referee calls for the bell and the match is officially underway.

J.R.: Beth Phoenix has the chance of a lifetime tonight. Not only is she making her Monday Night Raw debut but if she wins this match… she’ll be the number one contender for the Women’s Championship.

King: Well there’s clearly no love lost between Mickie and Beth. Wait… what’s Maria doing?

Everyone watches as Maria walks out into the middle of the ring then falls on her back and lays there on the mat with her legs and arms spread. Beth, Victoria and Candice aren’t quite sure what to make of the ditzy interviewer’s behavior. Candice approaches while Beth and Victoria look on. The 2006 Playboy Covergirl places her foot on Maria’s stomach and the referee drops down to make the count.


Maria rolls out of the ring and runs to the back. Lillian Garcia stands up in the corner and looks on in surprise, “Ladies and gentlemen… Maria has been eliminated!”

King: I guess Maria wanted no part of this match…

J.R.: You remember what Mickie James did to her two weeks ago. I can’t say I blame her. The poor girl’s clearly been traumatized and is doing everything she can to avoid getting on Mickie’s bad side.

King: Well now our fatal four way is down to a three way… uh I mean triple threat match.

J.R.: Or maybe a handicap match would be more accurate…

Beth finds herself backed into a corner as Victoria and Candice advance on her together. Beth shoves Candice away but Victoria takes advantage and kicks her then drags the blonde out of the corner. Candice comes back and the two divas whip Beth across the ring. The newest Raw diva comes off the ropes and takes both women down with a huge double clothesline. Phoenix grabs Michelle and hoists her up over her head for a military press then chucks her over the top rope out of the ring. Candice hits the floor hard and for now it’s down to a one-on-one contest between Beth Phoenix and Victoria.

But while Beth was dealing with Candice, Victoria has managed to recover and clubs Beth from behind. Phoenix doubles over and Victoria pulls the blonde’s head between her legs, looking to finish her off quickly with the Widow’s Peak but Beth powers out and flips Victoria over her with a back body drop. Victoria rolls away and staggers back up but Beth goes after her and hits a kick to the stomach and a forearm to the face. Victoria reels backwards then Beth grabs her and whips her across the ring. Victoria comes back and Beth jumps up and drops her with a front dropkick. Victoria is laid out flat on her back but Beth stays on her and pulls her back up then hefts the other woman up off of the mat swings her around her side and plants her with a big sidewalk slam. Phoenix hooks both of Victoria’s legs and goes for a pin.

ONE... TWO... NO!

Beth gets up but Victoria quickly lashes out her leg and kicks the blonde away from her. Candice suddenly jumps back up on the apron. Beth surges up and swings at her, wanting to keep this from becoming a handicap match. But Michelle jumps backwards and lands on the floor while Victoria comes from behind and shoves Phoenix into the ropes then flips her onto her back with a rollup. Victoria grabs the seat of Beth’s pants with both hands and pulls for extra leverage. Beth’s thong and a large portion of her ass is revealed but the referee catches the illegal activity and stops his count. Victoria rolls away from Beth while Candice springs back into the ring and starts stomping on the blonde’s back. Beth briefly manages to shove the Playboy Covergirl away but then Victoria comes back and clubs her on the back. Victoria and Candice double team Beth and throw her arms over their shoulders, looking for a double suplex but Beth manages to hook her legs around Victoria’s knee to block the move. But then Phoenix shows her strength and hoists BOTH Victoria AND Candice off the mat and slams them down for a double snap suplex.

King: Whoa! I knew from what we saw last week that this girl was strong… but Beth Phoenix just overpower two other women at the same time!

J.R.: I’m impressed too, King. That’s the kind of counter we’d see from the Big Show. There’s no telling just how powerful this Beth Phoenix is!

All three women are down. The counter has taken a fair bit out of Beth but she is still the first to stir and starts to stagger back up. The ring veteran, Victoria rolls over to the ring apron which leaves Candice as Beth’s lone target as the blonde finally gets back on her feet. Phoenix grabs Michelle and pulls her back up but Candice lashes out with a knee to the stomach. Candice grabs Beth’s arm and tries to whip the blonde across the ring but Beth widens her stance and once again displays her power by blocking the irish whip and then sends Candice across the ring in the other direction with a whip of her own. Candice collides with Victoria and knocks her through the ropes and out of the ring then comes back and gets flipped through the air with a big hip toss. Candice staggers back up and stumbles into Beth Phoenix who grabs her and turns her upside in what looks like a scoop slam. But as Phoenix drives Michelle down into the mat she drops to her ass for a sit-out and nails a Michinoku Driver II. Beth keeps Candice folded over on the mat and applies the pin.


Lillian Garcia stands up in the corner again, “Ladies and gentlemen… Candice Michelle has been eliminated!”

Beth gets up and backs away as Candice rolls out of the ring and drops down to the floor. But then Victoria attacks from behind with a hard forearm to the back. Victoria stays on Beth and hits her with another few forearms then whips her into the corner and crushes the blonde with a turnbuckle clothesline. Victoria ducks down and hefts the groggy blonde up onto her shoulders then carries her back into the middle of the ring. Victoria swings Beth off of her shoulders, looking for her signature sidewalk slam, but Phoenix counters out and lands on her feet in front of Victoria. Victoria lashes out and goes for a forearm but Beth catches Victoria’s wrist and wrenches it back behind her with a chicken wing. Victoria tries to elbow out of the compromising situation with her other arm but Beth catches that arm too and folds it behind Victoria for a double chicken wing. Phoenix uses her hold on both of Victoria’s arms to hoist the other woman straight up off of the mat then drops and slams her face-first to the mat with a double chicken wing facebuster. Beth smoothly rolls Victoria over into a pin.


Count On It
plays and the referee comes over and raises Beth Phoenix’s arm to signify the victory. Lillian Garcia stands up to make her final announcement, “Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and the new number one contender for the Women’s Champion… BETH PHOENIX!”

J.R.: How impressive was that, King? Beth Phoenix came out on the winning end of what was more-or-less a two-on-one handicap match.

King: I don’t think anyone was expecting the amount of Raw power that Beth brought to the table. Victoria is as tough as they come… but she got manhandled tonight.

J.R.: This means that Beth Phoenix is the number one contender for Mickie James’ Women’s Championship..

King: If she wants it so bad, she’s welcome to it. Bad things happen to the women who face Mickie James for the Championship.

J.R.: This young woman showed earlier that she’s not afraid to face off with our Women’s Champion. And with the strength she displayed here tonight, I’d say she has a better chance than anybody of finally besting Mickie James.

But suddenly Beth’s generic theme music cuts and Mickie James’ theme Obsession interrupts.

Mickie skips out from the back with the Women’s Championship on her shoulder. The Women’s Champion stops on the stage and addresses her new number one contender.

“Congratulations Beth! You’re the winner! That means you and I are going to face off in a match for the Women’s Championship. Believe it or not, I still care about you. This is your first big match so I want to give you the very best that I have to offer. I just came from a meeting with Vince McMahon. He was in a generous mood and he agreed to make our match together extra special. Your championship match is going to be next week. But it’s not going to be on Raw. It’s going to be on a special Pay-Per-View post show event hosted exclusively on WWE.com.”

Mickie flashes a devious smirk, “And the match itself isn’t going to be just a regular match… I’m giving up my Champions Advantages so we can throw the rule book out the window. Next week it’s going to be Mickie James… the Women’s Champion and the Women Who Broke Trish Stratus… defending her title against Raw’s newest flash-in-the-pan Beth Phoenix. And it’s going to be… no disqualifications… no count outs… NO. HOLDS. BARRED. You know what that means Beth? It means I can do anything I want to you and no one can stop me! Parents, keep the kids away from that keyboard! You’re not gonna want ‘em to see what happens!”

The camera cuts to Beth who has a wary look on her face then jumps back to a close up of Mickie that clearly displays the demented gleam in her eyes.

“Only the best for you, Beth Phoenix! I’m going to give this match everything I have. So everything that I did to Maria… to Torrie… to Trish… that’s all going to pale in comparison to what I do to you next week! You may think you did Torrie a favor by saving her from joining my Band of Broken B itches last week… but really… you’re just taking her place. See you next week, sweetie!” Mickie leans forward and leers at Beth, “I’m looking forward to it…”

Mickie’s music starts up again and she skips to the back having dropped a major bombshell on her new contender. The camera returns to Beth in the ring. She looks a little shaken from Mickie’s big announcement but there’s no overlooking the determination in her gaze. She clearly has no intentions of backing down.

J.R.: Well you heard it from the horse’s mouth, folks. Mickie James and Beth Phoenix will face off for the Women’s Championship next week. But that match is going to be an exclusive Pay-Per-View event that you can only watch on WWE.com. Considering what we know of Mickie’s methods… we’d strongly recommend only watching if you’re eighteen or older.

King: I’m worried for Beth… but at the same time this is definitely something that I want to see. It’s like watching a car crash. You know what you’re watching is sick and twisted but you can’t look away. Something tells me that we’ve only seen a taste of what Mickie James is capable of. But now she’s got Beth in a match where there are no rules in place to hold her back.

J.R.: But let’s not count out Beth Phoenix just yet, King. She seems to know Mickie better than anybody. If there’s anyone that can handle that lunatic… maybe it’s her.


I don’t know if you guys remember, but ten years ago during the actual Mickie-Trish storyline, Beth Phoenix briefly debuted to fill in for Trish Stratus against Mickie James while Trish was recovering from the dislocated shoulder she suffered during her match against Mickie at Backlash. The story was that Beth had some history with Mickie and always knew she was a psycho. But we never actually learned about Mickie and Beth’s history because Beth got injured a couple weeks later in a match against Victoria and disappeared before the storyline could fully play out. So in my version, I decided not to waste any time and revealed Beth’s history with Mickie right away. Now we’ve got a personal rivalry and a big match set to take place during the next update.

Now here’s the updated schedule: I’m going to be posting Chapter 3 Part 2 on the night of TLC: Sunday December 4th. That will hopefully give me time to finish Chapter 4 so I can post it the night of Roadblock on December 18th.

Let me know what you think so far. See you guys in December!
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Default Mickie on NXT

Great showing by Mickie James tonight. I know she was brought in basically to build up Asuka until Ember Moon is ready to face her... probably at Takeover Orlando. But she worked a great match.

Over eleven years after her WWE Debut and Mickie James hasn't lost a step. That's why she was and still is my favorite diva/women's wrestler. That's why my pen name is Mick Gesitt and not Mike.

Here's hoping I can do her justice as I keep this story going.
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Nice storey man! Glad to see it back I'm really looking forward to seeing what mickie has in store for for Beth.
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A PPV every two weeks until the end of the year.... Best of luck to ya.
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Originally Posted by MKDude View Post
A PPV every two weeks until the end of the year.... Best of luck to ya.
Can you imagine paying full price for all those shows? At $35 for a regular PPV and $50 for WrestleMania even paying for the old schedule with just one show a month was expensive. All I could afford 'back in the day' were the Big Four. I'm SO glad that I have the Network. $9.99 a month is actually saving me money. Plus I get to watch NXT, their shows and the CWC which makes it a much better deal.
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Default Chapter 3 Part 2

Monday Night Raw – May 29th 2006 – Tacoma Washington

Following a one-sided match where Umaga squashed Viscera, the cameras go backstage to show a returning Torrie Wilson talking to the Number One Contender Beth Phoenix.

Torrie is wearing an aqua blue top and matching trunks while Beth is in a black one piece outfit that hooks around her neck and bares most of her back and becomes a pair of pants.

“I’m really glad you’re here,” Torrie tells her fellow blonde. “Someone needs to put Mickie in her place.”

“That’s later tonight,” Beth points out. “First we have to worry about our tag team match against Victoria and Candice.”

Torrie smiles reassuringly. “You already beat them both last week. But I’ll watch your back out there so you can focus on Mickie during your title match.”

The two blondes nod then turn and start walking towards the ring. The divas tag team match is up next.


Obsession sounds through the arena after the commercial break and WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James skips out from the back. Tonight she’s wearing a black top that ties around her neck and a short red skirt with a pair of black boots. Her long brown hair is tied into pigtails.

Mickie makes her way down the ramp and around the ring where she plops herself down into the empty chair next to Jerry Lawler at the commentary table.

J.R.: It looks like we’ve got a guest at our commentary table for this match.

King: And not just any guest, its WWE Women’s Champion… and the Woman Who Broke Trish Stratus… Mickie James! Hey Mickie!”

Mickie: Hi King, J.R., thanks for inviting me.

J.R.: Um… actually we didn’t.

King: Not that we don’t appreciate you joining us!

Mickie: Well now you know what to do next time.

WHAAA-OOOW! Torrie Wilson’s theme song A Girl Like That starts playing and the two blonde divas come out from the back and head down the ramp towards the ring.

The bell rings and Lillian Garcia begins her introductions, “This tag team match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first: the team of Torrie Wilson and Beth Phoenix!”

J.R: In case you missed it, folks. Later on tonight, Mickie James will be defending her Women’s Championship against Beth Phoenix in a match where everything goes. That match is available exclusively on WWE.com for the low price of $6.69.

King: This rivalry has been personal before these ladies even came to the WWE. Last week, Beth Phoenix told us about your history together. Mickie, I’ve gotta say, I’m on your side here.

Mickie: Thank you, Jerry. Obviously there are two sides to every story. But it’s the same story as what happened with Trish. This woman that I did everything for, that I spent so much time taking care of and protecting never appreciated it. She cast me aside like I meant nothing to her and broke my heart.

J.R.: But Mickie… Beth’s a grown woman… she didn’t need you to do all that for her. If she really meant that much to you… why would you attack her and ruin her chances at a career?

Mickie: Have you ever had your heart ripped out and stomped on, J.R.? It’s happened to me twice now. Trust me, you’re not thinking straight afterwards.

King: As a man that’s been divorced three times… I can understand that.

Mickie: What Beth failed to mention, because never gives me any credit, is that I was the one Beth was throwing around the ring when she got noticed. No matter how talented one wrestler is you can’t change the fact that it takes two people to put on a great singles match. I was the one getting woman-handled when those agents decided to call the main roster about Beth. I’m the reason she got her big break. And then Beth fell down the stairs. So I guess I’m responsible for her other big break too.

Back in the ring, Beth has done her now-signature flip off of the top turnbuckle in the corner. She joins Torrie in the middle of the ring. King and J.R. change the dark subject to plug Bowflex, CooperTires and Skittles.

I AIN’T THE LADY TO MESS WITH! WOO! Don’t Mess With plays and their opponents come out from the back. Tonight Victoria is dressed in all black and has accessorized her outfit with black arm bands that go passed her elbows and a black baseball cap. Candice is next to her wearing the same pink pants, pink coat and silver top from last week.

Lillian continues, “And making their way to the ring, the team of Victoria and Candice Michelle!”

J.R.: Now, Mickie, maybe you can explain this to me. Why is Beth Phoenix competing in this match a little over and hour away from her big Championship Match with you while you’re sitting out here at the commentary table with us?

Mickie: Maybe because I’m the Women’s Champion while Beth’s been a WWE Diva for a week.

J.R.: That doesn’t seem very fair. Later on tonight, Beth’s going to be tired from already competing while you’ll be fresh as a daisy.

Mickie: What’s not fair is that fact that Beth was given a Number One Contender Match as her Raw Debut. I think you both remember what I had to go through to get my Championship Match. It took me months just to get my Number One Contender Match.

King: You did it right, Mickie. You’ve gotta earn your spot on the Raw Roster. OH!

Everyone's attention is drawn back to the ring in time to see Candice give Victoria a quick peck on the lips before getting in the ring.

J.R.: Did you see what I just saw?

King: I did. Or maybe I didn’t. I think I was blinded by passion.

Mickie: They look cute together. And they both seem to care about each other which means it’s not a completely one-sided relationship like mine have been.

The four competitors get squared away leaving Beth Phoenix in the ring to start the match with Victoria. Jack Doan is once again the referee for the Women’s Match and he calls for the bell starting the match.

King: I’ve gotta say, Mickie, I’ve been a big fan of your work recently.

Mickie: Aw, thanks, Jerry! It’s nice to finally be appreciated.

King: Well… I was just wondering if you could give us some insight on what to expect in your anything goes title match tonight?

Mickie: You mean you want me to spoil the surprise? Well its anything goes… and I know Beth better than anyone on the roster. I’m going to make her regret interjecting herself back into my life now that I’m on top of the world. It’s Memorial Day. I’m gonna put on a show that no one will ever forget.

J.R.: Oh! Nice sidewalk slam by Beth Phoenix!

Everyone’s attention goes back to the action in the ring as Beth overpowered Victoria and plants her with a big sidewalk slam. The rookie diva goes for the pin on the ring veteran.


Beth pulls Victoria up and drags her into the corner where she tags in Torrie Wilson. Torrie and Beth double team Victoria with a double wrist lock then knock the dark haired diva on her back with a pair of hard knife-edge chops.

J.R.: I’m still impressed by the strength of this young woman, Beth Phoenix. Mickie, if you don’t mind me asking, what’s your plan for overcoming that?

Mickie: Like it told King, I know Beth pretty well. I’ve known about her strength for years. But I know about her weaknesses too. She may be strong but I’m the Women’s Champion for a reason. I’ll have no problem chopping her down to size.

Torrie whips Victoria into the corner then follows up with a running turnbuckle clothesline. Victoria drops down so she’s sitting in the corner. Torrie looks back over her shoulder and sees Victoria’s position pumps her arms and raises the roof like a certain dancing Samoan was known to do. Torrie reaches back and gives herself a wedgie which exposes her ass before she struts to the corner and backs her butt into Victoria’s face. Stick face!

King: OOOH!

J.R.: So is that a wedge-face?

Mickie: I still think I did that better two weeks ago.

Torrie is momentarily distracted by Candice attempting to get in the ring which gives Victoria the opening to grab Torrie from behind and throw her down on the mat.

J.R.: Looks like Victoria didn’t appreciate that very much. Speaking of Torrie Wilson, she’s returning to the ring tonight. Mickie, what are your thoughts on Torrie Wilson? You had her slated to join your gallery.

Mickie: You mean Mickie James’ Band of Broken B itches, yes.

J.R.: But you didn’t succeed there.

Mickie: Only because Beth stopped me. I can beat that blonde bimbo any time I want. Beth Phoenix is a much bigger threat so that’s why I’m focusing on her right now.

Victoria hefts Torrie up off of the mat, turns her upside down and plants her with a big scoop slam before she tags in Candice. The Playboy Covergirl comes in and poses on the bottom turnbuckle before launching herself up and dropping down on top of Torrie for a corner splash.

J.R.: Nice athletic move by Candice Michelle. I think you might be underestimating Torrie Wilson, Mickie. She had a point two weeks ago. Both of you won at WrestleMania.

Candice stands over Torrie and does her Go Daddy dance then drops an elbow on Torrie’s stomach.

ONE… TWO… Torrie kicks out!

Mickie: Did you really just compare Torrie beating Candice in a Playboy Pillow Fight to me defeating Trish Stratus to win the Women’s Championship? And they call me crazy! I’m not taking anything away from Candice. She’s improved a lot in the year she’s been wrestling. But she was in a pillow fight while I pinned one of the greatest Women’s Champions of all time.

King: So after everything, you still consider Trish to be one of the all-time greats?

Mickie: Of course. Anyone who says otherwise is deluded. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m the one that ended her career. I’m the woman who broke Trish Stratus. You wanted a preview of my championship match tonight? That’s what Beth has coming for her. She’s going to end up broken and humiliated like Trish was. That’s what happens when you mess with me.

Candice pulls Torrie up off of the mat and drags her into the corner then flips the blonde onto her back with a snapmare. Candice tags in Victoria who launches herself over the top rope with a slingshot summersault legdrop… BUT TORRIE MOVES! Victoria yelps in pain and reaches up to tag Candice back in. But the damage has been done and Torrie has made it across the ring and tags in Beth Phoenix.

King: And there’s the tag!

J.R.: Tag on both sides. Candice finds herself in with Beth Phoenix.

Beth levels Candice with a back elbow then takes her down again with a clothesline and then hits another clothesline to knock Candice on her back three times in the span ten seconds. Candice staggers back up and Beth kicks her then grabs her around the waist and hits and impressive gutwrench suplex. Victoria tries to get involved but Beth sees her coming and kicks her so hard that the veteran diva goes flying through the ropes and hits the floor.

J.R.: Beth just took Victoria out of the equation which leaves Candice Michelle all alone…

Beth catches Candice when she gets back up then flips over and for the second time in two weeks drives her into the mat with a Michinoku Driver II. Beth pulls her leg up for the pin.


Count On It
plays as Beth Phoenix picks up the victory for her team. Torrie joins Beth in the ring and the two celebrate the win together.

“Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners: Torrie Wilson and Beth Phoenix!”

King: That was another impressive win for Beth Phoenix.

J.R.: What’s the matter, Mickie? You’ve gone quiet?

Mickie: Thanks for having me guys… but there’s something I have to take care of.

J.R.: Well there she goes. Looks like Mickie wants to have some words with the woman she’ll be facing later tonight.

Beth and Torrie notice Mickie standing outside of the ring and approach the ropes.

“Is that all you’ve got, Beth?” Mickie calls out. “That’s not gonna be enough to beat me!”

The two blondes are distracted with the Women’s Champion so they don’t notice Victoria until she nails Beth from behind. Torrie Wilson’s eyes go wide in surprise when she sees her partner go down from a cheap shot. But for that split second, Torrie took her eyes off of Mickie who dashes forward and grabs Torrie’s ankles. Torrie trips and falls on her back which allows Mickie to drag her out of the ring AND THEN THROW HER INTO THE COMMENTARY TABLE!

J.R.: Oh my God! Our table just slid back a good three feet from Mickie throwing Torrie into it!

Back in the ring, Victoria is all over Beth Phoenix and clubbing the doubled over blonde on the back. But Beth once again shows her strengths and powers back up. She grabs Victoria by the collar and pushes her back against the ropes. But then Mickie slips back into the ring and takes out Beth’s leg with a chop block. Beth staggers back and nearly trips but then Victoria lashes out and straight-up levels Beth with a stiff kick to the face. Mickie swoops in and drags Beth up into a side headlock then launches herself up into the air. Mickie’s red skirt briefly calls and reveals her black panties before she swings back down and plants Beth with her signature jumping spike DDT. Beth is out cold.

J.R.: Oh no… Beth Phoenix just got knocked out!

King: And it doesn’t look like Mickie’s done yet…

J.R.: Well… the medical staff is already out here to check on Torrie… they might need to stick around to sort out Beth Phoenix.

Mickie directs traffic and motions Victoria and Candice towards Beth. “PULL HER UP!” Candice still looks out of it and is holding the back of her neck. But is still able to work with Victoria and pull Beth up to her knees. Mickie knelt down in front of Beth with a wide wicked smile then cupped both sides of the blonde’s face and kissed her full on the lips. The fans cheered at seeing the girl-on-girl action.

Beth’s eyes shoot open in the middle of the kiss. The most likely cause was Mickie’s tongue slipping into her mouth. The strong blonde begins trashing and struggling against the women holding her. Mickie backs away and stands up then Victoria and Candice drag Beth back up to her feet before shoving her towards Mickie. Mickie meets Beth with a big spinning kick, MICK KICK! Beth Phoenix is laid out flat on her back in the middle of the ring.

Obsession plays as Mickie, Candice and Victoria stand over Beth Phoenix. Mickie goes over to her two accomplices and raises their hands up in the air. Beth and Torrie may have won the tag team match but the two blondes definitely came off on the losing end. Mickie, Candice and Victoria head to the back leaving Beth Phoenix and Torrie Wilson lying in their wake.

J.R.: This isn’t good. Beth Phoenix has the biggest match of her young career in an hour and she’s already unconscious. There’s no way she’s going to be one hundred percent going into the championship match tonight.

King: And to make matters worse, Mickie gave Beth that Kiss of Death. So now the only question is: what’s Mickie going to do to Beth when there are no rules to rein her in tonight?

J.R: I guess we’ll find out. For those of you watching at home, that match will be airing exclusively on WWE.com after tonight’s show.

King: It’s Memorial Day and Mickie’s promised us a show that we’ll remember for a long time. I can’t wait!

And on that note, Jerry Lawler announces that he needs to get in the ring and proceeds to rip on Taz and Addams Family rejects that make up the ECW Roster.


Monday Night Raw ends with Triple H defeating Kenny of the Spirit Squad in a Spirit Jack Match. The Spirit Squad attempt to gang up on the Game after the match but HHH chases the male cheerleaders away with his trusty sledgehammer. Vince McMahon comes out and announces that next week, Triple H will be joining the Vince McMahon Kiss My Ass Club.

Raw goes off the air and the parents and kid are advised to vacate the arena for the Raw Post-Show which may feature mature content. Thousands of fans world-wide log on to WWE.com and pay for access to the exclusive post show. While the arena is cleared, a brief video plays showcasing the rivalry between Mickie James and Beth Phoenix. The video show cases WWE stellar editing team and features two separate sit-down interviews with Beth and Mickie that were filmed late last week where the two divas discuss their past relationship. Eventually the cameras go back to the ring in the Tacoma Dome.

Count On It plays and Beth Phoenix storms out from the back. She isn’t showing any visible injuries from the post-match attack earlier. But her expression shows that she’s furious that Mickie got the better of her. Beth is still wearing the same black one piece outfit from earlier. She reaches the ring and climbs straight up from the apron to the top turnbuckle then flips backwards into the ring. She briefly eyes ring announcer Lillian Garcia and referee Jack Doan as she goes to the far corner and leans against it to await her opponent.

Obsession sounds through the arena and Mickie jumps and skips out from the back. The Women’s Champion appears to be in high spirits but the same can not be said for her opponent. Beth Phoenix’s intense gaze is practically boring a hole through Mickie. Mickie seems to sense Beth’s eagerness to get her hands on her and deliberately stops short at the bottom of the ramp. Beth is squeezing the ring ropes in a death grip as she glares at the Women’s Champion who is clearly stalling for time.

“Oh my God! Is that my new t-shirt?” Mickie exclaims when she spots a fan in the front row wearing a t-shirt with ‘Break a B itch’ written on the front. “Gimme!”

The slightly chubby man stares at Mickie in surprise, “What?”

“Here, I’ll trade you,” Mickie says. She undoes the tie around her neck and surprises everyone when she pulls her top off. Mickie’s black bra is revealed as she holds her top out to the fan.

The fan is staring in shock at the bra-clad diva standing less than five feet away from him. The man next to him nudges him and the chubby man scrambles to pull off his t-shirt and offers it to Mickie. Mickie beams and tosses her top to the shirtless man then pulls on the Break a B itch t-shirt. The men’s XL shirt nearly falls down to the bottom of Mickie’s red skirt. Beth is growing impatient and has come out of the corner. She’s urging the referee to get Mickie in the ring. But the Women’s Champion is still caught up in her pandering.

Mickie reaches over the barricade and gives the shirtless fan a hug. “You know… if you’re wearing one of my shirts… I think that makes you a pervert.” The fan looks down awkwardly and is embarrassed at being called out on such a public stage. But then Mickie beams at him, “But that’s okay. I like perverts.” The fan smiles faintly but is then further surprised when Mickie grabs him and pecks him on the cheek. He blushes while the fans around him hoot and holler. Mickie has just made a fan for life.

Mickie James finally decides to get in the ring, now clad in the Break a B itch Men's XL t-shirt, her barely visible red skirt and her black boots. Her hair is still tied in pigtails from earlier. Beth is practically seething in the far corner and Lillian Garcia looks uncomfortable standing between the two women as she begins her official match introduction.

"The following contest is an Anything Goes Match and is for the WWE Women's Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from Buffalo New York... Beth Phoenix!" The rookie diva receives a moderate ovation from the fans. "And her opponent, from Richmond Virginia... she is the current WWE Women's Champion..." Lillian hesitates for a quick second then quickly adds, "...and the Women Who Broke Trish Stratus... MICKIE JAMES!" There's suddenly an explosion of noise and Mickie receives an roaring ovation. A certain shirtless fan in the front row is one of the loudest of all. Mickie cackles madly while Beth is slightly shaken by the fans firmly supporting of the woman who ruined her life. But the fact of the matter is, the fans that stayed after Raw for this special Post Show are the ones that are the biggest supporters of Mickie's perverted actions.

Mickie smirks and turns to the crowd, "THANKS PERVERTS!"

The referee takes the Women's Championship from Mickie and shows it to Beth Phoenix. The blonde barely acknowledges the title belt. Her focus in now securely on punishing Mickie James. Jack Doan hands off the championship to Lilian Garcia then turns and calls for the bell.

Beth immediately charges across at the champion but Mickie smirks and slips out of the ring. Phoenix is furious at James ducking her and slides out of the ring after her. The referee stands back and watches. This match is Anything Goes so all he has to do is make the count or call for the submission. But truthfully, neither of these divas appear to be looking for a quick win in this match. The angry blonde chases the crazy brunette around the ring but then Mickie quickly slips back into the ring. Phoenix follows after her but James greets her with a stomp to the back. Mickie lays a series of boots to Beth but the blonde no-sells the brunette's offense and surges up and lifts the Women's Champion clear off of the mat. Phoenix rams James hard into the far corner and drives the air out of her with a series of hard shoulder thrusts. Beth pulls Mickie out of the corner by the throat then chucks her clear across the ring with a choke toss. The Women's Champion bounces off the mat and rolls into the opposite corner.

Mickie grabs at the ropes and struggles to pull herself up. Beth clenches her fist and waits for her opponent to reach her feet then rushes across the ring looking for a turnbuckle clothesline. But James shoots herself up and catches Phoenix with a headscissors then pushes off of the corner and takes her down with her signature rope-aided hurricanrana. Beth pushes herself back up but Mickie catches her with a spinning back kick. The challenger is doubled over but then Mickie jumps up and knocks her on her back with a running dropkick. But Phoenix refuses to stay down and staggers back up. The champion charges her and jumps up for a running Thesz Press BUT BETH CATCHES HER! Phoenix holds James up off of the mat then drives her down into the mat for a hard spinebuster. But despite planting her opponent, the challenger doesn't bother going for a pin.

Beth mounts Mickie and tees off on her with a series of forearms but James suddenly reaches up and yanks down the zipper on Phoenix's one piece costume. "AAH!" Beth gasps and lurches backwards in surprise as her costume comes open and fully exposes her black bra underneath. This gives Mickie enough room to sit up and bury her face in the blonde's exposed cleavage. The perverted fans cheer while Beth yelps in alarm as Mickie starts motorboating her. "AAH-HAAAA!" Phoenix scrambles off of her opponent and attempts to zip up her outfit but that gives James the opening she needs to swing her leg up and kick the blonde in the back of the head. The challenger drops to the mat and the champion quickly rolls over puts her in a headscisssors hold. Mickie bears down and squeezes her thick thighs around Beth's head. She's not looking for a submission here but seems intent on wearing the stronger woman down.

Beth now finds herself on her back in the middle of the ring trapped in a submission hold. This isn't how she wanted her revenge match against Mickie to go at all. The blonde is determined to escape the hold and starts swinging her legs and hips from side-to-side. She lashes out behind her and elbows at Mickie's legs which loosens the hold enough for Phoenix to give one final spin and flip over onto her stomach. The fans cheer because now the blonde is face-down with her face buried in between the brunette's legs. But now Beth is able to maneuver her legs underneath her and pushes herself up onto her knees. Mickie doesn't like where this is going and starts bucking against her opponent's face. But the blonde challenger soldiers through and takes one last deep breath in through her nose before she surges up to her feet. "Whoa!" Mickie yelps. She managed to keep her hold locked in but now finds herself hanging upside down off of Beth. Phoenix grabs James' sides and with another display of her impressive strength she dead lifts the champion up onto her shoulders AND THEN PLANTS HER WITH A POWERBOMB!

Phoenix staggers backward and wipes her face. "Crazy b*tch..." She takes a couples of seconds to catch her breath and is finally able to re-zip her outfit. Beth approaches Mickie who is still laid out flat on her back from the powerbomb. But the challenger doesn't go for the pin. She's thought of a better alternative. "You like embarrassing people, you psycho? I'll give you a taste of your own medicine!" Beth reaches down and grabs Mickie's red skirt then tears it down and rips it off of Mickie's legs. The pro-Mickie fans can't help but cheer as the Women's Champion is stripped off her skirt. Although, to be honest, the men's XL t-shirt only falls a few inches shorter than Mickie's skirt did so nothing is really exposed.

Mickie recovers in time to see Beth throwing her skirt out of the ring. James pushes herself back up and charges at Phoenix but the blonde sees her coming and catches the Women's Champion with a big hip toss. Mickie staggers back up and Beth charges at her looking to keep in control but James side steps her and catches her arms then spins around and drops Phoenix with an arm-trapped neckbreaker. The champion doesn't give her challenger a second to rest and pulls the blonde up into a side headock. Mickie raises her arm into the air and calls for her signature jumping DDT but Beth suddenly tightens her hold on her crazy ex-roommate's face and swings her up into the air and slams her down with a northern lights suplex. The champion rolls away and crawls for the ropes but the challenger catches her boot and pulls her back over her lap.

"You've been a bad girl, Mickie," Beth addresses the woman who ruined her life. "And now you need to be punished." Phoenix flips up the back of James' t-shirt and the fans whistle as Mickie's black panties are exposed. The blonde raises her hand and then brings it down on the brunette's panty-clad ass.



"That was for Torrie!"



"That was for Maria!"



"That was for Trish!"



"That one's for me!"

At this point, Mickie is trashing in Beth's lap like a madwoman. She lashes out behind her and catches Phoenix with a lucky elbow to the jaw. The challenger lurches backwards in surprise which allows the champion to scramble off of her lap and make a mad crawl for the ropes. Beth recovers in time to see Mickie grab the bottom ropes and lunges after her. Phoenix manages to grab the back of James' panties but she's too late to stop her opponent from launching herself through the ropes to the floor. But suddenly the fans let out a loud cheer. Mickie looks back in the ring to see Beth holding her black panties. MICKIE JAMES HAS BEEN STRIPPED BOTTOMLESS! Of course the Men's XL t-shirt was only a couple inches shorter than her skirt so everything was still covered.

Mickie stands up and glares at Beth from ringside while Phoenix taunts her by twirling James' lost panties on her finger. "You know what? Forget you Beth!" Mickie surprises everyone when she turns and starts walking away up the entrance ramp. All humor vanishes from Beth's face as she drops Mickie's panties and glares after the retreating champion. Mickie walking away would be considered a forfeit... so Beth would win the match. But at this point she's waited too long to get her revenge against the woman who ruined her life. She's not going to let her escape. Phoenix slips out of the ring and runs up the ramp after James. But the Psycho Diva suddenly spins, catches Beth, hoists her up into the air and slams her down onto the steel ramp. FLAPJACK ONTO THE ENTRANCE RAMP! Mickie doesn't give her a second, she hauls her groggy challenger up off of the mat and throws her into the barricade. Phoenix hits the barrier with a loud thud. But Mickie still isn't done. She drags her challenger back up, runs across the ramp and throws her into the barrier on the other side.

"YOU THINK YOU CAN EMBARRASS ME!?" Mickie shrieks as she stands over the unmoving blonde. After seeing this burst of extreme aggression there was no doubt in anyone's mind that Mickie really was capable of pushing Beth down that flight of stairs all those years ago. "Come on Beth, no napping on the job! I'm not done with you yet!" The mentally off-balanced Woman's Champion grabs hold of the blonde's hair and drags her back up off the ramp. James pulls Phoenix into a side headlock then leads her back down the ramp only to suddenly spin AND WHIP BETH INTO THE STEEL RING STEPS! KLANG! Beth bounces off the steps and ends up lying flat on her back on the arena floor. Mickie skips over to Beth. Her opponent is laid out and she's in firm control of the match. So now she's all smiles. Mickie plops down on Beth stomach and leers down at her, "I hope you're still having fun, Beth! Because we're just getting started!"

Mickie reaches down and once again unzips Beth's outfit. But this time she isn't content to just pull down the zipper. The challenger is out cold. So there's nothing stopping the perverted champion from pulling the blonde's head forward and yanking her wrestling costume over her head. Mickie backs up onto her knees and easily peels off the unconscious blonde's black one piece wrestling outfit then tosses it aside. The fans erupt in a loud cheer as Mickie stands up and reveals her opponent lying on the floor stripped to her black bra and black thong.

"A thong, Beth?" Mickie questions. "And you called me a bad girl. Well now a panty-line is going to be the least of your problems." James drags Phoenix back up and rams her stomach-first into the ring. Mickie reaches down and gives Beth a series of quick swats to her mostly exposed ass.





"Those are for my perverts!" Mickie chirps which earns her a loud ovation from anyone close enough to hear her.

Mickie grabs the back of Beth's thong and gives the half-naked blonde an inadvertent wedgie as she uses her hold to roll her challenger back into the ring. James rolls in after Phoenix who is only just now starting to stir. But its too late. Mickie has already regained her hold on Beth and drags her over to the ring ropes facing the hard camera. The champion ducks her challenger's head down under the top rope then reaches over so she can grab Phoenix's face and pull back for a chin lock. Normally, this illegal usage of the ropes would result in a five count and a disqualification. But this is an Anything Goes Match so there is nothing for referee Jack Doan to do but wait and see if Beth Phoenix submits.

Beth finally regains consciousness only to find herself in excruciating pain as Mickie climbs onto the middle rope and squeezes her legs around the trapped challenger's waist to further increase her leverage. Mickie takes advantage of her position right behind Beth and leans forward so she can yell in her ear. "Give up Beth! It's all over!" But in that moment, Beth Phoenix proves that she's not only strong but extremely tough too. She shakes her head and refuses to tap out. But unfortunately for Beth, her resistance only causes Mickie to smirk. "Alright, then I guess this means I can kick things up a notch."

Mickie sticks her tongue out and starts licking Beth's ear. The blonde thrashes in revulsion. Now there's embarrassment to go with her pain. Mickie keeps going and starts kissing Beth's neck.

"Mmm... Beth... remember when we slept together?" Mickie taunts the woman who she now has completely at her mercy. "You never used to let me do this. Mmmm..." Every kiss causes Beth to flinch but she refuses to submit.

"You're still not gonna tap, huh?" Mickie questions. "Then I'll just have to find some other places to squeeze you." Mickie turns her chin lock into a headlock so she can remove one of her hands and slip it in between them. Beth's eyes suddenly go wide in alarm and then her bra straps go slack. Mickie reaches around in front of the blonde... AND PULLS UP HER BRA!

"NOOOOO!" Beth screams out in horror as her full, round and tanned C-cup breasts are exposed to the crowd. The perverted fans' loud scream of approval almost drowns out Beth's. But then it gets even better for them - but worse for Beth - when Mickie reaches around the blonde and begins to fondle and squeeze her exposed tits. "UUH! NOOO! I HATE YOU!"

"Mmm... I still love your boobs after all these years," Mickie remarks as she pinches at Beth's nipples. "You should've let me play with them back when we were living together. Then I wouldn't have had to wait until you fell asleep."

"UUGGH! UURGH!" Beth groans as Mickie continues her one-handed assault on her chest.

"Had enough yet?" Mickie asks. "This all ends when you quit."

"N-never!" Beth stammers.

"Okay," Mickie chirps with an almost eager grin, "But that means your brought what happens next on yourself." Mickie finally releases her hold on Beth's chest... only to plunge her hand down into Phoenix's thong.

"AAUUUGGH!" Beth howls in alarm. Unfortunately for the muscular blonde, the middle rope is level with the top of her hips so everyone can see Mickie's fingers working inside her thong. "UUGH! UUUGH! UUUGH!"

"Say 'hi' to the perverts watching at home Beth!" Mickie taunts her captive. Beth's face goes bright red when she suddenly discovers that not only is she directly facing the hard camera. But one of the other cameramen has come around the ring and is shooting straight up at her. "I hope you're ready, Beth. The whole world's about to see your O-face."

"I quit..."

"What's that Beth? I can't hear you!"

"I QUIT! I QUIT!" Beth shrieks. She would never be able to live it down if the entire world saw her orgasm at Mickie's hand. "NO MORE!"

The referee finally has something to do and calls for the bell. Mickie's perverted antics have won her another Championship Match.

Mickie pulls her hand out of Beth's thong and climbs off of the rope but as she releases her hod she snags her defeated challenger's bra and yanks it off.

"AAAH!" Beth wails in horror and brings her hands up to cover her now completely exposed breasts. But that just allows James to shove Phoenix into the ropes and then rolls her up from behind. But instead of going for a pin, Mickie uses her position to grab Beth's thong and peel it down her legs.


The fans erupt in another loud cheer as Beth is suddenly left kneeling completely naked in the middle of the ring. For Beth, her nightmare just got worse. Now Mickie had not only humiliated her into quitting but she'd just been stripped naked in front of everyone in the arena. And the worst part was that Mickie's legions of perverts fans were all cheering in approval. None of them had any sympathy for the naked blonde. Beth Phoenix has never been so utterly mortified as she is in this moment.

Mickie grabs Beth's arm and hauls her to her feet. The fight has been drained from the blonde and all she can thing about now is covering herself. The Women's Champion reaches down and grabs a big handful of Phoenix's bare ass then runs and throws her through the ropes out of the ring.

"GET THAT TRASH OUTTA MY RING!" Mickie shouts as Beth hits to floor and rolls naked to the bottom of the entrance ramp. The strong and powerful Beth Phoenix has been broken and is now in tears as she struggles to cover herself while she runs naked to the back.

Obsession finally hits and Lillian Garcia stands up to make the final announcement. "Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner and still the WWE Women's Champion... MICKIE JAMES!"

Jack Doan, who had been utterly ineffective during the Anything Goes Match hands Mickie back her Women's Championship. Mickie only let's the referee raise her arm halfway which keeps her t-shirt from riding up. The ovation she receives from the gathered perverts is nothing short of thunderous.


Mickie soaks in the cheers with a wide smile then hefts her retained championship onto her shoulder and slips out of the ring. However, she stop short when she spots a familiar shirtless fan in the front row cheering as loudly as everyone. "I was going to give this back after I won... but now it looks like I'm gonna have to keep it. I think I've got something better for you though... Hold this for a second..." Mickie hands the shirtless fan the Women's Champion so she can pull both her arms into the t-shirt and after a skillful bit of maneuvering pulls out her bra.

The chubby fan stares in shock as Mickie reaches out and stick her bra on his head like a very perverted set of Mickey Mouse ears and clips the strap under his chin. "There you go... Thanks for the shirt. Stay pervy!" Mickie takes her title back then skips away wearing nothing but the 'Break a B itch' t-shirt, her boots and the Women's Championship.

Mickie makes her way up the ramp but stops at the top and looks back over her shoulder at the crowd. The Women's Champion smirks then takes the Women's Championship off her shoulder and raises it up over her head. Mickie's t-shirt rides up and the crowd erupts in another thunderous cheer as her naked ass is briefly exposed before she slips behind the curtain to the back.

The logo flashes and the Raw Post Show goes off the air leaving a shaken WWE in its wake.


And there it is. I hope it was worth the wait.

Chapter 4 is on schedule and will be out in two weeks. The night of Roadblock. The special guest for that chapter will be the one and only Victoria.

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Any chance for a modern version of this story, considering this fantastic news http://squaredcirclesirens.com/micki...-wwe-contract/
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