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Default Mickie's Title Rampage

Okay, gang, so here's my new spin-off story. This is going to be sequel series to my Mickie-Trish Bra and Panties Match. I'm going to start off slow then quickly build up to more intense matches.

And now, without further ado, Mick Gesitt of the Mountain present:

Mickie’s Title Rampage

Chapter 1 – Interview with a Psychopath

The WWE was thrown into chaos following the Women’s Championship Match at Backlash where defending champion Mickie James stripped her challenger Trish Stratus completely naked in the middle of the ring. And it wasn’t just that. The majority of Mickie’s offense during the match had been highly sexual in nature. Mickie had been suspended indefinitely for taking things too far and poor Trish hadn’t even shown up for Raw the next night and when the WWE finally managed to contact her… their only response was a tearful “I Quit.” The Women’s Division was thrown into shambles by the loss of its reigning champion and the most respected diva in the locker room.

But then Vince McMahon saw the amount of replays WWE Backlash had received. Originally, the WrestleMania fallout Pay-Per-View had only received 220,000 buys. But in the week that Mickie and Trish had been off television word of their match had spread like wildfire and that number had more than doubled to 500,000. WWE Backlash had already outsold Raw’s January Pay-Per-View New Year’s Revolution as well as Smackdown’s February Pay-Per-View No Way Out and was on track to do more than the joint brand Royal Rumble. The fact that a solo brand Pay-Per-View was closing in on the numbers for one of the WWE’s joint-brand Big Four shows was intriguing. The fact that it was likely because perverts everywhere were re-watching the show specifically to see Trish Stratus stripped naked and broken made the savvy businessman decide to capitalize on the publicity and huge numbers.

The Raw Divas were all flown out to WWE Headquarters in Stanford to renegotiate their contracts. The divas were offered double their current pay to do more risqué content on Raw in addition to royalties for any matches they were featured in. Mickie James had immediately signed her new contract and her suspension was lifted. Playboy Cover Girls Torrie Wilson and Canadice Beckman (Candice Michelle) had signed soon after. Amy Dumas (Lita) also agreed having already been in the infamous Live Sex Celebration back in January. Long-time veteran Lisa Varon (Victoria) had spent the last few years being humiliated so she signed too. Part-time wrestler and on air personality Maria Kanellis signed her new contract and finally, even ring announcer Lillian Garcia had signed her contract. The only holdout was Melina Perez so it was decided that she would remain in her valet role for now. Following their contract signings all of the divas were flow to Anaheim California for Raw on the WWE Corporate Jet with a number of writers on board.

The stage was set and the show was ready to roll. Big changes were ahead and all eyes were watching WWE as Mickie James continued a title reign where the ‘r’ soon stood for Rampage.


Monday Night Raw - May 8th 2006 – Anaheim California

Raw had gone to a commercial break and WWE Unlimited has started the live feed on WWE.com.

Maria’s brand new theme song With Legs Like That sounds through the arena and the ditzy backstage interviewer comes out for her segment in a wide scoop neck black top that showed off her black leopard print bra and extremely short orange short shorts. Maria smiles adorably as she takes her microphone.

“Alright all you stars and stud in Anaheim California! It’s time for the WWE Kiss Cam! So pucker up!”

The cheesy romance music starts playing and the heart-shaped frame appears on the Titan-Tron around the first couple in the audience.


Mickie James jumps and skips out from the back with the Women’s Championship on her shoulder. She’s wearing a pale green crop top with a matching sash going around the waist of her brown skirt.

J.R.: It looks like the party’s over, King. We haven’t seen Mickie James since Backlash.

King: Oh boy! And that was one of the happiest nights of my entire life! Mickie helped me live out one of my dreams! I saw Trish Stratus naked!

J.R.: Somehow it doesn’t surprise me that would be one of your dreams, King. But show some decency. Mickie took things way too far that night. Poor Trish was so humiliated that she quit the WWE. Mickie James ended the woman's career.

By now, Mickie James has made it down to the ring. The doe-eyed interviewer is staring at the Women’s Champion like a deer in headlights. Mickie doesn’t even bother going to get her own microphone. She walks right up to Maria and places her hand over Maria’s so she can turn the microphone towards her.

“Eh-hem, where’s my introduction?” Mickie inquires. “You’re lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with the returning WWE Women’s Champion… and you’re not even going to introduce me properly?”

“Oh… right…” Maria agrees as Mickie tilts the microphone back towards her. “Um… please welcome… Mickie James!”

Mickie points the microphone back at herself, “That’s WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James!”

“Right… sorry…” Maria meekly apologizes, “Please welcome WWE Women’s Champion… Mickie James!”

“AND!” Mickie adds, “The women who broke and banished Trish Stratus!”

Maria stares wide-eyed at Mickie, “What?”

Mickie growls and leans in so she and Maria are nose-to-nose. “Announce me properly!” Mickie then coos like she’s talking to a baby, “Does Mickie have to break a b*tch?”

Maria’s eyes widen in alarm and she frantically shakes her head, “N-no! Please… please welcome… the WWE Women’s Champion and… and… the women who br-broke Trish Stratus… Mickie James!”

Mickie flashes Maria a big wide smile and pats the trembling interviewer on the cheek, “That’ll do.”

J.R.: Well I’m glad she’s finally happy. Maria looks absolutely terrified.

“Well? What are you waiting for?” Mickie prompts Maria, “Start the interview.”

“Um… I don’t know—“

“You don’t know what to ask?” Mickie interrupts her. “I won the biggest match of my career last week. Not only did I defend my WWE Women’s Championship, not only did I beat Trish Stratus… AGAIN… but I beat her so badly that she fled the WWE and we’ll never see her again!”

Maria frowns and shakes her head.

“You’re shaking your head? What’s that supposed to mean?” Mickie demands. She steps forward and she is once again nose-to-nose with Maria. “You got something to say? SAY IT!”

Maria flinches at Mickie shouting in her face then stumbles backwards when Mickie roughly shoves the microphone into her chest.

“Well… um… some of the other girls… were saying that… maybe you went a teensy tiny bit too far?” Maria’s comment sounds more like a question with the way it ends in a scared squeak.

But to Maria’s utter shock… Mickie starts laughing in response. “Ah-hahahaha! Ah-hahahahaha!”

Maria stares uncertainly at the laughing Women’s Champion and lets out an uneasy chuckle, “Heehee…”

But she immediately regrets it when Mickie’s head practically snaps to the side and her crazed gaze locks on her.

“What the hell are you laughing at?”

“Nothing! Nothing!” Maria yelps as she backs away, “I was only doing it because you were! I swear!”

Mickie tilts her head to the side… then smiles. But to Maria, Mickie’s smile is even more unsettling than the crazed gaze. She goes stiff as Mickie slinks towards her and throws her arm over Maria’s shoulder.

“You know, I watched Raw from home while I was suspended last week,” Mickie recounts, “It was a fun. The Spirit Squad ran the show. Joey Styles threw a tantrum and quit. And you won that Cheerleader Triple Threat Match.” Mickie punctuates the ‘you’ with a playful poke to Maria’s nose.

Maria is surprised by the sudden change of subject but happily welcomes it, “Um… yeah… I got lucky…”

“Oh, no, don’t sell yourself short,” Mickie reassures her, “You beat Torrie Wilson and Victoria. That’s a big win for you.”

“Uh… well… you know… Victoria actually beat Torrie when she hit her with the Widow Peak… I just tripped her and pinned Torrie myself,” Maria admits, “You know… at the right place in the right time.”

“That’s ‘in the right place at the right time’,” Mickie helpfully corrects her.

“Right, that too,” Maria agrees.

“And for your information, this is how you conduct a proper interview,” Mickie points out. “Isn’t it nice how we’re so cozy and close?” Mickie’s gives her arm going around Maria a squeeze and pulls the ditzy interviewer against her.

“Um… yeah…” Maria says with an uneasy smile.

“So… you won a big match by beating two other divas last week,” Mickie states as she beams at Maria, “Do you know what that means?”

“Um… that I won a big match by beating two other divas?” Maria answers uncertainly.

“Nope!” Mickie chirps with a flick to Maria’s nose. “It means you’re the new Number One Contender.” The transformation is instantaneous. Mickie’s warm eyes and playful smile turn into a crazed leer and a wicked sneer. Maria’s eyes go wide in horror as Mickie tightens the arm around her shoulders to the point where it’s almost painful.

“I… wrestle… but… you…” Maria stammers terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.

“You see, originally Vince McMahon thought the same way that you did, you dumb, doe-eyed ditz!” Mickie growls, “Originally... because then he saw how popular my match where I broke Trish Stratus became and the old pervert changed his tune. He ended my suspension and said I can have free rein to do whatever I want. So right now I want to have a championship defense against my lovely little number one contender. Does that sound good to you? No? TOO BAD! It’s happening anyway! You and I are gonna find out what ‘too far’ really means!”

Mickie steps away and smirks as she leaves Maria standing a horrified in the middle of the ring, shaking like a leaf.

The feed fades to black as the live WWE Unlimited segment comes to an end.


Raw comes back from commercial break with Maria and Mickie James still in the ring. Mickie James is casually leaning back in the corner with an almost hungry smile on her face. Maria is standing warily in the opposite corner and is casting frequent glances at the entrance ramp as if plotting an escape.

J.R.: Welcome back, folks. For those of you who weren’t watching on WWE Unlimited… WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James has returned from her suspension and has laid down a challenge for Maria. And now we’ve got ourselves an impromptu Women’s Championship Match.

The viewers at home are shown a replay of Mickie’s return, interview and challenge.

J.R.: Now tell me, King, how in the world does this make sense?

King: Well, you heard Mickie, Maria beat two other divas in a triple threat match last week. Mickie’s a fighting champion and is taking on all comers so she named Maria the new number one contender. You’ve gotta admire that kind of fighting spirit. Most divas would be happy to get a title match.

J.R.: Normally that might be the case, King… but this is Maria we’re talking about. She’s our backstage correspondent. She’s not a full-time competitor.

King: Look, Maria competed in the match and she won the match and now she’s earned a title match. Who knows? She could get lucky again and become the new Women’s Champion.

J.R.: You don’t honestly believe that do you? Mickie James is as crazy as a pet ‘coon. You saw what she did to Trish Stratus. How does Maria stand a chance against someone like that? This is no title match! This is a sacrificial lamb being fed to a hungry wolf!

Raw Ring Announcer Lilian Garcia has gotten into the ring to do the official pre-match introductions. “The following contest is scheduled for one-fall… and is for the WWE Women’s Championship! Introducing first: from Ottawa Illinois… MARIA!”

Maria gets a polite ovation from the crowd as they attempt to encourage her. But she is still backed up into the corner and still looks like she’s on the verge of making a break for it.

“And her opponent… from Richmond Virginia… she is the current WWE Women’s Champion… MICKIE—“

“HEY!” Mickie interrupts, “You forgot the part about Trish!” Lilian stops and looks over at Mickie. “Introduce me properly… or you’re next!”

Lilian’s eyes widen in alarm and she quickly complies, “Um… From Richmond Virginia… she is the current WWE Women’s Champion… and wishes to be referred to as the woman who broke Trish Stratus… MICKIE JAMES!”

Jack Doan is once again the referee. Mickie comes out of the corner and hands him the Women's Championship. The referee brings the title belt over to Maria who at this point looks like she’s on the verge of hyperventilating. Doan steps back into the middle of the ring and raises the championship over his head then hands it off to Lilian Garcia and calls for the bell. This Title Match is now underway.

Mickie steps out into the middle of the ring and motions for Maria to join her. “Come on, come on…” Maria remains backed into her corner and shakes her head. Mickie smiles and holds her hands behind her back. “Here, I’m a good sport. I’ll give you a free shot. Come on.” Maria timidly makes her way out of the corner. Mickie smiles and keeps her hands pinned behind her back and leans in. “Go ahead.”

Maria takes a deep breath, draws her arm back and lets it fly with a huge slap. Mickie’s head twists to the side from the impact of the blow but the rest of Mickie’s body remains rooted in place. Mickie slowly turns her head back to lock her crazed gaze on Maria. The blow hadn’t affected her at all. Maria stares in horror as Mickie slowly and deliberately pulls her arms out from behind her back. Maria turns to run for it but Mickie lunges after her and take her down with a stiff clothesline from behind.

Maria drops and curls up into a ball to protect herself but Mickie is all over her with vicious stomps to the back. She grabs Maria by the hair and hauls the woman up off of the mat the chucks her into the nearest corner. Maria hits the turnbuckles hard but then Mickie runs and slams into her with an even harder turnbuckle clothesline. The air is knocked out of Maria from the hard impact. But Mickie makes the matter even worse when she repeatedly drives her knee into Maria’s stomach for a rough series of knees strikes.

Mickie finally backs away and drags Maria out of the corner by her hair but keeps her hold on Maria’s long brown locks and throws her opponent across the ring with a rough snapmare. Maria is left whimpering face-down on the mat. The little fight has already been driven out of her by Mickie’s rough offense. Mickie goes after Maria and drags her back up to her feet then does a spin and doubles her opponent over with a spinning back kick. Maria wheezes as the wind is knocked out of her which leaves her wide opened for Mickie to grab her scoop neck top and yank it off. The fans and Jerry Lawler all pop at the sight of Maria’s exposed skin.


J.R.: Would you knock that off? The girl’s humiliated!”

Maria lets out a high-pitched shriek and hugs her arms around herself in an attempt for coverage. This leaves her wide-opened so Mickie can come from behind and hook Maria’s top around her neck then pull back on it. Maria flails her arms and uncovers her leopard print bra as she claws at her top and tries to fight off Mickie. Referee Jack Doan rushes in and forcibly separates the two women in an attempt to keep the women’s champion from strangling her helpless challenger with own shirt. Mickie throws the bunched up top in the referee’s face. The referee turns to toss the ‘weapon’ out of the ring.

But while the referee’s back is turned Mickie shoves Maria down on the middle rope and drives her knee down onto Maria’s back. Mickie applies pressure and starts choking Maria on the rope. Jack Doan comes back in time to see the illegal activity and orders Mickie to stop her vicious assault or he’d disqualify her. Mickie sneers at the referee and grabs the top rope for increased leverage so she could apply more pressure. “I’ve got a five count! I’m using it!”

Jack Doan gives Mickie a stern glare and starts counting. “One! Two! Three! Four!” Mickie pushes off of the ropes and backs away from Maria. The referee scolds the Women’s Champion for taking liberties with the rules when her opponent isn’t even fighting back at this point. The ditzy and most likely dizzy challenger is left slumped on the middle rope and is fighting to remain conscious as she struggles to breathe. But she is aware enough to realize that she’s been left alone. Maria grabs hold of the rope and attempts to slide herself through and get out of the ring. At this point, Maria is no longer concerned about winning the match. She just wants to survive her fight with the deranged Women’s Champion and that means getting as far away from her as possible.

But Mickie sees Maria making a break for it and lunges after her. She catches Maria by the ankles and drags her back through the ropes and back into the ring. Maria kicks and flails her legs as she grabs hold of the middle rope and clings to it for dear life. But Mickie throws herself backwards and rips Maria away from the ropes. Maria drops straight down and face-plants on the mat then Mickie pounces on her and starts laying into her with vicious forearm shots to the back, shoulders and head. When Mickie finally stops her assault, it’s only so she can rear back and kick her legs up into the air and then bring them crashing back down into Maria’s side for a hard knee drop.

Mickie stands up and holds her arms up to appeal to the fans. She receives a mixed reaction in response. Some of the fans are happy that she has stripped Maria and cheer for Mickie to keep it up. Others feel sympathetic for the cute, ditzy backstage interviewer who has clearly been caught off guard and is in way over her head. So they boo the reigning Women's Champion for taking advantage of her less experienced opponent.

Mickie turns back to Maria and grabs her in a side headlock then uses her hold to drag her opponent up to her feet. The Women’s Champion follows up with a series of stiff knees to Maria’s stomach and doubles her over then quickly changes her hold and charges forward so she can ram Maria into the ropes. Maria bounces off and Mickie quickly rolls her up. Maria ends up shoulders down and folded over with Mickie straddling her. Jack Doan goes to make the count but stops when he sees Mickie blatantly grab the waistband of Maria’s orange short shorts.

But Mickie isn’t doing this for better leverage in her roll up ‘pin attempt’. She uses her hold to peel down Maria’s shorts and exposes the challenger’s skimpy leopard print panties. The perverted fans pop and then the pop becomes a cheer when Maria’s panties are partially tugged down when Mickie gives the short-shorts another yank and then whisks them off Maria’s legs. The fans cheer at the sight of Maria's surprisingly skimpy dark leopard-print panties.

Maria drops out of her awkward folded-over position and her face flushes in shame as she realizes she has just been stripped to the bra and panties. But unfortunately for her, this isn’t a bra and panties match. The match will keep going until a decision is reached via pinfall, submission, disqualification, count out or knock out.

King: Oh wow! Panties too! I like this new approach of Mickie’s!”

J.R.: Oh, would you give me a break? This isn’t a Bra and Panties Match. It’s a regular one-on-one match. Just pin the girl and be done with it. This match has been one-sided right from the start. Just end the damn thing. There’s no reason for this!

Maria whimpers and tried to cover herself while Mickie laughs and circles around her. A wicked grin spreads across the deranged Women’s Champion’s face when she spots the bit of Maria’s ass crack peeking over her slightly askew panties.

“Oh no, Maria!” Mickie taunts her embarrassed opponent. “You’re butt’s showing! I only meant to get the shorts… here, I’ll fix it!”

Whether Maria actually wants Mickie’s help is irrelevant. Mickie hauls Maria up to her feet and grabs hold of Maria’s slackened panties then yanks them upward.

“EEEP!” Maria squeaks out in alarm and then whines in uncomfortable pain as her panties disappear into her ass and become a thong.

There is an even louder cheer from the perverted fans as Maria’s entire ass is now put on display.

King: A WEDGIE!?”

J.R.: You know, at this point I’m not actually surprised, King. The whole match has just been Mickie bullying Maria. Why wouldn’t she resort to sophomoric behavior like that?

King: Well… maybe Mickie’s trying to put the rest of the locker room on notice. Maybe it’s never been about Maria but has instead been about the Women’s Champion sending a message to the rest of the divas that with Trish gone, she’s the new top diva.

J.R.: Even if that is true, King, this is just cruel. There are better ways to do that than tormenting Maria! What did she do to deserve this? She’s never hurt a single soul a day in her life. And now that young woman is so humiliated that she’s on the verge of tears!

Mickie releases her hold on Maria’s panties and the challenger drop to her knees. Her face is bright red and her eyes are welling up with tears. She reaches back and gingerly attempts to pick her panties out of her ass.

“Uh-uh!” Mickie scolds Maria as she reaches down and grabs her by the wrist.

“No! Please Mickie!” Maria pleads, “No more! I’m sorry! I don’t know what I did but I’m sorry! Please!”

“That’s just the problem,” Mickie replies, “You don’t even realize what you did. That’s unacceptable. You disrespected me and now you need to be punished.”

“I didn’t—“

“DON’T INTERRUPT!” Mickie interrupts. “That’s disrespectful too. You’re a bad girl. And bad girls need to be punished. Do you know how bad girls are punished?” Maria shakes her head either signifying that she doesn’t know or doesn’t want to know. “They get spanked.”

“No! NO!” Maria yelps as Mickie drops to her knees and yanks Maria down over her lap. Maria kicks her legs and attempts to get free but she’s helpless at this point. Mickie smirks wickedly and runs her hand over Maria’s mostly exposed ass. Maria whimpers and shakes her head frantically. “No! Please! NO!”


“EEEIIIIEE!” Maria squeals out in pain as Mickie smacks her hand down on her ass.




“AAAAYYYEE!” The dam breaks at this point and the tears that Maria has been valiantly fighting to keep in start flowing as she openly sobs.

Mickie stares out into the crowd, “I don’t hear counting! We’re going to start over to make sure everyone gets it right.”

The fans oblige and start counting along as Mickie continues to spank the crying Maria.











Mickie finally stops. Maria’s exposed ass is bright red at this point. Maria has stopped yelping from every swat and is now just letting out continued wails.

“I think it’s sunk in,” Mickie announces, “But we’ll have to check to be sure. Maria, have you learned your lesson?”

“Yes!” the broken woman cries, “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! Please, no more!”

“No more, huh?” Mickie repeats, “Then quit! Quit like Trish did!”

“I QUIT! I QUIT!” Maria shrieks and slaps her hand on the mat for good measure.

Jack Doan takes it as a submission and calls for the bell. Mickie’s theme Obsession starts playing as she stands up and the referee reluctantly comes over and hands her back the championship and raises her arm to declare her as the victor. Lillian Garcia stands up in the corner and makes the announcement.

“Ladies and gentleman, here is your winner and STILL the WWE Women’s Champion… MICKIE JAMES!”

J.R.: Thank God that’s finally over. That had to have been one of the most one-sided title defenses that I’ve ever seen.

Mickie turns around and spots Maria still lying face down on the mat. She puts down her championship and goes over to Maria and drags her defeated opponent up to her feet.

“Please Mickie…” Maria whimpers brokenly. She already lost. She just wants this to end.

Mickie smirks as she cups both sides of Maria’s face with her hands then pulls Maria in and kisses her full on the lips. The crying woman doesn’t even try to fight back as Mickie pulls away and yanks her down into a side headlock.

J.R.: No! No! You won! The match is over God damn it!”

Mickie raises one arm high up into the air and launches herself up off of the mat then comes crashing down and plants Maria’s with a vicious jumping Spike DDT!

King: That’s the same kiss of death that Mickie gave Trish right before she beat her.

J.R.: She won the damn match! There was no reason for that! That was as cruel a post-match attack as I’ve ever seen!

Mickie picks up her title belt and hefts it onto her shoulder then claims a microphone from the corner. She goes back into the middle of the ring and places one of her boots on Maria’s back. The ditzy backstage interviewer is lying face-down, out cold, stripped to her underwear and with her bright red ass still on display. The music cuts.

“Let that be a message to everybody!” Mickie calls out. “I broke Trish Stratus! I ended her career! I’m the Women’s Champion! I’m the top diva! This is my show now! All of you b*tches in the back had better respect that… because if you don’t this is what happens.” Mickie motions down to Maria. “I’m your champion… I’m your Queen… and if you get in my way… then Mickie’s gonna break a b*tch.”

Mickie’s theme song picks up again and she slips out of the ring and skips up the ramp to the back leaving a broken Maria lying unconscious in the ring.

King: Well, it looks like the inmates are running the asylum. Mickie’s made her claim saying she’s the woman to beat in the Divas Division and she proved it with her resounding victory over Maria.

J.R.: Considering the shape Mickie has left her last two opponents in… I fear for the rest of the women's locker room. This is not title reign… who will be the next victim in Mickie's title rampage?”


And that’s the first chapter. Let me know what you think. I’ll be back with chapter two in time for Hell in a Cell on Sunday October 30th. See you then!
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Default Loved it

I absolutely loved it you had Mickie James not only strip young maria to her bra and panties , but also spank her , and gave her a wedgie I kinda feel bad for Maria .

But , I can't wait until hell in a cell for part 2 .

Wait does that mean maria is gone or will she play a important role in this story if you don't mind me asking ?
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Default Maria's fate

Thanks for the support!

Maria will be back once someone explains to her that she just quit the match and not her job. She's a ditz like that. This is the girl who called Edge 'the Edge' in her first interview and incorrectly called Victoria's finisher the 'Widow Peak' instead of 'the Widow's Peak'. So you'll understand why there's confusion on her end. She'll be mentioned in the next chapter but will not make a physical appearance. However I'm definitely bringing her back shortly after that. Only she's going to be (justifiably) terrified of Mickie from this point on in the story. Maria has that adorable wide-eyed innocence that makes her a natural victim for Mickie to bully whenever she needs to boost her tremendous ego.

Next chapter's guest star will be the lovely two-time Playboy Covergirl: Torrie Wilson.
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Default Hell in a cell

Ok I understand now I can't wait for hell in a cell to see what you will do w/ torrie wilson .

On a different subject do you think it's a good idea for Sasha vs Charlotte to be in hell in a cell ?
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Default Women's Hell in a Cell

Originally Posted by smjimmie1348 View Post
On a different subject do you think it's a good idea for Sasha vs Charlotte to be in hell in a cell ?
I'm not opposed to there eventually being a Women's Hell in a Cell Match. And I'm not even opposed to Charlotte and Sasha being the ones to compete in it. I just don't think that this is the right time for it. I think they're just having the match for the sake of having the first-ever Women's Hell in a Cell Match and to add to their Divas Revolution.

My problem isn't with the current storyline its more with the WWE as a whole and how they seem to be misusing the Hell in a Cell Match. For me, there's always been a sort of mysticism about the Cell. I saw it as the ultimate way for two wrestlers to tear each other apart and finally put an end to a deeply personal rivalry. But that mysticism has diminished over the years with how WWE makes the Hell in a Cell Match an annual spectacle by creating a gimmick Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View. Add in the fact that there are multiple Hell in a Cell Matches in the same night and it really takes away from the high stakes vibe that I used to love about a brutal Hell in a Cell Match.

There have been some stand out Hell in a Cell Matches in recent years. Lesnar vs Undertaker was great. HHH vs Undertaker at WrestleMania 28 was phenomenal. But that's because those feuds were given the proper build up. As much as I enjoyed seeing Shane jump off of the Cell at WrestleMania 32... I didn't think that match needed to be a Hell in a Cell match because there was no personal investment in the rivalry. Undertaker was just there to fight Shane in Vince's place. And that fact that it didn't actually solve anything made it look like a blow off match. Shane was back how many weeks later? And Vince gave him control over Raw anyway. There were no lasting repercussions from that match except for that one spot.

Again, I'm not opposed to Charlotte and Sasha eventually facing off in a Hell in a Cell Match. But in the long run, this match isn't going to mean anything. There are six divas on the Raw roster. No matter who wins, Sasha and Charlotte are going to end up feuding again in another month anyway so the Hell in a Cell Match won't solve anything. The proper way to do it would be to have them feud on and off for another couple of years. Have them team together, have them turn on each other. Make it a storied rivalry so that when they finally clash in the Cell its cause that's the only kind of match that could possible hope to contain the boiling animosity between the two women.

IMO, Triple H vs Shawn Michaels at Bad Blood 2004 was the greatest Hell in a Cell Match ever. This was a deeply personal rivalry between two men who had once been as close as brothers but had turned into bitter, mortal enemies. The two had faced each other multiple times before but THIS was going to be the match where they finally settled the score. And boy did they! Those two tore each other apart for the better part of an hour. And when it finally ended with Triple H getting the win... they went their separate ways. Triple H went on to feud with you-know-who for the Championship while Michaels was attacked by Kane and written off TV until he came back in September. They didn't fight again until Taboo Tuesday in October and that was only because it was 'voted on'. After that they continued to stay away from each other.

Sasha and Charlotte has the potential to be a deeply personal rivalry like that. But to push ahead with a Hell in a Cell Match so early in their careers feels like it's premature.

But anyway, that's just the opinion of one wrestling nerd on a forum for sex stories. Take is for what it is.
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Default 100% agree

Thank you for anwsering my question and I 100% agree to your statement .
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Lovin' it already! Looking forward to more.
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Default She's back!

Mickie James vs Asuka
November 19th 2016
NXT Takeover: Toronto
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Default Chapter 2

I heard that Charlotte vs Sasha would be closing tonight's Pay-Per-View. So I decided after Sasha and Charlotte make history and launch the Women's Division to new heights that I'd set it back by posting the next chapter of my story from ten years ago where Mickie James is out to strip and humiliate the other divas in the division. Enjoy!

Mickie’s Title Rampage

Chapter 2 – Mickie’s Band of Broken B itches

The success of WWE Backlash continued to astound the WWE. After openly acknowledging the events that took place on the Pay-Per-View, the already impressive number of 500,000 buys had nearly doubled to 900,000 buys. The only show that Backlash hadn’t outsold from replays alone was WrestleMania. The WWE brokered a deal with the cable networks to keep WWE Backlash available on Pay-Per-View until their next show Smackdown’s WWE Judgment Day aired on May 21st. Everyone wanted to see just how far the solo-brand show would go.

Monday Raw had received a ratings boost during the second hour which had featured the return of Mickie James and the subsequent match where she’d stripped, spanked and broken Maria. Anyone that had been holding out on supporting the more risqué content was silenced by the phenomenal success it had received so far. There was a huge meeting between the WWE Creative Team and Board of Directors at WWE Headquarters in order to decide how to further capitalize on the risqué comment.

There was still one major obstacle that needed to be overcome: cable restrictions forbade the WWE from airing uncensored nudity on regular cable television. The next Raw Pay-Per-View wasn’t until the end of June so the WWE needed a better way to make money off of the risqué content while the phenomenon was still hot. Eventually someone suggested streaming it on WWE.com using WWE Unlimited. The WWE Board of Directions had the WWE Website upgraded to account for all the extra traffic they expected to receive while the WWE Creative Team got to work in planning their first exclusive event.


Monday Night Raw – May 15th 2006 – Lubbock Texas

Raw had started with WWE Champion John Cena and Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam taking on three challengers: Triple H, Shelton Benjamin and Chris Masters. Both titles were on the line. Shelton Benjamin ended up walking away with the Intercontinental Championship much to the fury of Triple H who had been pinning John Cena at the same time.

Following the commercial break the cameras go backstage to correspondent Todd Grisham.

“Please welcome my guest at this time… WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James,” Grisham announces.

Mickie practically skips on screen with the Women’s Championship on her shoulder while holding two framed pictures to her chest. She’s wearing a light blue top, brown skirt and brown boots.

“That’s WWE Women’s Champion… and the Woman Who Broke Trish Stratus!” Mickie corrects him. “I went through all this with Maria last week. She disrespected me… and so Mickie had to break a b*tch. Are you disrespecting me, Todd?”

“No! No!” the interviewer immediately attempts to placate her. “That’s WWE Women’s Champion and the Women Who Broke Trish Stratus… Mickie James!”

“Thank you!” Mickie chirps. “Where’s Maria though? I had something I wanted to show her. But if she’s not here that takes away some of the fun…” Mickie sighs and looks down at her pictures.

“What did you want to show her?” Todd inquires.

“Weellll… I suppose I can show you…” Mickie relents, “Presenting: the Grand Unveiling of Mickie’s Band of Broken B itches!” Mickie turns the pictures around to reveal that the first a shot of Maria from their match last week. Maria is stripped to her underwear in the middle of a spanking. The word ‘BROKEN’ is written diagonally across the frame. “Isn’t that cute?”

“Um…” Grisham stammers.

“And of course,” Mickie adds, “The founding member of Mickie’s Band of Broken B itches…” Mickie adds as she presents the other picture. “Originally I wanted to use a picture from the match where I broke her… but I found a much better one that truly captures her inner b*tch… presenting: Trish Stratus!”

It’s a humiliating shot from the infamous episode of Monday Night Raw back on March 6th 2001 where Vince McMahon ordered Trish to strip. A miserable Trish is on her hands and knees barking like a dog. Once again the word ‘BROKEN’ was written across the picture.

“You’re disgusting.”

Mickie and Todd both turn to see Torrie Wilson walk on screen in pale pink ring gear.

“Oh look, it’s Whorrie Wilson!” Mickie exclaims.

“That’s T-orrie,” Grisham corrects her.

“I know what I said,” Mickie replies as she glares at Torrie, “Because only a dumb wh*r* would come and disrespect me after I went to such great lengths last week to show why that’s such a bad idea.”

“And you’re proud of that?” Torrie accuses her. “Maria’s a friend of mine. And she’s one of the only ones that I have left Candice and Victoria turned on me and after you drove Trish out of the business. I just spent an hour on the phone with her trying to convince her to come back and that she didn’t quit. But she doesn’t want to come back.”

“Aw… that’s so sad,” Mickie coos. “Why?”

“BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU DID TO HER, YOU PSYCHO!” Torrie yells. “She’s too scared to come back! And I really can’t blame her. You’re the reason why I don’t bring Chloe to shows with me anymore!”

“Who the heck is Chloe?” Mickie asks.

“My dog,” Torrie answers. “I used to bring her to the ring with me. But I don’t think this place is safe anymore with a nut like you running around.”

Mickie glares at Torrie but then her hard expression melts into a sickly sweet smile. “That’s sweet. You’re like a mommy taking care of her baby. But if you’re her mommy… and she’s a dog… that makes you… a b*tch.” Mickie’s smile turns into a sneer. “And we all know what I do to b*tches.”

“Oh, are you going to try and break me?” Torrie taunts her. “What are you going to do to me? Strip me to my bra and panties? I’m the Diva that’s won more Bikini Contests than anyone else in this company. Maybe you want to go a step further and strip me naked? You’re too late on that one too, sweetie. I’ve posed for Playboy twice. You know what that means? I’m unbreakable!”

“Ooooh… you just think you are,” Mickie sneers, “Every b*tch has her breaking point. But if you’re feeling so brave… why don’t you meet me out in the ring and we can find yours.”

“Fine! I’m not scared of you!” Torrie insists. “You’re a bully and the best way to beat a bully is to stand up to them. I’m not going to keep letting you do whatever you want. I’ll see you in the ring!”

“Welcome to the Band!” Mickie growls at Torrie before she stalks off screen.


Obsession sounds through the arena at Texas Tech University and Mickie skips down to the ring.

“The following contest is scheduled for one-fall!” Lillian Garcia announces, “Introducing first: from Richmond Virginia… she is the WWE Women’s Champion…” the ring announcer casts a nervous glance at the Women’s Champion, “and… and the Woman Who Broke Trish Stratus… MICKIE JAMES!”

Mickie slips into the ring and goes straight for Lillian. The ring announcer flinches when Mickie yanks the microphone away from her.

“Wrong.” Lillian looks confused. She made a point of adding Mickie’s self-proclaimed title. “You did my introduction right. But I’m not out here for a match. C’mon, I can’t make matches. I’m calling Whorrie Wilson out for a fight.” Mickie steps back and motions to Lillian Garcia and referee Jack Doan. “This isn’t a match so that means both of your services are no longer required! Go! Bye-bye! Get out!”

The ring announcer and the referee share an uncertain look before they reluctantly leave the ring.

“Alright, Whorrie! Come on out!” Mickie exclaims, “Don’t tell me you’re scared!”

J.R.: So apparently being Women’s Champion means you can just do whatever you want.

King: Well are you going to stop her, J.R.?

J.R.: No… But Mickie said it herself. She can’t make the matches here. Vince McMahon does that. We can’t have the inmates running the asylum.

King: Right, J.R. and you’ve never complained about how Mr. McMahon makes matches. This means that Torrie Wilson has no reason to accept the challenge.


Torrie Wilson’s brand new theme song A Girl Like That plays and the blonde bombshell comes out from the back. A graphic promoting the new CD of WWE theme songs Wreckless Intent appears on screen as Torrie makes her way down to the ring.

King: She actually came? What is Torrie thinking? There's nothing to gain from this.

J.R.: We might actually be in agreement about that King. Torrie may have a point about making a stand against Mickie’s bullying. But this is neither the time nor the place. Mickie is as crazy as they come. She’s not someone you want to face in a fight. The rules are in place to rein in people like her.

Torrie stops in front of the ring and warily stares at Mickie. Mickie steps back and places the microphone down on the opposite ring apron then walks out into the middle of the ring.

“COME ON!” Mickie shouts as she motions for Torrie to join her in the ring. Torrie keeps her eyes locked on Mickie as she climbs up onto the ring apron.

King: Torrie Wilson is many things. She’s beautiful. And she’s certainly courageous. But right now… I think she might be playing to blonde stereotypes. Getting in the ring with Mickie is a dumb idea.

Torrie slowly steps through the ropes and enters the ring. She takes a deep breath and the pink-clad blonde met the blue and brown-clad brunette in the middle of the ring. To the blonde’s further credit, she doesn’t back down and tees off on Mickie with a big forearm to the face. Mickie reels back and Torrie is suddenly all over her with a flurry of furious slaps to both sides of the Women’s Champion’s face. Mickie backpedals away from Torrie and attempts to cover her face but the two-time Playboy Covergirl leaves the ground and levels the psycho diva with a dropkick.

King: Whoa! Torrie’s really taking it to her!

J.R.: I guess Mickie made the same mistake that we did. She underestimated Torrie Wilson.

Mickie rolls over to the rope and starts to pull herself up. But Torrie goes after her again and hits a series of hard forearms. There’s no referee so there’s no one to force Torrie to get off of Micke while she’s in the ropes. Torrie eventually drags Mickie away from the ropes then locks her in a headlock and spins to the side going for a spinning neckbreaker… but before she can connect Mickie shoves Torrie off of her. Torrie staggers backwards and Mickie charges her for a clothesline but the blonde drops down and catches her with a drop toe hold.

J.R.: Mickie just went face-first into the mat! This isn’t a match but Torrie definitely has the advantage in his fight.

King: Mickie might have beaten Trish Stratus at WrestleMania. But she wasn’t the only diva who won that night. Torrie Wilson beat Playboy Covergirl Candice Michelle.

J.R.: Mickie may be the Women’s Champion but Torrie has been here in the WWE for five years now. I suppose we can consider her the veteran in this contest.

Torrie grabs two big handfuls of Mickie’s hair and starts to drag her off of the mat. But Mickie suddenly surges forward and ram Torrie back into the corner.

King: Looks like we spoke too soon. That was a rookie move.

Mickie keeps Torrie pinned in the corner and repeatedly rams her shoulder into Torrie’s stomach for a hard series of shoulder thrusts. Torrie scratches and claws at Mickie’s back to stop the assault but once again there’s no referee to force Mickie out of the corner and break them apart. Mickie keeps her shoulder planted in Torrie’s stomach for a final shoulder thrust then reaches through the ropes and grabs onto the ring post for extra leverage. The Playboy Covergirl screams out in pain as the Women’s Champion uses the ring post increase the pressure she’s applying to Torrie’s stomach.

Torrie is desperate. She reaches down and yanks up Mickie’s blue top until it is bunched around her shoulders. Mickie doesn’t let up but the fans let out a loud pop when Torrie grabs the back of Mickie’s newly revealed brown bra and unclips it. The fans let out whistles and catcalls as Mickie’s bare back is exposed. She finally relinquishes her hold and staggers away from the corner and her opponent as she reaches behind her and attempts to fix her uncomfortable bra. But Torrie decides that this is where she needs to capitalize and rushes Mickie. The Women’s Champion is still off guard and trying to fix her bra when Torrie grabs the sides of her face and jumps backwards to nail a sit-out facebuster, NOSE JOB!

King: Wow! I didn’t think that Torrie would be the first diva to go for her opponent’s clothes. That’s usually Mickie’s thing.

J.R.: She was desperate, King. Mickie was showing no signs of letting go. If she had kept that up Torrie might have ended up with a bruised spine.

King: Well Mickie looks like she’s out after that facebuster. If this was a regular match Torrie might have been able
to get a pin off of a high impact move like that.

"You wanna humiliate me? You wanna break me?" Torrie shouts at her fallen opponent. "Let's see how you like it!"

Torrie grabs Mickie and grabs her off of the mat then tosses her into the corner. The Playboy Covergirl backs across the ring into the opposite corner then takes off and charges Mickie then slams into her at full-speed for a hard turnbuckle clothesline. Mickie is rocked against the padded turnbuckles and as Torrie backs away the Women’s Champion drops down into a seated position against the bottom and middle turnbuckles.

Torrie is all smiles as she stands in the middle of the ring then reaches back and pulls her pale pink bottoms up into a thong. The fans cheer and holler. Torrie is going for the Stinkface! Or as Torrie calls it when she does it… the Facial! Torrie turns away from Mickie and backs up into the corner but Mickie suddenly lashes out and drives her boot into the back of Torrie’s leg. The blonde stumbles and falls backwards while the psychotic brunette spins to the side and allows her opponent to fall head-first onto the middle turnbuckle. Torrie is down!

Mickie doesn’t waste a second. She pushes up onto her knees and rolls Torrie over so she’s lying on her stomach then grabs hold of Torrie’s blonde hair and rams her face-first into the turnbuckle. Mickie doesn’t stop at one. The vicious Women’s Champion smashes Torrie’s pretty face on the turnbuckle over and over again. After no less than seven smashes Mickie finally stops but only so she can grind her opponent's face into the turnbuckle instead.

King: Mickie no! I’ll never forgive you if you ruin Torrie’s beautiful face!”

J.R.: I think this is more what we were expecting King. And if Torrie’s lucky her face will be all that Mickie ruins.

Mickie finally backs away from Torrie and leaves her slumped in the corner. The Women’s Champion goes back to attempting to fix her bra but she can’t seem to get at it with her top in the way. Mickie turns and looks straight into the head-on camera then grabs her light blue top and pulls it off. The fans explode and cheer loudly as Mickie’s brown bra is left on full display. Now unencumbered, Mickie reaches back behind her and manages to fix her bra. Mickie smiles and doesn’t seem to mind the wolf whistles that she’s receiving as she stands in the ring dressed in only her brown bra, brown skirt and brown boots.

King: J.R… I take back anything bad I’ve ever said about Mickie James! I don’t care how crazy she is! PUPPIES, J.R.!

Mickie goes after Torre and pulls her out of the corner. But Torrie has managed to recover and lashes out at Mickie for a forearm. Mickie ducks under Torrie’s strike and delivers a spinning back kick straight to the stomach. The Playboy Covergirl is doubled over and Mickie grabs her in a side headlock then launches herself up into the air and drive Torrie face-first into the mat for a big spike DDT. Torrie is out cold. But Mickie isn’t done. The psycho diva drags her unconscious opponent up and throws her into the ropes. Torrie drops down so she’s sitting against the ropes and then Mickie makes the situation even worse by grabbing the top rope and stretching it down below Torrie’s arms.

J.R.: No! She’s already unconscious! Now Mickie’s got Torrie trapped in the ring ropes! Are you ready to take your last statement back yet, King?

King: Well… we don’t know what Mickie’s planning… and… Torrie asked for this by accepted Mickie’s challenge. She’s the one that claimed she’s unbreakable. You don’t poke the bear, J.R., especially when it’s a crazy one!

Mickie kneels down in between Torrie’s legs then pulls her hand back so she can deliver a big slap. Torrie’s head twists to the side and her eyes snap open as she winces in pain. But then the blonde takes stock of her situation and finds herself trapped in the ring ropes with a leering Mickie James kneeling in front of her. The Playboy Covergirl shrieks in alarm and struggles against the ropes binding her. But she can’t get out! Mickie cups her helpless opponent’s face and silences the blonde’s screams when she kisses her full on the lips to a chorus of wolf whistles.

J.R.: Oh no! Mickie just delivered that Kiss of Death! Nothing good can come of this!”

King: I’m gonna be honest… I don’t hate it when she does that…

Mickie stands up and backs away into the middle of the ring. She grabs the waistband of her skirt and slides it down. The fans explode in another loud ovation as the Women’s Champion’s skirt pools around her ankles revealing her brown bikini-cut panties that match her bra. Mickie’s big thick thighs and ass are now on display as she shamelessly stands in the middle of the ring in her underwear.

King: Oh my God… I think I’m in love!

J.R.: Easy there, you old horndog. That woman is half your age... and she's as crazy as they come!

King: I can think of some very round reasons why that won’t be a problem.

Anyone wondering what Mickie is thinking is immediately enlightened when the Woman’s Champion reaches back and pulls her own panties up into a thong. Mickie looks back over her shoulder and smirks deviously at Torrie then turns and stalks toward her trapped opponent. Torrie lashes out with her leg in an attempt to defend herself but Mickie side-steps it and then stomps on Torrie’s leg. Mickie may be down to her underwear but she still has her big brown boots and she makes full use of them when she steps on Torrie’s ankle with one foot then stomps on the blonde’s knee with the other. Mickie drives her boot down into her opponent’s knee over and over again until the Playboy Covergirl is crying out in pain.

J.R.: This is just cruel! She could break Torrie’s knee!

King: Do you see the way Mickie is jiggling! How can you hate this?

J.R.: Maybe because I have a soul and a beating heart that I listen to from time to time. Instead of someone else I know he seems to only listen to something located a fair bit lower.

Once the fight has left her opponent, Mickie spins around and rams her ass into Torrie’s face. Cameras flash all around the arena as Mickie grabs onto Torrie’s arms and uses them for leverage as she rubs her big round ass against Torrie’s pretty face. STICKFACE! This isn’t a regular match so there’s no five count from the referee. Mickie is free to rub her ass in Torrie’s face for as long as she wants. Five seconds… ten… fifteen… twenty… Mickie finally backs away and leaves a gasping, panting and retching Torrie still trapped in the ropes.

King: That was the greatest stinkface that I’ve ever seen!

“Had enough?” Mickie taunts Torrie as she leans in and smirks in her gagging opponent’s face. Torrie coughs and shakes her head. She lashes out with her other leg and kicks at Mickie’s side. But Mickie traps Torrie’s leg with her arm then lashes out and delivers another series of vicious stomps to the knee that she’d targeted earlier. Torrie cries out in pain as Mickie repeatedly drives her boot down into her hurt knee. She's trapped, her knee is killing her and she’s lost all sense of taste.

Mickie steps back and smirks at her trapped opponent then turns and races across the ring. Mickie’s bra-clad chest heaves and jiggles as comes off of the ropes then jumps up into the air and lands on Torrie’s chest then starts to bounce and buck against her. BRONCO BUSTER! But then Mickie changes her hold on the trapped blonde’s arms and pushes herself up so she’s straddling her opponent’s face then starts bucking her panty-clad crotch into the Playboy Covergirl’s face. Torrie’s loud but muffled screams can be heard by the microphones on the camera and everyone in the first ten rows as Mickie grinds and thrashes against her blonde opponent’s pretty face. Camera flashes are still going off as the fans holler and cheer as Mickie rides Torrie’s face.

J.R.: There’s no way Torrie deserves this! But I can’t say I’m surprised that things devolved to such a vulgar level. But when Mickie’s concerned you can’t seem to count anything out.


J.R.: You alright there King? It sounds like you’re panting. Torrie’s the one that’s being smothered.

King: I think I need a shower…

J.R.: Just… stay on your side of the table, you pervert.

King: Thanks to Mickie I’m going to have some very pleasant dreams tonight.

Mickie finally drops off of Torrie and the Playboy Covergirl is once again left gasping and struggling to breath. Her makeup had already been mussed by Mickie’s Stinkface but now after the Bronco Buster it was a complete and utter mess. Torrie looks like she’s on the verge of throwing up as Mickie knees down in front of her. “I told you everyone has their breaking point! Still think you’re unbreakable?” Torrie took a deep gasping breath AND SPAT IN MICKIE’S FACE!

J.R.: What in the Sam Hill is that woman thinking? Taking on Mickie in a situation like this was a mistake right from the start! But despite the horrible situation Torrie’s found herself in… she continues to defy the Women’s Champion.

King: This is senseless. I hate to say it but whatever Mickie does to Torrie now… she asked for by spitting in her face. Remember what I said about poking the bear?

Mickie reaches up and wipes Torrie’s spit off of her face. “You’re gonna pay for that!” The Women’s Champion slips passed Torrie out of the ring. She drops down and pulls a steel chair out from under the ring then slides back in.

J.R.: No! Not a chair! I know she’s unbalanced but this is uncalled for!

Mickie waves her chair in Torrie’s face. “You may think that your spirit is unbreakable… but your body isn’t!” She raises the chair up over her head and then brings it down on Torrie’s bad knee. The sound of steel on flesh echoes through the arena then Torrie lets out a loud shriek of pain. Mickie raises the chair and brings it down again for another shot to the knee. Third time’s the charm. Mickie lifts the chair and smashes it on Torrie’s knee a third time. Torrie is now crying. She not used to taking brutal chair shots and the extreme pain is foreign to her.

J.R.: Torrie’s gonna be lucky to walk again after this!

“YOU SHOULD’VE GIVEN UP!” Mickie screams at her opponent. “Your disrespected me and now I’m gonna break your pretty face!” Mickie stands up and winds up with the chair ready to drive it into the trapped Torrie’s face. But suddenly a tall muscular blonde woman jumps the barricade and slips into the ring. The mysterious blonde woman grabs Mickie’s chair just as she‘s about to swing it and shows surprising strength when she tears the weapon out of the Women’s Champion’s grasp.

King: Who the heck is that? Some fan just jumped the barricade!

J.R.: Well its about time someone stopped this madness!

A furious Mickie spins around and stares wide eyed at the muscular blonde as she tosses the chair out of the ring.

"YOU!" Mickie shrieks as she recognizes the mystery blonde who she apparently has some history with.

Mickie charges but the blonde catches the half-naked champion with a hard knee then hoists her and dead lifts Mickie James up over her head with a military press. The blonde carries Mickie to the ropes and throws her over out of the ring. Mickie bounces off of the floor and rolls over to the ramp while the mystery blonde goes over to Torrie and frees her from the ropes. The muscular blonde supports Torrie's weight as the Playboy Covergirl gingerly stands on just one leg. Mickie scrambles back up on the ramp and screams at the blonde, "HOW DARE YOU, BETH! HOW DARE YOU!"

The mystery blonde carries Torrie to the corner and leaves her there as she goes to retrieve the microphone that Mickie had abandoned on the ring apron earlier.

"Surprised to see me, Mickie?" the new blonde asks as she walks back into the middle of the ring. "Like a phoenix I've risen from the smoldering ashes that you left my life in. I'm not going to stand idly by and let you destroy anyone else's life. You're going to rue the day you messed with Beth Phoenix. I'm going to bring you down!"

Mickie shrieks in rage and storms to the back leaving the now identified Beth Phoenix looking on from the ring.

King: Beth Phoenix? Does she even work here?

J.R.: I don't know, King. But it looks like she's got some deeply personal history with the Women's Champion. Maybe she'll be the one that ends Mickie's rampage.


I've got a question for you guys. My plan was to post a new chapter of this story on the night of every Pay-Per-View. I was going to post the third chapter the night of Survivor Series. BUT! Mickie James is returning the night before at NXT Takeover: Toronto. Here's the question: should I make a special exception for this special circumstance and post the next chapter a day early in honor of Mickie James? Or should I stick to my schedule? Let me know!

Next Chapter: the Rise and Fall of Beth Phoenix.

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Default NXT Takeover

Awesome story as usual love how you made Mickie strip herself but not torrie lol.

But as for your question I say on nxt takeover you post it a day earlier also its in Toronto so you maybe could have Trish stratus come back in her hometown for a fight .
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