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Old 02-21-2018, 10:30 PM
GJGallie GJGallie is offline
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Default School Catfight

This will be a story with two High-School Senior girls. This first post is a description of each.

Kristie: 5 foot 7, brunette, semi-conservative dresser, kind, reserved, cares about people. Naturally beautiful, C cup breasts, really fit, and doesn’t care how she dresses.

Tessa: 5 foot 11, blonde, revealing sl*tty dresser, mean girl, outgoing, doesn’t care about anyone else. Fake pretty, has D cups, thin, long legs, big butt, always wears something revealing and flaunts herself endlessly.
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Old 02-22-2018, 04:56 PM
GJGallie GJGallie is offline
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Default Part 1

Scene: Normal day at a high-school, midway through First Semester.

Kristie was walking down the hallway, chatting with people, just being nice. She walked hand in hand with her boy-friend, dream guy, class president, captain of the football team, but didn’t let any of it go to his head. Everyone was happy for them, well actually most people.

Tessa and her clique were not happy. They were the mean girls, the bullies, the ones who made everyone else feel imperfect and made people’s lives hell. Kristie was friends with everyone, except them. Tessa and Kristie had hated each-other since third grade, when Kristie had ratted Tessa out for breaking one of her friend’s binders. Tessa held a grudge and was waiting for an opportunity at revenge. Kristie didn’t care about the made up feud and tried to avoid Tessa at all costs.

“I gotta go to class.” Mark, Kristie’s boyfriend says, as he kisses her and leaves. That scene made Tessa steamed because she had a crush on Mark and couldn’t believe he wouldn’t return her repeated advances. Unfortunately, Kristie’s path ran into Tessa and her clique.

“Well well well,” Tessa says as she sees Kristie, “If it isn’t Chris, how’s it goin Chris?” Tessa says mockingly, calling Kristie ‘Chris’ to mock her.

“Hi Tessa,” Kristie says, too nice not to say hi, “What do you want now?” She asks, tired and confused of her usual antics.

“Oh nothing sweetie,” Tessa says, with a fake smile.

“Then can you get out of my way?” Kristie asks, annoyed.

“Oh there is something,” Tessa says, as Kristie sighs annoyed, of course there was, “I’ve been thinking, this rivalry has been going on too long, who can even remember how it started?” Tessa says, fake. Of course she remembered, she remembered every slight against her.

“What are you saying?” Kristie asks, a bit apprehensive of the usually cocky blonde.

“Wanna be friends?” Tessa says, still smiling as Kristie looks shocked. “I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but I’ve heard you can get along with anybody, and I don’t have that many.” Tessa says, as Kristie looks at her confused.

“Seriously, what’s the catch?” Kristie asks, confused by Tessa’s motives.

“Oh nothing silly,” Tessa says, smirking, “Except one thing, it’s something all my friends do when they become friends with me. Meet me here, thirty minutes after school.” Tessa says, “That is if you want to be friends.” She says, playing to Kristie’s only ego, her likability.

“Alright.” Kristie says, as she and her possibly old enemy shake hands, “What are we gonna do?” Kristie asks, a bit excited.

“You’ll see, it’s a very pleasant surprise.” Tessa says, as the bell rings and they all hurry to class, with Tessa having a sinister smirk on her face, being close to what she wants.
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Old 02-22-2018, 06:57 PM
GJGallie GJGallie is offline
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Default Part 2

The rest of Kristie’s day went normally enough, with her still wondering what Tessa meant. She couldn’t wait until the last period, so she could talk to Mark about it.

“The weirdest thing happened earlier.” Kristie says, starting up a conversation with Mark.

“What?” He asks, kind and considerate.

“Tessa of all people asked to be friends.” Kristie says, as Mark looks at her.

“What?” He said, a bit shocked.

“Tessa,” Kristie says, “She just asked me out of the blue to be friends.” Kristie continues.

“Does she want anything?” Mark asks, still confused.

“She just wants me to meet her after school today, it’s weird.” Kristie says, as Mark looks at her.

“You didn’t say yes, did you?” He asks, sternly.

“I did.” Kristie says, a bit guiltily, “She just sounded sincere.” She continues.

“I like that you think people can change and always believe the best in them,” Mark says, “But Tessa is just a b*tch, she’s treated you horribly, she’s always been mean to you, and she’s had it out for you.” Mark says, as Kristie nods.

“I believe people can change.” Kristie says, as Mark nods.

“And I like that, but you can’t trust Tessa, at least have your phone and call me if there’s any trouble.” Mark says, overprotective, “And don’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with Kristie, be safe.” Mark says, a bit overbearing.

“I will, don’t worry.” Kristie says, as she kisses her boyfriend.

Thirty minutes after school, Kristie meets Tessa one on one, still nervous.

“You came.” Tessa says brightly as Kristie nods.

“I wasn’t sure I would.” Kristie says, nervous.

“I wouldn’t have, I’ve been a total b*tch to you and for that, I’m sorry.” Tessa says, as she hugs the other girl.

“It’s okay, now what do I need to do?” Kristie asks, over her trepidation.

“Follow me.” Tessa says, as she leads Kristie to the girls locker room. Empty, seeing as everyone was at home.

“What are we doing?” Kristie asks, confused.

“Oh nothing, I like to see my friends, all of them, so, can you strip for me, in the stall? I understand if you don’t want to, but it’s a tradition of mine.” Tessa says, as Kristie looks shocked.

“Um, okay.” Kristie says, as she walks to a stall, against every instinct of hers.

Tessa smiled upwards as Kristie did this, really smiled, right at the camera she had hidden.

Kristie wasn’t sure what to do as she removed her shirt and pants. She knew she shouldn’t trust Tessa, but she had sounded so genuine. She went against her instincts and slowly took off her underwear.

“I’m ready.” Kristie says, as Tessa smiles.

“Come on out.” Tessa calls, sounding happy. Kristie nervously walks out as Tessa takes her in.

“Not bad.” Tessa says, as she walks around Kristie. She was disappointed and angry at how good Kristie looked. Nice breasts, toned defined body, and an ass that made her jealous. It made her even madder that it always seemed like Kristie wasn’t even trying to be gorgeous. She hid these emotions well with a bright smile.

“You really are beautiful.” Tessa says, as Kristie looks nervous still.

“Thank you.” Kristie says, “Can I put my clothes on now?” She asks, wanting to be covered again.

“Hold on a few minutes, just a few more things.” Tessa says, as she looks Kristie up and down. “You are naturally beautiful, but I think one thing’s missing.” Tessa says, taking out a thing of lipstick and handing it to Kristie. “It’s like mine, so we can match.” She says, as Kristie accepts it.

“Thank you Tessa.” Kristie says, shocked by her kindness.

“Put it on silly.” Tessa says, as Kristie puts some on her lips. “It looks really good on you.” The devious blonde says, as Kristie nods.

“It really does.” Kristie says, looking in the mirror.

“Next step.” Tessa says, clapping her hands together. “Kneel down for me.” She says, as Kristie does as told. “Now then.” Tessa says, as she turns so her large ass is facing Kristie. She then pulls up her skirt so it is on display in just a thong.

“What the?” Kristie asks confused.

“Like The View?” Tessa says as she wiggles her butt a little. She loved the attention she got, always showing off and teasing men, giving them glimpses of her perfect ass or breasts.

“Um, no.” Kristie says, blushing a little, “I don’t get what’s going on.” She says.

“Silly, third step, I want you to kiss my ass.” Tessa says, as Kristie’s face is shocked.

“What? No.” Kristie says, “Why would I do that?” She says, really confused.

“Because sweety, it’s another tradition, showing respect. Because I need to know my friends respect me. And what better way then them literally kissing my backside?” Tessa says, wiggling it near Kristie’s face, “So come on, give it a little peck.” Tessa says, as Kristie is really confused.

“Um, okay.” Kristie says, unsure of herself as she leans in. She then puckers up as Tessa bends over. She then actually plants a kiss on her butt, and leaves her lips there for a few seconds. She then slowly removes her lips as Tessa looks back at her.

“You actually did, I’m impressed, few people actually have the guts to kiss it.” Tessa says, as Kristie pulls herself up.

“I did it, are we friends?” Kristie asks.

“Almost, cold in here Kristie?” Tessa says, noticing Kristie’s hard nipples.

“Um,” Kristie says, covering herself up and blushing, “I don’t know what.” Kristie says, as Tessa laughs.

Kristie had always had a bit of a woman crush on Tessa, even when she treated her like a b*tch. And this just brought that out again.

“Relax Kristie,” Tessa says, as she grabs her hand, “I’ve seen you stare, I’d be impressed if you didn’t, I know that you have been liking me.” Tessa says, as Kristie looks at her embarrassed.

“And you haven’t used it against me?” She says, grateful.

“Relax, I never would do that Kristie.” Tessa says, “I understand some things aren’t to be made fun of.” She says, as Kristie looks at her.

“So, um.” Kristie says, awkwardly, viewing the tension, “What do I do now?” Kristie asks, wanting to finish her challenges.

“Kiss me.” Tessa says, as Kristie looks at her. “So you show your friendship and...” Tessa says, before being cut off by the kiss. Kristie had dreamt about it, and wasn’t waiting. Unfortunately, her moment of contentment wasn’t to last long.

“How do you feel about me?” Tessa asks Kristie, after she broke for air.

“I love you Tessa, why?” Kristie asks, “And how do you feel about me?” She asks, hopeful.

“I feel that you are,” Tessa says, smiling, “Way to gullible. I can’t believe you fell for any of that.” She says laughing.

“What?” Kristie asks shocked.

“It was payback b*tch, you actually kissed my ass and confessed love for me, how dense are you? I had a camera filming, and now I’m gonna show the whole school.” Tessa says smirking.

“You snake!” Kristie shouts, “I can’t believe you’d do this.” Kristie says, “Wait, did you say this was being filmed?” She asks, smirking a little.

“Yeah, why?” Tessa says confused.

“Well this.” Kristie says, as she rips off Tessa’s crop top, revealing her big breasts in a tiny bra. She screams and places her arms over her chest.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Tessa screams, embarrassed.

“Wow, they’re bigger then your head.” Kristie says laughing. “And you said I have a nice body, want to know why, soccer practice.” Kristie says, as she hits Tessa with a perfect shin kick, knocking her to the floor.

“Ow.” Tessa moans, holding her leg.

“Let’s see now.” Kristie says, removing Tessa’s dress and leaving her in a thong again.

“Please stop Kristie, I’m sorry, I’ll delete the video.” Tessa screams, desperate.

“Are you kidding b*tch, I’m not letting you squirm away from consequences again.” Kristie says, as she rolls Tessa onto her stomach and picks her up, placing her over her knee.

“No, please.” Tessa moans.

“You’re so proud of this fat ass, I’m sure you won’t mind the extra attention.” Kristie says, as she starts sparking Tessa. The tall blonde screams as her ass gets attacked. It jiggles as Kristie laughs and keeps it up.

“Seriously, you do have a nice butt.” Kristie remarks, as she keeps sparking until Tessa’s ass turns pink.

“Ow.” Tessa moans, rubbing her butt.

“That’s sexy Tes,” Kristie remarks, as Tessa moans and rubs at her large butt, “Too bad that can’t even save you.” Kristie remarks, as she advances on the blonde again.

“Wait please,” Tessa begs, holding up her hands, “I’m so very sorry. Please don’t do this.” Tessa moans, as Kristie takes a pause. “Please, I know I deserve this, I do, but please don’t, I am so sorry for trying to humiliate you.” Tessa begs, as she picks herself up.

“Tessa, I might’ve forgiven you, but I can’t.” Kristie says, as she advances on the blonde again. Tessa, desperately, plants her lips against the brunette’s again, making Kristie stop. Despite all she had done, Kristie couldn’t think as Tessa kissed her passionately, desperately wanting more. Finally Tessa broke, leaving Kristie shocked.

“Wh wha what?” Kristie sputters out, as Tessa smirks.

“Still can’t forgive me?” She says, cocky.

“You are a good kisser.” Kristie says, saying her first thought.

“I thought so.” Tessa says, retrieving her dress.

“Wait.” Kristie says, “I’ll forgive you and destroy the footage, if you take off your bra.” She says, as Tessa smirks.

“Alright.” The sexy blonde says as she removes her bra, freeing her large breasts and giving Kristie a long glimpse at them.

“Wow, I mean, wow.” Kristie breathes, as Tessa smirks. This unfortunately makes Kristie forget any thought of trying to embarrass Tessa.

“You like them do you?” Tessa says, as Kristie nods.

“Yes.” She says, as Tessa smiles at her. Tessa then climbs onto a bench, with Kristie just staring at her as she bends over. Tessa then grabs the camera, and smirked at Kristie.

“Now we’re not being recorded, and I have the footage on this memory card.” Tessa says, pulling it out and looking at Kristie. “You got played Chris.” Tessa says, dressing herself and throwing back her hair as she struts out, with Kristie having been embarrassed.

Part 3 soon, I’m not done.
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