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Old 01-25-2018, 05:00 AM
Fred Wasserstein Fred Wasserstein is offline
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Default Part 18:

Part 18:

My wife turned to me. I was still in the water. Then she spotted the young admirer behind her. Suddenly she made a strange shy impression. Did she really forget that she was naked? She looked helplessly to me.

Then it was her turn to buy watermelon. The boy with the watermelons was also visibly pleased to serve a naked woman. My wife was now looked at from two sides with lust. Andrea bought a few pieces of watermelon and quickly returned to our place. She lay down on her stomach and did not move. Is she ashamed?

When I just wanted to get out of the water, the three girls went into the sea.

The naked girl spoke to me:
"Hello, nudist friend."

I replied:
"Hello, nudist friend. Your friends are obviously not followers of nudism."

While the naked girl with the great breasts still standing in front of me, her two friends swam out into the sea.
My penis was still hidden in the water. That was good. My penis became a bit bigger again. It just happened. I was helpless.

The naked girl laughed and said:
"Yes, I am ashamed of my friends. How can they just walk around here in a swimsuit? Terrible! Joking aside, I've already tried to persuade them. But unfortunately so far without success. I will not give up!"

"Are you coming from this area?"

The naked girl:
"Yes indeed. I live in the village up there. You and your wife are tourists, right? I saw you in the supermarket yesterday. You know, it's a small village"

"Do you know Eve? She should be in your age. She is the daughter of our landlord."

The naked girl's face became sad.

The naked girl spoke softly:
"Yes, I know her. We were once the best friends. I have not talked to her for a long time."

"May I ask what happened?"

The naked girl:
"We know each other from an early age. We were always best friends as children. Then came puberty. My breasts got bigger and bigger. I had feminine curves very quickly. Eve did not develop that fast. She had a problem with her physique. In summer we went to this beach almost every day. I never had a problem with nudity. My breasts were so big now that I could not find suitable bikini tops anymore. I went topless and was happy with it. In the end, Eve did not even go into the water with us. She stayed dressed on the beach. She hated her body."

"Eve still has a problem with her body. I do not understand, she has beautiful breasts ..."

I immediately stopped talking. The naked girl looked at me in surprise.

I continued:
"How am I supposed to explain that to you? Eve briefly showed me her breasts. OK?"

The naked girl looked at me in much more surprise.

I continued:
"I see you want to hear the long version. One morning I met Eve here on the beach. She caught me bathing naked. Eve was wearing an old-fashioned swimsuit. She told me she was ashamed of her body. I told her that she should show me her breasts ..."

The naked girl interrupted me:
"Are you serious? Only a man can do that. Ask a woman if you are allowed to look at the tits. I can not imagine that Eve did it. Even I, the best friend, have never seen her topless."

"It was not like that. No matter, I do not want to describe that to you in more detail. But yes, she briefly showed me her breasts. I also had the impression that she wanted to get rid of her shame. She is on the beach every morning. I have the feeling that you should make friends again."

The naked girl:
"That would be great. I would even have time tomorrow morning. How do we want to do that?"

"First I meet Eve on the beach. Then you just come to us. Shall we meet here at 6am?"

The naked girl:
"It's too early for me at 6 o'clock, but I agree."

"See you tomorrow morning."

She nodded to me and swam to her friends.

I went to my wife.

She sat up and asked me:
"Why did you talk to Mrs. Big Breasts for so long?"

"Are you jealous? You are sweet. I try to make it short. The daughter of our landlord was once friends with Mrs. Big Breasts. I try to bring them together again."

"You know that your ass belongs to me. Do not forget that!"

Andrea smiled lovingly at me. I smiled back lovingly.

I asked her:
"What was going on with you when you bought the watermelons? Did you forget that you were naked?"

She gently took my head between her hands and kissed my lips. I did not get an answer to my questions.
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Old 01-26-2018, 04:47 AM
Fred Wasserstein Fred Wasserstein is offline
Join Date: Mar 2015
Location: germany
Posts: 44
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Default Part 19:

Part 19:

It was already late afternoon. We ate the leftovers of our watermelon. Most of the people have already left. Even the family with the young observer and the naked girl with her two friends left some time ago. The naked girl said goodbye and said to me that we would see each other tomorrow morning. My wife was wondering about this date. I just said that I just want to help the two girls make friends again. That's the only reason for the meeting tomorrow morning. She did not ask further and I was glad not to reveal further details.

After a while Andrea said to me:
"Come on Fred, let's go to the apartment. It is getting dark."

Then she got up, put on her shoes and walked very slowly through the sand in the direction of the path. I also got up, put on my clothes and packed all our things in the big bag. I also put both towels in my bag. My wife was completely naked except for the shoes. At the beach there were only two older couples left, all wearing swimwear. When I reached my wife, she started walking faster. We were now on the path. She went on. I waited for her to ask for the bath towel to cover herself. But no, she went naked on the path. Further and further.

I went behind her and was thrilled. When would she ask for the towel?

At the end of the footpath, she started to slow down. Andrea was only a few steps away from seeing the first houses of the village. She went on slowly. Even I could now see the first houses. Andrea was still a few steps ahead of me. She just kept going. When we were almost on the street, Andrea turned around frantically and demanded the towel. I searched the pocket for the towel and heard a moving car. My wife and I looked at the street. A car drove slowly past us. If the driver had looked briefly to the right, he would have discovered a completely naked woman on the roadside and a clothed man behind her. Then I gave the towel to my confused wife. She quickly wrapped herself in it.

She almost ran to our apartment and I just followed her. When we were in the apartment, she slammed the front door, stripped naked again and began to undress me eagerly. Then we had wild sex without saying a single word.

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Old 01-29-2018, 04:12 AM
Fred Wasserstein Fred Wasserstein is offline
Join Date: Mar 2015
Location: germany
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Default Part 20:

Part 20:

I did not need my alarm clock. I was already awake at 5am. I dressed quietly and left the apartment.

I took a walk through the small village. Everyone still seemed to sleep. I enjoyed the silence. I walked aimlessly through the sleeping village. Then I passed a house where light was already burning. I do not know why, but this light attracted me. I went closer. I looked over the fence in a lighted living room. I saw a man in pajamas sitting on the sofa. But what did I see briefly in the background. Was that a naked woman?

I stared into the living room. Nothing happened. The man was in his 50s and drank coffee. Then suddenly a naked girl entered the living room. I looked closer and yes, it was the naked girl from the beach. The naked girl also had a coffee cup in her hand and went to the seated man. They talked naturally. The girl stopped in front of the man. Then another woman, also in her fifties, entered the room. She wore a long nightgown. Suddenly I understood. This man and this woman are the parents of the naked girl. That was a strange situation. Her parents did not seem to mind the nudity of her daughter.

I went on before I was discovered. The image of the naked girl with her parents in clothing did not want out of my head. When I turned around and slowly wanted to run in the direction of the beach, I saw the girl from the house in front of me on the walkway. She wore the dress that she already wore on the beach yesterday.

The girl gave me a friendly wave and said to me:
"Good morning, nudist friend. I've already seen you walking around the village. Are you an early riser?"

"Good morning, nudist friend. Actually, I'm not that. I just could not sleep anymore. Where did you see me from?"

The nudist girl:
"I saw you twice. The first time was 20 minutes ago. I looked out of my room at the street. The second time was 5 minutes ago. I talked to my father in the living room and saw you standing in front of the fence."

My face blushed.

I explained nervously:
"I'm sorry, I did not want to watch you. I just went for a walk like this."

The nudist girl chuckled:
"That is allright. Do not be scared, I will not hurt you."

"Yes, but you were naked."

The nudist girl:
"The whole village has already seen me naked. When I'm not at work and it's warm enough outside I'm always naked. I love to be naked."

"Are your parents also nudists like you?"

The nudist girl smiled:
"No, and I never wanted to convince them of it."

The girl and I headed in the direction of the beach.

"How did it happen that you are walking around naked in your parents' house? Have your parents never said anything against it?"

The nudist girl:
"It just happened. As a child I always liked to play naked in our garden. I was getting older, but I just did not want to wear clothes in the garden. I wanted to feel the warm sun all over my body. The neighbors and my parents got used to my nudity. Suddenly there was no small child playing naked in the garden. There was a naked teenager in the garden and then a naked woman. As I already told you. My breasts were so big. I just could not find any matching tops. I love to be naked and it is not forbidden here. It also does not bother me if anyone looks at my naked body."

We reached the path that led to the beach. We kept going.
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Old 02-11-2018, 08:43 AM
Fred Wasserstein Fred Wasserstein is offline
Join Date: Mar 2015
Location: germany
Posts: 44
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Default Part 21:

Part 21:

Short time later we reached the beach. Eve was not there yet. I hoped she was coming. The nudist girl looked at the sea and pulled her dress over her head. As I expected, she was completely naked under her dress. I also undressed.

The nudist girl turned to me and asked:
"How do we want to do that with Eve?"

"I suggest you hide behind the big stone. Let me talk to Eve for a while. If it fits at some point, you will come to us. Is that alright for you?"

The nudist girl nodded her head and walked to the stone with her dress in her hand. She sat down on her dress behind the stone and waited.

Only 5 minutes later I suddenly saw Eve entering the beach.

I stood naked in front of the big stone. Eve waved to me joyfully.

I waved back and shouted:
"Good morning, eve."

She went straight to me and said:
"Good morning, Mr. Wasserstein. Have you already swum?"

"No. I just arrived. Come on, take off your clothes."

Eve blushed a bit. She took off her dress. I was surprised that she wore a bikini. The bikini was not sexy, but much better than the old-fashioned swimsuit.

I said to her:
"You are welcome to take off the top. I have already seen your breasts. Do not worry."

To my surprise, she did just that shortly after. She quickly pulled off her top and covered her breasts with her hands.

"That's a good start."

Eve looked at me questioningly:
"What do you mean by start?"

"I am completely naked. You are still half dressed. Do you want to change that? You told me that you admire me for my lack of shame."

Eve looked at me anxiously:
"Yes, but I do not know."

"I met a former friend of yours here on the beach. She is a nudist and would like to be a good friend of yours again."

The nudist girl got up behind the stone and came to us.

Eve said with slightly wet eyes:
"Sandra, I have not seen you for so long."

Both girls smiled.

The nudist girl (Sandra) spoke:
"Eve, I missed you as a friend. I am glad that you want to lose your shyness. Should I help you with this?"

Eve slightly lifted her shoulders and lowered them again. She was still covering her breasts with her hands.

The nudist girl kneeled down before Eve.

The nudist girl spoke slowly:
"Eve, I will now pull down the bottom of your bikinis."

The nudist girl waited a bit and then grabbed the panties with both hands. Slowly she pulled the panties down to the feets of Eve. Suddenly Eve was also naked on the beach. On her pussy were less hair than I thought. Through her shortened pubic hair I could see her beautiful vagina. Eve did not move. I noticed that my cock was getting hard. I quickly turned around and ran into the water. The two girls no longer paid any attention to me.
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Old 03-06-2018, 04:14 AM
Fred Wasserstein Fred Wasserstein is offline
Join Date: Mar 2015
Location: germany
Posts: 44
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Default Part 22:

Part 22:

My penis stood like a flagpole in the water. I turned to the girls. They did not notice me. Did they already forget my presence? I decided to swim a bit. It felt strange to swim with an erect penis. My penis fluttered while swimming and that excited me even more. After a while I swam back to the beach. The naked girls were still talking. They both obviously enjoyed it. They both laughed extensively. My penis had calmed down again. I quickly ran to my clothes and got dressed. I tried to say goodbye to the girls, but they did not notice me. I went back to the apartment.

I thought, I need sex now urgently. When I unlocked the front door, I already heard the lovely voice of my wife, who greeted me. When I saw Andrea standing naked in front of me, I could not help myself anymore. I also undressed naked. My penis was fully erect again. I ran to her, hugged her, kissed her, and escorted her to the bed. Without saying a word I fucked her like a wild animal. Although my wife seemed surprised, she obviously liked my bad behavior.

After I ejaculated after a short time, I told her the story of the beach. I admitted that I was a bit ashamed that this situation aroused me so much. I told Andrea that she is beautiful and kissed her mouth.

Andrea said with a grin:
"That's alright. Watching is allowed, but not more. Did you understand that? I am the only one who is allowed to play with your penis."

Then she took my penis in her hand and kneaded it gently. After only a short time, I was ready for a second round. This time it took much longer than before.
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Old 03-07-2018, 03:05 AM
Fred Wasserstein Fred Wasserstein is offline
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Default Part 23: THE END OF THE STORY!

Part 23:

After this successful start to the day we immediately packed our things for the beach. Today we wanted to have breakfast on the beach. It was still early in the morning when we reached the path to the beach. We had almost reached the path when my wife handed me her towel. She was completely naked on the street. Completely relaxed she went on. When we arrived at the beach, we were all alone. The two girls have already left.

To my astonishment Andrea reserved this time a place that was at the other end of the bay. At this point I had never seen a single naked person before.

I was about to take off my swimming trunks, so she said:
"Fred, please leave your trunks on. I want to be naked today alone."

I responded:
"OK, darling."

As more bathers reached the beach, my wife went into the water for a very long time. I stayed on the beach towel most of the time. As expected, the nudists lay on one side of the bay and those with swimwear on the other side. As if there was a borderline.

When the beach was already well filled, my wife slowly walked out of the water. She went to me and lay down on the towel next to me. All around her, everyone was wearing their swimwear. Not even one of the surrounding women was topless. She was naked on her own. I was so horny that I wanted to fuck her right on the beach. I was glad to have worn the trunks.

I constantly noticed other people's eyes on my naked wife's body. I was sure that Andrea also noticed and enjoyed it.

The day passed quickly. It was already late afternoon when I heard a voice behind me.

"Hello, nudist friend."

I turned my head to the voice. I saw Sandra and Eve standing behind us.

I said:
"Hello, girls"

Both girls were still dressed. They put their stuff directly behind us in the sand. Shortly thereafter, Sandra pulled her dress over her head. As expected, she was completely naked underneath. Eve looked at me for a moment and then hesitantly undressed naked as well. I introduced my wife to the girls.

I now sat with my trunks on the beach with three naked women. That's the way the heaven should feel. My wife and Sandra lay on their bellies. Eve and I sat opposite each other. Eve naked and I dressed. I looked directly at the naked body of Eve. My eyes stayed on her pussy for a very long time. Eve did not try to block my view. But I realized that she was very nervous.

Then I looked in her face and said:
"Yes, that's exactly how it feels. That's exactly how it feels."

Eve smiled shyly and opened her legs a little bit more.


Did you like the story? Would you like to read more stories from me? Please write to me.
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Old 03-24-2018, 04:24 PM
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Thank you for an enjoyable story.
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