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Default Wife's Weekend Away

My wife and I often play that she is cuckolding me with a guy named Ty. Sometimes I write stories about it. She'll read them and take ideas for our fantasy play. Enjoy!


Just landed, be home soon! announced a text from my wife, startling me awake. I was lying alone in our bed, anxiously awaiting her return from her long weekend away. It was late on Sunday night, but I picked up my phone, instantly wide awake.

Can’t wait to see you! I replied, wondering what her homecoming would be like.

I’d spent the weekend taking care of the kids, cleaning the house, and missing her terribly. She, on the other hand, had spent the weekend in Las Vegas with Ty, her very large and very rich black bull. Since meeting him about a year earlier, our sex life had become a whirlwind as the cuckolding fantasy that had started out as my secret had come incredibly to life. This was the first time Michelle had traveled to see him. At first I was very hesitant at the idea, but she’d been so excited to spend a weekend with him that in the end I couldn’t refuse her.

I went through the house, wanting to be sure everything was neat and tidy for Michelle’s return, thinking of the text messages she’d sent me while she’d been gone. We’d only talked on the phone a couple brief times, once when she’d landed in Las Vegas and once when she was out with Ty at a club. It had been almost impossible to hear, but she’d been laughing and I could hear his deep voice in the background.

I’d planned to shower and shave once she was on her way home, hoping futilely that Michelle would be in the mood to have sex with me when she got home. I couldn’t get her messages out of my mind as I showered. They’d started out innocently enough, with her keeping me informed about where she was and that she was alright, etc. But later Thursday evening they had gradually changed to mocking and teasing from my cuckoldress. I knew that the empowerment of cuckolding me turned her on, and as the weekend wore on this became more and more apparent in her messages.

I put on some pajama pants and a t-shirt that Michelle had given me and that I knew she liked, again hoping to impress her in any way that I could. I first waited in the living room, then in our bedroom, then again in the living room, my nervousness growing as her arrival neared.

Lights flashed across the room as the towncar pulled into our driveway, and I heard Michelle talking with the driver as he got her bag for her. My cock sprang to life for the hundredth time since she’d left, my mind racing racing as I thought about what her homecoming would be like. I went to the door to help her with her suitcase, my pajama pants embarrassingly tent poled.

‘Hi, Hon,’ I said, opening the door for her and reaching for her suitcase. She was wearing an outfit I didn’t recognize - very expensive looking heels, black tights, and a loose, low cut top belted at her waist. ‘You look gorgeous!’ I smiled nervously, taking her bag and holding the door for her. As she moved past me into the house, I realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra and the blouse was cut low enough for me to catch a glimpse of her nipple. Michelle turned back to me as I closed the door and set her bag aside, striking a pose and smiling.

‘You like?’ she asked, laughing softly.

‘Seriously, Hon... gorgeous!’ I stammered, looking my wife up and down, ‘I love that outfit... and I love you! I’m so glad you’re home,’ I gushed. I moved to hug her awkwardly, unsure of where I stood with her after her weekend with Ty. Michelle stepped closer, opening her arms to me. I hugged my wife tightly, relieved beyond belief to have her back in my arms. ‘I missed you so much, Sweetheart,’ I whispered, burying my head in her hair. I realized that she smelled like Ty’s cologne. ‘Seriously... I’m so happy to see you, I’m so glad you’re home!’ I blathered, realizing that Michelle wasn’t saying anything. ‘This was the longest weekend of my life!’ I laughed lamely, stepping back from her.

Michelle looked at me, smiling. She reached up and put a hand on my cheek, her smile changing to one of... pity . ‘Oh Bri... it was the best weekend of mine!’ she smiled. ‘Want to go upstairs and hear about it?’ she asked, smirking.

‘Y-yes,’ I stammered, stunned.

Michelle took my hand and pulled me up the stairs to our bedroom. I’d cleaned the room twice over the weekend, wanting it to look perfect for Michelle when she got home... and needing the busywork to keep myself occupied while she was with Ty. She sat me on the end of our king sized bed and stood in front of me, smiling. Beaming, in fact.

‘It was amazing, Bri!’ she said, practically giddy. ‘I did things that I never... never thought I would, it was just so incredible! It all felt so wild... I kept surprising myself and kept thinking ‘oh my god... what are you doing?’’ she laughed. ‘But Ty... he has a...’ she thought for a moment, ‘a power or something over me,’ she sighed, eyes shining at the idea. I reached up to her to pull her closer, and she smiled down at me.

‘Wait, Sweetie,’ Michelle told me, hesitating.

‘What is it, Hon?’ I asked, looking up at her, dying to touch her.

‘I just... I just want you to know that I didn’t do anything this weekend that I didn’t want to... that I was... safe the whole time,’ Michelle said, stepping closer to me and stroking my hair.

‘Wh-what do you mean, Hon?’ I asked concerned and confused that she’d say something like that.

‘Ty... got to have me every way he wanted, Sweetie,’ she smiled down at me again, gauging my reaction. ‘He gets very rough...,’ she said, pulling the collar of her top open to reveal the bite marks on her neck. She smiled proudly.

‘Honey!’ I gasped, pulling her closer, trying to comfort my wife.

‘It’s okay! Really, Sweetie... it’s okay,’ Michelle laughed, adding softly, ‘I loved it.’

‘Oh my god, Michelle...’ I whispered, the level to which Ty had taken my wife slowly dawning on me.

‘There’s more, Cucky... I want you to be ready, okay?’ she asked.

‘Y-yes,’ I whispered, in awe of the woman standing before me, aching to touch her.

‘Take off my belt,’ Michelle ordered as she started to unbutton her top.

I hurriedly reached to unbuckle her belt, out of my mind to know what my wife meant by ‘more.’

‘Easy, Cucky! Slow down!’ she chided as I dropped her belt away in a rush. She’d only loosened one button, and she was taking her time with the second. She smiled down at me again, swaying her hips teasingly. Michelle moved her hands to her slim hips, thrusting her chest out. I could see her nipples straining against the fabric of her top.

‘You get the rest, Cucky,’ she laughed, ‘and slowly!’

I reached up to undo the remaining buttons, struggling to do it slowly. The top was very low cut, so there were only three more to do. I stopped and looked up at my wife as I finished. The top dangled open, baring her smooth skin from her neck to the top of her tights, but covering her breasts.

‘Good Boy,’ Michelle smiled. She then reached up and slowly opened one side of her shirt, revealing her left breast. I gasped at the sight. Michelle’s nipple was purple and swollen. I could clearly make out more teeth marks surrounding her swollen and obviously tender nipple.

‘Kiss it, Cuck,’ she ordered softly.

I tenderly leaned forward and kissed my wife’s breast. I tried to gently take her swollen nipple in my mouth, but she pulled away. I looked up at her, seeing her nod of approval as I pushed the top aside to reveal her right breast.

‘Oh, Baby...’ I sighed, looking up at her with concern. Her right breast was bruised, the nipple just as swollen as the one I’d just kissed. I was shocked to realize the bruises looked like a large hand print.

‘Kiss it,’ Michelle whispered, eyes shining as she looked down at me.

I kissed my wife’s sore nipple softly, then layed my head against her chest as she pulled me close, hugging me tight. I wrapped my arms around her waist, holding her.

‘Are you really okay, Hon?’ I asked after a few moments of her holding me.

‘Yes, Baby...’ she replied, thinking a moment, ‘I am. I loved every second of it.’

Michelle let go of me then, shrugging her top off and dropping it to the floor. She turned around, putting her perfect ass in my face.

‘Just the tights, Cucky... take them down,’ she said softly.

I reached for her waist band, slowly rolling it down a bit to reveal the top of a white lacy thong. Being careful not to pull the thong down, I slowly eased the tights down. I bent to help Michelle step out of the tights and as I sat back up, I gasped yet again. My wife’s round little ass was red and mottled, bruised all over.

‘Kiss it, Boy,’ she softly ordered again. I kissed Michelle’s red bottom all over, gently and tenderly trying to make it feel better. I could feel the heat of her skin with my lips.

She turned to me after a few minutes of me kissing her ass. Looking down at me, smiling. Her eyes sparkled. She put her hands on my shoulders.

‘I got fucked, Bri,’ she told me. ‘In ways you never, ever could do me, Little One,’ she smiled, pushing me back on the bed. We moved up to the pillows, lying in each others arms.

My head was on Michelle’s chest. I could hear her heart beating, feel her breath rising and falling. I was staring at her swollen nipples. Nipples that her Bull had sucked roughly, had bitten hard. My wife’s breasts were bruised and battered... her ass was red and sore... and there was nothing I could do about it. Worse, there was nothing she wanted me to do about it! She’d taken it willingly from another man.

I didn’t know what to say.

‘I love you,’ I said softly after we’d lain together for many minutes.

‘I love you, too, Sweetie,’ Michelle told me.

I gently thrust myself against Michelle’s thigh, my cock throbbing. I’d been rock hard since Michelle had gotten home and I was desperate for release.

‘What’s that, Cucky?’ Michelle asked. I could hear her smile.

‘I want you, Michelle... please,’ I breathed, running my hand across her stomach.

‘No, Cucky,’ she stated bluntly. ‘I gave Ty everything I had this weekend, you’ll have to wait.’ she chided.

‘Please!’ I begged.

‘No. Stop!’ Michelle ordered.

I reluctantly relaxed, stopped pressing myself against her thigh.

‘Good boy, Little One,’ Michelle teased, stroking my head.

‘You know... you have one more place to kiss, Cucky,’ she said.

I looked up at her, hesitant. Hoping she meant what I thought.

‘Go on, Cucky,’ Michelle smiled, looking down at her thong.

I got up and moved quickly between Michelle’s legs.

‘Slowly!’ She reminded me, laughing at my silly eagerness.

‘Yes, sorry...’ I panted. ‘I’ve just been thinking about this all weekend, Babe,’ I gushed.

‘Oh, Cucky... Don’t worry,’ Michelle teased, ‘I brought you your present... Ty filled me again and again.’

My wife spread her legs slightly, allowing me to climb between them. As I got closer, I could see a small wet spot on her panties. I pressed my nose to her mound and inhaled deeply, my head spinning as I smelled my wife’s sex intermingled with Ty’s. As reached up to pull her thong off, Michelle giggled softly as it stuck to her slightly.

‘Oh, Honey,’ I whispered. Michelle was swollen and red, her labia and clit engorged. Her thighs were bruised. She was obviously still wet, though I couldn’t tell if it was from her or from Ty. I inhaled again, basking in the scent of my wife and her lover’s mixed juices.

‘Clean me,’ Michelle ordered.

I licked deeply, needing no further instruction.
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Originally Posted by rockymtn View Post
My wife and I often play that she is cuckolding me with a guy named Ty. Sometimes I write stories about it. She'll read them and take ideas for our fantasy play. Enjoy!
Mmmmm.... Very nice!!

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Its really hot. Good story, thanks for sharing
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