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Old 03-11-2018, 02:28 PM
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Default It's All About Me: 2 - Bayley's Bully

Primary characters
Green = Emma

Magenta = Bayley

Secondary characters
Purple =???

Red = ???

Gold =???

Dark Orange = Bliss


Emma was in the locker room taking some mirror photos. This was a pretty typical pass time for the ever egocentric Emma, pouting her lips and holding her clenched fist outward towards the mirror, a golden ring reading 'BOSS' proudly taking up the centre of the photo. The golden shine contrasted nicely against her tanned abs and dark green camoflauge gear.

After a couple of snapshots, the sheila finally felt contempt with a selected one or two, posting them to her Twitter.

'One down, more to go...'

- @EmmaWWE

She swept back her brown hair and placed the ring on top of her luggage bag, containing her street clothes, purse, etc.

Just then, a cross Bayley stormed into the room, her bright yellow tights and top accented with a blue and pink trim, totally not matching her moody expression, as she tightens her signature ponytail, and adjusts her bright red headband labelled 'Hugger 4 life'.

"Lemme guess - you want my autograph?" Emma rolls her eyes, too focused on her reflection to even look at who's approaching her.

Emma's gazing is rudely interrupted by a smooth-looking hand, bright pink nails, adorned with some black sports tape, completely covering her reflected face.

"How could you do that to someone???" her soft puppydog eyes looked more sad than angry. "How could you absolutely ruin somebody's life like that in front of millions of people? What did Sasha even do to you??? Me and her may not be on the best of terms lately, but you went way over the line!!! I don't-"

The Aussie quickly snaps back "What did she do??? It was losing to c*nts like her that got me fired! Do you know what it feels like to be fired, Bayley? Do you???"

"Well... N-no. But look, you've been rehired!"

"And this time, I will do ANYTHING to stay hired..."

The tension is ripe within the empty locker room, when in the corner of her eye, Bayley notices a small sparkle. Curious, she walks over, she's sure she's seen it before...

"Sasha's ring? I... You're stealing? Okay Emma, we're going to have our match, which is no DQ for some reason... But straight after we have a LOT to talk about missy! You have a LOT to apologize fo-" turning her back was one of many mistakes she made approaching Emma... The Aussie had grabbed Bayley's flexible yellow tights by the waistline, and heaved upward, lifting the Hugger a solid foot above the ground!

Like a schoolyard bully, Emma had her in a hanging wedgie! She let out her shrill cackle as she continues to pull upward, delighting in the various squeals her little woman-child let out, uselessly kicking the air in pain.


Emma simply scoffed as she tugged and tugged and tugged... Suprising herself even, Bayley's tights remained intact, so, she resorted to plan B.

Next thing she knows, Bayley's teary eyes are blinded as she sees nothing but yellow - Emma stretching her spandex over her head and under her chin! At least she finally let go... For about five seconds.

As the poor former NXT Women's Champion stumbled around, still whining in pain, she felt two strong hands grab her by the shoulders.

"P-p-please, Emma, you- Woah, no no, PLEASE-"

And before she could beg s'more, Emma got to work, spinning her around as fast as she can, about 30 times.

"And you didn't even fall over! Good job kiddo..." she chuckles, wishing she'd done this in the ring. She lightly shoves a groaning Bayley forward, who near drunkenly stumbles towards the door, slamming head first into it. The poor girl slumps down, face down ass up, groaning as she tries to figure out where she is, and what day it is...

"Christ... And I thought Sasha was pathetic. Let's get our 'match' over with, shall we?"

"Ughhhh.... I... I don't wanna go to school today..." she weakly slurrs, totally out of it, restoring Emma's smirk.

Emma looks to the TV in the locker room, seeing an empty ring, the crowds hot with anticipation for what terrible Tenille has planned for her victim.

"Show time..."

Finally releasing Bayley from her spandex suffering, she pulls her tights back up, letting them snap back to her enormous ass, a cute yelp coming out of her mouth as it does so. She starts slapping the poor thing, waking her up.

"C'mon dork, we're on!"

"Wha...? I don't- ahhh, OW! OW OW OW!"

Emma hoists her back up to her feet by her pony tail, pulling her out of the locker room.

Staff and fellow wrestlers stare as she drags poor, frustrated Bayley down the hall in a headlock, giving her no doubt one hell of a noogie! "Stop it! Emma! Ow-Emma c'mon!!! This... Aghh... isn't-OW- very nice! OWWWW, Emma!" she moans, foolishly expecting some kind of mercy.

Emma snaps her fingers as she prepares to walk out

"Sound guy! You know what to do?" Not wanting to argue with her, he simply nods and gets her music ready.

'It's All About Me' plays as an embarrassed Bayley stumbles out as though she'd been shoved, falling flat on her stomach, groaning as purple light engulfs her and the crowd alike.

And out she strolls, looking as cocky as ever. She plants her right boot on Bayley's back as she poses, each camera flash feeding her inflated self-perspective more and more.

Bayley makes a wobbly attempt to get back to her feet, and Emma simply points at her, looking into the camera in a 'Really?' sort of manner, before booting her big backside, leaving her shades at the commentary table as Bayley pathetically tumbles down the ramp.

The bell rings as Emma walks down to the ring, not breaking her eyes off of Bayley, who hastily drags herself into the ring, doing anything to get some distance. And it seems to work! Emma, perhaps too caught up in her adoring fans' admiration, eats a dropkick as soon as she gets into the ring, knocking her back into the turnbuckle.

"The beginning of the end, you goshdarn meanie!"

Emma cringes, not in pain, but at the nearly 30 year old who just said that unironically... Bayley dashes towards her, intent on slamming her shoulder into Emma's stomach - denied! Emma raises a boot, knocking Bayley silly, her eyes crossing for a moment in sheer impact.

She stumbles backward, as Emma grabs her again by her headband, turning it into a makeshift choker/leash, going through her messy hair after her earlier noogie, and begins slamming her face off of the top turnbuckle, ten times!

Bayley's tensed arms grow more and more limp as Emma tours her around the ring, slamming her face another ten times each off of the other three turnbuckles!

Bayley is barely standing, already reduced to a coughing, teary-eyed, pitful sight. Emma reels back and smacks Bayley in the face, sending her in a total 180 - and then she pulls down her tights, leaving them around her knees! Her pink loveheart panties are on display - barely, as they're still lodged up her ass from earlier's wedgie - really, she looks like she's wearing a thong.


Bayley, having learned nothing, bends over, her awesome ass practically on full display as she essentially moons the camera trying to fix her wardrobe malfunction - giving Emma the pefect target. She gives her fat ass another boot, launching Bayley forward and over, into the middle rope. She simply lays against it, groaning, wishing she'd never gotten out of bed this morning.

Emma grabs her yet again by her pony tail, Bayley barely even resisting at this point, just wanting to get this over with. She wastes no time, kneeing Bayley in the gut, who bends over and leans onto Emma, the only thing keeping her on her feet. Emma smirks again, undoing Bayley's top as she leans on her.

"Emma, please. Please... You've already wo... Wait, what're you- NO, PLEASE!!!"

There it goes! Flying into the lucky, perverted clutches of some fan, Bayley's colorful top flies into the crowd. Yet, before Bayley's bulbous chest can be seen it all its glory, Emma immediately shields them... Hugging her.

"You like hugs, right Bayley?"

"You're... This is sick! You're sick!" she whimpers, in between fits of crying

"Well, if you want the world to see your tits..." Emma's tight grip loosens, but Bayley tightens hers immensely, sobbing at this twisted, heinous, unwinnable situation Emma's gotten her into.

Emma licks her lips, and even grabs and smacks at Bayley's ass like a huge personal plaything, every smack or pinch making Bayley flinch.

Emma's had just about enough fun for tonight. "Hope you're watching Sasha!" she mockingly waves to the camera, before locking in a sleeperhold on Bayley!

The Hugger immediately taps, just wanting to cover up, but no - Emma doesn't stop until the little dork is out like a light, even drooling on her own breasts.

Emma starts to walk off... Buuuut just for good measure, she turns around one more time, her grin turning into a full on toothy grin, as she picks Bayley up - hitting her with a Fisherman Driver - laughing as the Hugger's tits jiggle nonstop.

Bayley is awake, but not moving. She's just an emotional wreck, staring up at Emma's sick gaze. "I won't bother you ever again... Please... Just please leave me alone..."

Emma grabs her by the chin, smooshing her cheeks together... Before smacking her across the face, Bayley's usually rosey cheeks now bruised and red.


Bayley just nods, silently weeping, not an ounce of courage left in her thick, fit body. She offers no resistance as Emma drags her to the ropes opposite the titantron, and using Bayley's ponytail, ties her to the middle rope.

Bayley sits there, frowing, tears slowly travelling down her cheeks as her legs are spread open, pink panties on view for all to see alongside her smooth thighs. She meekly looks up to the titantron, seeing herself, and promptly hangs her head in shame. She doesn't even try to cover up anymore - why bother?

Emma makes her exit, walking up the ramp, yelling at the mortified Bayley fans shaming her. Bayley would never be the same... "Bye bye Bayley!" she waves with one hand, a sight the Hugger would never forget. She puts her shades back on, and her sweet ass walks around the LED barrier, done for the night.

Cut to backstage, the champion watches, her typical smug smile replaced by look of anxiety...

"I... I have to go, uhh... I'll see you guys... later..." and she scurries off, clutching at her title.

"So, we get her next week, right boss?"

"I still say we just jump her tonight..."

The pale leader chuckles.

"As fun as that sounds... Let her think she's accomplished something by beating the horse and her dorky baby. Next week will be her wakeup call... Come along ladies!"

The glampire pats her two apprentices on the shoulders, as they walk off, planning for next Raw...

And there we go! Poor Bayley, hahaha... As always, constructive criticism/general feedback is super appreciated, and I hope you all enjoyed reading! 'Till next time!
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Old 03-11-2018, 04:06 PM
smjimmie1348 smjimmie1348 is offline
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Default Bayley

Wow love the story youíre awesome .

Also loved the panties on Bayley it fits her .

Alexa is afraid of nothing she is the true goddess of the wwe .

I wonder whoís gonna get embarrassed first between Mandy , Sonya or Paige

I would say Mandy , but if you take Sonya out then it would be easier to take out Mandy , and then Paige.

Also I wonder if Stephanie cares about this or if Kurt Angle has anything to say about this

Is there going to be a interview where Emma explains her actions if you donít mind me asking ?
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Old 03-11-2018, 04:26 PM
BigRedFanboy BigRedFanboy is offline
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Default Thank you!!!

Originally Posted by smjimmie1348 View Post
Wow love the story youíre awesome .

Is there going to be a interview where Emma explains her actions if you donít mind me asking ?
1. Thank you very much! Greatly appreciated!!!

2. Excellent idea - I think it's time Renee and Emma have a little chat...

As for Alexa, she hasn't seen anything like this before - she'd better be scared!

Absolution, you'll just have to wait and see!

Kurt or Steph may make an appearance - possibly. We'll see!
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Old 05-28-2018, 04:40 PM
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awesome story!
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humiliated, humiliation, wrestling, wwe

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