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Default Prequel, Primrose’s Wedding, A Bride of a Different Feather, v2 complete

Prequel, Primrose’s Wedding, A Bride of a Different Feather, v2

This is a prequel of my previous story; Primrose Has Her Cake. It covers Primrose’s earlier wedding to her first husband and is a tale of equally embarrassing experiences.


Primrose DuBois was a beauty of 23 years old when she decided she should take advantage of her friendly relationship with Miles Jameson. The ginger-haired Miles while well-built and lightly muscled, was what she considered a soft, somewhat effeminate young man but his family was fabulously wealthy and if Primrose could betroth Miles, she would be very comfortable for the rest of her life. After all, who was to say she couldn’t play the field so to speak, if Miles did not satisfy her considerable needs. The weakling Miles would never have the guts to confront her let alone ask for a divorce if he ever suspected her of cheating.

After an accelerated wooing, Primrose postured herself for becoming his fiancé. The trouble was the nervous Miles would never pop the question. No matter how Primrose led him on with necking and heavy petting, the young man would not commit. Determined to succeed, Primrose came up with a plan to reel him in. While dating, she learned Miles was enamored with old fashioned lingerie such as seamed stockings, girdles, silky panties, push up bras, and suspender belts. As she was keen on these as well and had a good collection started, her foundation underwear would be the foundation Prim's strategy! Throughout the courtship, Primrose was always using her bountiful and beautiful body, her practiced talents for teasing, and her sexy vintage lingerie to lead the old-fashioned Miles closer to proposing marriage. One particular night, as Miles was in a heightened state of arousal, Prim flashed her retro suspender belt and fully fashioned stocking tops to him and said, “Miles, if we were to be husband and wife, I will wear undies like these every day to both tease and please you.” Miles flushed then gushed, “When can we consummate our relationship, my dear Primmy?” “What a pathetic boy!” she thought to herself, but she dutifully cooed back in Miles’ ear “Only after we are wed, lover” as she mischievously squeezed his erection firmly with both hands. Miles nearly fainted. Her plan was foolproof, or so she thought.


By these means, Primrose coerced Miles to finally propose marriage and the wedding was set for July. Both Primroses’ father Gerald, and Miles’s somewhat dominatrix-like mother Alexandra, ensured the nuptials would be the biggest social event of the summer in Puttyville. The families opened their checkbooks to reserve the cathedral and its lawns for the outside party. They selected the best caterers and ordered hundreds of flowers. The wedding date coincided with the big city summer festival and even the arrival a circus. The guest list exceeded five hundred invitees, and a professional photographer was booked to take pictures and film the ceremony. The parents even invited the local television station to cover the spectacle. In anticipation for the big day (and night), Miles gave Primrose a beautiful diamond ring, a pearl necklace, platinum earrings, and lots of sexy lingerie. He also arranged for her to have a custom wedding gown made by the fashionable Beth’s Dress Shop. Prim gladly accepted the gifts from Miles but would not dream of having sex with him until required by marriage. Even after the wedding, she imagined she would have many “headaches”. The idea of making whoopee with this handsome wussy made her feel a bit queasy.

As the wedding plans solidified, Miles’s sister Genevieve, who Miles invited to be in the wedding party, began to understand what was going on between the couple. She understood Primrose was a greedy opportunist out for her own interests and cared little for Miles beyond his family's bank account. Genevieve also became aware Primrose had her eyes on Edward French, the new accounting manager from Bastermats Chemicals where Prim was recently employed as a junior operations manager. To protect her foppish brother, Genevieve would do nearly anything. She would definitely be on the lookout for any shenanigans while thinking of how to get rid of the predator Primrose.

The younger sister Genevieve was both strong and attractive and had protected her weakling brother through childhood and adolescence from all sorts of embarrassing situations. Once for example, some girls from the high school girls field hockey team ambushed the young Miles in the park while he was walking home from school. After roughing him up a bit, they relieved him of his shirt then pants leaving him cowering in only his small white briefs. After having a good laugh at the embarrassed teen, the mean girls then peeled off his skivvies leaving the hapless teen completely stark-naked. They even ran off with his shoes and socks! Exposed in park in the middle of the afternoon, the red-faced Miles streaked away and hid in some bushes until Genevieve came along heading home from cheerleading practice. She quickly drove off the taunting teens and then gave Miles her cheerleader practice uniform she was carrying in her gym bag. After squeezing into the outfit, Miles stood before his sis, looking ridiculous in the tiny pink sport bra and matching too-small boyshort panties emblazoned with the school motto, the 'Cup Cakes'. She covered her mouth and laughed as she saw him cringing in front of her blushing three shades of red. The small top stretched tightly across his smooth chest like a bandeau, his long midriff bare, and the panty-shorts just barely covered his swelling penis and left much of his cute bottom exposed in back. “Can we pleeeease get going?” he pleaded, his voice cracking. He felt more exposed now than when he was completely nude-how was that possible? Genevieve tittered despite feeling sorry for her pathetic brother. “Follow me” Genevieve directed. The barefoot Miles minced along closely crouching behind his sister looking miserably at some amused people watching. He felt not only utterly humiliated, but strangely aroused wearing the revealing girly clothing in a public park. He was careful not to poke Genevieve in the bottom with his boner!


Primrose could not wait to design her own dress. She went to the shop to be fitted as soon as possible. In her designer heels, Prim clicked into Beth’s Dress and Formal Shop and haughtily announced she wanted the finest gown possible and it must be ready by July. Cost was no object, she declared. She wanted a form-fitting, strapless mermaid style gown with dozens of buttons up the back. Beth recommended the mermaid style may not be best for the voluptuous Primrose, but was quickly reminded by the bossy bride-to-be, "I know what I want!" “Ok,” thought Beth, “I will have some fun with this self-centered tart”. She told Primrose, “first things first Ma’am, we start with bare figures!” Primrose was discomfited when the shop proprietor not only instructed her to remove her designer dress, but then said she needed to measured Primrose’s height and weight. Flushing, Prim spun toward the dressing room, but Beth told her it was closed because it was just painted today. Beth asked her teenage assistant Tina to lock up the shop and pull the curtains. Apprehensively, Primrose unzipped her chic leather sheath dress and wriggled out of it. She stood now in the dress shop showroom in her underwear with only the thin sheers drawn to prevent passersby from peeping in. Prim was clad in a white push-up brassiere trimmed with pink flowers. Her magnificent breasts filled the cups and threatened to spill out the top of her bra along the lace edging. Tina giggled at Prim’s choice of underwear as Primrose’s hot face reddened. Prim still wore her white petti-slip, and Tina thought she could make out the lines of garters beneath the thin silk. “The slip has to go for accuracy”, Beth announced smiling as she was completely enjoying herself. The mortified Prim pushed the slip from her luscious hips as Beth and Tina inhaled sharply when they saw what was beneath. Primrose wore a pink smoothing/shaping garter belt that rose above her waist. It looked like a light girdle of sorts. The belt’s four sturdy garters anchored a pair of nude fully fashioned seamed stockings snugly against Primrose’s full thighs. Beneath, Primrose wore no panties and the garter belt did a wonderful job framing her trimmed brown bush and full, shapely derriere. “Wow, we have a commando here!” Beth shouted and patted Prim on her ass. Tina laughed out loud. The rosy-faced Primrose squeaked “everything was in the wash” as she clapped her hands over her sex. Beth told Primrose to stand on a small box near the windows in her heels, stockings, garter belt, and brassiere. Prim was terrified to see Tina did not close the d****s, only the thin shears. Atop the box, she could see above the sheers many people on the street. She imagined they could see her naked shoulders and bra straps elevated in the middle of the showroom. No one seemed to notice though. Beth wrapped the measuring tape around her body and she called out the measurements to Tina who recorded them. “36, 24, 37 inches, likely a size 6” she announced. Prim protested, “I am not a size 6, I am a 4”. The proprietor playfully swatted Primrose’s bare bottom and reminded her, “Who is designing dress?” “Owie”, peeped Prim as she jerked her knee up in reaction to the startling spank. “You are!”..…then silently to herself "you witch" Prim muttered glumly to herself.

Beth told the blushing Prim to mount the scales in the corner near the dressing rooms. “I don’t know why you are doing this, I told you I am five-foot-nine, and weigh one hundred and thirty-five pounds!” Prim complained. Beth stood very close to Primrose and operated the counterweights with a big grin. “One hundred and forty-nine pounds exactly, you must have had some lunch?” Beth quipped. Prim huffed miserably as Beth told her to turn around and adjusted the height scale. The uncomfortable Prim squirmed and exclaimed “ooooh” as she could feel the lower part of the cold metal ruler slide along the cleft of her large bottom. Beth said “Stand up very straight with your hands at your sides. Ok, sixty-nine inches, you are correct there”. Just then, Al the painter came out from the dressing room area saying, “Beth, we are nearly done back....WOW-ZAA! "What do we have here?" "Eeeeek", dropping to a crouch, Primrose squealed in embarrassment with one hand over her bush and the other over her barely-contained boobs. By stooping forward though, she pushed her bottom, or rather bottomed out, firmly against the cold ruler now mashed against a very sensitive area. "Ah..ooh, aah!" Primrose yelled as she leapt off the scale and performed a funny panic dance twirling in humiliation which really enabled Al to see all her charms including her breasts as they had popped from their cups and her big nipples were standing at attention. “This keeps getting better” Al, grinning with his tongue hanging out, exclaimed to Beth. She told him to “GET OUT” and handing Primrose her clipboard, pushed the hungry-eyed painter toward the door. Prim desperately tried to restore her modesty with the clipboard. Then to her horror, Primrose watched Al open the front door to the busy Main Street sidewalk and run out, leaving the door wide open. Several passersby peered in. They laughed loudly to see the furiously blushing Primrose somewhat covered but were treated to the sight of Prim’s stocking tops, garter belt, and spectacular boobs. One man snapped a picture, and a little boy pointed at her quivering bottom “what a fabulous ass!” Beth overhead the boy and chuckled to herself how right the lad was. Primrose stared back with big open eyes and mouth comically agape as she clutched the clipboard to her tits and bush. She then began to hyperventilate as Beth slammed the door and bolted it. “Come, come now dear, we will get you back together. Only a couple of people saw anything and this wedding will make them forget all about it.” Was Beth sure right about that!


While Beth detested the snooty Primrose, she appreciated the fact she would make a lot of money on the wedding dress as well as the bridesmaids gowns and tuxedos for the groomsmen. She called a local dry cleaner she worked with in the past on big events to assist with preparing the wedding garments. Speaking with Mrs. Jiang was never easy in person, much less over the phone. Beth told her she “needed the best milk white thread for Primrose’s gown” but Mrs. Jiang thought Beth said “white silk thread”. Silk thread is frequently used for dissolving sutures in surgical applications. Moisture and heat cause the thread to break down. Then Beth said “six standard and one special wedding-day tuxedo for the groom”, however, Mrs. Jiang thought she heard “breakaway tuxedo”. Mrs. Jiang, envisioning a comic movie she saw where a man is suddenly stripped of his clothes, replied, “Like in Hollywood?”, and Beth heartily agreed “Yes, yes” not knowing her request was being misinterpreted. This was going to be the biggest embarrassing event in Puttyville history!

Several days later, after Primrose recovered from her near-naked embarrassment at the dress shop, she again became quite excited all her plans were moving rapidly toward fruition. In the evening, she called on Miles to remind him to wear “something borrowed something blue, something old, and something new” to the wedding ceremony this weekend. He needed some help understanding what she was referring to and Prim explained the tradition to him. Miles then again asked about the possibility of having sex before the wedding. Appalled, Prim said to him-as if she were still a virgin, “If you cannot wait, what is my cherry worth?” “Well, what can we do then?” The horny Miles pleaded. “How about I spank you?” queried Primrose. “That would be breathtaking” Miles responded. Primrose bent him over a coffee table and teasingly lowered both his shorts and briefs. To say Primrose ‘let him have it’ with a large wooden spoon from the kitchen would have been quite an understatement. Miles could not sit down without wincing for three days afterward.

The Day before the Wedding

Beth had arranged for the wedding gown, the bridesmaids dresses, and the tuxedos to be delivered to the church today. She met the van in the parking lot and transferred the garments to a rolling hanger rack. She had earlier asked Tina to leave the wedding dress uncovered so it could breathe, wrinkle-free following the final alterations. As Beth wheeled the rack along the sidewalk, she heard a hissing noise and paused. Just then the lawn erupted as the sprinkler system turned on. Beth shrieked as water cascaded all around her. She had the presence of mind to push on quickly to the church despite being drenched. Once inside she took stock of the situation. She was dismayed to see her light yellow sundress plastered to her body. Her red thong was clearly visible through the thin transparent cloth, as were her pert bare breasts. She tried to pull the fabric away from her body, but this did little to reduce her exposure. Suddenly, "Hello Beth" said Miles who was helping his mother with some final church decorations. Both Beth and Miles blushed at the awkward circumstance. Beth covered her chest with one arm and her thong with the other. "Well Miles, don't just stand there staring, help me!" she shouted. The awkward Miles took a garment bag from the rack and while averting his eyes, tried to cover Beth with the bag. Beth, who had turned away from Miles, didn't notice the hanger snagging the large ring that decorated her dress zipper tab. "Zzzzaazzzz", then "splatt". "Oooooh" cried Beth as she now stood with here bottom facing Miles in only her hot thong. Miles's mouth dropped open as he stared at Beth's beautiful ass. Beth whirled around to face Miles and cried "Eeeww!" as she noticed the befuddled Miles stooping with his hands on his crotch trying to conceal his growing erection. She quickly scampered behind the clothes rack for cover. Miles said, "Beth I am so sorry, please let me....” Beth responded by yelling "Miles, get out!" The hunched over young man staggered down the hall towards the men's restroom using both hands to try to quell his raging manhood.

After getting her dress dried out a bit with a hand dryer in the restroom and back on, Beth began to deliver the wedding garments to the appropriate rooms. Then she noticed how wet the lovely-but-uncovered wedding gown had gotten. Thinking quickly, she called Tina and had her bring two large hair dryers to the church. The two worked briskly to dry the dress. Beth plucked at the garment as the driers did their work. Everything seemed to be fine with the gown, but she had to cut out the lining in order to dry it properly. Considering the time it would take to sew the lining back into the dress, Beth thought for a moment. Since Primrose planned to wear a light blue slip underneath the dress, Beth could forego the labor and leave the lining out. Beth gave Tina a big high-five and “whoo-hoo” as it certainly seemed disaster had been averted. However, it had only been postponed. She did not notice a silk-covered button and two decorative flowers had fallen off the dress and lay on the carpet.

Primrose’s Big Day, the Bride's Dressing Room

Hours before the ceremony, Primrose and her retinue clicked on their high heels imperiously into the church. "Daddy, I want you to make sure everything is we discussed and FOLLOW my checklist!" Prim chided. “Yes, my dearest....." Gerald muttered with eyes downcast. He had reached his limits by now making sure all aspects of this wedding was exactly as Primrose insisted. He was irritated and exhausted and couldn't wait for the couple to depart on their honeymoon so he could get some peace and quiet. He now had to deliver more bad news to his spoiled daughter. After he was finished, Primrose snapped sharply back most disrespectfully, "Daddy, first I discover my beautiful wedding cake will be delivered to the church late and now I understand we have to use the side entrance of this building because that silly circus is in town?” “You should have pulled some strings and cancelled that kiddie parade" Primrose complained. "Prim, then the children would be terribly disappointed" he replied. "Today is my day, not theirs, and I won’t have my wedding disrupted by such juvenile follies" Prim insisted. “Dear, try to be considerate” he chided. “Humph! Who cares about a silly third-rate travelling circus?”

Now Primrose began to get dressed with the help of her bridesmaids. Genevieve looked at the gown hanging on the rack and could not help feeling a bit envious. The wedding dress was a work of art. Form-fitting, strapless, covered with silk flowers, pearls, beads, and sixty silk-covered buttons up the back. Just then, Primrose called from behind a dressing screen, "Gen, be a dear and hand me my slip, it’s my ‘something blue for good luck”’. Genevieve eyed the lacy pale blue slip across the divan with bad intent. Grinning mischievously, she sn*tched it but as she did so, the delicate garment caught on a fabric staple on the edge of a chair and shredded. Genevieve exclaimed “Ooops” and said sadly "I think it is damaged". Behind the screen Primrose said, "Oh no, I don't think I will wear this, it may slide down and trip me and how embarrassing would that be?" "No matter" popped Primrose, "I won't miss it". But she sure would shortly, as Primrose’s good luck was rapidly running out.

As Prim breezed around the dressing screen into the room, the maids all “oohed and ahhed”. She wore a sexy brand ‘new’ white shelf brassiere that pushed her lovely orbs high and left her nipples nearly exposed. Beneath the bra Prim had on a ‘borrowed’ yet elegant boned silk waist cincher, embroidered with flowers, from her mother. The elegant cincher extended from just below her bra to three inches above her low panty line and had six long garter straps. The cincher laced up in the back with silk strings snugly embracing the bride's lovely midriff. Prim’s ‘old’ fashioned style seamed reinforced heel and toe white stockings were pulled firmly upward by the taut garter straps indenting her thighs deliciously. Atop her garters and low on her hips was a pair of white silk bikini panties with ruffles on the sheer back. The tiny front panel was adorned with a cherry design. To surprise Miles, she had shaved her pussy bald for the occasion, so no tufts of brown hair peeked above her oh-so-low panties. Primrose's lovely belly and navel swelled above the panties. From behind, much of her plump cheeks were on display and in addition to her cute dimples above her full bottom, nearly an inch of her ass crack peeked above her panty line. A spray of tiny flowers in her upswept hair, a short veil, an expensive pearl choker, dangling diamond earrings, long white silk opera gloves with diamond bracelets, and five-inch white heels completed her ensemble.

The admiring maids hovered around Primrose to complete her trousseau. Genevieve pulled the dress over Prim's hips and with the help of other maids holding the gown up, began fastening buttons. Starting from the bottom, far below Prim's bottom, Genevieve noticed many of the buttons seemed loosely attached and one popped off. Genevieve thought with so many silk buttons up the back, one missing would not be noticed. Another near the top pulled free as Gen began to feel a bit nervous about the dresses back closure. “Primrose, how did the last fitting session go, because I am have some trouble back here?” Genevieve asked. “Gen, hon, this is a handmade designer dress, and while you may not be familiar with such haute couture, I can assure you the dress is fine.” the bride condescended. Genevieve flushed hot with anger but didn't respond. She hoped this sassy bit of crumpet would be rewarded for her spitefulness with the wardrobe malfunction of the century. “Break a leg, Baby Cakes” Genevieve whispered in Prim's ear, as she grabbed the bride’s bottom hard, hearing a series of pops that sounded like stitches tearing. Genevieve smiled to see Primrose blissfully unaware of the potential disaster.

Prim’s father Gerald knocked on the dressing room door and asked “if everyone was decent”. After a bit of tittering the young women opened the door. He entered and announced the church air conditioner was not working properly and the church was quite warm today. “Daaa…ddy”, Prim loudly whined, “what is going to go wrong next?” He held out a beautiful white feathered fan with a curious cream-colored carved handle. Gerald told her, “This belonged to your great grandmother. She used it on safari in Africa. It is made of ivory”. Several of the bridesmaids were stunned and said “That’s awful, ivory is illegal”. “It is now”, Gerald told them, but this heirloom was “grand mothered” and legal by U.S. Customs and was ok to use. Primrose didn’t hesitate a bit and sn*tched the beautiful antique from her father’s hand. She thought for a moment and then said cruelly “I don’t give a thwack for an ugly old pach....y-derm - this fan is too cool!” Primrose laughed at her cleaver rhyme and then announced it was time for the wedding. As the party left the room, Genevieve noticed the startling number of beads, silk flowers and a few more buttons littering the dressing room floor!

Down the hall, Miles was fidgeting with his tuxedo jacket cuffs and complaining to his mother, "But, Momma, the workmanship on this tux sucks! All the loose threads and Velcro tabs are itchy and scratching me all over!" Alexandra, who was wearing a red mannish pants suit, told him forcefully “for once in your life try to be a man and get through this wedding. Once you are on your honeymoon in the tropics, you won’t have to wear all these fussy formal clothes.”

The Big Day, the Ceremony

Hot and bothered on her father’s arm Primrose waited for her cue for the processional. She fumed at the inconveniences she was being forced to suffer on her wedding day. First, her guests had to use the side entrance of the church because of the stupid circus. Even now she heard calliope music from the noisy parade. Second, the cake was being delivered late. Third, her decision to forego her blue slip was a bad one because the interior of her unlined gown was uncomfortably scratchy and itched on her bare skin. Furthermore, the laces from her waist cincher hung down her back and tickled her barely-contained bottom. Lastly, the heat in the church was nearly unbearable because of the faulty air conditioning. This wedding was her ticket to security and nothing else could go wrong. Annoyed as she fanned herself she held her small yet elegant bouquet of pink roses, tiny beads of perspiration appeared on her beautiful brow and sculpted shoulders. Unfortunately for Primrose, as everyone else had already entered, the array of beads, thread ends, and more buttons on the carpet at her feet went unnoticed.

Primrose was certainly the center of attention as she marched slowly to the the marble dais with altar in the front of the church. She smiled covetously at the hundreds of admiring, envious, adoring, and even lecherous looks she received as she passed by to the strains of the organ. She felt like a queen in her lovely yet sexy gown despite the heat and irritations. From the elevated dais, the photographer and television crew could see everything. As she took her place next to Miles, she thought she saw an opening in a Velcro fastener on the back of his jacket but could not be sure. Why would his jacket have Velcro? She must be seeing things she told herself. Still, it sure seemed his silk shirt and suspenders were showing. She pushed the oddity from her mind as she reminded herself she was the star of this show. No one was looking at Miles. As the ceremony began, Genevieve saw to her glee Primrose's décolleté was not only covered with a sheen of perspiration but was pushing the limits of decency due to her squirming trying to adjust the itchy wedding dress and tickling corset laces. As everyone took their seats for the readings, Primrose and Miles sat on an upholstered bench near the altar next to the elderly rector, Father Thomas. Miles smiled adoringly at his bride unaware of her discomfort. Besides the irritating laces and itchy beadwork rubbing against her considerable amounts of tender skin not covered by her skimpy undies, the heat and bright lights were causing Primrose to really sweat. Beads of perspiration began to run down her neck and back. During the sermon, Primrose continued fidgeting until to her horror, a seam along her thigh suddenly parted over a foot in length exposing her stocking top and its garter fastening. “UUhhgghh” Primrose gasped in alarm at the embarrassing exposure as her face glowed hotly. She suddenly realized if she had worn her slip, this would not even be noticeable. Since it had been her decision to not wear it, she felt foolishly responsible for her embarrassing situation. “Hoist with my own petard” she thought bitterly recalling her Shakespeare. ‘Maybe no one saw’ she hoped. Unfortunately, all the wedding party, many guests in the front pews, the photographer and TV crew, and even the rector saw what had happened. Only the smiling Miles remained oblivious as gasps, sniggers, and titters nearly halted the ceremony. Primrose struggled with the split, sadly making it much larger to reveal the bottom of her waist cincher and more garter and bare thigh. Her twisting caused a pink areole to rise above her dangerously low neckline. Though highly amused at Primrose getting her just deserts, Genevieve loyally sprang to action moving to Prim's side blocking everyone's view of the show. “Oh, thank you Gen”, Primrose babbled as her soon-to-be sister-in-law performed a hasty repair with four safety pins. “I cannot understand what happened, this dress was fine at the last fitting” Prim whispered, too loudly for the public address system drawing more chuckles from the wedding party and congregation. “Now everyone knows I am wearing stays with garters and stockings” to more laughter. “There, there Primmy, I have you back together (for the time being). Let's get this show back on the road.” Genevieve used her handkerchief to dry the flustered Primrose's wet brow, and in daubing her bosom, noticed the pending wardrobe malfunction, but remained quiet, laughing only to herself.

Primrose slowly regained her composure as the wedding ceremony continued. She breathed a sigh of relief as she avoided embarrassment when no one voiced an objection to the union. Little did she realize what embarrassment was right around the corner. The time to exchange vows came and she turned to face Miles. Although he was fit and immaculately groomed, his tuxedo seemed oddly configured and something was not right about the tailoring. Miles stared at the stunning beauty before him and then his jaw dropped when his eyes fell on her magnificent mammaries. Below her expensive pearls he saw both Primroses’ rosy areoles rising from the lace, her nipples just visible, threatening to spring forth. Stammering with his vows, “To have and to hold….and to SQUEEZE” Miles said dreamily. Primrose could not understand why Miles was having so much trouble and why he kept dropping his gaze to her chest. She looked down. “Oooh” Primrose peered wide eyed at her breasts threatening to pop out. Her face reddened again as she awkwardly stooped forward and took hold of the front of her dress with both hands and tried to haul the neckline back into place. Her gown, sewn together with the water soluble silk thread, moistened on the inside from her perspiration exacerbated be the lack of a slip, as well as being weakened from the sprinkler yesterday, began to fall apart. The back split open revealing Prim's brassiere clasp and the waist cinchers tightly laced eyelets. Her flushed skin contrasted starkly with the brilliant white of her dress as well as her creamy lingerie. Although many covered their mouths, most of the congregation could not help laughing out loud at this spectacle. Miles’s nephew Chad, the ring bearer, pointed at Primrose and shrieked “The bride is bursting out of her dress. Her corset didn't work!” Primrose wheeled to face the boy with a wicked scowl as she gave her neckline a final tug. “You little brat! Shut up and mind your own…” she sputtered as she glanced at the laughing congregation. She suddenly realized a sizable piece of fabric formerly comprising her gowns neckline was now firmly in her grasp and no longer on her dress. Primrose shrieked “No, no, no! This cannot be happening!” as she stared down unbelievingly at her breasts on display. Her sweat-shined orbs were only just contained by the flimsy bra she foolishly had picked out. Both her areolas were almost entirely visible and her large nipples began stiffening in the air. “My b-b-boobs!” Primrose shrieked as she comically tried to stuff her nipples back in her brassiere, and unsuccessfully tried to cover her bra with the scrap from her neckline. She soon gave up and turned away from the congregation and faced the altar with her arms wrapped across her front. Up to this point, all members of the wedding party were frozen in disbelief, their mouths hanging open. Miles acted first by removing his tailed tuxedo jacket and placing it carefully on Primrose's bare shoulders. “I was wondering when you were going to do something, you ninny!” Prim sneered. The chastened Miles tried to give her a kiss but she flashed angry eyes at him and shouted “what do you expect me to do now?” Gerald strode up and told Primrose sternly, “Primrose Dubois! I have nearly had enough. You will now take your blessing from the priest, conclude this lavish ceremony I have generously paid for, and join everyone at the reception or you will sorely regret the consequences!!!” You could have heard a pin drop in that church until Father Thomas cleared his throat and told everyone to please take their seats and resume the wedding. Primrose, her face now scarlet from both anger and humiliation, clutched the tuxedo jacket tightly closed and with a huff spun on her heels to kneel before the altar next to the coatless Miles and looked sourly at Father Thomas. Curiously, Miles’s cummerbund popped off and fell to the marble dais.

After what seemed forever to Primrose, Father Thomas signaled the couple to rise from their kneeler and began, “With the power vested in me, I hereby pronounce Miles and Primrose……” “Rrrrriipppppp” the sound of tearing Velcro was heard as the blushing bride rose to her heels. The befuddled groom, staring at his detached cummerbund, had inadvertently knelt upon the tail of his tuxedo jacket which until this moment had been restoring his wife's modesty. Neatly stripped of the coat, her back to the congregation, Primrose turned her head towards Miles and stammered “You ninkan poop! I have never been so humiliated in my life!” her voice carrying through the church with the help of the rector’s microphone. What happened next would go down in Puttyville history as a real life mortifying moment to put to shame any spicy burlesque skit to date. With an arm across her exposed brassiere, clutching her bouquet and fan, Primrose reached for the tuxedo jacket at her heeled toes bending deeply at the waist. As her gloved and braceleted hand touched the jacket, a noise like machinegun fire was heard. “Zzzzzrrrraaazzz!” With a shower of flying covered buttons, the back of Primrose’ s wedding gown burst open exposing her delectable backside to everyone. The now really-blushing bride froze unable to move. Bent over on high heels reaching for Miles’s jacket with her feet apart, Primrose quickly clamped her silk stocking-covered knees together. She forgot the jacket and desperately clutched her arms around her breasts as she looked from side to side trying to decide what to do next. Her eyes like saucers, cheeks as red as firecrackers, mouth open in astonishment, She yearned the earth would open and swallow her up. The designer dress had failed from the bride's knees all the way up the back. As all the buttons shot off, the strapless gown opened like a banana peel and folded back to reveal Primrose’s ‘old’, ‘new’, and ‘borrowed’ unmentionables. Without the ‘blue’ slip, which Primrose now even more regretted leaving in the dressing room, she was nearly naked. From the audience, her flowered coiffed hair, and veil looked perfect. As the congregation and wedding party looked on, they saw her straining bra, the very snug waist cincher clenching the bride’s midriff into a divine hourglass shape. Its garters stretched over her full bottom anchored firmly to the white silk stockings. Bent over so, her lovely derrière stuck out like a large, moist peach, barely covered by the too-small panties whose side straps, bit lightly into her hips. The frills on her pantied seat bounced slightly as her bottom quivered. People cheered as cameras and the local TV captured the image of Primrose's dimpled bottom, mostly bare cheeks, a generous slice of ass crack and the remaining butt cleavage visible beneath the sheer panties. Alexandra smiled wickedly as she watched a bead of sweat glide down Prim’s wiggling back, across her bottom and disappear into her exposed ass crack. As the mortified bride looked back to the congregation wide eyed with trembling lips, she saw the pews filled with laughing faces, guests holding their sides, people pointing, and taking pictures - “PICTURES!” Primrose screamed to herself, as she threw a hand back across her ass with a loud “crack”. “Ooohh, Oouch!” Primrose exclaimed as she jerked her foot up and hopped forward on her heels as a result of her own, but certainly not last, spanking. This proved too much for her bra and the clasp failed with a loud “Pop”. As the broken undergarment flew off, everyone watched as if in slow motion the still warm bra came to rest atop Father Thomas’s head. He looked upward as to heaven and smiled. The noise inside the church was reaching a crescendo as Primrose whirled around still knock kneed to face the laughter and cameras with a horrified look on her face, one arm failing to completely cover her big wet boobs-a hard nipple the size of a kidney bean winked for the cameras. Her other hand with her bouquet and fan was clutched to her loins trying to hide her ridiculous panties and garters. The bouquet tickled her nearly naked pussy and when Primrose jerked it away, the thorns from the baby roses snagged the panties briefly giving many a quick flash of her hairless treasures beneath. “ YEeeeek!” the bride yelped as she hopped back. Chad crept up from behind and ‘Snapped’ Primrose’s panties allowing him and several others a better look at her bare bottom. “ Yeow! Ooohh it's you again, you monster. Stop that, you’ll tear them!” Primrose shrilled as she tried in vain to get the panties adjusted to cover more of her soaking sn*tch and wet ass.

Now Miles chose to act the man. He stepped in front of Prim with his arms spread wide to shield her from the ogling crowd. “Take heart Primrose, I will put a stop to this” he valiantly assured. Several studs then shot off his shirt exposing his smooth toned stomach drawing lewd gasps from females nearby. Next, his suspenders mysteriously came apart and his britches settled low on his hips showing a little something pink. Primrose threw her arms around him and Miles became aroused to feel her big sweaty tits pillowing into his back, her rock hard nipples indenting his skin through his thin shirt. “Oh,,, No! I’m getting hard!” Miles screamed to himself as the congregation laughed louder and began to point at him. As Primrose looked over his shoulder, her widening eyes followed his downward gaze to see how his rising male member was tenting his trousers in front of everyone. With the sound of more fasteners failing, Miles stared in horror as his trouser fly split open and a large pink bulge made its debut too early in the wedding day. Miles spun around to hide his erection from the congregation but in doing so, as Primrose still clutched his lapels, he effectively stripped himself of his vest and shirt. Now with his naked back to the audience Miles found himself pressed bare chest to bare chest with his astonished bride. Miles could only stammer “I was only trying to help”. “Oh no you don't, you idiot! Miles, get off me!!” Primrose yelled as she felt his silk-covered boner throbbing hard against her bare belly above her panties and below her cincher framed by taut garters. As she pushed him away another “zzzzrrazzz” of Velcro shearing was heard as she relieved Miles of his trousers. For the second time, the church fell silent and the video cameras hummed, as everyone stared unbelieving at the sight before them. The church then exploded in laughter. Miles spun to a stop and stared down at himself with a horrified look on his ruby face. The dishy yet geeky groom was standing in front of everyone in his shined shoes, silk socks tightly pulled up by pink sock garters stretched around his calves, and a very full pink G-string which, like Prim’s tiny underpants, had a cherry on the front. He felt the air circulate around his smooth skin reminding him he was very nearly naked at his own wedding. Cameras flashed as Miles, tomato red, clapped his hands over his still-lengthening dick, and hunched over knock kneed, bare buns wiggling. He groaned, “Primmy, how could you strip me?” Miles then dashed away behind the tabernacle through a door and disappeared from view. Miles’s cute bouncing buttocks parted by the pink thong and his shoes clacking on the marble made a memorable image for everyone in attendance. Primrose, clutching what was left of her dress about her, took advantage of the distraction caused by her nearly naked newlywed hubby, bolted down the aisle toward the narthex, still in her heels, heading for the door. Genevieve called after her, “Primrose, you're going the wrong way!” Primrose ignored her and stepped over a velvet aisle rope that was blocking the main entry, closed because of the circus. She found the cable to be higher than she estimated. As the rope tightened and rose to meet her wet crotch, Primrose’s eyes bugged out, then crossed comically as she moaned “Ooooommmmmmph” biting her lower lip in ecstasy despite her mortification. Trying to flee the church, cover herself with her ruined dress, and not have an orgasm straddling the velvet rope, she watched in shame as a dark blush spread from her hot face down across her shoulders and across her boobs. Performing a less than graceful dismount, Primrose launched her bouquet high in the air with a sudden wail, pulled the church doors open and ran outside. An astonished Genevieve caught the falling bouquet as Father Thomas crossed himself in disbelief.

The Big Day Outside

Primrose blinked rapidly allowing her eyes to adjust. To her shock, as she found herself outside in the brilliant sunshine right in the middle of the children's circus parade. The street was filled with hundreds of spectators watching the animals, circus wagons, and performers parade from the circus train siding to the big top. There was Primrose in front of all these people trying to cover her embarrassing underwear with her dissolving dress. Tugging on the locked church door, she realized she would have to make a run for it. Her heels clicking loudly on the pavement, the bride bolted as fast as she could up the street with the parade to where her bridal limousine should be parked. The crowd cheered as they thought this all a bawdy act. “Wait, Primrose...” Genevieve screamed following from the church. As Primrose looked back to see who was yelling her name, the fleeing floozy, trying to keep her bouncing bits hidden from the crowd by desperately clutching her dress about her, failed to notice directly in her path, a clown pushing a large waste cart behind the elephant march. A cry of “Lady, look out!” brought Primrose’s head to her front just in time to see with astonished eyes, she was about to collide with the brimming cart. Everyone nearby held their breath and collectively gasped at what they witnessed next. Primrose struck the padded bumper of the cart and jackknifed right out of her dress and landed face first with a wet ‘SPLOSH’ in the heap. Screaming “Oh Shhiiittt!” with her mouth wide open, Primrose face-planted in what was most likely a very large pachyderm chip the janitor clown just cleared from the street. After a moment, Primrose slowly lifted her head up nearly overcome with disgust, clearly smelling she was in deep crap. Spitting and sputtering the mess from her stuffed mouth, she struggled to her knees and elbows in the cart. She could not believe how events had turned even worse for her. In her mind’s eye she saw herself sprawled atop a pile of circus rubbish wearing little more than old fashioned lingerie. Her fabulous bottom framed by her garters, jiggled in the sunshine barely covered by her sagging panties exposing now three inches of her ass crack. Her stockinged gams wobbled about and her heels swayed in the air. A young girl nearby snickered at the filthy and barely pantied Primrose and said to her mother, “Mommy, that undressed lady said a bad word!” “Well, she should have her mouth washed out!” The mom replied pulling the girl along. “Noooo, it’s not like that..” Primrose cried with a bitter look towards the departing pair as she struggled to her knees. Doing her best to at least keep her legs together, Primrose noticed her lovely boobs were coated with what appeared to be very sticky syrup from a malfunctioning cotton candy machine. The rest of her body was covered in gummy goo from melting chocolate bars, buttered and caramel popcorn, lollypops, circus peanuts, candy drops, and sweet soda pop. With a miserable look on her face she pushed her ruined veil up, not to kiss her new husband, but unfortunately to wipe her face clear of what was probably elephant dung. Then she discovered a huge wad of bubble gum firmly stuck in her drenched coiffure. “My hair, my beautiful hair is ruined! It will all have to be cut off!” She wailed, clambering out of the cart. The dumbstruck street sweeping clown rushed to help her, but Primrose snarled “Back off, Bozo!” The chastised clown took a bow and gestured with his arm for the bedraggled bride to continue up the street toward the limo. Holding an arm across her tits, the glaring Primrose tugged her panties back up over her ass and while trying to lessen her ridiculous appearance as much as possible, moved on. Primrose now hobbled with a broken heel, kept her knees pressed together tightly, one hand grasping a large sticky breast, the other hand used the fan to cover her loins and bottom. The mischievous janitor clown could not resist a parting shot by goosing Prim’s bottom with his trash picker stick. She yelled “Yikes!” and jumped in the air exposing her gooey boobs with erect nipples to the crowd’s delight as she pranced on in her smalls wearing the body blush of a boiled lobster.

Hurrying along the street to the delight of the pointing and laughing families, many of whom thought it was all part of the show, Primrose made for the limousine. It was then she saw the caterer’s truck and the men struggling to carry her enormous cake into the church. As if in slow motion, Miles burst from the side door the caterers were moving towards wearing what appeared to be a white tablecloth wrapped around his body under his arms. His dress shoes snapped on the sidewalk and his pink sock garters looked preposterous as he ran. Producing more laughs, the elderly Ms. Crandic, chairwoman of the altar guild, charged out after him bellowing “That is not an appropriate use of the fair linen young man!” As if a choreographed circus stunt, the old woman sn*tched the linen from Miles’s body as he plunged headlong in his pink G-string into the caterers and his cake! The caterers jumped back in disbelief as they saw the groom rolling about in the giant confectionery in what appeared to be women’s underwear. Miles stared into the disgraced yet furious eyes of his bride. The wide eyed groom was spread-eagled atop the crushed remains of the cake, his limbs akimbo. His legs, chest, arms, and face were covered in frosting, decorative flowers and sticky chocolate cake. His bottom was planted in a pool of icing. Even beneath the frosting, everyone could see Miles’s face darken to the color of an eggplant. He stopped struggling and looked down to his groin and saw to his discomfiture, he had lost his pink G-string in the collision. To make matters even worse, his generous manhood, topped now by a candied rose, was swelling by the second. With a panicky look on his face, Miles hopped to his feet; slapped one hand on his growing erection and taking Primrose with the other, ran for their limo. As the newlyweds closed on the shiny white vehicle, decorated with flowers, they abandoned modesty and sprinted the final steps. Primrose chucked her fan and allowed her boobs to wobble in the breeze; her panties drooped below her butt cheeks then descended to half-mast. Miles ran now with his arms; letting his boner bounce like a relay baton. Running was for naught as they found the vehicle locked. As they scampered about hilariously trying each door with futile hope, Gerald and Alexandra marched up with very stern looks on their faces, determined to discipline the defrocked duo!

In the twinkle in an eye, Primrose found herself bent over the fender of the limousine, meant to be her wedding carriage, now her public spanking bench. With her panties at her knees, Primrose gasped as her tacky tits smashed against the hot metal hood, uncomfortable yes, but not nearly as painful as the spanks Gerald began to deliver. Her big bare ass throbbed under the blows as her father let her have it. Her blubbering and ignominious countenance was nearly mirrored only inches away by the frosted and cake-encrusted face of her husband Miles, who was receiving very similar treatment from his furious mother. His boner felt like a sausage sizzling in a skillet pressed against the searing fender, scorched by the hot summer sun. Both bride and groom wailed as the spanks turned their bottoms a brilliant rosy hue. Alexandra held Miles’s arms high behind his back as she took grim satisfaction blistering her son’s sissy ass. “Mommy, it-ouch-was not my fault, I was-Owie-only trying to make Primmy-Oohhh-happy!!!” Miles cried. Primrose attempted to shield her bottom with her hands but when Gerald pushed them away, the bracelets on her gloved hands caught in the corsets laces. Primrose screamed in agony to discover both hands firmly secured high behind her back. Gerald chuckled as he continued to whoop her bottom. “Daddy, please free-“OUCH”-my hands, I can’t –“Aahhhh”-cover up-“oooohh, Noooo”-this is supposed to be my special day, and you are-‘SMACK’-spanking my bare bottom like a little girl… IN PUBLIC!!!” Both Gerald and Alexandra replied in unison as they rained down smacks on their children's flaming buns, “You spoiled children had this coming for a long time! We spent our time and money trying to give you both a most special day and both of you ‘clowns’ spoiled it, so this is our special present to you both!” With that, each parent seized the ear of their red-assed child and frog marched them along in the parade. Miles rubbed his buns with both hands forgetting his still erect penis as he cried like a little boy. Primrose, overcome with shame and unable to reach her smoldering ass, hopped along heels clicking and howling, with her hefty sticky boobs bouncing and her rock-hard nipples pointed skyward. Her panties slid down her stockinged legs and off her heeled feet. The janitor clown quickly sn*tched them up with his trash stick and remarked, “What a nice souvenir!” Then another clown stepped up and said to Primrose, “Be still you witless wench, you look like a plucked duck dunked in sauce.” “How dare you talk to me like that?” Primrose screeched, “You’re a circus clown.” With that, the fool pulled the pillow from under his oversized shirt and held it above the bride’s head. “I may be a clown, but you’re an absurd bird with no feathers-here have some!” he said as he ripped open the pillow. Pillow down settled down on Primrose. To her chagrin, the feathers adhered all over her wet and sticky flesh. They tickled and itched at the same time, making her even more uncomfortable. Primrose heard the crowd roar with delight and then caught sight of her reflection in a large glass storefront window. She stared in disbelief at how ridiculous she appeared. Stooped over with one hand in her formerly smooth sn*tch now prickly with feathers, the other across her boobs covered in teat-tickling down, she saw several longer feathers glued in her ruined hair giving her the appearance of a crested bird. As she saw stared in disbelief at her reflection, her lower lip began to quiver. But then in the glass, she caught sight of Genevieve approaching her. Primrose turned to face her sister in law. “Oh, thank heavens you're finally here Genevieve, cover me this instant and free my hands!” Primrose detected with trepidation a queer look in Genevieve’s eyes and strangely felt the urge to run, but with her arms bound, a spanked bottom, and a broken high heel it was not possible. Genevieve looked at the foolish fowl Primrose had become and said, “Do you know what you really need Prim?” Primrose stuttered “W-w-what?” “You need a tail, my birdie!” exclaimed Genevieve gleefully producing the ivory fan. Primrose spluttered in alarm “No,..No, No..you couldn’t Gen..” as Genevieve spun Primrose around, pushed down her back forcing Prim’s bottom up, and firmly pressed the carved fan handle between Prim's plump ass cheeks. Eyes bulging in debasement, Primrose bawled and hopped about like some hilarious squawking parrot with the fans feathers now protruding from her ass. Barmy from this unexpected added humiliation, Primrose clicked over to Miles who had finally stopped rubbing his hot buns and clenched his hard-on with both hands. “Oh, oh, ooooohhhhhooo, Miles help me, help me please get away” begged Primrose. The naked Miles took her by the arm and ran to a small passing circus wagon, part of the parade but for reason covered with curtains. “We’ll hide in here” he said. He helped Primrose up the step and through the small door accidentally bumping her ‘tail’ in the process eliciting a loud “Yip” from the bird bride as the door clicked shut and locked behind them. Inside the dark wagon there was little room and the floor was covered with what seemed to be newspaper. Losing their footing, they lurched together against one side throwing the cart off balance. The surprised driver barely recovered as the wagon lurched into a street lamp as he over-corrected snagging the curtains and ripping them off the wagon revealing the ‘animals’ within. As the driver had no idea anyone was on board, he continued along the remainder of the parade route, five more miles through the rest of town.

Inside the bouncing circus wagon, securely barred from roof to floor on all four sides, were the naked newlyweds, trying desperately to find enough room to stand up and not be pressing against each other or the bars of the wagon. The denuded Miles was still covered in his cake, though his bottom was not only smooth and clean, but was a very dark shade of red nearly matching his face. Primrose was covered in uncomfortable feathers from head to heels. The down-covered cheeks of her face blushed furiously in humiliation while the full cheeks of her bare bottom glowed crimson from her spanking. Her hands were effectively tied to the back of her waist cincher and her elbows flapping resembled a naked girl doing the chicken dance. Primrose’s stockings were still firmly secured as she squatted on her heels and twisted hopelessly trying unsuccessfully to turn away from the leering crowd surrounding her on every side and especially the children who reached in with curious probing fingers! She was careful to not bump her ‘tail’ on the bars. Sorely missing her brassiere and tiny panties, Primrose bawled as her plump breasts with very pokey nipples bobbed irresistibly and her bare bottom and bald pussy stole the show. Her plumage atop her ruined mop of hair, and the feathers protruding from between the cheeks of her big ass were a sight to behold as photographers snapped dozens of pictures of the gobsmacked couple locked in their bird cage.

Atop the wagon the sign reading “LOVEBIRDS - Closed for Compatibility Problems” added irony to the scene as the ludicrous lovebirds loudly whined, sniped, shrieked, and squawked to each other about their naked, spanked, humiliated, and most uncomfortable displayed condition. An observant clown watching the cart roll away quipped, “Just like newlyweds!”
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ragnarok411 ragnarok411 is offline
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Default Great!

Great humiliating conclusion to a great story. You have talent, look forward to reading more of your work whether it's Primrose or any other character you create!
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Great finish! Excellent job all around. Are there further misadventures for Primrose coming?
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Default Thanks!

Yes, I will continue writing. I actually have a story rewrite from an earlier author nearly done and will post if there is interest in such an effort and it is ok by moderators.
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Thumbs up Your story is amazing

Im interested!
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Default Highly enjoyable

Loved the story, was a winner almost from the beginning, just enough character building so you don’t have any sympathy for primrose, and only a modicum for Miles. Now I just need to find the other primrose story, if it’s as good as the “prequel”, I look forward to it.
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