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Old 03-05-2018, 05:00 AM
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Default At the dentist

So this is a story based entirely in fantasy but a fantasy based on the people around me and where I work.

Hi there, I'm Jack. I am 28 and a dentist in a small town in Cumbria. I love my job, not only because it is rewarding (financially as well as intellectually) but because of all the hot women I work with and come to see me as patients! There is nothing better then to lie a patient down and get a good look down their top whilst you pretend to look in their mouth!

This story is true and happened around about August last year. Plenty has happened since so if you would like to hear more then just comment or message me.

Anyway, this story takes place just after I joined my current practice a year ago. It was only a small practice with 2 other dentists. Sean was my boss. He was getting close to retirement and had worked in the practice for almost 40 years. The other dentist was Hannah. She was a 24 year old newly qualified dentist, fresh out of a London school. She was the sort of dentist that every man would dream of! About 5'6" with large boobs (about a D cup at least) and long curly blond hair. She did carry a little bit of weight and so had a lovely round ass! There were eight nurses who worked in the practice as well.

The best part of my day was just before and just after each session when we got changing into/out of our scrubs. This was just a fantastic time. As the practice was so small, we only had a small room which doubled as our changing room and staff room. So come lunch time, we would have people getting changed into their normal clothes and others sitting having lunch. Now Sean wasn't much of a social bloke and so spent most of his spare time in his office and didn't really chat to the rest of us which suited me fine as it meant I got all the attention of the girls!

I would try and subtly linger around to be able to watch them undress. It was great to see a flash of panties or the side of a bra. Most of the girls had got quite shy about getting changed with me around so I tried to give them as much privacy as possible whilst also trying to catch a glimpse of as much flesh as possible! However there were 2 girls who didn't care about how much they showed off. One was Jo and the other was Laura. Jo was 25 and Laura was only 18. Jo had been working t the practice for a few years since flunking out of university. She was 5'10" and had nice C cup boobs. Her figure was fantastic with a shapely bottom to match her curvaceous breasts. She would often get changed in the middle of the room whilst having a conversation with someone and didn't mind lingering in her bra and panties (or thong or french knickers) in order to tell someone a joke or get her point across. Laura as I say was only 18. She had just finished school and came straight to the practice as a trainee. She was still developing and had lovely small b cup breasts. She preferred to wear thongs and lacy bras. For a 18 year old she definitely knew how to show her self off!!

Any way, my story starts on a summers afternoon, around 1.30. I was working with Jo that day but our first patient back after lunch wasn't until 2.30. Plenty of time to put my feet up and read my book. As it got closer to 1.30, the other staff started to get up and get changed. I peeked my nose out from above my book and watched as they quickly swapped clothes. The last pair to leave were Hannah and Laura. Laura this day had on a sexy purple g string and a matching push up bra which made her small titties look incredible! Hannah was wearing practical knickers but a silky bra. She looked incredible but as always changed rather quickly. The sight of them both though caught my attention (again) and I felt my cock twitch. My eyes followed them across the room as they left and as soon as the door shut Jo said "You enjoyed that didn't you!" I didn't bother to protest my innocence and just shrugged "Can you blame me?". Now Jo and I had harmlessly flirted a few times but nothing had ever happened. This time though something felt different.

I stood up to make a cup of tea not caring that my semi erect cock could probably be seen bulging out the side of my jeans.
"Haha! So you did enjoy it!" Jo said pointing at my crotch. "They got you hard"
"So they did" I replied, pretending I hadn't noticed. "Its only a semi-on though. I wont get fully hard until I watch you get changed" I said with a wink.
"Now that I have to see" Jo said seductively and started to pull her top over her head to reveal a lacy bra which showed her nipple through the material. I could only let out a low whistle and watch, my eyes glued to the beauty in front of me as she stood up ad slowly slide out of her jeans. She now stood before me in her see through bra and a thong which left nothing to the imagination. It clung to her body and I could see the outline of her clit pressing against it.

To say my cock was now hard is an understatement. It was throbbing and straining to get out of my jeans! I desperately wanted to get it out and start wanking. I wanted to touch Jo's body.
"Do you like what you see then? I think you do" She said this with a smile as she looked at my cock. Before I could answer she walked across the room and ran her hand up the bulge in my jeans. I let out a low moan.
"Well Dr Foster, what do we have here? It feels like a serious case of the blue balls. There is only one thing that is called for in this situation" And with that she slowly undid the buckle on y belt and pulled my jeans down. My cock sprang out thankful it wasn't enclosed any longer. As she pulled my boxers don she let out a low moan and looked up at me appreciatively. Now I don't have a huge cock, its 8" long and a few around but Jo looked happy enough with it as she clamped her mouth around my member. The next few minute turned into a blur as She took the head of my cock in her mouth and began sucking. I tried to reach down and free her breasts from her bra but she slapped my hand away saying "Just enjoy this for now! You have plenty of time to play with them later." She kept sucking and slowly got more and more cock into her mouth before her nose was in my pubes. She was really going at it as saliva started to run down her chin. I was getting closer and closer to cumming and she could obviously tell as just before I did she let go of my cock and quickly reached behind her and undid her bra. "Cum for me Jack! Cover my tits in your seed!" I did as I was told and unleashed torrents of white cum onto her tits! When I had finished I watched as she scooped it up and fed it to her self before rubbing the remainder into her tits.

"Wow Jack! That was a big load you gave me there! I hope you have some left for later?"
"Later?" I asked hopefully, my cock already starting to come back to life.
"You didn't think I would just suck your cock and not expect you to fuck me with it would you? What do you take me for? A wh*r*?"
I stammered, not able to get me words out until I saw Jo smirking at my awkwardness and I started laughing. It was at that point that we both noticed it was closing in on the time we needed to be back in surgery so we hurried to get ready. I made sure I popped into the toilet to clean my cock before getting changed into my scrubs. By the time I was ready Jo was already back downstairs waiting for the patient. As I climbed down the flight of stairs, I put my hand in my pocket expecting to find a tissue. Instead I found a soaking wet thong - the same one Jo had been wearing just a few minutes earlier. When I entered the surgery I waved it at her saying "What is this doing in my pocket?"
She just smiled back and said "Well it was far to wet to continue wearing. I thought you' get a thrill out of finding it" And with that she sauntered out of the surgery to get our patient.

The afternoon passed very slowly. Ever movement Jo made was sexual and I had to concentrate very hard not to get a hard on. It wasn't helped by Jo brushing her tits against me or brushing her hand against my cock whenever she got the opportunity.

As we had started late after lunch, we were doing the late shift for all those people who had emergency's and couldn't get out of work. So at 7pm after our final patient had gone, we were the only 2 people left in the building. As soon as Jo had locked the front door and closed the blinds I set myself upon her. I pinned her to the wall and we kissed furiously. My hands explored her body, one finding her ass and the other one of her tits.

After what felt like an age, she took me by the hand and led me upstairs to my surgery. I pulled her shirt over her head and at this point I realised she hadn't put her bra back on either. My mouth latched onto her nipple and I started to suck and tease them. She let out a low moan. I slowly puller her trousers off to reveal her pussy to me for the first time. Her pussy hair was completely shaven and her c*nt lips glistened they were that wet. I layed her back in my dental chair and set about devouring her pussy! I licked and sucked her clit whilst finger fucking her pussy, first with one finger, then two, then three! Jo's moans were getting louder and louder until I felt her tense up and she came loudly. As she came she squirted her delicious juices onto my hand and face.

As she recovered from her orgasm, I undressed and took my throbbing cock and put it in her mouth. She was a truly fantastic cock sucker and was soon deep throating me once again. I knew that I was going to cum soon, so I pulled my cock out of Jo's mouth and turned her over so she was kneeling on her hands and knees. I positioned myself behind her and started to slowly slide my cock in and out of her wet wet pussy. I gradually increased the speed, lost in the feeling of pleasure I was getting from Jo's pussy. For someone who appeared such a sl*t, her pussy was tight! All I could hear was the slapping of my balls onto Jo's clit and her increasingly more frequent moans. Soon Jo's moans became a scream and I felt her pussy tighten over my cock. This was all I needed and I rammed my cock into her pussy one last time and I spurted another large load this time deep into Jo's pussy. We both collapsed onto the dental chair and I held her as we kissed.

Soon Jo sat up and said "Well I'd better be going. Its getting late and my boy friend will be wondering where I've got to."
I smiled at her and said "That's fine Jo. I will make sure I mention to Sean tomorrow how much of a star you have been today and how you were happy to stay late and help with that last special white filling" At that she giggled and gave me one last kiss before heading off towards her car.
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Old 03-07-2018, 05:01 AM
Simonenglish Simonenglish is offline
Join Date: Aug 2012
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I wrote this story quite a few years ago and also wrote a part 2 which I'll hopefully post later on today
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Old 03-07-2018, 08:19 AM
Simonenglish Simonenglish is offline
Join Date: Aug 2012
Posts: 73
Thanks: 184
Thanked 790 Times in 73 Posts
Default Part 2

A few months have passed since I first fucked my dental nurse Jo. Since then we've fucked in the dental chair on a few occasions and in a back alley behind a pub on another. We had gone out for a retirement do for one of the older members of staff and after a classy meal ended up at a slightly dirty and grubby pub. Well one drink turned into 10 and before it reached midnight I was up on the dance floor bumping nd grinding with all the staff. Of course most of my attention was on Joanne and as we danced I rubbed my hard cock in to the crack in her ass. She pushed back and soon enough was enough and she pulled me in the alley behind the pub. We were still careful at wok not to be too obvious about our fucking. A) Because Jo had a boyfriend and B) because neither of us wanted to get sacked. But that night, as everyone was blind drunk, we through caution to the wind and went at it like animals. As soon as we were outside, our tongues were down each others throats and my hand was up the back of Jo's very short dress grabbing her perfectly formed bum! Breaking off for a moment, I pulled her a bit further down the street so we were away from the door before pushing her into an alcove and grabbing her tits. "Mmmmm" Jo moaned, "But Jack what if some one sees us?" I took my mouth momentarily off Jo's tit, which I had freed from her dress "Then they'll get a darn good show" I grinned. MY hand went down to the hem of Jos dress and lifted it up. Through her tiny thong I could feel how wet her pussy was. "I think you're enjoying the risk of getting caught Jo" I said. "I fucking love it Jack!" She groaned back at me as I started to rub her clit. "Now stop fucking teasng me and get your cock into me!" Well what was I to do? I turned her round and lent her aginst the wall before freeing my bulging cock and sliding it into her pussy! Jo let out a deep moan as I began to slide my cock in and out of her. The alcohol had clearly had an effect on her sex drive as she was quickly cumming. I could feel her pussy close around my cock and this was all I needed before I emptied my balls deep into her pussy. We rearanged our clothes and headed back into the pub, eager to ensure nobody missed us.

When I was next at work the following week, a few of the nurses gave me some funny looks. I was worried they had twigged what was going on with me and Jo but I found out that lunch time that they hadnt expected me to be quite so hands on with them as they danced. I breathed a sigh of relief as I realised that we were still in the clear. Or so I thought!

Well the week rolled on and soon Fridy arrived. The day I was working the late shift again, to allow any patient who were at work to get down before the weekend. This Friday I was working with our 18 year old trainee Laura. I got into the staff room just as most other people were heading out for their afternoon sessions. That just left me and Laura to sit and make polite converstaion about her college course and what she had planned for the weekend. As our first patient drew nearer, Laura got up to get changed. I made no attempt to hide myself as I watched her from the other side of the room. She quickly lifted up her top to reveal a sheer pink bra through which I could clearly see her nipple and then she dropped her jeans to leave her standing there in a matching pink thong. The thong was so shear that I could see that her pussy was bald. she lingered in her underwear and made a real show of bending over to put her clothes neatly in a pile by her bag. By this point my cock was really hard but it stayed hidden under the table I was sat at. After what seemed llike an eternity of delightful cock teasing, Laura abruptly turned to me and said "What will it take for you to fuck me like you do Jo? I'm trying my hardest here to make you hard - wont you please come over here and fuck me"

To say I was taken aback would be an understatement. I just sat dumbfounded and looked at the sexy teenager still stood there in her increedibly revealing underwear. As I wasnt saying anything, she continued "I saw you fucking last weekend when we went out for Joan's leaving do. I went out the back of the pub for a fag and saw the 2 of you going at it like rabbits." Shit, I thought to myself. "Then when you came back in I saw the cum running down Jo's leg! You gave her a big load! I want some of that" I just continued to sit there and look at her before I finally said "Well, you certainly have the same effect on me as Jo does" as I slide away from the table allowing Laura to see the buldge in my jeans. "Im sure I can find a space in my diary to fit you in later on" Laura looked pleased but disappointed at the same time. " But I'm horny now Jack, look at my pussy, its all wet!!" And with that she thrust a finger into her pussy and pulled it out to show me her glistening juice! For a 18 year old, this girl really knew how to tease.

"Get over her then" I commanded and lifted her onto the table where I wasted no time in getting my tongue buried into her pussy! My tongue flicked her clit whilst i slowly inserted one finger into her dripping pussy. She was TIGHT!! Once I had got one finger moving freeky I inserted a second and then a third. Lauras breathing was getting quicker and quicker before she suddenly tensed up and had a trembling orgasm on the table. With that, I dropped my jeans and freed my cock. Laura had just about recovered from her orgasm and had sat up before dropping to her knees and taking my cock in her mouth. "MMMM" she moaned. I looked down to see she was fingering her own pussy. I decided thats where I wanted my cock and QUICK, so pulled out of her mouth and bent her over the table in the staff room. Laura was still in her sheer pink underwear so I pulled her thong to one side and like an sex deprived animal, slammed my cock into her wet pussy. She gasped in pain, but didnt let the shock stop her from pushing back onto my cock. we soon got into a good rhythm as I fucked the teenagers pussy doggy style and before long I was closing in on my own orgasm. I groaned as I emptied my cock, balls deep into her pussy and held myself there until I had gone soft and Laura had cum again by grinding against my shrinking dick.

We were both suddenly awoken from our sex crazed ecstasy by the sound of the phone ringing. I picked it up and (trying to disguise my breathlessness) answered the phone. It was reception: "Jake, your first patient is here and has already been waiting 15 minutes. Have you fallen asleep up there again?" I just looked at Laura, who had cum running down her inner thighs and replied "Sorry, I'll be right down. I was just giving Laura a tutorial for her course on how best to fill a cavity. We lost track of the time.........."
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Old 03-09-2018, 03:40 PM
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"... how to fill a cavity ..."

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