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Old 01-19-2018, 04:09 AM
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Default [WWE] Molly Holly gets revenge on Trish Stratus

This takes place on the June 10th 2002 episode of Monday Night Raw. Just one week after Trish Stratus took her own panties and dropped them onto Molly Holly's face in the ring. Earlier in the show she also mocked Molly about the size of her ass while teasing her own ass and revealing a bit of her thong, much to Molly's disgust. Molly would face Trish in a non title match later in the night.

Deep into the match and Molly is just completely dominating Trish, dragging her around by the hair and body slamming her over and over. Trish tries to fight back and nearly gets the win but Molly reverses a Stratusfaction attempt into a back suplex. Molly climbs to the ropes and hits the Molly Go Round, sitting her 'fat ass' on Trish's chest while the referee counts to three. Molly Holly gets the win and celebrates while Trish is still on the ground in pain, clutching her chest as if the wind has been knocked out of her.

Molly Holly doesn't seem to be done though. She bends over and reaches down into her boot, pulling out the exact same pair of red panties that Trish had removed from her own body and dropped on Molly the previous week. As Trish slowly starts to get onto her hands and knees, Molly clutches the panties in her hand, straddles Trish and begins choking her with her own panties. Trish gags and coughs as the lacy red panties choke her while Molly seems to be enjoying it.

Molly: Oh what's the matter Trish? Not so funny now, huh?

Molly remarks as she chokes away at Trish with the panties. Trish claws at the mat and tries to squirm away but it's no use. The sold out crowd can be heard cheering and laughing at Trish's humiliation, especially the irony of being choked out by her own thong. Trish slowly begins to fade as she pleadingly looks toward the camera while Molly yanks away, applying even more pressure. Trish ultimately passes out and Molly finally lets go, letting Trish's face and chest crash to the mat. Molly rolls Trish onto her back, standing over her limp body with the pair of panties still in her hand. Molly signals to the ring announcer to hand her a microphone and Lillian Garcia slides one in. Molly grabs it and begins talking while standing over Trish's limp body.

Molly: You know Trish, you talk a lot of shit around here. You talk shit to me, to Stephanie McMahon, to Stacy Keibler and the list goes on. Everyone here is sick of your whiny voice Trish. Although to be fair, the things that come out of your mouth are a lot less dirty than the things I've seen put in it. But what I'm really getting at here, Trish, is that all these people are sick and tired of hearing you b*tch and moan all the time. It's time that you shut up for good. And what better way to do that, then with this filthy pair of panties that you dropped on my face last week? Oh and by the way Trish, I've kept these panties in my sweaty boot all day, just for you!

Molly hold bends down and holds Trish under her chin, opening Trish's mouth and immediately balling up the panties and stuffing them right between Trish's plump lips and into her mouth, much to the enjoyment of the audience. Molly then holds Trish by the hair and lifts her up a bit so that the camera can see her panty-gagged face for a moment before letting go and letting Trish fall back to the ground.

Molly: That's so much better Trish! I don't think I've ever actually heard you shut up before! I would say this is your most humiliating moment but I think we all remember seeing you on your hands and knees barking like a dog for Vince McMahon. Or maybe that time Vince & Stephanie covered you in disgusting slop. Or perhaps the time Stacy Keibler tried to drown you in a pool of gravy! Or maybe one of the many times your top has been stripped off and we've gotten to see a bit more of those 'enhancements' you paid for. So how about we give the fans another look at them? I mean if you spent that much on them, surely you'd want people to see them!

The crowd cheers as Molly drops the mic and bends back over above Trish. She grabs the bottom of Trish's black tank top and slowly begins lifting it up Trish's body, teasing the audience and Trish with how slow she's going. She goes past Trish's abs and gets up Trish's bra, where she yanks the top right off Trish, leaving her in just her black bra. Molly mocking gets two handfuls of Trish's breasts and presses them together for a moment before letting them go, while Trish moans, slightly awake but still out of it. Molly leaves the ring and reaches under the ring for a black bag of supplies that she tosses back in the ring. Molly first pulls out a pair of handcuffs, which she dangles around her finger.

Molly: That's much better Trish. I think the fans love getting a good look at two of the BIG reasons you were hired here at WWE. You see, I didn't have to get fake breasts to get a contract here, or walk around in my underwear OR get on my knees for the 'right' people. I got here on merit, and to see bimbos like you getting more opportunities than me is ridiculous. But don't worry Trish, the fun here has just begun!

Molly roll Trish over and takes both of Trish's hands and places them behind her back. She takes the handcuffs and cuffs Trish's wrists together, easily binding the blonde bombshell. Holly takes a moment to enjoy Trish's situation before looking a bit further down at Trish's bottom.

Molly: For weeks, Trish Stratus has been making fun of my ass. She's claimed I have a fat ass and she's called me “Fat Ass”. Well guess what? I do have a big ass, I'm not afraid to admit it. But Trish, no ass in this company is fatter than the other you've got. And I think it's about time I expose all these fans to just how hypocritcal your comments have been. So let's see who the real “Fat Ass” is!

Molly reaches down to Trish's bottoms as the crowd goes nuts. Holly grabs the waistband of Trish's silver pants and slowly pulls them down, exposing Trish's massive ass in just a tiny black thong. The crowd is enjoying every second if it as Trish's entire ass is slowly revealed, along with her thick thighs, until the pants are fully removed. Molly takes Trish's top and pants and tosses them in the crowd to lucky fans. The crowd chants “Fat Ass” at Trish as her ass is displayed on the titantron. Holly decides to kick Trish's ass cheek, just lightly, and just the small kick makes Trish's entire ass wobble for a good 5 seconds, getting a laugh out of Molly.

Molly: This fat ass thought I had a fat ass! Ever heard of the pot calling the kettle black, Trish? Because from what I can see, and it's hard to miss, this ass is massive. And finally the whole world knows, because I don't think this little piece of dental floss is hiding too much!

Molly bends down, pulls on Trish's thong a little and then lets go, letting it snap against Trish's large ass Molly then rolls Trish onto her back, who is still asleep. She reaches back into the bag and pulls out a bottle of body oil. Holly stands back over Stratus, who is still half-awake on the ground, with her own panties still stuffing her mouth shut.

Molly: For this next part, I want you awake, Trish. It'll be much more satisfying to me to see your humiliation. But since you seem to love greasing yourself up in oil every time you come out here, I figure I'd help you out, since you've got another match coming up. It wouldn't be a Trish Stratus match without copious amounts of oil on those breasts, because all the attention just HAS to be on you! And while I'm at it, I'll wake you up a bit!

Molly begins squeezing the body oil onto Trish's stomach before moving up and getting it all over Trish's bra and breasts. She then moves up and mocking squirts some at Trish's face and hair, instantly waking Trish up, who tries to yell through her panty gag and nearly chokes on them. Trish tries to squirm but quickly realizes her arms are bound and looks up in horror and embarrassment at Molly. Molly gets a running start and kicks Trish right in the ribs, causing her to roll a bit. As Trish sits up in the corner, Molly picks up the mic again.

Molly: Trish, I've got a big announcement for you! So you know how you didn't exactly end your little affair with Vince McMahon on good terms? Well when I told him I had a match with you tonight, he said that if I beat you, I'd be allowed to have a match for your title any time I want. He told me, and I quote, “I want to see that little bimbo stripped of her title and her clothes!” and so far, I'd say I'm doing a pretty good job. So mr referee, I'd like you to ring the bell for me and Trish's hardcore rules Women's Championship match, please and thank you!

Trish looks horrified yet angry as she sees the referee taking her title and holding it up and the bell ringing. Molly smiles as she sees Trish getting to her feet, still in her bra & panties. She finally spits the panty gag out of her mouth, looking disgusted as she sees the drool covered garments hit the floor. Molly smirks as the bell rings. Trish manages to kick Molly a couple times but with every kick her massive ass jiggles and she tries to use her handcuffed hands to hide it. Trish goes for a kick to Molly's head but Molly catches it and holds her leg. Trish looks scared as she begs Molly to let her go. Holly's eyes gaze upon Trish's massive chest, covered in oil with just her wet bra concealing them. With one swipe, Molly grabs at Trish's bra and rips it right off, leaving Trish's huge fake tits on display for everyone too, covered in oil and with both nipples erect. As Trish tries to free her hands to cover up her boobs, Holly finally takes Trish's leg and sweeps her other one, sending her to the mat, right on her back and arms. Molly stomps away at Trish before seeing the discarded panties on the ground.

Molly: Who said you could spit these out Trish?!

Molly rubs the sweaty and drool covered panties onto Trish's face before taking her by the hair and rubbing her face against the canvas, as Trish's large breasts are also being pressed to the mat. Molly decides to pick up the panties and toss them into the crowd instead of back into Trish's mouth.

Molly: You know what Trish? I actually like hearing you moan and whine as I kick your ass and take your dignity! We all know you've been a naughty b*tch, Trish. So naughty...that I think you deserve a little spanking! Yeah! Who wants to see this blonde bimbo get a spanking?!

The crowd erupts as Trish is on her knees trying to crawl away and looks horrified. Holly grabs her by the hair and drops to one knee, before draping Trish over it. Trish tries kicking her legs, merely making her big ass jiggle even more. Molly sees Trish's tiny thong and decides that even that is too much for Trish to be wearing. She runs her fingers along it before grabbing the top of it and giving Trish a quick wedgiing first, nearly allowing the entire bottom of the thong to be engulfed by Trish's posterior. Trish moans in pain as the thong gets yanked up and then pulled down, completely past her ass and left around her ankles. Molly decides to 'warm Trish up' by rubbing each of Trish's big ass cheeks with her hand, before delivering the first smack to Trish's right ass cheek. A hard smack, causing Trish to yelp, the crowd to roar and Trish's ass to jiggle. Molly gives it a few more spanks, this time more just for humiliation than anything, letting Trish's large ass just jiggle. Then she moves over to the left cheek and delivers a much harder slap to it, causing Trish to moan.

Trish: Let go of me you b*tch! I'll still kick your ass, even with my hands cuffed!

Molly laughs as she delivers a few more spanks, alternating between Trish's ass cheeks.

Molly: What was that Trish? I can't hear you over the sound of your own fat ass cheeks being spanked! Or should I just call you Fat Ass? You seemed to like that nickname for me, but as my handprints start showing up on your glowing ass, I think we all know who has the real fat ass here. Now who wants this bimbo's thong?!

Molly removes Trish's thong from her ankles and then mockingly spanks her with it before throwing Trish off her knee and tossing the thong into the crowd. Holly picks up Trish by her hair and gets her to her feet, where she gives Trish a couple b*tch slaps across the face before walking her over to the turnbuckle and slamming her face into it. Trish reacts by landing on her knees and then falling into the corner in a seated position. Molly Holly smirks as she begins to remove her own black pants to reveal just a small white thong.

Molly: Over the last few months you've been pretty obsessed with my ass, Trish. To a level that's almost creepy. So I thought I'd give you a nice close and personal look at it. This is what you wanted, right?!

Holly does a running hip attack, using her ass to slam into Trish's face, before making sure to reposition Trish and rub her ass all over Trish's face with a humiliating stinkface. Molly makes sure Trish's face is pressed between her ass cheeks and grinds back and forth, humiliating the buxom blonde before finally stepping forward and letting Trish breathe. Molly then takes a few more steps back and smiles as Trish is still seated in the corner.

Molly: Did you not like that?! Maybe a bronco buster would be better suited!

Holly runs at Trish and spreads her legs as she jumps, landing her crotch directly onto Trish's face and giving her a long humiliating bronco buster, gyrating up and down as Trish's moaning can slightly heard. As Trish coughs and gags, Molly pulls her out of the corner and gets her to her feet. She puts Trish up against the ropes and chops her, right on her exposed tits. The crowd cheers as Trish's tits jiggle with the smack. Molly mockingly slaps her breasts before turning Trish around and choking her on the middle rope, directly in front of the camera. Molly puts her leg on the back of Trish's neck, choking her, while she holds Trish's face under the chin with one hand, putting her humiliated face on display.

Molly: C'mon Trish, smile for the camera! Isn't the Diva of the Year so pretty?! Kiss Trish goodbye folks, because I'm about to finish her!

Holly grabs Trish by the hair and takes her for a walk around the ring, showing her off to the crowd while Trish looks completely ashamed. She gets Trish in a headlock and signals for the Stratusfaction, Stratus' own move. Molly hits the Stratusfaction and completely lays her out, with her ass jiggling seconds after the move has finished. Holly mockingly takes Trish's handcuffed hands and makes her spank her own ass while she's out cold before turning her over. Molly decides to pin Trish by sitting directly over her face, making Trish's face go between her ass cheeks. The referee counts to three as Trish is completely out cold. Molly celebrates her win by gyrating a little on Stratus' face before standing up and celebrating her title win. She stands over Trish, showing her barely awake opponent that the title is her's now. But before Molly is done, she gets one more idea. She pulls a big black marker out of the bag from earlier and rolls Trish onto her stomach.

Molly: I think it's time everyone learned Trish's new little nickname! I can see this one sticking around!

The crowd chants “Fat Ass” as Molly begins writing “Fat” on Trish's red left ass cheek. Once she finishes that, she writes “Ass” on Trish's right ass cheek. The crowd cheers as Molly Holly posts with the title while one of her feet is planted on the former champ's ass.
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A new WWE story. I'm so happy. It's been so long.
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Love this, thanks a lot!
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