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Old 11-28-2017, 10:50 AM
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Default Mother In Law

My mother in law has always been quite tactile and that was fine with me. She's very cute and petite.
I often wondered if it was just her way or something she did just with me.
Well, over the years i formed the view that she was only like that with me and nobody else. I quite enjoyed it and was only ever touchy-feely, she held hugs for a little longer, always seemed to make full body contact when she hugged me, would touch my shoulder when she gave me a cup of tea, that sort of thing.

Well, I was Christmas shopping in town and popped into Anne Summers to see if i would get a new toy for my missus. My wife does not have the appetite for sex that i do, but she does get up to most things, just not as often as i'd like.
So, i'm in the back of the shop looking at the toys and figuring out which one to buy. I'm getting a little bit of a semi hard on thinking about using them on the wife and giving some thought to walking out as i only had on a thin pair of walking/outdoor trousers when i get a tap on the shoulder from the mother in law. I didn't know what to say at first but she came right in for a hug so i had a moment to compose myself. I think she could clearly feel that i was getting a semi erection as well.
I struggled with some small talk to begin with, when she asked me which toy i was going to get her. I wasn't sure what she meant when she said that, if she meant had i chosen for my wife, or for her!
I pointed to one, in particular, that was for the clit, pussy and arse as well, it was a mammoth one but looked like it would hit all the spots at once. She smiled and picked it up from the shelf and just walked to the till. Paid for it and walked out of the shop, leaving me in the shop, confused as you like.

I left the shop without buying anything and headed back to the car, confused, excited and wondering what had just happened.

A few days ago, my wife got a call from her mum asking if i could pop up and take a look at the mother in laws laptop as it seems to be getting very slow. So, on Monday, on my way home from work, i pop up to have a look.
The laptop was in the front room, while she was in the kitchen getting some dinner ready. I started looking at the laptop to see why it was slow, but it appeared to be fine to me. She did have a load of things open though, so i started to close down various programs and so on, when i got to the Microsoft picture manager and saw the kind of pictures that you can only imagine a lonely, sexy and adventurous lady might have on her laptop. She clearly knew how to use the timer function on her iphone and ipad.

To describe a few of them:
Her on the bed, naked, on her back with a vibrator in her.
On all fours with her arse cheeks spread open
Wearing black leather boots, stockings, suspenders, short black leather skirt, white see-through blouse
Cucumber and banana's inside her, bottles, hairbrush handles
Straddling the bed knob on the end of the bed, which i am amazed didn't put her in hospital
sitting naked in the sunshine in the garden
running baby oil all over herself
And many, many more.

I closed it all down and rebooted, went into the kitchen and told her that i just had to close down everything and reboot it, all appears fine now. She said that she did have a lot of things open on it. It was clear to me that leaving those pictures for me to see was intentional, she had been using the toy she purchased in Anne Summers as well in those pictures. She asked if i had any recommendations, i said to just concentrate on one thing at a time and close it when you are finished. She asked if she had anything open that she should not have. I said that everything she had open was absolutely fine and was no problem at all. It's there to be used so better to use it to it's full potential than not use it at all, i said.
She asked if i wanted to stay for dinner. My house was only 10 minutes away, but my wife would be going from her work to the gym, then has coffee with her friends after the gym so wouldn't be home until 9pm earliest.
So, over cottage pie, we talked, about all sorts of stuff but just a normal conversation. It was just around 6:30pm and i was thinking the traffic would have died down a bit, so i should head on home.

She sensed that i think and turned the conversation back to the laptop. She said that she had been transferring some pictures from her iphone to the computer when she noticed how slow it was. I said that i had closed it down and it was all fine now. Ohhh she said, did i leave the pictures open on the computer. Yes, i said. Did you look at them, she asked me. I figured there was no point in pretending otherwise, so i said that yes, i had seen them. She asked if i liked any of them. I said i liked them all. Which one, she asked, which one did you like the most.
There was one picture, in particular, she was wearing high black leather boots with a high, thin heel. Stockings, a short black leather skirt, a white blouse that was very see-through, a black bra that had slits where her nipples were and a black collar around her neck. I don't think she was surprised that i said about that picture. Well, maybe one day i'll show you that in person, she said. Like flicking a switch, i got an erection, not a thing i could do about it. The thought of seeing her dressed like that, in person, was too much.
Now, the problem was that i was stood by the sink and was wearing my suit trousers, so there really was no way i could hide my hard-on. She noticed and said, well, i can see that's definitely something that floats your boat.
Well, come here and give me a hug before you go then, she said, and gave me a hug, making sure that her full body was pressed against mine, so she could feel my stiff cock pressed up against her tummy. She held that hug and said, i like this, we should do this more often.
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Old 11-30-2017, 06:07 PM
tommytomato tommytomato is offline
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Great story, I hope there's more
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Old 12-05-2017, 11:42 PM
Everard Everard is offline
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I hope so too, I can see where it's going!
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Old 01-25-2018, 06:31 AM
monger_ind monger_ind is offline
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Did her computer slow down again?
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Old 05-28-2018, 04:39 PM
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shhane shhane is offline
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Nice story. I will wait for the continuation
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mother in law, pictures, vibrator

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