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Old 04-09-2018, 10:48 PM
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Default Blissful Reality

Wrestlemania 34 - Nia Jax vs Alexa Bliss for the Raw women's championship!


Blue = Alexa Bliss

Orange = Nia Jax

Red = Mickie James


Everything was going Nia's way! She'd taken care of that pesky Mickie before the match, beating her senseless, and thus far in the match, she had Bliss the little backstabbing b*tch, on the ropes. To hell with Alexa's mocking, her insults - Nia was damn proud of her body, and herself! This was her night... Right?

"Ref! Ref! Control her, she's gone nuts!!!" a cowardly little Alexa whines, nestling into the ropes.

The ref begrudgingly helps Bliss, holding Nia in place, as Nia screams over his shoulder.
"C'mon Nia, back it up! She's in the ropes, you know the rules."

"Lexi you little brat!!! Just wait, I- AGHHH!!!"

With a sadistic little grin across her face, Bliss jabs Nia in the eye with a poke! Nia stumbles backward, her game plan now totally askew as she tries go gather herself, nursing her eye.

The champion wastes no time, immediately running toward her former BFF, giving a big dropkick to her right knee. The larger woman immediately buckles, her raw emotion taking over as kneeling, she begins somewhat blindly swatting at the air in front of her as she tries to grab at the petite blonde.

"Alexa! ALEXA!!! Face me like a damn woman, you ugly little midget!!!"

Unfortunately for the Samoan beauty, her choice in words is poor...

Bliss regroups, and marches straight toward Nia, who's eye now regains sight.

"Well - here I am!"


Nia topples over in the centre of the ring as Alexa reels back, decking her straight in the temple! Bliss shakes her fist furiously, silently cussing as she tries to shake the pain out of her hand.

Nia's vision goes blurry. Her hands almost seemingly float in front of her, upwards towards the arena lights, almost blindingly bright.

The usually confident Jax is totally rocked by Alexa's feisty punch. She lays prone on her back like a helpless turtle, her brown eyes glaze over as Bliss gently prods at her sexy, thick body with her foot, laughing as Jax jiggles.

"Hey Thunderthighs, wake up! C'mon tons of fun! Get... Up!"

Bliss jumps as high as she can, curling up into a ball - and she lands a senton onto Nia's stomach! Her big ass lands and bounces harshly off her target, and Nia's see-through outfit makes it clear as her curvacious body ripples at the impact, the pain snapping her back to reality.

"GUHHHH! Owwwww..." A frowning, groaning Nia weakly tries to crawl away so to regroup - but she suddenly feels a weight on her back?

"YEEHAWWWW! C'MON HORSEY, GIDDEYUP!" Alexa hops happily onto Nia's back, riding her rival like a horse! Her thick legs wrap around Nia's waist, pointing back so her feet dig into the former model's 'thunder thighs'.


"Shut it Blubber Butt, I don't know any barnyard animals that speak! Now MUSH!!!"

And with that, she gives Nia a big firm smack on her ass-toundingly big ass, getting a dumb yelp from the big-boned beauty. Much to her frustration, Nia starts crawling around the ring on all 4's, trying her best to shake the blonde b*tch off of her, with no luck. Her cheeks radiate a bright red, embarressed as the fans start to roar with laughter!

"THAT DOES IT YOU LITTLE RINGRAT!!!" Jax bellows fiercely! The cocky smirk on Alexa's face vanishes as Nia rather suddenly powers herself to her feet, Alexa now wrapped around her back like a backpack.

But Bliss isn't stupid - she knows Nia's plan, to ram herself backwards into the nearest corner. So, she takes away the giant's eyesight! Even going as far as to wrap her legs around Nia's flailing right arm, essentially trapping it.

"Don't worry Jaxxy - I'll be your eyes! Ooh ooh - okay, the all you can eat buffet is-"

"SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!! GRRRRRRGHHHHH!!!" The raging Jax frantically jerks about, spinning akwardly in her blind rampage, dizzying herself.

Jax starts to stumble around, but does eventually take a gamble, guessing (and hoping) that she has her back turned to a turnbuckle - and she did!

"Woah - HEY! No, no no no!!!" A big grin appears on Nia's face, as she cries out in anger and determination to crush this little bug!

Whether it be luck, Alexa's skill or Nia's weakened, flustered state, Bliss just manages to shift her body weight, enough to the point where she launches Nia forward, almost like she did a headscissors!

A screaming Jax akwardly plants herself face first into the rop rope, moaning in pain. Alexa scuttles herself away, to the opposite side corner, taunting to the crowd who continue to chuckle cruely at the emotional Nia, only further distracting her.

"Nnghhhh.... Fuhh... You little bi-WOAHHH!!!"

Nia haphazardly waddles backwards out of the corner, not paying attention to her surroundings - and pays the price! Like King Kong falling off the Empire State builidng, Nia crashes to the ground as Bliss had awaited her, bent over on all 4's, tripping her over.

"TIIIIIMBEEEEEER!!!" Bliss playfully chortles as Nia plummets to the mat, landing head first!


Nia is again rocked, dazed even as she lands, Bliss again laughing as Jaxxy's body jiggles at the impact, almost continuing for a good 5 seconds after she's laying still.

"Ughh... Lexi... You alright? I'm up, I'm up!" a groggy Mickie clambers to her feet using the ring apron as she readjusts her stylish leather jacket, only now recovering from Nia's brutal beatdown earlier.

Alexa's eyes light up as they meet Mickie's - and she gives a sneaky wink, unbeknownst to the ref.

Bliss falls to to her knees, layin down a flurry of smacks and fists to Nia's stomach. The starry-eyed Samoan winces and moans as she rolls onto her back, her feet now facing Mickie. Bliss then starts stomping at the back of her big knees, making her cry out in agony!

Bliss removes Nia's big boots, dwarfing Alexa's, leaving her barefoot, golden toenails to match her fingernails and special Mania attire!

"Hey wow wow! What gives Alexa? No stripping, I shouldn't have to tell you this! What're you trying to do???"

Nia akwardly pushes herself up, now on all 4's, as she stares vacantly around the ring while Bliss 'argues' with the ref, keeping his back turned from her.

"Hey fatass!!! Catch!"

Nia suddenly turns her head to the southern shouting - only to have one of her own size 9's flung at her face through the bottom rope! Stunned, Nia topples over onto her side.

"Like a tipped cow!" Mickie cackles, memories of her barnyard days running through her head.

Mickie quickly reaches in and scoops up Nia's footwear, dragging them out of the ring, throwing them under the ring. The ref is still busy bickering with a chatty Alexa, so she decides to have some extra fun with helpless Nia.

Using her sharp, manicured nails, she begins ripping at the semi-transparent black body suit that covers Nia from her neck to her ankles. Within a matter of seconds, Nia's left wearing nothing but her golden fabric and black bra - her bodysuit, painstakingly crafted for weeks on end, was now transformed into more of a swimsuit! Jaxxy's arms, legs and abdomen completely exposed, much to Alexa's shock and pleasure.

The ref is so caught up in the moment, nervous in his first Mania match, he doesn't even realize what's been done to poor Nia.

"Thanks boo!" Bliss grins, cracking her knuckles as she stands on top of Nia - placing her hands on the closest rope - and begins stamping harshly on Nia's head and ass! Her cheeks jiggle widly as she loses conciousness with each stomp to her skull, face smooshing off the mat.

Once done, she hoists a barely concious Nia to her knees, playfully and mockingly pinching her cheeks, prodding at her face and grabbing her double chin.

"Anyone home? Hellooooooo? What do you need a sandwich or somethin'?" she starts grabbing Nia's cheeks, smooshing them together, an ailing Jax, now with a stupid duckface.

"Oh hoho Nia, you're just useless! You hear me? YOU. ARE. USEL-ACKKKK?!?!"

Bliss starts freaking out, gasping and wheezing as in one last burst of rage and adrenaline, Nia's big right hand clamps round her puny throat, threatning to crush it - something she could do with ease.

"PUHHH-P-P-PLEASE, NIA, I'M SSSSSORRY, I-I-" she accidentally infuriates the Samoan more, giving her a wedgie as she inadvertantly grabs at the back of her outfit, Nia's big ass cheeks now completely on display! If she weren't so pissed off, she'd probably try cover up.

"THIS ENDS NOW YOU LITTLE b*tch!!!" she loudly howls in the petrified face of Bliss. Nia rises off her knees, grabbing Bliss and setting her up over her shoulders, ready for the Samoan Drop! The crowd flashes, tens of thousands taking photos of Nia's mooning...

But Jax shakes her head, and begins climbing to the turnbuckle! In Alexa's screaming and rapid, panicked kicking, she accidentally boots the ref in the face, who turns his head, covering his face. Nia stands on the second rope, roaring triumphantly, ready to dish out her biggest Samoan Drop to this little bully.


Mickie springs to the apron, getting close to Nia and giving her a roundhouse to the face! Jax wobbles, her balance lost as her eyes cross comically.

Bliss wriggles out of Nia's now weak grip, landing on her feet underneathe her, and using every ounce of strength in her tiny body, powerbombs Nia off the second rope!!! The ring shakes like New Orleans had been hit by an earthquake! Nia lays out cold in the middle of the ring, her legs spread wide open, her pussy almost on display!

Alexa cockily strolls to Nia, pretends to wipe some sweat from her forehead, before sitting on Nia's face, her lucious, puckered lips smooching Alexa's pudgy ass as she almost literally eats the pin!




Alexa's theme plays as the Wrestlemania crowd applaud wildy, forgetting that they ever even supported Nia the loser, instead laughing and pointing at her like she's some dumb animal in a zoo enclosure.

"Wha... What happened? Did I... Did I win?" she whines, slurring her words in her grogginess as she awakens. She's greeted by the sight of an evil smile plastered across Alexa's face, almost matched by Mickie's.

"AHEM..." Bliss turns around, wiggling her ass in Nia's face, Mickie handing Nia the title. "Crown our champion, ya whale." Mickie commands the defeated Jax.

A now blubbering, broken Nia does as she's told, wrapping the title around Alexa's petite waist.

"Awwwww, I knew you'd remember your place as my pet, Nia! Good girl..." she pets Nia on the head, hugging her. Mickie tugs at Nia's cheeks, forcing her to smile as she weeps.

"Let's go celebrate Lexi! Nia honey, if you'd please?" Nia weakly nods, rising from her knees to her feet.

"Of c-course, Miss James." she waddles to t ropes leading to the ramp, using her foot to open the ropes for her owners.

Alexa gracefully steps through the ropes, landing to the floor. Mickie shares a cackle with the champ as she gives Nia's big butt a boot, sending her crashing through the ropes and to the hard floor next to her, before James herself exits the ring.

"You know what to do piggy!"

"Yes my Goddess..." she sniffles, getting on all 4's. Bliss mounts Jax, Mickie smacking and kicking her ass too to keep her moving up the ramp. Alexa hooks at Nia's nose.

"What do you have to say for yourself Jaxxy?"

"SNORT, OINK! I'm s-s-sorry my Goddess, SNORT SNORT, OINK!"

"Goooood girl..."

Watched Mania 34 and inspiration struck! Had a lotta fun writing this, so hopefully one of ya's dig it haha.

I'll return to Emma, don't worry!

As always, constructive criticism/general feedback is super appreciated, and I hope you all enjoyed reading! 'Till next time!
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