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Default Holiday humiliation

It was the summer and a group of 12 friends, 6 boys and 6 girls, was at the summer beach house of one of them. They were playing spin the bottle and the dares were getting a bit crazy.

''I dare you to strip to your underwear!'', Anna exclaimed, looking at Lara with a daring smile.

''No way!'', Lara defended herself, ''that's a bit too much.''

''Come ooon, don't be a buzzkill!'', a few people joined in, ''it's basically the same as a bikini.''

''Okay, you're right,'' Lara gave in and started undressing.

She pulled of her black tank top to reveal a black bra covering her medium sized breasts with ample cleavage visible. She slid off her white shorts to reveal white panties with red stripes.

''Not matching them today, huh hun,'' Anna giggled.

''Yeah, whatever, let's keep playing,'' Lara dismissed her and tried to get the attention off herself.

The game continued and after a few turns, the bottle pointed at Lara again. ''Time to get topless sweetie,'' Rachel laughed and the guys were getting excited just thinking about Lara exposing her breasts.

''Yeah, no way,'' Lara resisted, ''pick something else.''

''Come on, you got this,'' Rachel continued laughing and started chanting ''Lara, Lara, Lara...'', and the other people joined into the chant, putting pressure on Lara to play along.

''Come on guys,'' Lara was pleading, but the chanting continued. ''Okay, fine, I'm doing it,'' Lara tried to make the group shut up, and they did, looking at her intensely.

She took a deep breath and was getting red in her face. The group was quiet, observing her with grins on their faces. Her hands reached behind her back as she undid her bra. She slid one of her hands under her bra and removed it with the other, preventing any exposure of her nipples. She held the bra in the air with one hand while continuing to cover her breasts with the other and said with an annoyed tone ''Here, it's done,'' dropping the bra on the floor.

The others got loud again, some starting to clap and cheer. ''Come on, don't cover,'' Jack tried to convince her to reveal more.

''That wasn't the dare,'' Lara confidently retorted, sitting back down while still covering and spinning the bottle as it was her turn.

The game again resumed. Lara was incredibly embarrassed as she tried to make sure nobody sees anymore of her as they played, but tried to give a confident image and not reveal how humiliating this was for her. One of the guys, Tom, took out his phone to snap a few pictures of her in that state. Lara gave him an angry but simultaneously a defeated and pleading look, extending one of her arms to block the camera view, while clutching her breasts more tightly with the other.

''Don't take pictures,'' she squealed, her face getting red as a tomato.

''Haha, just one more,'' Jack laughed and then put his phone down for a moment. ''Great pictures, Lara, look,'' he showed her his phone, laughing. It showed Lara only in her panties, sitting on the floor, awkwardly covering her breasts, but you could see almost everything other than the nipples, as she squeezed her breasts to her body.

''You'd better keep that to yourself,'' she threatened him, but he just laughed it off.

After a few more turns the bottle was on Lara again. She looked at Anna who had spun the bottle with pleading eyes.

''No more covering your tits!'', Anna happily exclaimed laughing.

Lara knew that this was coming next but she couldn't find a good excuse to withstand the peer pressure. Her face was getting red again as she looked around the room to see laughing faces, all looking at her expectantly.

''Okay, fine!'', she exclaimed, and quickly dropped her hand to the floor. This finally revealed her round perky breasts with small nipples in their full glory. A flash blinded her, and she realised that Adam just got a clear picture of her with her boobs out.

''No pictures!'', she screamed at him red-faced, knowing it was too late to cover.

''Haha, sure,'' he replied, trying to make it seem like it was not a big deal.

''Nice boobs Lara, large and perky,'' Rachel teased her, ''make sure you keep them uncovered for the rest of the game,'' she laughed.

Lara knew that everyone was still staring at her boobs and just wanted to finish the game as soon as possible to get dressed again, knowing this was the last round. Jack spun the bottle for the last time, and it landed on Lara again! Everybody erupted in laughter.

''You're just unlucky today Lara,'' Ruby laughed.

''Panties off and no covering!'', Jack announced with a huge grin and the room exploded with all the cheering.

Lara felt this was going too far, she really didn't want everyone to see her totally nude!

''Guys, come on, that's a bit too far,'' she pleaded, but nobody was hearing her as they started to chant ''Lara, Lara, Lara,'' again.

Two girls helped her to stand up and spun her to face the group, then sat back down looking at her expectantly. All eyes were on Lara in only her panties with her tits out and the chanting was getting faster. She put her fingers into the sides of her panties, preparing to pull them down, and taking a few more quick breaths. She turned away from the crowd and quickly pulled the panties down and stepped out of them. She stood covering her breasts and pussy with her hands but faced away from the group, showing them her white curvy ass.

''Yeaaaah!'', the crowd was getting wild again, whistling and cheering, and a few camera flashes going off.

Lara slowly turned around to face the group again, but made sure to keep herself covered with her hands in the typical ENF pose. Rachel and Anna stood up and walked to her. Anna slapped her on the ass, and laughed: ''We said no covering!'', trying to pull her hand away from her breasts. Lara squealed and tried to turn away but was overpowered when Rachel joined in and pulled her other arm away as well. She was trying to preserve her last bit of modesty by crossing her legs to cover her pussy, as the camera flashes continued going off.

''Come on, show us your pussy Lara, we want to see if you shave,'' Jack was laughing like crazy while taking photos with his phone.

Anna gripped both of her hands behind her back and Rachel sternly uncrossed her legs. She was now giving the group a full-frontal look at her naked body, her amazing boobs, curvy physique, flat stomach, and her pussy barely covered by a thin landing strip.

''Niiiice!'', Jack screamed, ''just as I imagined it!''

Anna continued holding Lara’s arms behind her, while other people got closer with their phones to take more clear full-frontal photos.

''You'd better play along, or these are going online,'' Anna whispered in her ear, then released her arms and slapped her on the ass again, ''Now make some poses for us!''.

Lara was dying of humiliation now, she knew that she was trapped and had to go along or it would get even worse for her.

''Smile!'', ''Make a peace sign!'', ''Put your legs a bit more apart!'', she heard different people scream.

She started to make poses people were yelling at her, first spreading her legs and crouching a bit, with her hands up at her sides making a peace sign, and a forced smile on her red face.

''Nice, full frontal, with her pussy totally visible,'' Tom exclaimed, ''I knew it was a good investment to get this professional camera,'' he grinned, ''Ultra HD pictures, Lara!'', he teased her.

Lara was hyper-aware of everybody, the flashes kept going off, but she couldn't get herself to move, until another slap on the ass woke her up as she was told to change her pose. She was now posing with one hand behind her head and the other on her hips, with one of her legs lifted up on the couch.

''Oh my god, this is totally going on Facebook!'', Ruby was laughing hysterically.

''No posting online!'', Lara screamed with a twist in her stomach as she imagined how humiliating it would be for people to see pictures of her like this.

''And now, for the grand finale!'', Anna announced, laughing, as she, Diana and Rachel grabbed Lara's legs from behind, lifting Lara up, and spreading her legs to reveal everything between them. Her pussy was completely exposed as more flashes kept going off and Tom got really close with his professional camera.

''Now that's a detailed look!'', he exclaimed, ''I've got it all, crystal clear view!''.

The girls finally released Lara after a few more flashes and Anna slapped her ass for the final time, giggling ''You can get dressed now, hun.''

Lara was glad it was over but was still shaking from the humiliation as she searched for her clothes around the room and was putting them on as fast as she could. People were still laughing, some were still taking photos as she was dressing, but another group was around a laptop, laughing conspiratorially.

After a few minutes, when Lara finally found all of her clothes and was dressed, she looked at what the group around the laptop was doing, realising it was her laptop they were playing with.

''OH MY GOD!'', she screamed, ''I told you not to put it online!''

The group erupted in laughter again as Lara stared at her Facebook page with her naked photos posted.

''Take it down!'', she pleaded, ''How many people have seen this!?''.

''Well, this one, your new profile picture, is in the lead with 31 likes right now,'' Anna giggled as she clicked on the profile photo where Lara was crouching a bit with her hands in peace signs and a big fake smile on her red face. It was the ultra HD photo taken by Tom and you really could see every detail, her hard nipples and every pube around her pussy were in plain view.

''Ups, it's 33 now, haha,'' Anna continued to laugh, ''You''ll be famous in a few hours, hun!''.

Lara stared at the comments.

''Nice boobs Lara ;)''

''OMG, remove this photo now!''

''Haha, how are you not embarrassed to post this Lara!?''

''More pics please :)''

''Were you hacked or just oversharing??''

''That's a nicely kempt pussy Lara, I knew you were a girl that shaves ;)''

''I am totally saving all of these!''

''Lol I would be so humiliated to expose myself like this online''

Lara didn't know how to respond, she just froze, staring at the screen, at tens if not a hundred of naked photos of her. She unfroze as she saw laughing Anna click the sign out button.

''I said take those down!'', Lara screamed, pulling the laptop to herself, and tried to log in to delete the pictures.

''Incorrect password'' message appeared.

She was getting nervous and tried again but the same message appeared.

''OH MY GOD, did you change my password!?'', she screamed as the others just laughed louder.

''Don't worry we'll take them off tomorrow,'' Anna laughed.

Lara just stared at the floor in defeat.

The next morning they finally told her the new password and she quickly deleted all of the uploaded pictures, but she knew it was too late to preserve any dignity. The photo of her lifted with her legs spread eagle and her pussy completely exposed received 489 likes and she knew that anyone could have saved those pictures already.

Her friends kept teasing her about it for years to come, asking her stuff like ''Still have a landing strip down there?'', always telling her to show peace signs when they took photos with her, and would sometimes randomly show her one of her photos just to see her blush and cringe. She didn't want to make any bigger deal out of it than it already was so she didn't complain or report anyone, she just hoped that one day everyone will have forgotten about it.
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Originally Posted by swguy129 View Post
she just hoped that one day everyone will have forgotten about it.
No. They won't.
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