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Old 04-02-2018, 09:56 AM
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Default Tied to a chair, helpless.

I had been paying for sex for years. I didn't need to. I was married, and had a decent enough sex life,even after 12 years. But my wife Janine was a bit boring in bed to be honest. She was beautiful.Big tits, pretty, and a nice ass.But we had sex twice a week,every week. Missionary sex if she was sober,and maybe doggy style if she was d*unk.And she wasn't a big drinker. Her idea of being naughty was leaving the light on.So we shagged tusdays after her yoga class ( I suspected her personal trainer was a bit touchy feely,and put her in a horny mood),and Saturday night.
So once a week I made a call to an agency and met a stranger for sex.Sex for money. And it was great at first.I had red heads, Orientals, blacks, everything I had previously fantasized about. Then after a few months, it got stale. So I had 2 girls together.That was fun.And expensive.But thanks to my late father, money wasn't a problem. Then I tried a little bdsm. And that was fun for a while. I even met a regular, Sofia. She was from Prague, a real stunner. Small tits, very slim, but beautiful. I preferred curvy women more to be honest.
I made the mistake of saying it to Sofia tonight when I was tied up.Big mistake. She got very angry.Shouting and cursing in whatever language she spoke,I didn't care if she was pissed off, but she punished me.
Oh yeah, she punished me. I was tied to a chair at the time,and naked. She screamed in my face,grabbed my cock,moving it up and down hard, and bit my neck hard enough to leave hickies all over me. b*tch knew I was married but didn't care.When I shouted at her to stop she slapped my face hard.
She put a gag on my mouth and pulled the back of the chair forwards making it topple over.
I had noticed the hole in the seat of the chair before I sat down, and I had wondered what it was for. She called out for her minder,Charles. She never met without him,but he always stayed outside the room where she had her play area.
Charles was a big African guy.Thick accent, big muscular arms. Quiet type.She told him to put me in position. He maneuvered me so I was on my knees,still tied to the chair. She told him to sit in front of me,watching.She wet her finger in front of me then disappeared behind me.
I felt her rub my ass. Charles just sat there quietly,watching. I shouted a muffled no.If she understood,she didn't stop.She rubbed my ass harder.I could see Charles put his big hand on the growing bulge form in his trousers.I was mortified,humiliated.Then her finger entered my ass.I screamed,a muffled scream.Not in pain,but in protest.My ass squeezed her finger and she stopped
.But she didn't remove it.Instead she used her other hand to reach around and grab my hard cock.She slowly moved her oiled hand,I had no idea when she put oil on her hand, but it felt so good.Then,as she gave me the most amazing hand job ever, she very slowly she slowly moved her finger deeper inside of me,and there was no resistance.
After a minute or so I felt my self about to cum.I raised my head and screamed in orgasm as she finger fucked my ass.
I sht the biggest load I had spurted in years.I shuddered again and again as she slowed down,
Charles was rubbing his hard on and I could tell he was huge.I didn't care, I was in heaven.
She untied me and threw me my own underwear to clean up with. I told her it was the best 300 quid I had ever spent.
She told me to come back next week with 600 and promised if next weeks fun wasn't not only better,but much better,then she wouldn't charge me.She said I would have double the fun.I knew what she meant.
I laughed and immediately agreed. Tonight's fun was incredible..If she could top that,it would be worth every penny.
So the following week I turned up horny and excited.I was disappointed to see just her and Charles but she said her friend would join us soon but she was private. She said her friend wasn't in the game full time and didn't want to be recognized. I wasn't sure what she meant but let it slide.
We played a few of the usual games.Instead of tying me to the chair as she usually did, she cuffed me to a big sex swing. It was like a big hammock, but once inside, I could be twisted and turned to various positions.
She started by kissing me while stroking my hard cock,then whipping me gently with some sort of leather strap she had. Then she went on her knees and sucked my cock.After a minute she slowly moved her head back,my cock sliding slowly out of her mouth. She wet her middle finger seductively and went back to sucking me but also started to play with my ass with her wet finger.It went in surprisingly easy as she sucked not only my cock,but my shaved balls.
Then she stood up and put a gag in my mouth.She turned and went over to a drawer, and took out a rubber dildo. Surely she wasn't going to use that on me.....
I tried to tell her I wasn't sure if I wanted that up my ass. If she understood my muffled plea,she ignored it.
My ass clenched as she rubbed the tip on it.But she had put baby oil on it and by taking her time,she soon had the tip inside me. It hurt, but she put my cock in her mouth again and the different sensations were incredible. Soon she had the dildo sliding in and out of my ass like my cock sliding in and out of her mouth.It still hurt a little,but in a good way.
Then there was a gentle knock on the door.She stood up,leaving the dildo in my ass and opened the door.It was Charles, her minder.
He came in and smiled at me. I felt humiliated, trussed up with a dildo hanging out of my ass.Yet strangely my cock was hard as a rock.I saw him look at it with lust in his eyes.Like last week, I could see he had a raging boner. He told Sofia it was time.She walked back over to the drawer and at first I wasn't sure what she was doing,when she turned around she was wearing a strap on .She also had something leather in her hand.
Oh no.No no no no no.No way.I screamed a muffled protest at her but she walked over to me,her rubber cock swinging like a real one, and put the leather mask on me.It covered my head, but had no eye holes in it.I could breathe easy enough but the sound was a bit muffled. I heard the door close and Sofia told me her friend was here,and it was time for the real fun to start....
Part 2 to follow
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