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Old 04-02-2018, 06:17 AM
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Default Hotel meet

It was the first time I had met up with Christine. We had chatted for many months on chat sites but never plucked p the courage to meet before, so I was a little nervous.

I wore my best suit, a grey Boss two button with a fitted white shirt and smart shoes and arrived at the hotel for our meeting, a few quiet drinks and a chat before we got off to our own lives

I bought myself a drink and found a quiet booth towards the back of the bar and waited.

It was then that I noticed her, pretty, mid 40's brunette and certainly sexier than the photos I had seen of her before. She wore a fitted black skirt, sheer blouse and stockings and heels. I could feel my heart beat as I saw her that first time.

I immediately got up and greeted her then asked her what she would like to drink. 'A large red wine please' she said ' I am a little nervous to be honest, it's the first time in 25 years that I have met another man'

I took Christines drink and walked her to our table. I stepped aside as she brushed by me and sat down. I took my place next to her and we chatted away like we had known each other for years.

After a while I noticed Christines hand brush against my leg a couple of times and felt sure that it had lingered that second time. I smiled and plucked up the courage to ask her why she had decided to meet me, after all, she was happily married. She rested her hand on my thigh and smiled ' I dont know, there was something about you that appealed to me, you listened and I did find your pictures sexy!' she giggled and gripped my thigh a little.

I rested my hand on her leg, feeling the nylon of the stocking against my palm and fingers. 'We really should have another drink, but I would have to leave my car'
'Oh let's ' she smiled ' I dont have to rush home, Gary is away for three days and I wont hear a word from him'

I felt that little twinge as i got up to get us another drink, but instead of going to the bar I headed to reception and booked a room.

I brought a large bottle of red to the table and smiled at Christine ' I hope you dont think I am being presumptuous, but I have booked a room'
'You dirty beast' she said 'do you think you are going to fuck me?' and let out the naughtiest giggle I had heard in some time.
'Sounds like a plan' I said and slipped my hand a little higher up her stocking clad leg.
She parted her legs slightly as we drank our wine and my fingers moved higher to the top of her stockings, just touching the suspenders and soft flesh. Her hands gently ran over my leg until I felt her long red nails stroke the shape of my hardening cock through my trousers. 'Let's go' she said and she took my hand

We walked past reception and towards the lifts and stepped inside. As the doors closed I pushed her back against the wall and kissed her hard, our bodies pressed together now, those firm tits pushing against my chest. I felt her hand creep down to my trousers as she squeezed my hardening cock firmly through my trousers 'Are you going to fuck me?' she whispered. I moaned and nodded as we kissed again until we reached our floor.

I took her hand and we hurried along to the room, opening the door as quickly as I could. We slammed the door behind us and kissed again, more passionately now, her full lips against mine as her tongue darted inside my mouth.

I could feel her hips pressing against mine as I reached up and started t open the buttons on her sheer blouse, pulling it open to expose her black low cut bra and the top of her gorgeous tits. I stooped to kiss them as she gasped and ground her hips against me.

She reached for her bar and pulled it down, her big brown nipples on view, hardening now and I took one greedily in my mouth, sucking and kissing, teasing it and making it harder.

Now she slipped the jacket off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor as she felt for my zip, tugging it down and reaching inside for my hardening cock. The feeling of her warm hand through the thin lycra of my tight trunks was so exciting as she felt the length and squeezed me.

I pulled up her skirt over the tops of her stockings and exposing her bare thighs and the flimsy panties as she wriggle to lift it over her curves. My trousers dropped to the floor and I pushed against her, the flimsy material of he r panties and my boxers the only things between us.

'I want to feel that cock inside me so badly' she moaned ' I have waited for this for too long'

to be continued.... (if anyone like it!)
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Old 04-02-2018, 11:50 AM
stevejazz stevejazz is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2018
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Default Thanks


Thanks for reading my story. First time here so maybe not so good!
Interested to see if anyone else comments

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Old 04-02-2018, 11:03 PM
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Love it keep going
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Old 05-24-2018, 07:56 PM
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I like it. Continue please)
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