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Default ENF/EUF Stories by obo

I've written a series of stories over the years with a recurring cast of characters. This is the first in the series and is my take on the Our Gang film "Beginner's Luck". Feed back is ppreciasted.

The Tale of Mrs. Teresa Scalia (uncoverd)

Our story begins in an affluent community of Connecticut. A town of upper middle class families whose husbands earned salaries that allowed wives to remain at home often with too much time on their hands. Dominic and Theresa Scalia had moved to the area from California three years ago. Dominic had purchased the major banking institution in town and was operating it as President and CEO. He held a great amount of influence in the community. Theresa or Terri as she was usually called, was very active in charitable and community activities. A little too active. Terri was aggressive, vocal, and downright pushy. She soon made it known that things would be done her way and she had the clout to see that it was. This attitude did nothing to ingratiate her with the other wives of the community all of which were active in those organizations and none of them wished to suffer Terri’s sharp tongue if they stood up to her. She also used her husband’s position to leverage things to her benefit. Now while the wives of the town soon became resentful of Terri, she had no problem winning over the husbands of their social circle.

To say that Terri was attractive would be an understatement. This woman was a knockout. Terri was of Italian descent, age 33, height around 5’7”, weight a well distributed 135 pounds, measurements 36 – 24 – 37.Not bad for having a son of 10, Dominic Jr. Her hair was dark brown and below her shoulders in length. Her skin had that Mediterranean coloring and was flawless. She also had those big brown eyes. Terri always dressed well. Not provocative, but always with a sense of style and an eye toward promoting her best physical asset. The men of the community soon learned to appreciate Terri Scalia’s derriere. Terri’s ass was legendary. Supported by a pair of shapely, but strongly built legs was nothing less than a magnificent butt. If she wore jeans they fitted her well. If she wore shorts they were short and tight. Her attire for more formal occasions was less obvious but still fitted her bottom well. And she always wore heels whether it was at soccer practice or at the community theatre. After all, wearing heels gives those cheeks a saucy tilt. She soon became known, among the men, as the P. A. (perfect ass). And among the women, P. A. stood for pain in the ass.

Terri was the subject of considerable speculation on the authenticity of her breasts. She never was without a bra and she had no problem wearing low-cut blouses and tops. Her boobs just looked too perfect. And of course, the other wives made their share of catty comments regarding cosmetic surgery and possible strategically placed foam rubber. After all she has had a child. The other thing Terri did to alienate other wives beyond her physical appearance and aggressive social climbing was her ability to blend with the men. She had a way to win over all the men in their group of friends. She could talk sports, she could talk finance, and with a little bump of the hip, wink of the eye, or ever so slight brush of a breast to an arm, she could always give a man the impression that she might be available, but both parties knew it could never happen. She used her “feminine wiles” to advance her social status and to manipulate events to her satisfaction. Terri also gained access to financial records of her husband’s clients. Dominic’s bank controlled most of the commercial and business loans in the town.

Terri had established herself as the queen bee of the community. For two years she was without a rival. Then Mark and Barbara Anderson moved into town. A couple in their early 30s with a son of 9, Chad. Mark was in insurance and had been very successful. Barbara was a stay at home mother who also spent her time in charitable and voluntary activities. Barbara was 30, 5 ft. 6 in. in height and weighed 125 pounds. Her hair was natural blond and fell just to her shoulders. Always tanned and fit, Barbara was an athletic 35 – 24 – 35. In warm weather she was given to halters and shorts. Her chest wasn’t huge, but she kept in good shape and her breasts could be described as perky. Her bottom was firm, not flat with some shape. She was an avid tanner and maintained a healthy shade the year round. Barb’s best feature were her legs. And she enjoyed in showing them off to their best advantage. Skirts were above the knee at least and hose always worn. Barbara had been president of the Hospital Auxiliary, Women’s Club, and Community Theatre in the town they lived in previous. She took pride in her volunteer achievements and hoped to do the same in the their new home. Barbara was diplomatic in her personal relationships, but would not allow herself to be pushed around. Mark and Barbara soon found themselves in the same group of friends as Dominic and Terri.

A cocktail party was held at the Country Club to introduce Mark and Barbara to the community. Barbara was chatting with Ellen and Susan, two local wives, about life in the town, schools, shopping, community activities etc.

“There’s several opportunities in town for volunteering, although a lot depends on who you’re working with” Susan explained.

Ellen chimed in “There Is one person who controls most of the activities, if you can put up with her. She can be difficult to deal with”

“That having been said, our community leader seems to be heading this way,” Susan warned. “Well honey, good luck here comes Terri Scalia you are about to have your first encounter with the P.A.”

“What do you mean P. A.?” Barbara didn’t get an answer; Susan and Ellen strolled away towards the bar. Barbara turned to see who was approaching. She made a few mental notes of the woman walking up to her. “Dressed nicely, hair looks good, looks very confident, a classic hour glass figure”

“So very nice to meet you” Barbara said to Terri. “I have been told you do a great deal of work with The Community Theatre.”

Terri regarded Barbara up and down making an assessment of her. Making mental notes Terri thought “kind of a Barbie doll, not much on top, kind of flat on the bottom, trying to make the most of her legs that’s for sure”

“Yes we have a new Theatre and it’s a tremendous amount of work to get things started.”

“I’ve done some work with community Theatre.” said Barbara.

Terri remarked condescendingly “Well how nice. We do need someone to paint scenery, sew costumes, grunge work you know.”

“Actually I was president of the Theatre Guild and Artistic Director.” replied Barbara.

“Oh really? I’m sure it was a very modest theater. Did you do puppet shows? We plan on putting together some professional level productions.” said Terri.

Terri then turned her attention to Mark. Mark and Dominic were across the room deep in conversation. “Is that your husband? My he looks like he works out. Excuse me” Terri turned her back to Barbara and walked across the room towards the men, hips swaying.

At home after the party had ended Mark and Barbara were getting ready for bed and discussing the acquaintances they had made.

“What did you think of the Scalias?” Barbara asked slipping out of her dress.

“I talked with Dominic quite a while. He seems like a decent fellow. Terri’s very oh I guess you could say va va voom.” Mark said. “ Dominic says she’s active in local theater. Did you happen to talk her about theater participation?”

“Well I tried” Barbara said “she made it clear she was not interested in me. I mentioned the Theatre Guild and she tried to make it sound cheap. So you think Terri is pretty hot?”

“She has her assets” Mark replied with a chuckle.

“So you like a large back porch? She certainly has a shapely one and she knows it too.” said Barbara.

“Now you know I’m a leg man. Why do you think I married you?” Mark said as he put his arm around Barbara’s waist and pulled her to him.

“Just make sure that Italian honey doesn’t get too friendly with you” Barbara cautioned as she slid her hand down the front of Mark’s boxers.

Over at the Scalia’s a similar conversation was taking place.

“The Andersen’s seem like a very nice couple. I’m going to recommend Mark for membership at the club. I understand Barbara was very active in theater. Why don’t you get her to help you?” said Dominic.

“You mean that blond Barbie? I don’t think so” Terri commented “She tried to tell me about her little theater and how she was the president. Well in this town the theatre is my show and I’ll run it”

“Jesus Terri, I was just suggesting something. You don’t have many friends and I thought this would be an opportunity.”

“Well buddy boy, that blond appears to me to have ambitions and I’m not going to let her step on my toes.”

In the weeks that followed Mark and Dominic became fast friends. They played golf, went to sporting events, coached each other’s sons in sports. Unfortunately the wives took and almost instant dislike to each other at that initial party and the situation only got worse. Barbara tried to become involved in the community. Her love was theater and she did manage to participate. Terri, however was constantly critical of Barbara’s work almost to the point of persecution.

“Mark that Terri Scalia is impossible to be around. Everything in that theater has to have her personal stamp of approval” Barbara complained. “There are times I could just choke her.”

“If being around her bothers you that much why don’t you just quit? It can be worth all the stress she causes you.” Mark offered.

Barbara told Mark “I’m not a quitter, I won’t give that b*tch the satisfaction of seeing me resign. Someone has to stand up to her.”

“ Fine, OK, great, do whatever you want. I’m tired of listening to your complaints about Terri. This crap has been going on for an entire year. It’s time to move on. Settle your differences and get it finished” advised Mark.

Terri continued to be president of the Community Theatre and had big plans. Barbara had offered her assistance and was rudely informed by Terri that her assistance was not needed nor wanted. This set the tone for about a year. Barbara became involved in activities that Terri was not in. And the two kept their distance. What brought things to conflict was a production the Community Theatre was putting on that fall. The theater group had decided to produce “The Sword and the Stone”. It was a production involving both adults and children. The lead child’s role would be that of Arthur, heir to the throne of England. The role called for a boy of eight to twelve years of age. Terri, of course, had decided that her son would be the lead in the play. She could not circumvent the open auditions for the part, but she could influence the decision of the director of the play. Terri had a distorted picture of Dominic Jr.’s talents. The kid had little if any talent, but did what his mother wanted. Barbara also had a budding actor. Chad would be perfect for the role.

The auditions were set for Saturday. Both mothers had coached their sons as best they could on their lines and presentation. The auditions were held in the new Community Theatre. This was the first production to be held in the new facility. Everything was state-of-the-art. Seating for 500, digital sound system with full CD library, remote control light board, five camera video recording capability, remote controlled curtains (these will play a factor later in our story). There were about six boys auditioning for the role of Arthur. Terri took a seat next to Bill Wilson the play director. Chad Anderson was third inline to audition. Barbara was positioned at the back of the auditorium to watch how Chad did. She noticed Terri making comments to Bill during the first two auditions. Barbara didn’t think that it was proper for Terri to be providing input on auditions when her son was up for the part.

“I wonder what she’s up to” Barbara thought “I’m sure she’s lobbying for Dominic Jr.. Maybe I can slip down to within a couple rows of them and hear what’s going on” Barbara tiptoed down the aisle and sat behind Terri and Bill.

“Well those first two brats were a couple of no talents” Terri snickered. “Let’s see who’s next. It’s the Andersen boy. I suppose with his mother’s vast theatrical experience he may be capable of learning one or two lines.”

Barbara could hear this clearly. She had tolerated Terri’s attitude for quite sometime but when her son was being insulted Barbara began to see red. Chad began his audition in a scene with the actor playing Merlin the magician. Not more than two minutes into the audition Terri began commenting to Bill.

“Oh you must be kidding, this boy is just terrible why are they wasting our time? Bill you wait until Dominic Jr. comes out. You’ll be thrilled.”

Again Barbara took this all in and she began to seethe.

“You know Terri, you have a conflict of interest and I am supposed to be impartial and choose the best actor for the role” Bill cautioned.

“Oh don’t worry about that, I know that Dominic Jr. is the boy for this part”

Barbara couldn’t believe her ears. This woman was so blatant. Barbara hoped that Bill’s sense of fair play and responsibility would prevail. Chad’s audition concluded. He did a wonderful job. He knew his lines and was comfortable onstage. Chad looked to be a born actor. He stepped off to stage right. Dominic Jr. was next. Barbara wanted to stay at her surveillance position to hear what Terri would have to say. Dominic Jr.’s audition was at best wooden. He made two mistakes with his lines, but his delivery was flat and uninspiring. Dominic Jr. was also somewhat of a clumsy child. The boy could trip over his own feet.

“Wasn’t he great? I always knew he would be a performer. This is his first step to stardom” gushed Terri.

“Dominic Jr. did fine” said Bill being very diplomatic “ There are two more auditions to go and I’ll evaluate them all, but I can tell you right now that unless these last two actors are head and shoulders above everyone else I’ve found my Arthur”

“Oh thank you Bill I’m so glad you chose Dominic Jr.”

“Wait a minute Terri, my Arthur is going to be Chad Anderson. He is obviously very talented”

“You can’t mean that. My son was far and away the best Arthur.”

“Yes I do mean that. I want Chad to play Arthur and that’s that. “ Bill declared.

“You listen to me Bill Wilson, I know you have a critical loan application with my husband. If you don’t give my son this role I will see to it that my husband denies your application. I also know that without this loan your business expansion can’t take place and you will probably lose your existing businesses.” Terri was serious and Bill knew she would carry out her threat.

“Okay Terri, what ever you say.” Bill slumped in his seat, defeated.

Again, Barbara couldn’t believe her ears. “This b*tch means business” she thought “she’ll do anything to get her way”

Chad had been looking for his mother after his audition finished. He had walked to the rear of the auditorium and saw Barbara sitting behind Terri and Bill. Chad walked up behind Barbara and said quite audibly “Mom are you ready to leave?” Terri and Bill both turned around to see Barbara trying to shrink in her seat.

“Shit I’m busted” Barbara thought. “I’ve got to get out of here right now!”

“Yes Chad, I think we should both be leaving now” Barbara swiftly rose from her seat and hustled out of the theater.

Terry was thinking “That eavesdropping little b*tch heard everything I’ve told Bill. Well if she knows what’s good for her, she’ll keep her mouth shut.”

Barbara went home and discussed which he had learned with Mark.

“That’s a dirty, under handed stunt she pulled” said Mark “but I wouldn’t let it bother me. There will always be other parts to play for Chad.”

“Yes they’ll be other parts but somebody needs to get control of that woman. This can’t continue.” Barbara was fuming.

“I’ll tell you who needs to be in control, and that person is you. Get over your rivalry with Terri. It ends now. I mean it or there will be repercussions for you.” warned Mark.

The following day Bill Wilson telephoned Barbara.

“Barbara I’m very sorry that you had to witness what went on yesterday. You heard the conversation and I have no choice. She’s got me over a barrel.”

“That’s okay Bill, I understand completely. I wish I could do something for you to help out.”

“Well as far has the production is concerned, I certainly can use an assistant. I think you’re shrewd enough to stay out of Terri’s way for the run of the play.”

“Thank you Bill, I’d be happy to help you and it will be an opportunity to keep tabs on Ms. Scalia.”

“One more thing Barbara, I’d like to Chad to understudy Dominic Jr. in the Arthur role. And he can be an extra and get some stage time.”

“That’s great Bill, I’ll talk to you tomorrow about the work schedule.”

Scenery was built, sets were decorated, costumes made, dialog learned, scenes blocked, rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and full run throughs. All was ready for opening night. Dominic Jr. did his best, but the boy was obviously not ready for the stage. Of course no one would mention this out loud. His mother had made her decision to star her son. Barbara worked diligently on all aspects of the production. She made herself scarce when Terri was around, even though it was against her nature and fueled more resentment and contempt for Terri. It was obvious to the rest of the cast and crew that the production was doomed. And they all knew who was responsible. This was opening night and he would give it their best effort regardless.

Curtain time was 6 p.m.. Mark and Barbara arrived at Theatre at 6:30. Barbara’s duties backstage were completed. She intended to watch the production from the audience. There was a cast party after the performance and she had dressed for it. Barbara was wearing a powder blue dress, a couple inches above the knee, sleeve less with a straight skirt. And she was wearing white hose with matching powder blue pumps. They dropped Chad off at the dressing room and took seats in the audience. Dominic and Terri walked into the theater at 6:50 p.m. The house had begun to fill and Terri wanted to be last to be seated so those in the audience could gaze upon her beauty, or so she thought. Terri had also dressed for the cast party. She was wearing a black, empire waist, sleeveless dress with scoop neck and back. The dress was knee length and the ensemble was completed with black hose, black pumps, and a double strand of pearls that drew attention to Terri’s cleavage. As the Scalias passed the Andersons, Dominic smiled and said hello. Terri acknowledged Mark and ignored Barbara’s presence.

“Ooooh that woman!” Barbara hissed to Mark.

“Now look, let’s get through this evening as pleasantly as possible” Mark told Barbara.

Bill Wilson, the play director, stepped out into the audience from the front of the stage. He spotted Barbara and walked up to her.

“Barbara, I need your help. Sam Mason took sick and can’t be here to run the lights. You know the lighting cues don’t you?”

“Well Bill, I have a rough idea and I think I could get through it”

“Great, let’s get backstage and get ready to raise the curtain.”

Barbara looked at Mark “I guess I’ll see you later. As long as the P. A. stays out front things should go fine.”

Barbara got up from her seat and headed to the front of the auditorium and to the side door to go backstage.

“Where she going?” Terri said to Dominic.

“May be she’s needed backstage for something, how should I know? Besides what are you worried about?”

“Well I’m not going to let her do anything she wants on opening night. She might try to sabotage Downing Jr.’s performance. After all Dominic Jr. beat out her own son for the part. I’m going back there.”

Terri left her seat and followed the path that Barbara had taken. The two divas crossed paths at the light board.

“What do you think you’re doing here?” Terri demanded of Barbara.
“I’m running the light board. The regular operator is sick. I’m filling in for him.”

“Well, make sure there are no foul ups. Dominic Jr. and I have worked too hard to have incompetence ruin the show.” Terri informed Barbara.

“I’ll do the best I can. I want the performance to go well and be a success. And I don’t need any of your guff. Now please move out of my way so I can work.”

“Who do you think you are? Talking to me in that tone. You need to remember your place.” said Terri.

“I’ll be glad to show you who I am” with that Barbara started to come out from behind the light board.


Barbara returned behind the light board telling Terri “I’ll deal with you after the show.”

“I’ll be happy to meet with you to settle any problems you have. I’ll stay backstage tonight to make sure there are no slip ups by you.”

Out in the audience Mark had moved seats and was next to Dominic.

“Dominic, this rivalry between our wives has gotten out of hand.”

“You are exactly right Mark. And I know the blame falls on Terri. She has never learned how to get along with her peers. She’s too controlling and manipulative.”

“Barbara has her faults as well. She needs to learn when to say enough is enough and not hold a grudge” Mark admitted.

“Perhaps both our beauties need to learn a hard lesson.” Dominic said with a grin.

“Dominic, you and I are thinking alike. What do you have in mind?”

The two husbands sat quietly discussing a plan of action regarding their wives when the house lights went down and the play began. Things went reasonably well. Dominic Jr. plodded through the first two acts with no major blunders. Barbara kept up with the lighting cues quite well for the first two acts. Not bad considering Terri was watching her every move. Things were trickier in act 3. The final scene has the dramatic image of Arthur pulling the sword from the stone. The lighting was crucial to dramatize the action. Barbara was furiously flipping through her script to keep up with the lighting cues. She was supposed to darken all lights save for a single beam over the sword. The call was made for Arthur (Dominic Jr.) to come out from the stable and attempt to remove the sword. Dominic Jr. walked to the stone and was to scale four steps to the top of the stone. When Dominic Jr. was at the bottom of the stairs Barbara switched off all the lights failing to keep the stone illuminated. Plunged into total darkness, Dominic Jr. had problems with the stairs. The audience could hear some fumbling and stumbling noises. Then there was a crash and a young voice exclaiming, “OW, SHIT”. This brought peals of laughter from the audience. Meanwhile, Barbara was frantically looking for the switch to bring Dominic Jr. and the rest of the cast back into the light.

Terri hissed to Barbara “What the hell is going on. Get those lights on now!”

“I’m doing the best I can, quit bothering me.”

Back onstage more crashes were heard. Evidently young Dominic Jr. was groping around the stage running into other actors and scenery. The sounds coming from the stage gave the impression the entire scene was coming apart.

“Will you get those lights on you stupid b*tch.”

“I’m trying, I’m trying. What did you call me?”

More crashes from the stage. The audience can only speculate as to what is going on, but they are finding it hilarious. Up to this point the entire production had been tedious. Adult voices were heard from the stage “Jesus, get off my foot. I can’t see a fucking thing.” And a female voice rang out “You prick, get your hand off my ass.” By now the entire audience was laughing with gusto.

“I called you a stupid b*tch, now turn those lights up and try and salvage what’s left of this fiasco.”

Barbara figured as far as the play went all was lost. She flipped all the stage lights on and signaled Bill to drop the curtain. Barbara then turned to confront Terri. But when the stage lights came up Terri ran out on stage to check on Dominic Jr.. With the lights on, the cast could see that the production was over and they began to walk off stage to the cheers and guffaws of the audience. Terri found Dominic Jr. at the front of the stage sitting on the floor in tears. In the darkness he had walked into some scenery and had gotten black dust all over his face. Terri bent over to get him on his feet. She had her back to the audience as the curtain came down. The bottom edge of the curtain just brushed the back of her skirt as it came down. Bill Wilson walked up to the light board with a look of resignation.

“Oh Bill I’m so sorry. I’ve caused a terrible disaster” Barbara lamented.

“Hell Barbara this whole production was doomed from the start. And we can thank Ms. Scalia over there.” Bill nodded toward Terri.

Barbara looked over at Terri consoling her son and trying to clean out his face with a handkerchief. Terri still had her back to the curtain. She was bent slightly at the waist with her knees bent. Barbara looked from the hem of Terri’s skirt straight down to the bottom edge of the curtain. The curtain hooks that ran along that bottom edge were directly underneath Terri’s skirt. The wheels in Barbara’s mind started spinning.

“Bill do you want to really give this show a grand finale?”

“Sure what you have in mind?”

“Contact the sound room and have them cue up 2001: A Space Odyssey. You take over the light board and I’ll run the curtain controls. Signal me when the music is ready.

With the curtain down the audience assumed the performance was over. Some had gotten up to leave when the house lights dimmed. Soon be opening strains of 2001: A Space Odyssey was being played. A single spotlight from the back of the house hit the center of the stage.

Terri concerned with the disastrous performance and cleaning up Dominic Jr. hardly paid attention to the music. Barbara was at the curtain controls. This curtain was electronically controlled and could be raised or lowered at any number of speeds from extremely slow to fully raised in one second. When the first trumpet calls of the music rang out she started raising the curtain slowly. two hooks caught the hem of Terri’s skirt just as planned and slowly began to pull it up. Terri felt a tug and saw the hem begin to rise at her knees. The music was at the tympani solo. Terri tried to turn around to see what the problem was. When the music came to be second trumpet call Barbara ran the curtain up on rapid speed a distance of two feet. Members of the audience were reacting according to their sex. The women were laughing and commenting on how this was a long time coming and they were so happy to witness Terri’s humiliation. The men on the other hand were intensely scrutinizing the lovely scene presented to them.

“Oh my God, oh my God” Terri shrieked. The hem of her skirt was now up to the middle of her back exposing that famous derriere complete with black lace thong panties and sheer to the waist panty hose. The view from the audience was truly awe-inspiring. A single white-hot spotlight, directed at center stage, illuminated Terri Scalia in a state of distress.

Terri struggled to free herself but the skirt was securely hooked. “Dominic go get Daddy and have him get up here to help me. Hurry!” Dominic Jr. hurried out into the audience to find his father. The boy ran to his father “Daddy hurry Mommy needs you. Come on!”

“My boy, this time Mommy will have to get herself out of trouble. Take a seat here with Chad and Mr. Anderson and lets see what happens”

Terri was still fighting with the curtain hooks with no success. The music was coming to its conclusion. With the last trumpet called Barbara ran the curtain another few feet. This brought Terri’s dress well above her waist stopping just below her bra. Her head was completely covered. She was struggling to see and beginning to panic. Barbara was having the time of her life laughing at the situation she had put Terri in.

“Bill, what you think should we take her all the way?”

“Honey I think that’s a capital idea.”

Barbara twisted the knob on the control and lead curtain flew to the ceiling taking with it and expensive black cocktail dress. As the dress went over Terri’s had, it first caught her under her boobs and nearly lifted her off her feet. This was confirmed by slow motion replay of the videotape. ( Remember the state of the art video set up and you had better believe there more than a few copies made of that tape.) After the boobs had been cleared, the dress snagged her string of pearls breaking the string and sending pearls scattering all over the floor. The force of the dress pulling off her nearly caused Terri to lose her balance. She began stepping on the pearls with her high heels and started slipping around. Arms flailing, legs slipping apart and bending completely over at the waist Terri struggled to stay on her feet. She stabilized with her back to the audience bent at the waist and pointing her famous butt to the audience. Terri straightened up and began to turn around not yet realizing her dress was gone. As she turned the audience was treated to the sight of Terri’s ample chest covered by her black lace Victoria’s Secret bra. If any of you readers have ever been on stage then you know that your sight is very limited when standing in the beam of a white-hot spotlight. Terri couldn’t see outside the area the spotlight illuminated. She slowly looked down at herself and realized her dress had been sn*tched from her. Her reaction was the classic deer in the headlights. Her mouth agape, her eyes as big as saucers, she froze in place helplessly trying to cover herself with her hands.

Mark looked at Dominic who was heartily laughing. “How much longer are you going to let this continue?”

“I think Terri can stand a little more time on stage, don’t you think Mark?”

“She’s your wife. Do what you think is best.”

Chad looked at Dominic Jr. “You’re Mom’s boobies are a lot bigger than my Mom’s.”

“Yea, so what, her butt is bigger too.”

Barbara and Bill exchanged high fives and hugs. “Barbara you should go out on stage and take a bow. The people of this town owe you a great debt.”

“Okay Bill, I’ll take some credit for tonight’s fun.”

Barbara walked out onto the stage. Terri was still frozen in the spotlight trying to cover her exposure. Barbara stepped into the field of light and Terri ran to her.

“Barbara, oh my God Barbara you must help me! I don’t know what’s happening my dress is gone and I’m standing in my underwear. Please, please do something.!”

Terri had rushed up to Barbara and was practically hugging her. Barbara had a flash of insight that bordered on genius. With her right hand, Barbara reached around Terri’s back and with the dexterity of a high school boy trying for second base, unsnapped the hooks of Terri’s bra. Barbara then put both hands on Terri’s shoulders and gave her a spin making sure she caught a strap of the bra while Terri spun away. The bra came off in Barbara’s hand and Terri once again was struggling to keep her balance while standing on the pearls. Terri remained in the spotlight and regained her balance facing the audience once again bent over at the waist with her legs spread and her hair flipped over her face. She straightend-up, got her legs underneath her, and flipped her hair out of her face. The audience was now privileged to view Terri’s breasts uncovered. Previously we discussed the speculation about Terri’s boobs. Were they real? Were they the result of modern surgery? Now with an ass, one can pretty much tell what that ass will look like with clothes on or off. A tight pair of jeans leaves little to the imagination. It’s a different story with boobs. One cannot determine the nature of the quality of the breast without a close examination. Those people in the front rows were afforded that opportunity. As far as Terri’s boobs were concerned, a phrase from the Seinfeld Show would be appropriate: “Yes they’re real and they’re spectacular!” Terri’s boobs were indeed a gift of God and good genetics. Certainly they were nicely sized, a C cup at least. Viewed from the front her breasts were round, topped off with silver dollar size areolas the color of mocha. From the side those breasts had the classic pear shape with her nipples, in a more relaxed setting, the shape of small cones. Tonight’s events however were anything but relaxed. It might have been the change in temperature when her dress and bra were removed. It might have been the friction of her bra against her nipples when it was pulled from her. It might have been the breeze caused by Barbara’s spinning her. Whatever the clause the effect was Terri’s nipples were getting hard. The areolas contracted, the mocha color took on a rose tinge and the nipples became erect extending nearly ½ in..

By now Barbara was having a wonderful time. Her plan worked to perfection. Her nemesis was stripped and humiliated in front of all the influential people of the town. Feeling confident Barbara stepped into the spotlight twirling Terri’s bra around her finger. With her back to Terri, Barbara addressed the audience. This was Barbara’s critical error.

“Ladies and gentlemen may I present Mrs. Teresa Scalia uncovered!”

The crowd roared its approval. Barbara started taking bows. While Barbara was basking in her glory, Terri was composing herself and realizing what was happening. She looked at her state of exposure and saw Barbara taking bows and flaunting her bra like some sort of trophy. She heard the audience laughing and cheering her humiliation. Now she was going to give some back.

“All right blondie let’s see how you like it” Terri lunged at Barbara’s back.

Barbara was deep into her bow when she thought she heard Terri say something. She looked back over her shoulder just in time to see Terri rush up behind her. Barbara had no time to react. Terri grabbed the hem of her dress with her right hand and put her left hand in side the scoop back.

“What are you doing! Get your hands off of me you b*tch. Oh no, oh God!” Terri was spinning Barbara around trying to get her dress off. Both women were having trouble keeping their balance while walking on pearls in high heels. The zipper in the back of Barbara’s dress began to open. Terri’s left hand pushed down with the zipper and opened its completely. Barbara by now was somewhat dizzy from the spinning. Terri took both hands and pulled up on the hem. In two moves she had Barbara stripped of her dress.

Now the audience had a second visual treat. Not one but two women on display in public wearing nothing but lingerie, hose, and heels. Barbara had worn her matching cream-colored bra and panty set. And instead of the usual panty hose, Barbara was wearing a lovely pair of lace topped thigh his. Her underwear was a nice contrast to her tanned skin.

Terri was still behind Barbara. Barbara was still reeling from the spinning and stripping.

“Why Barbara sweetheart you’re still somewhat over dressed. I think I deserve a trophy too!”

Terri unsnapped Barbara’s bra and whipped it off. Barbara’s breasts were now exposed for all to see. She certainly was not as large in the breast area as Terri but Barbara did have a very perky set. Because she always wore a top when tanning, Barbara had some very attractive tan lines on her breasts. Her nipples were pink as is usual with blonds. Those nipples also reacted to exposure as had Terri’s and were becoming erect the color changing from rose pink to more blush red.

“Well Mark it looks like I’m not the only one who will be buying a new dress for the wife.”

“Dominic, turn about is fair play and Barbara needs some attitude adjustment too.”

Losing her bra snapped Barbara back into reality. She looked down at herself and tried to cover her breasts with her arm. She looked over at Terri who was now having a laugh at Barbara’s expense. In Terri’s right hand was Barbara’s cream-colored bra being flaunted.

“Here honey you can have this back it’s much too small for me and I don’t know anyone who needs a training bra.”

Terri flipped the bra to Barbara hitting her in the face with it. That set Barbara off. She charged Terri. The catfight was on. Both women had handfuls of each other’s hair. They wrestled standing for a moment but the footing on the pearls was treacherous and they soon fell to the floor. Terri had an immediate advantage. The waistband of Barbara’s thong was easily accessible not being covered by panty hose. Terri got a grip on the waistband in the back and pulled with all her strength.

“Oh oh ow ow, damnit let go of my panties.” Barbara screamed.

Barbara had to get the same advantage on Terry. So she clawed with her nails on Terri’s panty hose to get to her thong. She finally opened a hole and got her fingers around the waistband. Barbara found a grip and gave Terri a wedgie of her own. Neither woman would give up their panty grip and quickly the catfight came to a stalemate.

“It seems like the girls have reached a plateau.” Dominic said to Mark.

“It’s time to break up this party as much as I hate to Dominic.”

The husbands made their way up to the stage having to make their way through the standing group of spectators. Mark and Dominic walked up to Barbara and Terri rolling on the floor. Mark grabbed Terri by the wrist and broke her hold on Barbara’s panties. Dominic did the same to Barbara and the fighters were separated. Back on their feet the women were quite the sight. Hair a mess, makeup smeared, nails broken, one shoe on one shoe off, topless and sweaty. Barbara’s thigh highs were pulled down below her knees. Her panties were so far up between her butt cheeks it was hard to tell she was wearing any. The back of Terri’s panty hose was completely destroyed exposing her ample cheeks. Her thong was buried deep as well.

Terri struggled against Mark who held her by her wrist. “Let me go. Dominic tell him to let go of me. Look what that b*tch wife of his did to me. She should be punished.”

“Terri I agree with you completely Barbara should be punished.” And with that Dominic walked to one of the stage prop boulders dragging Barbara with him.

“Mark what is he doing. Tell him to stop please Mark.”

“Barbara I told you there would be repercussions if you didn’t stop this rivalry with Terri”

Dominic sat down on the rock and pulled Barbara over his lap with Barbara’s bottom facing the audience.

“No you can’t, I don’t believe it, you’re not going to spank me.” Barbara protested

“You bet he is you little snot I hope he turns your butt red” Terri chimed in.

Dominic had Barbara in position and raised his right hand to deliver the first spank.

“Hey Dominic! Can you use this?” Mark tossed a prop sword to him.

“Ha that’s what I call laying the wood to her” Terri gloated.

“I’m glad you approve” Mark said

Bill Wilson then came out from stage last pushing a large chair decorated to resemble a throne. Mark pulled Terri over to the throne and sat down yanking Terri across his lap. The chair was positioned so Terri’s bottom pointed to the audience.

“WHAT your not going to spank me? Dominic get over here help me.”

“Darling it’s time you put that lovely ass of yours to use.”

Mark raised his hand in preparation to punish Terri’s bottom. Bill Wilson put prop sword in his hand saying “Lay on a couple good ones for me.” Mark looked over to Dominic and gave him a nod. Swords contacted luscious bottoms and wives were educated in new forms of marital relations. Bill slowly lowered the curtain on the site of two lovely butts becoming acquainted with the flat of wooden swords. Squeals of protest were mixed with the sound of wood meeting firm flesh. Those in attendance that night had and experience to remember for many years.
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Default Teresa Scalia: Strikes Back

Some time had passed since the events at the community theater. (Read the Tale of Mrs. Teresa Scalia) Summer had arrived and the weather had warmed. Both Barbara Anderson's and Terri Scalia's sons were on the town's Little League team. Both mothers attended the games, but kept a diplomatic distance from each other. On the surface, things appeared to be calm. In fact, the comment in town was the best thing for Terri's disposition was her having been disrobed in public. Terri, however, was biding her time and waiting for the right opportunity to cause Barbara some humiliation.

On this particular Saturday afternoon the Little League team had a crucial game against a neighboring town. The stands were filled with cheering parents and onlookers. Terri had come to the game by herself. She found a seat in the front row of the stands and was cheering on her son's team. Barbara was not present for the start of the game. Her husband had insisted she find employment to occupy her time. She had gotten her real estate license and had a showing that afternoon.

The game was in the late innings when Barbara arrived. Seeing that the stands
were full she stepped through the gate of the dugout and stood inside the chain link fence not realizing she was standing directly in front of Terri and blocking her view.

"That stupid cow," Terri thought, "she's right in my way. I bet she did that on purpose."

The weather that day was pleasant, but somewhat blustery. Barbara, having had a real estate showing that afternoon, was dressed somewhat less casually in a light, calf-length skirt and blouse. The winds were swirling around the dugout and occasionally catching the skirt in an up draft and giving the baseball fans, at least the males, a bit of a leg show. Terri couldn't help but notice Barbara's skirt flipping in the breeze.

"I can't believe she doesn't notice what her skirt is doing. Goody two shoes is showing the goods to everyone."

Barbara wasn't paying attention; she was too involved in watching the game to notice. Each gust of wind pushed the skirt higher showing more of Barbara's tanned legs and just a tease of her tush. One gust sent Barbara's skirt higher than ever. While coming back down, the skirt material snagged on the twisted wire ties at the top of the fence. This gave the bleacher crowd a real show. Because the weather had been so warm, Barbara had worn her skimpiest thong. Something her husband referred to as butt-floss underwear.

"Oh good Lord this is great," Terri barely contained, "What could I do to help things along?"

Bill Wilson and his wife Rhonda, who were sitting four rows up behind Terri, noticed Barbara's exposure.
"Oh Bill, I'm going down there to help her" Rhonda told Bill.
"Rhonda you stay right here and we'll let this situation play out as God intended."

Terri stood up and nonchalantly stepped in behind Barbara. Trying to make it look like she was striving for a better view of the game, Terri grabbed the fabric of Barbara's skirt and pushed it down over the sharp top of the wire ties, firmly securing it. Terri returned her seat to await the start of the show. Barbara, still unaware of her predicament was immersed in the game. She would cheer, take a half step forward, step back, and jump, all the time her skirt was impaled on the fence. The men were enjoying Barbara's tanned legs and the tan lines of her butt. Some hack in the audience shouted "Down in front". Barbara, looking over her shoulder, immediately squatted giving the spectators even more of a show. Barbara noticed Terri sitting directly behind her. Barbara was thinking, "What's she doing sitting right behind me? And what's so funny? Everyone's laughing". Terri could barely contain herself; Barbara's butt was completely exposed for all to see. With little more than a piece of thread running between her cheeks.

The game was in the final inning, down to the last out. Chad Anderson, Barbara's son, made the final pitch to win the game. Barbara jumped up with joy and started to run out to the mound to congratulate her son. As she stepped forward her skirt was split by the wire from nearly the waistband to the hem. Barbara quickly spun around at the ripping sound. Her hands raced to her backside to investigate the damage. Instead of finding the fabric of her skirt her fingers found bare skin. People in the stands were having a good laugh at Barbara's expense. Terri was beside her self with laughter. The ball players out on the diamond were getting a show as well.

"Hey Mrs. Anderson, nice butt!" shouted Dominic Scalia Jr.

Barbara was struggling to pull her skirt together to cover her exposure. While twisting around to cover herself she stepped on the hem tangling her heel and tripping herself. Barbara fell flat on her back, legs flying into the air, skirt flipping up over her face. Not one to let an opportunity like this escape her, Terri walked out onto the field to offer Barbara some "assistance".

"Oh my goodness Barbara dear, what has happened?" Terri offered, "Here let me help you".

With her skirt up over her face and somewhat bewildered from falling, Barbara didn't recognize the voice offering help. She grasped the hand she felt pulling her to her feet. Terri held Barbara's hands and pulled Barbara to her feet. Terri also planted a firm foot on Barbara's skirt pinning it to the ground. The laws of physics being what they are, Barbara was separated completely from her skirt.

"Mrs. Anderson really! Are you trying to set a new style?" mocked Terri.

"What are you talking about? Let go of me."
Barbara pulled her hands away from Terri and then looked down toward her feet and saw in this order: her skirt laying in a pile on the ground, her bare legs, and the small patch of white fabric that amounted to her panties.

"What?!!!" Barbara scrambled to gather her skirt while Terri stood over her laughing heartily.

"You know, you shouldn't show yourself to these young boys like this. See there are no more exhibitions of this nature. You really should be ashamed." Terri walked off the diamond, chest out, hips swaying, feeling very smug.
The laughing, jeering crowd that had gathered around the two women parted like the Red Sea when Terri walked through.

Barbara wrapped the remains of her skirt around her waist, then patted the infield dust from her self. Rhonda Wilson pushed through crowd up to Barbara.

"Barbara are you all right?" asked Rhonda.

"Nothing bruised but my dignity and there's damn little of that left" Barbara replied,." Which way did that b*tch go?"
Someone from the crowd yelled "She's over at the concession stand."
Barbara didn't reply, she resolutely began walking toward the stand. The crowd following behind her knowing the show was far from over.

Terri was indeed at the concession stand. She had decided to treat herself to ice cream in celebration of her victory. Leaning forward with her elbows on the counter and bent at the waist, Terri was making her selection. Hearing the footsteps and murmurings of the crowd, Terri glanced over her left shoulder just in time to see Barbara right behind her. Pinning Terri to the counter with one arm, Barbara reached above her head and pulled down the steel mesh screen that closed the stand when not open for business. Then Barbara grabbed a baseball bat that was lying on the ground in front of the counter and used it to jam the screen in position preventing Terri from escaping. Terri's arms were extended forward, her boobs pressed against he stainless steel counter. The screen held her across the small of her back with her shapely butt pointing toward the crowd.

"What are you doing? Let me up! Damnit Barbara let me up!" Terri shouted.

"Oh no darling, we have quite crowd gathered and they want a show." Barbara said as she patted Terri on her bottom. "Ladies and gentlemen please gather round Mrs. Scalia is about to have her best asset revealed once again."
While addressing the crowd, Barbara was walking back and forth behind Terri with one hand on Terri's bottom stroking it lightly on top of her denim skirt as if calming a skittish horse. And avoiding Terri's attempt to kick her.

"Okay folks let's see what we're dealing with here." Barbara announced.

Terri's denim skirt was a wrap around style held by a tie at the waist. Barbara found the tie and slowly pulled one end.
"Don't you dare Barbara, don't you dare!" Terri said while struggling against her confinement.
Barbara pulled the ties and loosened the skirt at the waist. She unwrapped the skirt but didn't pull it away immediately. With a dancer's flair, Barbara used the cape as a matador, teasing the crowd but not letting them see anything.
Finally Barbara asked the crowd, "Are you ready?" The crowd responded with a roar. "I said, are you ready?" Barbara asked. The crowd responded with an even louder cheer.
"Well then, here it is!" With a flourish, Barbara whipped the skirt from Terri and into the air exposing that famous butt nicely encased in French cut white lace panties.

"Oh God no not again. I've got to get out here." Terri thought to herself.

"Isn't this just a lovely ass" Barbara said as she slid her hand over Terri's cheeks, "so round, so firm, so fully packed!" At the word "packed", Barbara brought her hand down hard on Terri's derriere.

"Oh oh oh oh I'm going to get you for this" screamed Terri.

"And so nicely packaged in these panties. But I think there's a little too much coverage." Barbara turn to the crowd, "Don't you think?" Barbara had one hand on each of Terri's cheeks sensuously caressing them. Moving her hands towards Terri's back Barbara slipped a couple fingers inside the waistband of Terri's panties. With a pace that could be described as diabolically slow, Barbara inched the panties down. Terri screamed her protests, but to no avail. The panties were now gathered just below the terminus of her butt where derriere meets thigh. Terri knowing full well was about to happen was searching the concession stand for a friendly face. She spotted Rhonda Wilson walk in.

"Rhonda, Rhonda come here please." Rhonda walked up to Terri. "You've got to help me get out of here before that Anderson b*tch really hurts me."

"Okay Terri okay, stay right there I'll be right back." Rhonda said.

"Stay right there? Where am I going to go? Help me get out of here!" Terri begged.

"I'll be right back, stay right there." Rhonda walked over to the utensils behind the grill, picked up something and headed back out the door.

"This certainly is a fine looking bottom, but the skin tone is a little pale. I think a rich shade of pink is in order." Barbara announced.

As Barbara raised her hand to commence the spanking Rhonda slipped something into her hand. It was a steel spatula used for frying burgers. "Why thank you Rhonda, what a novel use for this utensil."

If there had been a brass band available, now would be the time for a performance of the "Anvil Chorus". Barbara swung the spatula with a vengeance and it gave a metallic ring with every stroke. Terri's bottom was soon glowing. Rhonda observed for a few strokes and then went back inside the concession stand.

"Rhonda, ow, Rhonda, ow help me please ow ow!" Terri begged between spanks.

"All right here let's get your shirt out from under the screen that's what's holding you in." Rhonda explained.
Rhonda grabbed Terri's shirt and started pulling it over her head.

"Rhonda, ow, don't do that, ow, leave my shirt alone." Terri begged.

Rhonda had the shirt pulled up to Terri's bra. Getting a new grip, Rhonda pulled hard and the shirt came off over Terri's head. Terri propped herself up on her elbows and screamed at Rhonda, "Damnit why did you do that? Ow, ow."

By this time Terri's butt had gone beyond a shade of pink to flaming red. Barbara looked through the screen at Rhonda. Rhonda nodded her head as a signal. Barbara then removed the baseball bat jamming the screen and raised it. When Barbara began raising the screen, Rhonda unhooked Terri's bra. Terri felt herself released and stood straight up. As she rose, Rhonda slipped the straps off Terri's shoulders and pulled the bra off. On the other side of the counter, Barbara pulled Terri's panties down her legs and over her feet and ended up throwing them onto the roof.
Terri couldn't decide what to do first, cover her boobs with her hands, caress her abused ass, or try to conceal her exposed bush. Applause erupted from the crowd along with cheers and much laughter.

"That's for threatening to sabotage Bill's business loan you b*tch." Rhonda said with righteous venom.

Barbara grabbed Terri turning her face-to-face. "This is just a sample. Don't bother my friends, my family, or myself ever again."

Terri, in defeat, turned to beat a hasty retreat to the ladies room, but before she could Barbara gave her one lasting impression. With all the force she could muster, Barbara handed Terri one last spank with a bare hand. As Terri hurried off a very visual image of handprint was rising on her right butt cheek.

A lasting impression indeed.
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Default looking forward to the rest

As a fan from IO's board of this entire series, assuming you're posting it all here, many more are in store for an entertaining series for sure.

Here's hoping obo continues with new works to this series & keeps up the tradition.

Any new readers to this series will enjoy the detail to be able to picture the scenes & clothing, etc
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Default Thanks

I'll post the entire series in the order that they were written. Probably spread things out over several weeks. I wrote 2 new installments this fall.

Glad you enjoy my work,

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Default Teresa Scalia Gets Her Revenge

Teresa kept a low profile for several weeks following her public spanking by Barbara Anderson. Although Teresa had initially humiliated Barbara at the Little League ballpark by tearing off her skirt, Barbara turned the tables blistering Terri's bottom and stripping her completely. (Refer to "Teresa Scalia Strikes Back") This was on top of the stripping Teresa was subjected to earlier in the year at the community theatre by Barbara's hand. (Refer to "The Tale of Teresa Scalia") Down but not out, Terri contemplated how she would balance the accounts.

A major fund-raiser for the local children's hospital was coming up. The theme was "Midsummer's Evening Renaissance" with the setting in the city park. Local restaurant and tavern owners had set up various booths for the patrons to sample their fare. Entertainment had been booked including strolling musicians, jugglers, and mimes. One special entertainer featured a court jester and his trained mule. Dress was to be semi formal and anyone who was anyone in the community was in attendance.

Barbara and her husband Mark arrived at the park around dusk. Barbara was wearing a pastel yellow cocktail dress, just above the knee in length with spaghetti straps. Over the dress she wore a matching short bolero jacket. White hose and heels completed her outfit. The couple strolled through the park enjoying cocktails and the entertainers.
Teresa and Dominic Scalia entered the park √ hour later. Clad in black from head to toe, Terri had chosen a tailored pants suit. Under the black suit coat Terri wore a white blouse with ruffled front. Her pants were sufficiently form fitting to feature her shapely derriere. And of course, she wore heels.

"Mark, will you look over there," Barbara whispered as she noticed Terri's arrival, "I can't believe she would show her face around here."
"Okay, okay. Terri and Dominic have as much right to be here as anyone. Just stay away from her and don't start anything. I doubt if she'll try anything with you after that episode at the ballpark." Mark cautioned.
"If she does, she'll leave here with more than just a warm bottom." Barbara said.

Terri and Dominic made their way through the various displays. Dominic noticed the Anderson's presence first.

"Oh by the way Terri, it seems you're good friend Barbara is here." Dominic said with just a trace of sarcasm. Although Dominic was not present at the ball field when Barbara and Terri had their encounter, he had gotten a full account from friends and enjoyed learning of his wife's undoing.
"Why thank you for pointing that out Dominic. I'm sure you're just dying to meet and greet her." Terri replied.
"I would think you have some warm memories of Barbara." Dominic said as he slid his hand over Terri's bottom and gave it a squeeze.
Terri slapped his hand away and said "Get your hand off me! You better believe I've got some memories of that little b*tch."

A crier walked through the attendees announcing that all should gather in the central area for further games and entertainment. The crowd gathered and seated themselves on rustic grand stands that had been provided for the event. The group numbered over 200.

"Here ye, here ye, fine ladies and gentlemen," announced the crier, "for your amusement and entertainment please welcome Obo the fool and his mule Buck."

Obo, dressed as a court jester, entered the show area leading the mule. Already placed in the show area was a large rubber barrel similar to the type used by rodeo clowns. Buck the mule did several tricks, placing his front feet on the barrel and rolling it around, nodding his head in apparent agreement with Obo when the jester posed a question or shaking his head in disagreement. Buck would also nudge the jester from behind in an attempt to get his attention. Occasionally the mule would push with enough force to raise Obo off the ground. Their routine concluded with Obo attempting to place a blanket on the mule's back and ride off. The jester would place the blanket on Buck's back then turn to pick up the saddle. When the jester's back was turned the mule would then reach back and grab the blanket with his teeth and drop it to the ground. Obo of course would replace the blanket and turn for the saddle. Right on cue, Buck would remove the blanket. The show ended with Obo admitting defeat walking off with the saddle over his shoulder and Buck triumphantly carrying the blanket in his mouth, waving it with a flourish.

Terri watched the show with amusement. Then it occurred to her that Obo and Buck could provide some entertainment of a different sort. Terri walked over to the area where the jester had parked his horse trailer and where Buck was tied when not performing. Terri engaged Obo in conversation and made a proposal while pulling a couple bills bearing the likeness of Benjamin Franklin from her purse.

"Oh my ma'am, I don't know about that," Obo said. "Buck's very reliable and he'll do whatever I tell him, but I don't want to get in any trouble."

"Let me sweeten the pot a little," Terri cooed a she pulled four more Franklin's from her purse. "Does that make things any easier?" Terri said as she placed her hand on Obo's chest.

"Okay, we'll do it but I suppose I should get ready to get out of town fast." Obo said.

"Remember, the blond wearing the pale yellow outfit." Terri reminded.

Terri left the jesters area and walked through the crowd looking for the crier. Finding the crier, she whispered something to him and pressed a $50 bill in his hand. Having given the crier his instructions, Terri walked toward the show area.

"What have you been up to?" asked Dominic.

"Oh just a little added attraction to the entertainment." Terri said "I think you'll love it."

"Here ye, here ye, fine ladies and gentlemen. Obo the fool and his wonder mule Buck have agreed to put on a special performance. Please gather at the show area." announced the crier.

People made their way to the show area and took seats. Barbara and Mark were in the front row. Terri and Dominic held back until most of the seats were filled. Dominic took a place next to some friends. Terri declined saying she'd rather stand. Obo walked into the show area with Buck following.

"Folks, Buck and I need a volunteer to help us with this trick."

A few hands came up in the crowd, but Obo was searching for a particular volunteer.

"Yes, thank you. The lovely lady in the yellow dress sitting in the front row thank you for volunteering to help us."

"I didn't raise my hand" Barbara said to Mark "Why is he picking me?"

"Oh go-ahead, it might be fun. Besides what have you got to lose?" said Mark.

"All right I'll do it. Here hold my jacket, its getting warm."

Barbara slipped off her jacket and handed it to Mark. She walked out into the arena to the applause of the audience. Obo had her stand next to him with Buck the mule directly behind her and the rubber barrel in front of her on its side.
"All right, what we're going to do is play the old shell game. But you have a helper in Buck. If you go to pick the wrong shell, Buck will signal you to pick a different one. Okay do you understand ma'am?" Obo asked.

"Yes I think I do," replied Barbara "How does he signal?"

"Oh you'll find out. Let's start the game."

Obo arranged the three shells on the barrel showing Barbara which shell contained the pea. Then he started to shuffle the shells. Barbara watched closely as he manipulated the shells. Because the barrel was only knee high, Barbara bent over at the waist to get a better look.

"Around and around they go and where they stop only Buck knows. Okay ma'am take your pick."

Barbara had watched carefully and started to reach for the middle shell. Before her fingers touched a shell, Buck gave her a small push with his nose on her bottom. The audience laughed their approval.

"I guess it's not that one," Barbara said with a good-natured laugh "How about this one." Barbara reached for the left shell. Buck nodded his approval and the audience concurred. The left shell did contain the pea.

"Buck is always right, but he gets impatient if you make too many wrong choices ma'am. Here we go again around and around. All right ma'am make your selection."

Barbara had watched even more intently this time. Putting her hands on her knees and bending over to closely watch the shells. She made a reach for the right shell and once again Buck gave her nudge in the rear. This time with a little more force. Barbara looked back over her shoulder at the mule with annoyance.

"Well if it isn't the right shell, maybe it's the left one." Barbara thought to herself.

She reached for the left shell and Buck gave her a push hard enough for her to lose her balance and fall forward on to the barrel. Obo looked into the crowd and spotted Terri. When their eyes met, Terri nodded her head as a signal. Obo then acted as if he were assisting Barbara, actually he grabbed the hem of Barbara's skirt and signaled Buck to take it in his mouth. Buck needed little encouragement to tug on the material as a favorite game of his was tug of war. He began nodding his head back and forth pulling on the skirt.
Barbara tried to get off the barrel and back onto her feet, but each time she tried to rise something pulled on her skirt causing her lose her balance and fall back on the barrel. She looked back over her shoulder to see the mule with her skirt in its mouth.
"What's going on! Get that animal away from me." Barbara shouted.

Obo replied, "I'll try ma'am I'll try."

Actually Obo was signaling Buck to keep a grip on Barbara skirt. The audience thought this bit of slapstick hilarious. The spaghetti straps of Barbara's dress were not made to hold up under this kind of assault. First the left one broke and the second later the right one came free. The top started creeping down revealing Barbara's white strapless bra. Barbara grabbed the top with both hands to try and maintain her decorum. Unfortunately with her hands occupied she couldn't maintain her balance and found herself sliding over the barrel. Gravity took over and Barbara started toward the ground. She let go of her top to catch herself from falling over the barrel, which effectively allowed her to slide completely out of her dress. Buck then took off at a gallop, Barbara's dress in his teeth and Barbara sprawled onto the grass. Standing up quickly she realized her distress and turned around to look for her clothes. All she could see was the rapidly retreating mule with a pastel yellow dress flapping around its head.
The audience was beside itself with laughter. Hoots and catcalls filled the air.
"Oh good God not again" Barbara screamed and tried to cover herself with little success.

She was quite a sight standing there wearing her white strapless bra, matching panties, white panty hose and heels. Barbara felt someone grab her arm.

"Here is where I get even with you, b*tch. I hope you enjoy it" Terri had grabbed her arm and was pulling her toward the barrel.

"What the think you doing? Let go of me you cow." Barbara said as she tried to get away from Terri.

Comments in the crowd were heard to the effect: "Well here we go again." "Don't leave now the real show is about to start."

Terri had a lock on Barbara's lower left arm and was using it to control her. Terri sat down on the barrel and pulled Barbara over her lap keeping Barbara's arm behind her back.

"I think there's a little too much coverage here that needs to be removed." With that Terri used a sharp fingernail to pierce Barbara's hose. Then getting a grip on the fabric Terri ripped the hose opened exposing Barbara's pantied bottom.

"Terri damnit let me go, let me up." Barbara said as she struggled helplessly against Terri's grip.

After opening Barbara's panty hose, Terri grabbed the waistband of Barbara's panties and began pulling them down. Barbara fought and kicked but could not improve her situation. Her butt was now completely vulnerable to assault.
"Here is where we warm things up." Terri declared.

With that Terri's right hand began making swift and sharp contact was Barbara's round derriere.

"Ow, ow, ow, stop it" Barbara protested but Terri was not about to quit.

Actually Terri proved to be an accomplished barehanded spanker distributing spanks equally to both cheeks of Barbara's butt and raising the skin tone to a bright red.
The husbands of the combatants had found each other in the crowd and exchanged looks of resignation, but took no action to halt the proceedings. As the spanking proceeded interesting effects were taking place to both spanker and the spankee. Barbara struggled less and less. She began to feel things in places other than her butt. A tingling in her lower belly and a dampness between her legs manifested itself.

"My God what am I feeling." Barbara thought.

She stopped struggling altogether and arched her back pointing her bottom toward the source of her pain. Oblivious to the public display she was putting on.
Terri as well was having sensations new and strange to her. Her right hand lingered between spanks, sneaking a caress. She too felt a tightness in her belly and a wetness between her legs. Terri's nipples betrayed her feelings as they came erect. Terri gave Barbara one last parting spank then quickly and adroitly slipped a finger between Barbara's legs for a split second finding unexpected dampness. Terri then released Barbara's arm and unhooked her bra. Peeling it from her, Terri slipped her left hand around Barbara's breast finding a rock hard nipple. Barbara stood head down, tears flowing. Terri coming back to reality stood and walked away.

Terri turned and told Barbara "That makes things even now, little girl." Terri then found her husband and left the park. Mark made his way through the crowd and put his jacket around Barbara. They walked out of the park to their car and went home.

Note to readers: Your feedback is very important. I welcome your comments on this story and the others in this series. Are things even between Terri and Barbara? Where does their rivalry/relationship go from here? What do you think?
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It's very close, but Barbara I think has slight upper hand since Teresa had ended up completely naked at the ballpark

But the horniness of both on this occasion brings many a possibility. Is it really possible both suburban housewives are bisexual & confused about each other?
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You're on to something there. As further installments will show.

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Default Teresa Scalia: Showdown in the Powder Room

Teresa Scalia: Showdown in the Powder Room
Since Barbara’s humiliation at the Renaissance Fair, Terri had regained her social stature in the community. She was soon back to her old ways of dealing with the other women in her circle. Rudeness, intimidation, and social climbing were the norm. Barbara, on the other hand, had retreated from social life. She kept a few close friends, but refrained from larger social gatherings. After all it was difficult to face the people who had witnessed her face down over Terri’s lap, her dress stripped off and her bottom bared, receiving from the busty brunette a sound bare handed spanking. Barbara’s husband Mark encouraged her to get out more and also had memories of the Renaissance Fair. His memories, however, were somewhat more pleasant as the mental images he recalled of his wife’s abused bottom came back to him.

That January a gala ball was held honoring the Woman of the Year. Dress was black tie for gentlemen and formal for the ladies. And this annual occasion gave the women ample opportunity to purchase and display new gowns.

Mark encouraged Barbara to attend the gala with him, going so far as to send her on a shopping trip to New York City with a couple of girlfriends to find a new gown. Barbara was reluctant at first, but the prospect of shopping trip was appealing. After a weekend in the city, Barbara returned home excited about attending the gala.

“How was the trip?” asked Mark as Barbara walked into the house, arms full of packages.

“It was wonderful! And I found a great outfit for the ball. It’s a designer exclusive and one-of-a-kind.” Barbara said.

“Don’t tell me it what cost, tell me what it looks like.”

“Well,” said Barbara coyly “I don’t want give all my secrets away, but I’ll tell you it’s rather form fitting and black.”

“Now that sounds sexy. When do I get to see you in it?” asked Mark.

“Oh I think the night of the ball will be soon enough.”

Meanwhile in the Scalia household this conversation was being held.

“Dominic I have nothing fit to wear to the Woman of the Year Ball.” Terri complained.

Dominic rolled his eyes in resignation knowing his bank account was going to take a hit, “Okay, how much do you want?”

“I’ll just use these two credit cards and the balance should cover the hotel costs.”

“I thought you were buying a dress.” Dominic said.

“I am buying a dress but I can get anything around here. I have to go to New York, silly.”

Knowing any further discussion was pointless, Dominic admitted defeat and merely replied “Fine”.

Preparations were made and gowns purchased and fitted. The ball was held on a Saturday evening in January at the country club. It had been a mild winter with little snow, but tonight the first significant snowfall of the year occurred. Not a blizzard with high winds and severe temperatures just a steady snowfall with huge, fluffy snowflakes. Accumulations had reached eight inches by 6 p.m. with no let up insight. Terri and Barbara were making their final preparations in their respective homes.

“Dominic, come over here and zip me.” Terri asked.

Dominic walked across the bedroom towards his wife as she turned her back toward him. Grabbing the zipper tab he pulled upwards finding the fit of the dress rather tight. The zipper ran from below the small of Terri’s back to just below her shoulder blades. The gown was strapless.

“Kind of snug don’t you think?” Dominic commented. “You’d better hope that zipper stays put.”

“I think this dress fits perfectly,” said Terri as she took a star turn showing Dominic how the dress accentuated her bust on the topside and her shapely derriere on the bottom side. “It is a one-of-a-kind, designer original.”

“Don’t you think you’ll be cold in this dress considering the weather?” Dominic asked.

“I don’t plan on being outside any longer than it takes me to get from the house to the car and from the car into the club. I’ll wear the wrap that comes with this gown. I don’t have anything else to wear with it that matches. Unfortunately it’s too late for you to buy me a fur coat.” explained Terri.

At the Anderson household, Barbara was finishing her preparations for the ball. Her husband was enjoying the view as he watched Barbara step into the gown and pull it up over her hips. Mark let out a long, low whistle in appreciation of the view.

“Where did you get that underwear? You’ve never worn a garter belt and stockings before. And no bra? Sexy, sexy!” said Mark.

“Come over here and help zip me up. Tell me if the garters show under this skirt, they shouldn’t. I’m not wearing a bra because this dress has one built-in. It has to because it’s a strapless gown.”

Mark operated the zipper while Barbara adjusted herself in the dress. He ran his hands down over hips smoothing the material and sneaking a cheap feel.

“No, nothing shows through, just feminine curves.” complemented Mark as he gave Barbara a pat on the bottom.

A description of Barbara’s gown is in order. Made of black satin and of an ankle length, the bodice was strapless with emphasis on Barbara’s attractive shoulders and cleavage. The skirt fit snugly over the hips in a straight line to the hem. A slit in the skirt from hem to knee aided Barbara’s walking in her heels. Opera length gloves and a satin wrap completed the outfit. Barbara’s hair was done in an up sweep. She looked very elegant with the cameo around her throat suspended by a black satin tie. In fact, had that gown been made of black velvet instead of black satin, Barbara would have looked suitable on a billboard advertising a popular brand of whiskey. The black lace garter belt and thong were a gift to Mark for paying for her gown and the weekend shopping trip New York.

The gala ball was to begin at 7 p.m. The agenda was cocktail hour, dinner, a short program announcing the “Woman of the Year”, followed by dancing with dinner commencing at 8 p.m. The Andersons arrived at 7:20 p.m. and were greeted by several couples.

“Barbara, that gown we found in New York looks wonderful on you!” Commented Rhonda Wilson, Barbara’s good friend.

“Thank you Rhonda. I know it was an expensive dress to purchase, but I think it was well worth the money. Plus I’ve never owned an original.”

For the next 30 minutes the Andersons circulated among the couples in attendance. Many complements both direct and indirect were made towards Barbara and her elegant appearance. At about 7:50 p.m., the Scalia’s entered the ballroom. Pausing at the double-doored entrance of the ballroom for dramatic effect, Terri, on Dominic’s arm, scanned the room. The couple each obtained glass of wine and began mingling. Terri was complemented on her gown from several other women and she always pointed out that her dress was a one-of-a-kind, original designer creation. Rhonda Wilson spotted Terri across the room and noticed something about her gown. It was strapless, it was made with black satin, it was ankle length, it was flattering to the bust and derriere, it was very similar to Barbara’s dress. In fact it was identical to Barbara’s dress. Now as most of us know, two women wearing the same formal attire at the same function is at the very least a fashion faux pas. Given the history of these two women, this could well be a declaration of war. Rhonda hurried over to Barbara to tell her.

“Barbara, Terri Scalia’s here.”

“Okay, fine Rhonda. I’m not going to hide from her.” said Barbara.

Rhonda whispered “Barbara look over towards the bar, over your right shoulder. Look at what she’s wearing.”

Barbara looked towards the bar and when she saw Terri, she gasped audibly. “Oh Lord Rhonda, she’s wearing my dress. Where could she have gotten it?”

“Don’t worry about where she got it, let’s concern ourselves about how she’ll react when she sees you.”

The fact that Barbara and Terri were wearing the same dress was not lost on the other women in the room. Word spread quickly about the duplication of outfits. And speculation was rampant on what the reaction would be from the principals. Dinner was served and as luck would have it, the Andersons were seated at the opposite end of the dining room from the Scalias. Seated with the Scalias was Ellen Smith. Ellen had observed that Barbara and Terri were wearing identical gowns, a fact that was still unknown to Terri. Ellen decided to subtly inform Terri of Barbara’s fashion sense.

“My aren’t there a plethora of lovely dresses tonight. Don’t you think, Terri?”

“Yes I suppose you can say so. Many look like last years editions.” Terri commented.

“Did you notice Barbara Anderson’s gown? I wonder wherever she found such a creation.” Ellen said cattily.

“I hadn’t noticed that snotty little blond was even here. It was my understanding she never left the house.”

“Well dear, just look over across the room to the table next in the windows. You’ll see what I’m talking about.” Ellen directed completing the setup.

Terri looked over in that direction and spotted Barbara. At first, she couldn’t believe it. To be sure she rose from her chair. When she was positive of what she had seen, she quickly sat down and began to fume.

“Do you see what she’s wearing? I can’t believe it! She stole my gown.”

“I thought your dress was an exclusive, evidently exclusive to you and Barbara.” Ellen goaded.

“Well, we’ll see about that.” Terri said.

The dinner was served and Terri maintained a close eye on Barbara. Evidently waiting for an opportunity for confrontation. Terri’s surveillance was not lost on Barbara. She could feel the laser beams of Terri’s eyes.

“Rhonda, Terri’s realized we’re wearing the same dress. Hasn’t she?” Barbara asked.

“Looks like it to me, she’s been staring daggers over here all through dinner.” advised Rhonda.

“All right, let’s go to powder room may be it will give her a chance to cool off.”

Barbara and Rhonda excused themselves from the table and made their way to the ladies room, which was adjacent to the dining hall. Terri noticed immediately where they were headed.

“Come on Ellen, let’s have a meeting with Mrs. Anderson concerning her choice of clothing.”

“Oh, I’m with you all the way dearie.”

Terri led the way through the dining room with Ellen following and giving subtle signals to the other women that something significant was about to take place. Right on cue, the majority of the women in attendance excused themselves and made their way to the powder room. The country club power room was cavernous. There were 20 individual makeup tables on three sides of the room. There are comfortable chairs and chaise lounges scattered throughout for the ladies comfort. The actual bathroom facilities were a separate room in the back. This was a place for the ladies to escape for a few moments from the gentlemen, adjust hair and make up, sneak a cigarette, and catch-up on the gossip. Rhonda and Barbara had taken a seat at a makeup table when Terri, Ellen, and several other women into the room. Hearing the door open, Rhonda glanced over to see who had come in.

“She’s here” Rhonda whispered to Barbara.

“Okay, I’ll ignore her and try to be lady.”

Terri crossed the room and was directly behind Barbara. She gave Rhonda a withering look that made Rhonda bolt towards the exit. Rhonda stayed in the room in front of the exit door. Terri tapped Barbara on the shoulder. Barbara remained seated and turned to face Terri.

“Hello Terri, what can I do for you?”

“You know very well what you can do. You stole my dress.”

Barbara remained composed and kept a lady light demeanor. “I didn’t steal anything Terri. I bought this dress in Manhattan. At the time I was told it was a one-of-a-kind. Evidently not.”

“I don’t believe you. I don’t care where you got it, but you won’t be wearing it here.” Terri threatened.

Still trying to keep to the high road, Barbara rose from her chair and responded “Terri I’m not going to listen to you give me grief over a dress. May be you should grow up a little.” Barbara then tried to walk past Terri to leave the room. Terri grabbed Barbara by the arm.

“I’m not through with you. You’re not leaving here wearing my dress.”

Barbara pulled her arm away from Terri, brushing Terri’s forehead with the back of her hand.

“How dare you strike me you little blond b*tch!” Terri raised her right hand and slapped Barbara flush on the cheek. Barbara responded with an open right hand of her own vigorously applied to Terri’s face.

“There’s more were that came from!” Barbara said.

“OOOOOOHHH, damn you. I’ve had you over my knee once before and tanned you’re ass and I’ll do it again.”

Both women began swinging freely, although truth be told the opera gloves that both women were wearing, did minimize the damage. The gloves also prevented scratches from fingernails, but did not handicap gripping the hair. Barbara and Terri each had a handful of each other’s hair and were refusing to let go. They had pushed each other across the room a couple times, knocking over chairs and rearranging the furniture. While they were locked up, Barbara gained an advantage and was pushing Terri towards the exit where Rhonda was standing. Terri was shoved backwards into Rhonda. Rhonda took this opportunity to handicap Barbara’s foe. With Terri’s back pinned against her, Rhonda felt with her hand for the zipper of Terri’s gown. Finding the tab, she pulled the zipper down its entire length. Terri was occupied with Barbara, but could feel something change. Her gown started to slip and she noticed the lack of support for her breasts. Knowing that she had to take care of this disadvantage, she shoved Barbara away from her breaking the hold Barbara had on her hair and losing a few hairs in the process.

Terri reached behind her to find the zipper, but was unable to get a grip on the tab. She quickly twisted left and right trying to secure her dress. Her fast actions caused her to momentarily lose her balance and Terri took a couple steps forward. Unfortunately with one of those steps she stood on the hem of her dress and pitched forward. As she fell forward, Terri grabbed Barbara around the waist to break her fall. Barbara’s dress pulled down and her perky breasts were exposed. Terri clawed with her hands to pull herself up. She caught the cups of Barbara’s strapless gown, one in each hand. With a hearty tug, Terri accomplished two things. She regained her feet and stripped Barbara to the waist. Barbara slapped Terri’s hands away and grabbed the cups of Terri’s gown. Barbara pulled straight down with all her strength revealing Terri’s pair of 36 C’s. Barbara didn’t stop there. She maintained her grip and continued to pull. The seam of Terri’s gown below the zipper began to fail. Terri bent over and tried to get a grip on her structurally failing dress, but the seam split too quickly. Perhaps Terri aided her own stripping by adding stress to the seam. After all, when she bent over her round derriere pushed out against the fabric even more. Those behind Terri were greeted to the sight of her fine ass emerging from black satin. Barbara continued to pull, backing up and tugging as hard she could. Terri’s dress ended up gathered at her ankles. Barbara gave one last heave that pulled Terri’s feet out from under her. She landed flat on her ass, legs flying high in the air, topless but still wearing her black lace thong, black thigh highs, heels and of course her opera length gloves. Barbara gathered Terri’s ruined gown into a ball and headed to the rear of the powder room where the commodes were located.

“I think I know what to do this trash.” Barbara declared.

Terri rose to her feet surrounded by the laughing, jeering women. Deciding that discretion was the better part of valor, Terri made a break for the exit. Evidently forgetting about her state of dress. Blocking the exit door was Rhonda Wilson.

“Why Teresa darling, you know this is a formal dress occasion. Don’t you think you are a bit casual?” Rhonda queried.

“You know what Rhonda, you could be right. Let’s see how you like!” With that Terri grabbed the neckline of Rhonda’s gown and pulled out and down. The flimsy chiffon offered little resistance, as did Rhonda’s bra. There was one interesting effect. As Rhonda’s bra came off two spherical shapes of foam rubber flipped up into the air. It seems Rhonda enlisted Goodyear to give her what mother nature had failed to. Rhonda screamed looking down on her bared bared chest and dashed for the rear bathroom passing Barbara coming out.

“I think someone should call a plumber,” Barbara said “there may be a major stoppage.” Barbara saw Rhonda rush past her. “Rhonda, what happened to you?” Barbara then saw Terri rapidly exiting the powder room. “It’s not over yet!”

Barbara took off in hot pursuit. She had managed to pull her dress up around her chest to maintain some dignity. The speaker at the podium in the dining room was finishing his remarks. “And now ladies and gentlemen may I present the Woman of the Year!” About that time Terri came running through the dining room in lingerie, heels, and topless with Barbara literally hot on her tail. Terri passed directly in front of the podium to the glass doors on the left side of the room. These doors led to the outdoor balcony. Terri paused for moment struggling with the door latch. This gave Barbara the few seconds she needed to catch up to Terri. Terri flung the door open and started outside. Barbara made a grab for her catching the waistband of her panties. Barbara pulled back and Terri strained forward in a tug of war. Terri would gain a couple of steps only to be pulled back by Barbara. Terri’s panties were beginning to suffer from the strain. Terri lunged forward as Barbara gave a mighty pull in the reverse direction. Something had to give any was Terri’s panties that did. The sudden switching momentum propelled Terri out the door and across the balcony head first over the rail. She teetered for moment, balancing herself on the rail at her waist, ass in the air legs kicking. With a scream of terror, Terri went completely over the rail.

Barbara and the rest of the attendees rushed out to the balcony to see what had happened to Terri. The motion detector security lights all came on brightly illuminating the area around the balcony. As they peered over the rail, Barbara and the others were treated to the sight of Terri Scalia face down in three feet of powder snow. She landed face down on her hands and knees. The snow being so fluffy and soft her fall was cushioned. Terri was up to her elbows and knees in the snow, her face buried. In fact the only part of her that wasn’t covered in snow was that magnificent derriere of hers. Dominic Scalia was quickly at Terri’s side helping her up out of the snowdrift. Terri stood up and turned towards the onlookers in the balcony giving the laughing crowd a real view of her snow chilled, erect nipples. Dominic threw his coat over Terri and they walked off to their car.

Mark Anderson stepped out on the balcony and put his arm around Barbara’s shoulder. “Folks, as far as I’m concerned this is my Woman of the Year”
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Default Teresa Scalia: Halloween Havoc

Teresa Scalia: Halloween Havoc
Many months had passed, in fact, nearly a year now since Teresa and Barbara clashed at the Woman of the Year Formal Ball. Terri’s last humiliation actually had some beneficial effects on her personality. She was no longer the haughty, domineering, social diva that she had once been. She had actually become courteous and attentive to others in her social circle and no longer used leverage to gain her own way in matters. The change wasn’t left unnoticed by others in this Connecticut town and was welcomed by them. Other changes were taking place as well.

Barbara Anderson, having gotten the upper hand on Teresa and causing her naked display one last time, had now moved into the role of “alpha” female. Surprisingly, Barbara was becoming more like Terri, as Terri became more like Barbara had been. Barbara was more diplomatic, in her dealings with others, than Terri ever was, but she had learned to assert herself despite it. The two women had seldom crossed paths, in the past several months. In fact, Terri seldom attended any functions at all, lately, at the Country Club. This, apparently, was going to change, once again, at the Club’s Halloween Fancy Dress party.

Barbara had gotten herself elected Chairperson of the Country Club’s entertainment committee. She was in control of all arrangements and activities for the party. The highlight of the event was to be the Costume Contest. Barbara had worked hard to obtain desirable prizes for the winners. The Grand Prize for the winning couple was a weekend at an exclusive ski resort in Vermont. Barbara knew she wasn’t eligible to win the prize herself, but she certainly wanted one of her friends to have that Vermont trip.

At the Scalia household, Dominic and Teresa were dressing for the party.

“Do you like the costumes I selected?” asked Terri.

“I feel like a damned fool!” said Dominic. “Do I have to wear this nose all night?” Dominic was dressed as a storybook puppet (the one who wished to become a real boy), complete with a feather in his cap and green lederhosen.

“Of course, you do! You are Pinocchio. Don’t tell any lies or it will grow, your nose, that is,” she said teasingly. “What do you think about my costume?”

“I think you look wonderful! It’s not really your usual style, but very attractive on you nonetheless.”

To compliment Dominic’s Pinocchio costume, Terri had elected to go as the Blue Fairy, from the same story. Her gown was a floor length, powder blue chiffon, very feminine off-the-shoulder gown, with lots of crinoline and a scooped neckline that showed off just enough of Terri’s more-than-ample cleavage. Her hair was done in an upswept style and she wore a small tiara in it. Attached to the back of her gown, was a small pair of diaphanous fairy wings and, of course, she carried a “magic” wand.

“We haven’t been to the Country Club for a longtime, Dominic. Not since that episode with Barbara, at the Woman of the Year banquet,” Terri recalled.

“I know, Terri, and you and I both know why, but time has passed and I think everyone has moved past that little public display.”

“Well I certainly hope so, especially Barbara Anderson. I just want to have a fun evening, with no problems from her.”

“That’s what I want too, but I’ll tell you something. I’ve been very proud of you and the way you’ve handled yourself, since that banquet. Just remember, you don’t have to take any guff from Barbara Anderson, but be a lady and don’t cause a scene unnecessarily.”

“I’ll do my best, Dominic. That woman will never get the better of me again!”

“Terri, I’m telling you, NO SCENES! Understand?’

Meanwhile at the Anderson residence……………..

“Velcome to my castle!” announced Mark Anderson, in his best Bela Lugosi dialect, as he did a 180-degree turn, flourishing his red lined vampire cape, “Let me feast upon your blood!” Mark playfully mouthed Barbara’s neck from behind.

“Calm down, Count. We don’t have time for any hanky-panky.”

“But you look like such a sexy witch. Where did you get this outfit?”

“I had it made, just for this occasion. Do you think it’s a little too much?”

“No I think you look fine, just fine,” said Mark, with a wink at Barbara.

Barbara was indeed dressed as very sexily. Clad entirely in black, Barbara’s dress had a high neckline and long sleeves; however, the back was completely open, practically to her waist, revealing her very attractive back and shoulders. The skirt portion was snugly fit around her hips, with the hemline just reaching mid-thigh. Barbara’s shapely legs were encased in black stockings and, of course, she wore black stiletto heels. To complete the ensemble, Barbara put on a small, pointed and brimmed witch’s hat and carried a small broom.

“Come on, Mark! Let’s get going. I want to check on a few things at the Club, before the guests arrive.”

Mark and Barbara arrived around forty-five minutes before the official start of the party. Barbara set about checking on the decorations, catering, and entertainment. Barbara’s good friend, Rhonda Miller, was already there to assist her.

“Rhonda, how is it going? Is everything coming together as planned?”

“I think we’re in good shape,” Rhonda replied. “The DJ is set up and the decorations look great. I’ve got the prize envelopes here and the judges have all confirmed that they’ll be here.”

“Great! It looks like we’ll pull this off in great fashion,” Barbara said.

“There is one thing I should tell you about, though, Barbara. I was going through the RSVPs and I saw Dominic and Teresa Scalia’s name. I just thought you should know that your Italian “girlfriend” might show up tonight,” said Rhonda, teasingly.

Barbara looked surprised and said, “You’re kidding! They’re actually going to come to this party? I didn’t think she’d show her face in this Club again. Oh well, it’s a free country and I doubt very much that she’ll act up again.”

“You never know about her, Barbara. I’ll help by keeping one eye on her for you, just in case,” Rhonda volunteered.

“Okay. That sounds like a plan. Let’s just make sure we have a successful party and that one of our friends gets that wonderful Vermont trip.”

Rhonda and Barbara finished the final preparations, with time to spare. Barbara met with the three judges, who had been retained to rate the partygoers on their costumes. In the interest of impartiality, the judges were all from out-of-town and did not know any of the competitors. Barbara went over the criteria that the judges were to use and how to identify each entrant on their ballots. Because some would be wearing masks, it was decided that they would identify them by character name or simple description. Rhonda would be in charge of assisting the judges in their work with tallying the votes.

The guests soon began arriving. Many had really gone all out with their costumes. There were the usual monsters and ghosts, along with some very exquisite costumes from the French Court of Louis XVI, Star Trek characters (both Star Fleet and Klingons) and a few storybook characters. What seemed to catch everyone’s attention was the entrance of Pinocchio and the Blue Fairy. While Dominic played his part as the puppet boy adequately, it was Teresa, as the Blue Fairy that got everyone’s attention. She looked absolutely breathtaking. She was, perhaps, slightly womanlier in shape than what most would think a fairy should look like, but a sight to behold, nonetheless. The other guests soon seemed to surround her. Comments rang out on how it had been so long since they had seen her and also on how lovely she looked this evening. Teresa was somewhat taken aback by all of the positive attention. The costume judges had taken full notice of her, as well, and were marking their scorecards, in advance, appropriately. Rhonda Miller, flitting around the judges, caught a glimpse at their scores. She couldn’t believe it! Teresa was running away with the competition. She had to find Barbara and inform her about what was going on.

Rhonda searched for Barbara and found her and Mark near the DJ stand.

“Barbara, I’ve got to talk to you. This is important.”

After getting her attention, she whispered, “Teresa Scalia is going to win the Costume Contest. I got a look at the judges scorecards and there’s no one even close.”

“Oh no! That can’t be! I don’t want her waltzing in here and walking off with that Vermont trip,” exclaimed Barbara.

“So what?” Mark interjected. “If she wins the prize legitimately, then so be it.”

“Mark, I’m not going to let that happen. She’s not winning that prize!”

“Barbara, I’m giving you fair warning. Do NOT cause any problems tonight with Terri Scalia!” warned Mark.

“Come on, Rhonda. Let’s see where Terri is.” Barbara said, as she walked away from Mark, ignoring his warning.

“I think I saw her out on the veranda, before I came to find you.”

Barbara and Rhonda started their reconnaissance. As expected, Terri and Dominic were on the veranda, having a drink and conversation with two other couples. Terri had her back to the railing, not quite up against it, and was facing the main ballroom.

From their vantage point, Barbara and Rhonda could see where Terri was, without being noticed. Barbara surveyed the situation and formulated a plan.

“We’ve got fifteen minutes until the Grand Promenade. That’s when the judges will make their final selection. I’ve got to come up with something to keep her from winning.” said Barbara. “Are those long shears still in the utility room?”

“Yes they are. I know right where they’re at. Why? What do you have in mind?” asked Rhonda.

“Go and get the shears and bring them back here to me. Then, I want you to go up to the veranda and keep Terri occupied with some of your “sparkling” conversation, okay?”

“Okay, I guess, but be careful. Mark warned you not to cause any problems.”

“Don’t worry about Mark. I can handle him. Remember now, when you’re talking to Terri, try to keep one eye on me. Keep her facing you with her back to the railing and don’t let her leave until I give you the signal. Understand?”

“All right, Barbara. Good luck.”

Rhonda did as instructed and delivered the shears to Barbara. Rhonda then made her way through the main hall and out to the veranda. Barbara crept around the building to the outside of the veranda, right behind Terri. The veranda’s deck was approximately four feet above ground level. Barbara looked around for something to stand on, so she could accomplish what she had in mind. Fortunately for her, there was an empty bucket, just under the deck. The lighting on the deck was subdued enough and the sound level from the music in the main hall filtered out through the open doors, making conversation a little difficult, but masking any other noise and her presence.

Barbara kept a low profile, just peaking over the deck floor, watching for Rhonda to show up. Rhonda swept through the doors and walked directly up to Terri as if she had just found a long lost friend.

“Teresa dear, it’s so good to see you. My gosh, it’s been ages!” Rhonda gushed.

“Well hello, Rhonda. It’s so nice to see you. How have you been?” asked Terri.

“I’m going to get us a couple more drinks, Terri. Rhonda, would you like something?” asked Dominic.

“No thank you, Dominic. I’m fine,” replied Rhonda.

Dominic walked back into the main hall, toward the bar.

While Rhonda and Terri engaged in small talk, Barbara set her plan into action. Standing on the bucket to gain elevation, she used the shears to quietly and discretely start cutting, very slowly and cautiously, making a vertical cut on the hem on the right side of Terri’s dress. She didn’t dare tug on the fabric, lest Terri be alerted to what was going on. Rhonda kept looking over Terri’s shoulder, when she wasn’t noticing, to see if Barbara was making any progress. Rhonda had to stifle a laugh, when she realized exactly what Barbara was up to. Barbara completed the first cut, traveling from the hem nearly to the waist, then across the back and down the left side. She deftly lowered the fabric but was disappointed at the results. She signaled Rhonda to keep talking.

“And where did you get this lovely dress? It really becomes you.” Rhonda remarked to Terri.

What Barbara hadn’t counted on were the layers of crinoline beneath the dress fabric. Again, as stealthily as possible, Barbara reached with her left hand and compressed the crinoline, as she worked the shears, being extremely cautious not to accidentally touch Terri’s body or tug on the fabric.

“Rhonda, I think I’ll go back in and find Dominic, before the final costume judging starts.”

Rhonda looked down at Barbara who was vigorously shaking her head from side to side, signaling her not to let her leave yet.

“Oh, you’ve got plenty of time, Terri. Tell me about Dominic Jr. How is he doing in school this year?”

Terri accommodated Rhonda’s inquiry about Dominic Jr. All the while, Barbara was snipping away at the crinoline petticoats. The music faded away and the DJ made an announcement: “Ladies and Gentlemen, please assemble in the main hall for the Grand Promenade.

“Rhonda, it’s been nice visiting with you, but I really must find Dominic.” With that, Terri walked away from her, toward the door to the main hall. Barbara made the last cut, just as Terri had stepped away from the railing. Barbara threw the cut fabric to the ground, smiling and admiring her work as Terri walked away.

Barbara had completely removed the back of Terri’s gown from the hem nearly to the waist, revealing Terri’s very shapely and famous derriere, which tonight, was encased in pale blue sheer pantyhose. Terri’s outfit was so color coordinated that her French cut panties were just a slightly darker shade of blue.

As soon as Terri was out of earshot, Barbara and Rhonda broke into peals of laughter.

“Well that should take care of her,” Barbara told Rhonda. “I don’t believe she’ll be taking any prizes home tonight.”

“Oh Barbara, you are so wicked.” Rhonda sneered.

“Come on. Let’s get ourselves another drink and find a good vantage point, so we can watch the fun begin.”

Barbara and Rhonda walked around the corner of the veranda and entered the main hall, through a side door. Terri had found Dominic, on his way back to the veranda, with their drinks in hand.

“Would all those competing in the costume contest please gather at the end of the hall by the DJ stand? Final judging will commence in a few moments, after the Grand Promenade,” announced the DJ.

Dominic and Terri walked to the opposite end of the hall to take their place in line for the judging. Terri noticed that several people were intently looking them over as they moved through the hall. She was sure they were admiring her and Dominic’s outfits. What she wasn’t sure about was the snickering and chuckles she was hearing, as they passed by them.

Those who weren’t competing were gathered on either side of the hall, forming the promenade. The contestants were to walk down the promenade, toward the judges at the opposite end. After presenting themselves to the judges, the contestants were to then do a complete turn before acknowledging the observers.

Dominic and Teresa began their walk. The laughter grew louder behind the couple, as they advanced toward the judges. Teresa felt a cool breeze on the back of her legs and on her bottom, for some reason.

Teresa whispered to Dominic, “Dominic, do you feel a draft?”

Dominic, intent on playing the role of Pinocchio, wasn’t paying much attention but answered “What? Draft? No. I was apparently exempted.”

As Dominic and Teresa made their walk, Barbara took a position at the front line of the observers, to enjoy the effects of her mischief. Standing with her hands on her hips between the rows of spectators, Barbara could see Terri’s embarrassment unfold before her eyes.

Mark stepped up beside Barbara and whispered, “Is this some of your doing?”

“You bet it is! She was running away with the contest and I wasn’t about to let her have that Grand Prize. I think this should take care of any chance she had at winning,” Barbara declared.

“I told you not to start anything tonight! We’ll discuss this later, but I am not happy with you,” said Mark.

By now, the Scalias had reached the end of the walk and made their turn before the judges. The laughter had grown; somewhat, and a few “catcalls” rang out. As Teresa turned her back to the judges, three pairs of eyes grew noticeably larger in diameter. The judges, of course, were all male and could appreciate the uninhibited view they were getting of Terri’s pantyhose clad legs and bottom. By now, the laughter had grown raucously. Terri still had no clue what the source was of all the laughter. She looked down to the end of the line and saw Barbara Anderson, who was laughing with gusto. Just as she noticed Barbara, one of the judges, an older gentleman who still had somewhat of a sense of chivalry, tapped her on the shoulder and whispered in her ear…

“Dear, I think you should check the back of your dress.”

“What? The back of my what?” Teresa asked, becoming a little flustered.

Teresa’s right hand slid around her thigh and felt behind her right leg. Her hand waved around trying to find the dress fabric that Barbara had removed. With the fabric no longer there, her hand found nothing but her exposed derriere. She quickly turned her head to try to view the damage to her dress. She also pivoted on her heels, unthinkingly, and afforded the crowd another view of her exposure.

“Oh no! What’s happened my dress?”

Teresa tried to cover herself then, while attempting to face away from the crowd, so as to prevent them from seeing any more of herself than they already had. Teresa’s obvious embarrassment fueled even more laughter. Dominic tried to assist her, but was more of a hindrance than anything. In her struggles, Teresa again looked toward the end of the hall and saw Barbara doubled over in laughter.

“That b*tch, Barbara, was responsible for this! We’ll see how long she thinks this is funny.”

With that said, Terri started to go after Barbara, but Dominic grabbed her by the arm.

“Terri, don’t you start anything. The damage is done. Let’s just leave.”

“She started it, Dominic, and I’m not going to let her get away with this!” Terri said with mounting anger.

Terri tried to make another move toward Barbara, but Dominic held fast.

“Come on now, Terri. Cool off!”

“I will not cool off! Take your hands off me, Dominic!” Barbara fumed.

With that, Terri pulled her arm free of Dominic’s grasp and hurriedly headed toward Barbara. Dominic dove after her, unsuccessfully, as she swiftly strode away from him. Falling to the floor, all Dominic could grip was the remains of Terri’s dress. Terri felt something tug on her, but she kept walking. She was not going to be stopped, by Dominic, or by anyone else either. The pull on her dress grew stronger, as Dominic held on to it. Terri continued to pull away from him, spinning against the force that was trying to slow her; the result being that the remaining skirt portion of Terri’s dress was ripped completely away from the bodice.

To say the least, the crowd, by now, was roaring uncontrollably with laughter, especially since this development. Terri was so intent on reaching Barbara that she never even glanced down to realize that she was now completely exposed from the waist down. She quickly walked up to Barbara, who was nearly in tears from laughter.

“You think this is so funny, do you. Did you have anything to do with sabotaging my dress?”

Barbara had to compose herself, somewhat, before she could even answer. “Well, Terri darling, to be honest, I did do a slight alteration, but I think you and your husband have taken it a step further than I did.”

“A step further? What do you mean?” Terri responded. Another cool breeze swirled around Terri. This time she felt it, all around her, below the waist. She looked down and finally realized that her skirt was now completely gone.
“Oh my God!” She screamed, trying to cover herself with her hands, with little effect. Barbara continued laughing, while pointing at Terri, and announced to the guests, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Mrs. Scalia has once again felt the need to expose herself to you all!”

The crowd began applauding, laughing, with a few loud wolf whistles. Barbara turned and acknowledged the audience. Unfortunately, Barbara had failed to learn something in her past conflicts with Teresa Scalia, and that lesson was to never turn her back to her. Terri looked up and saw that Barbara was facing away from her, while pointing at Terri, so as to draw attention to her humiliation. Terri made her move, at exactly that moment, grasping Barbara’s dress at the base of the low cut back. Terri pulled straight down and back, opening the zipper and splitting the seam. Two more strong tugs opened the seam completely and now Barbara, herself, was facing some unwanted exposure. With the seam open, Terri put both hands on one side and began stripping the entire dress from Barbara. Barbara defended herself, as best she could, but Terri had the advantage. With one quick, last yank, Terri had Barbara’s entire dress in her hands.

Barbara stood for a moment in shock, then looked down and assessed the damage. Because of the low cut back that her dress was designed with, Barbara had declined to wear a bra. She had elected, however, to wear a very sheer black lace thong along with her black stockings. Barbara made a vain attempt to cover her breasts with her hands. She also squeezed her knees together and crouched down, trying to show as little of herself as possible. Now it was Teresa’s turn to have a laugh, at Barbara’s expense.

“Mrs. Anderson, are you having a little modesty crisis? Oh, I am so, so sorry,” giggled Teresa.

Barbara could not tolerate the vision of Teresa Scalia laughing and taunting her. Barbara rose and stood straight up, now totally unconcerned about covering herself. She took three steps toward Teresa. Teresa, not thinking that Barbara would try something in the state of undress that she was, stood her ground and continued her laughter. Face-to-face with Terri, Barbara put her hands inside the neckline of Terri’s top and pulled. The adrenaline must have been flowing or the construction of the dress was faulty, because Barbara hardly had to make an effort to pull it completely off Terri. This left Terri standing in her powder blue bra and matching panties, which were under her blue pantyhose. Before Terri could react, Barbara grabbed her and started working on the hooks of her bra. Barbara got one hook free and struggled with the others. Finally, she just ripped the hooks loose and threw the bra on the floor. Terri didn’t hesitate to even try to cover her breasts. She charged forward, grabbing Barbara’s hair.

Mark Anderson, after walking up to stand beside Dominic Scalia, put his hand on his shoulder and said, “Dom, how long are we going to let this crap between our wives continue?”

“Mark, you are absolutely right. It’s bad enough that our women want to humiliate each other, but it makes you and I look absolutely ridiculous for tolerating such bad behavior between them. I think it’s time we take matters into our own hands, if you catch my drift?”

“I read you,” said Mark. “Let’s go.”

By now, the combatants, finding it difficult to maintain balance while wearing high heels on a hardwood floor, were both rolling on the floor, trading slaps and hair pulls. Both were too occupied to notice that a couple of chairs had been pulled out, on the floor near them. Barbara felt someone grab her arm and lift her to her feet. Sometime during the last few moments, she had lost both shoes and suffered a couple rips in her stockings. As Mark raised her by her upper arm, Barbara arched her back and unconsciously thrust her chest out. Evidently, the exertion and/or the excitement of her fight with Terri caused some major stimulation to her nipples. They were fully erect, with a definite red blush to them. Her skin glistened with perspiration.

As she felt Barbara move away from her, Terri started to rise on her own. She soon felt a hand also grip her upper arm. Terri, as well, had lost both shoes. Her pantyhose were quite a sight, with several tears, especially around the seat area. Evidently, that was the focus of Barbara’s attack. As Terri stood up, breathing heavily, her breasts were heaving. She, too, was showing some signs of excitement. Her nipples were on “high beam” and were pointing skyward. Dominic led her over to one of the two chairs placed strategically in the middle of the floor.

“Dominic, let’s get out of here. Give me something to cover up with,” pleaded Terri.

“Just a moment, my darling. There’s some business Mark and I have to attend to first.”

Mark pulled Barbara over to the other chair, which was situated face-to-face with the other.

“What’s Dominic talking about, Mark? Business to attend to? Let me go. I want to leave!” pouted Barbara.

“Ladies,” Mark announced to both of them, “this feud between the two of you ends tonight. You degrade yourselves and you degrade Dominic and I. In view of that, Dominic and I have decided that if it’s degradation you seek, then we’ll supply it. Dominic, shall we begin?”

“By all means, Mr. Anderson. The ladies shall now ASSUME THE POSITION!”

With that, Mark and Dominic seated themselves in the chairs and each of them pulled their wives, helplessly, across their laps. Due to the chairs placements, both Barbara’s and Terri’s heads were now only about one foot away from each other’s bottom.

“No! No! No! You’re not spanking me, Mark. Not in front of that b*tch, Terri!”

“Oh yes, my lovely. This is where it all ends,” said Mark

“Dominic, let me up. I’m not going to take this!” was Terri’s reaction to her predicament in which she now found herself.

“Yes, you are going to take it and I think you may be taking it more often, in the future,” hinted Dominic.

Mark noticed that Barbara’s bottom was still somewhat protected by her lace thong. First thing he did was to pull on the waistband of her thong giving the assembled partygoers a real good view of her nice, round bottom. Terri glanced to her right and saw Barbara’s bared behind wriggling, trying to escape from beneath Mark’s hand.

“I’ll enjoy watching you get your ass get blistered by him.”

No sooner had Terri said that, than Dominic ripped what was left of her pantyhose, away from her bottom, and lowered her panties. The assembled crowd was treated to another view of Terri’s magnificent derriere. Barbara was now afforded a view; similar to Terri’s of her own bottom.

“Not as much as I will by seeing that big Italian ass of yours turning bright red!” fumed Barbara, in reply to Terri’s sarcasm.

Dominic looked at Mark and Mark nodded his approval. Hands were raised and the “Spanking of the Unruly Wives” began. Barbara tried to suffer in silence. Mark was an adept spanker and soon had Barbara’s skin tone a bright pink. Finally, feeling the sting from his hand getting worse, Barbara broke her silence.

“Oh God, Mark, please stop! I can’t take this, pleeeeease,” she pleaded to him.

“Just a few more, I think, so you will remember this evening.”

Terri was even more vocal and protested loudly throughout her spanking. Her bottom was turning red after only the fourth spank. Dominic was a typical Italian husband and had been counseled by his father in these matters, so his hand landed with much more force than Mark’s was.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow! Damn it, Dominic, let me up! Ow! Damn you!”

“Be quiet and take what’s coming to you, Terri. You’ve earned this, with your behavior here tonight.”

After the application of about 20 spanks to both ladies, the husbands finally ceased. Both women now stood, fighting back tears and hands rubbing their own bottoms, feeling the heat and checking the damage.

The husbands led their now contrite wives out of the Country Club and into their cars, with no accommodation for their lack of attire. As they were leaving, applause broke out in the hall, in appreciation for the husbands finally taking control of their wives.
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Default Hey

Wow all that was really good I have never read that before but I'm glad I did but question is will there be a part where Terri and Barbara work together and embarass their husbands by revealing their bra and panties and spanking them.

Because I think that be a cool image a guy in bra and panties over a woman's lap
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