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Old 04-30-2018, 09:02 AM
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Default Amber fucked in front of boyfriend

So like a lot of stories I write, this was written for someone specific. In this case a 20 year old in Facebook who was going through a rough patch with her bf

“Nooo don't stop! You can't leave me like this!”
Amber stayed laid flat in her back with her legs spread as her boyfriend Nathan climbed out from between them.
“We have to get going. We are already late.”
Tonight Nathan was taking Amber to a party thrown for his bosses birthday at a local pub. Nathan had recently been promoted and was desperate to make a good impression.
“But my pussy is soaking wet! You can't start eating me out and then just stop. You've been teasing me all day. I'm going to be horny all night!! I need you inside me!”
Amber climbed off the bed and started to pull up her black lacy thong and pull down her dress.
“I'm sorry babe, I'll make it up yo you later i promise, but you know how important this is.”
“Maybe we can have a quicky in his bathroom..?”
Nathan just threw an irritated look at Amber.
“I'm sure I must stink of sex too! Everyone will know what we've been up to. Plus my pussy is so wet I'm going to leave stains on every seat.”
“Knowing how much you want it just makes it more difficult to not give it to you now. But I'll make it up to you later I promise. Its hot knowing that you'll be wet all night.”
“Maybe ill just have to get one of the other guys to sort me out. They'll all be able to tell how horny I am, I'm sure.”
Nathan laughed at this suggestion. “Yeah babe, you do that”.

By the time they reached the party it was already pretty busy. Amber and Nathan made their way inside and across to the bar. After they'd got a drink Nathan saw a couple of friends and they joined them at their table.

They were both having a good time and had enjoyed a few dances when Nathan had to head off to the toilet. As he was sat in the cubical he could hear two guys talking at the basin.
“Did you see that babe in the black dress with the massive tits? When she was dancing they were practically bouncing out her dress! And it was so short you could almost see her pussy when she sat back down.” Nathan realised that the first guy must be talking about Amber his girlfriend. She by far had the biggest tits of anyone at the party and even he had enjoyed getting a few glances up her dress as she got up and down from their table.
“Yeah that's Amber. She's the girlfriend of a guy in my division. He's a nice lad and she's a good lass. But your right she's hot.” Nathan recognised the second voice as his friend Shaun. He had no idea who the first guy was though.
“You fucked her? “
“What? No! She's my friends girlfriend.”
“Bet you've thought about it though haven't you? “
Nathan decided to stay in the cubicle so he didn't disturb the conversation. He wanted to know what Shaun would say.
“Well, I mean, you know… If She wasn't Nathan's girl… “
“So you would fuck her if you could then?”
“I mean… well who wouldn't want to…” Shane trailed off
“Fuck her shaved pussy? Cover her tits in cum?”
“I'm sure she's not like that. You're full of shit. She's a classy girl.”
“You think? I'm going to find out. I'm going to fuck her tonight.” Nathan found himself sitting up straight on the toilet hearing the stranger saying this.
“She'll never fuck you. She's a nice girl and wouldn't do that to Nathan.”
“Dont you be so sure. Have you seen the way she been dancing tonight? She is horny as fuck and is gagging for it I'm sure. I bet you £50.”
“You are talking out your arse Simon but I'll take £50 off you.”
“You wait and see… every girl wants to ride a big cock, especially when she isn't getting any at home. I'll give you proof by the end of the night.”
Nathan felt flushed and slightly woozy. His friend had been talking about fucking his girlfriend. And had been even made a bet with a stranger. He felt strangely aroused. As he did his trousers up he realised his cock was hard.
Nathan stepped out of the cubicle and saw shan drying his hands. Shan saw him and swore.
“Shit, Nathan, I'm sorry. Did you hear that? Well of course you did. I was only messing around.”
Nathan was strangely calm. “Don't worry about it. She is hot. I'm pleased you think so too.”
“Simon is going to make a move on her you know. And his dick is huge. I saw it whilst he was having a piss.”
Nathan's cock got even harder against his jeans hearing this. He was confused with himself. “Dont worry, she wouldn't do it. Who is the guy anyway?”
“he's Simon. He started in accounting recently. He's all mouth though. I'm sure I'll be £50 richer come the end of the night.”
And together Shaun and Nathan left the toilet.

Amber had been stood impatiently at the bar. She couldn't understand why Nathan was taking so long. She was enjoying her night, they'd had quite a few drinks and plenty of dancing. Her pussy was possibly even wetter then before she left the house due to the way Nathan and others had gyrated against her. As she was lost in thought about how much she desperately wanted to sit on Nathan's cock, she felt a hand rest on her arse and a voice ask her
“Can I get you a drink beautiful?”
She turned around and became face to face with a tall, handsome man. He was well built and dressed well. His hand hadn't left her arse.
“Erm… I’m just waiting for my boyfriend to come back.” Amber stammered.
“Oh I'm sure he wouldn't complain about me topping your drink up. Saves him paying for it.”
Amber gazed up at him and could feel her pussy pulsate. She mumbled her agreement.
Simon ordered them two drinks and led Amber towards a corner of the bar. They started chatting like old friends and all the while Simon’s hand never left Amber's arse. As time went on he became bolder and soon Amber's dress had been pulled up and Simon’s hand was on her bare cheek.
A few people around them had taken notice and kept stealing glances at the pair of them but no one said anything. Simon had now started massaging Amber's neck and she was moaning softly as he did. She rocked her arse back into his crotch and was amazed when she felt how big his dick was. She'd always been satisfied with Nathan but Simon felt twice as big.
“Mmm you have to stop, I have a boyfriend.” Amber tried to protest but it was only half hearted. She didn't believe she meant what she said. All she could think about was the massive cock resting between the crack of her arse.
“I don't think you mean that Amber. If you did, your pussy wouldnt be so wet” and as he said that Simon dropped one of his hands from her next straight down to her pussy. He slipped her thong out the way and plunged his finger inside of her. Amber melted further into Simon. She didn't care that he was now fingering her in full view of anyone in the bar who cared to take notice. All she wanted was his cock and to cum.

Simon led Amber out of the bar and into the beer garden. It had already got fairly dark so he was able to find a table towards the edge of the patio where the big outdoor lights didn't reach. They were fairly secluded but anyone who wanted to see them would only need walk round a corner and they were blatantly obvious. This is what Nathan had done. He'd been looking throughout the bar for a good 5-10 mins. He was starting to worry a little but was also concerned that his cock was still hard. He knew Amber would most likely have just gone to the toilet but part of him was secretly hoping she was fucking Simon’s big cock.
As he passed the patio doors he decided he'd just have a quick look outside incase Amber was talking to a friend.
Just as he was about to turn back inside he heard Shaun’s voice
“Shit her boyfriend is coming.”
Nathan couldn't see him but as he edged round the corner of the pub everything became clear
Amber was on her knees, her dress pulled down over her enormous tits and her mouth wrapped tight around Simon’s massive cock. Shaun and 3 other guys Nathan half recognised were stood watching. They each had their hands inside their trousers clearly rubbing their cocks.
“Don't you think you should stop Simon?” said Shaun.” That is her boyfriend. You've won your bet, I'll pay up.”
Simon looked over at Nathan and smiled. “But Amber is my date for the night now, aren't you?“ Amber mumbled and nodded without taking Simon’s cock out of her mouth. “Plus, he's clearly enjoying this. Look at his hard on”.
The other guys turned and looked at Nathan's dick through his trousers. All though not too impressive it was obvious he had an erection and he turned bright red in the darkness.
Simon pulled his cock out of Amber's mouth and it was only then that Nathan could see how impressive it was. Much longer and thicker then his, it glistened in the limited light from Amber's saliva which was all over it.
“I think we should let very decide how the rest of the night goes.”
With that he helped her up to her feet. He lent over and took one of her huge tits in his mouth and sucked on her nipple whilst also rubbing his finger over her clit.
“So Amber, is this the biggest cock you've ever seen?” Amber could only moan as Simon continued to flick her clit.
“You want me to fuck you with it don't you? You want to experience a large cock for the first time don't you?” Amber moaned again.
“Nobody could hear that Amber. I think you need to tell your boyfriend what you want tonight.”
Amber looked across at Nathan. She had never been so wet in her life. Her pussy was on fire and she craved the feeling of Simon’s cock inside of her.
“I’m going to fuck him Nathan. I know you want me too. I need to experience it.”
That was all Simon needed to hear. He picked Amber up and laid her on the table. Then he beckoned Nathan closer.
“why don't you come her and watch Nathan. You want me to do this. You aren't going to stop me fucking your girlfriend.”
Nathan felt his legs carrying him closer as he saw Simon bend over and pull off Amber's soaked thong. He tossed it in Nathan's direction.
“Pass that round. Show those other guys how wet your girl is for a real man.”
Nathan was now aware there was a small crowd of people watching and some even had their phones out recording the fucking. His boss was there and there even a few women one of which had her dress pulled up and her hand on her pussy.
“I need you inside me now!” demanded Amber of Simon
Nathan knew this was the moment. She had asked him that earlier in the night before they'd left home but he knew right now that she wouldn't be able to feel his cock inside her again.
Simon slowly started inserting his cock inside Amber's pussy.
“Quit teasing me, I need you!” she pleased with him
As Simon inserted more cock inside her Amber started moaning more and more. Before he even had half the cock inside of her she had cum once, her whole body trembling.
“You're my sl*t now aren't you Amber?”
“Oh fuck yes, of course I am”. Everyone watching heard that.
“Who's cock do you prefer?”
“yours! I never want another cock again”
Simon now turned Amber over and started fucking her in doggy style. Her big tits were swaying back and forth and the whole neighbourhood must have been able to hear her moans and screams as she came on his cock time and again.
Simon turned Amber back it to her back and soon Amber felt Simon’s cock tense up and she felt her pussy get filled with cum. As he slowly removed his the crowd cheered as a river of cum ran out of her pussy. She became aware of a tongue in her pussy and looked down to see Nathan licking her pussy and clearing away Simon’s cum
She smiled at him. “I love you Nathan but your cock can't do anything like that one.”
And with that she reached round to take Simon in her mouth again and get him hard for another round of fucking.
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Old 05-17-2018, 05:55 AM
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very good story
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Old 05-23-2018, 04:07 AM
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Originally Posted by lololo72 View Post
very good story
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Old 05-24-2018, 07:50 PM
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I like this story) I want to read more
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