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Old 07-09-2015, 06:18 AM
Fred Wasserstein Fred Wasserstein is offline
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Default Perfect day!

A few months ago I had one of my best days in the sauna in Germany ever.

Like always I was naked on my sunchair. A middle-aged couple entered the hall of the chill out area. The woman have chosen a place for them in the near of mine. At this particular time most of the sun loungers were empty.

Both of them were completely wrapped in their towels. Sometimes the woman looked directly to me. I was flattered.

After a while the guy picked up goggles, kissed her and went away.

Then she untightened her towel and put her towel a bit down. Yes, her beautiful tits were free! She looked to me and closed her eyes.

From time to time she opened her eyes and looked in my direction.

Then I changed my position on my sun lounger. If she would open her eyes the next time she would have a perfect sight to my naked penis.

Only a few seconds later she opened her eyes and smiled. Then she rose, unwrapped herself, put her towel on her sun chair and laid down. From now on we were both completely naked. The only ones in the complete area.

She stared straigth to my penis and I stared straight to her naked body. I wished to see her pussy from my direction but it wasn´t possible. Her legs showed to the wrong way. My cock began to swell. It was really hard work for me not to get an full erection.

After a while her companion came back. He looked baffled to see her naked on the sun lounger but said nothing to her about it. He had not a clue what was going on before. After a few seconds she wrapped herself in her towel again.

The show was over!
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Old 08-01-2015, 03:35 AM
Fred Wasserstein Fred Wasserstein is offline
Join Date: Mar 2015
Location: germany
Posts: 42
Thanks: 119
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Default The girl came closer and closer...

Some time ago I was at my favorite german Sauna. The Sauna wasn´t crowded. A lot of possibilities to change the place...

Like always I laid naked on my sun lounger. At the other end of the hall laid an average looking girl. She was alone, a liitle bit overweight, about 25 years old and wasn´t naked. She looked very shy.

There are 3 ways to go from the inside area to the outside area of the sauna. Every time she changed the Areas, she chose the way in the near of my place. It was a detour for her.

It was time for my first sauna session. After I came back, I recognized that the girl changed the sun chair. She came a little bit closer to mine. She cut the former distance between us in half.

I reduced my break and went to my second sauna session. As I came back to my place, I was thrilled to see that she shortened the distance again.

I wasn´t ready for another sauna session, but I had to leave my place... I wasn´t hungry, but it was time for a lunch break.

After my fastest lunch in my life I came back to my place. I couldn´t see the girl, but I recognized one of her towels. Her towel laid on a sun lounger right behind mine.

I laid down, put my sun lounger in a horizontal position and waited. After a short while she came to her new place. She laid down. I could feel her eyes on my naked body. From the corner of an eye I could see that she moved her upper part of her body to have a better view of my penis. It was great!
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Old 08-03-2015, 06:33 PM
Collegeguy88 Collegeguy88 is offline
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Hopefully you guys don't mind if I piggyback off this thread, I'll be more than happy to share my experiences following my visit in detail. I saw some other postings about this subject, but I think it would be good to know for sure.

In about a week my girlfriend and I are visiting Munich and we'll be making a trip to the Therme Erding saunas. I was just curious from start to finish what to expect, (ex. coed locker rooms, showers, male to female ratio, number of people in our age range (21-30)). She's typically a somewhat modest person but she'll go along with it as long as it's not a sausage festival or just loaded with old people.

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Old 08-04-2015, 05:53 PM
cladiz cladiz is offline
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While we wait to hear about Collegeguy’s vacation to Munich, I better tell about my last (for now) German sauna experience. In this thread I’ve already told about the two previous ones I had. This third one was special though, because I for the first time had convinced my girlfriend to join me. We had been together for some months by then, so we knew each other well, but still not that well. I was quite excited to see what she would think about it, and especially about the nudity. I expected though, that it wouldn’t be a big deal for her, as she told me that she previously had been visiting nude beaches in the summer time.
However, to my big but pleasant surprised, she actually turned quite shy when we got inside the coed dressing room. First she insisted to keep her bikini on, but when I told her that she would have to remove it anyway, she accepted, and changed to her bath rope, trying to turn her back to the other people there.
Inside the sauna, I decided that we better start out slowly, so I found an empty one where we could sit together alone. I managed to get the bath rope off her, and even though she seemed a bit tensed in the beginning, she started to relax after a while. I told her then, that the sauna steam always was the biggest event during a sauna visit, and asked her if she would be ok with this – even if the sauna would be a bit crowded. She said that she was in, and then we went to a sauna with an upcoming steam event.
The sauna was indeed packed, with a sex ratio at almost 50/50, so that was perfect. My girlfriend tried again to cover up a bit, but after a while she removed her arms from her boobs, and even spread her legs a bit in order to sit in a more comfortable position. I was busy checking out all the beautiful ladies in there. I was especially fascinated by a chubby girl with huge breasts and a nice hairy pussy that she didn’t do anything to hide (I love when chubby girls seem to feel comfortable about their bodies). At some point I turned my head to my own girlfriend and realized that she was just as busy as me, but she was checking out a guy with a pretty heavy cock (afterwards when I teased her, she denied it, but it was pretty obvious what her eyes were directed at).
After the sauna steam event she loosened up completely, and we had a great day there together. At some point when we were alone in a sauna, she even started to touch me a bit. Even though I find that saunas are extremely erotic, I like to keep it at the voyeur level though, so in the beginning I rejected her and asked her to stop. She didn’t listen though, and neither did my cock, so when it started to get hard, I let her put her head down and suck me for a while. She stopped again after a few minutes though, before anyone stepped in.
The rest of the day we were just hanging out there. It was fun to see the transformation she went through during the day, regarding her shyness. When we got back to the locker room by the end of the day, there were three fully dressed guys in there. However, she just walked in and dropped her bath rope right in front of them, and gave them a great full frontal view. That night we had some of the best sex I’ve ever had.
This was my last sauna experience, but I am actually expecting a business visit to Germany within the next couple of weeks, hence, if time/circumstances allow it, there might be more to come.
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Old 08-31-2015, 05:34 AM
cladiz cladiz is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2006
Posts: 19
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I have a great sauna experience to share again. This might be the last in a while since I have no other trips to Germany scheduled, so meanwhile I hope that others will contribute and keep this exciting thread alive.

This time I had picked a fairly large saunaland where most of the saunas where placed outdoor in a big garden/pool area. It sounded cool when I read about it, but actually it started out as a disappointment. The locker areas where completely separated, except for a “family area” that nobody used. When I got out I also realized that the large area somehow allowed people to spread out so much that it was hard to spot the most interesting women (and many of those that I spotted were +60 which is somehow out of my range).

However, I took a good look around after a while I had of course spotted numerous sweet girls. Let me just mention three here. The first I’ll call the bar girl, because that’s where I spotted her when I came in. She worked in the bar where drinks and snacks were served, and she looked gorgeous in her own special way. She was very slim, and had short dark hair and this tomboy-like appearance. Not really my type usually, but her extremely pretty face, just gave her boy’ish appearance a super sexy and very feminine look. But ok, she worked in the bar, so I didn’t expect to see much more of her.

The second I noticed I’ll call the Egyptian. She could also be Moroccan or Iranian, but she was definitely North African or Middle East. She was chubby and round, had a big round butt, and an incredibly cute face. Unfortunately she was also together with her husband, and even though he apparently liked to stay naked, she was constantly wrapped in a towel.

The third one, I’ll call the Goddess. She had long blond, almost white, hair, and her face was so perfect. Her lips were large and full, and her blue eyes fitted her blond hair perfectly. Unfortunately she also seemed to like the towel wrapping a lot, but when I saw her, I decided that I would spend an effort to get to see more of her. When I first spotted her in a sauna I noticed that she even kept he towel around her inside the sauna. However, a little later I noticed that she was queuing for sauna steam and usually this gets so warm that everyone has to skip the towel at some point. Hence, I joined the session immediately, but she turned out to be tough. Throughout the session she kept her towel on all the time. I followed her out afterwards hoping that I could get a glimpse of her under the shower instead then (everybody always shower after sauna steam). However, people didn’t go to the showers. They just waited outside, and I realized that this was a double session. Hence, we went in again. I was about to give up, since it first of all was super warm, and secondly since she still kept that bloody towel on. However, I finally got my reward. As the temperatures were rising, she started to move a bit on the bench, and change position now and then. Suddenly the towel moved to the side, and revealed the most perfect pussy I ever saw. It was smooth to perfection of course, and looked as perfect as a pussy can look. I only got the view for five seconds, but that was enough for me to decide that now I needed to see the rest. As we left the sauna she got out a little faster than me, and it took me a minute to find her again outside. I came out just in time to see her naked back disappear down in the outdoor swimming pool. It was a pleasure to sit and look at this naked goddess skinny dipping right in front of me, even though I couldn’t see much under the water. Instead I chose a good position in a chair right in front of the stairs to the pool. There would be no way she could avoid me when she decided to get out of the pool. I waited five minutes, and finally she headed towards the stairs. When she got of the water I felt like being in heaven. Of course her pussy looked just as perfect as before, but her boobs took me with surprise. The rest of her was rather slim, so I would have expected quite small boobs, but I was wrong. The fluffy towel must have been wrapped very tightly around her, because I never expected this sight. Her boobs were large and heavy, and were wobbling in front of her as she got out of the water. Some would say that they were hanging too much. I would say that boobs of this size have to hang – otherwise they have to be made of plastic, and I really don’t like plastic boobs. But there was no plastic in these. It was nice, soft boobie flesh, and there was so much of it. Soon she was wrapped in her towel again, but I got to see one of the most perfect bodies I’ve ever seen.

After this, I decided to concentrate at the Egyptian. I had seen her in a couple of saunas, but every time she had kept this towel on also. Now I saw though that she was heading towards the steam bath with her husband. Steam baths are great because here it’s impossible to keep the towel on (it’ll get soaked immediately). When I saw where they were heading, I went after them. Her husband was already naked and on his way inside the steam bath. She seemed to hesitate a bit, which gave me time to catch up with her. I tried to act casual when I opened my towel, and put it on the hanger right next to her. She was looking right at my naked body, as I was standing right in front of her, and I felt a rush of blood when her eyes stopped and stared at my cock for a second. Then she also opened her towel and revealed her nice chubby body for me. She had nice round boobs, with very dark and very erect nipples. Underneath her boobs, she had a sexy little belly, and further down a nice pussy, with a sweet landing strip of curly black hair.

We went into the steam, and on our way in we both grabbed some salt to rub ourselves with. She actually started out rubbing her husband’s back, but fortunately she got to herself afterwards. I wish it had been my fingers that were all over that chubby body, but it was nice to watch still – especially when she gave her boobs a good rub.
After the steam bath I had accomplished my two missions – I’ve seen the wonderful bodies of both the goddess and the Egyptian. I was considering what to do now, when I suddenly spotted the tomboy girl from the bar. But now she didn’t wear her uniform anymore – now she was only wrapped in a towel. OMG I was thinking as I went after her. She went straight for one of the outdoor saunas. Her workday was obviously over, and now she wanted to relax in the sauna before going home. I felt the excitement in my stomach. First of all, she was quite hot in her own special way. Secondly, how often do you buy a beer from a cute bar girl, and then get to see her naked a few hours later? I entered the same sauna that she disappeared into a few minutes earlier, and there she was – completely naked, leaning towards the sauna wall, with one leg lying on the bench, and the other bent. Her boobs were small with perky nipples that were standing right out in the air, and her pussy looked nice and – as I expected – completely smooth (one of the games I like to play in the saunas is when I see a woman wrapped in a towel, I try to guess her “vaginal hair style”. Quite often I’m right). But back to the bar girl. She was obviously relaxing after her workday, and her eyes were closed, which gave me all the time I needed to look at her perfect body. Thin streams of sweat were running over her small titties, and the way she was sitting with her legs didn’t just give me a perfect view of her pussy. Her lips even got a little separated, which of course just made her look even sexier.

I had a late afternoon appointment though, so it was time to move on. Since the locker rooms weren’t that exciting when I checked in, I wasn’t expecting much. I took a quick shower, and then, just to give it a last chance, I decided to get dressed in the “family area”. That turned out to be a good idea. I walked in there, all naked, with the towel over my shoulder and the first thing that happens is that I almost bump into the Egyptian woman. And I even did it at the best possible time, since she was as naked as she could get. After I had seen how she had been covering up in the sauna area, I would have expected her to cover up again, or at least turn her back to me. But she didn’t. Instead, she gave me a big smile and moved her lips in a silent “hello”. Her husband was there as well, and I won’t say that she was flirting with me. It was more like she had accepted “ok, I’ve seen your cock, you’ve seen my pussy, and I don’t mind showing it again”. Hence, she just kept her naked front to me while I started to dry myself after the shower. The light in the locker area was so much better than the light in the steam bath, and the view of her curly pussy hair started to have its influence on me. When she finally put on her knickers, my cock was – not hard, but getting fat and standing in a nice angle out of me. In this condition I decided to make the day’s last move. I excused myself and pointed, as if I needed to get to a locker further down the row, and just as I passed her in the narrow area, I made sure to let my arm touch one of her soft boobs, and my half erected cock touch her hip. After this I dressed up fast (did I cross the limit with my last move?). When I was standing outside in the fresh air afterwards I realized that this had been one great sauna experience again.
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Old 09-23-2015, 12:08 PM
ripstar1 ripstar1 is offline
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Default German Sauna Experiences

I lived in Germany for three years and became a regular at public saunas and spas. When I traveled I always, when possible, stayed where the hotel/gasthaus had a spa - pool, sauna etc. The visits were great for voyeurs/exhibitionists like myself and even with some sexual encounters. As you have probably read here that nudity is regularly accepted, especially in these places. Here are a few of my experiences:

I was on the road an hour from home. Visited a public spa - nudity everywhere in it. I encountered the wife of the base commander where I worked. We knew each other from the base club. She was totally embarrassed to see someone she knew. I assured her that our encounter would never leave this place and she felt somewhat relaxed. The amazing thing was she was there with her 30something daughter and her two t__naged granddaughters. What a trip to see three generations of women nude together. Grandma was in good shape & daughter a slim knockout.

My local small sauna had separate times for men, women and mixed. I showed up one day about an hour earlier than when it changed from women only to mixed. The attendant knew me and said to wait a bit until the women left. She came back a couple minutes later and said it was ok for me to go in that the two women wouldn't mind. I entered the locker room and two women were laughing, looked at me and said in German - (I spoke it). Oh we have us a man to look at. I laughed and said yes but I have two women to admire. I acted real shy and stripped with my back to them. I had a chubby going and turned around and said here you are ladies and danced around displaying my chubby. One gal responded by bouncing her large tits around. Another time I ended up exchanging massages with one of the gals - no sex though.

I had been working in a remote location and staying in rather primitive accomodations for ten days. When done I checked into a nice place in a larger town near Stuttgart. I was ready to be clean and relaxed - scheduled a massage and headed for the spa. I took a nice long hot shower and entered the sauna which was empty. I laid back relaxing with my eyes closed. I heard someone come in but didn't look to see who it was at first. I finally raised up and looked when I heard French being spoken to find a young French couple both nude. We exchanged hellos, me in my barely recognizable French. We ended up conversing in German.

They were both well tanned and she had a killer body. While we talked he started to gently caress her body. Well that's all it took. I couldn't stop myself from getting a chubby. She whispered something to him and he started to include her breasts and inner thigh in his caresses. I finally said that I was sorry about my condition, but I'd been away and hadn't had any pleasure in ten days other than by myself. They laughed and said don't worry about it. Now she started to caress him also including his cock. So I started to caress junior a little. About this time I heard others come into the spa. So here we were, both guys erect. We covered ourselves with our towels.

The others came into the sauna, but by now it was time for me to get out. I excused myself and headed to the shower fully intending to relieve myself. I got in the shower and closed the curtain - why they had curtains I don't know, but was glad they did. I rinsed and began to stroke myself when the curtain opens and in comes the couple and she says mind if they join me. Soon both of them were soaping me all over both paying attention to my cock. After I was fully washed it went to her then him as we three soaped and washed each other. I'm not bisexual, but this was a super turn on. She ended up giving me a great hand job while he watched and stroked himself.

We ended up having dinner together and went to their room for a threesome. No there wasn't any guy-guy action. This was an experience I'll never forget. Actually I had another very similar experience at another hotel, but it didn't end up with the threesome, but just as fun.

Another time I traveled out of town and met a gal from another company office for a project. The hotel didn't have a spa, but there was a nice one not too far away. At the end of a rather stressful we were driving back to the hotel and I mentioned that I was going to head to the spa for a sauna and massage. To my surprise she asked if she could come along that she would like to do the same. This 40something gal had a nice, but a little thick body, of course nice big tits. She was very conservative appearing/acting so this was a total surprise.

We entered the spa, went to the locker area, She stripped with me like it was something we did everyday. We did the sauna, steam & pool thing like old friends. We headed to the shower and instead of going into her own shower stall she joined me. The only touching was incidental. We headed for our massages and she asked if we could be in the same room - no problem. We both had female attendants. We talked a bit, but mostly laid quiet enjoying the massage.

Near the end my masseuse touched junior asking if I "wanted it". I nodded yes. She gave me a very nice hand job and I noticed my friend taking a look now and again. By the moan she made I assumed she was getting the same treatment, but her masseuse blocked my view (Darn it!). The masseuses left and we laid relaxing for a few minutes. As we got up to dress she smiled and winked and said, "I see you liked your massage ending also".

I never had sex with her, but we enjoyed a trip to the spa a couple more times.

One time at a hotel I went into the spa area stripped, showered and sauna. A family came in, but were in bathing suits. I didn't think much of it until the man came to me and explained the sign said, "You must be clothed until 9 pm." I came back for a night swim later and, yep there were a dozen or so naked people including the husband and wife from earlier.

I hope I didn't bore you with this long entry, but was in the mood to write about it. I have quite a few more sauna stories that I will tell as time permits. Mostly funny - some somewhat sexual.
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Old 10-09-2015, 04:15 PM
cladiz cladiz is offline
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So, I’ve done it again. I got a new chance to go to Germany for a meeting, so I decided to combine it with a sauna afternoon. This time I couldn’t find a real wellness club, so I went to a regular public swimming pool with and a small sauna world. This could be quite interesting also, because this would give the option to watch some women in regular bath suites, and then maybe get the chance to see them strip in the sauna afterwards.

I hoped that all the locker rooms would be mixed, but those for the swim guests were segregated, whereas only those that had ticket for both sauna and swim bath could enter the coed lockers. Unfortunately it was empty while I was there, so I just undressed and showered quickly.

The place had two big textile swimming pools, and then a textile free area with three saunas, a small indoor pool and a larger outdoor pool area. One thing I liked about the saunas was that they had big windows, so you could check out who was in there, and see if it was worth going.

I started taking a swim with my pants on. I spotted many hot women in bath suites, and wondered which of them I was going to see naked later. One pretty hot woman was there with her husband and two kids. At some point I noticed that she said something to her husband. Then she got out of the pool and started to walk towards the sauna area. I was quickly after her, and followed her into the sauna world. She was still wearing her bath suite, but Yes!!, she walked towards the shower. I followed in there, and as soon she was in the shower room, she took her bath suite down from her left shoulder, then her right, then she pushed it down and revealed two nice and large boobs for me with pretty large and erect nipples, and then finally she took it off completely and revealed a nice, big bush with brownish curly hair. Now it was my turn. I made sure that I was standing right in front of her, and pulled down my pants and went under shower at the opposite wall. I just love to shower next to a naked woman, and it just made it hotter that I had seen her dressed and with her husband just a moment ago.

After the shower, I went to the first sauna. Besides a couple of guys, there was this mature lady, around 50 I would say, lying on her back and with everything on display. But even better though – on the top row of the wooden benches, I spotted this young, small and very sports trained girl. She was around 20 I would say, very petit and her boobs were basically just two curves and hard nipples. She was sitting in lotus position meaning that her legs were as spread as possible, and that her trimmed pussy was wide open. I spent a long time just watching her, while she was sitting without moving.

I had a lot of time to study her open pussy, and at some point I could sense that I was starting to get hard, so I decided it was time to leave and head for the shower. Instead of the large coed shower room, I had the choice of a smaller single person shower cabin next to the small pool area, and I decided to go there to cool down a bit. However, it turned out that there was even more to be excited about there. Just outside the shower cabin I saw this, ca. 50 years old mum with her probably 18-20 years old daughter. She had an amazing body and the cutest face, and she was heading towards the shower as well. When she saw me, she looked at my face, then at the fattie that was standing out from me, and then she gave me the biggest smile and made a gesture saying “go ahead and use the shower before me”. I hurried in there, because my cock was going from fat to hard now (very inappropriate). I was showering for a while, waiting for it to relax, but I also knew that they were waiting outside (I could hear them speak German right outside). I couldn’t stay in there forever, and when my cock finally had dropped a bit, I decided to walk out even though it was still standing, half-hard out in a 90 degree angle. Again, her eyes made this quick move from my face, to my cock, and then back to my face, and then she smiled and said “danke”. I hurried on into the chilled pool water.

The rest of the afternoon I had numerous other great encounters. It would be too much to describe them all here. The last great moment of the day happened on the way out. Throughout the afternoon I had kept my eyes on this couple that was lying in their bathrobes in the relaxing area. She was well-build – probably six feet tall, chubby but not fat, and everything seemed to be big on her. However, since they had not moved from the relaxing area for more than an hour, I had kind of given up on her. Since the day was coming to an end, I was moving towards the locker room and the showers there. Suddenly I saw the couple coming out of the relaxing room, with bags and stuff in their hands. I realized that they were wrapping up as well, so I slowed down to see if they would follow me. They would. They were right behind me on the way to the showers in the locker room. I hurried up a bit, dropped my towel, and went under the water, and a few seconds after, the couple was there as well. She was standing with her back to me when she took off her bathrobe and revealed her big, round butt for me. Then she turned around and revealed two large boobs, and just to spice things up, they both had a sexy nipple piercing. I showered slowly, so I could time my shower with theirs, and we went to the locker room at the same time. It felt so arousing to stand right next to her and watch her dry her big body – especially when she leaned over to dry her legs and feet, and her big boobs were hanging down from her. I felt like grapping both to whobble them, but I didn’t of course. Finally she put on her clothes, and they left a little before me. Out on the parking lot I saw the couple again. Now she was fully dressed, wearing a long coat, but less than 10 minutes ago, she had been standing naked next to me. That kind of things is quite sexy to think about.

I’ve got a new girlfriend, and I’ve started to talk about making a Christmas shopping trip to Germany in December. I have a hidden agenda of course, and if we end up going, I’ll tell about it here.
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Old 10-10-2015, 05:24 PM
elske elske is offline
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These are cool stories
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Old 10-29-2015, 06:08 AM
elliott elliott is offline
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Anyone know of any saunas in Düsseldorf?
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Old 11-11-2015, 05:07 PM
lollolz9 lollolz9 is offline
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Default Swiss sauna

Have any of you been to Switzerland and can you recommend some good saunas / therme there?
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