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Old 08-18-2013, 11:25 PM
Gnome72141 Gnome72141 is offline
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It's mostly A. At least in my experience.

In college, I was visiting a friend in the high-rise dorm, and he showed me how just sitting at his desk studying, he could see into all the rooms of the all-girls dorm down below. The dorm windows all had curtains, but half-curtains, and you could still see in. So, we would watch girls undress all the time. And none of them thought the wiser. And it was like in the movies, too...these women wouldn't only change, but they would walk around their dorms topless for 15, 20, 30 minutes at a time. I even remember one girl answering her door topless and her boyfriend and his friend came in, and she stayed topless for about 3-5 minutes with boys guys watching--and I had a class with her and her boyfriend! Tons of girls masturbating, too.

Another time, I lived in a college apartment shaped in a V. From my window, I could only see into one other apartment--my sister's best friend. She was a total prude and a very unfriendly person in general. One day, though, my sister was hanging out in my apartment when the friend's light turned on...and the curtains were open for the first (and only time) all year. My sister and I watched as her friend undressed and starter masturbating in plain view. So my sister called her...and they haven't spoken to each other since, ha!

My wife and I were renting a house on vacation once. I went for a walk in the dark since it was the first time I was out of the city in decades, and when I was walking back up to the house, I saw my wife step out of the shower and comb her hair in plain view of the street and neighbors with the curtains wide open. I told her I had seen her, and she was totally oblivious and didn't even notice she was flashing the neighborhood.
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Old 08-19-2013, 09:44 PM
George VI's Avatar
George VI George VI is offline
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Tons of girls masturbating, too.
I'm surprised at all of the masturbation spottings, and leans things into the "extraordinarily naive" category. I think that many women as well as men would consider this extremely private, more so than having sex with someone, and would be mortified if they knew they were being watched doing this. Sure, some exhibitionists would get off on it, but my opinion is that all these masturbating coeds would have closed things up tightly (their curtains and their legs) if they had any idea that someone might be watching.
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Old 08-20-2013, 11:35 AM
Gnome72141 Gnome72141 is offline
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Originally Posted by George VI View Post
I'm surprised at all of the masturbation spottings, and leans things into the "extraordinarily naive" category. I think that many women as well as men would consider this extremely private, more so than having sex with someone, and would be mortified if they knew they were being watched doing this. Sure, some exhibitionists would get off on it, but my opinion is that all these masturbating coeds would have closed things up tightly (their curtains and their legs) if they had any idea that someone might be watching.
Ya, in this case, it was mostly naive, rural, rich, sheltered folks who went to this college, so they probably never had neighbors, their parents never talked about such things, and they were just clueless. I was one of the few "city kids" at the school and talk about constant culture clash; I always felt like we were from different planets (in a way we were, ha!).

These are the same girls who would walk to breakfast on weekends in their pj's to the dining hall without bras under their thin pj tops and never in a million years would have realized that they were showing anything, let alone anyone looking. But we were all looking. A few of us from my dorm would make breakfast a very, very loooong activity.
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Old 08-24-2013, 01:59 PM
btman btman is offline
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The house my wife grew up in had bedroom windows that were mounted about 6í off the floor. They were only about 18" tall but were wider than most normal windows. Since they were mounted so high they never had any need to shut the curtains. The only way you could possibly see in was if you were on the neighbors roof. Needless to say, she grew up enjoying natural light in the house, never liked the closed in feeling of having all the curtains shut tight & most importantly never got in the habit of closing the curtains when changing, etc..

Once married she still didn't like to close the curtains even though our house had normal windows. On one side of our bedroom the neighbors house was at least 50' away & that was their garage which had no windows on that side. The rear of our house faced an empty field with trees. She would close the curtains on the window that faced the neighborís garage but the curtains on the other window were always left wide open.

During the week her typical routine when she came home from work at 6pm would be to go into the bedroom and strip down to just her panties. If it was warm she would put on a tank top and shorts or if it was colder she would put on a pair of sweats. As it got later into the year she would have to turn on the light since it was dark when she got home. Sometimes in the colder months she would strip completely down & take a hot bath before she put her sweats on.

One evening in Nov. she comes home. We talk for a few minutes & she heads into the bedroom to get ready to take a quick bath. A few seconds later the phone rings & she picks it up in the bedroom. In the meantime I go into the garage for something. A few seconds later I open the rear service door to go into the backyard and can't help but notice two older boys jumping over our 3' fence in the rear of the yard. I had something else on my mind at the time so I really didn't think anything of it and go back inside the garage. Soon I am back inside the house. I look into the bedroom and she is sitting on the bed facing the window with nothing on but her panties and still talking on the phone.

In a few minutes she hangs up, turns off the light and goes into the bathroom for her shower. Fifteen minutes later she walks out of the shower with nothing on but a towel on her head. She heads into the bedroom, turns on the light and sits down on the bed and begins brushing her hair. I was in the kitchen reading the paper as she headed into the bedroom. For some reason as I read, the recent episode of the boys in the back yard popped back into my mind and I got up and went into the garage. I didn't turn on the light and I made sure I was real quiet as I opened up the garage door. As I slowly peak around the back of the house I see two figures in the dark outside our bedroom window. The two boys who I had seen jumping over the fence earlier. The light from the window was bright enough
on one of their faces that I was able to recognize him. He was the boy who cuts our grass. She always thought he was cute and made sure to take him lemonade whenever he cut the grass when she was home. She never wore a bra except for work and I've seen him looking down her loose top several times. Whenever she bent over you could easily see all of her small boobs. Needless to say he has been seeing much more...

As I watched them for a moment I thought that they must have originally seen her one day from the trees in the field behind our house. Once they realized what her routine was they became braver and eventually made their way from the trees right up to our window for a up close & personal look. They had to have been watching her for awhile.

I thought about busting them but decided not to. My wife had told me earlier about what a rotten day she had today. I didn't think she needed anything else to upset her. I was sure that they weren't seeing anything tonight that they hadn't already seen before so I decided to go back into the garage. I had told her repeatedly in the past that she should shut the curtains but she aways gave me that what did I know look...

After a few minutes I went in the house. When I entered the bedroom there she was still bare ass naked, facing the window while she was again talking on the phone. I bent down and kissed her forehead while I reached over and cupped her boob. I imagined that the boys were enjoying their view.

I went back out to the kitchen and in a few minutes she hung up the phone, put on her sweats and headed into the kitchen to discuss what we wanted for dinner. At that point I wasnít thinking about food. I was thinking about her next show for the boys!
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Old 08-25-2013, 09:50 AM
canepar canepar is offline
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I would agree that they are unaware that somebody could be watching them.

From my experience, I remember when I worked at a commercial office building on a main avenue. Just in front of my desk, I have a view to an eight floor residential building. Several women living there did not close the curtains when dressing/undressing or simply walking in just their lingerie into their living room and walking back to the bedroom, trying on different clothes, walking around almost naked in the bedroom, coming out of the shower, etc.

Our windows were polarized to avoid unwanted effects of the sun so, as no one could see in from outside, nobody from outside could notice somebody watching them.

It comes to mi mind a woman on the 4th floor. She was on her early thirties and was an attractive blonde with a very nice figure. I never saw her naked, but she was always wearing only her underware when it was hot.

It seems that she was very naÔve since many times she was talking on her cell phone in just her undies in front of her bedroom window with the curtains wide open.
On another occasion I saw her arriving home on a rainy day, she had been surprised without umbrella so she was totally wet. She quickly entered in her room and stripped to her bra and panties and went to the bathroom.
The last time I saw her I was working late, she was in her living room with what it seems to be her relatives or friends. At some point, she went to her bedroom and was very careful by closing the door with her foot but not to close the curtains. As I was the only one remaining in the office I took off the drawer a pair of binoculars and saw her changing clothes. I could see in detail her in just her beautiful set of black lace lingerie.
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Old 08-31-2013, 04:09 PM
George VI's Avatar
George VI George VI is offline
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The first adult woman I ever saw topless was while staying at a lakeside cabin with my grandparents (a different cabin than my earlier story) when I was in high school. I was sleeping in a bed right under a window that had the shade up. Midway through my vacation, I was lying on my bed in the dark, when a light came shining through the window. I looked out the window, and saw the MILF in the next cabin, perhaps twenty feet away, in her bedroom. She was a mid-thirties blonde with straight shoulder-length hair with bangs, quite pretty in a mom-next-door way, very nice figure, about larger B or smaller C cup breasts. She started taking off her clothes, standing right at the window, with her curtains wide open (yes, there were curtains on that window). She pulled off her top, and I saw her large white bra. She unhooked the bra, but just before she pulled it off she turned away from the window, then dropped the bra, and put on her nightgown before removing her jeans under them, leaving me frustrated at not seeing her tits.

The next night, same thing. I was in bed, saw her light on, looked over, she got down to her bra, then turned away from the window just as she got topless.

The next night after that was the last night of my trip. I went to bed early to make sure I didnít miss her show, but she came to bed late. Finally, the light came on, she stood by the window, and pulled off her top. This time her husband also walked into the room, and was there when she pulled off her bra, this time facing the window. Besides the teen thrill of seeing two gorgeous white firm large MILF tits completely topless, I was mesmerized by the way that they bobbled around as she moved, something I've never forgotten.

I donít think she stripped for my benefit Ė it could have been my grandfather, or grandmother, looking over. And her husband was in the room that last night. The next morning as we were packing the car to leave, the MILF and her husband came over to say goodbye to my family. As I stood across from her, she caught me smiling at her, and gave a quizzical look like she was wondering why this greasy teenage boy was smirking at her. I wondered if she knew that this greasy teenage boy had been staring at her bare tits a few hours earlier.
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Old 09-13-2013, 04:39 AM
kummpuppy kummpuppy is offline
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My baby does it almost as routine. We live on the top floor overlooking a pool. The patio slider facing the pool and units across the common area. I tend to close the blinds to reduce the heat, she always has them open and leaves folded laundry conveniently in front of the patio door. After showering, she will come out and stand in front of the glass in just panties, her generous tits swaying for anyone who cares to look up or across.

She wears bras and bathing tops just a wee undersized, which means her tits spill out and the nipples peek above the cup. So, when she goes to the pool and I am working, I know someone must have seen more than her mum would approve of.

later, she calls and tells me she talked with this lady, this guy or these nice young college boys.

My desire, they have seen her in front of the window, her tits were spilling out at the poolside, and they go home and pull their hard cocks thinking about her
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Old 09-21-2013, 04:35 PM
apeyboy apeyboy is offline
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Great stories guys!
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Old 09-26-2013, 10:05 AM
piecenick piecenick is offline
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My wife is a closet exhibitionist, not sure. If that isn't an oxymoron, she likes to flash, but she wants to wants it to be innocent. Her brother and his friends used to spy on her all the time, she would pretend she didn't notice, unless it was just her brother, them she'd yell at him. She said one summer afternoon she was in her room taking a nap wearing just her panties after playing volleyball and taking a shower. She said she even locked her bedroom door because she didn't want to be bothered. ..

She said it wasn't unusual for her to stroke herself because an orgasm made it easier to get to sleep. She was lightly brushing her finger over her panties when she noticed movement in the big oak tree out her window. She saw one of her brothers friends spying on her, she pretended not to notice. She said she found it very erotic to have him watching her and she came almost immediately. She pulled the sheet over herself and went to sleep. An hour or so later she,woke up and he was still in the tree, she let him watch her get dressed.

That was one of the things that got her hooked.
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Old 09-27-2013, 11:48 AM
wolf86's Avatar
wolf86 wolf86 is offline
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Default last night

I was walking the dog last night behind my apartment building and caught a brief show. The back of the building faces a slight hill with woods at the top, so I guess it makes people less careful with their curtains since there isn't really anything back there, especially at night. I just happened to catch movement in a lit 2nd floor window with the blinds raised up and saw a youngish woman walk into a bedroom topless looking like she had just showered. She had decent sized tits, probably a B or C cup, it was hard to tell in the dark and for only a few seconds. Anyway she walked in the room and stood there for a couple seconds before pulling on a large tshirt, giving me a nice little reward for taking the dog out late and in the cold haha. If I had been higher up the hill I maybe could have seen more, as it was I could almost see enough to believe she wasn't wearing bottoms either. Unfortunately I didn't have time to climb a few steps up the hill for a better look before she was covered. Oh well, still a nice show, I might try walking the dog back there more at night to see what I can see lol.
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