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Old 12-03-2015, 12:47 PM
ModelT-MsDollie ModelT-MsDollie is offline
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Rafa we were the old couple that called the police.
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Old 12-03-2015, 01:45 PM
ModelT-MsDollie ModelT-MsDollie is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2014
Location: NW Boonies, Floriduuu
Posts: 2,156
Thanks: 28,952
Thanked 10,567 Times in 1,778 Posts
Default Anal Again by Dollie

First to answer, I guess I like anal because it is so nasty and wrong.

Let me explain a few things. Hubby and a lot of our sex friends, and men on this group have been begging me to let someone have sex in my butt. It seems odd, men who don’t know me, and men who will never get to do it, want me to get butt fucked. It’s even nasty to say or write it. It’s a guy thing.
I remember when still in my teens how Denny begged to do it when his coworkers at the factory talked about anal and oral sex. We‘d neither done either of those things and didn‘t really think anyone did. Back then I could take his big one in both holes. Age and surgeries change things.
I had many surgeries and my butt is too tight for a penis. I found that out in a big way when I started having intercourse with other men at the age of 72. They ganged up on me and fucked all three holes. Yes my pussy, butt, and my mouth. I suffered for months trying to let strangers have fun. They finally realized I get sick and I throw up when they cum in my mouth. After my butt bled more and more and I couldn’t sit they stopped that part too.

It’s been over a year and a half and many men still want to do it to my butt. Denny recently talked me into trying my small plastic thin dildo with baby oil on it in my butt. It even surprised me. I could use it in my own butt and it actually felt good. So me and Denny practiced using that dildo or another a little longer while he fucked my pussy. I loved how it felt with something in both holes. Still we didn’t tell anyone else.

I don’t really want a Popsicle in my butt or pussy. But I have had them in my pussy years ago. This is just to show what I can handle. Hopefully you know what a Popsicle is. Here they are like frozen Kool-Aid on a stick shaped like the small smooth dildos. Sort of bullet shaped, not too big around, and maybe 4” or 5” long. Something that size is all I can handle in my butt hole.

Next part, Denny wanted to punish me for inviting too many men over to fuck each day. I was supposed to have only two or three and I was getting more men many days. I can take it but this takes all morning and afternoon.
Denny’s brain works in weird ways. An old guy named Gordy is very fat and ugly. We think Gordy’s penis is around 6” and skinny with just a smooth head that gets smaller instead of thick like most. Gordy came to our house with another fuck buddy one day and they let Gordy fuck me. I obey so I can’t refuse them. Later I complained about big gut Gordy.
Now hubby decided to use Gordy as my punishment for things. When I get more than two fuck buddies each day hubby threatened to bring Gordy over to fuck me. Ugly fat slob Gordy can’t find other women for sex so he said he’d come over anytime Denny calls. All week I made sure I only had two different friends over. Hubby can invite as many men as he wants to fuck me if he wants to.
Now hubby had another stupid plan. Hubby says since Gordy has a skinny penis shaped like my small dildos it shouldn’t hurt if Gordy butt fucks me. I complained and refused to let Gordy fuck me in any hole. But hubby and some of my sex friends are my master, even though I can say no to most anything. I didn’t give in easy! But men on this site, hubby, and some of my fuck buddies kept telling me I need to try butt fucking while I am still active.
I really do try hard to obey so I agreed to let ugly Gordy fuck my butt. We can’t think of any other men with a small slender penis without a knob on it. I figured at least if he is behind me while on my knees I don’t have to look at him.
So one day Gordy fucked my butt and he almost pulled my boobs off hanging on. He didn’t hurt my butt and I actually liked it when he shot cum inside it. It only lasted a few minutes with Gordy. I didn’t tell Denny I liked it because I don’t want Gordy fucking me anymore. After much questioning from hubby I did say maybe I’d try this with someone else with a smaller penis. My mistake.
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Old 12-03-2015, 03:50 PM
delt delt is offline
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Default A different orgasm...

I never gave anal much thought, and thought I was blessed to have a wife who was generous with sex in any position imaginable and who loved giving and getting oral. Her younger sister, however, married a Catholic guy who would not use any contraceptive devices and he had been told by his father how to do anal. My sister-in-law who is a pain in my ass and has always been(!!!!) --told my wife that she had learned to enjoy and even ask for anal sex. If properly prepared, cleaned and lubed, my wife gets a very different orgasm, she says, than from normal sex in her vagina. It shoots up her spine, spreads over her shoulders and then goes up her neck until she is really squirming. The other thing is that she cannot have anal without being very loud---yelling "You're in my ass! Fuck my ass!" etc. Over the years, it has become a regular part of our sex life, but only if she is in the mood and sometimes that is all she will be in the mood for. We have written about it in OCC.
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Old 12-23-2015, 05:59 PM
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348 348 is offline
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Default Anal

Originally Posted by Honeys poppet View Post
“why do I like anal”

Are girls allowed to reply here ?

Hmmm, let me see….because it feels sooo soooo sooooo gooood !!!!! and I like how it makes me feel kinda like a bad girl, that I shouldn’t really be doing it and lovin' it….

When I’m with a guy I’ll either make sure I end up gettin’ screwed from behind and that’s when I’ll reach back, pull that cock out of my pussy, rub the head around my asshole and push back, most guys get the message right away and I get a delicious ass fucking …or, if I’m on top, I’ll ride that cock in my pussy for a bit then I’ll lift up and watch the look on the guy’s face as he feels his cock disappear into my tight ass…I love that…hehe

One memorable time was a few years back on vacation with my girlfriends. One night we were going out to a club and as I was feeling super horny I decided on some nice heels and a very short flimsy swishy little white dress and no underwear. We were all at the club, chatting, dancing, drinking and having fun, a nice looking hunky guy was paying me lots of attention so eventually I kinda left my group and went off with him for a time. We carried on dancing together, had more drinks and sat to chat some, I could see that he was looking at my jiggling boobs and my hard nipples poking though my dress, it was a bit see-through so the color of my nips was visible too. I love to show off and be naughty anyway so that was all good, I also knew that when I sat, my dress was so short that my bald pussy was on show too, I sure enjoyed being a little careless with my modesty….I just knew my teasing was getting him real horny, and me too, my pussy gave that away, she was very wet by then and my nips were hard and tingling. We ended up sexy dancing real close, I could fee his hard cock pressing into me, and I repayed that compliment by pressing my hard nipples into him, and I was so, so wet I could feel my pussy juice making it’s way down the tops of my legs.

There was a kinda secluded darker balcony area nearby so I suggested we go there, he eagerly agreed and we relocated. Once there I stood with my back on the rail and he came in close. We started making out and I could feel his hands on me, all over me, so I ‘accidentally’ brushed his cock with my hand….it felt good, I was so horny, I just wanted that hard dick inside me, I turned away from him, so I was leaning on the rail then I arched my back and pushed myself back towards his erection. My dress was so short that my pussy would have been exposed... he got the message and I soon felt his rock hard cock spring into the gap at the top of my legs, I was so wet down there his cock was covered in my pussy juice straight away. I held my breath a moment, just waiting to feel that cock slide into my dripping swollen pussy, but that didn’t happen…instead I felt him rub the wet head around my asshole…I thought I must be dreaming, I pushed back real quick so he didn’t stop…then slowly but surely I felt his awesome cock slide into my butt. After a few strokes I could feel his cock right inside me, right to the hilt….it felt incredible, it felt sooo good…and then I thought to myself…. Jeez, I picked this rude little dress to wear with no panties or bra, I’ve just met this guy and now I’ve let him straight fuck me in the ass, in a club, where I can see people dancing and they can probably see me…I felt such a sl*t, I loved it, and with those thoughts in my head and the incredible pleasure my ass was feeling as I pushed back into him to meet his thrusts and get every last bit of his cock in my ass….I had a massive orgasm! My legs went weak but he held me up in his strong arms and carried on pumping, I soon recovered from that orgasm and I had several more, I was so dizzy with pleasure I didn’t even care if anyone could see us, in fact I hoped they could, that thought made me even more horny. I lost track of how long we were screwing, I didn’t care, but eventually I felt him grip me tighter and then I felt my butt being pumped full of his cum, that triggered my last delicious orgasm and then we both stood there hugging but exhausted….wow !

We hung out for the rest of my vacation, and had lots more sex, he loved anal, I love anal, my butt got it real good….it was totally awesome !

We live a long way apart, but we stayed in touch, we chat now and then and he tells me he wishes he’d married me and not his wife, coz she’s a real bore in the sack….poor guy

Oh dear..…I’ve got myself all horny reliving that fun time…(see pic)… I’m off to take care of ‘bidness’

I agree with you Honeys poppet it is soooooo god to be fucked in the ass, I use a buttplug when my husband fucking my pussy.
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Old 04-22-2018, 08:50 AM
mightymitch22 mightymitch22 is offline
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I love anal because the sensation of moving my dick back and forth in my wife's ass is incredibly tight and sensual. It is much more intense than vaginal sex, although I love vaginal sex too.

If you haven't had anal with your wife yet but hope to have it soon, be aware that the first time you buttfuck your wife, you will need to go really slowly and gently and use lots of lube or else you might turn her off to anal and never get it again (or at least not for a long time). I made that mistake and it took me weeks to convince my wife to let me try again. Luckily she did let me try again and when she did, I went in super slowly with tons of lube and I went back and forth really slowly too. Afterward, she said "that was much easier to handle."

After a few more times of super slow and gentle anal, she got used to it and has been letting me buttfuck her once or twice a month every since.

Last edited by mightymitch22; 04-22-2018 at 08:53 AM.
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Old 04-22-2018, 04:08 PM
rednose rednose is offline
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Default Hate it

Maybe hate is a strong word.

I have a wide (magnum sized) cock so most are reluctant.
But, I've been in plenty of asses, with the exception of the initial tightness of her asshole, the rest just feels like I'm fucking an inflated tube. Maybe I just haven't found the right colon.

Maybe I just like pussy too much?
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Old 04-23-2018, 02:32 PM
kinkaid kinkaid is offline
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Originally Posted by rednose View Post
Maybe hate is a strong word.

I have a wide (magnum sized) cock so most are reluctant.
But, I've been in plenty of asses, with the exception of the initial tightness of her asshole, the rest just feels like I'm fucking an inflated tube. Maybe I just haven't found the right colon.

Maybe I just like pussy too much?
Most won't admit it, but vaginal just feels better. The vagina has natural texture, and the rectum is smooth.
That said, I still enjoy the intimacy of anal sex.
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