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Old 03-13-2011, 08:59 AM
hanskumoekk hanskumoekk is offline
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Awesome input there, Gao!

Does anyone know if some of the Jenny stories are true, or if it exists some true stories, by the way? Since it was based on a real person, I'm just curious to find out about how it all started.

I still encourage people to try to write their own Jenny stories, I think there are many writers on this site who's very capable to write some great ones!
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Old 03-13-2011, 01:02 PM
todd_cheese's Avatar
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I suspect all of them are fiction, or at best inspired by real-life incidents and greatly embellished ("Jennified", if you will). I don't recall any actual anecdotes being shared by the guy who originally posted about his wife. BTW thanks for the history, Gao... Is Byron's forum still up anywhere? If so I've lost the link.
The Collected Works of ToddCheese - My ENF stories
Keilani's Long Vacation, Part 8 - How it would have ended!
Read Kim's ENF experiences, and see her naked!
Does anyone know what became of this film?
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Old 03-13-2011, 02:40 PM
Gao Gao is offline
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I know the poster "Jenny's Husband" wrote a number of Jenny stories, with himself as an active saboteur/participant in Jenny's disrobing. I'm sure he was more living out a fantasy.

To the best of my knowledge, Byron's has been defunct since it was superseded by other forums like this one. Here's what seems to be an archival snapshot of the forum: hxxp://
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Old 03-16-2011, 06:04 AM
cerindclvr cerindclvr is offline
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Wow... I remember reading these back on biker's yahoo group some years back. Some really excellent stuff, I definitely wish I hadn't lost the computer I had them saved on..! Any more like this of yours floating around you could maybe link us to? Or post moar?
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Old 12-17-2023, 05:57 PM
Courator Courator is offline
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Default 70+ jenny stories salvaged from


Thanks for kerping Jenny alive :-)

Hugo Rune had collected 70+ Jenny stories. When his UK sites went offline, I salvaged them and put them on The Internet Archive crawled these before asstr went down and they can be found here:


Jenny's Curator
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Old 03-27-2024, 01:05 AM
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Lotfw Lotfw is offline
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Came across this file. Thought it would bring back some memories . Sorry I dont have the stories saved..

Author 'Jack' was actually a professional writer who wrote fiction books.

"Title","Author","Biker Drawing","Title","Title","Theme"
"Core Jenny",,,,
"Shy Wife Embarrassed ","Anon",,,,"The First Jenny Story, a persistent bee crawls up Jenny's Dress"
"Jenny's “Bad Hare” Day","Warthog",,,,"In an old barn, Jenny climbs a tractor to retrieve a bunny"
"Jennys Ripped Dress ","Jenny's Husband",,,,"Jenny's husband doctors her clothes for a formal evening"
"Jenny goes to the Bank","Anon",,,,"Jenny gets caught up in a bank heist during her time of the month"
"Jenny's Softball (Mis)Adventure","Gao",,,,"Jenny has to climb a chainlink fence to retrieve long hit"
"Jenny's Bicycle Ride","Biker","Y","bicycle.jpg",,"Jenny is thrown from her bicycle, but her panties stay hooked on the saddle"
"Jenny and the Uncooperative Bushes","Jenny's Husband",,,,"Jenny tries to retrieve a volleyball from a thornbush"
"Jenny's Bad Day","Gao",,,,"Jenny rides the bus after getting soaked in the rain"
"Jenny in the Lab","Indra",,,,"Industrial Espionage gone wrong"
"Jenny and the Elevator","Jenny's Husband","Y","elevator.jpg",,"Jenny's Dress get's dragged off her by a rising elevator"
"Jenny's Night Out","LOTFW",,,,"Some unusual special effects catch Jenny out at a nightclub"
"Jenny at the mall","A Fan",,,,"Jenny trips on an escalator which then chews her dress"
"Jenny's Flat Tyre","Biker","Y","bike.jpg",,"Jenny is rescued from her breakdown by a mysterious BIKER"
"Jenny Helping Out","LOTFW",,,,"Jenny isn't dressed right for yard work, and suffer the consequences"
"Jenny and the Bee","Ranko",,,,"Jenny has a problem with a bee and her clothes"
"Jenny's Feline Problems","Jason","Y","Cattree.jpg",,"A cat runs up a tree with Jenny's bracelet - she goes up after it"
"Jenny Visits The City","Mike",,,,"Jenny stops traffic"
"Jenny's Charity Work","LOTFW",,,,"Jenny is dragged into an oil-wrestling ring"
"Bachelor Party Jenny","The Great One",,,,"Jenny get mistaken for the stripper at a motel Birthday Party"
"Jenny's Ice Cream","Gao",,,,"A dollop of Ice Cream down the front of Jenny's dress, and Ashley is no help"
"Jenny's hat-trick","The Great One",,,,"Jenny is stripped on a hockey rink in front of 35,000 spectators"
"Jenny, Nymph For A Day","Pink",,,,"A couple of kids take Jenny's clothes while she Skinnydips"
"Jenny's Kite Adventure","Jenny's Husband","Y","kite.jpg",,"A bikini-clad Jenny helps some boy scouts launch their kite"
"Jenny in the Lab","Indra","Y","pop.jpg","lab.jpg","Jenny gets caught in a new gas that shrinks nylon fibre"
"Jenny on Stage","Ranko",,,,"Jenny is hypnotised and made to strip"
"Jenny at the Pool","LOTFW",,,,"Jenny is stripped and sexually molested poolside by two 17 yr old girls"
"Jenny's Bar Fight","U.P",,,,"Jenny gets stripped, spanked and made to orgasm by another woman"
"Jenny's Interrogation","Showman",,,,"Young Jenny and her brother"
"Jenny visits St. Louis","Deacon Blues",,,,"Jenny has a mishap catching the homerun ball, caught on live TV"
"Jenny's Bad Pool day Two","Showman",,,,"Jenny's Bikini gets auctioned off by a gang of teens"
"Jenny’s Washington Adventure","Jack",,,,"Jenny gets caught up in the Clinton's marriage difficulties"
"Jenny's Hospital Visit","Cc",,,,"Jenny gets mistaken for Carrie"
"Kate Interviews An Assistant","IndianOutlaw",,,,"Jenny has a job interview"
"Jenny at the office","Gao",,,,"Things go from bad to worse after Jenny's worn panties suddenly give out"
"Jenny At The Theatre","Biker",,,,"Jenny and the Magician"
"Jenny Abhors A Vacuum","Biker",,,,"Jenny cleans out her car at a garage, with a VERY powerful vacuum"
"Jenny versus Ashley","Gao","Y","minigolf.jpg",,"FIRST APPEARANCE OF ASHLEY the two work out in a gym Ashley doses Jenny's clothes with itching powder before a round of minigolf"
"Jenny's Pool Birthday Party","LOTFW",,,,"Ashley's anonymous present is a dissolving bikini"
"Jenny and the Cardsharp","Jack","Y","poker.jpg",,"Ashley conspires to force Jenny into a fixed Strip poker Game"
"Jenny at the Airport","Biker","Y","Series",,"Jenny wears only a raincoat to welcome her husband, but meets Ashley too"
"Jenny Inverted","Showman",,,,"Jenny regrets trying out one of those inversion table thingummies"
"Jenny's Literary Difficulties","Magus","Y",,,"Jenny goes to the Library"
"Jenny saves a Life","Jack",,,,"Jenny in Baywatch mode struggles to save a thrashing boy"
"Jenny's Mistake","Jenny's Husband",,,,"Jenny gets locked out in only a towel, then the workment arrive"
"Jenny's Hat","LOTFW",,,,"Ashley recruits some schoolkids to strip Jenny, but the plan backfires"
"Jenny's Moving Experience","Jack","Y","moving.jpg",,"An empty house, an accident with the garage door, and a speeding ticket"
"Jenny Doe","Jack",,,,"Jenny loses her memory, until she finds herself in familiar territory"
"Ashley’s Night Out","Jack",,,,"Ashley meets a waitress"
"Jenny and The People's Court ","IndianOutlaw",,,,"Jenny and Ashley on TV"
"Jenny and the Frat Party","Jack",,,,"Jenny visits her brother"
"","Edison",,,,"Jenny at College"
"Jenny's Dream","Kopema",,,,"Jenny and the Shrink"
"Jenny and the Ski Trip","King of Wrong","Y","skitrip.jpg",,"Jenny and Ashley on the slopes"
"Jenny Should Have Been More Tactful","Jigsaw",,,,"Jenny humiliated at the roadside"
"Jenny’s Zoo Story","Cc",,,,"Jenny and Ashley at the Zoo"
"Jenny's New Look","Hugo Rune",,,,"Jenny in jeans at the park with a full bladder"
"Jenny’s Thanksgiving Parade","Jack",,,,"Jenny suffers at the hands of Ashley and her own brother on July 4th"
"Ashley's Secret","King of Wrong",,,,"Does Ashley use post-hypnotic suggestion?"
"Jenny and the Fire","Jack",,,,"Jenny flees a motel Fire in her nightclothes"
"A Jenny Family Christmas","Anon",,,,"Jenny at the Mall for Christmas"
"Jenny and the Analyst","Anon",,,,"Jenny suffers at the hands of Ashley and an Analyst"
"Jenny and Ashley's Halloween Party","IndianOutlaw",,,,"Jenny and Ashley burn down the house"
"Ashley moves in with Jenny","IndianOutlaw",,,,"Jenny and Ashley share a house"
"Jenny’s Birthday","Anon",,,,"Jenny recalls a disastrous shopping trip on her birthday"
"Jackie of the Carribean","Anon",,,,"Jenny and Jackie model in the Caribbean"
"Jenny Vs Owen","Gao",,,,"Jenny has a bad day as a teacher"
"Jenny at the office","Eagle101",,,,"Jenny loses a bet with Ashley and has to do whatever her boss says"
"Jenny’s Opening Night","Anon",,,,"Jenny has problems with a nightgown on stage "
"Jenny's Paint Surprise","Anon",,,,"Jenny in Belize in bodypaint"
"Jenny's Reversal of Fortune","Anon",,,,"Jenny and Ashley as waitresses"
"Sales Conference","Anon",,,,"Jenny has a hard time with a puppy thanks to Ashley"
"The Salon Part 1","Biker",,,,"Jenny has a bad day at the salon......."
"The Salon Part 2","Biker",,,,".and an even worse journey home"
"The Salon Part 2","Anon",,,,".and an even worse journey home"
"Jenny The Auxiliary Nurse","Steve Naylor","Y","hellonurse.jpg",,"Jenny suffers at the hands of the other nurses"
"The New Adventures of Big John Security Guard","Anon",,,,"John meets Jenny"
"Jenny's Big Day of Fun But Not Fair","Anon",,,,"Jenny and her husband go to the fair"
"Jenny At Hanauma Bay","Anon",,,,"Jenny goes to Hawaii"
"Jenny's Sunset Cruise","Anon",,,,"Jenny goes to Hawaii"
"Jenny The Office Tart","Steve",,,,"Jenny suffers at the hands of Ashley and her co-workers"
"Jenny Pays A Debt","Anon",,,,"Jenny pays a debt for her husband"
"Jenny and the B.T.T Sell Hawaii","Jailbait",,,,"Jenny and the travel agents"
"Jenny At The Volleyball Tourney","Anon",,,,"Jenny loses her clothes at a beach disco thanks to Ashley"
"Jenny: Splash and Slide","Anon",,,,"Jenny and Ashley at a water theme park"
"Advertising Jenny","Artfan1",,,,"Jenny makes a presentation of herself"
"Jenny's Big Night","Biker","Y","bignite.jpg","jennydebs.jpg"," Jenny and Ashley at the film gala"
"Jenny At The Construction Site","Oogler","Y","BldSite.jpg",,"Jenny at the construction site"
"Jenny Is Blackmailed","Mustang Diamond","Y","blackmail.jpg",,"Jenny has to do whatever the blackmailer wants"
"Jenny Takes A Drive","Oogler",,,,"Jenny has a bad time at the truck stop"
"Jenny Gets Wet","Mustang Diamond","Y","getwet1.jpg","Getwet2.jpg","Jenny goes to a party"
"Jenny Croft ","Anon",,,,"Jenny becomes a shop dummy"
"Jenny: The Beginning","Greatness (with a little help from lcdrjmc)",,,,"Jenny's first job with Ashley helping her as usual"
"Jenny and the Millenium","Anon",,,,"Jenny and Ashley at a Millenium party"
"Jenny Takes A Nap","Oogler",,,,"Jenny tries to sleep in her car"
"Jenny Wants To Be A Millionaire","Capstick",,,,"Jenny and the TV game show"
"Jenny's New Job by Biker","Biker","Y","dirtyjob.jpg",,"Jenny has a bad day as a teacher"
"Jenny Goes Ice-Skating","Mustang Diamond",,,,"Jenny and Ashley on ice"
"Jenny Tours A Yacht","Mustang Diamond",,,,"Jenny and Ashley visit a yacht"
"Jenny In The Land of Happy Smiles","Torquemada",,,,"Jenny gives a language lesson in Japan"
"Meathead's Block","Meathead",,,,"Meathead meets Jenny and Ashley"
"Volunteer Jenny Helps The Circus","Anon",,,,"Jenny is well handled at the circus and after!"
"Jenny Goes To Court","Jenluvr",,,,"Jenny's courtroom fantasy"
"Jenny's Diamond Blush","Anon",,,,"Jenny models for charity"
"Jenny's Nightmare Before Election Day","Torquemada",,,,"Jenny dreams of election night"
"Jenny and the Freemasons","Darth Veda",,,,"Jenny visits the local lodge"
"Jenny's Taken Hostage","Mustang Diamond",,,,"Jenny and the bank robbers revisited"
"Jenny Drives Into Trouble","Jailbait",,,,"English Jenny meets the girls from BTT and Biker"
"Jenny's Legal Adventure","Capstick",,,,"Jenny gives a demonstration in sexual harassment"
"McJenny","Anon",,,,"Jenny in the fast food industry"
"Jenny's Medical Adventure","Capstick",,,,"Jenny is taught to take facials"
"Jenny's Mirror","IndianOutlaw",,,,"Jenny is hypnotised again!"
"After The Music Stopped","Fledermaus",,,,"Jenny has to obey a good samaritan if she wants a coat"
"Caddyshack Jenny","Capstick",,,,"Jenny humiliates her husband on the golf course"
"Jenny Nightingale Care Giver","WriterTA",,,,"Jenny is taught correct oral techniques"
"Jenny at the Sci-Fi Convention","Sean89",,,,"Jenny has to dress as Supergirl"
"The Haunting","TrackJim",,,,"Jenny and the lecherous ghost"
"Jenny and The Bridge","Rabbit",,,,"Jenny has a bad day in the park"
"Jenny The Waitress","Anon",,,,"Jenny has a bad day at the diner"
"Jenny The Weather Girl","Sean89","Y","weather1a.jpg","weather2a.jpg" ,"Jenny and Ashley at the TV station"
"A Druid Grove","Anon",,,,"Jenny meets Mama in England"
"Jenny and the Clubhouse","Anon",,,,"Jenny meets some precocious youngsters"
"Door to Door Jenny","X12348765 891",,,,"Jenny sells vacuum cleaners"
"Jenny On The Ranch","Anon",,,,"Jenny pays a trip to a dude ranch"
"Jenny's Toga Dilemma","TrackJim",,,,"Jenny goes to a toga party"
"Jenny Strips Herself","Patrick",,,,"Jenny's first day in the police goes badly"
"Jenny's A Guard","Smokies Gun",,,,"Jenny becomes a shop dummy"
"Jenny & The Mauser","Meathead",,,,"Jenny shows Meathead her butt"
"Jenny At The Fated Fete","Jailbait","Y","Series",,"English Jenny has a bad day at the fete"
"Jenny's Play Day","Anon",,,,"Jenny has to play Lady Godiva so Ashley introduces her to Katherine"
"Jenny Delivers a Package","Sean89","Y","airvent.jpg",,"Jenny has a bad experience with an air vent thanks to Ashley"
"Jenny & Ashley in Muy Gooey","Meathead",,,,"Jenny and Ashley at the local talent contest"
"Jenny rides a horse","Mustang Diamond",,,,"Jenny and Ashley are rescued by cowboys"
"Jenny and the B.T.T. sell the Wild West","Jailbait",,,,"Jenny at the travel agents revisited"
"Jenny The Gym Teacher Part 1","Anon",,,,"Jenny has to wrestle"
"Jenny & the Uniform Debate","Anon",,,,"Jenny debates proper dress"
"Jenny The Gym Teacher Part 2 ","Anon",,,,"Jenny takes a shower"
"Jenny meets Lana","Lost Q",,,,"Jenny meets a new friend"
"Dispatcher Jenny","TrackJim",,,,"Jenny has a bad day at the airport"
"Jenny and Lana Ride the Orient Express","Lost Q",,,,"Jenny with Lana and scouts on a train in Thailand"
"Jenny the Shredder","AOM","Y","jammedup.jpg",,"Jenny meets the FBI and Agent Scully"
"Jenny’s Big Day","Anon",,,,"Jenny is honoured by the mayor"
"Jenny's Ostrich Dance","Gin and Bob",,,,"Jenny is humiliated at the theatre"
"Slapstick Jenny","Anon",,,,"Jenny and the TV Clowns"
"Jenny's Revenge","Anon",,,,"Jenny schemes with the scouts to humiliate Ashley"
"Jenny Teaches Sex Ed","Anon",,,,"Jenny and Lana have a very bad time at school"
"Ashley Strikes Back","Anon",,,,"Ashley schemes with the scouts to humiliate Jenny"
"Ashley’s Wedding","Anon",,,,"Jenny and Lana have a hard time getting to Asley's wedding"
"Jenny & Ashley in Star Gazers","Meathead",,,,"Uranus..........nuff said!"
"Monkeyshines","Anon",,,,"Jenny meets Big Herb at the Zoo"
"Jenny and Lana Vs. Oliver Rushnel Get Yer Own Back!!","Outlaw",,,,"Jenny and Lana in the TV studio"
"Jenny and the Boys School","Bernanke41",,,,"Jenny and the problem class"
"Jenny and The Spider","Eltan",,,,"Jenny is saved from a spider by the helpful scouts"
"Daisy (August 03)","Daisy_",,,,"Jenny and Daisy play basketball"
"Jenny & the series of logical steps","Daisy_","Y","thepool.jpg",,"Jenny makes a trip to the swimming pool"
"Jenny and The Farm Track","Daisy_",,,,"Jenny has a hard time after her car breaks down"
"Carry on Camping!","Anon",,,,"Jenny meets the scouts in the woods"
"Smoke and Mirrors","Anon",,,,"Jenny and Ashley goe to the magic show"
"Ashley Hypnotised","Vern",,,,"Gustav hypnotises Ashley via her PC"
"Charity Circus","Anon",,,,"Jenny on the high t****ze"
"Damsel","Anon",,,,"The Perils of Jenny...a very popular play"
"Jenny and the Rugby World Cup","Daisy_",,,,"Jenny watches the Rubgy on TV in a pub"
"Jenny in Shanghai","Cristena",,,,"Jenny visits China"
"The Ad Game","Anon","Y","harleyquin.jpg",,"Jenny helps Ashley publicise her new shop"
"Jenny and the Obstacle Course","ToddCheese",,,,"Jenny and Ashley at the Obstacle race"
"Jenny at the Science Museum","ToddCheese",,,,"Jenny and Ashley meet the scouts at the Science museum"
"Rollercoaster Jenny","ToddCheese",,,,"Jenny has a bad day on the rollercoaster"
"Jenny's day at the Fair ","Edward Mackenzie",,,,"Jenny and Ashley go to the Fair"
"Jenny-Weapons Inspector","Anon","Y",,,"Jenny in Iraq"
"Non Core Jenny",,,,
"Jenny Lost in Space","Anon",,,,"Jenny commands a starship"
"Jenny in Star Trek","Magus","Y","Series",,"Jenny timeslips to the Enterprise"
"Bond...Jenny Bond","LOTFW",,,,"The name's Bond....."
"Ode To A Blonde","Magus",,,,"The Raven Jenny style"
"Jenny in Camelot","Anon",,,,
"Jenny of the High Seas","Pink",,,,"Pirate Jenny"
"Jenny in Space","Anon",,,,"A young Jenny in the future"
"Jenny's day Before Christmas","Jack",,,,"Poem"
"Jenny Does What She's Gotta Do","Anon",,,,"Jenny and the Serbs"
"Jenny's Strips Through Time: Apollo","Anon",,,,"Time Tunnel Apollo 11"
"Jenny's Strips Through Tine: The Halloween Episode","Anon",,,,"Time Tunnel Jenny meets her young self in the past"
"Jenny & the TV Show","Anon",,,,"Fragment"
"Busy Beaver","Pink",,,,"Jenny's Husband pays the price"
"Jenny's Day Off","The Great One",,,,"Jenny's Husband pays the price at the Mall"
"Jenny and Another DUI","Anon",,,,"Fragment"
"Jenny At The Testimonial Dinner","Anon",,,,"Fragment"
"Jenny's Wedding Day","Anon",,,,"Originally a non Jenny tight skirt story"
"General in Jenny's World","General",,,,"Loss of clothes through technology"
"Missing Jenny",,,,
"Jenny and The Car Lot","Oogler","Y","carlot1.jpg",,
"Jenny and The Beach Party","Gao","Y","tray.jpg",,
"BAREASS Competition",,,,
"Cash up for grabs","AOM",,,,
"Contest Entry","BeardFL",,,,
"Another contest entry","Denver47",,,,
"Contest Entry","Jailbait",,,,
"On the way to if Jenny isn't usually ","Leviticus",,,,
"Jenny Afloat","Leviticus",,,,
"Jenny's Universe","Leviticus",,,,
"Roxy’s Oddments","Nemo",,,,
"Jenny and Ashley go B.A.R.E.A.S.S","",,,,
"Neopets!","Shaw","Y","From the bareass.jpg",,
"BAREASS Training","TrackJim",,,,
"story entry","Yeah",,,,

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Old 03-27-2024, 06:14 AM
throwawyadotjaypeggy throwawyadotjaypeggy is offline
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Post txt files

I've got a few old txt files with a lot of the stories in your list of nostalgic names. At the very least it has the first 50 or so. I'm not sure how many I've got but it should be over 50% of those listed, if not more. It's cut up into Jenny 1998.txt all the way up to Jenny 2006.txt so it's a little hard to parse through, but the stories are in the same order as yours for all of 1998 at least.

I've never used this website so I'm not sure of rules and/or faux pas involving posting txt files or stories that aren't my own so I'll just leave it at that for now. Let me know if it's cool to drop them in here or something, cause I don't have enough time to parse through ~300 stories myself.
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Old 04-10-2024, 12:16 AM
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The closest thing I remember maybe not Jenny related directly was someone (it will come to me) took a drawn Biker story about a woman losing her clothes to a bull and animated it.

Originally Posted by hothabanero View Post
I thought I heard once that some of these were animated by someone. Any truth to that?
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Old 04-12-2024, 10:24 AM
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Default Request

Originally Posted by throwawyadotjaypeggy View Post
I've got a few old txt files with a lot of the stories in your list of nostalgic names. At the very least it has the first 50 or so. I'm not sure how many I've got but it should be over 50% of those listed, if not more. It's cut up into Jenny 1998.txt all the way up to Jenny 2006.txt so it's a little hard to parse through, but the stories are in the same order as yours for all of 1998 at least.

I've never used this website so I'm not sure of rules and/or faux pas involving posting txt files or stories that aren't my own so I'll just leave it at that for now. Let me know if it's cool to drop them in here or something, cause I don't have enough time to parse through ~300 stories myself.
Any chance of getting a copy of this?
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Old 04-19-2024, 09:13 AM
nigbo nigbo is offline
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Biker days - I remember them well from my youth. Rode mainly Triumphs.

In those days, young ladies would give you a ride for a ride
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