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Old 09-17-2018, 08:53 PM
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Default Frat House Hijinx

So I have had one real-life personal ENF experience, and here is my story:

About a decade ago, I was a sophomore in college. I was a studious awkward nerd in high school, and my freshman year of college, I continued that trend. I studied hard, didn't talk much, and pretty much did the good studious little student thing. My Sophomore thing I decided that I would make a few changes. I figured college was supposed to be the time you experimented with stuff. I didn't want to waste this time in my life by keeping myself squirreled away in my dorm room.

So, with that in mind, I made a point to go out with friends, socialize, etc. It was during this period that I ended up at a party on Frat Row.

Not the greatest choice, right? But I was young, and was determined to get out there, and maybe...MAYBE...find myself something that resembled a boyfriend! So clearly the best place to look for one of those was at a frat house party (insert sarcasm here).

Anyhow, me and my friends were having a good time - dancing a bit, consuming beers, playing all those inane drunken party games (I found I have a particular talent for beer pong). During the night, a frat guy named Matt started to talk to me. Actually he started to flirt with me pretty shamelessly, which gave me all sorts of tingly grown-up feelings in my lady parts. The guy was tall, trim, and very hot. I remember really loving his teeth - he had a great smile. Super dreamy. Basically way out of my league - not because I am some hideous troll or whatever, but because at the time, I didn't really date a lot of guys, and I never would have approached somebody like this. At least not in a flirty flirt sort of way.

Any ways, the night went on, and we talked, laughed, messed around. He put his hand on my butt a few times. I didn't mind really - my butt is pretty massive, so it's hard to miss anyhow, lol. And I sort of liked the attention. Timed passed, and we were making out on the couch. Making out got more than a little hot and heavy, and after a time, he got up, took my hand, and led me off to one of the bedrooms in the frat house.

Kinda sl*tty I know, but like I said - I was pretty young at time, and I just figured that college was the time to do stuff like this, right? Plus the beers that I drank helped make me a bit less inhibited.

So we got into his (?) room, and resumed making out. The room was completely disgusting, and smelled like a pile of gym socks that had been drug through ten miles of shit. When our clothes started to come off, and I saw that Matt had a real honest-to-god six pack, I resolved to not worry about the smell too much.

All the time that I was pulling off my own clothes, I was so nervous. Let me set the scene a little bit. You guys may have noticed my forum handle, "Fat_Holly". I promise that is very descriptive. At the time of this frat party, I think I was just a little bit shy of 300 lbs. Now, I am not a short person, so I wear my fat reasonably well, but still - 300 lbs is 300 lbs. I shrugged out of all of my clothes - even my Spanx. I wear a full Spanx body shaper that starts from just under my boobs, and goes down to about mid-thigh. I don't wear that obnoxious thing to make me look THIN or anything (nothing short of a magic wand could do that), but instead I wear it to sort of...smooth things out. My body tends to have lots of rolls, and bulges, and the Spanks keeps those in check a bit. So you can imagine that when I was rolling and pushing this stupid thing off of my flabby body, I felt about as sexy as a sack of potatoes. Matt though, seemed to be into me, so I figured I just lucked out and found a hot guy that was attracted to fat chicks.

I was lucky all right. And my luck was completely shit-tastic.

We were both naked, and things were progressing in the direction that a naked couple tend to move towards. All at once, Matt seperates, and gets this twinkle in his eye. He gets up off the futon we were fondling each other on, pulls me along with him. I asked him what he was doing, and he told me something like, "Oh, it's going to be a surprise". Now, gullible as I am, I think he's got some sort of sex thing in mind. Like he wanted to try out some sort of kama sutra pose or something.

What he does instead is pull me over to one side of the room, give my tits and ass a good squeeze, and then before even realize what is happening, he throws open the door and shoves my naked fat ass into the hallway.

So there I am - all 300 lbs of me - standing naked in the hallway. The people at the party see this, and immediately I hear it. Laughter, wolf whistles, cat calls, propositions for sex, basically everything you would expect from the attendees of a drunken frat party. Oh, and of course, a neverending sea of cell phones aimed in my direction.

This was a fucking nightmare, and I screamed my damn head off. Every sagging bulge was on complete display. My body wobbled, jiggled and flopped (especially without my usual Spanx to suck everything in) in front of the whole crowd, and everybody could see...everything. I tried to cover myself, but one of the disadvantages of being a big girl, is that you have a LOT to cover up, and totally inadequate arms to do so. I pounded on the door, and desperately screamed and begged for Mark to let me back in the room, but the bastard had locked the door and wasn't letting me in. I knew I had to make a run for it.

Grabbing my flabby lady parts in hand, I ran downstairs. As I pushed past everyone, I got lots of drunken slaps, pinches and gropes. I couldn't stop, as I just had to get out of there. I ran to the huge punch bowl where everyone had dropped off their car keys at the beginning of the party, and with tears streaming down my face, I spent what seemed like an eternity finding the keys for my crappy Toyota. Eventually I grab them and charge outside - my naked jiggling body running towards my car.

So that is my ENF experience. It was a complete nightmare. News travels fast around campus, and soon I became the crazy fat girl who streaked through a frat house. In the early days, the memory of that moment cause me no end of grief and humiliation. But as time passed, something strange happened. In subsequent years, I began to remember that night not with mortification, but with a strange sense of...arrousal? I am not really sure what that says about me, that thinking of being forcibly exposed to a bunch of drunk frat partyers gets me super hot and bothered, but that's how it ended up. That is eventually how I ended up on this website, in fact.

I eventually was able to find out why Matt pulled that awful prank on me. Apparently he and his fellow scumbag frat brothers were having this competition. They were supposed to acquire bras from unsuspecting college girls. And not just a bra from their drawers or something - it had to be a bra that they were already wearing. They would get these "trophies" and pin them to a wall in their frat house - again not unlike a trophy. Apparently the biggest bra trophy would determine the winner. My own bra hung on that damn wall for MONTHS before people decided to take them all down. Throughout the rest of college, lots of people used to call me "Holly G". They didn't call me Holly G because G was part of my last name. They called me that because G was the size of my bra cups.

Pretty sure Matt won.
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Old 09-17-2018, 09:58 PM
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Glad you can look back on this favorably now but that was a pretty crappy thing done to you. To your knowledge did anyone ever post a photo or video of the incident?
Shout out to Mr. And Mrs. nectcouple for the avatar.
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