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Old 01-10-2018, 08:02 PM
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Default How did you learn to Masturbate?

I've been around here for a long time and never started a thread, BUT I could not find this title here so here goes...

I was sitting around a conversation pool at a CO resort chatting with a few folks that mostly I didn't know or barely was acquainted. Of course we were all nude. The discussion got around to masturbation. After a while this woman made a reference to learning to masturbate from a female friend.

We went around the group with most everyone telling their story. I hadn't thought about my first experience in many years. I had an interesting experience that was similar to what a few others related. So here is mine as much as I can remember from so many years ago.

My parents were shy about sex and never had that birds and bees discussion. A very few of my friends and I talked about it and we used to walk through the woods with no clothes on for some unknown reason. We played Dr. but even that was limited to looking at each other, M's and F's, commenting about what some of us had and others didn't etc.

Now I had woken up several times in bed to a sticky mess on the sheets. Our group discussed this and we couldn't conclude how it happens in sleep etc. One day my close buddy called me excited and said he wanted me to meet him and go out in the woods and show me something. We routinely played here, skinny dipped and hiked naked.

I met him at the woods and his sister was with him as she was part of our group of friends who played Dr. etc. We got a ways into the woods and they stopped and started to undress. He said this day is one we need to be naked in the woods. We walked on to this little lean-to we had built and sat down.

He was so excited and said and couldn't wait to share this with me. He reached down and held his privates in his hand and told me his brother's friend told him how to make yourself get the sticky cum. He told how his brother's friend took out his cock and played with it and it got hard. He said the guy didn't cum but told him if he played with it just right he would see.

He said he went right into the bathroom and played with himself until he said this strange good feeling came over him and out spurted his cum. By this time he is stroking himself like he knew what he was doing and for sure his member was getting larger. He urged me to try it so I thought why not and mimicked what he was doing and I became hard very quickly.

Wow I remember me thinking to myself how good this felt. I still wasn't even considering this naked female watching me all along. All of a sudden I had this feeling something was going to happen. AND IT DID as I spurted several gobs of cum some landing on all three of our legs and of course my hand. All I could say was wow! Shortly thereafter my friend came as he let out a moan.

We all laughed about how neat this was. His sister felt kind of "left out". She didn't learn about orgasms for a couple more years. Shortly thereafter we got to see some porn and everything fell into place. We walked happily naked to the edge of the woods and went home about an hour later.

I went right up to the bathroom and locked the door. I stripped completely and stood in front of a mirror and slowly fondled myself to another erection. I recall gazing fixedly at my hand on my cock atroking it until I spurted a load of cum all over the mirror. The rest is history....

I hope this thread is not offensive to anyone and I don't think it violated any of the rules here. Note that I did not mention or make reference to ages in it.
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Old 01-12-2018, 03:23 AM
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Default I suppose in some part my mum, indirectly.

I had one of those dreams that every guy gets awakened by, not knowing what had happened really. I got up early to wash my sheets. As this was something that never happened, my mum comes down and asked me, what was wrong. To embarrassed to answer. She then reassured me that I could tell her.

So I explained what had happened.

Being a nurse, she was terriblely practical.

She explained how it was normal for that to happen to boys. She than asked if I masturbated.

Now mortally embarrassed, I ran off.

Later that day I asked a mate at school about it and he gave me brief instructions of what to do.
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Old 01-12-2018, 07:02 AM
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Due to the age that most people learn to masturbate, making them a lot younger than we allow, this thread will be locked.
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Closed Thread


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