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Part Nine – some more stories about my first girlfriend Vicky:

As you may know, Vicky was featured in my “My First Few Times” thread on here. I have more to add to that and promise that one day I will get round to it, but in the meantime here’s a little taster.

When I’d been going out with Vicky for a few months, and we’d only had sex once or twice, we went to stay at her parents' place for the weekend; a huge house built on three floors. We weren’t going to add to our score there though; too many people coming and going. She had 3 younger brothers and there was also a young girl of about 18 called Olivia who worked in Vicky’s parents’ business, staying in the house. Vicky’s eldest brother Zac, who was also 18, lusted after Livvy morning noon and night but she already had a boyfriend so this was a source of much frustration for him.

He wasn’t the only one. We were getting frustrated too being in close proximity all the time and being unable to do anything about it! The first night I was there, it wasn’t too bad as we were still settling in (unlike brother Zac who spent the entire evening lying on his bed with headphones on, staring into space). The next evening though, things got interesting. We’d been together the entire day, but never alone, until almost bedtime when, in the room I shared with Zac, Vicky got very frustrated, holding me so tightly I thought she was going to break my spine! She was now feeling really randy, but with one or other of the family liable to burst in at any moment, couldn’t do anything about it.

The following night it was my turn to get frustrated due to seeing Vicky looking bloody gorgeous in her white nightgown. After the parents had gone to bed, she sneaked me into Zac’s room where the passion increased to fever pitch, until our frenzied making out was terminated by Zac coming to bed. (He didn’t help matters by lending me his copy of ‘In Praise Of Older Women’!)

Our second visit was much more enjoyable. We theorised that if, the next morning, we both stayed in bed until everyone had gone off to their allotted tasks, we might get a little time alone, and I could slip into Vicky’s room and wake her in the most enjoyable way possible. When we tried it, it worked a treat!

Then after lunch, when everyone had gathered and then dispersed again, she said, “They won’t be back for hours yet. Fancy a bath?” Just try stopping me! It was a bit cramped with two in one bath, of course, but that didn’t matter because within minutes we were so turned on that we had to get out, dry each other off and shag ourselves senseless on the floor! By this time we were so bathed in sweat, we had to get back in and have another bath, at which point Zac knocked on the door, so I told him I’d soon be out, and did he know where Vicky was? He said no and departed without ever twigging I was not alone, but gave us an even worse scare the following day.

Vicky was in a sleeping bag on the spare bed in youngest brother Nick’s room, across the landing from me. I awoke to find the house empty so crept over. It was the work of a moment to unzip the bag and slide in … in more ways than one.

"Oohhh, Everard, what a lovely way to be woken up!" she purred, putting her arms round my neck and giving me a long, deep, passionate kiss. We began moving together. But a few minutes later we heard footsteps coming up the stairs - it was Zac!

We were so shocked and surprised, we couldn't move. Anyway there was no time. Then for some reason, he didn't come in; he turned the other way, went somewhere else and soon went out of the house. Not that that did my blood pressure any good - I was on top and couldn't see the open door, so was convinced he actually had come in! I was only able to relax when Vicky assured me that he hadn't.

We never did find out why he'd come back.

Vicky and I had been out for the evening and I was dropping her off at the nurses' home where she lived. We were early so sat in my car and made out for a while.

I was in the passenger seat, she in my lap, and under her long dress, she undid my pants, took out my member and rubbed it till it was rock-hard. So I slid her knickers down and returned the favour by fingering her pussy. It wasn't long before it was really wet so I slipped inside her.

She said, "Must we?" I said, "Yes, I must."

There were people walking past but inside the car, in the dark and hidden by the dress, we were all but invisible.

Unfortunately that was the last time I fucked her because she broke up with me a couple of weeks later. I sometimes wonder if she was a bit disgusted that I dared to do it in such a public place!
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