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Default Topless holiday adventures

Holidays often seem to relax people's inhibitions and result in you being in situations that you would not normally expect to be in with friends and even family members. Last Summer in Majorca was a perfect example of this phenomenon for me, my girlfriend and 6 other people. Please share similar experiences in this thread as I am sure there are plenty of you out there with great memories of similar things that we would all like to hear about.


Last Summer I went on vacation with my girlfriend Jane together with 3 other couples - my girtlfriend's sister and her fiancee (Kate and Rich), Linda and Alex who are old friends of mine from school who Jane also knows very well and a couple who i had met before but didnt really know all that well called Sophie and Max. Sophie had gone to the same school as Jane and Kate and has known their family for years.

We had hired a large villa for the week as there were 8 of us in total and we discovered that hiring large places for lots of people was actually a really cost effective way of booking a group holiday and would provide us with more peace and quiet than you would get staying at a hotel or similar. We arrived late afternoon on the Sunday and to say we were pleased with what we found would be an understatement! The villa was beautifully maintained and was in a truly beautiful setting with views from the balclonies looking down to the sea which was about 500m away. The pool area was perfect - large swimming pool surrounded by grass and lots of sun loungers plus a few trees to provide a bit of shade. There was also a fully functioning outdoor kitchen area which we had not been aware of from the photos we had seen of the place online! All in all it was a good start to the holiday.

The rest of day 1 was fairly uneventful - we took one of the hire cars to the local supermarket to stock up on supplies and by the time we got back the sun was going down so we got the bbq going and cracked open our first beers of the week. By the time it got to 11pm everyone was knackered after a day of travelling so we called it a night and headed to bed having agreed that as tomorrow was the first proper day we would spend it chilling out at the villa and making ourselves feel at home.

Day 2 duly arrived and it was a perfect blue sky day and by 10am it was already over 30C. Once everyone has helped themselves to whatever breakfast they wanted we all gradually made our way out to the pool and made ourselves comfortable. The first thing I noticed was just how stunning Jane looked in her new bikini. Jane is 5ft4in, very fit with a pert bum and perfect breasts - 36C and they don't require any support! She has wavy brown hair and is naturally quite olive skinned so always looked beautifuuly tanned in the Summer. Jane's sister Kate has a similar complexion but is taller than Kate and quite skinny. I had always been amazed by how long her legs were but this was the first time I had seen her in a bikini and I know realised that it was not only her legs that were impressive - despite being skinny (almost too skinny i sometimes think but this is just her natural physique as she eats as much as I do!) she appeared to have the same perfect pert breasts as Jane and her bikinin was leaving little to the imagination as it clung to her body as she got out of the pool and highlighted her pointy nipples! This is going to be a good week even if we do nothing other than sit around this pool the whole time i thought to myself!

The other 2 girls also looked amazing in their bikinis. I have been good friends with Linda for many many years and have seen her in bikinis many times before. Linda is pale skinned with reddish long curly hair. She is naturally curvy and keeps herself in great shape. She has big boobs - 36E apparently! - and is generally quite shy of them as a result. She is not one for wearing revealing tops etc and I know from past conversations with her that she always struggles to find bikinins that she doesn't feel are too revealing and do an adequte job of containing her assets. With that in mind I was not surprised to see that she had opted for a one-piece that had sections cut out around her midriff so still looked very sexy. Sophie was wearing a black bikini and I reaslised what an amazing body she had. Flat stomach, long toned legs, amazing bum and small boobs - I would guess an A cup maybe just about a B. Her bikini bottoms were very small and quite high cut so a lot of her bum was on show - it was not a thong but somewhere in between a thong and a normal bikini bottom. I noticed that her bum cheeks did not have any tan lines so she was obviously used to wearing bikinin bottoms like this.

After an hour or so of lying on my front and dozing in the hot sun I rolled over as I was hot and needed to get in the pool to cool off. To my surprise Sophie was on a sun longer on the opposite side of the pool to me lying reading a magazine topless! It had not really occurred to me that any of the girls would go topless as I know that Jane is generally shy about such things and Linda definitely is! I doubted that Kate would be willing to go topless in front of her sister's boyfriend so I had not really given it any thought! At that moment Jane rolled over too and, seeing Sophie, called out "It never takes you long to get the girls out!". Sophie laughed and simply replied "You know me, I'm never shy about these things and like to set a good example!" This exchange got me thinking...Jane, Kate and Sophie have all obviously been on holiday together before and perhaps being topless in front of each other has become no big deal. Now that Sophie had quickly set an 'example' as she called it were the other girls likely to follow her lead. I decided not to push anything and just see how things panned out.

By the end of the day there had been no significant developments. Jane had undone the straps of her bikinin when she was lying on her front so as to avoid tan lines on her back but had been very careful to tie it up again before sitting up. Sophie had remained topless for most of the afternoon when on her lounger but had always put her top back on before getting in the pool or getting up to walk about. There were still 5 whole days left so I was quietly confident that things would develop as everyone settled in to the holday more and felt more relaxed.

That night at dinner after quite a few drinks it was Linda who brought it up in her usual open and honest way. She told Sophie that she admired her confidence and would love to be just as confident but just didn't think she ever could be. She went on to say that having big boobs that were not amazingly pert like Sophie's small ones only added to her lack of cinfidence as she felt that people would think her boobs looked horrible and that they shouldn't be shared in public. Sophie responded by saying that her small boobs had been a source of embarrassment for her for years as she was convinced that guys only liked big boobs. She explained that she had only started going topless in the last 5 years (we were all now 30-33 years old) as she had made a conscious decision not to let silly things like boob size affect her confidence. As a sign of defiance to her old unconident self she had gone on holiday with the girls and spent most of the week topless to prove a point to herself!! We all applauded her for such confidence and I could see that Linda was quite impressed. Jane and Kate then admitted that the holiday that Sophie had just described was the first time either of them had gone topless too and that they had very much got swept up in Sophie's confidence and defiance and had ended up feeling very empowered by the end of the week!

Rich commented that Kate had never gone topless when on holiday with him and that he didn't think it was fair that only the girls got to enjoy such adventures together! Kate immediately retorted that it was the strength she got from being with the other girls that gave her the confidence to do it and that she had thought that he wouldn't approve anyway. Rich said that at the end of the day it was entirely her decision but she was wrong about him disapproving - to the contrary he was positively in favour! He then asked whether or not the fact that the other girsl were here this week would give her the confidence she needed. Kate just shrugged her shoulders and said 'the problem is more the other guys!' The conversation moved on and in due course we all headed for bed. Once in our room I asked Jane about how she felt about sunbathing topless. She said she was quite relaxed about it but wanted to chat to Kate first as she was not sure how she would feel about Jane being topless in front of Rich and that, if she was honest, she was also slightly uneasy about Kate being topless in front of me.

The next day we all agreed that we would head to the beach for most of the day. As soon as we got there I was pleased that we had made the decision - the beach was beautiful and the water looked very inviting. There was also a beach bar at one end of the beach so we immediatly decided to get a couple of jugs of sangria and make a day of it! Sangria's before midday! By the time we boys returned from buying the drinks the girsl were getting settled and just as we approached Sophie peeled her bikinin top off. She did this while standing up which was a change from yesterday by the pool when she only ever removed it once she was lying down. I also realsied that Linda was wearing a bikni today rather than her one-piece. It was a string bikini that didn't have any inbuilt support and I thought this was probably her nod to the confidence that Sophie had descibed the previous evening. Half an hour later one of the jugs of sangria had been drunk and everyone was feeling very relaxed. Jane and Kate headed off to the sea to cool down. Rich and I were sat next to each other and as we watched them walk down to the water he commented to me that we were both very lucky men which I had to agree with. Ten minutes later Jane & Kate retuned from their swim and as soon as they sat down they both reached behind their backs and undid the strings on their bikini tops before taking them off and shoving them into their bags. Kate lay down straight away but Jane stayed sitting up right and leant back with her hands in the sand behind her. She looked amazing and I was aware that mine were not the only set of eyes on her...Rich, Alex and Max were all quite obviously taking in the view too!

I was very proud of Jane for displaying such confidence infront of the other guys and knowing that they were all appreciating how beautiful and sexy she looked made me even prouder and quite horny! Before long I was getting far too hot and so headed into the sea to cool down. After I had been in the water for a few minutes I looked towards the shore and saw that Kate had just stood up and was heading straight towards the water...and she was still topless! The next 30 seconds were quite surreal...I was floating in the sea watching my girlfriend's beautiful sister approach me in nothing more than a tiny pair of bikini bottoms and a big smile on her face! Kate's boobs were every bit as impressive as Jane's - full and round with small dark nipples that seemed to point to the sky. As she got close to me I made a conscious effort to look her in the eye and appear as unflustered as possible about the fact that she was topless. "Enjoying the view?" she laughed and jumped towards me in an attempt to push my head under the water. As soon as my head went under I pushed myself back up and was immediately aware that my face was pressing into her breasts! I managed to move away slightly and get myself back above the water. Kate was laughing and apologised for nearly drowning me! I laughed and followed her as she headed back to the shallow water. In the shallow water we stood chatting for a few minutes and I was surpised how quickly I had got used to the fact that Kate was stood directly in front of me topless and apparetnly not in the least bit shy. After a few more minutes Rich, Sophie, Max and Jane all came and joined us in the water and Jane and Sophie were both still topless too. We stood around chatting and almost immediately the fact that the 3 girls were topless in front of us all felt like the most normal thing in the world! Maybe it was the relaxing effect of the sangria but either way it felt good.

I went back up to sit on the beach where Linda and Alex were still lying back reading their books. I asked how they were and got the impression that Linda was a bit unhappy. She didn't say anything specific but she was a bit short in her answer and didn't look up from her book when she spoke to me. Linda and i have been very close friends for many years and I knew that the best way to get to the bottom of what was bothering her was to find a chance to chat to her one on one so i suggested that me and her went to the beach bar to buy another couple of jugs of sangria for everyone. She reluctantly agreed and we set off. Once we were at the beach bar I ordered the two jugs of sangria together with a couple of beers which gave me the chance I needed to have a chat with her. It didn't take long for her to admit that all of the other girls going topless had made her feel a bit uncomfortable. She was not uncomfortable that they were topless but more because she felt like she was under more pressure to join them and she already felt like she had made a big step by choosing to wear the string bikini to the beach. I told her not to worry and that she should only ever do what she was comfortable with and that no one was expecting anything of her - each person has their own choices to make and everyone would respect those choices whatever they were. By the time we had finshed our beer she seemed a lot brighter and as we wondered back to the rest of the group she was back to her usual funny and entertaining self.

We stayed at the beach for another of couple of hours. Jane, Kate and Sophie remained topless the entire time and Linda kept her top on but joined everyone in the sea and played bat and ball with Alex and then Rich for ages. At one point having dived to try and reach a wild shot from Rich she stood back up in the shallow water and her left boob had popped out of the bikini. I realised immediately that Rich has seen this but was not sure how he should deal with it as he did not know Linda very well at all. I decided to step in as her friend and deal with it by makig as light as possible of the situation - "Hel Lin, if you are going to insist on playing like that then I recommend you put some suncream on as burnt nipples are not a good look!" Linda immeaditaly looked down and shrieked as she ducked under the water while she rearranged her bikini top. Once sorted she wondered over to me and said thank you for the heads up. She also pointed out that even though I had known her for more than 15 years that was the first time I had seen either of her boobs. I agreed that it was and told her that she really did have nothing to be shy about which made her blush.

Once we were back at the villa everyone went to their rooms to get ready for dinner. While Jane was in the shower she shouted to me to go and ask Kate if she had any aftersun as she could feel that she was a bit sunburnt. I headed over the corridor to Kate and Rich's room and knocked on the door as I said "Hi, it's me! Am I ok to come in?" Kate immediately responded "Yeah, come on in." I opened the door and was greeted by Kate standing on the other side of the room with a towel wrapped around her having obviously jsut got out of the shower. She was completely covered but the towell was quite short and it immeadiately occured to me that she probably didn't have any underwear on under the towell. I asked her if she had any aftersun as Jane wanted to borrow some and she said that she did but wanted to use it first as she was aslo feeling a bit burnt. She proceeded to rub some in to her arms and shoulders and then asked if I could do her back. I put some on my hands and started to rub it into the top of her back but most of her back was covered by the towel that she had wrapped around her. Before I said anything she undid the towel and moved it down so that it was know tied around her waist. I covered the rest of her back in aftersun and turned to head back to my room conscious to behave in as gentlemanly manner as possible with my girlfriends sister! "Hold up, I haven't finished!" Kate called out as I neared the door. I turned round and Kate was know facing me with the towel still tied around her waist and her incredible boobs facing staright towards me. For some reason seeing her like this was both more awkwards and more erotic than seeing her on the beach topless. She put her hand out and I gave her the aftersun. She put some in her hands and immediately started rubbing it into her boobs and stomach. I could feel myself going red and I could feel myself getting excited and Kate obviously noticed my face colour as she said; "How can you be embarassed now when you have just spent all day on the beach with me topless! I was actually impressed with how cool you were when I first joined you in the sea earlier!" I explained that I think it was just to do with the setting and the beach somehow felt more natural and that being in her bedroom was somehow more private. She laughed and said that that didn't make any sense to her. At that moment Rich walked out of their batroom with a towel wrapped aound him and I could see in his face that he was quite surprised to find me in his room talking to Kate while she rubbed aftersun into her chest! I was just working out what to say when Jane came to my rescue by walking into the room to see what was taking me so long. She had a towel wrapped round her waist and was wearing a sportsbra. Kate said that she was just finishing with it and had asked me to wait until she was done. Jane seemed completely non-plussed by the fact that Kate was topless in her bedroom in front of me and then nearly bowled me over by removing her sportsbra and walking over the Kate to get some of the lotion and then started applying it to herself.

Rich and my eyes must have been the size of dinner plates which is hardly surprising given the circumstances. The girls noticed and Kate commented again that this was in no way different to what we had been seeing on the beach all day. We agreed (although I don't think either of us really did agree!) and carried on with getting ourselves ready leaving the sisters to it.

The rest of the evening passed off without incident and we all went to bed quite late after having far too much to drink. The next morning I was first up as I always struggle to sleep well after a lot of alcohol. I made some breakfast and went to lie by the pool in the sun. I had been by myself for about 30 mins when I heard some noise in the house so went into the kitchen to see who was up and about. Linda was the only one there. She looked tired and hungover and was in desperate need of a glass of water! She was wearing hot pants and a loose fitting strappy top that I presumed were her pyjamas. She sat down on one of the breakfast bar stools next to me and we chatted about the night before and some of the amusing stories that had been told. As I have said, Linda is an old friend and in all of that time i don't think either of us have ever fancied the other so we have always been quite relaxed around each other. Despite that I couldn't help but notice that her top was quite see through and when she sat back I could clearly see the outline of her nipples through the fabric. When Max walked in a short while later I noticed that Linda instinctively moved her arm across her chest and kept it there until he headed back upstairs again. I thought it was interesting and also quite nice that she obviously felt comfortable enough around me to not worry about covering her boobs even though she was still shy in front of people she didn't know so well. A minute or two later Kate walked in to get some water. She was wearing a pair of knickers and nothing else. She mumbled good morning to both of us and headed straight for the fridge before retracing her steps and heading straight back upstairs. Linda laughed and commented on the fact that if there was ever going to be a week for her to get over her self confidence issues around her boobs this was going to be it as she was surrounded by other girls who exuded such confidence.

We agreed it was time for a swim to try and wash the cobwebs away. Linda said she would just be a couple of minutes as she needed to go and put her bikini on. I headed out to the pool and jumper striaght in. Linda reappeared wearing the same bikini she had worn to the beach yesterday. She stood on the edge of the pool and asked if the water had made me feel better to which i replied it had. "Good, might as well kill two birds with one stone then" she replied before pulling her bikini top off over her head and jumping into the water! I couldn't believe my eyes, I never thought I would see Linda do anything like that! She swam straight over to me and looked a bit embarassed. To be honest I was a little embarassed too. I think it was the fact that she was such a good and long term friend - suddenly seeing her topless after all these years was quite strange. Linda had clearly decided to try and get this whole initial situation over and done with in the only way she knew how - directly and very openly. Instead of making small talk while we both adapted to our new situation she said: "The only way I was going to manage to do this was to get comfortable in front of you first. If I can't get comfortable in front of you then there is no way I am going to be able to do it in front of everyone else, especially the other lads. And the only way I am going to get comfortable is if you have a proper look at my boobs and show me that you are not embarassed or awkward and that this can infact be entirely natural." With that she took my hand and led me to the shallow end where she preceded to stand up right in front of me and so that her boobs where literllay in line with my face! Having heard Linda complain about her boobs for years this was the first time I had ever seen them properly and I was honestly surprised that she disliked them so much. They were much bigger than the other girls and as such they were different. They were heavier and hung lower but they were definitiely not saggy in any way. Her areolas and nipples were in proportion to the rest of the boob and pointed stright forwards rather than at the floor as she had implied in the past. After 10 or 15 seconds she asked if I was feeling weird and ducked back under the water. I decided to answer her honestly. "Linda the only weird thing is that you are making a big deal out of this. Your boobs look great and having seen them after all of these years I honestly don't know why you have such a complex about them. Either way I think you should decide whether or not you want to sunbathe topless entriely based on your feelings about and then just do it or don't do it. If you make it into too much of an event then everyone will end up feeling a bit awkward about it." For a moment I wondered if I had gone too far and might have upset her but she smiled and just said "Thank you mate" and started swimming some lengths.

When Linda got out the pool she put her top back on but I noticed that despite the fact that Rich, Kate and Jane were now up and about she didn't make any particular effort to hurry or to make sure they didn't see anything. By noon everyone had finally got up and we were all lazing about in or aound the pool. Sophie, Kate and Jane had all come downstairs topless that morning and had clearly made the conscious decision to be topless pretty much all of the time. Linda had kept her top on since everyone else had appeared. I was in the shallow end talking to Kate, Rich, Alex and Jane when Linda swam up to join us. As she came to a stop I realised immediately that she was topless and gave her a smile to give her a bit of friendly confidence. When Alex noticed that his shy girlfriend was not wearing a top he looked like he might pass out and he was clearly a bit awkward about it. Being Linda, rather than trying to stay under water and gradually build up her confidnce levels she immediately stood up and leant against the wall of the pool with her elbows on the side so that her boobs were on full display to all of us who were stood within a couple of feet of her! Everyone's eyes naturally gravitated towards her boobs and in typical Linda fashion she broke the ice by declaring: "Well, it's certainly going to take a lot of suncream to keep these monsters from burning!" Kate and Jane immediately fell about laughing and even Alex seemed to appreciate the humour Linda had employed to deal with the situation.

For the rest of the week Jane, Kate, Sophie and Linda all spent the majority of the time topless whether we were at the pool or the beach. Everyone was very comfortable around each other and it soon became completely normal to be in the kitchen preparing lunch with a couple of the girls while they remained topless. On Wednesday afternoon Sophie went upstairs and came back down to the pool wearing only a small thong bikini bottom. By the next day Jane and Kate had followed her lead and spent the rest of the week wearing next to nothing and looking absolutely incredible. So many boobs and bums on display the whole time inevitably made me very horny and Jane and I had sex at least a couple of times everyday which was much more than usual! I said that my high sex drive was completely understandable given all of the half naked girls walking around but I wanted to know why she was so horny too. She said that although it felt very natural and she wasn't doing it to be sexy being practically naked in front of everyone made her very horny and she couldn't help but notice when the other guys were all stealing glances at her and obviously checking her out.

While Jane did insist that she was not trying to be sexy in anyway there were a few occiassions where I thought whe was definitley putting a bit of a show on for the boys. Her favourite trick seemed to be to bend over to pick something up from the ground when she was wearing only her thong bikini bottoms. When she did this it gave an incredible view of almost everyhting with her bumhole and pussy only covered by the thin strip of material. On one occassion I could see that Alex and Max wear staring straight at her as she bent over and when I moved round a bit to see exactly what they were seeing I was shocked to see that Jane's thong had moved to the side a bit and half of her pussy was hanging out in full view of the boys. A bit later in the pool I whispered this to her and she jsut shrugged and said that it was inevitable when you wore a thong all day that you would end up showing a bit more than intended at some point. I couldn't believe how relaxed she was about it but I wasn't going to complain!

The only time things got a bit awkward for me at any point during the week was on the final full day before we went home in the kitchen. We had all had a few drinks around the pool at lunchtime and I was in the kitchen getting some more drinks for everyone. Linda came in and before I knew it she had come up behind me and gave me a big hug. She was not wearing her bikini top so I could feel her boobs pressed up against my back. For some reason seeing Linda topless all week had brought me the greatest amount of excitement - probably simply because I had known her for so long and seeing her boobs had never even been on my radar. Now here she was wearing only bikini bottoms and giving me hug! I turned round to try and break the hug but she thought I was wanting to hug her properly face-to-face so she immediately came back in....which is when she pressed up against the pole in my swimming shorts! It was very obvious as it was sticking straight out. She immediately looked down and I could see her eyes widen and she looked a bit embarassed. "I'm sorry, I guess natural reactions still occur even when you are used to something" I mumbled while I felt myself going red. Linda smiled and lent back in to give me a kiss on the cheek which resulted in her pushing herself up against my erect cock once again. She held herself there for a few seconds and whispered "Thank you for helping me find my confidence" before letting go and skipping off back to the pool to join the others.

All in all it was an incredible week that I will never forget and we are planning to do a repeat trip this Summer although this time I think we may go to Ibiza.
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Default Amazing

Your story was amazing! Got me hard the whole time inwas reasing it! Must be amazing to being able t see all those titts! I know i would have a constant erection
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These are my favourite type of stories. I had something similar a few years ago which I posted in another thread. Something very special about seeing friends topless and your friends seeing your other half topless!
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Default Turn it up notch

What an amazing time. I can't imagine what a wonderful time it must have been.

Something I will never experience. I am truly envious.

Are you up for a challenge???

You say you are going to do something similar next year.

As someone who "found" nudism, or whatever you wish to call it, in my mid 50's, i have realized how foolish we are with our body image issues. I thought I would never have the nerve to get naked on the beach but, being someone that is always up for a challenge, when it was presented to me on the beach I went for it and have never turned back.

You seem to be someone with empathy, so consider the internal conflict that each of the girls had to go through before going topless. Especially Linda, someone with a great body who was greatly conflicted.

I understand what she went through. My wife is now in her 60's, looks like her 40's has a great body by any standards but because of religious upbringing cannot pull the tigger and never will.

But I digress.......

The challenge is....

Since everyone is comfortable with the girls being topless, someone has to take it to the next step and that, my friend, should be you.

You said that when Jane bent over in her thong she showed a little extra and was nonchalant about it, and you spoke of people milling in and out of the kitchen to get water in the morning. It sounds like a great setup.

Get up one morning, listen for a few people in the kitchen, and then head out naked to get a drink of water. Act hungover and surprised they are there and then say fuck it and stay naked.

You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If any one is offended you can say you were hungover and didn't think, and if not you might just start something.

I hope to hear back from you next year.

Good Luck!!!!!!
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That one girl can frequently get the others to open up. In college we had a group of friends, about 5 or 6 couples, and we took day trips to the lake house one of the families owned. It was always bikinis but no nudity on the party boat and at the house. Then one of the guys started dating this German exchange student and she changed everything. The 1st weekend she came along, as soon as we anchored in the middle of the lake for swimming and sunbathing, off came her top, it was pretty obvious from the lack of tan lines, this was normal for her. She saw our stares and laughed, she thought it was funny that college girls were so prudish.

Once the pot was smoked, one by one, tops came off. I am still friends with some of these people 45 years later, we still talk about the summer of the titties. Good times.
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Having just re read this post because I enjoyed it so much, reminded me of another holiday. Only thing is, I can't remember if I posted this somewhere else or not so he goes.
About 11/12 years ago my wife and I were talking about holidays with another couple who were good friends. Long story short but someone, can't remember who, suggested we go away just the 4 of us. So we found a suitable week, and place to go and counted down the days. Now I knew that from our previous holiday, my wife wasntvoverlybshy about being topless in front of people she knew, but these were different friends. We hadn't known them as long and to be honest, we were more friends with the wife than the husband. But I wasn't going to bring anything up, just see how things panned out.
Fast forward a couple of months until we were only a few weeks from going and they were round ours for dinner. Obviously we we talking about how much we were looking forward to getting away and all. All of a sudden, the other wife asks mine if she normally went 'boobies out' (her words). Mine replied that she did sometimes! The other wife then asked if she thought the 2 of them would this time! Needless to say, me and the other husband just looked at each other and grinned!
Anyway, nothing more was said that night and we carried on about other rubbish!
So the time of the holiday arrives and off we go. We check in at the apartment only to discover it only has one bedroom and a sofa bed in the lounge. We quickly agree that one couple can have the room for the first half the holiday, then we will swap. Either way, it was going to be cosy and the chances of seeing each other in various states of undress we very high.
The next morning we headed down to the pool, found our spot and settled in. Both girls had bikinis on and at first looked like they had either forgotten their conversation or just changed their minds. Then once we were all settled down, me and the other hubby laying on sun beds reading, the other wife reached behind and whipped off her top. Closely followed by my wife. Now for me, and many of you may agree, seeing a pair of boobs is a lovely sight. However, watching them get uncovered is even lovelier. And that pair of boobs being someone you know takes it to a whole new level.
And that's how they spent the next few hours. Unfortunately, they put their tops on any time they moved around anywhere. Still, it was a glorious sight. The next day however, we went to the beach. This time the tops we off long before they had settled down on the sun beds. We even got treated to the sight of sun cream being applied. Another wonderful thing to watch. I don't now if it was being away from the pool or just the fact that they were more relaxed but this time, the tops stayed off all day. Going for a swim, playing bat and ball. Didn't seem to matter. Boobs stayed out. And that set the tone for the rest of the holiday.
Before I finish though, there were a couple of highlight for me. One was when I taught the other girl how to snorkel. We spend ages, just the 2 of us really close to each other and I was almost constantly staring at her boobs just inches away sometimes. The other highlight was after a couple of days, the girls were so relaxed that they were walking around the apartment in just their underwear. And by the end of the holiday, they would be stood in just their knickers. Boobsroudly on display as if it was the most natural thing in the world.
Before any of you ask, yes I did take photos, although it was in the very early stages of digital cameras, but sadly the disc I stored them on was deleted ages ago!
That said, a couple of years later we we at there's and discussing the holiday. The husband then said he had the photos printed somewhere that he took. He went to get them and show me. As I was looking through, I was shocked to see one of me and my wife smiling at the camera with her boobs out. It didnt bother me that he had it, because I knew he took it. But I was a little taken aback that he had included the photo in a album that I know he had shown other people.
However, that was then. Now when I think back, I get a quite turned on wondering who of my other friends has flicked through the camera and suddenly seen my wife's amazing breasts staring back at them.
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Thank you for all of your comments and contributions, much appreciated.

I am hoping that some other people will be able to add to this thread by sharing their own experiences of girlfriends/wives/friends/family members choosing to sunbathe topless on holiday or in other situations. I have one other similar story to tell which I will share with you all soon.
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I'm envious of these group vacation situations where one lady decides to go topless; and the other(s) - perhaps feeling challenged or not to be outdone - decides to follow suit. Nudity does tend to be contagious.
I can only imagine what it's like for the men to witness their significant other - particularly if they don't ordinarily do this - to just pop off their top and show their breasts in front of everyone!

Unfortunately I wasn't there to witness my fiancée's first time. She went on a "girls trip" with her BFF a couple of years back; a Caribbean cruise. They made an excursion in St Martin. As they walked on the beach her friend realized it was topless; and without much ado she just popped off her top. My prudish fiancée just looked at her - and she would later describe to me that with her small frame and large breasts her friend actually looked spectacular. I guess feeling challenged, or not to be outdone, my fiancée popped her top off moments later.
A year later we would go to St Martin ourselves; and she would go topless again. But that was by ourselves.

I know nudism is "different", but that's the closest I've ever come to that experience. We had just gotten into the social nudist scene with my ex, and had met a few people. One couple we had met online; and then we met in person at a nudist get-together. My wife then was still very shy though; and she agreed to meet with them only if she could stay covered with a sarong. It was a bit of a let-down; but at least she hit it off with our new female friend.
We decided to meet again at a resort. My wife actually looked forward to hanging out with them again. When we got there our friends stripped down naked immediately. My wife looked at our female friend - and I guess feeling challenged or not to be outdone - she immediately yanked off the sarong she was wearing. Our friends finally got to see my wife completely naked in front of them. Our male friend didn't try to hide the fact that he liked what he saw.

But yeah; it's much better when it happens between people who have known each other for a while. You've had time to imagine what the other person looks like naked/topless; and when it finally happens, there's that "Eureka!" moment!
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It is interesting how a holiday like the one I described above can break down barriers between people in such a way that they remain broken. Over the Christmas period Jane and I went to stay at Kate and Rich's house for a couple of nights (Kate is Jane's sister - see my original post above). On the first evening we drank plenty of wine and were playing some board games in their big lounge with a nice fire burning. I went upstairs to go to the toilet and as I was returning along the upstairs hallway I heard Kate call out from one of the rooms "Rich is that you?" I responded to let her know it was in fact me and she said "You'll do, can you come and help me please?" I went in to the room to find Kate with her jumper halfway over her head and seemingly stuck. It transpired that Kate's necklace had got caught in the wool of the jumper and she needed someone to untangle it or else she was at risk of breaking the necklace. Kate had a strappy white top and a bra on under her jumper so she was not exposed in any way. I managed to untangle the neckalce without breaking it and Kate removed her jumper. SHe asked me to wait for her as she just needed to go to the toilet. She went into the en suite attached to their bedroom and I noticed that she didnt shut the door. I didn't think much of this as the toilet was not in view of the open doorway but it was a bit strange to be chatting to my future sister-in-law while listening to her pee! When she came out of the toilet she had not put her jeans back on so was wearing just her strappy white top and a pair of black knickers. She explained that she wanted to be comfy and so was going to put on her pyjamas. She pulled out her pyjama bottoms and pulled them on and then immediately pulled her white top off so that she was standing in front of me in her bra. She said she was going to wear her pyjama top as well and I offered to head on downstairs and leave her to sort herself out. "I'm not shy infront of you after the Summer and it will literally take me 20 seconds" she retorted with a look that said "stop being such a silly prude!" With that she undid her bra and peeled it off! I know I spent a week in the Summer with her walking around topless most of the time but it still caught me off guard being exposed to her boobs again at such close quarters and so unexpectedly. She put her pyjama top on and we headed downstairs and that was that.
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What a great story, especially the hug at the end and the fact your long time friend was so obviously checking out your erection
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