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Old 01-13-2018, 05:41 AM
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Default hot!!!

i have read all your stories,your wife is hot,post more pics please!!
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Old 01-14-2018, 11:41 PM
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Default Thanks

thanks krushboy07 and nikos1982
sorry to those who don't like long replies, i just have a tendency to get wordy as I remember some of our adventures.
the profile shows what she looked like at the time of our trip. it was taken shortly after she performed.
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Old 01-15-2018, 12:07 AM
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Default My Wife at a Strip Club: continued


After signing some papers (I guess to protect the club from various forms of liability) my wife was taken to the back staging area to get ready for the contest. I went back to my seat and received high fives from the other men for allowing my wife to strip for them.

My wife had dressed in a black dress, a bit on the tight side, but not what you would expect in a strip club. It was cut to show decent cleavage, but not too much. It wasnít particularly short, a couple of inches above the knees. It was just a very nice black dress that one could wear at a nice cocktail party. She looked very, very good in it. With her long brunette hair and D breasts, she turned a lot of heads when she wore that dress.

The main reason she wore it that night was that it had a zipper that ran the length of the dress down the front. This allowed her to zip it completely up, to be modest and yet a little sexy, or zip it down a little to show a little lace bra, or as I preferred, with no bra, showing much, much more. She told me that the zipper would make the dress easier to remove while she danced. This night she wore one of her sexy black lace bra panty sets under the dress. She also had black high heels which made her long legs look good.

As the contest started, the MC announced that there were 6 ďamateursĒ that night. (I understand now that most times it is usually strippers from other clubs dancing for tips and a little prize money rather than real amateurs competing.) Each dancer would have 3 dances and could take off as much or as little as they wished. Complete nudity was acceptable and encouraged. The crowd would supply the encouragement. After the first round, the top 3 dancers would dance 2 more songs and a winner would be selected by the crowd. The winner would then dance one last dance unless encouraged to dance more.

My wife was to be the 4th dancer so I had nearly an hour before she was to perform. The three men we had been talking to kept me company and plied with drinks, it almost seemed that they were as excited as I was. They kept complementing me on how lucky I was having a wife that was willing to do that for me as well as commenting how hot they thought she was and that they couldnít wait to see her take off her clothes. To say that I was excited would have been an understatement, my heart was pounding, I could hardly catch my breath hoping that she wouldnít back out at the last minute. I really, really wanted to see her take off her clothes in front of all these men and then dance completely naked for them and me.

The first 3 dancers were good. It was evident that they had done this before. They knew how to work the crowd and all three got totally naked by mid-point into their 3rd. dance. The crowd was loud and enthusiastic, especially when the dancers got naked. I could hardly wait for my wife's turn. My heart was pounding!

Finally it was time for my wife to come out on stage. The MC announced that this was her very first time dancing and for the crowd to show their appreciation. When she walked out there was a deer caught in the headlights look as she looked at the size of the crowd, Iíd say there was now over 100 men cheering for my wife to take off her clothes.

The first dance she was a little stiff and didnít move with the fluid movements that she had when she was dancing in the privacy of our own bedroom. I kept eye contact with her and soon she realized from my smile that I was 100% behind what she was doing.

She teased the crowd with the zipper of her dress, sliding it down and then back up as if asking if she should expose more. Finally as the song ended she had the dress off and tossed it to me to hold. She strutted around the stage dressed only in a lace bra and semi sheer panties. As the second song started she bounced her breasts and turned her back to the crowd and bent over letting them hang barely contained in her bra as she showed her soft round ass.

Somehow as she stood up straight and turned quickly to face the crowd, she had unhooked her bra and she whipped it off and tossed it to me. She was now dancing in front of over 100 men dressed in only a thin pair of lace panties. The crowd cheered their approval, especially my three new friends sitting with me. Finally as the second song ended, she slowly slid her panties over her hips, down her legs and off. As she kicked her panties in my direction, she also removed her shoes and at the end of the song stood totally naked exposed to all the men in the room.

The third song she danced and strutted around shaking her heavy breasts and spreading herself open front and back. There wasnít any part of her that, especially the men in the front 2 or 3 rows, didnít see clearly. I proudly watched as my lovely wife exposed her hidden treasures and acted like a professional stripper.

After she took her bows, she came to me and I gave her back her clothes and she walked naked back to the dressing room. There were still 2 more girls to dance before the top 2 were picked to dance again. I was pretty sure that she would be one of the two and Iíd get to see her dance naked on that stage again.

Suddenly all the men around me were slapping me on the back complementing my wife and telling me how fantastic she looked as she danced naked for us. They kept remarking how great her tits were and how they loved looking at her furry pussy.

None of them were critical of me for having my wife showing herself naked, many wished their wives looked as good and were brave enough to dance for them.

(to be continued)
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Old 01-15-2018, 06:47 AM
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Great story please continue
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Old 01-15-2018, 10:36 AM
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agreed...please continue
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Old 01-16-2018, 01:48 PM
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Default My Wife at a Strip Club (continued)

I honestly can say that I donít remember the last two dancers. I mean I saw them, but between the rush of having watched my wife dance around on a stage not at any time more than 10 feet away from me as she took every stitch of clothing off and afterwards all the men talking about seeing her totally naked, I must have been on sensory overload.

After the last dancer there was about 5 minutes and all 6 women came back to the stage and lined up in the order that they danced. All were wearing what they had originally worn at the start of their first dance. My wife had her black dress on but I quickly noticed that she had not put her bra back on. I could tell because she had only zipped the front to a point only a few inches above her navel. Her breasts were moving to the point that I thought if she werenít careful they would be popping out of the front of her dress. I donít know why I was concerned, only a few minutes before she was naked in front of all these men. Somehow the idea that she would have an unintentional exposure made me catch my breath.

Each dancer was introduced and the voting was by applause and whistles. All the women had stripped completely during their performance, so that wasnít a criterion. When my wife was introduced, the place went crazy. I wasnít surprised because I thought she was the sexiest one of all, maybe not the best dancer, but I was still a bit surprised that she ended up as one of the 2 finalist competing against some obvious professionals. I guess that it showed that she was completely new to stripping to an audience. The crowd seemed to love the fact that she was ďnew meatĒ. The growing group around me loved the fact that she had never exposed herself in front of a group like this before.

As they walked back to the dressing room, my wife looked back and caught my eyes and smiled. I knew then that even though I knew she was embarrassed and somewhat uncomfortable exposing herself in front of this crowd, she was enjoying herself just the same.

As she disappeared behind the curtain, I realized that she was going to again strip naked and dance for all these men, and for me. I was proud of her, excited knowing she would be out front again, and showing her body as only I should be seeing it.

After maybe 15 minutes of serving drinks and building the excitement, the lights went down and the spotlights came on the center of the stage. My wife was first and when the first notes of the song started she walked quickly to the bright lights. She still had on the black dress, but within one minute it was unzipped and off. She not only wasnít wearing her bra, she wasnít wearing panties either. There was not going to be any teasing this time, the crowd was there to look at naked women and that is exactly what my wife was going to give them. She had on only her high heeled shoes, the rest was just her in all her naked glory.

The first song she used the size of her breasts to the best advantage. She shook them with her shoulders back, she let them hang as she leaned forward, she pinched and pulled her nipples, she made them bounce and move in ways I had never seen her do.

She made sure everyone saw her ass, she would turn her back and lean forward spread her legs and shake her ass cheeks to make it bounce. She was always moving working her body to show it all. The song was fast and by the time it was over, she was coated with a sheen of sweat.

The second number was slower and she moved slower, using her hands and fingers to draw the focus to the parts of her body, she caressed her breasts, lifting and bouncing them, one then the other then both. She played with her nipples, wetting her finger and then rubbing each one until they stood out hard and extended. She would push her breast up and lick her nipples and then suck them in her mouth.

Her fingers played down her stomach and through her pubic hair, and finally sliding along her slit and into her pussy. She pushed deep inside herself and then pulled her finger out and licked the shiny slickness from it. She moved around the stage so every man had a chance to see her play with herself.

Her dark pubic hair became wet and matted showing that she was getting turned on as much as the crowd. She spread herself open showing her inner lips and to those close enough to see, her swollen clit.

She turned her back to the crowd, spread her legs and leaned forward showing her ass as she opened her cheeks exposing her puckered asshole as she ran her finger around the opening. From that position both her asshole and pussy were totally exposed.

She was making love to herself in front of a club full of strangers. She was in her own world, her eyes were focused somewhere else, she was in her own zone. She wasnít there naked doing things she wouldnít do in front of anyone else but me. I truly believe had the number lasted longer, she would have masturbated herself in front of everyone. I was half relieved that she didnít and half disappointed.

When the lights went down at the end of her set, the crowd went crazy. She came out of the daze she had put herself in, took her bows and leaving her dress with me, she walked naked back behind the curtain, and was gone.

She had lived our fantasy.

The other dancer was a professional, she had done this before. I wonít complain and say it wasnít playing on a level field, butÖ After her dances, my wife was brought back on stage now looking somewhat embarrassed, both women stood naked and the crowd cheered for both. I think my wife won, as did the men around me. The MC determined that the other dancer won by the tiniest margin. That was okay with my wife, she really didnít want to dance any more that night and the prize money was inconsequential. Looking back, I donít know how I felt; I was disappointed that she didnít win. I wanted to see more of her naked in front of all these men, but I was actually glad that it was over, glad that I was getting her back.

She went back to the dressing room to get her bra and panties that she had left off for the second set. I still had her dress with me at our seat. She came back in only a few minutes, surprising me walking through the club completely naked. She hadnít even put her bra or panties back on. When she got to me, she stood naked talking with our group for a while. She wasnít in a big hurry to cover herself, finally she took her dress, stepped into it and zipped it midway to her waist. She handed me her bra and her panties to the guy who was sitting beside her before the contest.

We only stayed long enough to have another couple of drinks and for several men to come by to compliment her on her performance. Everyone wanted to buy her a drink, several asked her to dance for them again. I could tell she was coming down from her emotional high so we said our goodbyes and headed back to the hotel.

(Iíll add one more short epilog to let you know what happened back at the hotel and the next evening. I hope you realize that my wife was completely out of her element and comfort zone that evening. I (we) think an explanation is due of how we felt after her display.)
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Old 01-17-2018, 01:37 PM
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Default My Wife at a Strip Club (final)

On the drive back to the hotel she kept saying that she couldnít believe that she had actually done it. She kept saying that she had actually stripped completely naked and danced in front of all those men. She would laugh one minute and then hide her face in embarrassment the next. She repeatedly asked if I was angry with her (I certainly wasnít) and then asked if it turned me on seeing her totally exposed in front of so many men (it definitely did).

She walked through the hotel lobby wearing only the black dress zipped to her waist, no bra, I carried that in my pocket, and no panties, she had given them away. She carried her shoes. When we got in the elevator and the door closed, I pulled her dress off her shoulders and it dropped to the floor. She asked what if someone else got on the elevator and I told her they would just get a big surprise. I also told her that I would carry her dress to the room, that I wanted to see her walk all the way just the way she was. Unfortunately no one saw her either on the elevator or in the hallway. I was disappointed, she said she was relieved.

I wonít go into detail how we made love that night other than to say that she was willing and I was more than ready. We talked about every detail of that evening which only added to our passion.

The next day, I had to meet with clients, thankfully not until noon, so I left my wife still sleeping off the nightís activities. I left her a note telling her that Iíd call later and a ďDo Not DisturbĒ sign on the door.

That evening after a light dinner, we went back to our room and snuggled in bed. She was rather subdued and said that she wanted to talk.

She started off telling me how much she loved me and that she hoped that what she had done the night before wouldnít make me feel any less of her. She said that she knew that she could have stopped at any time, but was so caught up with the moment, she said she just lost control. By this time she was crying. She said she just wanted to please me and thought that I really wanted to see her naked in front of all those men. When the crowdís reaction was so positive, she said that she just wanted to show them more.

She said that all this next day she was so embarrassed that she didnít know if she could go out in public. She had stayed in the room all day. What if she saw someone who was there watching what she had done. She also worried if someone we knew from home was in the crowd.

I reassured her that I loved her unconditionally and I was proud of her for what she had done, especially because she had done it for me. I told her that there was nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about, that I bet every man there wished that they were married to someone as brave and beautiful as she is. I told her that she had let me live one of my fantasies, seeing her strip completely naked and show herself to a room full of men. It took me a long evening and night of gentle reassurances to finally get her to relax and laugh about her performance. Slowly she replaced her embarrassment with arousal and as we talked about it she wanted me to make love to her while I told her how I felt watching her. Hearing me tell her how I felt excited her all over again.

To summarize this whole story, I want you all to know that it is 100% true, not embellished or exaggerated, but told as best as my wife and I can remember and reconstruct. Iím proud of my lovely wife, she is the woman of my dreams. She has repeatedly allowed me to live my fantasies by doing things that are so much out of her character. If you were to meet her, you would never imagine some of the things we have done together. You'd never guess her wild side, though I would bet you would wish she would show herself to you.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this.
Hoosierdaddy and Linda.

PS. We did have some mild situations later that week with a few of my clients. Maybe that will lead to another story. And for your information, I convinced her to strip again at another club.
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Old 01-17-2018, 03:04 PM
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Amazing story, and she is stunning!
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Old 04-19-2018, 06:36 PM
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Mrs B came into the menís changing rooms at a hotel we stayed in once and got naked in the menís sauna with me. We knew it would be quiet but it was quite a thrill when two more blokes came in and got a full and unexpected view of a stark bollock naked hot woman sat there.
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girl-worshipper, perv, voyeur

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