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Old 01-10-2018, 04:36 AM
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Default First Anal Sex: My Experience. Share Yours.

I would like to recount my introduction into the wonderful world of anal sex.

Growing up I attended and all boys Catholic school. No and before you ask, it was not with another boy.

I mention that to let you know that my interaction with girls was fairly limited.

I did take up athletics at a local club, and got to meet a lot of really hot toned girls.

And before you ask, no I did not ass fuck one of them.

But it greatly improved my confidence in talking to girls. However I was confined to the friend zone. So no luck there.

Anyway, school finished and I went off to university.

A whole new world opened up, being the Seventies and with the advent of women’s lib and the introduction of the contraceptive pill, girls were were lot less sexually inhibited. Especially if the right amount of alcohol was added to the mix.

Most Friday and Saturday nights meant going to clubs and parties.

At one party I met this girl, named Leanne. Soon as we met, it was like we had known each other for years. We happily chatted for hours, we danced and we kissed.

Let me describe her, she was not beautiful in the classical sense, but cute and had the most beautiful smile, that rarely left her lips. Her eyes were a stunning blue and they literally twinkled. She wore no make up and her shoulder length blonde hair looked as though it hadn’t been brushed, but as I got to know her she was becoming more attractive, dam hormones.

But she had the most fantastic body. She was tall, about 5 foot 11. I’m 6 foot 1. This will be important later in the story. She was slim, not quite model like, but close. She was dressed in flared jeans (it was the 70’s), Tie Dye shirt (see below) and leather sandals. So pretty much a hippie chick. It was hard to make out her breast size, due the camouflaging effects of the multiple bright colours of her shirt.

Later as we were playing pool, I soon noticed that she was braless. (Thank God for the 70’s). Her breasts were a nice size, at least a full handful and had a beautiful hang to them. As she took a shot her breasts would swing with the momentum of her arm moving.

Later we took a walk and the next thing I know she had her tongue down my throat. Who was I to complain and enjoyed it.

As the party was breaking up, I offered her a lift home as I had not been drinking. Arriving at her apartment, she invited me in. Her flat mate was out still. With our lips locked we stumbled into her apartment and fell onto the sofa and continued kissing. Next she pulls away from me and proceeds to pull her shirt off. Out spring the two most perfect breasts that I had ever encountered. Not that I had a lot of experience with breasts.

I just sat there staring at them. She smiles and said.

“ You can touch them.”

I needed no further encouragement. At first I squeezed them, then proceeded to tweak her nipples, which were pale pink and about half an inch long as they became fully erect. I moved my head in and began to suck on her nipples. She started to moan, after a few minutes she starts breathing heavily. Encouraged by her reaction, my hand started to caress her stomach and then her thighs and then I moved up to her groin and start rubbing her pussy through the denim. Mean while still sucking on her wonderful nipples. My hand doesn’t get slapped away, so next I reach down her jeans and am greeted with the luxuriant feel of her pubic hair. My fingers explore further and find the object of my desire. The tightness of her jeans stops me from from getting my fingers in deeply. She senses this and starts to unzip her jeans. I take a break from what I’m doing, to watch her wiggle her jeans over her hips and slide them down her legs and finally kick them off. I have always found it very erotic to watch a girl strip.

This allows me to start to deeply penetrating her pussy with two fingers. I go back to sucking her nipples. I now want to taste her, so I start to gently kiss her stomach and slowly proceed down to my final objective.

As I reach her pussy, I finally taste her juices, which are flowing freely now. It is a mix of saltiness with a hint of sweetness as well, the odour was not unpleasant and I soon found it very sexually stimulating.

So I continue to glide my tongue up and down her pussy lips.

Luckily I had been instructed in the art of Australian Kissing.

See my other thread for it’s meaning.


I soon found her clitoris and felt it enlarge and harden as I continued to gently suck on it. Mean while I am using two fingers to penetrate her with rapid hand movements. She started to push my head into her pussy which encourages me to increase my efforts and I start to penetrate her with my tongue as I now rub her clitoris with my well lubricated fingers. Next thing she stops breathing and just lets out a long gasp as her belly tightens and her legs clamp around my upper body. Next I am greeted with a sudden gush of her juices.

As her orgasm subsided she pushed me away from her pussy and we kissed again. I always find it is the most erotic thing, when a girl kisses you passionately with your lips dripping with her own juices.

Next thing we hear the door being unlocked, with her being naked and me still dressed. She quickly gathers her clothes and dashes into her bedroom.

Her door slams as the front door opens. In comes her flat mate. She greets me with my face covered in her friends juices and an obvious hard on in my trousers. She smiles and says.

“ I hope I haven’t come home at the wrong moment.

I blush and reply. “ No not really, Ok maybe a bit.”

I chatted to her flat mate for awhile. Waiting for Leanne to make an appearance. Eventually she does, wearing flannelette pyjamas. I was a bit shocked, I supposed I imagined she would have slept nude and not owned a pair of such unflattering PJ’s.

I sensed the mood had been broken and with no further encouragement from her I made my apologies, saying I had to get up early and must go. Just as I was leaving, Leanne grabbed my arm and asked.

“ Can I see you again?”

“ Sure how about I pick you up at Seven tomorrow evening and we go for dinner.” I replied.

“Great, see you tomorrow night.” She smiled , then lent forward, we kissed goodbye and I left.

Driving home I was left with a severe case of blue balls. I went home to a cold shower, which did nothing to relieve my predicament. Eventually I manually satisfied my desires and went to bed.

I awoke in the morning feeling excited about what the night would bring.

I arrived at seven to pick her up. What a difference 24 hours makes. She had done her make up and hair and was wearing a short hippie mini dress, (see pic below gives an approximate idea of the outfit.) She complimented this outfit by wearing knee high white boots, which really accentuated her slender long legs before they disappeared under the hem of her dress, probably about four inches below her butt cheeks.

Nothing indecent and yes, I later found out , she was wearing panties. But the whole effect nearly made me blow in my pants right there. She could see I was impressed with her effort. She smiled then hugged me and gently pressed her body against my hardening cock. Her being tall meant that her pussy was pressed directly against my cock. Then the flat mate appeared and said Hi. With that Leanne suddenly pulled away. That was twice now that the flat mate had interrupted my fun.

Dinner was nice, can’t remember what we had. Feeling proud of her, wanting to show her off. I suggested we go dancing, which she happily agreed to.

Went to a local club. Dirty dancing had not been invented yet, but we gave a pretty good version of it. It involved a lot of close contact and using our bodies to caress each other.

After a break, she excused herself to go to the ladies. As she disappeared across the room, I happily watched the undulations of her buttocks with each step. I also noticed that guys would turn their heads and watch as she passed them. I felt incredibly proud as she disappeared from view.

When she returned, I asked.

“ Do you want to get out of here?”

“ Thought you would never ask.”

“Back to your place?”

“ No, my flat mate will be home. We could go parking.”

“Ok” I nodded

After driving for a while, I found a nice secluded place to park, with no passing traffic and no street lights.

We quickly scrambled into the back seat and embraced and kissed. She took the lead and unbuttoned my shirt, next down went my zipper. Then she yanked out my quickly hardening cock.

She looked at me and said.

“I felt bad about last night. I mean I got off and you didn’t”

With that she started gently sliding her hand up and down my cock. When I was good and hard she then slid down onto the floor. She started to lick up and down the length of my cock and gently cradled my balls in her hand. Then while looking up at me, in the moonlight, she gently enveloped the tip of my cock between her lips. She started to suck, not breaking eye contact. To this day, I still find this incredibly erotic. Finally she broke eye contact as she took the shaft of my cock deeper into her mouth, she then started to swirl her tongue around my cock as she continued to suck and move her mouth up and down my cock. She couldn’t quite Deepthroat me, but I gave her an A for effort.

It was such a turn on watching her head bob up and down on my cock. I soon found my balls tightening with the impending arrival of my eruption. To try and extend my pleasure I looked up at the car roof and started to do some mathematical equations in my head. This helped and I could feel my balls relax. I think she sensed this as she started to suck harder and faster and pumping my cock with her hand. Bugger this I thought and focussed on my enjoyment and let myself be overcome by the absolute pleasure.

Just as I was about to come I warned her. To my surprise she kept on sucking. I then exploded in her mouth. A good 5 to 6 spurts and she kept sucking. After I was done she raised her head , wiped her mouth and smiled at me. I have had a girl who swallowed before. However the next thing Leanne did totally surprised me.

If you will excuse me, I’m getting hard just remembering this. Need to go flog my log. Will continue with the story tomorrow
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Old 01-11-2018, 04:02 AM
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Sorry this story is so long. But as I sat down to write it, memories I hadn’t thought about for years returned.

So, on with Part 2

She lowered her head again and started to tenderly kiss and suck the tip of my rapidly deflating cock. I found my cock to be incredibly sensitive and the feeling was overwhelming. I had to beg her to stop. She then went to kiss me and I must have pulled back. She stopped and said.

“It doesn’t taste so bad.”

I figured she had kissed me after I had eaten her out. So I lent in and kissed her.

I quickly pulled off her dress, which was difficult in the confines of the back seat. Once again no bra but panties I quickly slid them down over her boots. There she was sitting naked in her knee high boots. It was an incredibly hot sight even in the dim light. I then got quickly down to business and rapidity brought her to a shuddering climax.

Afterwards, we cuddled and talked. Who knew, girls liked to cuddle and talk after an orgasm. My previous girlfriend would just roll off me and go to sleep.

She then pulled away and looked at me sternly and said.

“ We can’t have sex as I’m not on the pill and condoms give me a bad irritation.

(Condoms were still made of latex in those days.)

Suddenly my post orgasm euphoria disappeared as the prospect of having sex with her evaporated.

“We can still have fun.” She said as she stroked my cock.

“What the hell” I thought, at least 2 blowjobs in the one night would be a new record.

As I dropped her back at her place, she asked.

“Do you want to come in?”

“Better not.” I said. “I don’t want to disturb your flat mate.”

With a worried look, she asked.

“You still want to see me, don’t you?”

“ Sure, but it can’t be tomorrow as I have assignments I need to finish.” I said and kissed her goodnight.

I caught up with her mid week. We went parking again and indulged in oral pleasure again. I couldn’t understand why we couldn’t do this at her place, but she felt uncomfortable having a guy over with her flat mate at home.Once again we cuddled and talked after finishing our respective orgasms. She then asked.

“Do you want to come over for dinner on Friday night.”

“What about your flat mate?”

“She won’t be there, she’s going to visit her parents in the country. So she’ll be gone all weekend.”

Before I had a chance to reply. She added.

“I’ll make it worthwhile and give you a big surprise.”

“Ok, I’ll see you at seven.”

I then drove her home, all the while wondering what the surprise could be.

Friday night arrived and I rocked up to her door at the allotted time and knocked.
The door unlocked and opened, she stuck her head around the door and took a furtive look past me. She then opened the door completely and said.


I might mention that she was completely naked except for her knee high white boots she was wearing.

“I saw how much you liked me in them last week.”

She quickly ushered me in the door and closed it. I suppose I must have sounded disappointed and asked.

“Was this your big surprise?”

“Of course, what were you expecting.”

“Oh nothing, I am surprised and love it.”

I replied, trying to hide my disappointment.

“ That’s not all, we’ll be having dinner naked. And I have a special surprise for desert.”

My spirits lifted again at the prospect of another surprise. I quickly stripped and happily watched her naked taut ass as she happily cooked dinner. What can I say, I’m an ass man.

With dinner finished. We sat in the lounge room and kissed, she then proceeded to remove her boots.

“Are you ready for desert.” She asked.

“Sure.” I said.

“Just let me organise it.”

With that she disappeared and returned with a vinyl table cloth and proceeded to spread it on the floor. Me being a gentleman I rose to assist her with the task. My real motive was to check out her ass as she was now on her hands and knees, smoothing it out on the floor. I was afforded the wonderful sight of her hairy pussy, peeking out from between her legs.

She then instructed me to lie down and she once again disappeared into the kitchen. Curious I then asked.

“Ok, what’s for desert?”

She returned and excitedly said.

“You are.”

With that she produced a can of whipped cream she had concealed behind her back. She then proceeded to spray cream into my mouth, down my neck. Then applied a generous amount to both nipples and applied a trail down my abdomen to my cock which was generously coated in even more cream.

She proceeded to kiss me, then licked her way down to my nipples. Once there she she started to lick and suck my nipples which I found incredibly arousing and was another first for me. Once the cream was finished there, she proceeded licking her way down my abdomen and finally arrived at my cock, which gets the same treatment as my nipples. I don’t know why, but I found the whole thing incredibly erotic. I think the naughtiness of the situation added to my excitement. I didn’t last long and was soon adding my own cream to the mix.

Next she lays down on her back and says.

“My turn.”

I suddenly got an idea and said

“Ah Ah. Lie on your stomach. I want to take a different path to you pussy.”

With that she rolls over and I start applying cream down her neck across her back , down across her buttocks and down her outer thighs, make a U turn and continue up her inner thighs. I then started to spray cream along her ass crack, which caused her to clench her buttocks tight. So I proceed to liberally cover her pussy in cream.

I started at her neck and start to lick up the cream proceeding down her body. By this stage she had relaxed and is enjoying the sensation. As I make a U turn and head back up her inner thighs. I make the decision to lick the cream from her ass crack. Originally I just put it there as a joke. As my tongue starts to lick up her crack, she tenses up again. I soothingly say to her.

“Just relax and enjoy it.”

To her credit she does. Suddenly I find licking her ass crack to be incredibly arousing. It felt so wrong and the fact she was letting me do it was also a huge turn on.

In fact I got the impression that she was starting to enjoy it. In case you’re wondering. No, I didn’t rim her. Heck I didn’t even know what that meant.

I then proceeded to her pussy and started to lick her pussy from behind. With my nose buried in her crack, with my eyes getting a wonderful view of her ass. In this position I found I couldn’t reach her clit. So I just concentrated on licking her pussy. After awhile I realised she had slipped her hand down and was rubbing her own clit. Another big turn on and another first.

So with both hands free I reached up and parted her ass cheeks. Affording me the wonderful view of her asshole. With that I start massaging around it. No reaction, so I increase the pressure. I feel her squirm but no clamping of her ass cheeks. So more pressure. At that moment she lets out a cry and as she exhaled her asshole relaxed and the tip of my index finger slid into her. As her orgasm overtook her, she started writhing and moving her ass up and down riding my finger and finally shudders her way through an incredible climax.

After she recovers and we cuddle. She embarrassingly admits how much she enjoyed me playing with her ass.

To lighten the mood I then asked her.

“Do you know how to make an ice cream sandwich?”

“No.” She replied.

With that I grab the can of whipped cream and apply a generous amount to my stomach and proceed to lie on top of her.

“That’s How.” I said.

She starts to squirm under me which ends up in us having a wonderful erotic wrestling match. I concede and allow her to extricate herself from under me. By this time we were both covered in cream. She looked at me and said.

“ I can’t eat any more desert. Lets take a shower.”

With that, she led me by the hand to the bathroom.

I’ll wrap it up there for tonight. I promise I shall finish, finally, tomorrow night.
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Default She finally gets it in the end.

We got into to the shower together, another first for me. She started to lather me up with soap and washed me from head to toe. Lastly finishing at my cock and paid it special attention, soon I respond to her ministrations and she is rewarded with a rock hard cock.

She stopped and straightened up. I took her cue and lather her up in soap and proceed to wash her all over. Finishing at her pussy and giving it the special attention it deserved. As I fingered her, she responded and started rubbing my cock again.

Our lips embraced and we passionately kissed, while our hands continued to massage each other’s private parts. I marvelled at how turned on she was getting again. My last girlfriend didn’t really like me touching her after she had cum. Fun over for the night. She was strictly a one orgasm girl.

So, I found it really arousing that Leanne was turned on again so quickly. So I proceeded to finger fuck her in the shower as we kissed. She was really getting into it. She then broke my embrace and pulled back and looked me in the eyes and said.

“I want to do it.”

With that she turned around and placed one foot on the ledge in the shower and waited for me to penetrate her. I reached down between her legs and massaged her pussy some more. With one hand on her pussy to guide my cock to the entrance, I was poised to penetrate her. At that moment she reached back and pushed my cock back. I responded and pushed my cock forward again. She just pushed my cock back again. She then turned her head and said.

“No, I want it here.”

As she then pressed my cock up into her ass crack.

I stupidly said.

“Isn’t that the wrong place?”

She looked at me and just turned her head away. It suddenly dawned on me that she wanted me to fuck her ass.

I suddenly developed a new level of respect for this girl, that she wanted to fuck me so badly, that she was willing to let me deflower her most secret hole.

Not knowing how to proceed, I figure I’ll start by just massaging her asshole again. As she liked that the last time. With one hand I massaged her asshole and with the other hand I reached around and started to massage her pussy and clit. She started to push back against my finger and suddenly my finger disappeared up her ass. So I start moving my finger in and out, she responded by moving her ass back to meet each thrust.

I realised my cock’s a bit thicker than my finger. So I upped the ante and now pressed my middle finger to her asshole and the tightness suddenly relented and my second finger entered her asshole. So I continued to finger fuck her asshole.

I then removed my fingers and pressed the head of my cock up against her asshole. As I pushed with increasing pressure she responded by pushing back. But her asshole stayed tightly closed. I sensed that her breathing had deepened and as she breathed out, she forcibly pressed back and suddenly her asshole yielded and my cock head broke through the resistance and entered her ass. With that, I pressed onward. She then let out a gasp and reached back to push on my stomach and said.


With that, I went to pull out of her ass. Sensing that, she turned and said.

“Don’t go, just stay still.”

So here I am with my cock stuck in the vice like grip of her asshole, wondering what next. With that I could sense that she had started breathing more heavily and on each breath out, I felt her ass relax. She took her hand away and started to press back against my cock, giving me the green light to continue to push up into her ass. As I pressed forward she would then pull away from me and as my cock slid out of her ass, she suddenly pushed back again. Causing my cock to go deeper on each subsequent thrust.

I thought that the running water would have been lubricant enough. But I was wrong as it really didn’t provide any effect at all. By this stage the water had started to run cold, which caused us to abandon the shower. We exited the bathroom without bothering to dry ourselves. She suddenly dashed back into the bathroom and reappeared and handed me a tube of hand cream.

“We can use this.”

“Oh, Ok.” I replied as she led me into her bedroom.

“How do you want to do this?” I enquired

She responded by climbing onto her bed, getting on her knees, placed her head down on the bed and presented up her wonderful ass. I started again by massaging her asshole while applying generous dollops of hand cream at the same time. I fingered her ass again, working the cream into her. I then knelt behind her and applied further cream to my cock. Same routine, I pressed my cock against her asshole, she pressed back and started her deep breathing, suddenly my cock popped through her asshole. Now knowing to stay still as she relaxed her asshole and became accustomed to my intrusion.

Then she gave me the green light to start fucking her asshole as she rocked back onto my cock. The tightness on my cock was incredible and for however long I was able to last. I was just mesmerised by watching my cock sliding in and out of her ass. On each thrust in, her asshole would be pushed in with my cock and on each withdrawal, her asshole would cling to my cock and stretch back, before it released it’s grip and allowed my cock to slide out. All the while thinking “I can’t believe I’m fucking her ass.”

I then announced I was about to cum. With that she lurched forward and out popped my cock, just as cum spurted across her retreating ass. I suppose the gentlemanly thing would have been, to ask her where she wanted it. But hey, I was too caught up in the moment.

I got up and went to the bathroom to take a piss, considering where my cock had just been.I then got a wash cloth ran it under some cold water and went back out to clean my semen from her ass cheeks.

And no, it did not occur to me, to just scoop it up with my fingers and feed it to her. Gee, you guys have dirty minds.

As we cuddled, she told me that she didn’t want me cumming in her ass, as she thought that would have been too much, on our first time. She was already worried that I now thought her to be a total sl*t, by allowing me to fuck her ass.

I conveyed to her the new feeling of respect and affection I felt towards her. She seemed happy with that response.

As we cuddled, I then asked how it felt. She told me about how it hurt at first, but by concentrating on her breathing and trying to relax, that the pain soon went away. Next she said she was aware of a feeling of fullness and felt like she needed to go to the toilet.

I’m thinking “A little too much information.” and I asked.

“Did you enjoy it?”.

She responded that she had. I left it at that.

I started to gently stroke her forehead and she snuggled down into my shoulder and quickly fell asleep. I was still too excited to sleep, so I just happily laid there and relived the entire evening in my imagination until I too drifted off to sleep.

Well that was my introduction into the wonderful world of anal sex.

Thanks for indulging me. I hope you enjoyed reading it just as much as I did telling it.

So let us know about your experiences about having Anal sex.

PS If anyone is interested and wants to know what happened next, let me know.
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Default Things heat up the next day.

I had a couple of PM’s asking questions about the relationship .

So I thought I do a follow up post about the rest of the weekend.

Also, I felt bad that the sex part wasn’t that spectacular. I probably only lasted 5 minutes. I just told it as I remembered it.


I awoke and found the bed empty. I arose and found her naked in the kitchen. I watched as she prepared breakfast. My gaze fell to her ass and what an ass. Now I had always enjoyed looking at asses, never had I imagined that an ass could be enjoyed in other ways.

I walked up behind her, I resisted the urge to slap her on the ass. I slipped my hands around her waist and gently kissed her on the neck. She turned, smiled and kissed me on the lips. Not a passionate kiss, but one that was caring and tender. I drew her to me and pressed my groin to hers. She then slipped her hand down and gently rubbed my hardening member. She laughed and said.

“Your up early. I had hoped to surprise you with breakfast in bed.”

“Come back to bed and I’ll give you a surprise.” Was my reply.

“ I know what you’re thinking, so hardly a surprise.” She quipped.

She then slipped from my grasp and returned to preparing breakfast.

We sat and ate breakfast. She was animated and chatted freely. There was none of the normal shyness that can normally be associated with the first morning after.

I just sat there and watched her, my eyes were drawn to her breasts as they gently bounced each time she laughed.

“Eyes, up here.” She admonished.

“Sorry.” As I returned her gaze.

We then talked about the night before. We both agreed that it had been fun. She then turned serious and asked about where things were headed.

I kissed her and told her that I would love to continue seeing her.

She took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom. We showered, we washed each other, but no repeat of last nights escapades. Afterwards I had the pleasure as I rubbed her moisturiser cream into her.

It turned into a sensual massage. It was worth the effort as Leanne became quite amorous. She then pushed me down onto the bed and proceeded to give me another blowjob with her talented mouth. All the while I looked up at the ceiling. I was afraid if I watched her, the added visual stimulation would cause me to blow my load to soon. All of sudden she stopped, I looked down to see what had happened. At that moment I saw her beautiful ass as she raised a leg over and straddled me. She then proceeded to move her ass back to my face and she then began to suck my cock again. I was left with no option, so I started to lick her very wet pussy. After awhile she began to moan, in a muffled sort of way. Her pussy was getting wetter and she was grinding her clit onto my chin. I opened my eyes up and I was confronted with the sight of her asshole, mere inches from my face. I reached up and moistened my fingers with a combination of spit and pussy juice and inserted a finger in her ass. Her grinding movements increased as she started to ride my finger. I inserted another finger with little effort. This really started her off and suddenly she clamped her legs around my upper torso and pressed her pussy harder onto my mouth, which caused my tongue to penetrate her deeper. She than started to shudder and now her whole body convulsed and with that she stopped sucking and started to scream. After awhile she became quite, her body relaxed and she rolled off me onto her side. I looked down to see her body bathed in sweat and her breasts heaving as she caught her breath. After awhile, she turned around and looked straight into my eyes and with the biggest grin said.

“Wow, I have never cum like that before.”

And with that proceeded to kiss me with such passion that I knew she was still really turned on. I pushed her off me and onto her back. I grabbed the hand cream from the bedside table. Upon seeing this she squealed.

“ Oh no, I’m going to really get it now.”

With that I slip two cream covered fingers straight into her ass. I creamed up my cock and grabbed her ankles and raised them over my shoulders. Now with her ass at the perfect angle I pressed forward. She stopped giggling and now had a determined look on her face as she breathed deeply. My cock soon entered her ass. I stopped and allowed her ass time to accomodate me. She then pushed back onto my cock, giving me the signal to continue and I penetrated her ass deeply, in about six strokes. All the while she pushed her ass back to meet each stroke.

She then surprised me again and started to talk dirty.

“ That’s it, give it to me.”

“Fuck my ass, harder!”

“Give it to me like the sl*t that I am.”

And then surprisingly said.

“ I want your cum in my ass, baby!”

I got caught up in the moment and started to talk dirty back.

“ I love fucking your ass.”

“ Oh yeah, take that you little b*tch.”

And for added effect I slapped her on the ass. With that she demanded that I slap her harder. After about six slaps, her left buttock was bright red, so I changed sides and gave her right buttock a few hard slaps. We now fucked with such ferocity, our animalistic urges had taken over.

I now felt the sperm begin to rise up in my balls. Not wanting to cum, I pulled out of her, much to her disappointment and said.

“ I need to take a breather.”

“OK, me too” She said breathlessly

I looked down at her ass and noticed, in amazement, her asshole was quite open. I got some more cream and then slipped my fingers easily back into her ass.

“Lets change positions.” I said.

“Ok.” She agreed.

“You on top.” I ordered.

She got up and pushed me down onto my back, she straddled me in a squatting position. She reached behind her and grabbed my cock, to steady it, as she lowered her self down. She kept going until my cock was completely buried in her ass. She then lent back and put her arms behind her, to steady herself. She then began to rock back and forth on my cock. After awhile she began to swivel her hips causing her ass to move around in a circular motion on my cock. All the while I watched in utter amazement. She was in total control at that moment, I just laid back and enjoyed it.

She now rose up onto her knees and lent forward, all the while with my cock still sheathed in her ass. She lowered her breasts to my face, which I greedily began to suck. With an ever increasing pace, she rode my cock.

I know raised my hips to greet her ass on each downstroke. Soon she was bouncing up and down, the room filled with the sound, as our flesh connected.

My balls started to signal me. I reached my arms around her and squeezed her tight and said.


Ok. Why?” She asked.

“I want to change positions.” I replied.

With her assistance, I swivelled my hips until my feet met the floor. I then stood stood up and lifted her with me, as she clung on tightly. I then carried her out to the couch and lowered ourselves down. During all this, my cock had unfortunately, slid out of her ass.

She then stood up, turned around and lowered herself down until her ass was once again Impaled on my cock. Using her legs she then began to move her ass up and down. I could do nothing, except go along for the ride. I reached up to squeeze her breasts, her nipples were hard as bullets and I delighted in giving them a hard pinch, which seemed to get Leanne more excited. I now began to roughly handle her breasts.

All the while, she continued to ride me. I then reached down to massage her clit, but her hand had beaten me there. She furiously rubbed her clit. I raised my hand again and resumed playing with her tits. She became more vocal and soon she wailed out and her body shuddered as her orgasm over took her. My cock was now being squeezed by the rhythmic contractions of her orgasm and with that I exploded with a half dozen spurts deep into her ass.

Leanne then collapsed back onto me, her body limp. I squeezed her tight. As we caught our breath, I raised my lips and began to nuzzle her neck, she leaned back and sighed with contentment.

I finally broke the silence and said.

“I loved that you let me cum in your ass.”

“I thought you might.” She laughed.

With that she stood up and my lifeless cock fell from her ass.

“Let’s go and get cleaned up.” As she took my hand.

To be continued.
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Default Thanks!

Thanks for taking us along as you take your erotic stroll down memory lane. Awesome story!
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Default The Next Night.

We showered and enjoyed our nakedness. Eventually we got dressed, we had a BBQ to go to that evening. After being naked for nearly 24 hours, I was disappointed that we had to get dressed. It was casual, so I redressed. Leanne dressed in jeans and a simple white cotton top. No bra once again, I don’t know if she even owned one.

We arrived at my mates place and went around to the back patio. I made the introductions, their were six mates and their girlfriends. I put a six pack in the esky and took a seat next to Leanne. We enjoyed a few beers and soon relaxed. Leanne got on well with the others and enjoyed herself.

My best mate Brad had had more than a few beers and was getting louder with each one. He then delighted in telling Leanne about my previous drunken exploits. Everyone laughed. I too tried to laugh it off.

I went and grabbed another beer from the esky, Brad came up to me and said.


“So, what.” I replied.

“Where did you guys meet?”

I told him how we had met at a party the previous Friday and that we had seen each other a few times since.

He just grinned and asked.

“So, I mean, have you two.”

As he then inserted his index finger into an enclosed circle made by his thumb and finger on his other hand and started to make a rather crude gesture.

I playfully hit him and said.

“Bugger off.”

He grinned even more and placed his hands on my shoulders and said.

“If you have, I want details.”

I said. “We have become very close.”

He released my shoulders, grinned stupidly at me and remade the aforementioned hand gesture.

Not wanting to trash Leanne’s reputation, I just shook my head and walked off.

We left about midnight, since I was driving I had stopped drinking, Leanne had had a few more and was a little drunk.

This had the effect of making her more disinhibited. She tried to straddle me in the drivers seat and started hungrily kissing me. I slapped her on the ass, this only encouraged her more. I pushed her back and asked.

“What are you doing?”

“Sorry, I get really horny when I’m drunk.”

“Well I can’t drive like this.” I said.

She just kissed me gain. I fought her off and got her back into her seat. I started to drive, within a minute she reached over, unzipped my pants and released my cock. Thinking back to a mate at school who crashed his car while getting a blowjob. I said

“This is not a good idea.”

She just shrugged and continued to stroke me.

It was my first time getting a road handjob.

We arrived safely at her place. I admonished her. She just replied.

“ I’ve been a naughty girl. Are you going to punish me?”

With that I slapped her hard on the ass. That caused her to jump and let out a yelp.

She then dragged me into her apartment. We started to kiss passionately as our hands fumbled with each other’s clothing.

Finally naked, I lifted her up and carried her into bed. I threw her onto the bed. She bounced and said.

“Yeah that’s how I like it, be rough with me.”

With that I wrestled her and pinned her to the bed. I straddled her and forced my cock into her mouth. She hungrily sucked me to hardness. I pushed my cock hard down her throat until she gagged. That seemed to get her off more and I proceeded to fuck her mouth.

I reached back and proceeded to finger her pussy. She responded and humped my hand. Not wanting to cum, I pulled out of her throat and went down on her until she had another incredible orgasm.

Not wanting a break she got on her hands and knees and shimmied over to the side of the bed and demanded that I fuck her.

Same routine, I penetrated her, she breathed and I waited. She pushed back. Green light. I now started to piston my cock in and out her ass. She met each in stroke with a hard thrust back. She talked dirty again. It had the wanted effect and really turned me on. As my balls tightened I pulled out. I admonished her again and told her.

“ Bad girls, don’t get rewarded with cock.”

I slapped her ass cheeks hard. She howled in delight. I then creamed her ass again and proceeded to fuck her.

She just kept yelling. “Harder, harder!”

I fucked her as hard as I could, with my hands on her hips I pulled her back harder. On each thrust my balls slapped into her pussy. She responded and reached down and started to finger her pussy. ( I only found out about that later.)

Once again she writhed her way through another orgasm which caused me to erupt deeply into her ass once again. I then collapsed down onto her and caused her to collapse onto the bed.””

As we recovered, she snuggled in my arms and we chatted. I asked her was she always this wild in bed. She told me that she was and how she had restrained herself the previous night. Worried about how I would respond to her.

She then told me, as I fucked her ass tonight, how she had fingered herself but was unable to reach deep enough, so she ended up rubbing her clit until she came.

I just let that revelation sink in.

Exhausted we soon fell asleep.
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Default Sunday Morning. A surprising twist.

I awoke the next morning before her. As it was warm, she was only covered by a sheet. I could make out the shape of her body, not satisfied I gently peeled back the sheet. I know gazed upon her naked form, which caused me to harden. I started to gently stroke her back. Emboldened I reach down and cupped her ass cheeks. I then reached around and felt her pussy, not its normal wet state. I slipped my finger into her, she roused a bit, but still not awake. I lowered my head and started to lick her pussy. That did it, with a yawn and a stretch she woke up. She then tussled my hair and said.

“What a wonderful way to be woken up.”

I looked up to see her grinning face I moved up her body and started to kiss her other lips. She responded and kissed me back. She gently caressed my tongue with hers. Gone was the previous hunger and passion from last night. It still felt nice, just different. After a few minutes she pulled away and said.

“Let’s take a shower.”

And duly led me by the hand. I was happy to be led as it gave me the opportunity to admire her ass once again. As we entered the bathroom she sat down on the toilet and began to relieve her bladder. I said I’d leave. She told me to stay. She was obviously very comfortable with me. I was too embarrassed to pee in front of her and waited until we showered, as she lathered up my back I quietly started to relieve myself. She noticed and slapped me on the ass and admonished me. Mortified I stopped mid stream. She reassured me that it was Ok, but I was unable to finish.

We finished showering and dried each other off. She then led me back to bed. We kissed as we sunk down onto the bed, our hands gently caressed each other, not focusing on any one body part. I opened my eyes and found her looking at me. I closed my eyes again and enjoyed the feeling. Our lips parted, she started to nuzzle and and lick my ear. She then whispered something that surprised me.

“Make love to me.”

It was the first time she had used that phrase. Gone was her demanding to be fucked from last night. I found this new side of her to be endearing. She then nuzzled her way down my neck to my chest, stopped at my nipples and gently sucked on them. She proceeded slowly down my abdomen and reached my already hard cock. As she looked up to me, she gently took me in her mouth and rolled her tongue around my tip and gently sucked. I laid back and enjoyed the mild stimulation. She stopped and kissed me again. I now slowly proceeded down her neck to her breasts and after a time continued to lick down to her thighs and nuzzled my way around her groin. I avoided her pussy until she begged me.

“Please lick my pussy.”

And with that I did. She seemed in no need to orgasm. She laid back and enjoyed the experience. She then cooed to me.

“I love you licking my pussy.”

There was that L word again. I then started to think how could I make love to this girl. I had had sex before but had never made love to someone. I started by concentrating on giving her pleasure rather than focusing on my own. I moved back up her body and we kissed again. There seemed no urgency to fulfil our carnal desires. She gently stroked me back to hardness.

After awhile she rolled over And I cuddled into her back. I continued to caress her, after awhile I reached for the cream and fingered her ass. She cooed again.

“Mark, make love to me.”

That word again and now my name. I followed her instruction and gently entered her ass, there seemed no need for me to be still, in her ass. She immediately pressed back into me and whispered.

“Slowly.... gently..... Make love to me.”

I continued to slowly make love to her ass. Not being totally focused on my cock I kissed her neck. I lavished attention on her beautiful breasts I gently caressed her thighs. She responded and started with some romantic talk.

“I love how you feel in my ass.”

The goal of an orgasm, no longer seemed important. I continued to make love to her. After awhile I stopped thrusting and happily stayed still in her ass. She responded, by every now and again, contracting and relaxing her muscles, in order to keep me hard in her ass. Eventually I slipped out of her ass. She rolled over and we hugged, she looked into my eyes and said.

“I love you.”

And leaned in to kiss me. Startled I began to think, how to respond. I thought how it wasn’t love at first sight. I considered that we had fucked three times and made love once. I considered my increasing affection for her. She pulled back and I whispered.

“I love you too.”
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Default Sunday Morning Continued.

After saying those momentous three words. I LOVE YOU. She looked at me and smiled and kissed me again. This time I sensed the renewed passion in her lips, once again our tongues wrestled each other. She pushed me onto my back and straddled me. She now had the dominant position. I laid back and submitted to her. She looked at me and said.

“I loved hearing you say that.”

Not really sure how to react, I lay there. She continued.

“You deserve to be rewarded.”

With that she started to quickly pump her hand up and down my cock. In no time I was hard again. As her ass was still creamed and opened, she just rose up on her haunches and deftly speared my cock into her ass. As she bounced up and down on my cock. The dirty talk started.

“Oh yeah, fuck me. Fuck me harder.”

“I want your cum deep in my ass!”

I grabbed her by the hips and began to thrust up my pelvis every time her ass came down on me. Once again I closed my eyes and was purely focused on my own pleasure. I opened my eyes and saw her, as she furiously rubbed her clit. Once again she was focused on her own pleasure. The verbal tirade continued.

“That’s it. Fuck that ass.”

“Harder... Deeper...” She demanded.

After awhile my jizz had started to boil in my balls. I tried to hold out, but my balls ached and was I forced to release my seed and came hard and deep into her ass. She sensed what had happened. She continued riding me and without any regard shouted.

“That’s it baby, cum in my ass.”

“I love feeling your cum in my ass.”

She then became quite, she quickened the pace on her clit. With that her body stiffened and then convulsed as her orgasm shook her. She wailed.

“Fuck, I’m coming.” As she collapsed down into my arms. I held her trembling body until she was still.

My cock slipped out of her ass and I soon felt my cum as it dripped out of her. Some air that had been forced into her soon escaped as she farted. I smiled.

“Excuse me.” She said.

“Not a problem.” I replied.

Once again we kissed and savoured our post orgasmic state. She soon rolled off me and snuggled into my side. With that, she said.

“I really love you, Mark.”

I replied. “I don’t no how to reply to that. Last time I said that, you proceeded to fuck my brains out.”

“I know, I’m a bad girl.” She reprimanded herself.

I then told her how surprised I was when she wanted me to make love to her. I was even more surprised after I said I loved her and she proceeded to fuck me hard. A definite Jeckyll and Hyde moment.

She confided in me that her ass was hurting, but she was also really horny after she awoke to me licking her pussy. She explained how she just wanted me to gently make love to her. After awhile when her ass had warmed up, the pain had faded away. Then when I told her that I loved her, that made her really happy and horny, with that she needed to be fucked hard.

I made a mental note to myself. I love you = hard passionate ass sex.

I asked. ”How does your ass feel now?”

“Really sore.” She replied and added. “But in a good way.”

She was a treasure. We both laughed.
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Default First Anal Sex

So, I had wanted to know how it felt inside a woman's arse for years. It was not going to happen at home, but from the "professional ladies" I asked always received a refusal. These varied from "No that's were my poop comes out", to a look of absolute disgust and a termination of the session.

In 1994 I was living in Culver City. There were a number a AMPs in the area and about once a week I availed myself of their services. Most were not FS, never mind anal. But, a new parlour opened on Washington Blvd, the "Hong Kong Spa".

The Hong Kong advertised the availability of Latin ladies as well as Asian. In my experience Latinas are both sexy and sexually aware. So, I paid my first visit and, at the from desk, asked mamasan for a Latin lady. I was directed to a spacious room with a low bed. I stripped and lay face down.

After a few minutes, in walked an attractive Columbian lady about twenty-five years old. She was not especially busty, but she had gorgeous hips and a lovely arse. Linda gave a reasonable massage. After about 15 minutes she had me turn over and she went to work on my cock.

Once I was fully erect she had me sit up. Linda proceeded to strip and kneel halfway down the bed with her head and the top of the bed, and her arse high in the air. It was an obvious invitation to fuck. I knelt behind Linda, slipped my cock into her reasonably tight, and very wet, quim. I enjoyed her quim for a few minutes, but there right above it was the true object of my desire that wonderful looking anus.

My desire got the better of me, I slipped out of her quim and position my cock at her anus. Linda said nothing, I gave a firm push and my cock was halfway in. There was no objection, so I slowly pushed all the way in. The walls of the arse are harder than those of the quim. And, one can feel the resistance and then opening of the sphincter. At, last, I knew, and it was a mystery I was happy to have solved.

As it happened the fit was extremely tight, and I had no desire to hurt Linda. So, without thrusting, I withdrew after a few seconds. I removed the condom, washed my cock with surgical spirit, put on a fresh condom and resumed some very pleasant vaginal sex.

Linda was affectionate and willing. We enjoyed several more sessions over the weeks.

To this day I have still not orgasmed inside a woman's arse. But, I would still like to.
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Default Cumming in her ass

Originally Posted by Stokecpl View Post
It wasn't as bad as I imagined, she bought a very small strap-on, lots of lube and took it slowly!
It was worth the pain and humiliation
Brave man, never been pegged. Did you enjoy it? Give us the details.

Originally Posted by Stokecpl View Post
Something so naughty about shooting spunk inside your girl's arse....
I couldn’t agree more.

Originally Posted by PalmsMan View Post
So, I had wanted to know how it felt inside a woman's arse for years.

Rather than just recounting the erotic side of my experiences, I thought I should also discuss some of the practicalities involved with anal sex.

Originally Posted by PalmsMan View Post
To this day I have still not orgasmed inside a woman's arse. But, I would still like to.
Cumming in a girls ass.

As a big part of anal sex, it’s the mental stimulation about it being taboo, telling yourself you shouldn’t be doing this. It just feels much naughtier and cumming in a girls ass, just adds to that overall feeling.

I just felt much closer to her after I came in her ass. As I said a big psychological component to it. I always got so turned on by the way she would beg or demand that I cum in her ass. Who was I to deny her. I think it made her feel naughtier too. Which just heightened her level of sexual arousal.

I asked her how it felt when I came in her ass. She admitted that she never felt the cum in her ass, but added she was just more aware that I was ejaculating in her ass compared to her vagina, due to the added tightness and sensitivity of her sphincter.

The muscles around the anus are much stronger and I was always more aware of her orgasm contractions when in her ass compared to her vagina. She also became quite expert in contracting and relaxing her anal muscles as I came and added to the effect of her milking my cock. I have heard it described as a rectal handshake, which is a good description of it and just added to the pleasure of the whole experience.

Leanne was never troubled by any diarrhoea or cramping after I came in her ass. Even though I don’t mention it in my accounts, as it’s hardly erotic, she would usually go to the toilet afterwards and expel out my cum. Helped prevent cum leaking out of her ass the next day.

I would add, due to the added risk of developing a urinary tract infection as I later found out. Always use a condom to prevent that risk. It still feels like your cumming in her ass and a lot less messy for her.

If you have any questions ask? Or PM me.
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