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Old 11-09-2017, 01:19 AM
Beelzebozo Beelzebozo is offline
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Like some of the others, I only get some information in drips and drabs. Usually it seems most of them are just to boost my ego, talking about old boyfriends being one-minute wonders and the like. But there was one that stood out simply for a couple of reasons as I've pieced things together:

1) She only had sex with him twice. She's referred to him as "a friend I banged a couple times". This is because she was a serial monogamist and only had one one-night stand (that she's admitted to. Always take things with a grain of salt.), though she's claimed at least one other guy she slept with only once and remained friends with after.

2) She says he was bigger than me, making me the second most well-endowed man she's had sex with.

His name was Peter, so after her first go-round, she nicknamed him Pete the Meat, much to his dismay. Very good looking and a theater geek. Apparently so good looking that he was constantly cast in lead roles, despite his not being a stellar actor, but he kept getting the attention of the (male) directors. She claimed, while under the influence of wine and swapping stories with a female friend, that getting on top of him was like straddling a missile. She told me another time that he wasn't just big, that he was John Holmes big. The idea of my 4'9" wife attempting to straddle that swings between very hot and very comical.

Another incomplete story she's brought up is, well, she used to work a Ren Faire. And while I don't get too many details other than "I had a little TOO much fun", the idea of her in someone's tent being banged and being heard by the rest of the camp (if they aren't too busy having sex themselves) is a pretty hot idea.
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Old 11-11-2017, 01:59 PM
Thebigg Thebigg is offline
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Goldfish! That's so funny. My ex, when we split was fucking a young Spanish guy. She would sext me late night all the time and wrote that his cock curved up and that it made her cum so hard!
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Old 11-12-2017, 03:08 PM
Hornyinde Hornyinde is offline
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Originally Posted by ukgoldfish View Post
Has anyone else been turned on by a wife /gf casually sharing a detail about a former boyfriend or lover?

My wife Beth recently let slip that a former boyfriend had a cock that curved upwards ' was impossible not to cum on it'

I'll admit that the thought of her having fun on his cock was very horny.

Any other casual details that have had similar effect?
Wife at first wouldn’t give me many details, but she’s learned how much I like to hear about it. A couple ones that really drive me crazy in a good way.

1. One guy that had an incredibly hard upward curve that drove her wild.

2. Another guy that liked to pull out and cum on her tits. She always wants me to finish in her mouth from a blowjob so I can’t complain, but the thought of him cumming on her tits is erotic.
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Old 11-14-2017, 08:53 AM
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nectcouple nectcouple is offline
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Default No secrets

My wife is not afraid to tell me about the different cocks that have been inside of her and there are two that stand out (pardon the pun!) in my mind...

1.) She told me that one of the guys that she and her ex hooked up with had a "huge" one. She says that she doesnt remember how many inches he said it was and she never measured it, but it was "definitely longer and thicker than you." (And I am above average!) She does have a huge dildo that reminds her of him and that toy is 11 inches from balls to tip!

And the one that really drives me crazy, for some reason...

2.) When she first decided to join the military, she was too young to sign up. While she waited the couple of months she needed, she lived temporarily with a Marine recruiter. She told me that his cock long, but not very thick. But she also says it was like a skin covered iron bar! She says she used to try to bend it but it was impossible! She couldn't even make an indentation in it by squeezing it in her hands! Also, she said that it always stood out at 90 degrees from his body. Even when he was laying on his back, it would stand straight up. She said she would push it down to lay against his stomach but as soon as she let go, it would pop back up to point directly up at the ceiling! (Incidentally, he was the guy who instructed her on exactly how to give a guy a blow job. She has MAD skills, so I owe him a huge debt of gratitude!)
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Old 11-15-2017, 11:56 PM
Thebigg Thebigg is offline
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My ex was with that young Spanish guy after we split. She loves talking about how much he could cum.
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Old 11-20-2017, 03:22 PM
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VXCguy VXCguy is offline
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Originally Posted by nectcouple View Post

2.) When she first decided to join the military, she was too young to sign up. (Incidentally, he was the guy who instructed her on exactly how to give a guy a blow job. She has MAD skills, so I owe him a huge debt of gratitude!)
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Old 11-20-2017, 04:06 PM
sheusedtobewild's Avatar
sheusedtobewild sheusedtobewild is offline
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Default So many stories But Some are Still Exciting to Remember

One of my favorites is that she lost her virginity to a guy I was in class with at the same college. It was a small college, Elon College, that had about 3000 people. It was big enough that it is a huge coincidence that I knew the guy and actually had a conversation with him about it approximately 6 months before I met her. He told me about dating and fucking this girl....how fun it was, etc...she said he wasn't that great...funny how people have different perspectives.

One of my other favorites is how she got laid in a one night stand at the same school. There was a bar there that was having a costume contest. My future wife went as a playboy bunny. She loved to show off her body even then. Some guy, a guy who actually went by the nickname Sting all those years ago, took her to the student union. I still remember how she described it that first time she told me about it..."he fucked me every which way. He fucked me from behind, I rode him, missionary...He fucked me every way we could think of....and then we never talked to each other again." She said she was embarrassed when she saw him in the cafeteria the next week and he smiled this smirky smile as if to say, thanks for the great fuck but that was all it was.

I think if he could see her now he would stroke himself off remembering that once upon a time he fucked my tall, thin, fake tittied wife so well.
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Old 11-29-2017, 09:37 PM
Thebigg Thebigg is offline
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Hey sheusedtobewild ,
Great story. My ex (who I'm with again), lets the details drop. She lost her virginity in the backseat of a car when she was 13 to a 16 year old. They continued fucking for about 4 or 5 years and he got her to do everything -- with other girls and guys. It's so hot she has done all of that. We never talked about it when we were married, but now all the time. I love it and telling me drives her wild.
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Old 06-10-2018, 05:16 AM
Menorca Menorca is offline
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Default My best friend with my girlfriend

Back in 1981, I met and loved a girl - I call her Petra here and she is my wife today. She was young and pretty, just 18, good figure, beautiful face, sweet little breasts. And it was not too long, exactly three weeks, until we had fucked for the first time.

I asked her, "How many guys did you sleep in front of me?" for of course she was no virgin at the age of 18.

She told me, "With five, six men! But please do not ask who or how, I do not like talking about it..."

Sometimes later I went with a good buddy to drink some beers. He asked me smoothly, if my new girlfriend ist ggo in bed.

When I asked why he wanted to know that, he said with a smug smile, "She was very good with me!"

I asked him if he was serious and he said yes. However, it was about eight or nine weeks before I was with her.

Now I became jealous and curious at the same time: "If you slept with her, then you need to know where she has three little moles next to each other?"

"Of course, under her right nipple," he replied amused.

So at least he must have seen her naked, because what he said is true. At the thought, I immediately got a boner.

"Tell me what you did with her..."

"Actually, that was not planned. It was a warm June day, and on her bike the chain jumped off. I fixed the bike. She asked me if she could wash her hands with me because they are dirty from the bicycle graphite. Of course I did not mind, and I liked her very much in her tight white summer top and her tight jeans. I’m getting horny, wanna fuck this girl."

"Do not say you got sex with her on the first night ..."

"Naturally! I always make women so weak and horny that it happens on the first day... "

"Even my shy Petra?"

"We went to my apartment, she started by going to the bathroom. I looked through the keyhole, and since she had to pee, she pulled down her jeans and panties and I saw her sweet c*nt..." he told amused!

"You're a real bastard, kidding the girls like that ..."

"When she has done, I told her there was a stain on her pants and offered to wash her. She looked at me big, did not want to do that at first, but then said to me that I've probably seen other women in panties."

"Incredible, my lovely Petra?"

"She has really nice legs, and her panties were not very big. I could see her dark pubic hair shining through. We sat on the sofa and I was horny because of the half-naked girl. Do you really want to know what we did?"
"Yes, surely! Tell me more..."

"I sat next to her, stroked her hair and gave her a first kiss on the mouth. She was astonished at first, but on the third or fourth kiss she opened her lips and I gave her a tongue-kiss. My hands went down and felt her breasts through the top. I noticed her nipples hardening."

"You just touched her like that?"

"Yes, and she likes it. I pushed her top up and pulled it off. She did not resist, so I kept going on. She wore another shirt underneath. I pulled down the straps, pushed it away and saw her sweet little naked breasts."

"She liked that - by this way?"

"Yes, I am just a women connoisseur. Then I stroked her breast, licking her nipples and she was really horny. She jerked and kissed me more violently..."

"Petra - such a horny b*tch? I had to wait three weeks for real sex!"

"Yes, then she put her hand on my pants and scanned my penis, which was already stiff. She opened my pants, put her hand under my panties and started to masturbate my cock."

"And of course you took off her panties, right? Does she show you her c*nt?"

"Sure, of course. I touched her between the legs, and she opened it readily. Very far! She was totally wet and wanted sex, I felt that!"

"Incredible, I would never have thought of her!"

"Then we pet each other, she shows me her labia, her clit, her vagina. I asked her to masturbate in front of me and she did it until orgasm. Without shame. Then she took my cock in her hand, gave him one, two kisses and asked me very much to fuck her immediately! And you should not contradict a beautiful woman...", he smiled.

"Such a b*tch! Did you at least take a condom? "

"Of course not, that's no fun! I slowly penetrated her. She was pretty tight, as I like it. And after a few bumps in her pussy she came for the first time. Loud and violent. I fucked her on and on, and at her third orgasm, I hosed in her. Man, that was cool!"

After that, she fell asleep exhausted, she lay stark naked on the sofa. I photographed them with my Polaroid camera."

"You are a scoundrel! Do you still have the photos? What do you do with them?"

He grinned and pulled a box out of the closet. There are several small boxes, on one of which stands Petra. In fact, she's sleeping as if she's naked. Can see her hold body with tits and c*nt of Petra.

"And if I don't have a girlfriend, I take the photos of all women I've slept with and have fun with myself. Just yesterday I masturbated to the photos of Petra!”

"Pig! And then, was there more?"

"Well, I was not looking for a girlriend. When she woke up, I asked her to give me a blowjob. First she didn’t want to do, but when I say I love you so much, she did it. And not bad."

"Yes, she's good by blowjob! But I bet she did not swallow!"

"No, unfortunately not! But then I hosed in her face, that was also very cool After doing I asked her to get dressed again and go."

"How did she react?"

"She was very angry when she realized that I want just fun with her, but not anything serious about her. I offered her that she could come back for sex at any time, so she gave me a slap in the face and never comes back again, it's a pity!"

"You're really an asshole! Please give me the photos of her, otherwise our friendship is over!"

He handed it out to me, but I'm sure he had some other deductions. When I asked Petra if that was all right, she started crying, but confirmed everything and begged my forgiveness - even though it was ahead of our Time has been.
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Old 06-10-2018, 09:07 AM
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Default Two stories

When I first met my wife she was still involved with another guy. He was a photographer and somehow had convinced her to pose nude outdoors for him. They would do a shoot, then go back to his place, smoke pot (which makes her very horny) and have sex. There was only one problem, the poor guy had a smallish cock, and my wife prefers larger ones. In fact, she even cheated on him with her previous boyfriend whom she had broken up with earlier. I almost felt sorry for the guy; he used to contact her and ask if she was still with me.

Then there is the story of how she lost her virginity. She was living in a house with a bunch of hippies, men and women. One week the guys had two friends visiting from the east coast and staying at the house. My wife and her best friend at that point had decided they wanted to lose her virginity, so they each chose a guy and proceeded to do just that. At first she made it sound like it was a one night stand, but later I found out he was there for a week and we all know how often people in their early 20’s can fuck. One night when she and i were having sex I got her to tell me the details, as she neared orgasm she blurted out, “I fucked a stranger!”
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