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Old 11-07-2017, 01:12 PM
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Default Nude beach time check

Wife and I were on a beach in Provincetown. It's not officially a nude beach, but after you walk across the breakwater you'll find a few people there nude. None were close by us, however. We had just stripped off and wife was standing up applying sun screen when we noticed an older, fully clothed, couple at the water's edge about 20 yards away. The guy leaves his wife and walks up to where we were standing. My wife was wearing nothing but her watch and so he asked her, "What time is it?" He had dark glasses on, so I couldn't see where he was looking, but it was either at her very large breasts or her shaved lips (bush on top). He then walked back down to his wife who you could tell was not pleased. My wife was slightly miffed, "As if he needed to know the time just now!"

Another time at a nudist resort, I was following my wife as we walked from the pool to the bathroom, dripping wet and of course, nude. An old guy sitting under a tree caught sight of her out of the corner of his eye, and jerked his head so fast I thought he'd get whiplash. Too funny.
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Old 11-14-2017, 07:55 AM
sammy15 sammy15 is offline
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Default Low key thrill

My wife and I visit a certain Nudist camp in the Northeast USA. It has a good sized pool and people lay on lounge chairs on 3 sides facing the pool. The 4th side is a restaurant. We people gaze, commenting who had a boob job, who is shaved etc. Many couples today have tattoos and appear a bit on the wild side. As the sun moves during the day some women turn their loungers around and she does and is now facing me. This one woman is now on her back with her legs on each side of the lounge chair, something my wife would never do. The lady is shaved, as many are, and she is talking to a couple next to her, mentioning that her partner and her sometimes go to a lifestyle club. What gave me a thrill was if they were casting for today's remake of Leave it to Beaver, she could be cast as June Cleaver. She appeared so lady like and formal when she first sat down. You never know.
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Old 11-14-2017, 11:53 AM
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Default Overheard at a resort

Wife and I were at a nudist resort in CA sitting near the edge of the pool. Two women were lying on air mattresses near us. They both rolled over onto their stomachs and I heard one say to the other, "Let's spread a bit and see the reactions." And they proceeded to do just that. Because of the angle, I'm sure they didn't realize I was close enough to hear them. My wife did not.
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Old 11-15-2017, 03:55 PM
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Default Two experiences

I swim quite a bit at the local public pool. It's a typical complex with pool, gym, sports hall etc. It's kind of showing its age a bit, but one of the benefits is that they have a sauna cabin in the pool area, which many places don't. The other week I'd finished my swim and went to sit in the sauna for a while. There was just one other guy in there, who left shortly after I entered. A few minutes later, a young brunette woman in her 20's walked in. I'd seen her swimming in the pool, but obviously only her head had been visible above the water, so it was a nice surprise to see she was slightly curvy, in a white one-piece suit. She wasn't super-pretty, but still cute, and her suit was actually really sexy, given her curves. It was one of those 'high leg' ones, so very revealing at the front crotch area and about half of each ass cheek was exposed at the back. It was the kind of fashion suit you tend to see more on the beach or at pool parties in Ibiza, rather than at the local swimming centre. As she turned to sit down, I noticed it also gave a hint of side-boob.

She smiled politely, acknowledging my presence, then sat on the bench directly opposite, eyes closed. After a short time, she changed position, lifting her feet off the floor and putting them up on the bench in front of her, so that her legs were bent at the knee, her knees up by her chin. There was a slight gap between her legs, so I couldn't help admiring her curvy thighs, which were very sexy, despite having a hint of cellulite. However, what my eyes were really drawn to was her crotch. Because the suit was pretty skimpy in that area and due to how she was sitting, there was basically just a very thin strip of white fabric covering her intimate area. A bit like a thong, or G-string I guess. So for the next 5 minutes, I did all I could to stop my mouth from dropping open and my eyes popping out on stalks, as I stared directly at her slightly stubbly lips, which were both visibly peeking out of her suit. Quite literally, if the under-side of her suit had moved even 1cm to the left or right, I'd have been staring directly at her bare pussy. Sadly after about 5 minutes she got up to leave, ending the show. She did bend over to pick her water bottle up off the floor though, giving me a brief but fabulous view of her bare ass cheeks.

Same place, but different visit. The centre was having refurbishment works done at the time, so instead of the pool changing room, everyone had to use the much smaller, more basic gym changing rooms, which had separate rooms for males and females. It got quite chaotic at the weekends when there were various swimming classes for kids, as well as regular swimming, plus people using the gym. Too overcrowded in the changing room, with kids everywhere. The layout was old-school, with lockers one one side and open benches in the middle, no changing cubicles. Showers were off to one side in a separate area.

Knowing that the temporary changing area would get overcrowded, one weekend I went to swim quite early, when I knew it wouldn't be so busy. Sure enough, I had the pool almost to myself. After my swim, I headed to the mens' temporary changing room and hit the showers as I usually do, showering in the nude. I left my towel and trunks on the bench by my locker. I was in the shower for a good 5 minutes or so, during which time I heard the changing room door open and close a few times and I could hear kids' voices out in the changing area. As I was finishing up, I heard the door open again (it was pretty creaky) and a woman's voice calling a boy's name a couple of times; after which it went quiet again. Thinking nothing of it, I stepped out of the shower, walked through the entrance and back into the main changing area. Bear in mind I was still completely naked at this point and dripping wet from the shower. As I turned the corner towards my locker, there in front of me was a fully clothed, skinny blonde woman in her early 30's, saying to her young son that he'd taken his sister's bag, or towel, or whatever, by mistake.

I kind of froze dead on the spot for a second, and as she was sideways-on to me, it took her about a second to realise someone was there. When she did realise, she turned her head towards me and her expression was absolutely priceless. A total mixture of simultaneous surprise and embarrassment. She was instantly extremely apologetic and kept her eyes at face-level as she spoke (not before taking a blatant, second-long glance at my penis though), explaining she'd checked and thought the room was empty, and that her son had taken his sister's stuff by mistake, and she'd just popped in to retrieve it. I certainly didn't mind, so I reassured her it was no problem and that these things happen. I think this relaxed her a bit, because instead of making a hasty exit as I'd expected her to, she turned and said something else to her son, then started rummaging in his bag and taking some things out of it - all while I'm just standing there completely naked with my penis on full show. I must admit I made no attempt to cover up.

There wasn't anything I could do in any case, as she was standing right in front of my locker, so I couldn't even get to my towel which was on the bench behind her. So I just stood there, nude and slightly cold but actually kind of enjoying the situation. I was strangely turned on by this odd set-up if I'm honest; when I looked down I'd gained a little extra length and girth, though without being hard. After what felt like ages but was really only about 1 minute, she said sorry again, though this time her eyes definitely locked onto my penis more obviously, then quickly left the room, brushing past me as she went. I have to say (sadly), that nothing remotely similar has ever happened before or since. It's back to the regular changing rooms now anyway, so probably even less likelihood.
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Old 11-20-2017, 08:15 AM
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Default Cap D'Agde

I like to observe people. A great place to do this is at a nudist setting. Seeing something that for me is a bit unusual can give me a huge thrill. One such event took place when my wife and I were at Cap d' Agde for a week about 15 years ago. We had been at the beach and were walking back to our rental condo, when we stopped to do some clothes shopping. That itself is a bit unusual, but that's my wife for you. I was naked, just wearing my sandals carrying our beach bag, and she had flat sandals and a transparent wrap around her waist. She was looking at dresses and in walked an attractive young blond hair woman, maybe about 25 years old, naked except she had black 4 inch high heel sandals, carrying a black leather purse. She had bright red lipstick, and was wearing what appeared to be a crystal necklace. For me this "look" was a bit unusual. Most people at 4:00 PM even in the shopping area, did not appear this way. Maybe she was looking for the perfect LBD. This gave me quite a thrill.
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Old 11-23-2017, 04:33 AM
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Default Leg Display

Clearing out my phone reminded me of a little event.

I was having an afternoon beer back in the summer with some friends when 50 yards away I spotted a lady sitting in her car with the door open. She looked like she was waiting for someone and is was a hot day so she seemed to be trying to keep cool by pulling her skirt up and putting her leg out of the car.
She rearranged herself several times.

Now the friends I was with are not the sort I could discuss this with, so I had to quietly enjoy this without staring.
I the decided to take a couple of snaps of friends on my phone and 'accidently' caught this lady in the background.

Low quality cropped pic but it gives an idea of the scene.

It's amazing the effect that these little thing can have but I think it was the fact that I couldn't get any closer and had to keep it to myself.
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Old 11-23-2017, 01:59 PM
Vortexvortex Vortexvortex is offline
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There are a couple of older gals I work with that are friends. Both mid 40s (not that that’s old, just older than I). They’re both built similarly. Cute faces, and curvy, borderline chubby. But they both carry it well and have big breasts. They’re well kept and stylish. Occasionally I swing by their department and in the past I have sensed some awkwardness from them. Like they were talking about me and afraid i heard them. Of course that might be wishful thinking. But they do casually flirt with me. Saying things like it’s the highlight of their day when I stop by and making joking comments about me being attractive.

One of them the other day asked me about my Halloween costume. I hadn’t shared that with them or anyone at work really so the only way she could have known about it is by looking at my Facebook. So I asked how she knew and she just said “Facebook”. I jokingly said “stalker”. And she sorta shrugged. I felt a lump in my throat and maybe a tingle in my crotch. Definitely a turn on to know she’s physically attracted to me. I have photos of myself in swimwear on my Facebook and I fantasize about her masturbating to my body.
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Old 11-30-2017, 09:24 AM
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Default Very low key event

A couple of years ago, my buddy and I were going to meet up with my wife. I dared him to smack her on the ass. I told him if she got mad I would take the blame.

So anyway we met up with her at an area where no one happened to be. As she got there she gave me friend a hug then as she turned to me he gave her a pretty hard smack. She first thought it was me then jerked around and realized it was him. She thought it was funny and laughed it off. But it immediately turned me on.

Since then we’ve met up a couple of times and he always gives her a smack when no one is around but me. Sometimes two or three smacks. Every time it immediately turns me on.

No what my friend doesn’t know is that my wife likes me to spank her. It is a huge turn-on for her. So I’m pretty sure she is getting turned on by him spanking her two. When I ask she gives a coy “maybe”. So that means yes.
Shout out to Mr. And Mrs. nectcouple for the avatar.
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Old 12-01-2017, 10:11 AM
Borracho100 Borracho100 is online now
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Thanks to everyone who has contributed their stories and recollections.

Here's a few of my favourite, non sexual recollections but that have made me incredibly horny over the years:

1. My ex girlfriend's dad used to wind her up mercilessly when he found that she owned a thong bikini and also a couple of suspender belts. It always used to give me a secret turn on when he mentioned anything like that in front of me. The best incident though was one day when she'd come home from work and she was stood in the hall talking to her mum and he walked past her, grabbed her skirt and asked if she was wearing stockings again whilst lifting it right up. She clearly was and it made me incredibly hard to see her stood there in her suspenders and stockings with her mum and dad. In hindsight, her dad was a bit weird really!

2. About 2 years ago the wife and I went on a short break for our anniversary. We were at the airport going through security and she pinged the alarms. She was taken to one side for a pat down. My wife was wearing a 6 strap suspender belt and so informed the security officer of this. She wasn't best impressed that the officer then told her colleague, that "it's alright, she's just wearing suspenders" and then remarked to my wife that it was "very sexy". The wife the had the mother of all pat downs, a wand came out which beeped every time it went over a metal clasp and she then had to go through the security scanner twice more. Watching her increasing embarrassment was such a turn on particularly whenever her skirt was pulled taught against her legs which revealed to anyone watching that there was a suspender belt underneath the dress!

3. Staying in a holiday home in Oz with her mum, sister-in-law, sister, brother-in-law and kids a few years back, the missus came out of the bedroom in a short nightie. I was rock solid in seconds when she bent forwards to tend to one of the nephews and both me and her sister's hubby got a full view of her bulging pussy as it strained against the cotton thong she was wearing. My brother-in-law wasn't sure where to look but got to see her full bum later when we went to the beach and stripped down to a pair of thong bikini bottoms.

4. On holiday in Cyprus, the missus was lying on a sunbed on the beach wearing only a purple thong. I pretended to be asleep when the fella came round to collect the money for renting the sunbed. Watching her have a conversation with this man with her boobs out and then having to bend down in front of him to get money out of the bag was a real turn on for me.

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Old 12-02-2017, 05:57 PM
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When my wife and i first got engaged , we went to her parents house to show her Mom her ring. My wifes sister was there also. We were sitting at the kitchen table when my future wife excused herself to go to the bathroom. While she was gone , her Mother and sister told me how glad they were she finally met a nice guy like me and was going to settle down and stop being so wild. They then told me how my wife dated many guys and they didn't think she would ever settle down. My cock got rock hard as i sat and listened to them describe some her wild ways , they shut up when they heard her returning from the bathroom.
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