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Old 12-17-2016, 05:34 AM
Fred Wasserstein Fred Wasserstein is offline
Join Date: Mar 2015
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Default Experiences from a german nudist

Munich-Flaucher: Part 1 (The introduction)

A few years ago I worked for 1 year in Munich. During the summer in this town there are the greatest possibilities to get legally nude in public from complete Germany.

One of the nudist places has the name "Flaucher". It is a beach on the river Isar in the heart of munich. The police only tolerate nudism. There is no force to unclothe oneself. During the day, if the sun is shining bright, there are clothed and nude people on the beach. In the late afternoon this place is changing from a place in the sun to a party area for clothed young people.

One day I laid there naked and it was not a outstanding day till the afternoon began...

(End of part 1)
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Old 02-16-2017, 02:52 AM
Fred Wasserstein Fred Wasserstein is offline
Join Date: Mar 2015
Location: germany
Posts: 44
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Default The continuance...

Munich-Flaucher: Part 2

In the early afternoon came the first group of party people to the beach. They were much too early. At this time the place was populated full of sunbathers. The usual party time will be later...

The group, 2 women and 2 boys, all about 25 years old, had one beer crate with them. They went through the beach area directly to my place.

I was a little bit confused, because there were more free spots at the beach without any nude people.

They sat almost right down next to my towel. They boys were cool and ignored me, but the girls chuckled from time to time and sometimes they stole a peep to my naked body. I was very sure that i was the reason for their childish behaviour.

Of course they remained clothed and i remained completely naked for all the time. I saw only the backs from the boys and the sides from the girls.

Everyone from the group drank 2 beers. One of the girls finished the looking into my direction but the other girl began to stare much more often to my nakedness. This time she did not giggling anymore. She must twist her head so much for glances to me.

Poor girl, I decided to turn my towel and the direction of my body to gave her a better view to my naked penis.

I spread my legs for the drunk girl. She liked it because her first horny stare to my dick lasted about 30 to 40 seconds.

My penis swelled a bit and I allowed it because the beach was almost empty. The other party people would come later in the evening and most of the sunbathers already went home.

She looked more to me than to her comrades. I was flattered. Before my penis would be full erected, I dressed myself very quickly and went home with a big swelling in my pants.

The End
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Old 02-16-2017, 04:55 PM
stevezr1's Avatar
stevezr1 stevezr1 is offline
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I myself love the nude beaches, and I'd consider myself an exhibitionist of the non-blatant variety. That is, I'd rather not be seen naked simply to shock someone.
That said, I think I could enjoy myself in "Munich guy's" situation. Good for him.
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Old 07-05-2017, 04:15 AM
Fred Wasserstein Fred Wasserstein is offline
Join Date: Mar 2015
Location: germany
Posts: 44
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Default naked walking

A few years ago I lived in the near of a very special lake for nudists. It is a great lake in the middle of a dark forest in Bavaria. It is not an official swimming lake. No such things like restaurants or wash rooms. Just nature and 60 percent nude and 40 percent clothed visitors. It is a very mixed company. There are no exact areas for nudists.

The particular thing is, you can walk completely naked around this big lake. One round takes about 25 minutes.

I have made the nude round very often in my life. It is exciting to be naked without any chance to put quickly clothes on. Just my naked body and my shoes.

I rembered one day. I was in the middle of my nude walk. In the front of me was a group of about 10 clothed hikers. Most of them were women. They walked straight to me.

I considered to make a turn to the direction from where I came.

I made my decision and walked further. Oh no, I thought, the path here is very small. I stopped at the edge of the path. The hikers passed and I felt some short looks to my naked penis. Some of the younger women giggled.

I was embarrassed.

Does anyone have some similar stories to tell?
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Old 07-05-2017, 06:30 AM
rickandsuzy's Avatar
rickandsuzy rickandsuzy is offline
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Default something like that

We have an official unofficial nude beach. If you walk down this one beach past the downed trees is clothing optional.

I went to try it to see if I could handle being naked. Anyway I was walking around and similar to your story the path narrowed to the point where only one person could pass. As I'm walking to this point opposite is a mother daughter who I saw earlier walk past the point. Just by luck they were coming back as I was starting my walk. The mom was a nudist as she had an all over tan but the daughter had obvious tan lines from her bikini so she doesn't go nude often. Mom had a decent body with ample boobs. The daughter was leaner but nice size b cups.
As we approached I was a little worried so I walked backwards and seeing no one else I have my cock a few tugs to get the blood flowing and give me more size.

We met at the spot and I let th3 ladies pass. You actually had to walk over another fallen tree so the mom did with ease smiled and said hello. She held a hand out for her daughter and I noticed the daughter was shy. I could tell she didn't mind if others saw her boobs but her pussy was a different story. She would have to stretch her leg over the log leaving herself wide open. She faced me when doing this and I saw her look down at my cock as I was watching her b cups and hard nipples.
We all smiled at each other but then the daughter did something I will never forget. She made it obvious she was looking at my cock. So I turned sideways for her to see and stood still as she walked away. She turned around to see me and waved. Needless to say I was right hard and that's not a good look on a nude beach.
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Old 07-05-2017, 10:28 AM
stevezr1's Avatar
stevezr1 stevezr1 is offline
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Default Myself caught naked.....

This happened a long time back when I was single and before we had a local nude beach. As I've indicated before, I always had latent exhibitionist tendencies, but at no time would I ever be comfortable flashing or showing myself where I'd take someone purposely by surprise.

I was interested in an all-over tan, and maybe more than just that, had a desire to be naked in public yet not necessarily be seen. So I visited a remote beach that I had heard that on rare instances the dunes were used by nude sunbathers. And yes, this area eventually became one of the most popular nude beaches on the East Coast of the U.S.

So one day, alone, I went to this area on a weekday and saw no one as far as the eye could see, except two young women on the beach who were wearing normal bikinis. I kept my distance, and maybe 500 feet from them I went into the grassy dunes and found a nice low sandy spot surrounded by clumps of dune grasses. I settled down and stripped naked outdoors for the first time ever. Ah, what a sensation, naked outdoors, feeling very mischievous and rebellious. As I lay there, the thought of a woman catching me like that immediately brought a twinge in my cock.

After about a hour, I thought I heard voices and panicked. Here I am naked where nudity is not allowed, and if someone sees me I'd be majorly embarrassed. But if it were those two women, that might be exciting! As minutes pass I am convinced that I am hearing voices now and then. Then I am definitely sure I am hearing voices close by, but now in a hushed tone, making me think I may have been seen. I think the best approach for me is to feign sleep, and wearing sunglasses, I might be able to peek and see if anyone stumbles into my little haven.

The thought of being seen naked by women, made my cock begin to get hard. I didn't really want that to happen, as even in the best of scenarios I would be embarrassed beyond belief being caught with a hard cock. In my mind, someone stumbling upon me and finding me alone with a raging erection would label me as a pervert. But a nice fat yet soft or semi-hard cock would be just fine. So I concentrated on diverting my thoughts away from the erotic to control myself, not an easy task.

Peeking from behind my sunglasses, yes, I see two women! They had slowly walked up to my spot and I hear a muffled giggle as they drop down to a kneeling position hiding behind the grasses overlooking the little hollow I am lying in. They are just 20 feet away or less. I tried very hard to keep my cock from spring to full attention, and while trying not to move my head, I can see they are whispering to each other.

It didn't take long for me to realize that it was obvious they came looking for me. With that in mind I thought to myself, if they wanted to see me naked, then what the hell. I let my true emotions take control, and my cock grew and grew and was soon waving in the air, hard as nails I continued to feign sleep, and I heard a lot of louder whispering and I'm thinking that they are so noisy, maybe they want me to acknowledge their presence, but I don't. After may 5 minutes of me remaining full staff, the slowly slinked away.

As soon as they were gone, you know I had to beat that raging hard-on to submission! I never saw them again, even after standing up and looking around. Either they left the beach after that, or, I'd like to think, found another little sandy spot in the grass covered dunes to try nude sunbathing for themselves.

In retrospect, I wondered what would have happened if I had acknowledged them. Would we have spoken? Would I have begun to stroke myself with them watching? Or could I have invited them into share my space with them? And possibly getting them to try nudity? Or all the above? But that none of that happened. We'll never know.
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Old 11-15-2017, 06:21 AM
Fred Wasserstein Fred Wasserstein is offline
Join Date: Mar 2015
Location: germany
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Wink The fence was too short ...

I was this summer at a lake in Bavaria. I visited this lake for the first time. I read on the internet that there is a beach for nudists.

When I arrived there, I noticed the following.
The bathing area for nudists was only surrounded by an almost transparent fence and only a few low bushes.
Just behind the area was a pedestrian walkway. Right next to the beach for nudists was the beach for the dressed.

I was looking for a place at the very back. Between me and the pedestrian walk was only this almost transparent fence.

Both beaches were not well visited. At the nudist beach were almost only old people. At the textile beach much younger people were present.

I thought that would not be a good day. That changed soon ...

When I went into the water for the first time I realized that the fence did not reach into the water. That meant, when I went into the water, I was completely visible to the people in swimwear. I was naked in public.

First of all, I was a little bit shy. Many bathers from the clothing-wearing area looked in my direction. As I went further into the lake, I noticed that the lake on the shore is very low. I had to go into the lake for a long time, until the lake became deep enough to swim.

Then I saw a young couple lying directly on the fence outside the nude area. The girl was sitting there looking in my direction. At some point I decided to go out of the lake again. The girl was still looking at me. Her boyfriend was lying on his back with his eyes closed.

When my penis became visible, she looked shy away. Only a short time later she looked back at me.

This time I quickly went out of the water to my place.

I found this situation exciting and I thought about it. Only 10 minutes later I went into the water again. The girl was still sitting there. This time I went very slowly into the water. I pretended to enjoy nature and just stood there. My penis was clearly visible to her. Suddenly my cock got stiff and I quickly ran into the water. Last rescue!

After a short cool, I quickly went back to my beach towel.

There I noticed that some passing pedestrians tried to catch a glimpse of the naked ones through the fence. Nice, I thought to myself. I just stood there and enjoyed the views of passing female pedestrians. Some pedestrians thought they were invisible to me. Some looks were pretty direct.
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Old 08-23-2018, 05:51 AM
Fred Wasserstein Fred Wasserstein is offline
Join Date: Mar 2015
Location: germany
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Default The nudist girl with the piercing.

Recently I was at a lake, which is officially for nudists. I walked naked around the entire lake. When I reached about half of the way, a young woman spoke to me. She was about to push a parasol into the ground. The floor was too hard and she asked me to help her. At first I thought she meant someone else because I was a good distance from her.

As I slowly approached her, I noticed that the girl was pretty attractive. About 25 years old, big firm breasts, long blond hair and a slim physique.
She politely asked me a second time if I could help her with the umbrella.

When I pressed the parasol into the ground, she was standing right in front of me. I had to look her between the legs, because the upper part of the parasol was exactly at the height of her pussy. Her pussy was clean shaven and something sparkled at the pussy. I looked closer and I discovered a small piercing that looked like a silver button.

Immediately I noticed how my penis was getting hard. Quickly I pressed the umbrella in the hard ground. I looked the girl gently in the face and knew for the moment that she had also noticed my slightly excited penis.
Her facial expression was neither disgusted nor enthusiastic. She was just surprised.
She thanked me in a few words and I went on quickly.
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Old 09-20-2018, 05:31 AM
Fred Wasserstein Fred Wasserstein is offline
Join Date: Mar 2015
Location: germany
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Default CFNM-story: The woman with the dog.

I was on the internet looking for nudist lakes, which were close to me. I already knew most of them.
But this one lake was completely unknown to me.
To get there I had to walk for about 45 minutes from my parked car.
When I arrived there I was thrilled by this beautiful nature. The lake consisted of 2 lakes. Outside the lakes was forest. No restaurant and no toilet. When I was walking around, I noticed very few people. Only 1 male nudist and 6 swimsuit people were present at this time.
I went back to the bay where I had seen the nudist. Immediately I undressed naked and put my towel on the ground.

I was facing the path that separated both lakes.
The lake was very often visited by women who took their dogs for a walk. I saw about 7 women walking their dogs. There was not a single man. All only women. Strange, I thought.

Unfortunately, until the early evening, only about 5 more male nudists and about 8 people in swimsuits were added.
It could not have been the weather and the water. It was really hot and the water was pleasantly warm. These two lakes were an absolute secret tip. Maybe most people are too lazy to walk about 45 minutes on foot.

Among the people in swimwear, I saw only one man. All others were female.

The whole thing was a strange situation. Only dressed women and men who were naked except for the one guy.

The few people were spread far over the two lakes. I was bored and often went for a naked walk.

But nobody seemed to pay attention to me. When I was back at my place, I sat down and read a magazine.

Especially when you do not expect it, something special happens. That was not different here.

I sat there bored. From afar I saw a woman with her black dog. She regularly threw a ball into the lake and the dog brought it back to her.

She came closer and closer to me. She threw the ball while walking. But then she had obviously discovered me. At the bay, which was directly opposite me she stopped for about 5 minutes. She stood exactly where she had the best view of my penis. The distance between us was about 15 meters.

I had a pair of sunglasses on. I did so as I focused on reading. But in reality, I looked over the magazine and watched the woman with the dog. The woman was around 30 years old and was attractive.
Obviously she thought that I was too busy reading to notice her.

She looked right between my legs. I was sure of that. From time to time she was pushed by her dog because she forgot to throw the ball.
At some point I wanted to test if she kept looking at me when I stop reading.
I put away my magazine and looked directly at the woman with a smile.
Unfortunately, she only tried to smile back and immediately went on with her dog.
I hoped she would come straight to my bay and would keep looking. But unfortunately that was not the case.
Sad but true.
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