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Old 05-29-2013, 09:23 PM
upskirtslover upskirtslover is offline
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Default Almost caught by the neighbour

After a spell in London had turned sour (thanks Mrs Thatcher) I returned home to my parent's house for a year or so and hooked up with a group of friends. One of them, Sally, had a big crush on me that I never really had back for her. She was a lovely girl with a great body and, in the hope that it would lead to more, was always up for sex. One afternoon, while they were away on holiday, Sally and I ended up back at my parent's house. She was soon naked and on the living room floor with me, struggling to get my pants off whilst licking her pussy. Suddenly (and very unexpectedly) the front door opened and closed again and the elderly man from next door was calling out "hello?" as he walked down the hall (luckily a long hallway leading to the kitchen and then through to the lounge). I jumped up and just managed to get behind an armchair as Les approached through the kitchen. From his angle he could see me, bare chest and flushed head above the back of the chair, but, hopefully, not much else as Sally, being slower in her reactions (due, I like to think, to the impending orgasm that my tongue had been bringing forth - but more probably due to shock and embarrassment), was still on the floor with her c*nt pointing towards the doorway. Les said something about "just checking" and "keeping an eye on things for your parents" and "not realising you were here" as I made glib replies to his chit-chat whilst hoping that either Les, or my erection, would go away. Either the penny finally dropped with him or he heard (I still don't think he actually saw her) Sally finally come to her senses and try to hide, because he seemed to realise my predicament and said his goodbyes and left. Trying to maintain some dignity, I remained kneeling on the armchair, still staring, like a hare in the headlights, into the kitchen, until I heard him close and lock the front door again. By then Sally was back into her jeans and looking for her bra. That I had started to laugh with relief didn't go down well at first but eventually she gave in and laughed too and I knew that, pretty soon, those jeans would be back on the floor and I would be back between her thighs....
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Old 06-02-2013, 02:26 PM
ThomasMoore ThomasMoore is offline
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Default Actually got caught

Every year my wife and I go on a vacation to some warm weather spa for our anniversary. We always set aside one entire day at these places for a spa day, which includes a couples massage, some kind of couples tub soak and other things. This particular spa, which my wife picked, had a unique mud ritual in their romantic package. After a relaxing couples massage we were escorted into a room, which was entirely tiled and was virtually a huge shower, with numerous shower heads in one corner of the room. The attendant instructed us on the different varieties of mud and their benefits, and informed us that we would be left alone for 40 minutes to apply the mud to each other, and then shower together to rinse the mud off before she returned, where she would slowly raise the lighting to signal that our time was over. The room was already pretty steamy and as soon as my wife dropped her towel, and I saw her large nippled heavy breasts damp with steam, I could feel my balls filling with sperm. It was all that I could do to spread the slick mud all over her sexy nude body, paying close attention to her thick nipples, as I circled and played with them while I applied the reddish mud. My wife in turn was driving me crazy as she ran her slippery hands all over my naked body, every so often stroking my pulsing hard penis. After making out way to the shower corner of the room we quickly rinsed the skin smoothing mud off and stood facing each other under the warm jets of water as we kissed deeply, running our hands over each other. My hard shaft had quickly found its way between her thick black curls of pubic hair, and was pressing against the opening of her vagina as we kissed. I could feel it part her warm wet lips once in awhile as my swollen head popped up inside her before I playfully would withdraw it, only to do it again. I could tell that she was getting increasingly turned on and so was I, so we returned to the tiled seating area where our water and fruit was waiting. Almost immediately, my wife sat on my lap facing me and wrapped her legs around my waist allowing my painfully hard cock to push deeply up inside her. We had obviously lost track of time, and from where we were located in the room, I noticed a figure pass by the glass shower room door in the hallway outside of our room. My wife didn't notice, since her back was to the door as she was beginning to slide up and down on my shaft quicker and quicker, while her orgasm grew closer. My wife groans somewhat loudly as she builds to her orgasm, and her moans were somewhat amplified in the all tiled room. I could see the feet of the spa attendant just outside our door, and ever so often , could see her lean closer to the glass door, obviously watching us! Because we were being watched, or rather voyeured by one of the female spa attendants, my arousal was heightened big time. Luckily after a no more than a minute of breathless thrusting, my wife gasped and abruptly stopped sliding up and down on me, as I felt her pussy begin to massage my shaft with her orgasm contractions. It was all I could do to hold off and enjoy the sensations, before I withdrew my cock, which was facing our voyeur, and spurt jet after jet of sperm onto my wife's sexy behind. As soon as I regained composure, I anxiously watched the attendant reach over and push the door to the hallway open, as if she had just entered, before she raised the lighting in the room! When we left the room she met us and smiled, as she led us to our next treatment, asking us if we enjoyed the treatment? I still stroke to this memory, and feel it was one of the sexiest things that has ever happen to me!
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Old 06-07-2013, 01:54 PM
unicornsam's Avatar
unicornsam unicornsam is offline
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We were almost caught twice in one night. An ex bf had married friends (R & N lets call them) that lived in an apartment and who were also friends with the couple across the hall (L & V). My then bf and I went to R & N's place for a new years eve party. Late that night the party was winding down and we were all over at L&V's. R & N decided to go back to their place and go to bed. Actually we all figured that they were going to go fuck (and this was confirmed the next morning when R told me about it) as they had just had a baby a few weeks ago and hadn't had sex yet since.
Anyway, they told my ex and I that we could sleep on their couch. So after a little bit, we decided to go to sleep also. I had been drinking and was feeling horny. I took off my pants and laid down on the couch. My bf followed suit. We could both only fit on the couch lying on our sides. I had my back to him and so I rubbed my ass against his groin. I felt him start to stiffen and reached back to play with his cock and balls. Soon he moved my panties aside and started fucking me. A couple minutes went by and we heard the apartment door opening. Luckily we had a blanket over our lower bodies so only above the waist was visible. Someone from across the hall came in to grab some more beer from R&N's fridge. My bf and I just stayed still and pretended to be asleep. The person didn't say anything to us and when he left, we resumed our fun.
My bf came inside me and had just pulled out when the door opened again. We were both breathing hard and sweating so we couldn't fake being asleep again. This time it was V who came in. She apparently was feeling friendly because she came over to us and told us the she loved us and gave us a hug. Of course doing so, she felt how hot we were. She actually made a comment about us being sweaty to which my bf responded that it was hot in here. If she realized that we were having sex, she didn't let on. V left soon after which was good because I couldn't hardly keep the laughter back anymore.
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Old 06-10-2013, 11:56 AM
ironhorse ironhorse is offline
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Default Couple of storiesÖ. Fairly tame.

My wife and I were attending a wedding out of town for a high school classmate. We checked into our motel room early and with nothing else to do, proceeded to make a mess out of the bed. We had just finished when there was a knock on the door. My wife ran to the bathroom and I hurriedly pulled on jeans and a T-shirt. It turned out to be another couple from school who had also come to town for the wedding and saw our car parked in front of the room. Iím sure the room reeked of sex and the unmade bed was in plain view. They were nice enough not to say anything but I could tell from his smile that he knew what was going on. I made arrangements to meet them later and nothing else was said.

Years later, we lived out in the country and the nearest neighbor was nearly a quarter mile away. It was summer time on a Saturday afternoon. The kids had been in our small above ground pool for a couple of hours and were then inside the house watching TV. My wife and I started getting frisky in the pool. Pretty soon my swim trunks and her swimsuit bottoms were off, and she was riding my cock. The novelty of doing it outside and underwater made things happen quickly. Just as well, because I had no sooner cum inside her when I saw my parentís car turn into the long driveway. Mad scramble to get our clothes back on, but we made it and no one was the wiser.
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Old 06-19-2013, 03:33 PM
blacklineninja blacklineninja is offline
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It was my 20th birthday. I'd got a hotel because my girlfriend (who is now my wife) was coming to stay with me and one of the presents she'd bought me was a bottle of wine. I'd got dinner booked in the city at a restaurant that had looked posh, but first we were meeting my Dad who hadn't met her yet. Well, we ended up drinking the full bottle of wine before meeting my Dad, had another couple of drinks before getting a taxi to the city centre and turned up at the restaurant so drunk they wouldn't let us in.

So the nice meal I'd had planned ended up a cheapie at a chain restaurant, but sobering up in the taxi ride home, mixed with her sexy short skirt, shiny tights, high heels and halterneck top struggling to hold in her 38D breasts, suddenly I was horny as hell, and as we started making out it became obvious she was too. Before either of us really knew what we were doing, her tights were ripped and the neck strap of her top had been untied and I had a handful of one of her breasts. All too quickly we ended up back at the hotel. I paid the driver and we quickly spilled out of the back of his car and hurried over to the hotel.

The place we were staying was owned by the pub next door, so the check-in was at the bar. We were checked in and so had a key already, once inside there was no reception as such, but there were a couple of settees in the entryway. So with my girlfriends breast still exposed, she pushed me onto the settee and straddled me, tugging at the buttons of my jeans while I completely removed her top and pulled her panties aside underneath her ripped tights. And all the time making out, getting hotter and hotter. Finally we managed to expose each other to enable us to connect and then -click- someone was coming in!

If we hadn't been so drunk I'd have just pulled her to me and we'd have both laughed, but she sprung off me and made a run for the corridor, completely topless right in front of these two businessmen. They were laughing at the sight of us as I hurriedly pulled my jeans closed and made my way after her to our door and struggled to unlock it. After that, we made love frenziedly in the doorway, although only realised afterwards that we'd kept the door wide open...
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Old 06-20-2013, 09:26 AM
Jason77256 Jason77256 is offline
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Default Almost caught

Last year we went to a resort that had a private nude beach off to the side. Our first night there we went to check it out, but we found that their rule was no nudity after dark. This is a tiny area of the beach and it very private. We checked it out and we were the only ones there. We decided to sit and finish our drinks and enjoy the peace.

It wasn't long before I challenged my wife to remove her top. She really enjoys a good dare, so she decided to one-up me and she went totally nude. Her nude body and the thrill of possibly getting caught got me really excited, so I started richt her. I noticed she was really wet and at that point I had to have it, so I started fucking her.

About 5 minutes into it, I look up and I can see 2 people coming down the pathway to the beach. The way it is situated, you cannot see anyone on the beach until you clear the walkway. It was very dark, there were no lights on this beach, only some tiny lights on the rails of the walkway.

These 2 guys come to the end of the path way and stand there talking. About 30 seconds later another guy and girl show up and talk to the for maybe a minute or so and then leave. We were about 20 feet away from them listening to them talk about sports while I was still inside my wife.

My heart was pounding just waiting to be caught. They stayed about 5 minutes while I very slowly and gently fucked my wife. They turned around and left without ever noticing us.
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Old 06-20-2013, 11:46 AM
daskers daskers is offline
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Default Almost getting caught

One time when I was on patrol my wife decided to met up with me, we ended up getting in the mood so I had her follow me to the river front park which was only about a mile from where we met up. We parked behind a hill of dirt where they were doing some construction work at the park, I bent her over the trunk of my patrol car and started fucking her from behind and within a few minutes after we started fucking another officer showed up, he was spot lighting the construction area and his spot light hit us then went the other way lighting up something else. I don't know if the other officer seen us or not but my guess is maybe yes, because the next morning when I got off duty one other officer looked at me and smiled then winked at me. I never ask him if he was the one that came thru the park that night nor was anything ever said by anyone else about it. My guess is that he was the one who came thru that night.
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Old 09-01-2013, 11:44 AM
goodguy30 goodguy30 is offline
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well I have actually been caught a few time... once one of my first gfs was giving me a bj and her mom walked in, said sorry and then left lol then my bestfriend caught me doing the same girl and stayed to watch we didnt know until after
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Old 10-06-2017, 11:03 PM
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Default almost caught anal

My wife and I were laying on the couch spooning watching tv. She was wearing bikini panties and a lingerie top and I was wearing shorts and a t shirt. Whatever was on tv wasn't very interesting so I snuck my hands down the front of her panties and started rubbing her clit. She didn't clamp her thighs together or shoo me away but instead spread her legs a little so I continued. I'm in no hurry to get anything going because teasing her gets me the best sex so I keep lightly rubbing her clit. She opens her legs a little more so I know she wants to get off so I slide her panties off and continue rubbing her clit. We're 15 minutes in and she's dripping wet and I'm rock hard so I slide my shorts off. I lay back down to continue playing with her clit and my dick starts sliding around her pussy getting her juices all over the head of my dick before eventually nestling in between her butt cheeks. I didn't know exactly where I was until her asshole started spasming from her mini orgasms. At this point in our relationship I had been in her ass before but only a few times and never straight to the ass; normally going from the pussy to the ass. Now that I know exactly where I am I start to push ever so slightly while still rubbing her clit. Her asshole starts opening up to me and I don't stop until the head is in. This continues until I have about a third of my dick in and we hear someone coming down the stairs. I wasn't about to yank my dick out of her ass so I'm looking for something to cover up with. There's a blanket on top of the couch so I throw it on top of us. Our daughter comes downstairs to ask my wife about something and while they're talking my wife starts squeezing my dick with her ass. To my daughter it looks like we're just laying on the couch under a blanket watching tv but my wife is torturing me. Finally our daughter goes back upstairs and when we're sure she's gone to bed my wife laughs while squeezing my dick with her asshole again. After that I put her up on all fours and pounded into her.
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Old 11-16-2017, 11:13 AM
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Default almost caught by another kid

A couple of weeks ago the wife and I were fucking in our bedroom. We had already gone through foreplay and a few positions and were spooning. She loves for me to grab her shoulders and slam into her in this position. I was shooting my load in her and she was doing her hip swivel thing that drives me crazy when we hear someone coming up the stairs. We were positioned so she was facing the door and our heads were at the foot of the bed nearest to the door so it wasn't as simple as throwing a blanket over ourselves because we had pushed them off the bed and were at our heads. As the footsteps got closer to the door she slid off my dick, grabbed a handful of blankets and pulled them up as the door was being opened. Lucky for me when she did this I was able to grab a corner and cover my still twitching dick. Our son walked in and gave her her ringing phone and then left the room.
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