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Old 08-14-2018, 01:12 PM
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Default Tassel twirling

One day I asked my wife if I bought her some tassels would she learn how to twirl them? She asked why and I told her that I loved seeing her small breasts bounce around while she attempted to make them twirl. I also had an alternative thought I wanted her to get good at twirling them because I wanted to take her to a strip club to preform. Were we lived if you danced topless your nipples had to be covered either by pasties or tassels. I liked tassels because of more action. So I purchased her 5 different colors and shapes from flat to pointy ones. I personally liked the pointy ones because the tassels were away from her breasts. When they arrived she started to practice and practice and I got the enjoyment of watching her with out having to go to a strip club. So the time came to pop the question about dancing at a strip club for me. I told her how good she was and sexy she looked. She told me that she would do it because she knew that I enjoyed other men looking at her. So I stopped the club on my way home and talked to the manager about letting her preform Friday night he told me that it would be fine and reminded me that Fridays were very crowded. On the way home I couldn't wait for Friday to come. I of course let her brother know about the plan since he also loves seeing her breasts. When I got home I told her all about Friday night and asked her to wear the red rhinestone pointy tassels. When Friday arrived I helped her get ready. She put on sl*tty looking makeup with bright red lipstick. I got the pleasure of putting her tassels on her nipples. She showed off her tanned body and creamy white breasts the tassels covered her puffy nipples. She had on short shorts a shirt with snaps for buttons and off we went. When we arrived the manager talked to us and asked her if she wanted to dance all night since one of the girls didn't show up. My wife told him that she would love to. Two girls preformed before her so she got watch how to preform. Their most of been over 200 men in the club that night. I was her brother and his friend in the back of the club finally it was her turn she selected her three songs and got on stage she danced to the first two and when the last song came on off came her shirt she was dancing around and making her titties bounce and the tassels twirling around. When she finished she came and sat with me leaving her shirt off. I asked her if she wanted to change her tassels because I had them in the car. She told me to go get them. That night she got to use all 5 of her tassels. I changed them at the table knowing that other men could see her bear nipples. At the end of the night the manager paid her and asked her if she wanted a job. She told him that she would let her know. She removed her tassels and reminded topless on the ride home. She told me that it was exciting to dance for all those men. I told her that I also had enjoyed knowing that other men were looking and wanting her. When we arrived home she told me that she wanted to continue dancing at the club I told her that she should and kissed her. Has anyone let their wife strip?
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Old 08-14-2018, 01:19 PM
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Great story I enjoyed reading it. I will post about Tracy's experience when I have a bit of free time.
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Old 08-14-2018, 07:25 PM
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Default Wife stripping

I've told this story before, I won't bore anyone with repeating it unless everyone has forgotten it.

We were on a business trip and I convinced my wife to strip in an amateur strip contest. She got completely naked on a stage in front of 100+ men. I couldn't believe that she actually had done it. I loved it and she said it was one of the biggest rushes she had ever experienced.

Somewhere I have the whole story written out with all the details.
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Old 08-14-2018, 08:17 PM
Duran Duran Duran Duran is offline
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Awesome story!

Although I'm guessing your wife entering that world may lead to a change in who she is and a change in your relationship. Perhaps... dunno. Just something to be aware of I guess.

Being that it's only down to tassels (somewhere like Salt Lake or the like) it probably isn't hardcore like Canada or Portland.

In saying that, I actually have this down on my list of fantasies for my wife. It was a list I made around 4 years ago and she read it and told me yes, no, maybe, she could do it, but... , she couldn't do it. There were only a few she said outright no to and this wasn't one of them even though she said she couldn't do it, so it wasn't a definitive no!

Can I offer a piece of advice? If it's cool, could you put paragraphs into your stories? It's just so hard to read when it's one big clump of text. Thanks.
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Old 08-15-2018, 07:29 AM
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Default Balloon Dance

I said yesterday I would post when I had some time so here it is.

This happened a long time ago I think we were about 19at the time. Tracy and myself had planned to go to a local night club we arranged to meet a male friend of mine at the club.

When we got to the club we met my friend at the bar he asked if we wanted to stay as the club had some entertainment on that night. Tracy asked what was on he said it was a group of male balloon dancers. He went on to explain that the guys danced naked with balloons covering their bits. He said that they had an hours slot on stage. Tracy said she would like to stay and watch them.

A little later in the evening the dancers came on and to be honest they were very good never showing anything at the end of the dance they each had only one balloon each. Tracy seemed to really enjoy it. The dancers invited someone from the audience to join them for a dance they said it could be male or female. My friend and I pushed Tracy to have a go after a bit of persuading she indicated to the dancers that she was up for it. They invited her up and took her out the back to get ready.

A short while later the dancers came back on stage each had 3 balloons they introduced Tracy and she came on they had given her 3 balloons to hold and one was on her with a strap of some sort covering her pussy. The dance started Tracy did pretty well at the dancing but she wasnít very good at keeping her tits covered. As the dance went on the balloons slowly disappeared the male dancers kept popping each otherís and Tracyís. In the end they all had just the one balloon they came to the front with Tracy in the middle her tits on full show to everyone in the club. They all took a bow and as they were about to leave one of the male dancers popped the last balloon Tracy had leaving her naked on stage. Tracy made no effort to cover herself up.

Tracy went back stage with the dancers to get dressed again and she re-joined us in the club almost 2 hours later.

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Old 08-15-2018, 09:07 AM
DippsyDudel DippsyDudel is offline
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Originally Posted by KevandTracyWiltsUK View Post
Tracy went back stage with the dancers to get dressed again and she re-joined us in the club almost 2 hours later.
I think I'd like to hear about what happened during those 2 hours!
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Old 08-15-2018, 10:20 AM
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Originally Posted by DippsyDudel View Post
I think I'd like to hear about what happened during those 2 hours!
This is what Tracy said happened.

By this time it was getting late or should I say early, Tracy and I invited my friend back to ours. All the way home my friend couldnít stop paying Tracy compliments about what she had done. Tracy was a little quiet about it all. When we got in we had a couple of drinks and chatted. I asked Tracy why it took so long after the dance for her to come back out to us. Tracy asked if I was sure I wanted to hear about that time with my friend there. I just said he has seen you naked so what the hell.

This is what Tracy said happened. We have to wind it back a little first though. When Tracy first went back stage to get ready for the dance she found herself in a large dressing room all 6 of the dancers were naked having got rid of their last balloon as soon as they left the stage. Tracy said at this point she got the feeling the guys were gay as they kind of fooled around with each other. Tracy asked what they wanted her to do they said she would need to undress so she just stripped off all her clothes. A couple of the dancers helped her on with the balloon with the strap it was at this point she got the first hint that they werenít all gay one of the dancers managed to slid a finger in her pussy just for a second.

They went through the routine with Tracy but just told her to follow what they did they asked her if she would be happy if they popped the last balloon at the end they said that always got a great reaction from the crowd. They then went out and did the dance. As you already know Tracy ended up naked and went back stage with the dancers.

When she got back stage the dancers were again naked and in no rush to dress they offered Tracy a drink and she stood with then drinking. One of the dancers said that she had been great on sage and moved in to give her a kiss. Tracy didnít stop him and as he kissed her he started to feel her tits. The kiss become more passionate and the feeling up harder. Tracy said he started to finger her pussy and she noticed he was getting hard. The dancer pushed Tracy to her knees and offered his cock to her mouth and she started to suck him. A couple of the other dancers started to get dressed but the last 3 came over and started to feel Tracy up.

The feeling up moved on to them taking it in turns to get sucked by Tracy. One of the dancers then helped Tracy over to couch. As soon as she was on the couch one of the dancers got on top of her and started to fuck her he pulled out and shot his load over her belly and tits. He was replaced by one of the others. This went on until they all 4 had fucked her once at least one had cum in her. She said they gave her a towel to wipe some of the cum off herself she then got dressed and came to find us.

I asked her if she had had fun she said she loved it. All the time my friend was open mouthed. After a minute or so he said so you still have cum in your pussy? Tracy just smiled and said yes.
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Old 08-15-2018, 04:41 PM
delt delt is offline
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Default stripping in Hollywood...

My wife and I enjoyed going to Elysium just north of LA, a good nudist club with a high % of very attractive men and women working on their all-over tans. It was most famous for their gang-massages. You would be blind folded and ten or twelve men and women would oil you up and give you a true all over massage. My wife loved it-and you could see why as she squirmed under so many hands. Nothing was forbidden in terms of touching.

We stayed about a week, and just to mix things up, we went into Hollywood, which by then was a dump. The old Fredericks of Hollywood was still there so we got her some really sexy things, made better by her coming out to model them, even though there were other men there.

There was an adult theater on a side street just a few blocks west of Vine off Hollywood Blvd and some nights they had amateur strippers. I asked my wife to please do it. She had been nude all week around hundreds of men but she had not undressed around them. She went backstage with some of her new scanty underwear and after a half dozen truly amateur dancers, she came out . She was nervous and it is really difficult to strip out of your clothes while trying to dance. Panties and stockings are real challenges. Finally she was nude and seemed to be enjoying it more.

She had been backstage when the amateur stuff started so she did not know, but the girls before she came out laid on the stage , spread themselves as wide as possible, and men in the audience started taking photos. No cell phones back then, just old film cameras. She was finishing her second nude dance and was about to leave the stage when one of the stage hands went out to her and explained. She looked at me with a really dirty look but damn if she didn't spread her lovely very tasty pussy as wide as the rest. Guys were taking photos including me.

I believe I put some of these somewhere in the thread "Swingers' Magazines" that I started many moons ago.

Nothing makes her hornier than being naked in front of men, any men, the more the better.
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