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Old 07-23-2023, 09:57 PM
jonjacobs64 jonjacobs64 is offline
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Default Showing skin onstage or backstage

I love theater. I love attending theater, reading theater, and I used to act in plays back in high school and college. I'm also a horny voyeur! So, put those together and one of my favorite categories of showing skin is onstage (or backstage), either planned or unplanned. Would love to hear stories about those!

I'll start with two. (And there are more where this comes from!)

When I was a senior in high school, I was in my school's production of Annie. (By the way, did you know you can deliver almost any line from that play to make it sound ridiculously sexual?!) A friend of mine--someone I had a crush on, actually--had the title role. (Yes, she was also > 18.) I had previously gotten a glimpse up her shirt during a theater game at which she was climbing the actors like a human pyramid, and during one rehearsal, I got to peek down below as well!

There's one part where Daddy Warbucks lifts Annie and carries her offstage. At one rehearsal--when I was in the auditorium to watch--this exposed my friend's blue panties for several seconds while her dress flopped open. She must have been pretty embarrassed because from that point on, she wore shorts under her skirt for the show!

And here's a bonus since I'm recalling good scenes from high school. When I was a sophomore, I was in a production of You Can't Take it With You. There was one senior girl who I thought was outrageously cool, maybe because she was a senior, and she was one of the few people I was close to who had serious knockers. Well, she had a quick change backstage at a time when I was also on that side of the stage. For several rehearsals, she would whip her shirt off, stand exposed in just her bra, and then throw another shirt on top. I can see her white bra on her decently sized tits to this day! I also distinctly remember her not caring one whit about being seen.

Someone must have cared, though, because after a few days, a little partition was put up so that people could change behind it. Someone must have squealed!

OK ladies and gents, share your stories if you have 'em!
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Old 07-24-2023, 06:50 AM
cufan86's Avatar
cufan86 cufan86 is offline
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Default Here is a story

I posted a long time ago:

I didn’t witness it but I loved hearing about it.
Shout out to Mr. And Mrs. nectcouple for the avatar.
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Old 07-24-2023, 07:45 AM
jonjacobs64 jonjacobs64 is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2019
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Default Broken Bone Bathtub

I love immersive theater (and I'll post soon about the BEST immersive experience in the world), and I couldn't believe my luck that a show called Broken Bone Bathtub came to my home town. Here's the premise of the show: the actress, Siobhán O'Loughlin, delivers an interactive monologue while covered in suds in an actual bathtub in an actual apartment. Only a handful of people (whoever can fit in the bathroom) are able to attend any particular performance. This is would be hot under any circumstances, but what was about to happen beat even my own high expectations!

I got to the host's apartment and met the other audience members. Everyone was young and "cool;" a chill crowd. We were asked who wanted to sit in front with the warning that there would be some interaction. Trying not to look too pervy, I waited a beat and then volunteered. I was led first into the bathroom and seated right next to the bathtub, where the actress was in the tub. Part of the conceit of the show is that O'Loughlin once broke her arm and needed help doing everything, including bathing, and she builds this into an immersive theater experience that builds community and teaches a lesson. Part of the performance is asking the audience volunteer (me!) to help her bathe. I held her hand and put helped was her hair. It was sexual insofar as she was nude and I was touching her, but the play was not precisely sexy.

OK but THEN, friends, the water started draining out of the tub. The actress explained that this is NOT part of the show, and later we'd see her after the performance and she'd insist again that this is NOT supposed to happen. Usually, her privates are entirely covered by suds, but this time, she slowly became entirely revealed to us. Inch by inch, the water drained, and for over a half-hour, I was seated inches away from a completely naked stranger who did NOT expect this to happen. I could see everything. Small tits, tight stomach, hairy pussy. Her legs got in the way a bit, so it wasn't the most unobstructed view, but come on! I couldn't believe my luck.

In remembering this story, I googled the performance and saw that there's a documentary coming out about it. Check out "Broken Bone Bathtub: The Documentary Official Trailer 2023" on YouTube and at 0:25, O'Loughlin says "the water's draining." This makes me wonder if maybe she tells the story of this unique (and embarrassing!) performance in the film. Can't wait to check it out!
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Old 07-24-2023, 07:50 AM
Gnome72141 Gnome72141 is offline
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My first wife's twin-sister (fraternal) was in a play in college. The whole family drove three hours to her college to watch it, and along the way their mother explained that there was a scene where the actresses were scantily-clad.

Being an insanely conservative family, this upset the family about what we were about to see, and they even recommended that the men in the family leave or turn around during the scene. It took all I had to keep from rolling my eyes in front of everyone.

Well, the scene in the play came. It wasn't that wild. Women were dressed in lingerie like a boudoir photoshoot, and it much less exciting than I was imagining. But then my ex-wife's twin sister came out, and you could see her enormous pancake areola through her bra/corset thing (her fraternal twin sister was like 290 pounds and 5'4" with boobs the size of small humans an areola the size of B cup boobs), and I thought it was just very interesting and appropriate for the character in the play.

But no one else in the family noticed what was visible! Everyone talked about the scene during the long drive home, and they thought it was no big deal since nothing was visible and the "scant clothing" covered more than regular clothing, and I was astounded.

Moving along to another story, my current wife's good friend was topless in college plays a lot, posed for nude art classes, etc. I never got to see the plays, and by the time I met the friend, she had done a 180 and became a super prude. Huge bummer to hear all of her stories over the years via my wife, yet my experiences with the friend were completely opposite. Boo.
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Old 07-24-2023, 03:47 PM
piecenick piecenick is offline
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In college I had a lot of interest in drama, even though I was a business major, I took several drama classes and, as required, tried out for several roles. Unfortunately there was a guy there who went on to a professional career, so he got all the good roles, I was either a stage hand or worked in production. The college was old and the facilities were very lacking, there were no real dressing rooms, just areas we ran ropes and hung sheets, to at least give an illusion of privacy. But, for the most part, by the time they got to this level, the students who were serious had no problem with nudity, most Saturday night the drama students smoked pot and skinny dipped in a campus fountain, including some faculty.

By my second year I was an assistant director, responsibilities were to be backstage during productions making sure the right people were in costume and ready to go on when the cue came. So I was in and out of the dressing area by necessity, did I see a lot of bare boobs and underwear, yes, was it sexy, no, it was frantic.

After graduation I worked with a with professional opera house, we had six productions a year, I got to work with some big names like Beverly Sills. Several had a ballet corp performing as part of the production, I was trying to prevent wardrobe malfunctions, with ballet dancers it isn't easy.
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Old 07-24-2023, 05:22 PM
eviltwin eviltwin is offline
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Did some amateur theatre while in the last year of high school, one play was in a historical setting (around 18. century), and the women wore costumes from that period.
That involved dresses with corsets, and they were a hassle to get into. We didn’t have a proper wardrobe, just a general backstage area where I tended to hang around for obvious reasons.
The female lead was 18, cute as a button although a little stuck up, tiny girl with tiny tits. She needed help getting into her dress and there would often be some slippage during that process. The other female cast members helped her while I somewhat creepily stole glances until my girlfriend at the time who was also part of the theatre group (but not part of this production) caught me looking and told me to knock it off.
It wasn’t blatant enough to garner any serious reaction though so I sort of got away with it. Got a good look a couple of times though…

Later, as a university student, we used to put up an annual review, the type with a series of skits and songs, mostly humorous. The only area for changing costumes was a cramped space next to the stage, as we held it in the student bar. So whenever you were waiting to get on you stayed there, and those who came to change had to deal with whoever was down there, no room for privacy.

At least two female cast members had no particular inhibitions and just stripped down to their panties (no bras) whenever they had to change. Saw both girls’ breasts full on as I didn’t even have anywhere else to look.

That was nice
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actors, stage, theater

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