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Old 04-05-2018, 12:56 AM
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Default Game Stories

Hi this is my first time writing here and I figured I would populate it with what I know best! Game-based stories with a perverted twist

I hope you all enjoy them, any feedback is welcome obviously but please don't be too mean to start with XD
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Old 04-08-2018, 11:35 AM
ohyeahcheese1 ohyeahcheese1 is offline
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If by game-based you mean video games, then you should definitely do a Mass Effect enf story. I've yet to find a single one, and this is a universe just ripe for enf situations, with so many characters to put in them (like FemShep, Aria T'Loak, etc.). Ultimately do what you want to do first and foremost, but if that just so happens to be a Mass Effect story, that would be most excellent.
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Old 04-08-2018, 11:31 PM
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Default Mass Effect ENF

I am not against a ME story, I just need to find the right situation for it XD

Like what could lead to the ENF scenario? If you have any ideas PM I can write a story about it.
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Old 04-09-2018, 02:22 PM
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Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
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Old 04-13-2018, 07:20 AM
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Default Resident Evil: The Bathroom Trap!

Jill's lips let out a heavy sigh as she arrived at a small closet with nothing in sight, but a typewriter and a large box. She had wandered the dangerous halls of this mansion for what felt like hours and yet she seemed to have made little progress in exploring its many mysteries.

"I do hope the others are okay..." Jill muttered to herself.

She had arrived here with the other members of her S.T.A.R.S platoon, but due to an attack from some wild dogs she was now alone. Isolated from her friends and attacked at every corner Jill was feeling the stress and the constant need to carry weaponry, herbs to restore her strength and different objects to solve the mansions many puzzles made any trip exhausting.

"I wonder if I will survive." Jill thought to herself taking a seat on the trunk.

Her feet were killing her and her socks felt warm and moist from the sweat. She wanted to catch her breath, but the idea that something could creep into the closet was incredibly prevalent (though strangely enough they seemed to avoid certain rooms altogether).

Jill took a little while to catch her breath and afterwards she felt ready to set out (well as ready as she could be), and the journey started off fine. She would wander the halls, drift pass zombies and solve a couple of puzzles allowing her to escape the many death traps filling the halls. All seemed well, but no matter how much she solved, she couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't right.

"I feel like something is watching me..." Jill muttered as she stared down the hallway behind her.

She couldn't put her finger on what it was, but something was definitely skulking nearby. It was strange because she hadn't seen anything and she had even walked through this hallway more than once. It was then that she heard an uncomfortable moan in the distance. It sounded like one of the zombies, but a lot more aggressive. Jill thought about what it could've been, she hadn't seen anything whilst wandering down the hallway, just a dead body of a zombie she had killed ages ago.

Then the moans grew louder...

Jill felt her heart start to race. She didn't want to stand there, but she definitely wanted to know what was chasing her. Then a claw came into view and following it was a red head. Its face turned to her figure and it growled like a rabid beast before running towards her. Jill instinctively turned around and sprinted trying to escape her attacker.

She turned a few corners, but could still hear it stamping behind her until she came to the end of the hall. It was funny in her panic she had no clue how she got here and when she saw the only door before her, she grabbed it and flung it open with surprising force before rushing inside and shutting the door behind her.

"Shit, shit! Got to lock it!" Jill yelled turning around and twist the lock in hopes of protecting herself.

Jill listened out for the sounds of moans and savage growls, but neither seemed to be present. Jill took a sigh of relief and turned around. She was low on ammo and knew whatever that thing was it probably wasn't in her best interest to fight it.

The room was a small bedroom with only two doors. One leading in the way Jill came and one leading out to another room. Jill tried to open the other door leading out, but it was locked. She looked around the room in hopes of finding the key so she could avoid the zombie outside when she found a note attached to the key mentioning some kind of secret exit.

"What could that mean?" Jill thought to herself as she unlocked the door.

She went inside and much to her surprise the other room was a bathroom and not just any bathroom, but a pristine bathroom! Jill was unsure of how such a thing was possible, but as she looked more and more around the room she couldn't find a single speck of dirt. In fact it appeared that the bathroom was quite commonly in use with a series of soaps and shampoos that were not only nearly full, but recently made. This bathroom belonged to somebody, but who? Jill wondered and then tried to wipe the sweat from her brow.

"Ew...I'm all sweaty and gross." Jill thought to herself as she looked at the bathtub in the corner of the room. "No...There is no way I could."

Jill curiously turned on the water and much to her surprise the water was crystal clear! She didn't know if it was because it came from some other water tank or its own filtration system, but it seemed clean enough to drink! Jill tapped her foot. It seemed there was nobody inside the bathroom, but her and so long as she locked the door she was probably safe. Plus the water seemed clean and so with a deep gulp Jill locked the door behind her and began to run the water.

It took around ten minutes for the tub to fill and the water was not only clean, but nice and warm too. Jill threw off her hat and began to unbutton her boots. "Goodbye sweaty socks." She muttered as she peeled the sock from her foot before dipping her toes in the water. It felt soothing and instantly made her relax just a little. Jill continued this trend leaving her clothes on the floor nearby with only her handgun kept close to her.

"I reek!" Jill sighed as she placed her handgun on the side of the bath. "I couldn't wait a second longer."

Jill was standing in this strange mansion's bathroom completely naked. It was a weird feeling, like running naked through a stranger's home. She kind of enjoyed it though and if it wasn't for the threat of death she would probably have had a bit of fun.

"Jill Valentine, idol of S.T.A.R.S." Jill muttered as she thought back to how the other officers saw her.

Jill was beautiful to say the least and her strong attitude and intelligence made her often the object of desire at the police station, not that she was one to chase romantic attractions.

Jill climbed into the bathtub and slid down and as she did she unleashed an incredible moan. It sounded almost like a zombie having an orgasm or so she thought as she began to relax for the first time that night. She was planning on scrubbing herself, but then she thought back to the odd letter. It read that there was an escape route in the bathroom, but where?

Jill didn't have much time to think as when she twisted over to grab her pants her foot nudged the tap and after an odd clicking noise she noticed the wall open up! Then as if responding to some mechanism the bathtub began to slant and slide at an incredible pace!

"KYAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" Jill screamed.


"Okay squadron, we are here as back-up for S.T.A.R.S as per Brad Vickers request!" The squad commando said as he walked through the mountains leading up to the mansion's front door.

The team of ten men had been grabbed by Brad in the time since he abandoned the team in hopes of giving his platoon a better chance of escape. Little did Brad know of the favor he had done the squad, as after gunning down plenty of ferocious creatures the squad arrived at the mansion's front door...

Upon entry the saw a strange sight before them, from a nearby set of doors on the first floor they heard a high-pitched scream. They followed the sound leading them to a dining room. Inside however, was a strange sight, instead of plates and food atop the table there was a bathtub filled with water.

"Urgh..." Jill muttered as her head raised from the water.

"Ready your weapons!" The Squad leader yelled.

Jill snapped alive and jumped up. "Don't shoot!" She cried.

The men were frozen, slightly confused, but at the same time happy with the sight before them. It appeared that Jill didn't realise that by standing there with her arms up she was giving the men a sight they had all dreamed of.

"J-Jill..." Brad muttered. "Where are your clothes?"

Jill was confused for a second and then she realised what he had meant. She stood completely naked with only her legs covered by the water in front of an entire squad of about ten men plus Brad. Her face went bright red and all of sudden she missed the stress of the mansion's halls.

"NOOOOOOO!" Jill screamed as she dived down under the water in hopes of hiding her shame.

They later escaped the mansion, but Jill never heard the end of carpet matching the d****s jokes and stories of how the idol of S.T.A.R.S. was seen completely naked by an entire squad.


I do hope this was okay. I wanted to write something with Jill in it as she was a crush I have had for a long time in games. Sorry if it is a bit rough though. I would like to write more in future XD
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Old 04-15-2018, 01:05 AM
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Default Mass Effect: The Armax Arsenal Arena's flower fights! Part 1: The prelims

Shepard's took a deep breath as she sat behind the waist-high wall with her gun in her hand. Though the stakes weren't life-or-death, she really didn't want to lose. Her squad-mates, Ashley and Liara felt the same and were following her lead. Shepard stood up and shot at the mechanized soldiers that stood in opposition. They weren't the smartest, but then, what would one expect from test-dummies designed for the preliminaries of a tournament?

"Got them!" Shepard smiled, as Liara and Ashley stayed behind cover awaiting more enemies.

The rules of the preliminaries were simple, kill at least thirty dummies within twenty minutes. Should you get shot more than three times however, then you are out and if your whole team loses then you are out of the tournament. Shepard's confidence at making these shots rallied the other two and as if following in her footsteps both stood up and started taking shots more brazenly.

"We got this in the bag Commander!" Ashley smiled all the while not noticing the enemy coming from her left flank.

"Watch out!" Shepard yelled as the dummy readied its pistol.

Shepard pushed Ashley to the ground where they both lay for a second before Shepard shot and downed their attacker. Shepard stood up with a confident smile, but noticed instantly she was a little off-balance, not to mention her leg felt strangely cold.

"Uhh...Commander." Liara added pointing at Shepard's foot.

Shepard looked down and noticed something surprising. Her foot was completely bare!

"W-what!?" Shepard yelled as she ducked into cover. "My boot is gone!"

"Oh god. Strip-rays? That Jackson is one sick son of a b*tch!" Ashley muttered to herself.

"It appears that the guns we were given are some kind of teleportation ray? Maybe they are tied to the outfits, like some kind of light-gun?" Liara added.

Shepard gave a sigh. She honestly couldn't believe this scenario. It was like something out of a bad porno.

Shepard looked up at the big light-board that tracked the scores. Right now it read a few simple statistics.

Kills X 17
Time Left: 14:37
Team Status
Shepard: 2
T'Soni: 3
Williams: 3

It appeared taking that hit didn't just give Shepard one less chance, but also meant that she was in trouble of losing her dignity.

"How do I get myself into these messes?" Shepard asked herself as she wiggled her toes.

Chapter 1 end:

Okay so this story was recommended by OhYeahCheese1 and since this is my first recommended story I figured I would make it a bit longer so I will separate it into 4 parts.

Chapter 1: Preliminaries
Chapter 2: First Match
Chapter 3: Second Match
Chapter 4: Finals

I hope it is okay that this one is a little bit shorter, but I am trying to get a feel for things. Next three should be a bit longer!
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Old 04-16-2018, 07:15 AM
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Default Mass Effect: The Armax Arsenal Arena's flower fights! Part 1: The first bout

Shepard awkwardly stomped through the locker room doors. It was hard to keep up a tough posture when you have one foot wearing a combat boot with a two-inch heel, and the other bare. Inside the locker room Shepard slammed her fist on the console of a large monitor that sat in the corner of the room. It fizzled for a few seconds before she hit it again and on came a grainy image of a rather large man in a business suit.

"Ah Commander it is always a pleasure." The man smirked.

"What the hell are you playing at Jackson!?" Shepard replied angrily.

"Whatever do you mean?" Jackson coyly answered.

"You know what I mean! When I was shot in that arena my boot disappeared!"

"Ah that..."

"Yes THAT!" Shepard spat all the while feeling a rage building in her stomach.

"Well you see that is just a means to an end. The goal of the game if you will." Jackson chuckled.

"Goal of what game?" Shepard replied.

"Of the tournament silly. You fight in the arena that brings people, but the guns and T&A well that keeps people here. You and your squad are filled with quite the beauties after all." Jackson sighed. "I see you can't seem to understand the first thing of business."

"Business? You are just a disgusting man with a perverse fetish! My team and I are quitting this tournament!" Shepard replied.

"Yeah I don't think so." Jackson replied quicker than Shepard could react. "You see as per the contracts you three signed, you have to play no matter what. If you don't we can keep all of the gear you gave us and you have to go home completely naked."

Shepard scoffed in disbelief. She couldn't believe this sicko planned so far ahead.

"Ah and if you do quit I can also send this video out to whoever I so wish for a fee."

Jackson pressed played and the monitor changed to an image of Shepard completely naked. Shepard's cheeks went bright red and instantly she recognized the footage. When the party arrived they were given strict instructions that to participate they must wear nothing but, the special combat gear provided to them. They had to hand over everything they owned on their person including their underwear before getting changed so as to prove their was no inclination to cheat.

"I have one for each of you of course and I must say Ms. Williams, you have some very nice...assets, not to mention people will pay high money for a beautiful naked Asari." Jackson smirked.

"You sick fuck!" Williams replied.

"Being a sick fuck is what it takes to make it in this business. Now please continue fighting, continue stripping, and well you have half-an-hour before the next round, oh and Shepard, we will provide an extra boot, but lose it again and well you are on your own."

The screen went dead and Shepard sat down angrily. She started to think back on what brought her here and why.

2 days earlier...

Shepard sat in her bedroom on the Normandy. She had been thinking about everything that had transpired in the last two or so years since she and her crew started fighting the Reapers. It seemed that every single day was filled with dangers, but even so she couldn't say it was all bad, she made a lot of good friends along the way.

"Commander, please come to the bridge at once." A voice message occurred over the intercom.

Shepard went down and found her crew sitting in the hologram room. They seemed to be watching some kind of transmission or recording, she couldn't tell which.

"Howdy ya'll! My name is Jackson Jones, and boy do I have a proposition for you folks!"

The hologram was of an older man, probably in his mid-fifties with an obvious Southern drawl. He was rather large and bald with a tacky business suit. He seemed quite energetic though he would often wipe the sweat away using a white handkerchief provided but a busty blonde woman who was standing nearby.

"What is this?" Shepard asked before being shushed by Garrus.

"Commander Shepard and the N7 crew. I do hope this video message finds you in good health!" The man said before wiping the sweat away from his cheek. "Now you may or may not know me, but I am the head of Jackson Entertainment, and as such this message isn't one o'those friendly messages without a point though I ain't gotten there yet!"

The fat man laughed clearly amused by himself.

"So recently I done bought a very special reservation at the Armax Arsenal Arena, down on the Citadel. I was hoping to host a great fighting arena for some even greater warriors!" Jackson wiped his cheek again. "And that is why I am writing here, cause I don't know no greater warriors than the N7 crew, but that doesn't others can't try!"

"He seems kind of like he has a couple of screws lose..." Joker muttered.

"I am willing to compensate you for your troubles of course, for participation you will get 500,000 credits. I am sure those funds could help you in your fight against those pesky Reapers!" Jackson continued. "Oh and I didn't even say what prize there is, oh boy where are my manners! The prize for winning this tournament is ten times the participation funds!"

"Five-hundred-mil Jesus!" Joker spat.

"I do have a rule though. You see my personal assistant here. The lovely Holly Price! Well as a little girl she ain't ever had no female role models and so I added this personal rule as a favour to her, but only women are allowed to participate!" Jackson smiled. "It is the Flower games! I hope to see you there!"

The crew stood shocked at the video's end. None of them didn't know what to say. Garrus however, broke the silence with a simple. "So I guess you guys are entering this tournament huh, Shepard?"

Garrus knew her well. After all those funds are more than just pocket change. Ignoring this opportunity wasn't an option and so she would pick a couple members of her crew to enter in the games whilst the rest of her crew go hunting for some war assets a galaxy or so over.

Back to the present...

"That Jackson played us." Liara added with a slight fear in her voice.

"Seems so." Shepard muttered slipping on her boot.

"I can't wait till this tournament is over so we can gut him!" Ashley added.

The bell rang sounding the next match in the arena and Shepard stood up and stretched. The suits they were given were black full-bodied suits that were perfectly-sized to an uncomfortable degree. They were skin-tight to the point where they left nothing to the imagination. Over it, they were given armor-guards for their shoulders and waist that were red and emblazoned with the N7 logo, on their feet they were given boots and gloves for their hands and on their head they were given helmets.

"If it wasn't for the pads I might be full camel-toeing." Shepard thought to herself as they walked onto the arena.

"HOWDY FOLKS!" Jackson said standing in the middle of the wasteland-like arena. "I do hope you are looking forward to a perverse and sweaty game!"

The crowd cheered loudly, which was strange because the first match was in a silent arena with little-to-no people, but this time it was in a stadium. The field had changed too, now becoming more of a wasteland aesthetic.

"Well he really does go all out on presentation huh?" Ashley snarked.

"Now today is the big day for the Flower fights! In case you hadn't noticed and just so happened to show up here by accident and it is one hell of a show!" Jackson wagged his finger and next to him walked the busty blonde girl from the video, but this time she was wearing a skin-tight suit herself and carrying a gun similar to Shepard's. "In this show we have six lovely ladies enter the arena each armed with pistols! They must aim to hit each other's sensors that rest on their body in hopes of turning them off, a pretty tough shot to be honest considering the sensors are about the size of a orange, but don't worry if they miss you will still get quite a show!"

Jackson pointed his gun at Holly's suit and fired it stripping her instantly to nothing!

Holly stood for a second or two in shock as her large DD breasts and tight butt that could only be gathered from weeks at the gym came into view.

"KYAAAAHHHHH!" Holly screamed trying to cover herself from the cheering crowd.

"If they miss well, but hit the other person then where they hit, the clothing does disappear." Jackson smirked. "So just sit back and have fun watching these beauties strip each other for our amusement, now come on Holly, and let the women-folk fight it out!"

Jackson grabbed Holly's arm and dragged her along. She screamed as she struggled to cover up her body from the crowd.

Shepard and her crew stared at the other team when the board nearby lit up showing their pictures and a scoreboard. Then floating behind them were three balloons-like sensors. This was different than before, but it was probably because the match before was a preliminary.

The other team consisting of three women of above-average height seemed to be all human females. Each one quite well-built they readied their weapons and when the countdown ended they all dashed for cover behind some nearby rocks. Though this combat was quite safe, Shepard still didn't want her dignity to be lost in a silly battle.

The other team were relatively skilled, one was playing sniper whilst the other two performed covering fire to make escape from the rocks impossible. Liara looked nearby and when she saw a large boulder that wasn't too large she decided to use her biotics to lift it and throw it at her opponents. The two performing covering fire jumped out of the way and Shepard used this opportunity to take a shot, hitting the balloon of one of the women. The woman stood up and noticed part of her outfit dissolve almost like it had been hit with acid.

"What the!?" She yelled as her feet and hands became bare.

"Oh and did I forget to mention the balloons are also your outfits battery pack?" Jackson laughed. "Too much drainage and poof! You are more bare than Holly after her Brazilian!"

Shepard ducked into cover. "So he was going to get us naked no matter what!?"

Liara used her biotics to grab another nearby rock and threw it again though this time the opposing team seemed unfazed, taking a few shots between the boulder almost hitting Liara. Ashley responded with some shots back, but the match seemed at a stalemate until Shepard thought up a plan.

Beside them was a series of steep rocks that made it impossible to see. Using this Shepard could go around and flank the opposing team, but Ashley and Liara couldn't move.

"Gotcha Commander! We will keep you covered!" Ashley smirked taking more shots.

"Take them down." Liara said throwing more rocks.

Shepard ducked around and quietly made her way nearby the opposing team. She could see all three members clearly behind the rocks they were standing behind. She was going to have to be fast and so she jumped out surprising them and taking a few shots with her gun hitting two of the members, the sniper and the first girl that was hit.

"Crap!" The first girl's outfit began to dissolve again, first her helmet and then her armour-guards leaving her in nothing, but a skin-tight black suit that revealed the shape of her figure. She was a brunette with cream skin, and a pretty face, but a couple of scars alongside her cheeks.

The Sniper's helmet and gloves fell off revealing her mocha-coloured skin and her long braided hair.

Shepard ducked back into cover, but the other three were now focusing their attention on her. Things looked bad or so she thought when on the other side a couple of fired hitting the brunette and the other girl whose clothes dissolved revealing long blonde hair and pretty painted toes.

"NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" The brunette cried as the black skin-tight outfits fell apart revealing her brown pubes and tramp-stamp.

Wolf-whistles filled the stage as the brunette ran off into her team's locker room. Shepard looked forward and saw Ashley giving her a thumbs-up from behind another rock. The Sniper tried to run, in hopes of gaining ground, but her last balloon was quickly shot stripping her of whatever dignity she had left.

"DON'T LOOK!" She cried running off.

The N7 trio quickly moved in on the last, a pretty blonde who's pink toenails showed a love of surprisingly cute things. The girl put her gun up and looked like she was about to surrender before taking a defiant shot at Ashley hitting one of her balloons.

Ashley's boots and helmet dissolved, and Liara and Shepard took two shots quickly stripping the cute blonde girl who broke into tears with a face so red you could mistake it for a strawberry.

"And it seems our winner is the N7 team! Hell only one casualty on their side as well, how impressive, let's hope they can keep this up in the later matches."

This however, was going to get a lot worse for the N7 trio, a lot worse indeed.

Below image is Ashley taken from online.
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Default Any good artists?

I was thinking I would really like to add a bit of spice with some art to my stories if anybody is down to help out? I can't pay you, but hey I could try to incorporate your scenes into the game.
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Do you take suggestions or scenarios.
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Old 04-21-2018, 08:02 PM
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Default Answer

Originally Posted by topgearfan1422 View Post
Do you take suggestions or scenarios.
I do depending on the context. If you wabt something specific then you should PM me and we can chat about it.
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