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Old 02-13-2018, 06:22 PM
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Default tell her

Originally Posted by Hornyinde View Post
Wow, that’s an incredibly hot story. I can only imagine hearing my wife moaning with another man in her. A huge fantasy. Did you ever tell your wife? Thanks for sharing.
no i even asked her the next day i said did you enjoy the party and her reply was" yes it was ok" but i have had a few wanks thinking about it since lol
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Old 02-18-2018, 04:22 PM
wifeuserscot wifeuserscot is offline
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Once in a hotel having forgotten to put the "Do not disturb sign" on the door.

Another time I was not exactly caught "in flagrante" but having just had an enjoyable session with my young PA in my car parked up a quiet country lane I discovered that the rear wheels were firmly embedded in soft mud. You guessed it, it was a RWD car. It was pre cell phones and I had to walk to a farmhouse and ask to use their phone to call a breakdown truck to extricate me. Of course my PA was too frightened to be left alone in the car in the dark and accompanied me. I will always remember the faintly amused look on the farmer's face which was more than matched by that of the driver of the breakdown truck. Five minutes saw the car pulled free but it was hours later before the reddened faces faded. From the looks he was giving my PA I suspect the breakdown driver would have been willing to negotiate an alternative means of payment
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Old 07-20-2018, 11:17 AM
Omega88 Omega88 is offline
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Originally Posted by MFN View Post
Just then, the door swings open and in walk four cabin-mates back from their trip, needing a place to stay that night. Introductions were required, since only one of them had been at the party and had already met my date. My partner was very brave, using one arm to cover her breasts and the other to shake hands, all the while with me still inside her. Not only brave and composed, but a great sense of humor—she even tried a couple of jokes: “If you guys are in line, you don’t look very ready”, and “How many more outside?” Ha Ha! Then they each lifted a corner of our cot and carried us into the second sleeping room, and hauled some other cots out to where we had been, and left us alone. Whew! Thirty years later I bumped into one of the cabin-mates, and he just had to kid me about that night!
Great story! She sounds like a real keeper. Did you stay in touch with her at all?
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Old 07-20-2018, 12:43 PM
captbobwi123 captbobwi123 is offline
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We weren't exactly fucking in public but in a hotel room. Besides my wife & I there was my wife's younger sister and their mother. We had two adjoining and connected rooms. After unpacking and getting settled in, my wife & I decided to have an afternoon fuck on the bed. She was on her back with knees raised as I was fucking her. We were getting close to cumming when my sister-in-law walked in through the connecting door. My wife & I both looked at her but in the heat of the moment didn't stop what we were doing. My sister-in law's expression went from shock, to curiosity, and finally to amusement as she smiled, laughed, and walked out of the room. My wife & I finished and didn't really care that we had been seen.
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Old 07-20-2018, 01:38 PM
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Default Hotel

We were in Mexico last December and i convinces the wife to get completely naked and ride me in the chair on the balcony. We are fucking and thinking none of it when the neighbors in hotel room next to ours walked onto their deck about 5 feet from us and the cute little blond and her new husband (we found out the next day) says “oh, wow...sorry”. Her husband is cracking up and says “get it” and they laugh on the way back inside.
We proceeded to see them at breakfast and the pool for the next 3 or 4 days and said hello a few times.
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Old 07-20-2018, 04:08 PM
Alex6655321 Alex6655321 is offline
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Default On TV

Have posted this before but it fits this thread so with indulgence:

There was a pub in town that served craft and microbrews ahead of the trend, especially in the southeast. Ours is a college town and the clientele tended to be students and faculty. There was a main tap room with a TV over the bar where there was usually sports being shown. Upstairs was a partially covered deck that was dimly lit at night. This evening, we had been riding around town on our bicycles. She is an avid exhibitionist and was wearing a sun dress and nothing else. She was not flashing blatantly but was enjoying the sensation of being active in public but barely dressed so that occasionally her hem flicked up or when she threw her leg on off the bike she was potentially exposed. We stopped in for a beer and headed upstairs as the main room was full of students engrossed in a game on TV. There was no one else upstairs except our server who had followed us up. After he delivered a pint to share, we were alone and began to take advantage of our isolation. She was easily accessible given her minimalist ensemble and the alcohol subdued the few inhibitions she had. We talked and petted thru our first drink, and our server checked in and took our order and brought us another. By the time he left, she was ready for more than stroking and kissing. She unzipped me and climbed astraddle. We took it slow humping languidly and taking time to sip on our drink. Things heated up gradually and suddenly, she backed off me and reached for my waistband. She opened and dropped my shorts, hiked her hem and leaned over the table. I took her with considerable enthusiasm and she came violently, arching her back and moaning loudly. I continued to pound her and enjoyed my own incredible climax and collapsed on top of her briefly. We were both overheated so we got up and she pulled her dress up around her neck and stood under the ceiling fan to cool off. I was enjoying the spectacle of her nudity in a public place when I heard someone down stairs shout, "Sloppy seconds!" There had been an ongoing hubub from the tap room all along which I attributed to the excitement generated by the TV ballgame but this outburst gave me pause. I quickly scanned the space and spotted it: a CCTV camera tucked discreetly in a corner. I stepped over and pointed it out. As she dropped her dress a loud cheer rose from below. We sat back down at our table and looked at each other. We laughed. She was mortified but also excited. She said we had better go but she did not think she could walk thru the bar. We finished off our beer while mustering our nerve. As she put down the empty pint, our server appeared with 2 fresh ones. "Compliments of the house", he said, grinning. She asked if the CCTV camera was new, as we had never noticed it. He said it was but that it was to monitor vandalism and violence and they had not seen a need to interrupt us as we were not hurting anything or anybody and that it seemed to have actually enhanced business. His casualness and appreciation went far in making us more comfortable with the situation and we turned and raised our glasses to the camera, eliciting another cheer from below. We took some time and enjoyed our drinks, discussing what had happened and preparing ourselves to face our fans as it was the only way out. Finally, we screwed up our nerve and descended the stairs and were met with a standing ovation. She was beet red but managed to hold her head up, make eye contact and smile and wave an acknowledgement on the way out.
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Old 07-20-2018, 06:31 PM
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Originally Posted by MFN View Post
My wife and I were staying at a resort just north of Phoenix, and decided to go for a hike up a mountain that sloped up behind the property. After about half a mile, we were out of sight of any roads or houses, so we stripped down to just our sandals and kept hiking, leaving our clothes under a bush. Warm day, bright sunshine--perfect for nude hiking. A little further up the slope the terrain was nearly treeless, but we found one tree she could use as a leaning post where we enjoyed a doggie-style coupling. Just as we were both coming, we heard the snorting of horses behind us--a small group of riders had just turned a corner on the path and was now less than ten yards away! We froze in place (and in position) and were forced to engage in a bit of polite conversation with them by looking over our shoulders as they slowly passed by. Fortunately there were no kids in this group. Seems like it took about twenty minutes to tell us they were friends from church, out for a Sunday afternoon ride and that the sermon that morning had been about being proud to show your love for your spouse! We sheepishly said we were happy to put their sermon into practice!
About 20 years ago I was dating this crazy 19 year old. She was ex public school with an ex-RAF father. She was repressed sexually and let it all out when we started dating. One night after after a few drinks out, we had mad, crazy sex on the beach 10 mins from her house. Me naked, her riding me with just a bra on (just like the movies) and a lone dog walker happened to chance upon us (in the middle of the beach) and made a comment like "don't mind me" as I pulled her bra down and gave him an eyeful. We finished what we started and did it once more on the walk home......oh to be 22 again
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Old 07-20-2018, 06:49 PM
mysweetie61 mysweetie61 is offline
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Default Vegas

Yup while her sister was playing blackjack we past the time by going to the rental car in the M Hotel and Resort parking lot. The sedan vehicle was parked away from other vehicles and the lights.
She was riding me in the back seat fully naked and out of no where the hotel security guard on his bike knocked on our car window. We had to open the door to talk to him while she was still straddled on my cock. He advised us sex in the parking lot was forbidden and that there are a lot of rooms available in the hotel. While talking to us he was staring at her the whole time with a smile of course. The security guard told us to quickly finish off and not to do it again. He hung around where our car was parked the whole time we finished off. It made for hotter sex knowing the guy was sneaking peaks at her riding my cock. Should have left the door open for him to watch since he allowed us to finish our business.
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Old 07-22-2018, 07:31 PM
Baldswede Baldswede is offline
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Default Caught off guard by our friends

Me and my wife were staying at our friends summer house (another couple). They were staying in the main building while we were staying in the small guest house.
One afternoon we were having sex and all of a sudden Anna (the wife in the couple) walked straight into the room (apparently not having the door closed). We were in a 69 position and Anna could absolutely see everything since the bed is the main thing in the guest house.
She stared a while and then said ”oops sorry guys” and then left.
Later, in the evening, while the four of us was having dinner. Anna, all of a sudden, casually said to me - ”Robert, so you prefer a massive bush on women, huh?” (my wife has a full bush). I was a bit shocked but answered: ”sure, I love Lisa’s bush” (my wife).
Anna: ”Cool, but Lisa seems to prefer your cock completely hairless, huh?” (I’m fully shaved).
Lisa: ”Yes, I like it smooth”
Anna: ”Chris (her husband), from now on I want your cock as bald as Robert’s”
Chris: ”Sure honey”

We then changed subject and continued the dinner.

Lisa told me some days after that Anna had told her that Chris’s cock was now also smooth
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Old 07-22-2018, 09:08 PM
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Default Caught

Back in the 70s when I was 18 we went parking when we wanted to fuck. I went out a lot and fucked around a lot. (I still do) I was what you would call a free love hippie girl. I was on the pill, there were very few diseases going around so we never used condoms. It was a different time. I lived in Florida, suntanned at the beach all day, and fucked guys in the evenings in the back of their cars. Most of the time I wore hot pants, (a type of short shorts) halter tops, (I hated bras, still do.) and was barefoot most of the time. One Saturday I hitched rides wearing just these two items, a big floppy hat, and carrying my purse to the beach. I had about $1.00 in change but for a cute barefoot long haired girl like me, guys picked me up, bought me food, and took me to a lot of places. That evening I had latched on to this cute guy that lived 20 or 30 miles away from where I did in another city. After he bought me a real nice dinner, (There were no shoes no food laws back then.) He took me to meet his friends, we got ice cream, and got back in his car. We drove around for a while with me sitting real close to him with his arm around me. Cars back then had big bench seats so you could sit right next to a guy. We stopped at a place overlooking the beach and made out. Soon he was rubbing my big tits and I was rubbing his hard dick through his pants. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me and he of course answered yes. He started the car and said he knew a place more private we could go. He drove me to a place way down a dirt road back in the swamp that looked pretty private. We both got into the back seat and before long he had slid his dick into my furry wet pussy and was fucking me good. We were both having so much fun that we didn't notice the policeman come up until we were lit up with his flashlight. We froze. All the car windows were open. The cop yelled, "Get off her now!" and reached in and got the car keys. Jerry, the guy who was fucking me jumped off me, both of us trembling and scared. The cop played his light over my spread pussy and hauled poor Jerry out of the car, spun him around, and handcuffed him. I was reaching for my shorts and top when the cop yelled for me to get out of the car so I got out naked. the cop made us stand in back of Jerry's car. He played the light on my tits and pussy telling us how he could arrest us just like we were and take us in naked. Poor Jerry had lost his hard on and was shaking like I was. After a minute the cop, who was a big, 40ish black man said he thought that maybe there was something he could do. He put Jerry still handcuffed back in the car and asked me how bad I wanted to keep my boyfriend out of jail. He told me to put my hands on my head and not to move unless he told me to. He reached out and started feeling my big firm tits. Then I felt his other hand on my wet pussy. He started fingering my swollen clit and I think I moaned a little. (I was just about to get off when he shined his big flashlight on us.) Then he said he thought he knew a way I could help my boyfriend stay out of jail. He told me to get on my knees as he fumbled with his belt. Now I knew how he wanted me to help. I got on my knees and the black cop pulled out one of the biggest cocks I had seen up to then. Up until then, I had never had sex with a black man. The cop said, "Girl, you know how to suck a man's cock?" I said I did. He said, "Well get to it sweet thing, and you better swallow every drop that comes out of it or I'm gonna do a number on your boyfriend with my nightstick." I said, yes sir and started sucking. Unknown to the officer all through high school I was known as a blow job queen. I had to use 2 hands on his dick while I sucked but I sucked him and jacked him until he started coming. As he filled my mouth and I began swallowing his cum I remember him saying, "Swallow it all little mama. Drink all my black cum." After he stopped coming and I had swallowed it all, he had me stand back up while he zipped up. He said, "Good job, little white mama. Are you still horny, girl?" He reached out and rubbed my wet pussy again. Then he said, go get your boyfriend out of the car. I walked over and opened the car door so Jerry could get out with his hands still handcuffed behind him. He told poor Jerry to stand beside the car. Then he said, "Get down on your knees pretty mama, and help your boyfriend out." So I got down on my knees and started sucking Jerry's soft cock tasting my pussy on it. Soon Jerry was hard. The cop then told me to get up and bend over the car hood with my leg spread. He moved Jerry behind me and unlocked his cuffs. Then he said, "Now fuck this fine piece of white ass. You better make sure she comes before you shoot off your load or I'll beat your ass white boy." Jerry shoved it in me and started to fuck the hell out of me from behind bent over his car hood. As he pounded my c*nt I heard the cop say, "Come on, make her come white boy. A good cock sucker like her needs to get to come too." That and Jerry's big circumcised dick head being slammed deep in my pussy put me over the top. I came so hard that I cried out loud. I squeezed Jerry's dick so hard that he started moaning and coming too, filling my wet pussy full of his warm cum. Jerry kept pounding my c*nt holding on to my hips as he kept squirting his big load up inside me. I heard the cop say, "That's it, white boy." As Jerry collapsed on me and we both lay on the hood catching our breath, The cop walked away laughing. He threw Jerry's keys in the car and said, "Get dressed and get out of here, kids, and don't come back." We pulled ourselves together, got back in the car, found our clothes, and got out of there. Jerry was nice enough to drive me the 20 miles back to my house. Would you believe I sucked Jerry off one more time in the driveway in front of my house? It was late and everyone was in bed and I do like sucking cocks. I never saw Jerry again.
Here's a polaroid picture another boy took of me about the same time. I was fucking guys outside of a party here.
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