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Old 08-15-2017, 10:16 PM
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Default Enf beginnings

Story is by me and can be found here.


My wife and I had been getting bored in the bedroom. We wanted to find new ways to excite each other, but I was scared to tell her about my love for enf stories. Finally after a night of talking about our likes I explained how I liked being stripped outside and embarrassed along with a girl. She was curious and said that sounds pretty kinky. Have you thought about it with me? I looked at her and said yes. And this made her smile making her want to hear more. Over time this lead her to be more curious and daring. To the point I wanted to try and undress her some place daring. This took me to the idea of stripping her at night on our porch.

Our porch is open to the other town homes at night and can be pretty dark. This is enough to make it kind of hard to see someone, but still be exposed. I recently bought her some disney panties with princesses on them. She found them very embarrassing for someone being 26. My wife is 5"8 130lbs and has a cup size of A. Her best feature would be her legs which connected to one round butt. I showed her the panties and my fair skinned wife turned a dark red from embarrassment. She said o my if I get caught in those id die! This made me smile and want to see her be so embarrassed. We waited till midnight and she put on a shirt with sweat pants. Enough to quickly remove or dress in a hurry. I sat down on the front steps and felt the cool warm air rush past me. This made her shiver from fear and excitement. She looked around and said o my this is naughty! I dont know if I can do it. I reached over and grabbed her round butt and said but showing off thosw panties is gonna be so fun! She blushed a deep red and said in a quiet voice....may be. I pulled her to the bottom of the 5 steps and sat behind her. I gently rubbed her butt and said mmm you are gonna be so exposed wearing these! Someone walking by might get a show. I hear her moan a bit and say oh no we wouldnt want that.

About 10 minutes pass as we stand there and both of us nervous and excited. I could feel myself get hard as I thought about things to come. Finally I slowly grip her sweat pants. I start to tug them down. She instantly grabs them in shock and embarrassment. O please no! She says. I laugh and say no this is happening. I tug a little hard and she lets go. They are pulled down enough to see some pink and white, but her shirt covers most of it. I pause and let her feel the tension in the air. I can hear her breathing faster. I slowly tug them to her round butt and to the point in which they fall to the floor in a muffled flop. She gasps and covers the front of her crotch. Exposing the disney princesses printed on the front. I hear her groan a bit which turns to a moan. Her breathing is faster and I see her eyes shifting looking left and right trying to make sure no one sees her on the porch. I make her step out of the sweat pants and stand there unable to cover. I hold her hands which seem to be trembling from fear and excitement. I kiss her neck making her moan and poke fun at her by saying: better be careful someone might see you wearing these. And this makes her blush more and she says noooo this is so embarrassing sweety! I laugh and say nope not really. And grab the bottom of her shirt. I slowly lift it exposing her flat tone stomach and stop just below her bra. I say now your princess panties are on display! She throws her hands infront and covers while putting her knees together. She says oh no! People will point and laugh at me and make fun! I continue to lift her shirt and expose her small pink bra. She gasps but doesnt fight. I lift it up and off and throw it inside the front door. She realizes whats going on and the exposure and runs behind me. She says o my god! I cant believe im outside like this! Someone is gonna see me! I turn around and give her a gentle kiss and say wouldnt they be surprised to see such a beautiful girl in an embarrassing situation like this.

We stand there for a but as I look her up and down making her to let her know im doing it. I exaggerate my head movements and do a soft whistle. She covers her bra with one hand and the other her panties. I feel her calm down in my arms and feel like she is ready again. I slowly walk behind her and move her to the bottom of the steps again. I hold her hands out and tell her to close her eyes. I whisper in her ear: now imagine walking outside into a crowd like this. They see your panties and gasp. A few seconds later they burst out laughing and points. Making fun of you in your embarrassing underwear. Making comments like was it laundry day? And wow princess panties haha now thats embarrassing! I hear her breathing speed up and hear her moan softly saying noooo dont look....mmmmm. As she is distracted i unclasp her bra. This makes her jump making her bra slip off and fall to the ground in one quick motion. Now her A cup chest is exposed. Her nipples are so perky they look like she put ice on them. She might night have big boobs, but her eraser size nipples make up for it. They are very sensitive and the air touching them makes her moan. She gasps at the sudden exposure. She looks down and says my boobies are out! And smiles at me. She looks around biting her lip and says o god this is so kinky! Our neighborhood might see! She bites her lip again and moans. I tell her she should walk to the grass and back after this. She looks at me with wide eyes. But....but that is like 50 feet and next to a lamp! I smile and look her up and down. All i say is mmmhhhmmmm. She freezes and stands there shocked. I see her trembling from fear and excitement. She doesn't say anything for what seems like hours. The silence of the night is broken by the slap of her foot step.

She slowly and cautiously looks around. Covering her breasts and underwear. She looks at me with this face of omg i cant believe im doing this! I smile and watch as she starts her journey. She stops and quickly looks are thinking she saw someone and ducks to a bush. After she feels like it is clear she moves on. She gets the the lighted portion of grass and stands there. All covered up and embarrassed she looks around. She turns to me and move directly into the light. This exposes everything to the night and she smiles and puts her hands out. Exposing her perky nipples and disney underwear. And from where i am there is a definite dark spot on the front of her underwear. She stand there breathing very heavy and has her eyes closed. I can see her fair skin is red from embarrassment. I whisper to her in the night you should give everyone a show. I see her mouth drop and eyes widen. She looks around and back at me saying touch myself? In a soft and nervous tone. I say yup. Imagine everyone seeing you do this is those panties. It doesnt take much encouragement for her. Her hand slides to the front and she starts to rub in a circular motion. I see her eyes roll from the pleasure. She goes for a bit and her breathing is very heavy. After a minute or two she stops. I see her eyes widen and bite her lip. It seems she is acting out her fantasy now. I hear her say no please don't look everyone. This is so embarrassing! Oh no please no my underwear is gonna fall. She stops and pulls them to the floor in one fast motion. Right out in the open night air under a softly lit lamp. She says oh no im nude and you can see everything! Please dont look I cant stop. She now spreads her legs and stands there nude. She says dont look oooo i cant help it! And she starts to rub faster making sure to show as much as possible. She moans more till she is almost screaming. She bites her lip to be quiet and says noo im gonna cum for everyone! And I see her face go red from straining this time. I can tell this was a massive one for her. She finishes and looks at me with this look of satisfaction.

Naked she runs to me as fast as she can. She grabs my hand and pulls me into the house and says o my god. I cant believe I did that. She is out of breath and grabs me. She hugs me saying that was so amazing. She gently kisses me and says looking down. I think it is time to help you out. Pointing at the tent in my shorts. I kiss her and say anything you say beautiful. I give her butt and grab and we move upstairs.
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Great story! Keep it up!

Also liked the little gif that was posted on that same account. Do you post videos somewhere?
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