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Default been a while! ch 3

Ch III No Rest for the Weary

“Wake up, harlot.”
Sharessa was subject to yet another rude awakening, this one in the form of a bucket of cold water. The elf’s eyes snapped open as the icy splash washed over her, and she quickly sat up with a shriek. Shivering hard, she cringed and hopped out of her bed, looking around in confusion and tried to shake off the freezing cold water.
“Yes, you, prisoner…” came the cold woman’s voice. Wiping the sleep from her eyes and getting her bearings, Sharessa looked up at the woman from which the voice came, standing a little outside the bars of her cell. There were two of the heavily armored female royal guards that the queen fancied standing behind her, but Sharessa hardly noticed. She did, however, immediately recognize the black clad woman.
Driana was one of the queen’s loyal ‘servants,’ as far as she knew, but what a figure she cut. The dark haired beauty’s velvety black cloak barely concealed her hourglass figure, complete with toned, supple hips, a tiny waist with a sculpted stomach, and almost perfectly round, ample breasts. All of this lovely body was covered in a skin tight black material, a sort of cat suit that came up to the collar of her cloak. Sharessa’s heart raced a little bit when she saw her… even though she sort of envied the woman for her full figure, the last time they’d met was under rather terrible circumstances.
“Slide your arms through the bars prisoner,” came the stern order from Driana. A group of prisoners from across let out a chorus of conspiratorial "ooohs" from their cell as Driana gave the command, as if to make the girl's anxiety worse. She did as she was told, and some manacles were slapped on her wrists. Sharessa couldn’t have pulled her arms out from the bars now if she wanted to. That helpless feeling, it was coming back… it was just like when she first met her, under those very terrible circumstances…

At one point, it seemed so long ago now, Sharessa had charmed the queen with her politeness and masterful etiquette, having been granted an audience with her.
“Sharessa from the west, you stand before me now not just as a visitor to my fine country, but as a representation of your people. Long has it been that an elf of full blood has come to the capital of Enferia.”
Queen Syndra was the very embodiment of grace, style, and dread. If she so chose, a mere gaze from her amber eyes could reduce most people to a sobbing heap on the floor. On this particular occasion, as Sharessa knelt a few steps below the queen in her grand throne room, where everything was marble columns and gold and fine silks, Syndra was dressed in an even finer robe of white lace and gold trim and silk ties. For a queen, it was a bit revealing – the lower part of the robe, or the skirt of it, came down to her mid thigh on one side and just above her knee on the other. A healthy amount of jewelry hung from her arms and around her neck as well, highlighting the cleavage of the voluptuous ruler. And with all of her light colored garments and platinum or gold jewelry, that fiery scarlet hair of hers, that silky red mane, stood out all the more. Her hair was easily one of her more striking features – it was thick and lustrous and curly, and it perfectly framed her fair features. The dark red of her pouty lips and the strange reddish color of her eyes matched this as well – the queen made no secret of her vanity and obsession with her own beauty.
Sharessa had made a little nervous mistake – she’d forgotten that her prized wand was hidden up her sleeve. It was a little habit of hers to keep it safe, for as she’d learned in her travels that if something looks valuable, people will try to steal it. She even fancied that one day she’d actually be able to flick her wrist the right way and have the wand perfectly slide into her palm, like those dashing wizard heroes in all the storybooks do. In any case it was a small miracle that she’d actually managed to accidentally sneak it in – security was no laughing matter in the palace.
“Rise, Sharessa… you and all your kind will be welcome henceforth,” the queen said in a loud, regal voice. As Sharessa looked up the few feet of stairs, her eyes widened ever so slightly at something she hadn’t expected to see. From her low vantage point (for she was rather petite, and kneeling rather low) she could see right up the somewhat short skirt the queen had chosen to wear that day. She couldn’t help but stare – the sheer white stockings were held up by a matching lacy garter belt, from what she could tell. And that thong, the way it clung to her and accentuated her… Sharessa blinked to try and play off her gawking, but ultimately the queen’s face gradually twisted up in shock and anger.
“Why… you…” nearly trembling with anger, Syndra glared with those twin hot pokers of eyes at Sharessa. The girl could only squeak a little, wide eyed – she found herself unable to speak.
“You would dare to do something so inappropriate to the queen of Enferia itself!”
Sharessa shook her head repeatedly, her ebon locks bobbing gently with the motion. Still unable to speak, the poor elf girl gestured emphatically with her hands. That was the biggest mistake she made that day, possibly ever. Inadvertently making the right gesture, and forgetting that her wand was up her sleeve, Sharessa accidentally invoked a spell. A powerful wind spell, it was, so powerful that the queen herself was caught by surprise and found her ‘skirt’ flipped straight up over her jeweled belt.
The queen’s unmentionables were on display, as that stream of wind held her skirt pinned against her body. The eyes of the guards in the room widened, some jaws dropped. Those lacy, sheer, form fitting white panties seemed to cling even tighter to Syndra’s pubic mound with all that wind blasting at it, and for a moment it seemed like the queen might lose her footing as her undergarments bit uncomfortably tight on her. Stocking clad thighs clamped together desperately.
The wind would stop though, abruptly, as Driana emerged from the shadows. A hand at her side was casually moving in the arcane gestures of some spell. Whatever it was had stopped the wind… and suddenly, Sharessa’s limbs felt very stiff. She had rather effortlessly and quietly used her magic, both to counter Sharessa’s powerful wind spell, and apparently at the same time had bound her up with some paralysis magic. At the time, Sharessa would’ve been more impressed at the ease with which she used such complex magic. However, she was both literally and figuratively petrified at the moment; her heart was racing and she was terrified. What had she done? What did she do to deserve such foul luck?
Helpless and stiff, Sharessa knew better than to do anything but shut her eyes tight and hope for the best. Driana’s husky voice was all to close to her ear then, a quiet buzz meant more for her new victim than for those around her. Driana slowly raised the magically held girl’s arms above her head, where they stayed straight up, unable to move.
“Since you have taken it upon yourself to gaze upon the queen’s… secrets, you would of course be so kind as to reveal yours to the court?” she purred. Sharessa could only squeak, her eyes shooting wide and wondering what exactly that could mean.
The young elf found out rather immediately, as the sensation of cool air on her bare skin overwhelmed her. With a heavy thwump, the thick robes she had been wearing fell to the ground and pooled around her ankles, leaving her in the lacy pink undergarments she’d worn that day – basically a silk bikini, tied at the sides. Sharessa dared to look around, at this point, to see how many people could look at her this way. There was, to her dread, a large number of hand servants, guards, and other guests staring in open shock and lust. The queen’s face was still a bit red from blushing, but a self-satisfied smirk sat on her full lips. Driana and the queen exchanged a knowing look, a silent nod, and the darkly clad woman reached up with a gloved hand to grip one of the strings on her top between her thumb and forefinger.
In an agonizingly slow movement, Driana drew her hand back, untying the string on the right side of her top. In an equally slow motion, as the right half hung loose and threatened to slip off of her modest breast, the serpentine woman untied the left string. All that was left was the tie behind her neck, as the two flaps of material dangled dangerously over each stiffening nipple. With one final nod of confirmation from the queen, the knot behind her neck was undone – this one quick and sudden, exposing those pert, little tits and rosy nipples. Just as the girl was stripped topless, the garment falling to the ground, Driana released her from the holding magic. The effect was that the girl was able to shriek in humiliation and fall to her knees, throwing her slender arms over her chest.
“Please forgive me..!” she managed to shout between growing sobs, bowing her head.
“Is this enough, my liege?” Driana asked the queen.
“No doubt this woman was sent here to humiliate me. I should have her ravaged and executed…” Syndra fumed, her eyes drinking up the sight of the huddled elf girl.
“Indeed, she deserves nothing less than a terrible fate, my wise queen. But what of the repercussions? Though lowly she may be, if the elves find out one of their own was executed here…”
“Do not patronize me, assassin,” she narrowed her eyes at the black-clad woman, who stood humbly with head bowed.
“However, you speak truth. Have her imprisoned and subjected to whatever humiliations you devise. I trust your judgment in this matter…”
“My queen is quite wise,” Driana said with the subtlest smirk, gesturing for the guards to take her away…

That seemed like so long ago. She’d been in this damned prison for days now, awaiting her next match and watching various fighters get humiliated through the bars of her cell window. Watching always gave her a funny feeling – a mixture of excitement and anxiety.
Right now, though, her thoughts were very much in the cell. The prisoners in the cell across had gone quiet, watching interestedly. The quivering girl was all too aware of her hands through the cell’s bars, manacled together, leaving her very helpless. Her cellmate, the half elf, was huddled up in the corner, watching the proceedings with a healthy bit of fear for Driana on her face. The bars clanged ominously as the cell opened up and a pair of the guards came to press Halia against the wall with their spears. Halia made no move to resist, and Driana slithered into the small room, right up behind the helpless Sharessa. The young elf girl was breathing heavily, and hazarded a backwards glance to confirm what she'd already felt on the back of her neck. That Driana woman was right behind her and gently breathing on her, hands just avoiding touching her hips. Sharessa gulped, shivering hard now and still dripping with the icy water.
"Shh, relax, little pet," the assasin cooed, and pushed her soft busom against her back. Sharessa's own modest chest was pressed up against the bars in front of her, facing the outside of the cell. "Now, stay very still..." Driana whispered, sliding a lecherous set of hands along the girl's wet but still clothed body. Was everyone in this damned kingdom some kind of pervert? She was beginning to think so.
"Ow!" she squeaked as hands suddenly tweaked the buds of her nipples. They'd grown quite hard from the cold, and perhaps from excitement, but she wasn't humoring that notion. The assasin was rather vigorously massaging her breasts and whispering indeciperable taunts right in her ear, drawing heavy panting from the elf girl, who had her face pressed against the cold steel of her prison bars. She didn't feel quite so cold anymore, she realized.
"Please... stop..." Sharessa whimpered, her eyes drifting shut as the black-clad woman pressed up against her continued to whisper sweet nothings and molest her. Was it sweet nothings? No, it was some kind of spell! She perked her head up as she realized what was happening, the assasin weaving some kind of spell on her... her... breasts..?
With a final loud chant, which echoed sharply in her ear, the assasin finished her spell and reached up to the top of Sharessa's damp prisoner robes. With her hands chained and through the bars, the thoroughly humiliated elf girl was helpless to prevent her top being yanked down to her waist. The garment tore, quite easily, and would've yanked her off her feet if not for her hands through the bars catching. She grunted in discomfort as she found herself pressed up against the bars again by the woman behind her, who was massaging those breasts again now. The prisoners across the way hooted and whistled, pressing themselves up against the bars to get a better look. Sharessa's cute little breasts were as pale as ever, with those dark pink nipples of hers tightened into aroused little buds.
"N-no, please..! You can't... what did you do..?" Sharessa whimpered, beginning to feel a bit funny. She was heady, and her breasts were tingling. She could hear Halia gasp nearby from beneath the oppressive spear shafts of the two guards in their cell. Looking down, Sharessa saw why, and felt why -- her breasts had swollen, or were swelling, rather unnaturally. Though they pace was slow enough, she could tell. Her nipples were puffy and protruding now, subject to the occasional ruthless tweak from the devilish woman tormenting her. Soon, her small B cups were ample, perky handfuls in the assasin's gloved hands. She let out no shortage of moans and whimpering during the slow process, cringing and squirming away from the eyes of the other prisoners and trying to constantly wiggled out of her captor's grip, but to no avail.
"They're... so sensitive...! What kind of spell..." and her words were cut off by a gasp as the assasin took her chin in her hand, turned her head, and placed a swift, firm kiss on her lips. As the honeyed taste of Driana's snakelike tongue slipped into her mouth, Sharessa realized that this was the final seal on the assasin's spell. The kiss would stop her breasts from growing any bigger, though they felt like big melons on her chest now, and felt they must look ridiculous on her. The fact that the kiss was part of her spell didn't stop her from drawing it out, and massaging the girl's tongue with her own. By the time she pulled her plump lips away, leaving Sharessa breathless, she'd have estimated that those once modest breasts had swollen to D's, easily. Rosy pink nipples were puffy and tender, darkened from the constant teasing, but ever aching for more.
"This is a gift," Driana finally explained, cupping both of Sharessa' breasts, which hung obscenely through the bars of her cell. "Everyone loves a girl with larger breasts," she explained matter of factly, "isn't that right?" she continued, addressing the prisoners across the way. The group of women in the cell across were a little rougher than Halia and Sharessa, all things considered, but were still obviously chosen for their appearance and participation in the games. They probably had spent a bit more time and had... gotten used to the company of other women. So it was with no shame or disguising their lust that they oogled those enhanced breasts, some touching themselves or each other lewdly. "All of the audience will love you this much more!" Driana taunted, squeezing the ultra-senstive tits. Sharessa truly thought she was going to faint, and then Driana began to jiggle the perky bouncing globes in her hands to emphasize her point.
As she was literally losing consciousness from shock and humiliation, and perhaps the bodily stress caused by the spell, she heard Driana muttering.
"Aw, the poor little bird's actually feinting. I wonder how she's going to fare when she sees what we have for her to wear in her next match..."
and with those last words in her ears, Sharessa's eyes fluttered shut.
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Default Great Addition...

...to a great series! Thanks!
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Nice set up for next episode and lovely backstory
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Default something to whet the tastebuds

The next installment is almost fully written, so I've decided to throw this teaser/intro-to-next-chapter out there to whet the taste buds and keep some activity going on this particular board. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter IV: Sharessa and Halia VS Jhira and Brianne

The slapping noise echoed throughout the Beaumont household, as the noble girl Felicia Beaumont continued to receive 'discipline' at the hand of her mother for the disgrace she'd put her house through. She had been defeated in the arena, stripped, and humiliated in front of thousands of people. Currently her mother, Lucia, had her slender teenage daughter bent over her knee and was doing something she hadn't done to her since she was a child -- spank the hells out of her. This was far different, though. The object with which Felicia was being spanked was rather unorthodox -- a long, thin, steel phallus that had once been her sword. It was totally blunt now though, thanks to that blacksmith's daughter and her transmutations.
Her skinny ass was bright red and shining before the sight of her servants, her mother's personal attendants, the stable hand outside the window, and some of the kitchen staff who were bringing in tea, and any other general loose servants that "happened" to be passing through the open room in the course of their duties.
"Lucia, Mother...?" she whimpered in protest, tears in her eyes, hoping finally it might stop. "Haven't I paid enough..?" She was answered with a nice...
"Ahh!" she squealed, wiggling over her mother's knee. Lucia Beaumont was as beautiful as her daughter, and very similar in appearance, only about a decade and a half older. Her breasts were equally well developed, ample mounds, though she took more effort to showcase them than her daughter. As was her fashion, she sported a deep blue corset and wore her long platinum blond hair up in an elaborate braid set with jewelry. With ice white eyes that matched her daughter's, she coldly continued to bring the blunt, stick-like phallic sword across Felicia's ass with the practiced grace of a master swordswoman, as if giving some sort of lewd instruction.
"Do you know why this is happenening to you, my daughter?" she quietly intoned.
"Yes mother! I understand!" she shouted, tears streaming down her bright red face.
"So you understand that you not only disgraced us by flaunting yourself like a common wh*r*, but by losing to some skilless common trash?"
"Yee-heesss..." she sobbed.
"Good. Now that the world knows about your ample teats you'll no longer be hiding them in little boy clothes. I've replaced your wardrobe with something that will announce your acceptance of your... womanly figure." Her mother explained matter of factly, standing Felicia on her feet. The girl was skinny, tall, and big breasted. Meekly, she cupped her large tits and did her best to move a slender thigh in front of her privates.
"Ugh! So modest all of a sudden. You DO know it's considered weak for one who fights in the arena to show shame, DON'T YOU? Now half the kingdom's seen your nethers -- your shyness will disgrace us again if you're allowed back in the arena. What am I saying? Of COURSE they'll let you back in, they LOVE when noble households lose to those without proper training or the benefit of the best tutelage available."
Felicia did the best job she could of hiding her rolling eyes as the servants laid out a selection of positively sl*tty bodices and dresses with low cut fronts. Upon seeing them, she gulped hard, and her heart fluttering at the prospect of now putting her once secret breasts on display.
"Oh, and we're having this hideous thing melted down and reforged -- there's no using it like this... unless you'd prefer it, you sl*t," Lucia spat, narrowing her eyes at her daughter.
"And while we're on the subject of your womanhood... since the likelihood of it being seen by the masses again is pretty high given your ineptitude with a sword, we'll be having the servants groom you today. Ingred? Razor."
The graceful noblewoman gestured as she paced along the revealing line of dresses, her daughter shifting uncomfortably in place. Eventually, a plump servant woman shuffled in with, surely enough, some shaving supplies. When Felicia began to put together what was about to occur, her eyes widened and she cupped her fuzzy crotch with both hands.
"M-Mother, really it's okay, I won't lose again!" she pleaded.
"Yes yes, of course you won't. I'm going to see to that. But you might lose your bottoms. Now get on that stool and spread your legs. Like I said... everyone's seen it. It's no big deal anymore. Now DO IT!" she barked suddenly, brooking no objection.
Felicia tenderly sat upon the rough wooden stool, her bottom stinging horribly and half hanging over the side. With trembling thighs, she spread her knees apart for the very nonchalant servant. The fat older woman guffawed at the sight of her shivering and brushed at her furry patch of soft, light blond hair with some sort of shaving paste. Outside, that dopey looking stablehand was still watching, slack jawed. Felicia shut her eyes tight.
"Alright, Ingred, I trust you to make sure my daughter's cunny is presentable for when she inevitably loses her pants again... and Felicia, I must say, the only thing I'd hate worse than our house being shamed is for the one responsible to go unpunished. That goes for you AND the smith's girl. I'll be going to the arena, daughter, to see your future competition. I suggest that once your matters of hygeine are taken care of that you get back to practice, lest you make an even bigger fool of our family when you fight again in a few weeks."
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Heh, poor Felicity. Enjoyable build up, look forward to seeing where this goes.
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Default Chapter IV: Sharessa and Halia vs Jhira and Brianne

Sharessa did her best to breathe slowly, blinking every couple of seconds as if expecting to wake from some dream. The sun was beating down directly on the arena, though she was huddled in the shade by the portcullis, she was sweating profusely.
"C'mon, don't be so glum, sweet! You gotta get yourself angry! Grr! Get ready!" Halia chirped next to her, her 'angry' voice as unconvincing as Sharessa would have expected from the sprightly little redhead. It was so easy for her to say -- she was given SOME kind of respectable clothing. The short, lightly freckled girl with pigtails sported a light green tunic that was a few sizes too small, even for her. If she weren't quite so petite the bottom of her arse cheeks would no doubt be hanging out. With the exception of some long gloves and leather boots, that seemed to be all the half elf girl was wearing. All the same she made an exaggerated gesture of cracking her knuckles and giving a sidelong wink at her.
Sharessa, on the other hand, had not gotten such a generous wardrobe. Thus, she was crouched in the shadowy corner by the gate where the arena fighters were allowed in. Halia pouted at her.
"If you don't come on out yourself, then I gotta DRAG you out. It won't be so bad. It won't be so bad! We're working as a team! C'mon! Don't leave me out there by myself..." she pleaded. Sharessa sighed, knowing the inevitable was upon her. She meekly stepped out into the sunlight, and the arena goers roared as the viewing sphere shimmered into view far above the middle of the arena floor. The fat little arena announcer shuffled forward and boomed his grand introductions with a wave of his many jeweled hand.
"Here they are, fair people of Enferia! Two aspiring arena combatants, one half an elf, and the other, a FULL elf hailing from the west. Both of them fighting for their freedom for laws broken, both of them beautiful magicians...! We give you, Halia and Sharessa..!"
The din of the crowd soared as the viewing sphere presented its close up view of Sharessa entering the sunlight. Perhaps the ones who saw her last fight were the most astounded, for when they last saw her naked she was small breasted. Now that potion the queen's assassin had rubbed on her had swollen her breasts enough to spill out of all but the most generous bodice.
Sadly for her, she had no bodice, only a thin strip of stretchy white cloth that ran horizontally around her chest like a mockery of a halter top. Her creamy, perky, now ample slightly-more-than-handful breasts were pressed to her chest and threatening to snap the flimsy material at any minute. And to make matters worse, despite the tightness of the stretchy fabric, it provided no support. The littlest gesture, even walking, sent the fleshy mounds rippling. The crowd was in an utter fervor. The bawdy populace was surging to the rail of the arena, the magic wards the only thing keeping them from spilling in.
Sharessa's pants might have been considered merciful -- they were thick and baggy and tucked into large faded black boots. The belt, she suspected, was made a size too large -- the thick leather thing and its brass buckle felt like it was doing more to make her pants try and fall down than keep them up. Her slim elvish hips, while they had some curvature to them, simply allowed the heavy pants to hang too far below her navel than she was comfortable with. Her delicately pronounced hip bones were visible, as was the top bit of her ass crack. Beneath the lazy, heavy pants, she did have some sort of undergarment, if you could call it that... but she couldn't think about it too much -- she'd be even more distracted. She could not act as if it were possible she'd be seen in that thing.
"Facing the two criminals today... are two proud warriors, coming to us to prove their prowess and gain glory. The first hails from the exotic jungle folk of the south, and she fights with amazing sorcery! ...said to bend reality and turn the minds of her opponents to her whims. I give you, Jhira!" the announcer boomed over the constant roar as the confident looking, tall, dark skinned goddess strode forth. She wore ridiculous arena garb well, as was often required of the fighters; the sunlight, as she walked into it, shone brightly on the pink satin ribbons that encased her entire, flawless form in strategic strips. One went over her generous breasts and tied at the front, reminding Sharessa of her own garment in a way. The other ribbons seemed to criss cross her hips and crotch a number of times -- the bows were layered over one another, some with ties on her sculpted hips, and she thought she saw one between her slender thighs. With the exception of the ribbons she was nude -- her dark skin contrasting sharply with the pretty pink material. Sharessa blinked, taken aback by her beauty. Glimmering with confidence, sapphire blue eyes in the deeply bronze beauty's face scanned the arena and immediately fell upon the hapless, trembling elf. Sharessa's heart fluttered and she found herself crossing her arms over her breasts, flesh constantly threatening to pool out, or let a nipple slip.
"The other warrior hails from the north, fighting with amazing magical strength and steel, said to be able to deflect spells with the back of her hand, I give you... Brianne!" Applause erupted from the crowd as the second warrior strode out the gate across from Halia and Sharessa. She was fairly armored, was the first thing Sharessa noticed with a gulp. A sturdy iron breastplate was strapped over her chest, flattening it some, but closer inspection would reveal that the armor seemed to have been put together from different, mismatched sets. The piecemeal steel garment still made Sharessa's magic sense tingle, it no doubt afforded some protection against her sort of magic. She might have thought it unfair, to let people bring in such things, if they hadn't let her keep her wand. Though she'd mashed her arms over her tits, she kept the slender piece of wood firmly gripped in her palm the whole time.
The armored warrior woman was attractive as well, though she was almost the opposite of her ally in appearance otherwise. Her stature was short and athletic, as opposed to tall and model-esque. Brianne wore no helmet, so it was visible that her dirty blond hair was cut short in a practical, boyish style instead of Jhira's long black ponytail bound up with coral and beads, and her fierce brown eyes were dark and serious instead of aloof, haughty, and amused. Gripping a plain steel longsword in her gauntlet covered hand, she raised the blade to her chest in a salute as Sharessa haplessly took her opponents in.
"Th-these are the people we have to... to...?" she began, stammering.
"Strip?" Halia offered cheerily, waving to the crowd all the while with a big infectious grin. "That's right my dear! The main garments gotta come off. Don't worry about the swordy one. I got her, just get the jungle witch out of those ribbons," and a giggle escaped her lips as she bowed low to her opponents, sweeping one arm low in front of her. Suddenly, she looked up, aghast -- her ass was plainly showing from beneath the hem of her ultra short tunic, the chubby little cheeks jiggled as she gasped. As the crowd roared its approval, she suddenly dropped the surprised look for an exaggerated, mockingly coy look, and she bit her finger as she winked at the crowd. The roars multiplied to a nearly deafening degree. Smiling in thanks for their appreciation of her little show, Halia stood up and smoothed out her tunic, covering her adorable little bum with both hands.
"You knew that would happen..." Sharessa muttered under the din. "Does that get them to like you...?" she spoke slowly, as if slowly trying to understand the concept. "Have you no shame?"
"Yup! and actually, hehe..." Halia's cheeks were bright red. "My heart felt like it was going to pop out of my chest! Yes it's embarrassing, but don't you like the thrill, the attention?" her eyes danced as she spoke.
"That... says a lot about you," Sharessa remarked distantly, as if deep in thought for a moment. Her moment was abruptly broken by the announcer's cry of:
"Without any further ado! Let's get them naked! BEGIN!!"
And suddenly things were happening. Halia was sprinting off towards the armored woman, kicking up sand as she went, while the warrior woman stood still with her sword held high in some kind of combat pose. Immediately, the sorceress across from her, the exotic jungle witch, began weaving some kind of spell. As she chanted, her eyes lit up bright, like lightning, and she seemed to become weightless. The ribbon clad figure hovered about a foot above the ground, toes pointed down, her hair drifting about her head like she was underwater. Between her palms, force energy began to ripple and accumulate.
Sharessa focused. What's that spell? Some kind of barrier, she decided. So her opponents were playing it defensive. Then I have to act quickly! Whipping her wand out, she channeled as much energy as she could into a single shot, hoping it would be quick enough. The enormous sphere of blue force shot from her outstretched wand and went roaring through the sand at the jungle witch. Right before the blast hit her, her eyes lit up and energy flashed around her. There was an enormous explosion of sand, and Sharessa stood breathless. The crowd quieted a bit, impressed by the display of magic.
"That's the spell she used on me... and it took a lot to bring her to that point." Christie mused from the stands. Peasant number one's eyes widened as he turned and realized THE Grey Witch happened to be sitting next to him this whole time, unnoticed. "She's getting better..!" she smiled with full, pink lips and proceeded to instantly vanish from sight. Peasant number two smacked his agape friend absently, "you're missing it!" he shouted over the crowd. Peasant number one blinked, frozen in awe. "Grey witch... sitting right there..." he muttered, staring.
Meanwhile Halia was haplessly charging the armored woman, Brianne. With a small, pointy blade clutched in both hands, she let out a cry of "Rawr!" and came swinging with her dagger.
"You're no spell sword," Brianne coldly intoned, a scowl on her pouty lips as she easily dodged the attack. "You're not even a warrior. Don't be silly."
With a metal plated elbow she jabbed Halia in the gut as the half elf girl feebly tried to slash her well-armored torso. Halia's blade sc****d off harmlessly. And though none could feel pain or experience physical harm in the arena, Halia did feel the wind knocked out of her as she went flying ass first into the sand from the strength of the hit. Bouncing once and gasping, she blinked and looked down. Her tunic had flapped up to reveal her now sandy undergarments -- a pretty light green lace thong that matched her tunic. Smoothing it down quickly and scrambling to her feet, she managed to avoid anther slash from the her foe aimed at cleaving her tunic down the middle.
Sharessa watched Halia's fight out of the corner of her eyes pensively, wand readied for when the dust cleared. When the sand finally settled the sorceress was still floating there, only Sharessa noticed something new around her. An almost invisible, shimmering sphere of protective energy encased her body, presumably protecting her from projectiles and most other magic attacks. The protective spell had gone off, and it subtly flickered with power around the exotic sorceress. Damn. Sharessa rarely swore, even in her mind, though she did find herself saying Yes! when she realized her attack must have somewhat gotten through. The barrier must have gone up just a little late.
The dust settled further, revealing that the ribbons once tightly encasing the sorceress' breasts were totally gone. Her large chocolate nipples were taut, and on her large gravity-defying breasts they seemed to point slightly upward. Her dark purple painted lips had a slight pout on them, but otherwise Jhira showed no breach of composure. Her hands were, in fact, weaving in the magical gesture of her next spell. Nimble, slender fingers traced a serpentine pattern through the air, that matched a little gesture, a bit of a hip swivel, the sorceress was doing. Another spell hm? Sharessa thought, studying the gestures. Some of it was foreign, but if what the announcer said was true then it confirmed her suspicions. If that spell completed the sorceress would gain mental control over one of them!
"I've got to do something," she muttered aloud, testing the defense with another focused blast. The rippling man-sized ball of blue energy connected with the shield, then dangerously ricocheted and went careening off towards the other two fighters across from them. Both Halia and Brianne had to dive to the side to avoid it, then get up from the dust and sand to face each other once again.
"Sorry!" Sharessa shouted, waving sheepishly, causing the breasts she wasn't used to to jiggle. The pinkish edge of her nipple wiggled into view, followed by the tip, which Sharessa quickly stuffed back into her traitorous top. Face red and mortified, she turned back to focus on her opponent...
"Whew..!" Halia sighed. Brianne narrowed her eyes, which Halia now noticed were lined with kohl.
"What are you, exactly?" she asked. "You fight with steel but they call you a magician."
"Well, let me put it this way..." Halia started as she charged her again. "I was thrown in those dang dungeons for stealing something!" Sprinting forward, the energetic half elf girl managed to lay a hand on Brianne's shoulder this time before the swordswoman blocked the dagger with the hilt of her sword. The dagger was locked above Halia's head in that pregnant, intense moment, and Brianne brought her cold hard gauntlet up to grab her by the collar of her tunic.
"It was foolish of them to pit you against me," she said matter-of-factly as she gruffly placed a boot in the girl's stomach and ripped the front of her tunic, right down the middle, with just a hand. Halia didn't even have time to be amazed by the woman's obviously magical strength; she was sent flying ass first into the sand again, this time half naked. Her perky, puffy tipped breasts were small in size, but well proportioned and oh so perky. The lovely tunic was utterly ruined, split from collar to hem.
"And we have some more tits!" the announcer boomed happily, the viewing screen showcasing his announcement. Halia lay in the sand, panting, clad only in her boots, gloves, and lacy green thong. "Anyone else suddenly want some cream to go with their strawberries?" the announcer joked, as the viewing sphere 'zoomed' in, the clear image of her stiffening, pointy dark pink nipples grew larger on the glass surface. Halia's jaw dropped and her easily flushed skin reddened.
"Oh!" she cried and covered up with one arm, once again getting to her feet. She glanced over at Sharessa. How was she doing?
"Don't worry, I've got a plan!" Sharessa shouted, seeing her ally in distress. "We've got to act quickly though, just hold her off!"
As far as Sharessa understood, once an opponent was stripped of their primary garments they could no longer participate in the battle. Jhira was already half naked, now she just had to try a trick. Nothing could penetrate that bubble, she knew that, but perhaps if something were inside...
Sharessa focused and wove up a variation of a telekinesis spell. Two glowing blue hands, floating and disembodied, shimmered into view within the globe of magical force. Jhira's eyes widened ever so slightly as the blue glow of the now nearby hands washed over her. Her concentration did not waver, however... the sheen of sweat on her perfect skin did betray the amount of effort the spell was taking her to cast.
She must be using an intense amount of focus. Sharessa thought. My summoned Hands of Makai are just barely working -- it's taking an equal amount of concentration on my part to keep them in existence in that magic weakening bubble, much less get them to do what I want! The Hands of Makai were notorious for their mischief. Very useful, the Hands of Makai spell -- it created a pair of hands that the wizard could feel through and send to do his bidding. Though ultimately they did the job required of them when, say, a wizard needed to sn*tch something from a dragon's horde without getting too close... well, sometimes they'd wake the dragon up on the way out, without the wizard even knowing.
And so it was laughter from the crowd when the mischievous, sparkling blue spectral hands reached up to cup those tempting brown orbs on Jhira's chest. Her jaw opened slightly and her eyes blinked, though she simply could not make one wrong move or her entire spell would be ruined. She had to continue the gestures. Above them the viewing sphere took interest in the little scene unfolding. A close up appeared of the unbidden hands, as they squeezed, jiggled, and pinched Jhira's breasts. Blue fingertips twisted and tweaked her large brown nipple. To her credit the jungle witch didn't break concentration, though Sharessa squirmed uncomfortably: the sensation of the moist skin, the hard tips, the suppleness of her flesh... it was all being transferred right back to her hands through the spell. Yet the Hands of Makai seemed content to do nothing else, though, and were lightly bouncing the jiggly mounds together rhythmically when Sharessa squinted and did her best to will the hands lower... lower... to the ribbons on her hips. Sweat continued to trickle down the elf's slender frame, lucky little rivulets traveling along the lines of her exposed abdomen. This is harder than I thought. I just have to... imagine they're my hands. That's not too hard, I mean, I can feel them... She gulped, and delicately one of the hands pinched a ribbon between its fingers. Yes! Steady now... And with agonizingly slow movements she pulled one ribbon free from her hip. Jhira gasped softly, unheard. The entire ribbon garment that composed Jhira's bottoms began to sag slightly. Just two more, I think... How is Halia...?
Sadly, she couldn't even look for fear of losing her own concentration. She could hear the sound of steel ringing against steel, and Halia's grunts of stress. The swordswoman, Brianne, was talking low, but she was unable to make out was she was saying.
"I've just got to knock you off your feet again. You see, I'm faster and stronger than you -- I don't know why you haven't used magic, but sadly it doesn't matter at this point. This armor I forged is impervious to magic or blade from without. You had no chance..." and with that, Brianne launched forward, swinging her free arm in a backhanded punch. When it missed completely, Halia gingerly grabbed Brianne by the wrist for a moment, a stupid grin on her face. Brianne grunted angrily and swung down with her sword. The tip of the steel grazed Halia's skin harmlessly, and when she looked down she sighed in relief. The slash had connected with the front of her thong, right in the middle. The cut exposed about two inches of well trimmed, dark red bush. Wide eyed, the announcer gestured furiously behind him to the director of the viewing sphere. Rather promptly the view was now a close shot of the curling edges of the newly modified thong threatening to tear further and reveal her secrets. Every hop or step or dodge and the loosened garment slipped a little lower on her curvy hips.
"I bet you're naked under that armor, huh sweetheart?" she purred, as she managed to get right close to her face for a moment. "Is that the trade off for being able to wear such a useful thing? That the people who run the arena made you go naked under there?" Halia giggled, and cooed mockingly, dodging angry swing after angry swing. "Aww, is that all you can do? No spells to channel through your blade?" Another reckless swipe -- the swordswoman was getting desperate, having been so close to denuding her opponent. "I thought you were faster than me? hehe..." laughing and dancing about, her plump bottom jiggled gloriously with each nimble step she took. Above them the viewing sphere The warrior woman was panting and red faced now -- Halia had literally run laps around her.
"That tunic... mmh..." she stretched languidly, displaying her lovely little body in almost its full glory for a moment. "It was far too tight, I should thank you. But... I'd lay down my sword now if I were you."
"Silence!" Brianne shouted as she made a diving thrust at Halia's crotch -- she'd given up on trying to slash one of the hips of her thong. Halia sidestepped and made a sudden yanking motion with her hand. She stood as if she was holding a leash, almost, watching Brianne out of the corner of her eye. Brianne, as it were, froze up entirely, sword arm extended and most of her weight on one foot.
"See now? I DO know some magic, unlike you. I use it to steal stuff, and sometimes, that means just picking a different sort of lock. Weaving little, barely noticeable spells over time to take down the castle. Did you think I was really trying to pierce all that armor with a dagger? Did you truly think me stupid?" she held up her hand, and on display now the barely visible wire shimmered in the sunlight. The viewing sphere revealed the extremely thin wire, which Halia now allowed to sparkle magically for effect. The stuff was practically wrapped all around the warrior woman.
"When..?" Brianne grimaced, held tight for fear of what might happen.
"Well, this one was when I first slashed at you..." holding the wire tight still, Halia casually walked over and tapped the side of her breastplate. "That was important, getting that first thread in. Then there was this one..." she tapped the warrior woman's shoulder next, revealing where the golden thread came out from under her breastplate. "I kinda figured it'd be impossible to harm you from outside the armor, so I had to get in there, you see, the wire itself actually does most of the work..."
"Impossible! I'll... I'll beat you..! I'll break this useless string!" Brianne shouted, twisting with an insane display of strength.
"Ooh, no, you should've yielded then..." Halia said disappointedly. When Brianne lurched, and then stumbled forward, the wires bit and began snapping. As they did, her piecemeal armor gradually began to fall to pieces.
"Wha..?" Brianne's eyes widened as she dropped her sword to reach for her breastplate. For a second it fell away and revealed Halia's earlier guess to be true -- with the exception of the padding the armor itself was lined with, the fair skinned woman was entirely nude beneath, so far. With the straps hanging, Brianne managed to clamp it to her chest before too much of her apparently small breasts were revealed. One of her gauntlets came apart in rings and slipped off her hand. She could do little but gasp and struggle to keep it on.
"Heyoh!" the announcer shouted. "What a turn of events! Sad to say I'm a little disappointed -- not much to protect under that magic breastplate Brianne!" his booming laugh mixed in with the chorus of guffaws from the crowd as the fair faced Brianne went totally red. The back of her torso armor fell away completely, leather straps hanging uselessly, revealing a well toned back. The plates on her legs went next. The wires were biting, and retracting -- whipping back up towards Halia's outstretched hand and neatly coiling around it. As the wires around her legs unwound, the plates around her calves went, then the plates guarding her thighs. In a feeble attempt to stop it, she clamped her knees together, with her feet far apart.
"No..!" she cried, in disbelief. The steel skirt that hung around her waist was connected to her belt by a series of straps, thick leather buckles mostly. As the wire whizzed through them, they popped one by one. Starting with her left hip, the skirt began to sag, until it sagged in the back, and on the other hip, long thin plates dropping off it repeatedly... until Brianne grabbed it with both hands. With the belt being the only thing now staying on her and required being held on manually, her barely existent breasts were now bared for the entire arena. Her nipples were equally tiny, pale little coins. Never mind that her sculpted, perfectly toned ass was peeking out from the sagging steel skirt, the arena was focused on her lack of a chest, as was evidenced by the viewing sphere. The announcer's face lit up and he shouted into his voice amplifier.
"By the gods! We've seen some small teats come through this arena, haven't we folks, and don't those just win them all? Did we let a boy into the arena by accident?"
Laughter echoed through the crowd again and Brianne watched her breastplate fall in slow motion. It clattered to the sand, and slack jawed, Brianne decidedly regretted her decision. She was most self conscious of her chest -- the rest of her body was stacked! Brianne reached, the top half of her ass crack sticking out more and more, with one hand attempting in vain to hold onto the skirt. Her heart jumped as she realized the breastplate still had some gold thread still wrapped around it, and as Halia went to yank it out of Brianne's reach the swordswoman had no choice but to try and reach for it with both hands. The skirt clattered down, around her ankles, and as Halia inevitably yanked the breastplate out from beneath her, the now tripped up Brianne fell flat on her face, toned ass sticking in the air, glistening with sweat. Cheers erupted. The viewing sphere zoomed in for a closer look at what she was showing between her legs in that defeated moment where her face lay buried in the sand. Like the rest of her body, her crotch was clean shaven, and her tight thighs and buttocks, glistening with sweat, were framing her pursed pussy lips quite nicely on the enormous globe hovering above the arena floor.
"We have our first loser! And what nice lady parts she turned out to have... What's going on with the two sorceresses?" the announcer boomed. "Is it sorceri? sorceresses sounds wrong..." he could be heard muttering to the director. "serceressessess..." he said, before muttering "what? i'm still on..?"
What was indeed going on with the two sorceresses is that Sharessa had almost used the Hands of Makai to peel off the ribbons encasing Jhira's loins. The second ribbon had taken a while and bit of effort, and a lot of hard concentration -- Sharessa's white halter top like garment was soaked through with perspiration, the outline of her swollen aerola clearly visible.
Only one ribbon remained -- both sculpted hips were now visible on the jungle goddess before her, Sharessa now realized the ribbon between her legs must run up her crevice and end in a bow... but what was keeping it up? Squinting, it was hard to tell with the big bow of the thing right over her... privates. She sent the hands lower, but her heart sank when Jhira's eyes flashed white again with the culmination of her spell. Alright, I'm ready for this. Guard your mind, guard your mind... she thought to herself furiously, but realized quickly that the spell hadn't been aimed at her. Halia! Oh no..! Where was she? She glanced back and forth across the arena and only saw the defeated warrior woman, naked and ass up in the sand, her wrists bound to her ankles with strange gold cord. Jhira had a smug smile on her full, purple lips.
"Sharessa!" came the loud squeal of excitement from behind her, it almost sounded drunk. Soft limbs immediately slipped around her and under her enormous breasts. A whole tit popped out, the halter top getting tucked under that breast.
"Ahh! Halia, snap out of it! Please!!" Sharessa shouted in response, struggling to maintain concentration on her own spell. The Hands of Makai, if left to their own devices, could cause problems. Even now, she felt the softness of Jhira's ass on her hands, fingers delicately cupping the cheeks and running across her crevice... definitely not worrying about getting any ribbons off in a hurry.
She had to shake her head, focusing on bringing the hands off of her ass... her supple, perfectly sized ass... Sharessa blinked and began to wonder if the spell hadn't worked on her too. Jhira sat calmly in the bubble, as if still concentrating on something, or perhaps forming some new spell.
Pop! Her other tit was out, Halia had yanked the top entirely down around her waist. The enormous pale breasts bounced eagerly, jiggling into each other as her large pink areola stiffened.
"Halia, NO!" she barked, trying to sound authoritative with her tits out. Halia pouted and stood up, the mind control spell causing her to stomp her foot childishly. Her then angry attitude erratically changed into a whine.
"But I liiiike you...!" Halia whined in protest, stomping again. Sharessa's face darkened in redness and her brilliant emerald eyes widened. Halia was huffily hooking her thumbs under her waistband, her thong, her only remaining garment, and with little ado she yanked them down to her ankles.
"Woo!" Halia shouted in exhilaration, and began running around the arena, naked save for her boots and long gloves. Her cute little bottom jiggled, and the viewing sphere, ever vigilant, showed the crowd a perfect view of her sweet little red furred pussy as she ran. She kept herself well trimmed, apparently, and her fair skin was flushed all over as she ran back up to Sharessa.
"This feels SO great, you have to try it!" Halia insisted, laughing maniacally. The announcer watched in concern.
"I'm getting a ruling from the judges... though Halia is now out of the match... she is still under the effects of Jhira's spell and therefore may remain as Jhira's weapon until the spell wears off. Let the game continue!" he shouted. The director glanced at him as if to say "is that true?" to which the announcer meerly shrugged, wide eyed.
Halia was hugging Sharessa and laughing like a drunk girl, and found herself with one leg wrapped around the struggling elf. Suckling on her neck, the red headed half elf moaned and purred, grinding her pelvis against her hip and gradually causing those pants to slide lower.
"Ahh..!" it was impossible for Sharessa to concentrate for a moment, but just when she thought she had focus over her magically summoned hands again, a shiver erupted through her body. Halia was nibbling on that long, sensitive elven ear of hers.
"Nnh, Halia, you have to stop..!" her eyes fluttered shut, and her enormous chest heaved with panting. Halia brought a hand up to gingerly cup one of those globes, her thumb teasing the nipple.
"Don't you like me..?" Halia purred, almost sounding hurt. The Hands of Makai, meanwhile, were having a grand ole time themselves. In rhythmic succession, they had begun slapping the exotic jungle sorceress on the ass, one hand after another. Though her stony face tried to hide its anger, it was evident that she too was concentrating on doing something. She remained still as the hands cupped and jiggled her ass for the audience's pleasure. The round, smooth cheeks of her ass were totally out, only that hint of a bow between her thighs was keeping her in the match.
"Look, Halia, if you stop, I'll do whatever you like later, but we have to win this NOW!" Sharessa blurted with eyes totally shut. Halia's face brightened like a thousand suns.
"Oh Sharessa...!" she gasped, locking her lips over the elf's and sticking her tongue in deep. Halia's legs, which had sort of been wrapped around Sharessa's hip, slid lower and in doing so upset the precarious position the elf girl's pants had on her waist. They thwumped down, pooling over the inconvenient heavy boots she sported, revealing an undergarment more scandalous than even the crotch ribbon Jhira had clinging to her cunny. From behind was two thin white strips of lace that went across her surprisingly round cheeks. As Halia released her from the kiss (which the viewing sphere had almost instantly focused on) she pulled her moist lips away from Sharessa's with the slightest trail of saliva connecting them for a moment. Sharessa was totally dazed and blinking, red faced and breathless, and was unawares for the moment that the front of her not-so-effective garment was on display. From the front it resembled a white lacy thong but lacked any substantial material in the middle -- it was totally crotchless. The crowd erupted in roars as Halia blinked and covered her mouth in shock, staring openly at it. Sharessa blinked and shook her head, wiping her mouth still in a bit of a daze, when she looked down suddenly at her bottoms and screamed.
"Bit of a... draft..." the announcer managed to mumble, wide eyed and gaping himself, unable to come up with a quip as the enormous sphere above displayed a perfect view of Sharessa's totally hairless, pretty little c*nt, framed by the straps of the thong. From the viewing sphere it was like being face to face with it. Sharessa's thighs clamped together finally in response and she flung her hands over her front, screaming still.
Blinking some more and eventually picking up his jaw, the announcer swallowed and spoke: "The match goes on! The crotchless wh*r* garments count!"
This comment seemed to sober up Sharessa, who narrowed her eyes and focused harder than she ever had. She recalled memories of her homeland, the taste of freedom, the rage she felt towards the even now coldly watching queen... and was tackled by Halia.
"They can seeee you!" she shouted in protest, using her own nude body as a shield as they both flew to the sand. The half elf girl's hands conveniently covered as much as they could of Sharessa's abnormally enlarged breasts.
"Halia no..!" Sharessa cried in dismay, whatever spell the sorceress was cooking up to finish her would no doubt have gone off by now...
Sharessa looked around Halia, desperately curious,to see something delightful. The Hands of Makai, bless them, were acting on their own. They slid down the sorceress' front, as her eyes gradually widened in horror, and traced fingertips down her mostly exposed pubic mound. The little bow at the top of her sex, one of them pulled it down ever so slightly and it hung gingerly. Beneath it was a dark, thick bush, and whistles echoed through the arena. The sight of freshly exposed nethers never seemed to get old. But more interestingly, the rest of the ribbon, a simple strand of pink, ran between her pronounced pink labia and into her ass crack.
Deftly, the other hand yanked up, and hard, on the ribbon, whipping it out from her ass crack and through her pussy lips, causing her to yelp and sending her next spell awry. Sharessa noticed a distinct change in the struggling posture of their defeated teammates; Halia seemed to be blinking confusedly, while Brianne was finally breaking free of her golden cord with a renewed vigor. She now was the one that looked drunk.
"Jhira is no longer wearing any qualifying garments! Sharessa and Halia are the winners!" the announcer bellowed, slapping his belly and laughing in amazement. From the shadow of her pavilion, Queen Syndra narrowed her eyes and got up to depart.
Halia and Sharessa helped themselves to their feet, brushing sand off each other's bodies and avoiding eye contact with as much awkwardness as one would expect. Halia seemed to have recovered her inhibitions when Jhira was defeated, sheepishly covering a breast with her hand a crossing her legs, and meanwhile it seemed Brianne had lost them. She was stalking up behind the still haughty Jhira, who stood with arms folded and a pouty scowl on her face. The warrior woman's eyes spoke pure lust, and creeping up naked and covered in sand she looked rather predatory. Jhira didn't seem to notice, but instead muttered something about doing all the work.
Halia spoke quietly to Sharessa."We're supposed to take our bows and praise and do whatever we want to humiliate our foes at this point usually, but I think a little poetic justice is about to take place...and anyways... I think you have a promise to fulfill."
"Did I promise? Hehe..." Sharessa chuckled sheepishly and continued to cover herself as best she could with her tiny hands and her large boobs. Brianne pounced on the exotic goddess suddenly from behind with a grunt, and Jhira squealed uncharacteristically.
"Oooh!" she cooed, getting on all fours and arching her back into Brianne, who seemed to more or less have mounted her. Sharessa noted that the Hands of Makai were still active, too... the glowing blue digits were all mixed up between the two women, groping breasts and running between thighs and smacking asses. She even thought she saw saw some of the fingers slip into... well, they were doing something lewd down there.
"Might I remind you the conditions under which I made that pledge? You had just betrayed me..! An-" Sharessa began.
"Shh..." Halia hushed her with a single finger and slid her body behind her. "Here, let me cover you. Strangely, Sharessa found she was letting the half elf cup her hands over her smooth crotch. And once again Sharessa suspected it wasn't the sweat that was making her so slick down there. Halia's soft, nimble fingers seemed all too comfortable mashed up against her sex, and the sun, combined with her flushed feeling, made her a bit faint.
The sight before her was not helping. The smaller, athletic woman, was practically mounting the glistening tall goddess beneath her, with the assistance of the Hands. Jhira was moaning, louder and louder at an alarming rate. Her head was cocked back, her purple eyelids heavy and shut, and her plump lips hung open as their bodies rocked.
"Uhn!" she gasped, as Brianne began to make thrusting motions with her hips. A slow, sensual grind at first that was building in pace. Brianne herself seemed intoxicated and overly horny.
"Oh yeah," Halia breathed into Sharessa's ear, "I'm pretty sure I saw a hand 'mounted' on Brianne's crotch." And as she spoke, she boldly slid her middle finger down her clit and into the slick folds between Sharessa's thighs.
"Ahh!" Sharessa's eyes fluttered, her body trembled, and she found herself squeezing her breasts tightly as the sudden orgasm washed over her, from that single, final gesture. The blood rushing in her ears combined with the din of the crowd overwhelmed her, and as her legs buckled she would vaguely later recall the announcer booming:
"Wow! Everyone congratulate Sharessa on her first in-arena orgasm..."
Halia moved her now moist hand up as if to study it the slickness gleaming in the sunlight.
"Oops! Sorry dear, didn't mean to... agitate yo-" and she cut herself off when Sharessa nearly fainted. With one arm under those massive, fully exposed and jiggling breasts, Halia struggled to keep the elf girl up -- the poor thing was unable to stand from the shock, humiliation, and exhaustion. Meanwhile the viewing sphere was taking note of the noticable sheen on Halia's outstretched fingers, her free hand held up as if she was still bedazzled herself.
"AND it looks like the losers are tasting a bit of their own medicine and enjoying it, too! Sorry Jhira, Sharessa beat you to the fun part..." the announcer chuckled, shortly before Jhira threw her head back again, eyes widening as the bouncing of Brianne's hips against her supple ass hastened and then slowed suddenly. The both of them were moaning then, loud and lewdly, their bodies trembling from the climax.
"Rest now sweet thing, Halia will take care of you..." the half elf's eyes narrowed mischievously as she struggled to drag her out of the arena.
"Ugh, a little help?" she shouted to the nearby guards, then, shaking her head in exasperation as no one moved to help her, slung Sharessa over her shoulder. With her round little bottom jiggling over her shoulder, Halia toted her squirming prize through the portcullis back to the quarters, the roar of the arena lost on her as the scorching sun gave way to cool dark hallways. With a pat on Sharessa's sweat-glazed bum, she cooed: "that wasn't so bad, was it?"
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Very enjoyable, rather liked Halia as the chapter went on.
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shameless bump for further opinions, commentary? critiques?
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