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Old 06-29-2009, 05:09 AM
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Mind Control: I don't see it as a bad thing if done well for certain things (like getting a lady naked in several public places for example) but other forms of magic could take over the role (teleportation of a naked lady) without resotring to mind control.

Stronger stuff: My preferance is not to have them in stories but this is your work, do what makes you happy.
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Old 06-29-2009, 08:50 PM
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In order to maximize the fun, I think you should avoid Insta-Gone clothes and Mind Control for this particular series. Technically, there's nothing wrong with it, but it really eliminates any suspense or anticipation.

As far as sex goes, I'd just recommend you just stick with sexual themes. I thought that it was perfectly fine when you alluded to it in the 1st story, as it added some suspense. However, if the loser of a battle gets her wand shoved up her ass (for example), I think that's perfectly fine (and awesome). So, I think some mild "toying" can add to the humiliation without being full-on, hardcore sex. Does this all make sense?

And, you mention watersports... the rules forbid it. I'm not sure if contestants pissing themselves counts, but in the right context, I'd have no problems with it. However, I don't make the rules, so tread carefully!

And, for me in particular: Bondage, spanking, lite S&M = yummy goodness! But, if the majority of readers hate that, then you've gotta do what ya gotta do.

Good luck, and happy writing!
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Old 06-30-2009, 12:56 AM
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I too would prefer if you didn't include the more hardcore stuff (hardcore sex, pissing, etc).

Spanking is awesome though.
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Old 07-21-2009, 03:38 AM
cerindclvr cerindclvr is offline
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Default the next episode...

(thanks for bearing with me. I'll think carefully next time I'm about to say 'one or two days.' Here goes with the next installment, new characters, etc... enjoy)

Part II: Ashley vs Felicia

“Wake up, sunshine!”
Sharessa was woken up the next day from her fitful slumber by the sensation of something soft, warm, and wet snaking into her mouth. She jumped up quickly as she realized she was being kissed, her eyes snapping open to look upon whomever was in the cell with her. Standing there in the thin, grey garb of a fellow prisoner was a rather pretty girl of about her age. At least she estimated the girl was about her proportionate age in the years of whatever race she was. It was at once intriguing and hard to place – her eyes had a hint of that exotic elven quality, but her physical proportions were a bit meatier than most elves’ would be.
The strange girl with the light red hair was standing there with a somewhat self-satisfied and smug look on her face, sapphire eyes dancing. A single dainty hand rested on her hip. Sharessa shook her head and spat a bit in shock, wiping some of the saliva from her lips.
“Ew..! Who in the hells are you..!?” Sharessa gasped, balling up in her narrow prison bed defensively. She felt ill at ease in the not-long-enough, sack like garment she was forced to change into. The material was far too thin for her liking. It was one of the few things, the whole imprisoned-against-her-will thing aside, that she found genuinely unpleasant about the whole affair. By all accounts she and her fellow prisoners were well taken care of – the cells weren’t too dirty or uncomfortable, and she was fed fresh fruit and cool water when she finally got the nerve to eat. They even let her keep her wand. They must’ve been pretty confident about security…
“Don’t look so glum, sweet. I’m your new cellmate!” the girl chirped and pounced playfully onto the bed next to her. Sharessa had noted that her cell housed another bed, but in her post-match daze she hadn’t even considered the prospect of bunking with a stranger for however much longer they kept her here.
“Cellmate?” Sharessa cringed a bit more and tucked her legs a bit tighter against herself as she tried to put a little distance between herself and the admittedly cute stranger she’d been paired with.
“Yep! Halia, to be precise,” she nodded, and the straight, light red hair that she’d bound up into pigtails bobbed slightly. Sharessa felt disarmed by her already, but was still a bit shaken and wide-eyed. “And you’re Sharessa! I saw your match. Good stuff! No one’s put it to the Grey Witch like that for a while..!” the girl giggled as her speech quickened with what seemed to be boundless energy. Sharessa found herself blushing hard as she thought about the match and considered truly for the first time how many people had really seen it.
“We’ll be doing just about everything together from now on: bunking together, eating together, fighting together… bathing togeth-“
“I get it!” she said in a brief shriek, her eyes shutting tight. “Why did you kiss me, anyways? What kind of person do you think I am..?!”
“Well, I had to figure that out for myself. Plus, I’ve heard elves get lonely very easily and require lots of contact with others. I’m part elf too, see..?” Halia tucked a bit of hair behind her ear and turned her head to the side to reveal a somewhat pointy ear. “They’re super-sensitive… yours are too, huh?” As the energetic half-elf scooted a bit closer, Sharessa could make out the light smattering of freckles on the girl’s fair features. Under other circumstances she would’ve been rather charmed, but…
“I’ve never actually met an elf before! And to be rooming with one! Ooh, getting arrested for using magic to steal stuff might just turn out to have its benefits after all..!” Halia half-squealed and cuddled up next to Sharessa, who was still rather off put and attempting to bundle up. Red in the face, the elf stammered and squirmed in an attempt to get the strange girl to stop nuzzling her neck and nipping at her ears playfully.
“Uhm, please stop?” she murmured helplessly, before a booming voice outside the prison drew both of their attentions towards the barred window.
“Ooh! The next match must be starting! C’mon!” Halia gasped, and grabbed Sharessa by the arm to drag her up to the tiny barred window. Outside, though they had to struggle to see it, was the sight of the viewing sphere. The enormous glassy orb hovered silently above the arena, and though they couldn’t see the upcoming fight directly, they had a decent view of the sphere. “We may have to go up against some of these folks, so let’s pay attention, yeah? I can’t have you getting us humiliated like that,” Halia said, half-scoffing and half-chuckling as if remembering Sharessa’s last fight herself. Sharessa cheeks reddened once again and she found herself speechless. So, she huddled up next to Halia and the window to see just what else goes on in the arena…

* * *

“Welllllcome back to the Grand Arena, people of Enferia!” thundered the arena announcer, drumming his many-ringed finger on his egg-like torso.
“We here at the Grand Arena exist to entertain you, bringing you today a match between two up and comers that’s bound to astound…!” Varied cheers were rolling throughout the crowd; what with it being the most popular season of the arena games, the stadium’s seats were overflowing in the commoner’s section, even threatening to spill over the railing into the pit itself. From her shadowy perch, Queen Syndra watched dispassionately.
“The fighters gathered today are prodigal fencers of the highest caliber, spell-swords that have been training most of their life to blend swordplay and sorcery. The result of this fine art is before you in the arena today! She who wins this match will be propelled to a life of glory and reward, to status the equivalent of professional arena veterans… and the loser will probably be very red in the face!” Laughter ensued.
“At the northern end of the arena, we have the lightning rapier, the Beaumont Blade, fighting to bring glory to her noble family… I give you the proud, the icy, the beautiful… Felicia Beaumont..!” Much of the crowd grew back into cheers as the announcer’s tone rose to a bellow at the end of the first contestant’s name.
Sure enough, Felicia stood proud at an imposing 5’10, tall and lithe. Her slender but athletic frame was hidden at the moment under many layers of clothing – her top consisted of a dark blue vest buttoned over a puffy-sleeved, white blouse. The tight vest intentionally did a good job of concealing how large her breasts actually were – the only voluptuous thing about her body, really. Her pants, which, while somehow still flexible, seemed sewn onto her. The dark blue, velvety material matched that of her vest and hugged her long legs like leather breeches, that seam running up the center never straining like it should have. Frost-white eyes glared at her opponent calmly.
“And, at the south end of the arena, we have a promising young fighter, breaking record after record to get here today, a warrior who duels by choice for the sake of glory and the excitement of beating her opponents. I present to you the spitfire, the burning blade, none other than Iron Ashley!”
Ash, or Iron Ashley, was also tall. Unlike the noble, however, she sported a healthy bit of muscle tone that made her come off a little more as athletic and wiry than slender and lithe. She was by no means big, though. In fact, her short, feathery dark brown locks and doe-like, large, deep blue eyes gave her a rather cute and innocent demeanor.
Ashley’s plump lips tightened into a little scowl as the glowered across the arena at her opponent with sparkling azure orbs. How she hated nobility. For, despite what the announcer said, she recalled that she’d gotten into this business because her family needed the money. While her first few wins provided enough coin to keep her father from losing his shop, they still weren’t out of the deep water yet. So here she was, in one of the ridiculously impractical outfits they’d chosen for her.
The spectacle she was wearing consisted of a too-short, white tank-top like garment and some too-baggy leather breeches. The top was a bit loose itself and threatened to reveal pert B cup breasts that bounced modestly beneath it with every lean or bend. The pants would be pooled around her ankles, too, if they weren’t held up by a set of thin black suspenders. Ash sighed.
“These will last real long I’m sure,” she said sarcastically beneath her breath as she glanced down at the suspenders, giving one a tentative tug. “I’ll just have to finish this fast…” she muttered, none-too-pleased with the idea of everyone seeing the undergarment they’d chosen for her. Beneath those sagging leather breeches was a fine lacy set of panties to clash with the boyish and rugged look she’d achieved. The thong was bright pink, and lacy. Also, whenever she moved the wrong way the thing would ride up in a rather uncomfortable fashion. The tops of the thong on either hip were poking up just a bit, but weren’t quite visible to the cheering fans just yet. She was grateful that they let her wear her sturdy brown boots and leather gloves, though…
“Sooo, with no further ado… BEGIN!” roared the announcer, and the two girls wasted no time in sprinting towards one another. Felicia and Ash came flying across the sand at one another, Felicia whipping forth her thin gleaming rapier with a gold basket hilt, and Ash swinging a somewhat thicker blade with a simple leather wrapped handle. Sparks zapped and flew as their steel collided with a loud, resounding clang, and the two of them found themselves hopping back into defensive positions. Felicia stood with a hand on her hip, confidently leveling her thin blade at Ash with a smirk. Ash panted and shook her head, wincing a little. What was this dizzy feeling suddenly overcoming her?
“Oh, I’m sorry little peasant… you didn’t see my previous matches, did you..?” Felicia chuckled smugly and paced, keeping that rapier aimed at her opponent. “That shower of sparks doesn’t just happen for effect, ‘Iron Ashley.’ I just sent little waves of magical lighting energy through your body… There’s a reason I’m called the lightning rapier…”
The dazed girl took a breath and grunted, heaving her blade upward in another sudden, wide arc. Felicia dodged easily, hopping to the side and letting out a louder, more unabashed laugh.
“You’re already getting weaker, as you can tell, which will make this a lot easier to do,” the noble taunted as she disappeared in a blur of speedy motion. Ash’s eyes widened as her head darted around in search of her opponent. In an act of pure instinct, she threw her sword up with her dwindling strength in a blocking motion, both gloved hands gripping it tightly. There was an unseen clang of steel, followed by a subtle shocking sensation, and suddenly Ash’s left suspender felt heavier.
Biting her bee-stung lower lip, Ashley already guessed what had happened. She looked up to see Felicia with her back turned, cockily pacing away from her foe. Her right suspender had been severed by the fencer’s too-quick-to-be-seen movements, but thanks to her training, Ash had brought up her sword in time to block the blow that would’ve cut the other.
“b*tch,” Ash muttered, her cheeks flushing slightly as she glanced down to see half of that lacy pink thong showing over her sculpted hip. The crowd was whistling fiercely and leaning in droves over the railing. Of course, the gleaming sphere above the arena showed a close up of the uncharacteristic garment in its smoky depths.
“Ooh, nice undergarments, ‘Iron Ash,” Felicia said, her voice dripping with amusement. “I understand you’re one of the only fighters to make it this far without showing any of us your naughty bits. Well that changes today, because I want to see…” During her taunts, Felicia began to wave her blade in what appeared to be some arcane symbol. As the gleaming rapier motioned through the air, a crackling rune of electric energy flared into view in front of her, and Ash suddenly locked up as the sword she was holding shocked her. Her jaw clenched – it was a painless, if uncomfortable sensation, but her arm was locked in place.
Struggling to keep up, Ashley tried to dodge to the side as Felicia flew past, sand kicking up in her wake. Without being able to swing her arm to block she was helpless to stop the swing, and suddenly her lower half felt a lot cooler… Sure enough, as Ash picked herself up, she found she was without those baggy pants of hers. The garment was pooled around her ankles, showing off fully those thick, toned legs of hers. “Dammit!” Ash hissed as she kicked the now useless pants off of her calf-boots, struggling with them for several seconds in the sand. The pants seemed designed to be a hassle to get over her footwear – no wonder they’d let her keep her favorite boots. Wordlessly, the fat announcer gestured in the air, and the viewing sphere lit up; the sight was Ashley’s shapely bubble-butt. Protected only by that sheer, lacy thong, her toned cheeks quivered slightly with each kick.
Felicia was approaching still, rather slowly now, rapier out to her side. “Any longer and you won’t even be able to lift your sword… which is where, by the way?”
Ashley’s eyes widened again – where had she dropped her sword? Somewhere in the chaos, and being shocked, and losing her pants, she’d dropped it into the sand. Sparkling blue eyes scanned the arena floor as she found herself weakly trotting away from her slowly stalking opponent. Her limbs seemed to be growing continually heavier.
“Pathetic!” her foe shouted, easily keeping up with her. “Look harder, knave!” Felicia’s rapier whooshed out in front of her in an arc, and the crowd heard the ‘pop’ of the flat of her blade hitting flesh. Yelping, Ashley jumped as she ran along, a long red welt appearing on her bare buttock. Unable to help but cackle now, the noble swordswoman whipped the flat of her blade back and forth a few times; each time the steel smacked Ashley’s exposed bottom, there was the sound of a little static electricity and, of course, the loud spank.
“This has gotta be a huge embarrassment for Ashley, folks, getting trounced just right from the get-go…” said the announcer.
Ashley held back tears as her foe criss-crossed her ass with long wide red marks. Where was that damn sword? She was powerless without it. All of her spells somehow or another included that blade.
“Yawn,” Felicia said boredly, pretending to yawn. “I suppose I’ll just finish this quickly then, if you’re not willing to put up a fight…”
There! Ash’s eyes narrowed as she caught a glint of her sword’s pommel sticking out of the sand. Some luck, finally. Making a mad dash and a dive for it, Ashley went straight into the sand in front of her and onto her knees. Her gloved hand found the hilt of the broadsword, comforting as it was, and grinned widely as she went to scramble away from her no doubt pursuing foe. As she began to get up off all fours, she felt a most uncomfortable sensation, though. Her already racing heart skipped a beat, and her stomach sank as she felt the pinch of her thong biting into her sensitive areas, as if it were caught on something and stretched out behind her.
“Tsk tsk,” Felicia clucked behind her. “I wouldn’t move if I were you,” the noble taunted. Risking a slow turn of her head to look behind her, eyes full of dread, she saw that indeed Felicia was standing right behind her, that shiny rapier seemingly aimed at her ass. Her eyes followed the blade down to see that the noble girl had slid the tip of her steel beneath that thong of hers, presumably as she was recovering her own sword, and had twisted the thing a few times to wrap up the waistband of her undergarment in it. Essentially, the way the blade was twisted through the back of her thong, a simple flick of the wrist could rip the thing off. With a teasing little yank of her sword arm, Felicia caused that pink lace to bite deep into Ashley’s pussy and deepen the wedgie that was developing.
“Ahh!” Ashley yelped, clutching her sword tightly but not daring to move. What was Felicia getting at here..?
“Drop your sword, peasant,” commanded the girl. “It’s over.” But even as she spoke, though she kept a steady hand on that rapier, she’d moved her body closer, to right behind the girl. “I understand you might want to hang onto such a pretty set of panties, given the rags you’re usually wearing…” And sure enough, the noble’s dainty hand cupped Ashley’s crotch, teasing, delicate fingertips fanned out and tracing along her folds.
“Nnh!” Ash whimpered uncomfortably, cheeks darkening to beet red as she squirmed. She hated such a helpless feeling. Her hand tightened on that sword, still.
“Spread your legs, wench!” Felicia brought her bare hand firmly down on the girl’s already tender ass, prompting her to indeed do as she said and part her sculpted thighs. “You getting all of this, Enferia..?” She tilted her head up to ask the crowd as the announcer nodded and gestured frantically to the unseen crew behind the viewing sphere. Its glassy surface now reflected a rather close up shot of between Iron Ashley’s legs – that bright pink lace was practically lost between two puffy labia, and dark brunette pubic curls were showing clearly around the edges of the stretched thong. Felicia was laughing, hard.
“Let it be known that I, Felicia Beaumont, was the first to expose this little girl playing at swords…” and as she began to tug the thong further away, the viewing sphere gave a delightful peek at the tender pink edges of Ashley’s tightened little asshole.
“And now you’re more common than ever before…” she was musing, as Ashley suddenly disappeared from view, the sand beneath them ever-so-subtly kicked up. Felicia’s eyes widened this time, for when she glanced at the tip of her sword, the remnants of that lacy pink garment still dangled from it. Wherever Ashley was, she was without them. How had she gotten so fast..?
“Ha! It’s useless, wh*r*!” Felicia spat in a rather unladylike manner, her own cold slits narrowing in search of her opponent. Keep your cool, Felicia… As she blindly swung her sword about a few times in anticipation of an approaching foe, the crowd hushed as Ashley shimmered into view behind her, broadsword held out to the side. Her perfect buttocks were still on display, though her bush was currently hidden between the two of them as she reached down with the tip of her sword and gently tapped either of Felicia’s boots. Felicia’s head snapped up in realization that the girl was behind her and twisted about to swing at her. When she did, however, her now metallic boots stuck firmly in place in the sand beneath her. With all her momentum put into the swing, she clumsily went off balance and fell right onto her derriere in the sand. Grunting, she yanked her legs futilely, but found her boots were heavier than lead and rather resembled it, rooting her in place.
“Cheap tricks won’t win this for you, commoner! What’ve you done to my boots..?” she spat, whipping her sword around threateningly.
“There’s a reason I’m called Iron Ashley,” she replied coolly, appearing a safe distance in front of the woman and doing her best to appear unashamed of her exposed girl parts. She did have her top, after all, though it clung to her sweaty, pert breasts, and her boots made her bottomlessness look all the more ridiculous. But it was something, right? She told herself.
“One of my many magical talents is the transmutation of iron and all things metal. That’s all you need to know right now,” Ash said loudly as she raised her broadsword to her chest and muttered a few magic syllables.
“But my boots aren’t… agh!” Felicia was cut off as, from the sand beneath the noble girl and unseen to most of the crowd, there rattled up a snaking chain of iron links that slid beneath the bottom of Felicia’s shirt near the small of her back and emerged from the back of her collar. Looping into the sand and going down to the small of her back again, the quickly shooting chain made this circuit several times until Felicia was firmly bound to the ground by the back of her top. With several lengths of chain between her skin and her shirt in the back, the thin garment was getting rather strained at the front. Both the buttons on her vest and on her blouse were struggling to stay shut, such that it had almost become hard for the noble to breathe.
“You… b*tch…” she breathed, raising her sword arm in the motions of the rune she’d drawn earlier. When complete it would shock Ash senseless yet again.
“I wouldn’t do that,” Ash said, looking down at the noble on her back in the sand, the flat of her boots still firmly rooted to the ground.
“Silence! You don’t get to tell me what to do, peasant!” came forth the expected venom as she completed the rune in the air, which flared a bright white-blue with electricity. Right before it glowed to completion, though, Felicia began to shout, eyes wide. It appeared the lightning rune unraveled, and as it did, the energy rippled through Felicia, chains rattling. The shocking and firing sparks went on for a good five, ten seconds as Ash watched pitilessly, and the crowd let out an excited “ooh!”
At the culmination of the backfiring lighting, Felicia more clearly came into view. Her back was arched, her straight, beautiful fine blond hair was frizzy and disheveled, and her face was twisted in rage and indignation. More noticeably, though, were the buttons on her shirt, which began to pop. The vest buttons went first, in rapid succession, a quick 1-2-3 before the white shirt beneath showed. Her blouse was already strained too much, as was revealed – the spaces between the buttons were stretched wide open, showing vast expanses of creamy flesh beneath. The unexpected cleavage drew an enormous gasp from the crowd – the size of those massive flesh orbs was starting to become apparent.
“You’ve just charged up all the iron I put on you with lightning. I’m afraid if you arch your back any less it’s going to shock you again…” Ashley quietly explained. Felicia’s face had paled now as she realized, arching her back in her awkward position, what she’d just walked into.
“Dammit,” she muttered, cringing as she realized she had to rest her back for just a second, immediately being jolted back into that arched position and stressing those buttons. *POP* came the buttons, and that blouse exploded wide open to either side. Double D breasts came pouring out and jiggling back and forth on her otherwise slender torso. Pale, light pink nipples, oversized and soft on her breasts, immediately began to stiffen as the light wind in the arena tickled across them. The noble girl’s fair skin flushed red with embarrassment as she struggled, each time she brushed the chains causing her to bounce and wiggle, waving those newly exposed breasts about.
“I think it’s safe to say we’re all pleasantly surprised, folks…” the announcer chuckled. “Let’s all give those beautiful breasts she’s been trying so hard to hide a round of applause..!” The noble blushed harder as the crowd clapped its approval.
Just as Felicia thought she was getting free – her shirt had come to pieces after all – she looked up in time to see Ashley weaving another spell with her sword.
“It’s over, soft little noble,” the girl was saying as she stuck her sword in the ground. As she did, the incantation was finished, and she glared at the noble girl with fierce, glowing blue eyes. The boots Felicia was wearing now seemed to obey Ashley’s whims, for they yanked the noble forward hard, sending her onto her feet and inadvertently causing the rapier to fly from her hands. Disoriented, disheveled, and topless, Felicia tried to keep her head about her, but her face was positively burning at the thought of all these common folk ogling her breasts. Knowing it was a faux pas but unable to help herself, she threw a slender arm over those massive, pillowy breasts of hers, barely managing to cover the nipples with one arm.
“No! Stop looking!” she shouted at them, struggling to stay balanced in boots she couldn’t control. Ashley snapped her fingers in rhythm, and the animated boots tapped, stomped, and otherwise began to dance for her.
“Whoa..!” Felicia wobbled, being forced to take her hands off her breasts and wave them in the air for balance purposes. The crowd was in uproarious laughter at this. The noble girl was hopping about, feet kicking despite her best efforts, and intentionally sending those mounds of flesh colliding into one another as the boots enacted some common drinking dance.
“Stop! Ahh!” Felicia shrieked as she went back and forth from trying to cover her ridiculously bouncing tits to waving her arms for balance. Eventually, brimming with pure rage, she dared to lean forward and tug and one of her feet, stuck in those leaden boots. It almost came out, too, except that Ashley was waiting for this with a smirk.
“Perfect,” Iron Ashley mused, gesturing with her sword and giving the boots a command. As Felicia was bent over at the waist, tugging feebly at one of her calves in an attempt to get it out of her treacherous footwear, the boots suddenly shot out to either side of her, forcing her into a split. Sand went flying at the suddenness of the motion, which drew a gasp from Felicia as she inadvertently showcased her flexibility. The girl’s crotch was but a few inches above the ground, the seam running along her pussy finally seeming to strain.
“Nh… no!” Felicia shouted, twisting weakly but unable to slip out of the split she’d been forced into. She’d ‘sat’ up straight, now, and opted to cover her breasts again, crossing her arms over the fleshy pillows as she scanned the immediate area for her blade. With it, she could escape this ridiculous situation.
“Looking for this..?” Ashley said as she did a bit of her own taunting, circling the woman. The noble’s eyes widened in outrage as she saw the common girl, the smith’s daughter, holding the blade of her noble lineage in the hand opposite her sword.
“You! You…” the girl quivered with rage, tears of frustration welling up in her eyes as the seam at the top of her pants in the back gently gave way, splitting an inch or so very slowly… “How are you able to move!”
“Shh, you’ve underestimated me enough. A little shock wasn’t enough to keep me stunned… especially after what you said about me…” Ashley said coolly as she walked behind the noble girl, who was still attempting to stay covered. Gently, she pressed the tip of the blade between her shoulder blades, causing her to yelp and bend forward gradually.
“Lower. Lower… lower. Put those big milkbags on the sand, princess,” Ashley commanded, giving her little stinging pokes with the sword to encourage her. Yelping with each poke, Felicia reluctantly bent forward, with agonizing slowness. For the further she bent, the more that uncomfortable seam bit into her cunny; as the viewing screen soon revealed to the crowd, her womanly folds were pressed rather tightly against that thin line of stitching.
“Gods, you must have a big puss, too. Much credit to the seam of those pants. I simply must contact your tailor,” Ashley said mockingly. Indeed, the seam had only run a few more inches as the girl bent forward, her soft buttocks spilling out bit by bit.
“That looks awfully uncomfortable, let me help you.” And with a flick of the girl’s own rapier, Ashley tapped ever so gently on the taut seam, causing it to split completely from front to back. The crowd roared, and the point of view on the screen above zoomed closer. The noble girl was given no undergarments today, as the split two halves of her pants quickly showed. There had been nothing between her and her breeches save for fuzzy, light blond bush. Peeking from between bright golden curls were the delicate, glistening folds of her fat pussy, slightly parted from being bent at such an angle. Her brown eye was tender and tight, like Ashley’s, but with her slim buttocks spread out there was nothing to keep the audience from getting a good stare at it. Sobbing outright now, Felicia moved her hands from her breasts instinctively to cover her face and shut her eyes tight.
“Looks like someone could use a shave down there! It would seem the servants at House Beaumont need to work on making sure they trim all the hedges..!” laughed the announcer.
“Nooo! I surrender, please no more!”
“Crying already? Pathetic.”
And Ash grinned as she stood to the side of Felicia and raised the flat of her broadsword threateningly, glancing to the crowd for approval, before bringing it down in one hard, stinging slap across her ass. The force of the blow sent the noble’s breasts bouncing up in a generous arc, almost hitting her in the face as she squealed and jumped in reaction.
This happened a few more times in rapid succession – Ashley was getting her ass nice and pink for good measure, even going so far as to reach down and swat at her with a gloved hand one or two times. Felicia’s eyes widened and finally peeked out from behind her fingertips as she felt those gloved hands grip her slender ass, spreading cheeks as much as they could.
“A gracious winner, for certain, folks… let’s give Iron Ashley a round of applause!” The crowd clapped gratefully as they let the image of Lady Felicia Beaumont’s spread nethers burn into their mind. “Lets see what she’s got in store for her next…? That’s definitely some more metal transmutation… Oh my!” and even the announcer began to laugh at what Ashley was doing, unseen to the noble.
Felicia struggled to try and look behind her to see what Ash was up to – she heard some chanting and the sound of magical energy flaring behind her. Then, suddenly, a cold, hard sensation pressed against her c*nt, spreading it open and thrusting slowly inside.
“Nnh… Ahh!” Felicia let out a sound like a low moan crossed with a whimper. The entire arena crowd cheered delightedly at the sound and continued to clap. Ashley remained silent as the cold, heavy phallus began to work its way in and out of Felicia’s apparently wet cunny. The noble girl’s eyes had shut tight again, her cheeks burning with shame at the evidence of her arousal.
“Wow…” Ashley finally said. “You really did wanna see my naughty bits, didn’t you..? Got you all worked up…” the smith’s daughter bit down hard on her full lower lip coyly as she continued to pleasure her with the mysterious object. “Take a look up at the viewing sphere, go on. It might make you hotter. You see, I decided your sword was more appropriate in this form, given your skill with it…”
Eyes widening in horror, Felicia’s head shot up to check the sphere displaying her penetration above to have her fears confirmed. The clearly recognizable gold basket hilt of her sword was sticking out from between her thighs, but where its blade should have been was an almost foot long metal dildo. She’d turned her precious sword into a damned sex toy..!
“Nnah!” she moaned again, inadvertently, as Ashley gently twisted and wiggled the ‘blade’ about inside her soaked pussy.
“But you’re loving it! Why the shocked face..?” Ashley taunted, withdrawing the impromptu dildo and patting her ass with it a few times. “See? It’s nice and slick, which you’ll appreciate much more in a few seconds.
The horror on Felicia’s face only grew deeper as she watched the images above – it was the only way she could see clearly – the head of that metal phallus was aimed right at her asshole! She found herself panting gently and feeling rather empty, though. For a moment, she wished her c*nt still had something in it…
Nonsense! She thought. I’m a proper noble wo-“Ahh! Please!” she cut herself off as the slick, rounded head of the once-sword pushed firmly on her resisting pucker. Inch by inch, that shiny metal cock pressed its way into her oh-so-tight anus. When it was a good four, five inches in Ashley stopped, mercifully, as Felicia panted into the sand, blond hair pooled beneath her head. Giving her a few moments to ‘adjust,’ Ashley walked around in front of the girl, where she was lying with her legs still spread at near a 180 degree angle. Felicia noted she was still bottomless as she stood before her. The sight of her opponent’s lightly furred brunette pussy was not lost on her… she’d only wanted to see it from the standpoint of the victor. Weakly, she propped herself up on her forearms, looking up defeated as if to say What now?
She was answered as Ashley grabbed a handful of the loser's hair, a little roughly, to guide that statuesque face of hers towards her own moist c*nt. Of course, arena contestants ordinarily didn’t have to be turned on by whatever degradations they put the loser through, but it seemed to be the case this time. Or so Felicia found out, eyes wide, as her pretty little thin lips opened up just in time to get a mouthful of that pussy. Her muffled cry of “mmph!” went unheard as Ashley giggled, running fingers through her new pet’s hair as she continued to squirm and wiggle that hilt protruding from her ass…

* * *

“Wow,” Sharessa breathed, witnessing the end of the match as she crowded next to the window with Halia.
“Yep. See? It coulda been a lot worse for ya. We could have to fight one of those spell-sword-wizard people, and they could’ve gone all-out on ya,” Halia mused.
“ ‘All-out?’ Are you saying that witch went easy on me? You didn’t see the things she made me do once we…“ blushing hard, she trailed off just as the guards nearby shouted.
“All right, bath time!” came the gruff voice, and Halia squealed loudly as she grabbed her new friend by the wrist to drag her around once again…
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Old 07-21-2009, 11:41 PM
cerindclvr cerindclvr is offline
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so, where does everyone want it to go from here? I could continue to do a number of x vs y scenarios, with a number of recurring characters... or do we want some semblance of plot..?
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Old 07-22-2009, 06:54 AM
Mackie Mackie is offline
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I prefer a plot myself, any possibilities you have in mind?

Felt the right girl won and you kept it diffirent from the other fight, do love the announcer!
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Old 07-25-2009, 04:52 PM
balcaran balcaran is offline
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Very very funny!

Some ideas that popped in my mind reading:
1) a rogue-ninja and a cleric, and you covered all the main fantasy figures
2) Sharessa must train to this kind of fight: now she knows only to throw fireball, she must learn to trash off clothes with her magic. Do you show us her progresses?
3) Do you think there will be in the future a round all-against-the-monster? Some ladies against a monster bound to strip off and not to kill (a Dragon o a Beholder, to stay in classics)?
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Talking WOW

your doing AMAZING already
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Old 04-07-2010, 08:47 AM
cerindclvr cerindclvr is offline
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That is encouraging, thanks for the praise. I've got a good chunk of the next chapter or two, i'll see about finishing up and uploading as soon as I get a chance.
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Old 04-08-2010, 04:18 AM
Mackie Mackie is offline
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Great news, look forward to it
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