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Default The Enferia Chronicles

(I hadn't noticed any stories of the fantasy genre here, but I figured no one would particularly mind... and so, with no small sense of satisfaction, I give you what is hopefully the first installment of what I've tentatively titled "The Enferia Chronicles." The first 'literary' contribution of mine to the ENF community. Hope ya like.)

Part I: Sharessa v Christine

In the land of Enferia, a land of swords and sorcery on some distant world that once resembled our own, there exists an arena where queen and commoner alike can come seeking entertainment. The Grand Arena, the large, stone structure with the immense sandy dueling area, caters to two base desires. Some come to see blood spilled upon the sand, and others come out of lust. Half of the time gladiators come to fight in great battles, and the other half of the time… the people come to see stripping games and lewd sex acts.
It was on one such day, one of the designated times when no blood was to be spilt in the arena, when the victim of our little story (and she is the victim, mind you) came stumbling out past the portcullis and onto the hot sand of the pit. She was a slight little thing, the crowd could immediately see, dressed in dark blues and greens – baggy, shapeless wizard robes, by the look of it. Standing and brushing herself off, Sharessa squinted dark emerald orbs up at the crowd, the unforgiving sun stinging her exotic, almond-shaped eyes. Already the swarms of people around the edge of the arena were shouting in excitement and approval. Maybe it was her fair skin and lustrous mane of raven hair. And those pointed ears – she was an elf! The exotic-looking, disoriented elf girl looked very much out of place in the harsh spectacle, shielding her eyes from the light as if she’d been in the pits below the arena for some time.
Retying her hair in a more practical ponytail, Sharessa still had a few loose tresses which hung in front of those green eyes of hers as she stared across the ring at where her opponent should’ve been.
“Gods, how did I get into this mess..? Oh yes…” she pondered quietly to herself as her heart raced. The round little man with the booming voice, the arena announcer, stepped forth from the bottom of the queen’s canopied personal seating area. In a shout much louder than he should’ve been capable of, he began announcing the start of the match.
“We bring before our illustrious queen Syndra today a match befitting her station! A duel of sorceresses most grand: from the far west, and elven maiden quite adept in the magical arts, brought to the arena today to answer for her crimes… Sharessa!”
The crowd roared and cheered and booed all at once, and the waifish elf girl brandished her wand from within one of her baggy sleeves – a slender wooden thing, tipped with a bit of smoky green crystal. She blinked a bit, looking up at the queen now and taking a slow breath. Though she was sitting in the middle of a small crowd of retainers and body guards under her canopy, Sharessa could barely make out the beautiful, fire-haired sorceress-queen Syndra, the one she had offended to end up here. How was she supposed to know all the intricacies of human law and custom anyways? It’s not like she wanted to be-
The young sorceress’ attention was snapped back to reality as the announcer boomed excitedly:
“And of course, the one you all know and love: The violator of damsels, denuder of the proud… the mysterious Grey Witch… Christine..!” As his voice rose dramatically and the crowd churned in fervor, the sand of the arena floor began to swirl in a spontaneous cyclone around where Sharessa figured her opponent should’ve been standing. The small swirling cloud quickly diminished, leaving a shapely woman standing, posing, in its place. Sharessa’s eyes widened slightly as she spotted her opponent, beautiful as she was.
Dark, gold-grey eyes stared from behind curly blond tresses right at Sharessa. Her opponent’s hair reached about mid-back, the same length as her own hair, and as thick and lustrous, but much wavier. With a haughty toss of her head, Christine shook that mane back, over her bare shoulders, as she took a few steps towards her foe, coming more fully into view out of the dying cloud of sand.
The Grey Witch was dressed scantily, in something resembling a very short wedding gown. The tight, faded white garment was very sheer, gauzy even, and clung tightly to her athletic curves and full, round hips. Her thick thighs were largely exposed, too, what with the skirt barely reaching mid-thigh. Leather sandals were laced up her toned calves and matched the set of strange leather bracers the witch wore… Sharessa found herself blushing slightly at the shameless woman – her society was much more reserved, as her clothing would show – her own robes were baggy and hid what little curves she had, for now.
“You all know the game: first one naked, loses!” The announcer shouted excitedly. Everyone was familiar with it, except Sharessa, really. They’d told her through the bars of her dark and musty prison cell earlier today that she could earn her freedom through a series of ambiguous but non-violent arena games in which she was required to use her skills as a mage. At the time it seemed like a no brainer, but as her pale face reddened slightly and she watched the predatory grin grow on her foe’s face, the girl’s mind was racing.
Christine hummed softly from across the pit as she mused to herself in a sensual, husky voice. “I like this one… I think I’m going to take my time with her and put on a good show for the queen…” she chuckled.
“H-hail,” Sharessa managed to squeak, raising her empty hand in greeting. “I, uh… do we..?” the elf began to mutter her uncertain questions as to what happens next when the announcer yelled a sudden: “BEGIN!”
When Sharessa’s eyes snapped back to her opponent from the fat little announcer, she gasped as she saw no one there at all. She trembled in abject shock as she heard the seductive voice resonate from right behind her, next to her ear. As she stiffened in fear, Christie whispered: “Let’s get you into something a little more exciting, shall we..?” And with the muttering of a few mystic syllables, the witch let loose a shrinking spell on the girl’s robes.
“What? Hey..!” Sharessa finally managed to spin about and point her wand at the sorceress standing right behind her. “B-back off! I don’t want to d… huh?” Sharessa found herself gasping again as her clothes began to shift and constrict uncomfortably. Christine chuckled softly, covering her full lips with a hand as she watched the young mage fidget and attempt to adjust her clothing. She really didn’t know what was going on? This was going to be fantastic…
Sharessa paled in growing horror as she looked down to see the hem of her robe riding up gradually. Her leather boots only reached mid-calf on her slender but shapely legs, the majority of which was coming into view all too quickly. By the time her robe was done shrinking, it more resembled a miniskirt, and her bare thighs were on display. Long sleeves became short sleeves, and the neckline of the upper part of her robe, which had formerly been nonexistent, now dipped dangerously close to her smallish breasts. Her attempts to tug the ‘skirt’ any lower than mid-thigh were hopeless.
“Oh, so you do have some curves on you after all…” the witch taunted as her chuckle grew into an open laugh. “And they can all see, too…” Gesturing upward idly, Christine directed Sharessa’s eyes to something she’d not noticed before. Hovering several stories directly above the arena floor was a large clear glass sphere, easily the size of a small house. Shining inside the orb was an all-too-clear image, a ‘close up’ of the fight so that the audience would have a better view of the action. Her eyes widened yet again as she spied the current close up of the way her top was stretched across her pert little tits, with just a hint of nipple outline, so thin had it become. The poor thing was so distraught that she didn’t notice Christine at work again, during her distraction. A simple bit of telekinesis would shear that robe right down the middle, in front. Sharessa’s eyes were so glued on that orb above her that she didn’t realize what was happening until she saw the front of her robe pop open in that very sphere.
“I thought it looked a bit tight on you… that feels better, no?” Christine cooed. The crowd roared again in excitement as so much pale flesh came into view. Thankfully, Sharessa was wearing a set of lacy elven undergarments that must’ve seemed exotic or skimpy to all these… humans. The strapless light green bra and boy short-like panties were only in view for a few moments before she shrieked, clamped her knees together, and tugged the robe back shut. Clutching the torn garment together, wand still in the white knuckle grip of her delicate little hand, Sharessa stumbled back, barely keeping her footing.
“Stay back! I mean it..!” She shouted with as much sternness as she could muster, gesturing threateningly with her wand. Though her robe was fluttering open a little, she managed to keep it mostly shut with her free hand… but even as the young elf threatened, Christine began to walk towards her calmly and smoothly, those hips swaying beneath her tattered garment. Cringing, Sharessa whisked her wand in the arcane motion of a simple blasting spell, and the spherical ripple of condensed air it produced went flying towards the witch.
With a nonchalant gesture, like one would shoo flies, Christine repelled the magical attack with the back of her hand and sent it thundering back towards the petrified elf with more force than before. Now, in a violent match the blast would’ve possibly broken some bones or knocked her unconscious when the melon-sized ball of force smacked straight into the slender thing’s chest. Due to the magical wards and protections surrounding the arena though, Sharessa would only feel the air get knocked out of her lungs as she skidded back a foot or two, struggling to remain upright. The swirling orb of hard air seemed to grind into her torso for a few moments, slowly losing power as she crossed her forearms in front of her in a feeble attempt to block it. During the windy blast of force, her robe of course came fluttering open, her adorable, high pitched screams drowned out by the sound of the spell.
The crowd was chanting: “Christie! Christie!” The nickname of the witch filled Sharessa’s delicate ears as her arms were blasted behind her by the spell, and with them, her robe. The now thin, ragged robe peeled slowly down her thin limbs, the tight sleeves the only thing keeping it on her for those few torturous moments. Finally, the garment came flying off of her arms, leaving her in boots, bra, and panties when the blast finally dispersed and she shakily regained her balance. With her hair disheveled and somehow miraculously still bound in a ponytail, Sharessa dazedly shook her head and brushed some of those raven locks out of her face before she realized how much more naked she’d become, and why exactly the crowd was laughing and cheering. Looking down with another horrified expression, mouth agape, she squealed a “noo!” and threw her slender arms over the pert little buds of breasts that were barely concealed by that strapless bra, and clamped her thighs together.
“That’s gotta be embarrassing, folks,” the announcer taunted in a casual but magically amplified tone. “I mean, completely repelled the force blast… and left her in some very nice looking elven undergarments, if I may say so. Let’s get a closer look, eh?” the pudgy little man rubbed his balding head and looked behind him, as if speaking to some unseen director. Sure enough, the large viewing sphere overhead was showing an enlarged view of the delicate light green lace covering the curves of her shapely rear in lewd detail, right down to the way the lower part of her ass cheeks dipped out of the boy shorts, and the way they rode up into her crevice slightly. Mortified, she’d immediately throw a hand behind her to cup her ass and cover her crotch from behind, which the viewing sphere had been threatening to show next if it kept zooming in.
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Default continued...

So, it was with her wand arm across her breasts and her other arm covering her ass crack and her thighs tightly clamped together that the shaking elf girl tried to formulate her next plan. That b*tch of a queen must’ve known this match would be completely unbalanced, and if she had any hope of keeping her elven modesty she’d have to act quickly. Most importantly, she had to keep hold of her wand at all costs. The wand was a gift from her mentor, and was rather powerful, which they might not have accounted for. In fact, the blast she’d produced before came purely from the wand and not of her own magical abilities, which, if combined, she figured, would take Christine right off her feet. Hitting her was not going to be easy, though…
Christie had been pacing dramatically as Sharessa fidgeted and blushed. So, she was ready when, shaking, Sharessa finally raised her wand up and began muttering something to herself. With her now watery eyes and trembling lower lip, it looked as if the elf girl were mewling to herself pitifully. Indeed, as she sent out what seemed to be random blasts of force from the wand in the same inept gesture as before, Christine cackled triumphantly and disappeared before each one hit her. Every time, before the spherical bolts would hit her, there was a small flash of light and the sorceress would be gone, only to reappear somewhere else.
“Oh, come on now don’t cry my sweet,” Christine laughed. WHOOSH! Another blast roared right past her. “You’re not even trying anymore! This won’t be any fun…” Humming a little note of disappointment, the Grey Witch appeared right behind Sharessa, who didn’t even seem to notice her there. Her eyes were darting around in panic, her wand pointing frantically. Her head would perk up when Christine whistled behind her. Staying utterly still, frozen with fear, Sharessa could only turn her head to see the sorceress staring at her somewhat plump rear.
“You’ve got quite a nice ass, for an elf..!” She said, loud enough for the crowd to have a laugh. “Normally, it’s all flat back there… mmh.” The lusty sorceress quirked a brow and bit her full lower lip. Sharessa was still stuck in place – much of the crowd assumed Christine had frozen her there and was about to make her masterstroke. Christine knew she’d done no such thing and simply figured she was as shaken as she’d been the entire match, finally locking up for good in panic.
“Tell you what, sweetie…” the sorceress said breathily right into her pointy, elegant ear. “If you can hit me with your next cute little blast of force, I won’t snap your sexy little bra off and show those tits to the crowd.” Sharessa gasped, eyes widening slightly, but otherwise did nothing. Her wand arm was extended out in front of her, stiff and unmoving. As if to emphasize her words, from the back of Christine’s leather wrist wraps several thin silvery blades would grow, like claws. It was with this clawed bracer that she’d reach up and hook the back of her bra strap, causing the garment to strain against Sharessa’s modest chest.
“No?” Christine asked, disappointed still. With a sigh, she’d flick her wrist in a gesture that should’ve sliced the bra right off and sent it sling-shot style flying out in front of her. Instead, strangely, Sharessa’s entire form burst, turning into a cloud of colorful smoke. “Wha..?” Christine muttered. “When did she..?” Recognizing the illusion immediately for what it was, the Grey Witch spun about to look for the real Sharessa. She turned just in time to see the real Sharessa a stone’s throw behind her, looking confident for the first time today, despite being clad in naught but her undergarments and calf boots. The elf had one hand on her hip and the other was waving that wand right at her.
“Shite!” Christie hissed as the sphere of force, this time about as wide as a person was tall, came rippling at her. The crowd gasped at the sight of the immense thing shuddering along the short expanse of arena, kicking up all manner of sand as it flew, to smack right into Christine. With an enraged grunt and an audible THUMP Christine was knocked off her feet and went tumbling along the ground for several seconds til she was lost in the cloud of sand. The arena was silent. Even the queen quirked a brow from her shadowy perch.
“You see, when you thought I was crying,” Sharessa began as she paced forward. “I was actually creating an illusion of myself. A simple trick, to become invisible and replace yourself with a fake double…” With a gesture of her wand the cloud of sand before her would disperse, revealing to the crowd a rather disheveled Christie. Standing and shaking her head, the proud sorceress smoothed her dark golden mane back over her bare shoulders and arched her back.
“But you had every reason to underestimate me, I suppose. That’s all over now,” Sharessa shouted as she leveled the wand at Christie, who had stood up fully by this point. Shameless as that gauzy dress of hers would suggest her to be, the Grey Witch was looking rather self-conscious now. Her face was flushed red with indignant rage and embarrassment as she realized the blast had done wonders to her outfit. The dress itself was totally gone – ripped right off of her curvy, athletic frame. Her breasts, pert handfuls, were totally on display, dusky pink nipples and all. And even though they were a little taut and hard on the tips of her perfect breasts, she made no motion to cover them. For as Sharessa would later find out, no matter how embarrassed an arena veteran was, making efforts to cover oneself was seen as a sign of weakness. Of course, most of the time it was obvious that the fighter was still self-conscious. One of the delicious ironies of the arena.
“Wow folks, just wow. Been a long time since we’ve seen Christine like that..!” The arena announcer chuckled, fairly shocked himself.
As for the rest of her, there was little to cover her there, too. Long legs led down to those calf-laced sandals, which were almost concealing more than her undergarment bottoms. Exotic, perhaps elven in make as well, she mused, Christie’s pubic mound was covered by a silky, lacy white triangle of fabric – part of a skimpy thong. The bottoms did absolutely nothing to cover her toned, full ass. In fact, one could tell by the dimples on the sides of her rear that she was rather tense at the prospect of being so close to nude. Perhaps the greatest indignity was the slow, growing chant of “Shar-ess-ah! Shar-ess-ah!” Positively burning with rage, Christie would fly into motion, C-cup breasts bouncing perkily on the viewing sphere above. Such was the rage and speed with which she moved that Sharessa’s newfound confidence was shaken, as her wide eyes would attest.
“Silence wh*r*!” Christie shouted, to no one in particular, as Sharessa gathered the presence of mind to send another shockwave at her. She’d hesitated, though, so when Christine disappeared from sight it was little surprise to the crowd or to Sharessa.
“Okay, I’ve got this, just need to stay calm…” she was muttering to herself as she turned her head about in anticipation of the sorceress’ reappearance. The arena floor would tremble then, suddenly, the walls shaking slightly and the audience looking about uncertainly. With Christine still out of sight, the tremors seemed centered around Sharessa, who was wobbling about on slender legs when, abruptly, the ground beneath her sprouted upwards in a stony pillar. The stone platform emerged from the sand below her and nearly took the girl off her feet, but her instincts bade her to clutch tightly to the thing as it grew to the height of about three people. As the thick stone pole, which was barely wide enough around for one person to stand on, thundered upwards, it shook the girl violently about. The crowd gasped at the sight excitedly as she bounced about and slipped off the narrow ledge, barely managing to grab the side with her empty hand. Wand still in her off hand, she cringed at the thought of falling from this height.
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Default 3 of 4

“Don’t she know she can’t be hurt while she’s in the arena?” one peasant asked another.
“Nah you git, she’s new! She’s foreign, like most elves.”
“Well, can’t she fly?”
“I guess not. Not all sorceressessess can fly, ya know.”
Actually, Sharessa could fly, given the proper preparation, spell reagents, and so on… such was not the case now, though she would blink in wonderment a moment as she saw Christine fly up from the opposite side of the pillar to land delicately on top of it. Under other conditions, with far, far less people watching, she might’ve taken the moment to appreciate the sight of the sexy witch standing above her as she hung precariously. Her curves glistened slightly with sweat, and her golden mane seemed to have somehow regained it luster since she’d been hit by the blast. Hands on her hips, Christine glared down haughtily.
“Alright b*tch, time to get you naked. You’ve got potential, I’ll give you that… but you’re up against a superior foe, here,” she said matter of factly.
“B-but, you said…” Sharessa began meekly.
“Oh?” Christie quirked a brow. “I said what? I said ‘I won’t snap your bra off,’ I believe.” Sharessa nodded hopefully as her legs dangled beneath her and her fingers struggled to maintain a grip on the pillar from which she hung. Cringing, she reached up with her wand hand to get a better grip.
“Nuh uh…” Christine taunted, reaching down to sn*tch at the wand. With the witch in a crouched position and bent slightly, the viewing sphere decided to take advantage and show a close up of her tight bottom. The thin strap that had been trapped between those thick cheeks of hers peeked into view as she bent.
Gasping, Sharessa let go with her wand hand in order to keep Christine from sn*tching it, barely hanging on with her other hand. Deciding to glance down, she weighed the option of dropping if she had to. Damn! How did she know I was afraid of heights? Sharessa wondered. Thinking better of it, she kept her eyes off the ground.
“Hey! Up here!” Christine snapped, demanding her attention. She had stood up after realizing the view she was affording everyone while she was bent over. “I’m a woman of my word, so your bra can stay for now… but those panties must go.” And with a little gesture and arcane syllable, Sharessa felt something very strange start to happen. Her bottom tightened, and her thighs clamped together, for she felt as if her lacy boy shorts had quickly grown rather heavy. The way the lace began to shift and sag, it was as if it were made of chain mail! Glancing down, she saw that thankfully this was not the case, though the spell must’ve made them many times heavier than their ordinary weight. Cursing quietly in elven, Sharessa struggled and wiggled, reaching with her wand hand to tug at the waistband and keep them up a little longer.
“Of course, you could always give me that wand…” Christie said as she turned her head away slightly, keeping one eye on her. “Then you get to keep your dignity… or at least some of it.”
Damn my haughtiness! I’d almost had her. Sharessa cursed again as she slowly realized she couldn’t keep this, or her panties, up much longer. The viewing sphere above drew many whistles and catcalls from the audience as it displayed a slow zoom in of the compromising view of the young elf from below her. The waistband of her panties would peel a few inches down slowly after each tug, even as she twisted and turned her body to keep them up, or clamped her thighs together. She’d even try to pull her knees up to her chest at one point, as much of a strain it put on her hand to have her legs between her and the pillar. She’d not try it again, though, realizing that it cause the back of those shorts to ride down even further.
“Eep!” she’d squeal as she felt the sun on her bare rear. The waistband had crept down, below the top of her crevice, to reveal the top of her fine, round ass. As her cheeks clenched tighter, the portion of those shorts that had ridden up into her crack would peel out slowly, sending the crowd into further fervor. More and more of her was coming into view..!
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Default aaand final...

“No! Please nooo!” Her eyes winced shut, and her grip on the pillar above was loosening. Even with her legs crossed the garment was sliding lower, and her entire adorable bottom was visible now. Her crotch would only remain concealed from the viewing sphere a few moments longer, too, before the sheer fabric peeeeled away tantalizingly from her slightly moist mound and her delicate pinkish folds. The crowd gasped in delight.
“Oh gods! She’s all moist!” laughed peasant #1 in delight.
“I think she’s liking it!” cackled his friend.
“And there’s our answer, folks, for those of you who were wondering if the rumors are true: Elves are naturally hairless down there..!” boomed the announcer triumphantly.
How she’d grown wet in all this havoc would be the farthest thing from her mind, though; all she could think about was how, when she was little, her mother taught her the value of modesty: “Now, Sharessa, it’s important that you keep covered, especially from the eyes of lusty humans. You won’t get married by a big handsome prince if your secrets are revealed to anyone else…” Of course, her mother couldn’t have known that it wasn’t a prince she wanted to sweep her off her feet…
“Ahh! Stupid lusty humans..!” she’d shout involuntarily, drawing a widening of the eyes from Christine, a little gasp of shock from the crowd, and a smirk from the queen. Her eyes would snap wide open as she realized what she’d said, while Christine above her chuckled a bit.
“You shouldn’t have said that… your only protection was the crowd, and I think they kinda liked you…” Christie mused. Meanwhile, the crowd was roaring and booing and shouting things like “humiliate her already! Go Christie!!”
Christie just watched and waited as gravity did the rest. Sharessa’s panties dangled precariously from her ankles a few moments before dropping into the sand below with a heavy THUMP, followed shortly by a shrieking Sharessa.
“No more! Please!” she shouted before her fingers gave way. In the chaos, she of course didn’t notice that Christine had gestured again, this time making a tiny stone hook protrude from the pillar and catch the front of her bra before she’d let go. The bra wouldn’t stop her from falling at all; it immediately and effortlessly came free to hang from that hook as the girl fell harmlessly into the sand.
Sharessa fell, completely nude and screaming the whole way, into the soft sand below. Her butt hit first, and the magical protection of the arena caused her to bounce generously several feet into the air rather than take the full force of the impact. “Oof!” she’d grunt as she bounced a few times, losing her self-consciousness for a moment.
“Pity…” clucked Christine as Sharessa looked up to see her standing, victoriously, in front of her. “All you had to do was hang on a little longer, little girl! Now you’ve lost your bra…!” …and she began laughing, covering her mouth coyly with a hand in mock politeness. Sharessa’s eyes widened as she realized what had happened, and that she was, in fact, totally nude now save for her boots. Up on the viewing sphere, her small but pert tits jiggled subtly as she hurried to her feet, and her little strawberry nubs were already erect from the excitement and from the wind on her bare skin. Still clutching her wand out of sheer habit, the girl threw an arm down to cup her totally smooth crotch, which had almost gotten as much sand stuck to it as her arse. Her other hand slid back down the crack of her ass in a feeble effort to cover it up again, leaving her in that awkward embarrassed pose as she shifted from foot to foot.
“I win! I win!” Christine cheered gleefully as she hopped a bit, giving no small show of her own as her breasts and butt bounced. Walking around the totally exposed girl in a slow, teasing circle, she gnawed gently on her plump lower lip and pondered her victory.
“Christine is the winner!” Shouted the announcer over the cheering of the crowd, and a thin gold collar and leash appeared hanging from the elf’s neck.
“Wha… what’s this..?” Sharessa reached up with the hand on her ass to tug at that unbudging collar, only to suddenly realize what she’d done and slap it back down in place. Christie continued to circle her like some predator.
“Normally this is the part where I’d violate every hole on your body for the viewing pleasure of the crowd...” she let the comment hang in the air a moment as Sharessa’s heart pounded in her chest. She was all too aware of how moist her crotch was with her hand on it. “Buuut since you showed spunk I think I’ll save that for another time.” The witch winked as she stood in front of her, only to disappear and reappear right behind the girl, arms wrapped around her waist. Those glistening, bare breasts of hers, erect nipples and all, were pressed against Sharessa’s back when she appeared, and Christie’s warm breath was once again teasing those delicate ears of hers.
“Unless… you want me to...” she whispered
“Ew! No!” the elf replied sharply, wiggling in her embrace. Christine’s face hardened.
“Suit yourself. You did warrant a firm spanking though.”
“Wha..? wait!” but even as she protested, Christie had knelt down in the sand, grabbing a handful of the girl’s hair as she did to yank her down with her. Kneeling there, Christine shoved the elf face first over her knee and bent her over with deceptively strong arms. With the girl’s bare tits in the sand, Christie grinned up at the crowd and cheered, “Count with me!”
Taut, bubble ass up in the air, Sharessa struggled and whined helplessly. “No!”
“One!” Christie and the crowd shouted in unison as she brought her palm striking down upon that soft, creamy flesh, making it ripple slightly. “Ow!” she yelped.
“Two!” they shouted again, this time she brought her hand down exclusively on the right buttock, sending it jiggling, almost into the other cheek it seemed.
“Three!” came the third cheer, this time she evened the smacks out by popping her left ass cheek. The pale flesh was rather quickly growing pink.
“Four! Five!” came the alternating smacks, really starting to sting those cheeks now, and causing little Sharessa’s eyes to tear up. Then the pause.
“Done..?” Sharessa dared to ask, only to be interrupted by the sudden spank.
“Six!” chanted the crowd as the painful looking swat came down, this one right between her cheeks and a bit low. As Sharessa bounced in Christine’s iron grip it became obvious that one must’ve gotten her on the crotch.
“Let’s get in on some of that action, shall we?” prompted the announcer, and the sphere above glowed slightly with the new, close up image of those now pink buttocks, which squirmed and jiggled with “Seven! Eight! Nine!” Tears were streaming down her face now, and her lip was quivering. Wordlessly, the announcer gestured to the unseen director, and the image on the sphere above’s point of view dropped a bit lower, causing the crowd to cheer its final roar of approval as the girl’s delicate, hairless pink pussy came into view just in time for the final spank.
“Ten!!” Christie cheered, bringing her open palm smacking right onto the girl’s tender crotch, eliciting a scream and causing her to bounce right out of Christie’s grip and land face first in the sand next to her. Panting exhaustedly, with her stinging bottom sticking up in the air, Sharessa lay there for a few moments as Christie milked the audience for its final bits of applause. The witch stood slowly, picked up the thin gold leash, and tugged gently til Sharessa had pulled herself up onto all fours. The queen stood and clapped her approval before vanishing silently from the arena in her own small display of magic.
“Now crawl, my pet…” Christie whispered, and, with her broken new pet, marched through the portcullis and out of the arena, for today…

I did tell you that Sharessa was the victim, at least of this first little story. She didn’t win her freedom quite yet, but even with a losing record she could eventually get out. It was with this small solace and dread of future spectacles that she slept fitfully that night, wondering what new horrors they could come up with after that hellish day...
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Old 06-26-2009, 04:54 AM
MysteriousOne MysteriousOne is offline
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Absolutely brilliant story!
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Old 06-26-2009, 05:12 PM
cerindclvr cerindclvr is offline
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glad ya like it. Comments, suggestions, etc. all welcome, btw. I'd like some feedback before I start the follow ups...
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Old 06-27-2009, 02:31 AM
NNN NNN is offline
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Great job! Brilliantly done! Please write more stories in the future.

Perhaps for the final story you could end it with the Queen stripped and running through the streets? Maybe add a battle royale with multiple girls at once?

Keep it up
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Old 06-27-2009, 11:19 AM
Derelict Derelict is offline
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Nice story!

As far as feedback goes, I simply suggest getting as creative as possible with magic. Your possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to stripping/humiliating/spanking/etc. with magic in your universe.

I'm curious to see what else you come up with before suggesting anything specific.
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Old 06-27-2009, 01:22 PM
Mackie Mackie is offline
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I love fantasty settings, so few fantasy/enf (can recall one emperor comic fantasy, one Morphy pic with goblins, that's about it that I can recall) so overjoyed to see one. Very good story and like Derelict says, magic will hopefully leave you with a range of possibilities.

Last edited by Mackie; 06-27-2009 at 01:30 PM.
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Old 06-28-2009, 10:10 PM
cerindclvr cerindclvr is offline
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Yep, I should be posting part 2 in the next day or two. I left the first story pretty simple as you can probably tell, to kind of break people in to the idea of magic and a fantasy setting and kind of feel out the results. I feel it was also a good intro into what could eventually be a good story format or setting for anyone else who wants to use it when things are fleshed out a bit more. Wasn't sure what kind of reception it was gonna get on this board, quite frankly.
I definitely intend for a few things to happen in the many stories to come from this series... Any and all of the girls introduced will sooner or later get their comeuppance, especially the queen, of course (though that will be a good bit later, I imagine). The magic will definitely get a bit more out there, too. Generic blasts of force and the like, I hope, will come up as little as possible from now on. This is not to say that someone's blouse isn't gonna get burned off with a fireball at some point, but ideally the magic will maximize the embarrassment and humiliation by creating situations that are otherwise impossible. I'm sure that's all a bit vague sounding, in part because I'm trying to avoid spoiling any surprises...
Speaking of the magic, though... is there anything that would seem like a cop out or be too extreme? What I mean is, it obviously wouldn't be much fun, under most circumstances, for one of the girls to get all of her clothes instantly teleported away or something. Similarly I'm not sure how I feel about mind control. Mind control could lead to some fun stuff, but having one of the girls made to strip herself completely naked doesn't seem quite right.
As for extreme-ness... I've already avoided forced sex, although it goes without saying that any 'forced' sex would turn from "No..! Don't..! Stop..!" to "No, don't stop!" pretty quickly... if anyone would prefer I leave that stuff in to add to the humiliation and if it's not against some kind of board rules to have sex that only starts out reluctant, then I'd be glad to oblige. Also, more 'extreme' stuff like having one of the girls piss themselves seems both obligatory and gross, depending on your taste in that sort of thing...

tl;dr -- what're your opinions on mind control and other 'cop out' forms of magic, as well as the extremes of humiliation such as watersports, and 'raep?'
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