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Old 02-13-2019, 11:25 PM
Tash Tash is offline
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Default Horror Enf

Hello everyone My name is Natasha (Tash for short) and I’m new to this forum. I read a story on here that was like Freddy Krueger, but as an ENF story where he stripped girls instead of killing them. I absolutely love the idea of mixing horror and enf and would love to write some stories. Would anyone like to suggest some horror enf themes for me to write them a story about?

😘 Tash
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Old 02-15-2019, 02:21 AM
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Default Zombies ... definitely love zombies

Love "the Walking dead" tv series and even humour based ones like "izombie" tv series.

So instead of a zombie undead like infection possibly some sort of uncontrollable compulsion infection to ....
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Old 02-15-2019, 06:14 AM
Itsmetoo Itsmetoo is online now
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Residence evil would be cool!
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Old 02-15-2019, 11:31 AM
1993wwe 1993wwe is offline
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Honestly, a new take on the Freddy Krueger idea would be interesting, the dream world offers a lot of fun story potential and different paths.

In terms of other horror ideas, maybe Saw? Jigsaw usually tries to push people to their limit physically and mentally, maybe using that concept but swapping out the gore/ultra violence pieces and using sexual boundaries could be interesting.
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Old 02-15-2019, 09:16 PM
Tash Tash is offline
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Default Great ideas!

These are great ideas guys! Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll start writing some of these and post them when I’m finished. Hope you guys like them!

😘 Tash
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Old 02-15-2019, 10:04 PM
abagel abagel is offline
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An American Horror Story ENF would be a goldmine if you turned some of the ideas from horror into more embarrassment themed stuff.
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Old 02-17-2019, 11:30 PM
Tash Tash is offline
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Default The Stripping Dead: Part 1

This one goes out to Havingfunwithus2!

The Stripping Dead

Alarms blared throughout the CDC as Dr. Brittany Crane ran down the hall, lab coat torn. She ran into a lab and locked the door. In the lab, Dr. John Stone was frantically typing on the computer. “Dr. Stone! The water supply in the city has tested positive for the virus! All the men are going out of control! Even scientists here tried to have their way with me, as you can probably tell from my coat.” Brittany said. John stood up from his chair. “I don’t understand it.” He said. “This virus drastically increases the male libido to primal, violent tendencies. It’s like they can’t control themselves. Once infected, they have to see naked women at any means necessary. They’ll strip the clothes right off their bodies.” John said. “What are we going to do? This is spreading rapidly. I saw a group of security guards groping poor Gina the intern. They removed every stitch of clothing from her body.” Brittany said. “I’m working on a cure.” John said. “I just need to find a formula to counteract the virus, a sort of anti-viagra if you will.” Brittany looked around as John worked. Her heart sank when she saw what was on his desk...a glass of water. “Um, Doctor? You didn’t drink that did you?” John looked at the glass and looked frightened. “Oh no...” he said. “Are you okay?” Brittany asked. “I think I’m fine. I only drank a little bit.” John said. He looked Brittany up and down. Her lab coat was ripped, her pink blouse was tight and really accented her breasts, and her black skirt which rode just above her knees showed her long smooth legs. “You know,” John said. “It’s probably not good for you to keep that ripped coat on. Why don’t you take it off?” Brittany became nervous. “Why does that matter?” She asked. John stood up and slowly walked over to Brittany. She noticed his mouth was drooling and there was a deep lust in his eyes. “Oh John, not you.” Brittany cried. John growled like an animal and rushed at Brittany. She grabbed her lab coat violently. Brittany screamed and tried to get away. She took off her lab coat and freed herself. Brittany ran to the door and opened it. Outside, a hoard of rabid horny scientists were outside running around like zombies. Brittany closed the door quickly. She was trapped. John grabbed her and threw her onto the table. Brittany screams as she fought off John. He ripped her blouse open exposing her white bra. Brittany clasped her bra cladded breasts as John tried to take her skirt off. The men pounded on the door and broke through the glass. They rushed Brittany and tore her clothes to shreds. She was now naked on the table surrounded by zombie like men groping her naked body. Brittany screamed as her naked body was enjoyed by horny zombies.

Flash forward. 6 months later.

With the virus rapidly spreading, society fell. No cure was ever created, so eventually, all men throughout the nation were infected. Women everywhere struggled to survive this apocalyptic country defending their bodies from these zombies. In NYC, a group of 13 survivors wandered the streets. Among these survivors were:

Dana the leader and former soldier
-Age: 32
-Apparel: Black t-shirt, camo pants

Jessica the cheerleader
-Age: 22
-Apparel: Blue and white cheerleader outfit

Edith the goth
-Age: 21
-Apparel: Black tank top, black skirt

Zoe the fashion model
-Age: 25
-Apparel: Sparkly silver dress

Liz the video game nerd
-Age: 18
-Apparel: White T-shirt, blue jeans, big black glasses

Maggie the soccer mom
-Age: 40
-Apparel: Blue cap, blue north face jacket, white T-shirt, black yoga pants

Victoria the modest baptist
-Age: 20
-Apparel: Gray cardigan, yellow blouse, red skirt

Katie the brainiac
-Age: 22
-Apparel: Green polo, tan khakis

Margo the athlete
-Age: 27
-Apparel: Purple sports bra, gray sweatpants

Max the skater
-Age: 19
-Apparel: Gray tank top, denim vest, ripped jeans

Reagan the hipster
-Age: 24
-Apparel: Black beanie, black glasses, red plaid shirt, white undershirt, blue jeans

Tracy the biker
-Age: 30
-Apparel: Black leather jacket, white tank top, blue jeans

Ginny the artist
-Age: 29
-Apparel: Burgundy turtleneck, burgundy beret, black jeans

The 13 women walked down the streets of New York armed with bats and paintball guns. Because the men were still humans, just with bad diseases, they didn’t want to kill them, but still needed to defend themselves. As they walked down the street, they started to get hungry.

Liz: I’m starving!

Dana: We all are Liz. Just hang tight till we find somewhere to get food. We also need to find a new place to camp since our last one was overrun.

Liz: We need to find a place with electricity this time. I haven’t played video games in over a month. I’m dying her.

Jessica: There are more important things to worry about than your stupid games Liz! Like staying safe from horny zombies.

Dana: Girls, enough.

Liz: If we don’t want zombies stripping and groping us, maybe don’t dress like a sl*tty cheerleader.

Jessica: Hey! It’s all I have now. At least I have a real top and aren’t wearing just a bra like Margo.

Margo: How did I get wrapped into this?

Dana: Enough ladies!

Maggie: Hey, look over there.

Maggie pointed over to a semi truck from a grocery store.

Maggie: There’s probably some food in there.

Dana: Let’s go check it out. Maggie, Margo, take point with me. Everyone else keep your eyes open.

Maggie, Margo, and Dana walked over to the truck.

Dana: Maggie, go ahead and open it. We’ll cover you.

Maggie unlatched the back of the truck and raised it open. Inside was a hoard of zombies that rushed out of the truck. The ladies screamed. Dana and Margo leaped out of the way. Unfortunately, Maggie wasn’t as quick. The zombies charged her and started stripping her. In seconds, they had her jacket off. Maggie screamed as they started tearing her shirt and yoga pants to shreds.

Dana: Maggie!

Dana and Margot started shooting the zombies with paintballs, but there were too many zombies. Maggie screamed as she was in just her black bra and panties.

Dana: Everyone! Get over here and help!

Ginny: Dana!

Dana looked at the rest of the team who were pointing down the street. All the screaming drew attention of hundreds of zombies in the area that were now running down the street.

Maggie: Leave me! Get the other girls to safety!

Dana: No! I’m not leaving you!

Edith: Dana! We need to get the hell out of here!

Dana struggled, but ran over to join the rest of the ladies.

Dana: We need to lose this herd. Then we’ll come back for Maggie. Move!

The ladies start running away. Meanwhile, Maggie is pulled inside the truck as her bra and panties are ripped from her body leaving her completely naked. Zombies filled the truck and began passing her around as they groped her boobs, butt, and pussy. Maggie screamed and cried struggling to get free, but with dozens and dozens of hands enjoying her naked body, it was impossible. As horrifying as this was for Maggie, being a widow who hasn’t had sex in years, a small part of her enjoyed it.

Dana and the remaining 11 raced down the street being chased by hundreds of zombies. They fired their paintballs at them which seemed to knock some over, but they just weren’t effective. The zombies gained on them.

Dana: Faster! Faster!

Liz: I can’t go any faster! My legs are tired!

Tracy: Keep up kid!

Liz ran and ran, but just wasn’t fast enough. The zombies caught up to her and tackled her to the ground. The zombies immediately punched on her and began tearing away her clothing. Liz screamed for help.

Tracy ran back to help.

Tracy: Hey! Get me instead!

Tracy led some of the zombies away into an alley in an attempt to help Liz, but only a few dozen fell for it.

Liz screamed as the zombies swarmed her. Her glasses were knocked off. She was completely blind without them, so all she could see were blurry figures surrounding her. Her jeans were pulled off her exposing her yellow Pikachu panties. Next, her t-shirt was torn off exposing her matching bra. The zombies moved in on her underwear. Liz began to cry.

Liz: Help! Dana! Help! Nobody has ever seen me naked before! Please don’t let it be like this!

The zombies ripped off Liz’s bra exposing her tiny boobs. Liz screamed and tried to cover, but the zombies grabbed her arms as they tried to grope her boobs. Finally, off came poor Liz’s panties exposing her pussy. Liz screamed like crazy. The zombies lifted her up and began to carry her away.

Liz: Help! Please! Help!

Liz disappeared into the sea of zombies as she was touched and groped all over. Margo ran over and tried to help. She pulled some of the zombies away, but just wasn’t strong enough. A zombie reached down and tugged on her sweatpants pulling them down to her ankles. Margo’s purple boy shorts were now exposed. Margot tripped on her sweatpants and fell backwards. She screamed as zombies charged at her. Dana and Reagan swooped in and grabbed her arms helping her up. They ran away leaving Margo’s sweatpants behind. Liz’s screams faded as she was no longer visible Dana and the others watched in horror as there was nothing they could do.

Reagan: What do we do?

Dana: I- I don’t know. We just need to lose this large group and then we can come back and takeout the smaller numbers and save Maggie and Liz. We just need to keep moving.

The group kept running as the army of zombies followed. However, they forgot about one member. Tracy ran down the alley followed by dozens of zombies. She turned the corner and stopped in dismay. She had hit a dead end. She turned around. She had heard of stuck between a rock and a hard place, but Tracy was stuck between a brick wall and group of horny zombie men.

Tracy: Well, guess there’s only one thing to try. Outta my way pervs!

Tracy charged the zombies trying to push through them. She got halfway through before her jacket was grabbed. Tracy pulled her arms through as two zombies fell down holding her jacket. Four zombies grabbed her arms and legs.

Tracy: Get off me!

The zombies tore her shirt right down the middle. Tracy never liked to wear underwear, so her boobs were now exposed. Zombies pushed each other out of the way to take turns groping her boobs. Then they started working on her jeans. They pulled her jeans partway down exposing her butt. One of the zombies started spanking her.

Tracy: Stop it you ass!

The zombies pulled her jeans all the way down to her ankles exposing her hairy pussy. Tracy tried to scream for her friends, but her mouth was covered. Tracy held back tears as the zombies touched her all over.

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Old 02-18-2019, 09:22 AM
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Originally Posted by abagel View Post
An American Horror Story ENF would be a goldmine if you turned some of the ideas from horror into more embarrassment themed stuff.
I love to watch on Halloween
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Old 02-18-2019, 03:33 PM
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Thumbs up Fast writing, impressive turn around time!

What a great and fun start, thank you for writing this please continue!!

(((Hugs for Tash)))
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Old 03-22-2019, 12:37 PM
luvs2spin78 luvs2spin78 is offline
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I think its best when we can all root for the b*tchy, deserving ENF to be ENF'd! ..... sort of like seeing her get a very public, comeuppance, bare-bottom spanking!!!

Last edited by luvs2spin78; 03-22-2019 at 12:40 PM.
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