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Old 02-13-2019, 10:15 AM
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Default A Date With My Wife

This is an erotic story I wrote for my wife to read.

We had moved to Pennsylvania in the fall. All during the winter, we had great sex. We fucked in front of the fire. We fucked in the loft. Now the summer was here and I planned a getaway evening.

I kept the plans secret. All I told you was we would be going to a nice place for dinner, followed by a night on the town. I wanted you to dress as a “classy” sl*t. You spent considerable time selecting your outfit. I wore slacks and your favorite silk shirt, and just enough Paul Sebastian to get you excited.

I sat in our loft as you got dressed. When you came to me, my cock got instantly hard. You were wearing a short black lace see through dress with a matching black thong, as well as lace top thigh high stockings. The bottom of the dress barely reached the top of the stockings. Your luscious tits were clearly visible. Combined with your jewelry and elegant perfume, you had indeed achieved the look I desired.

We had to leave soon or my plans would be off schedule. I wanted to fuck you right there, but I held myself to a long, passionate kiss, my tongue probing deeply into your mouth. My hand reached between your legs, and I felt your hot c*nt oozing juices. I could tell it was going to be a great night.

I had made reservations at a nice restaurant on the beach in Delaware. You asked where I was taking you, but I would not tell you. As we drove along, you sat back against the door, showing me your hot pussy. Teasing me, you would stick your finger into your mouth, as if you were sucking my cock, then sliding the finger between your hot c*nt lips. I could see your nostrils flare as you buried two fingers in yourself. My cock was aching, as I struggled with my zipper so I could release it. Knowing I was having a problem, you leaned over and slipped the zipper down. Reaching inside, you pulled my cock out. You smiled as you saw I was wearing my sheer blue underwear. You lowered your head into my lap, and slowly slid your wet lips over my swollen shaft. The feeling you gave me was incredible. Your tongue swirled around the shaft, and your lips sucked the pre cum out. I told you we were approaching a tollbooth, and you said you did not care. I paid the toll, and the collector smiled when he saw you sucking, your ass in the air, and your thong in plain view. When you came up for air, you put several fingers into your pussy, your clit hard and your lips swollen. As you removed the fingers, you put them to my mouth so I could enjoy the taste and see how incredibly wet you were.

We continued on, with you sitting close to me, your hand stroking my cock. As we approached another toll, I wondered if you would stay as you were. I did not have to wait long to find out. You sat back in your seat, reclining it as if you were sleeping. You placed your feet on the dash, and allowed your dress to ride up your thighs. The lights from the toll plaza lit up the car, affording the collector a magnificent view of your thong covered c*nt. I am sure he could also see your tits through the dress.

Shortly, we arrived at the restaurant. II pulled in front, and the valet opened your door. As you exited, you gave him a glimpse of your thighs and a quick peak at your c*nt.

I took your arm and led you inside. The place was all I hoped for, and more. It was dimly lit, with very intimate, well-separated tables, lit only by candlelight. A band was playing, and there was a small dance floor nearby.

Our waiter approaches. He seems to have trouble taking his eyes off you as he tells us the specials. We order our dinner and a bottle of wine, and await his return. Opening the bottle, he allows me a taste, and then pours your glass. I look at him, and see him staring at your tits. You know he is, and you casually move your chair so he can see your legs. We sip the wine, and as we do, the band plays a slow number. As I lead you to the dance floor, several couples watch you walk across the room. I take you in my arms, and you whisper to me “I am so hot. I need to fuck”. I tell you that you will have to wait. You tell me you know you will, but it will be hard. After the song, you need to go to the ladies room. I walk with you, and am able to grab a quick feel as you enter the room. I tell you I will meet you at the table, and I leave. When you return, you drop something in my lap. It is your thong! I feel it, and it is soaked with cum. With your dress being backlit, I can clearly see your c*nt. I ask you if you are aware of it, and you tell me you are. You sit, lean close to me, and tell me that being a wild sl*t is driving you crazy.

Throughout dinner, we carry on an intimate conversation, broken only by several trips to the dance floor, where we get more and more turned on. After another visit to the ladies room, you tell me you had played with your c*nt.

After dinner, we walk outside and find a beach access. We remove our shoes and walk along the beach. The beach is lit up by the moonlight; the sand is so soft. As we stroll along, I embrace you. Our lips meet, and our tongues probe. You reach for my cock; I reach for your pussy. It is so hot and wet. I am so hard. You pull me down into the sand. With me on my back, you pull my pants down, and pull your dress up. In one swift motion, the dress is off and you are sitting on my cock. You mount me quickly, taking the length of my throbbing cock deep into your c*nt. Almost immediately, your body convulses with a shattering orgasm. You scream out, and I thrust up to meet you. As you calm down, I roll you over and enter your aching c*nt. I need to cum. You beg me to fuck you hard. I pump faster, deeper. The feeling of your hot cum on my cock and balls drives me over the edge. You feel my cock swell as the cum rises through my cock. It explodes deep into your c*nt and you cum as it hits you. We lay there for a while, calming down. We get up, and you throw your dress over your shoulder. You say you do not care who sees you. You feel like a sl*t, and want everyone to know you were just fucked. And the valet thought he got a show earlier.
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Old 02-18-2019, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Barmixer View Post
This is an erotic story I wrote for my wife to read.
Shortly, we arrived at the restaurant. II pulled in front, and the valet opened your door. As you exited, you gave him a glimpse of your thighs and a quick peak at your c*nt.
Very piquant
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