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Default A Milfs vacation

Kate was feeling frustrated. She felt very much like a spare wheel. She was currently sat on a bar stool in a cocktail bar in southern Spain has one of her old school friends snogged the face off her husband right next to her. Kate was a 40 year old mother of one who had taken up the opportunity of a week in the sun staying with her friend Julie and her husband Paul. it was her second to last night and so far she had hardly seen anything of Julie. Her and Paul ran a coffee shop and ice cream parlour in the town and had been gone for long periods of time most days. Initally Kate hadn't minded. She had spent most of her time lying in the sun beside her friends private pool and because it had been so secluded she had even dared to go topless and expose her small perky tits to the sun. Kate wasn't a prude, she knew she still had a great figure even though she wasnt getting any younger but she wished she was able to share it with someone. She had been single for a long time and as much as her drawer full of dildos made her cum they were no substitute for a real cock. She had almost got to the point where she was accepting that she didnt need a man in her life. But since she got to Spain she had laid awake every night getting hornier and hornier whilst she listened to Julie and Paul fuck each others brains out on the otherside of her thin bedroom wall.The first night she had tried to ignore it but when it started again on the second night she had found her hand wandering towards her clit. It was too hot for any night clothes and her hand grazed over her bald mound before slipping onto her clit. she gasped as she started slowly rubbing herself. In the next room, the panting and moaning got louder and more frequent and soon Kate started to slide one then two fingers into her moist pussy. Just as she thought Julie and Pauls bed was going to come through the wall, Kates own orgasm arrived and her back curved and she had to bite hard down on her pillow to not scream in ecstasy.
Kate didn't sleep well. It was very hotin the apartment and her pussy was hot and wet from her orgasm and she was horny for more. She tossed and turned but eventually got up just as the sun was starting to come through the curtains and went and made coffee in the kitchen. She sat and read for 40 minutes or so and had started to calm down when she heard Julie and Paul waking up. Julie was soon in the kitchen and pouring herself a cup of coffee.
"You been up long Kate?"
"A little while. I didnt sleep well" Kate looked up from her book as she answered her friend. Julie was wearing the shortest robe imaginable and was clearly naked underneath. Her dark nipples on her large breasts were clearly visible through the thin materia and Kate tried to avert her eyes as Julie's ass came on full displa as she bent over to get some milk from the fridge.
"Hope Paul and I didn't disturb you last night" Julie said with a wink. Kate flushed bright red giving away the fact she had heard everything.
"Oh no don't worry about that. I didn't hear anything." Kate lied.
"How long has it been?" Julie's question caught Kate out as she wasn't expecting it. She stammered and didn't really give any answer. "That long? So long you can't give an answer?". Kate could only give a resigned nod and a shrug. "Oh my! I assumed you'd had it bad.I've not heard you talk about a boyfriend for a while but I hadn't realised you were this deprived. Right, we'll have to do something about this."
Kate looked up. "Don't be silly Julie. I'm fine. I don't need a man."
"Don't be silly honey. You need yourself some cock." Kate wasn't suprised about how her friend was talking. She'd always got straight to the point. "Tomorrow night Paul and I will take you out into town. We'll see if we can find you a fit Spanish fella even if it's just for a night."
And that's how Kate had ended up on the busy bar sipping her cocktail while Paul and Julie enjoyed each other right next to her. She had spent the intervening two days continuing to tan her tits and at one point dared to go completely naked only to look up and see a young Spanish boy pearing over the wall at her. On hearing her scream he dropped out of site and ran off and Kate quickly pulled her bikini bottoms back on and retreated indoors.
The night had been the same as all the others on her holiday with her listening to the rthymic fucking of Julie and Paul. Kate had got herself off several times that night before drifting off into a deep sleep and not waking till the middle of the day.
As she had got ready for their night out Julie had come into Kates room to help her choose an outfit. In the end they had settled on a short dress which was low cut at the front and stopped half way up her thigh. It was a dress Kate loved but in the cold weather of North Tyneside she didn't get much opportunity to wear at home. Julie had somehow persuaded her to go commando too. She had even flashed Kate her pussy to show her she wasnt wearing panties either. Kate felt very conscious initially but after a few cocktails she had soon forgotten it. She had caught Paul looking down the top of her dress a few times and she was sure he must have glimpsed her nipples in the gaps where her bra would normally be.
As Kate looked over again at the pair making out she could see tat Julie was rubbing Paul's cock through his chinos and his hand was dangerously high on Jukies leg. Kate could feel her pussy get wet knowing that she would enjoy hearing what would be a very passionate nigh once they got back.
"Can I get you a drink gorgeous?" A voice from over her shoulder asked.
"No, no I'm fine thanks" Kate didn't even look at who asked, she was too engrossed in trying to sneakily watch Julie and Paul.
"Oh, we'll it's just you've spilt most of that one trying to watch your friends make out..". Kate looked down to find out the voice was right. She turned in her seat to see who had spoken. She was greated by a tall handsome man, probably in his twenties, so a bit younger then Kate. "Can I get you a drink now then?"
Kate had been caught staring more obviously then she thought she had and so accepted his kind invitation. "That would be lovely thank you. I'll have a margarita."
"Coming right up. I'm Michael by the way."
"Kate " Kate liked the look of Michael. He was dressed in jeans and a tight smart shirt. He looked like he worked out and as Kate watched him at the bar she noticed he had a good shaped ass. As he walked back towards her she could make out the shape of a firm bulge in the front of his trousers. They started chatting and soon they were talking as though they had been friends for years. The lust in the air was obvious, Kate could feel her pussy get wetter. Michael was 27 and in town on a company business trip. He was a tremendous flirt but was classy at the same time and the combination had Kate feeling very hot. She found herself hanging onto his ever word and got lost in his brown eyes. She almot didn't notice the light touch of his hand on her leg and when he started moving it in small circles, working his way slowly up towards her hem line she let out a moan. As she did he lent in and kissed her. It was hot, energetic and full of passion. She didn't want it to stop. When it did Michael suggested they go and dance and Kate grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the dance floor. They started turning circles in a tight embrace and Kate could feel Michael's hard cock press into her stomach. She felt as though her pussy juice was running down her legs she was that turned on especially as Michael was running his hands over her arse. She felt so naughty knowing that it was just the thin material of her dress seperating her from Michaels large hands. Kate didn't know how long they had been dancing when he took her by the hand and pulled her out of the bar.
They weaved their way through the streets and down to the sea front. When they reached the shore they were both slightly out of breath. Michael pulled Kate close again and kisses her. This time as his hands explored her arse her dress was up around her waist and he wa groping her bare flesh. Kate was pleased that it was so dark down on the seas edge because if it had been lighter the whole world would have seen Michael slowly start to rub her clit. Kate almost collapsed as she was hit by an almost instant orgasm. Her legs trembled andher pussy gushed all over Michaels hand. He broke off their kiss to taste her orgasm before he picked her up and carried her to a sun lounger where he laid he down and slowly withdrew his cock from his trousers. Kate gasped. It had felt big through his jeans but it was enormous close up. Michael moved up towards Kates mouth and fed her his cock. She wasted no time in suckIng for all her worth. She felt hot, she felt horny and she felt naughty. She was really getting into Michaels cock slowly working it down her throat until his heavy balls were swinging into her chin on every thrust. Her face must have been a mess as she was gagging a lot on his thick cock and saliva was running down her chin and dripping onto her tits. Being engaged in such a risky public sex act was making Kate feel like such a sl*t but she was loving it. Despite her earlier orgasm her pussy was still wet and as she came up for air one more time she pushed Michael down on top of her and guided his cock into her waiting pussy. It had been some time since she had had a real cock and none of her dildos at home could have prepared her for the thickness of michaels cock. It felt like she was going to be ripped in two. She moaned and gasped as Michael teased her with it. He would slowly feed her the first few inches it before pulling out. She was slowly getting used to the width of the head before he slammed down with his full length. She let out a huge scream and swore over and over again. He started to pound her pussy and give her the fucking she'd craved. It wasn't long before she felt her pussy tightening and her orgasm arriving. She shook and felt like she almost blacked out. As she was recovering Michael was pulling out and clambering back over her. He straddled her tits and after a couple of tugs of his cock started shooting what felt like a gallon of cum across Kates face. Rope after rope of hot white cum coated Kates face from her chin, up her nose and into her hair. Kate almost immediately lifted her head to clean the end of Michaels thick uncut cock making sure she sucked every last drop.
Michael helped her to her feet an Kate gazed into his eyes and all she could say was "wow". Michael bent down and kisses her and gropped her ass which was still exposed. Kate realised she must look a mess. The cum across her face had all but dried and her dress was up around her tits. She quickly pulled her dress down and grabbed Michaels hand. "This time it's my turn to lead you" and she pulled him off in the direction of Julie and Paul's apartment. They went hand in hand down the darkened Spanish streets. Kate garnered several looks from passerbys due t the cum on her face and in her hair. Normally Kate would be mortified but tonight it was only making her pussy wetter if that was at all possible.
As they came through the doors of Julie and Paul's appartment they could hear the rhythmic banging of their nightly fucking. Kate was excited she would be giving them a taste of their own medicine that night and was determined to make the most of it. She grabbed Michaels hand and pulled him into her room. After anoter length kiss where their hands couldn't keep off the other Kate pushed him down onto the bed. She slowly and seductively removed her dress exposing her naked body to him for the first time. She then climbed up his body, taking time to undo his trousers and free his rapidly hardening cock. After giving it some attention she then climbed higher and lowered her bald pussy onto Michaels mouth. He went to town on her and his tongue worked magic as it lapped at her clit. She was soon bucking and gyrating across his face, covering him in her juice as she came for the third time that night. As she caught her breath Michael got up and undressed fully. As he pulled his cock from his boxers Kate gasped at the sheer manliness of his appearance. He was an Adonis. He was well built without being obviously over muscular, his arse was tight but the real crowning glory was his cock. It somehow looked bigger and thicker with no clothes and she wasted no time in devouring it down her throat as he stood by the side of the bed. She had soon a good speed up taking large portions of his cock in and out of her throat and wanking his cock with one hand whilst rubbing her clit with her spare hand. After several more minutes she was touching Michael's pubes with her nose on every down ward movement and soon she was able to engulf his whole cock into her throat. She gagged, saliva ran down her face, her eyes streamed but she didn't let up. She got faster and faster. She didn't know what had got into her but she was loving the feeling of being such a sl*t. After several more minutes of depraved deep throating she came up for air. As she was about to go back down on Michael he stopped her. "Turn around" was all he said. Kate willingly obeyed. She was now on all fours face away from him and waiting in anticipation. She tingled as he teased her slit with his cock. She groaned with frustration as he continued to tease her pussy. "Just stick it in me! Fuck me Michael you bastard! Fuck me!" She was horny and desperate for his cock. She screamed the last fuck me at the top of her voice! Next door, the sex noises paused for a second and she could hear giggling. But all of a sudden that was forgotten and Michael slammed his cock into her pussy up to his balls. She let out a scream. "Oh yes....Oh fuck yes....keep going ... Oooooooo" It didn't take her long to cum again! Michael's cock was doing incredible things to her body. She felt her pussy gush as she squirted over his legs. Michael didn't let up the fucking though and continued to pound her pussy. Kate was soon screaming through another orgasm which was swiftly followed by another. And then it she felt it. She felt Michael shot his cum inside of her. Despite cumming buckets earlier Michael's orgasm seemed to go on and one and as he withdrew his cock it was though a dam had been released. His cum flooded down her legs and onto the bed. Kate collapsed in an exhausted heap and must have fallen asleep almost instantly.
When she awoke it was light outside. She turned her head and saw it was 9.30. She turned to see if Michael was still there but her bed was empty. Her pussy ached and she could feel the dried cum across her belly and her face and hair. Assuming Julie and Paul had left for work she got up, wrapped herself in a robe and stepped out into the kitchen. There she saw Michael, her hunk from the night before sat chatting to Julie who was dressed in just her robe. Kate was amazed to see Michael was sat only in his boxers and she could plainly see the outline of his cock visible from the other side of the room.
"Well morning sleepy head" Julie cheerily greeted her. "Looks like you were well fucked last night!! I was just telling Michael how it was about time!!" Kate felt her face flushing red and she glanced across to Michael who just smiled. He was gorgeous and she had no regrets as to how much of a sl*t she had acted the night before.
"I sent Paul off to work by himself earlier but I'll need to get sorted myself soon. So I'll let you two have a coffee and I'm going to jump in the shower" Julie walked past Kate and once they were alone Kate smiled at Michael and without saying a word dropped off her robe.
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Hope it isn't a repost

If it is though, try and enjoy it!
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