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Old 10-04-2018, 08:05 PM
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Default Belle the Cowgirl (short story with illustration)

The old but well conserved Ford F-150 pickup truck stopped quickly after Belle stepped on the brake pedal.

What the hell is that?

Belle stepped out of her truck. Twenty-six years-old, 5'7'' and 120 pounds of healthy and toned curves. The red plaid shirt, tight black jeans and the brown leather rodeo boots left no doubt about her lifestyle. The hat on top of her beautiful brown, wavy hair and the leather vest confirmed what was already evident. Belle was a cowgirl.

She approached the pit carefully. Didn't look man-made, and Belle wondered what had caused it. And why. Made no sense, being there in the middle of nowhere next to a dusty unpaved road.

The cowgirl bent over slightly, her buttocks pressing harder against the denim fabric of her pants. The hole measured some ten feet in diameter, and was some four or five feet deep. Loose gravel conformed the bottom.

It must be some kind of a joke. Or just the work of another nut idiot.

Not even a second after Belle formulated those thoughts the gravel on the bottom wiggled. Before she could react, a long appendage resembling a tentacle had wrapped itself around her right leg.

Help!, she screamed trying to make it back to her truck. She couldn't; the creature at the other end of the tentacle was strong, and soon Belle found herself on the ground. Slowly but steadily, she was being dragged towards the pit.

No!, she cried in horror. Then she realized that the creature had a hold on her jeans rather than on her leg itself. The answer to her predicament came quickly to Belle's mind.

B-but... right here? What if someone sees me like that?, she thought, but then she noticed that her feet were dangling already over the edge of the pit. Belle's hands unbuckled her heavy belt and then the button and zipper of her jeans.

And now I'll wake up in my bed, because this is just a nightmare. Right?, she begged, mentally. The wishful thinking caused her to stop momentarily, waiting for the irritating sound of her alarm clock. Nothing like that happened. Insted, the tentacled gained a foot more on her. She was awake and this was completely real.

Screw it, then!

Belle quickly pulled her pants down. For a terrifying moment she thought the pants would get stuck on her boots, but she eventually managed to take the jeans off completely. Then, she rolled over and placed her hands on the ground, wanting to rise back to her feet and run away.Doing so, her large and round buttocks pointed up to the sky momentarily, only covered by the snug fabric of her spandex, bikini-cut patterned underwear. Belle was completely unaware of the second tentacle that emerged from the gravel at this point. The new appendage raised right behind Belle and then snapped in her direction.


Yeeooow!!!, cried Belle, jumping and rubbing her buttocks. An otherwordly laughter could be heard, from the depths of that uncanny pit.

Can't take a joke, b*tch?, said the creepy, devilish voice.

Both tentacles then returned back to the pit, while the laughter intensified. Belle raced back to her truck and just ten seconds later she was speeding down that dusty road. Her black jeans rested partically buried at the bottom of the pit. There was no trace of the tentacles, and only the breeze could be heard.


This story is based on the infamous pants scene from the 1990 film Tremors.
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Old 10-12-2018, 04:50 PM
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Kinda fun! Sort of like an ENF version of Tremors

EDIT - ah, totally didn't see that you gave an attribution to Tremors at the end. My bad, lol
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Old 12-24-2018, 09:21 AM
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Excellent story. Well written, and a very hot girl. Good job!
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euf, horror, underwear

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