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Post -The Baroque Singularity-

-Author’s note: this a very strange take at a crime book involving nudity, ENF situations and other naughty endeavors set in an utopian society. It will be an episodic series so please enjoy the prologue.

-This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental-



The sun was almost at the pinnacle of its usual position in the sky over the city, when the students were ready to reach the so hated morning classes. A mild cold breeze hit her skin like a soft and fluffy needle, making her squirm a bit but not move as she wanted. She came to realize it no more than mere minutes before, when she woke up in a dizzy state of confusion and blindness. She then remembered, she then shivered at the thought of what was about to happen, hoping it was just a dream, well not a dream rather than a nightmare. Her worst nightmare.
She tried with all her strength but was completely useless, her heavy breath made her chest move up and down so fast she eventually started hyperventilating. When she came to senses there were no sounds around, just the noise of distant cars, but in that very moment, few seconds after the morning wind caressed her body and hair, she heard the noise of the bus approaching. Then she heard the voices and then she heard the laughs and the comments.
“Oh my God…is she…?”
“I can’t believe it, that’s our lucky day!”
Many many young voices where saying those words in her direction. She wasn’t able to see who was speaking but all those excited giggles and embarrassed questions clearly made contact with her ears. Her body became like jelly and her lips started to tremble, especially the lower one, something that always happened when she was under huge pressure and wanted to cry. To cry, yes she wanted to cry for sure but she feared to captivate even more attention.
There was no honor in her predicament and there was no pride in her current position, despite her own name said otherwise.
She heard them calling with her name indeed and her face became so red she feared to burn the blindfold that was covering her eyes or rather was guarding her from an utter and deeper humiliation.
Suddenly, exactly like the breath of wind that reminded of her situation early on, the school flag started to rise up. To her horror the blindfold was moving as well, loosening up second after second. She tried her best to avoid it but as the flag reached its usual altitude, the black cloth that was covering her eyes vanished from her head. She looked around with some difficulty due the shining sun that was already high in the sky above her head, eventually her sight quickly came back to normal.

Honour Pride (19 years old) was standing in front of all the students of the Victoria High, tied up to the flagpole completely nude from head to toe. Her hands secured above her long jet black hair, her legs mildly spread apart and her bare feet barely touching the cold floor. Her mouth was wide opened in shame and she was speechless, maybe for the first time in her short life. Looking around she recognized her classmates, her crush and even her best friend. They were all laughing, exchanging comments on her state of undress and taking pictures. A tall guy was remarking how sexy her 34c breasts looked under the sun. Another glimpse of wind touched her shameful body, caressing her rare pubic hair that she shaved few days before. She couldn’t help but her nipples became even more erect and immediately immortalized by many phone cameras.
She wanted to cry, she wanted to shout for help but her trembling mouth was having the best of her and all she was able to do was standing naked in front of all her already lost social life and dignity.
Only a black piece of fabric flapping over her head, alongside the school flag, as the only witness. But a cloth can’t talk.

She wasn’t the first and for sure she wouldn’t be the last. Just another big news on the central page of many daily journals.
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Default Awesome!

Fantastic start!
Now give us MOAR !
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