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Old 01-15-2019, 10:49 PM
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Default My Football Fantasy for my Wife

A Football Fantasy
I wanted to tell you about my wife and the football players. She is a football fanatic and
loves football. We have season tickets at the 40 yard line and have great seats. Anyway
the team went on a road trip and won. We had had more than a few drinks at the game
and my wife was feeling good not drunk but enough to lower her inhibitions. As we got
back to the hotel we stopped in and had a few more drinks at the bar. We were staying at
the same hotel the team stayed and on the way back to the room we met 2 of the team
players from a town near us. She was talking to them about the game and congratulating
them on the win and her being as friendly as she always is invited them innocently to
come and talk in our rooms. They accepted but said they needed to clean up first so they
left and we returned to our room. I being somewhat erotic minded knew what athletes
like to do after games and knew that she didn't have a clue what she had just started and
my mind and heart started racing. We were in the room having a few drinks and after
about 45 min we heard a knock on the door. The guys had returned and had brought a
fellow player with them, a black wide receiver. We gave them a drink and made small
talk for about 15 min. My wife excused herself to go to the bathroom and I realized this
might turn into a fantasy for me as I noticed them all staring at her breasts and legs as she
sat on the bed. I asked them if they were enjoying talking to my wife and they said she
was very friendly and then said she looked great in her tight blouse and skirt. I then
swallowed hard and ask if they might like to go further with her if I could arrange it. They all answered at once that's what they had been thinking and hoping. So I went into
the bathroom and asked my wife if she was ok she said of course why? I then told her
that the guys were having a good time talking but were also admiring her as she sat on the
bed. She said that I was full of shit and be serious they could get plenty of young girls
and didn't want a 50 year old. I said just ask them if she didn't believe me but to be sure
what she would do if they said yes as she hadn't been shared at that time. I could see the
wheels start turning in her head and a wicked grin come on her face, then she asked me
what I would do if she did turning it around on me. I thought about it and then told her
that we had talked about sharing her before but not with 3 guys so since we are out of
town and on holiday that if she wanted to enjoy herself and I would love to see her with
the guys she enjoyed also. We came out of the bathroom and I already could see the lust in their eyes and for that
matter in herís also. She asked them if they were comfortable they said very. She asks
them if she could get comfortable and they should be rewarded for their outstanding
game as she started unbuttoning her blouse. She then went over to the bed and asked if
they could think of a reward she might give them. Then I heard a loud Hell yes from the
black guy as he stood up. She then told him to come on over and set next to her on the
bed and bring your buddies also. They started rubbing on her shoulders and back while
the black guy stood in front of her and started to remove his shirt and pants. When they
hit the floor I said OMG as he was commando and this huge dick flew out at her
fully erect and a good 11 inches long and very thick. I heard her give out a little gasp of
joy as the same time the 2 other guys removed her blouse and bra setting her 36d tits free. She then stood up and they began removing her skirt and panties. She took hold of the big
black dick and started stroking it. The other two got undressed and one started licking her
pussy and the other one started sucking her tits. She lay back on the bed and her black
stud crawls up beside her face and starts rubbing his snake on her lips. She starts sucking
his dick as oral sex is one her specialties I can hear him groan as she is sucking him. The
one sucking her pussy says she is so sweet and she tastes like nectar he dives in and starts
licking and sucking her clit. I can't take it anymore and I get undressed and start stroking
and get closer for a better view. She is now starting to moan and wiggle about the black
stud and the white guy switched places and the black guy started rubbing her pussy with
the black snake. The two white guys get around her face and she takes turns sucking and
licking their shafts. Mr. Snake then sticks his big dick in her and she lets out a squeal. He
said is this what you wanted and she said all my life. I was dumbfounded she had never
said anything about screwing a black man. I didn't know who these guys were with. It
couldn't be my sweet and naive wife who I married 25+ years ago. He was pounding her
pussy long and hard and could hear his balls slapping on her ass. I was amazed by this
when I suddenly realized dumbass get some pictures as I was new to this so I ran and got
the camera and got him pumping her full of dick. The two other guys were now moaning
and groaning and I knew it wouldn't be long before they blew a load. I asked her if she
wanted their seed and she said yes she wanted them to cum in her mouth. Then the first
one in her mouth tightened his hips and she didn't spill a drop. She loves cum as I know
she drains my balls frequently. The black guy has picked up his pace and is fucking her
madly I see her tense up and I know what cams next she is a squirter and then here cums
the flood she drenches his balls and her juices runs down the sheets. He looks at me and I
just smile I tell him to hold on to something. As she starts bucking like a stallion as he
starts pumping back balls deep in her juicy wet pussy. The last white guy she is sucking
off says I can't hold it any more and blasts her face and hair with a linebackers load
dripping off her chin and hair. The black dude stiffens and goes balls deep on her pussy
and lets out a deep animal type grunt. He climbs off and I go over and inspect his work
her pussy is stretched and there is a huge amount of cum starting to ooze from her wet
hole. I take his place and finish up pumping for a few minutes and then I climb up and
she starts sucking my dick and she sucks my balls dry. They watch me finish and then tell her that she was the best fuck they ever had and the
black guy said he had had his share of sl*ts. They get dressed and leave as they had an
early bus ride back. I was so excited and turned on that I screwed her again. I told her that
I loved her so much and was so proud she was my wife for making a fantasy for both of
us come true. We have had great sex ever since and I hope to talk her into another
gangbang this time with 6-8 black guys.
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