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Default Bachelor Party Strip (Illustrated)

Bachelor Party Strip Part I
by Rick Dalton

The bachelor party with a twist.
Story codes: M f, exhibition, romance

My name is Brian and my fiance Judy and I live in Eastern Canada. Judy and I have known each other since high school. We are both in our early 40s now and have lived together for 15 years and dated for years before that. Judy and I waited too long to have kids and she had medical problems and had to have a hysterectomy, so that ended that. She is a software support specialist and I am a contractor.

I think that Judy is a gorgeous woman and I know that many others agree with me. She has gained quite a bit of weight in the last few years and is now a 38D.

One thing you should know about Judy is that she loves to flirt with other men. Friends, neighbors, my brothers, it doesn't matter, she flirts with them all and they flirt back. That is just the way it is, but everybody knows it is all in fun, nothing will ever come of it.

Lately we decided that we would make a commitment and get married. Our wedding was in two weeks and my bachelor party was set up for that weekend. Judy had her bridal shower already. All the arrangements for the wedding had been made, the guests invited, the wedding dress had been bought and fitted, suits rented, catering, etc. so we could finally relax.

"Remember to remind Dave that there is to be no stripper or porn movies at this party." she said.

"I will." I said.

Dave is my best man, a guy we have both known since high school. Dave had even tried to date Judy but she had preferred me. Dave married another girl he met in high school but has been widowed almost a year now. Cancer is a terrible disease. He took the death of Caroline very hard. Judy and I could always count on Dave in good times and in bad and we have tried to return the favor. Caroline and Judy had been very close and we had originally thought she would be Judy's maid of honor. Before she died Caroline gave Judy her wedding veil and blue garter to use for our wedding. I think that was a hint to make sure we went through with our wedding plans!

It was finally the evening for the bachelor party. We were holding it at Dave's place and Dave had invited a number of people that both Judy and I knew including two of my brothers. Judy's father and brother couldn't make it for the party but were coming to the wedding. My father was only coming to the wedding. All of the guys at the stag were coming to the wedding and I told Judy who was going to be there.

A short summary of the guests:

Dave(widowed), the best man.
Curtis(divorced), my cousin on my side of the family.
Colin(separated), my older brother.
Jeff(single), my younger brother.
John(divorced), our neighbor who lives down at the end of the block and also used to work with Judy.
Rick(married), another long time neighbor.

Everybody lived in town except for Colin who took holidays and drove in to town and was staying with Jeff for the bachelor party and wedding. All of them had been over to our place many times for football games, hot tub parties, etc.

"This party is going to be dull without any strippers." said John as I walked into the front door. Dave explained that we would be too drunk to notice by the end of tonight. Dave also explained that everyone else was here and we could get started. I took my drink and sat down laying my laptop up front by the TV. Dave was collecting all the cell phones and putting them in a bucket so there were no stupid drunk pictures ending up on Facebook. Apparently Judy had made him promise to do that.

"Why did you bring that laptop?" John asked. John is a guy that used to work with Judy and coincidentally lives just down the street.

"Judy said that she wants to apologize for nixing the stripper and wants to talk to you guys live. I am supposed to turn this on at 10:00 when she gets home." I explained.

“So she wants to keep an eye on us it that it?” Dave asked.

“No not at all. She can see us through the webcam on the laptop and we can see her on the TV. She has a 4G dongle hooked to it. She pre-configured it so all I have to do is turn it on. She promised not to be too long.” I said.

I hooked up the laptop to the 60 inch plasma TV's HDMI port and powered up the laptop up at 10:00 P.M. as I was instructed to do. The video stream started automatically with Judy standing in our living room dressed in her house coat. She smiled at the camera. Cards were in front of her. She had obviously been playing solitaire.

"It is bad luck to see the bride before the wedding, but you sure look good." said John.

“Thanks John! I just took a shower and haven't had time to get dressed yet. I got home a little early and had a few drinks. If you guys can, why not me?” She was holding a glass of what was probably scotch and was slurring her words slightly.

“We can chat while you do. What are you wearing under that housecoat?” Dave asked.

“Dave, my fiance is sitting right next to you!” she said.

“So if we send him out of the room you'll show us?" he replied.

“You might go blind if I did. Watch out or I will. I am not the skinny thing you met over 25 years ago.” she laughed.

“Well maybe I will chance it with my left eye.” Dave laughed.

“What's got into you guys?" Judy asked.

“We started drinking a little early and we got Brian to tell us a lot about the bride to be.” Dave said.

“Oh you did did you? What did he tell you?” she asked.

“I shouldn't say anything.” Dave answered.

“What did he tell you?" she asked.

“Oh, nothing important. Well he did tell us your measurements are 38- 27- 38 and that you wear a D size cup.” Dave said.

“He told you that?” she asked.

“Well to be honest he is pretty drunk and we had to pry it out of him. He also told us that you liked missionary position the best and that he has a large number of videos of you in the nude and having sex.”

Judy was turning a bright shade of red. “Why would you want to know that?”

“Well, we have no stripper so we have to use our imaginations. At a bachelor party you expect to see nude women. You should take off that housecoat.” Dave said.

She laughed and undid the belt on the housecoat and then tied it again. “I won't take this off but I should show you one or two videos Brian took of me in various states of undress just to get even with him for telling you all that confidential information!”

That got cheers in the room.

“With this software I can play videos for you as a stream. Brian has all the videos saved on a network drive. I hope this makes you squirm Brian. I am going to show off a little underwear.” she said.

“Please don't do that!” I answered.

“I am not married yet! Don't you want your buddies to be able to imagine what I look like under that bridal gown a little better?”

“No, I do not!” I answered.

“Relax. I am only going to show a little of the videos of me when I was skinnier. To me I don't even look like that anymore, so it is like I am showing them someone else on video.” she said.

“Please don't!” I said again.

“You shouldn't have mentioned the videos. You got their hopes up.” she said.

“You don't have to go through with this!” I said.

“Well now you tell me. I already promised. Besides, it is your own damn fault. I want to teach you a lesson” she laughed.

“Go get yourselves another drink while I find the right videos.” She returned ten minutes later.

"Welcome to the stag party boys" she said in a sexy voice. "I owe all you guys so much for shingling our roof, rebuilding our basement after the sewer backed up, and countless other times you helped us out. I was going to say that you were all like brothers, but my brothers wouldn't be leering like that at my bath robe!" she giggled.

"Now guys don't get your hopes up too much. OK. Tell me right now if you don't want to see my hysterectomy scar." she laughed. “Dave, since you arranged this stag, I will let you decide when to stop things. Brian doesn't get a say.”

“I wasn't always this heavy. I was quite skinny once.” she explained. “Here I am as a teenager.” The screen showed her in a two piece bathing suit from many years ago.

"See, I told you I was skinny. Maybe you would prefer a few lingerie shots. Settle down Brian.” she laughed. The screen showed four different pictures of her standing facing forward and from the rear wearing a white bra and three different sets of panties.

The guys were paying full attention at this point but not saying a word. “I can't believe this!” I thought.

Here is another couple of pictures Brian hasn't even seen before. The pictures were all taken a long time ago. The first shot showed her wrapped in a bath towel. The second one she was sitting in a bath tub with her arms around the back of her knees all folded up so you couldn't see anything important. The third just showed her from the back nude from the waist up. Nothing much showed.

“Who took these?” I asked her. “Not me that's for sure. I am going to have a talk with you when I get home.”

“Settle down Brian, a girl has to have a few secrets. I sure was skinny then.” she said.

"Here is a video Brian will recognize. He shot it while I was laying on the bed. I wasn't quite as skinny." She started the video. The camera panned across her and then started again. Every time it panned across her there was one less piece of clothing on until she stopped it with her wearing a bra and panties. “Think I will stop it there and go on to another video Brian shot.” she giggled.

In this video she was sitting on the bed.

“No, I shouted, not this video!” I yelled. I knew she would be getting nude in the next few seconds if she continued playing it.

“Why not Brian? They are rather see through!” Dave said with a smirk.

“Think I will stop it there.” she giggled.

"Aww, please Judy! What is a bachelor party without nude women?" John said.

“Look John, I have already shown you guys more than I had planned to show. I don't know how I can look you in the eye at the wedding as it is.” she said.

“Simple solution. We will promise not to be looking at your eyes anyway!” John answered.

"Maybe you will get your chance although the chances are slim. I will be back in two minutes." she said.

"I hope I don't get in trouble for saying this, but God she looked good." Colin said.

"Still does in my opinion." Dave remarked.

“I am back. You all know I love to bet. I have five cards here from an Ace to a 5. If you agree to the terms, I will pick one card and you guess which one I picked. If you guess right you each get to pick one video from the list of anything Ken recorded, except for the sex videos. If you guys lose you have to each pay $100 to a charity of my choice. You all have to agree to this or I stop right now. Remember, this only gives you a 1 in 5 chance of winning. Discuss it among yourselves. Brian doesn't get a vote.”

The other guys quickly agreed to her terms.

“OK Dave which card do you pick? Looks like my charity is going to make some money.” she said.

“I pick the 4.” Dave answered.

“Shit!“ she picked up a card and showed it to us. It was the 4 of diamonds. “Well a bet is a bet. I am sure I will regret this later. I lose. Here is a list detailing every video that Brian took. Dave, I am emailing it to you now. Can you print out six copies?" He agreed and the guys each got a copy.

"Holy shit Brian! You took a lot of videos. I like the looks of this list." Jeff said.

"Yeah, it seemed like every time I got undressed I saw a camera pointing at me. Before we go ahead do any of you see anything wrong with seeing the bride-to-be nude? I must be drunk!" she said.

I heard a lot of cheering but no one wanted to stop.

"I will let Dave go first. What do you want to see from the list?” she asked.

I got up to shut the laptop but Dave pushed me back in my chair.

"There are so many to choose from I am having a hard time." Dave said.

“Maybe this will help. Remember when you were staying over at our place many years ago and you caught me in this red nightgown?” she said. A picture of her wearing a red night gown appeared on the screen.

"How could I forget that! Nipples sticking out the size of pencil erasers." Dave answered.

"Well it was cold that night! I was so embarrassed!" she laughed. "I wasn't wearing the stockings or the garter, but this is what I looked like otherwise. If you choose number 49 you get to see me strip out of it!"

"I can't wait! I choose number 49." Dave answered.

The video started with her in her red nightie facing the wall. It showed her back and the tops of her sheer stockings. She turned and faced the camera. She swiveled her hips and showed off her nightgown. Her nipples were quite prominently showing through the thin material. The next cut of the video showed her sitting on the bed facing to her right while looking at the camera. Her right leg was stretched out straight to the right while her left leg was crossed under her. She proceeded to disconnect her right nylon from her garter belt in two places and then slowly rolled down her right stocking. She moved her left leg out from under her and did the same with her left stocking. She disconnected her garter belt and removed it while still sitting on the bed on her knees. She then crossed her arms and held the top of the nightgown and slowly pulled it over her head gradually revealing her grey panties and breasts with large nipples. She tossed the nightgown off camera and then slowly removed her panties. She ended the scene with her knees together nude on the bed. She managed to keep her legs demurely together the whole time so at no time did we see any pubic hair. My shy fiance who had never been nude in front of anyone but her doctor and I was now on display for all these horny guys!

"Holy shit! That is far better than my imagination could have filled in" Dave said.

“John's turn now I think.” Judy replied. Time passed while John looked at the list.

“How about some Polaroids while we wait for John to make up his mind? Brian told us he took some of them too.” Dave asked.

“Well I guess so. I will show you some shots before I had ever shaved down there. That is pretty safe, you can't see anything anyway." A couple of old polaroids appeared on the screen of her laying nude on the bed.

Through a series of whistles and catcalls Judy said “Are you bored yet? Pretty tame for a stag I know.”

“Wow! I was hairy then wasn't I? "Now not only my hairdresser knows my natural color." she laughed.

She said "Maybe this will help you decide John. I saw you checking me out in this outfit at work years ago when you thought that I wasn't looking. Choose number 270 and you won't have to work so hard to imagine what was underneath." He agreed.

The video showed Judy leaning on her left side in nylons and a red blouse. It slowly panned to the right and then back to the left. The next cut showed her right side with her standing. It panned from the floor up to the top and then back down again. The next cut showed her standing facing in the same direction. It started at her feet and then panned upwards past her knees until we notice she is not wearing anything above her nude colored nylons. It pans up to her ass and then gives us a side profile of her right tit and then pans down again to the floor. The camera pans up again with her turned away from us with a slight twist of her hips to the right. We got a great view of her ass and again part of her right tit.

"Be still my heart!" John cried.

"I shouldn't give you a turn Rick or have let you see this stuff. What would your wife say?" she said.

"We just won't tell her. It's not like I haven't seen a nude woman before." Rick said.

"I think the fact that it is me nude is the part she might object to, but OK, it is your turn." she said.

"I choose 57." Rick answered.

"I should have guessed you would choose that Rick!" she said. "You couldn't talk me into taking off my top in the hot tub all those years ago but you can see what you missed now. This is a longer video. At the end of it I am shaving for the first time. I hope you don't mind some closeups. Well it is Brian's fault. If he hadn't kept it I wouldn't have to show it.”

The video played and I turned away from the screen. The video was of her stripping out of her two piece red bathing suit. After that a clip of her shaving for the first time appeared on screen.

"Oh my! I didn't remember playing with myself like that." she said.

"Jesus! Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined I would be seeing this. Gorgeous!" Colin said.

"This is the best present you could have given me! I don't suppose I could get you in the hot tub now dressed like that!" Rick said.

"Sorry to crush your dreams Rick. I will be wearing my usual one piece suit. After today I will deny this video happened as well." she chuckled.

"Well, you can't blame me for trying." Rick replied.

"Colin's turn" Judy said.

"I choose 104." Colin said.

"I have noticed you are a breast man. The more bounce the better, Brian says you like that, not that I had that much to work with then." she said. The camera cut to a shot of her with a skipping rope in the nude skipping. There was a steady bounce from her 36C breasts.

"Look at those tits go!" Colin said.

"They would go much better now! Curtis's turn." Judy said.

"I choose 297." he replied.

"You don't want that one! I thought that was in another folder."Judy exclaimed.

“I really would like to see what you look like NOW nude.” Curtis said.

“You don't want to see that do you? I am a lot fatter and have more cellulite.” she said.

“And bigger tits!” Dave said.

“Ok. A bet is a bet. Don't say I didn't warn you!” she answered.

The video showed Judy sitting in a whirlpool tub. Her tits were much larger than in the previous videos. The end of the video showed her getting out of the tub. Her rear end was prominent in the last shot. This video seemed to be especially popular with the guys.

"I felt guilty watching this, but no way I was turning this off! I like a woman with some meat on her." Dave whispered to me.

"Jeff's turn. Let me make a suggestion of number 72. I noticed how often we ended up at the gym at the same time and you always tried to get a machine right beside mine. At least you were honest and never looked away when I saw you staring at me. That never bothered me. A girl likes to know she has still got it. I used to wear this outfit when I worked out." Judy said. A picture appeared on screen of her many years ago in exercise leotards and top.

I probably shouldn't tell you guys, but I work out in the basement now in the nude. I can jump out of bed nude in the morning and go downstairs for a workout before I go to work. Keeps me cooler and I can just run upstairs and shower right away. This is what I look like in bed. See, I am hairy again! John just about caught me once when he came over and was upstairs talking to Brian while I was trapped downstairs with my clothes upstairs."

A picture appeared showing her nude just getting out of bed.

"Wish I would have known!" John said.

"I pick number 72. Maybe next time we can work out together." Jeff said.

"No." she replied. "This is some footage of me working out many years ago. Sorry it isn't that outfit, but I do get nude." she chuckled. The video played.

"Fantastic!" Jeff said.

Judy finally stopped and announced "I am sure that when I go down the aisle you will be able to imagine me without that dress on in more detail now! I cannot believe what I have done! I probably shouldn't have had that much whiskey tonight. Please don't tell anyone what kind of porn you were watching. I hope Brian doesn't kill me." she chuckled.

She picked up a vibrator and smiled at the camera. I was shocked! A chorus of cheers and whistling erupted from the crowd.

"What do you think guys? Should I try this out?" She giggled. "Now hide your eyes."

“Just kidding. Too bad for you, Brian never made a video of me using my vibrator. Well, I have to go, see you at the wedding.” With that she disconnected.

"Man, I wish I could get a copy of some of those videos." said Rick after she disconnected.

I walked over to John and made him and everyone else promise to keep her video a secret. We all had another drink and talked for a long time about what just happened. Once they were sure I wasn't too mad at them they really opened up. I really wanted to know about how they felt. I promised I wouldn't be offended.

"Wow! That was hot! There is something special about knowing and flirting with a woman for over twenty years and wondering what she looks like under those clothes and then Bammm! All is revealed." Dave said. There was unanimous agreement to that.

"At least I won't be alone staring at the bride as she walks down the aisle." Rick said.

I stayed the night on Dave's couch. I knew Judy and I would both want to talk about what happened and I wanted to be sure we were both sober when we did talk. When I did get home we talked for a long time.

“I can't believe I did that!” she explained.

"I can't believe it either! Especially the video you played for Curtis." I said.

"I really didn't know it was in there!" she said.

"I couldn't believe you showed the shaving video." I said.

"So what number did you actually pick?" I asked.

"Two, not that it mattered. Our plan worked beautifully. All those nights of us role playing fantasies with me stripping for other men and it really, really happened. I can't believe how excited I got with all those guys cheering me. I was a little concerned about the more recent video of me and what they thought but they seemed to like the fat me better!" Judy said.

"Much bigger tits." I laughed.

She giggled at that.

As soon as I had arrived home Judy hauled me into the bedroom and was like a wild woman having several orgasms.
I pulled the phone out of my pocket and played the recording I made of all the guys comments after she disconnected.

"They all agreed that it was much hotter to have you stripping for them than any other woman. Having seen you with your clothes on and undressing you with their eyes for all these years and then getting to actually see you nude was amazing. I will bet every one of them jacked off as soon as they got home and some before then." I said.

"You think so?" she asked.

"No doubt about it." I replied.

"Wow! That sends tingles up my spine." Judy said. She shivered a little but had a big smile on her face.
"What did Dave say when you texted him with the plan?" she asked.

"He couldn't believe it but was very happy, and he repeated "very happy" to help out."

"That pervert!" she laughed.

"He did ask for one thing in return." I said.

"What was that, I hate to ask?" she answered.

"He danced around the issue at first to see what my feelings were on the request. I was a little hesitant at first, but said I was ok with it if you were. I agreed to try to convince you. He said if the question offended you he asked to be forgiven for the request and to please forget he ever mentioned it." I said.

"Oh for God's sake just tell me! The suspense is killing me." she cried.

"He wants you to do a full strip for him in person, with you starting by wearing your complete bridal outfit and ending up completely nude. He said he would bring the music and the alcohol. He is also willing to bring double his charitable donation with him." I answered.

She looked at me in stunned silence for several long moments and then said; "That is another whole level! Playing videos from home is one thing, but stripping in person? Am I bold enough?"

With that she dragged me into the bedroom again.

Sometime later I said; "I told him you would text him with your answer."

She grabbed her cell phone and texted one word to Dave. That word was "Yes!!"

Part II
Dave had agreed with me to wait until after the wedding and the short one weekend honeymoon, but we moved up the date of the strip to the next weekend. Judy had been so excited thinking about it that she couldn't sleep. I had to admit that our sex life lately had been supercharged! We decided to rent a hotel room so that there would be no interruptions. Judy was going to wear the exact wedding outfit she was planning to wear at the wedding. She didn't think that it would be too sexy letting loose her corset during the strip but I convinced her that it would be fine. Sure she had a lot of belly fat, but that was part of her charm (I didn't say that part to her).

Dave arrived at the hotel at 7:00 P.M. and knocked on the door of our room. I had to work so I only arrived shortly before he did. Judy greeted him dressed in her full bridal gown and veil. The gown was a traditional full length white gown with over the shoulder straps.

"Wow! You are a beautiful bride!" Dave gulped.

"Thanks Dave. And you brought a bottle of my favorite Scotch. How sweet. I will get the glasses." she said.

She poured us each a shot of Scotch in the hotel tumblers. We shot the breeze as if today was no different than normal.

Dave finally said "You don't have to strip if you don't want to. I am not going to hold you to that promise."

"Thanks Dave. If it was anyone but you I don't think I could go through with it. For some reason with you, it feels right. We'll Finish our drinks and then I will put the music on. I am going to use my own music so I get the timing right. It sure is hard to drink with this veil on. I think I am more anxious now about spilling something on this dress. It will be a relief to get it off and put away again." she said.

She had Dave sit in a chair close by her and started the music. She took off her veil and smiled at Dave while turning 360 degrees so he could get a total look at her. She had a modestly cut front and a pretty well covered back. She had white high heeled shoes on. She took her time pulling off her elbow length lace gloves. She sat down in a chair then stretched her leg in front of her and pulled back her dress and slip showing her right leg. She had on long white lace stockings and a blue garter on her leg.

"Would you like to remove the garter Dave?" she asked. Dave got up and came over to her and reached for the garter. "Not that way, with your teeth. You have experience with this garter." she laughed.

Dave hesitated for a moment and then gradually pulled off the garter with his teeth while getting a very close up view of her legs and lace brief panties. She dropped the dress down back over his head so I could only imagine what was happening. When he got the garter all the way down her leg he took off her shoe so he could get it off her leg. She put her high heel back on. She smiled conspiratorially at him and told him to go sit back down with his prize. She stood back up and reached back and started to slide down the zipper of her gown the whole time meeting Dave's eyes. Judy slid the strap off one shoulder and then the other suggestively. Then she slid the gown down over her hips and stepped out of it and dropped it on the bed. She still had on her long slip which she then removed. She started the next song.

This left her in her white corset, garter belt, lace panties, stockings, and high heeled shoes. She swayed her hips slowly and turned around so Dave could get the full effect. She then sat down again, removed the shoes, and slowly unsnapped the two snaps on each stocking and very slowly eased off her stockings one at a time. Next she removed the garter belt. She again turned around and smiled at Dave.

"Should I stop now Dave?" she asked.

"No, definitely not!" he replied.

"Can you help me with the snaps Dave?" she asked while turning her back to us. Dave unsnapped all twelve hooks and Judy stood holding the corset to her chest. She told Dave to sit down again. Dave had this smile on his face like he had just won the lottery. She turned facing us holding the corset up against her in just her panties and high heel shoes. She gave us another spin and then let the corset drop but held her hands against her tits covering the nipples. She rubbed her hands in circular motions on her tits. She finally dropped her hands. Her big D cup tits were on full display now for Dave. She did another turn and then sat down in the chair again. She slid down her panties while holding her legs together. Then suddenly she spread her legs.

"I can't believe it! You shaved!" I exclaimed. She had only shaved once in the whole time I had known her. She was as bare as the day she was born.

"Brian mentioned how you liked the shaving video." she told Dave.

"I sure did! I love your new look!" Dave squeaked.

She tossed her panties on the bed and then faced us doing a suggestive dance.

"Just like the strip club." she said.

"Yeah, except for the strip pole and the lap dances." he answered.

"Would you like a lap dance Dave?" she said. Dave just nodded his head up and down and didn't say a word.

"Whoa!" I thought, we had never discussed this. She walked over to the ice bucket and grabbed an ice cube which she rubbed on her nipples until they were hard.

"OK Dave, lay down on your back on the rug. Now remember you can't touch me. Keep your arms at your sides. I won't be touching you either. There are no happy endings." she said. Dave agreed to this and she had him lay down flat on his back on the rug. She started another song and got down on her hands and knees straddling him. She did what she calls a table top crawl above him. Her dark hair was almost touching his chest. She moved slowly above him until her left breast was suspended about just above his eyes. She then moved slightly until her right breast came into the same position. She then shook them to left and right until they had a nice motion going. I am sure one of her long nipples hit his nose once.

"Do you like that?" She asked. I knew from the wide smile on his face and the tenting of his jeans that he was having a good time.

"Ve Ve Very much!" he stuttered.

"I didn't know you stuttered Dave!" I teased him.

She then slid up slowly until her c*nt was right above his nose and stopped there. She then turned 180 degrees and repeated the process with her tits and her c*nt. She moved forward slightly and waved her ass back and forth in his face. Her final action was to stand back up facing the top of his head. She then moved forward slightly, slid her legs out and almost did the splits. She arched her neck forward so she could see exactly how far down she was sliding.

"Dave, make sure you keep that tongue of yours in your mouth." she laughed.

She lowered herself until her c*nt was about two inches above Dave's right eye. She then moved until it was above his left eye. To say that I was shocked was to put it mildly! Dave told me later that her clit was swollen and that she was so wet she almost dripped on him.

"Smells wonderful!" he squeaked.

She stood up and said that Dave could get up now. She said goodbye to him and slowly walked away exaggerating the sway of her hips to take a shower. Her whole body was flushed and I could tell she was very sexually excited. Dave and I were both astonished at what just happened and watched her walk away with our jaws hanging open. When Judy left our sight, I talked to Dave. He was panting heavily. I let him recover before I talked to him.

"Thanks a lot Dave for pretending it was your idea to ask Judy to strip for you." I said.

"Are you kidding me? That was a sailor's dream come true! Those tits and that ass! Wow! I said it before, and I don't know why, maybe it is the years of build up, but having Judy strip for me is far better than any strip club I have been in. She doesn't have the moves and is overweight, but she does it for me. I hope I haven't creamed my pants." Dave said.

"It has been a fantasy of Judy's for years to have another man see her nude, but if I hadn't pushed her there was no way it would have happened." I said.

"How do you feel about this whole thing?" he asked sheepishly.

"I didn't see that lap dance coming but I am proud of her and the guts it took for her to go after what she wanted. Well, at times I have felt a little jealousy, and this certainly wasn't my idea, but it does have its benefits. She is a tornado in bed now." I said.

"I wish I could see that!" he said.

"I don't see that happening Dave." I answered.

"I know. But a guy can dream can't he? Take lots of videos for me on your honeymoon." he laughed.

With that I showed him out of the hotel and went back to our room where I got this amazing blowjob and we got a head start on our honeymoon.

Things got pretty back to normal after that except that Judy's sex drive went into high gear.

Wednesday night was the night Judy usually took over a casserole to Dave's place. She had promised Caroline that she would look after him after she was gone. She picked up the casserole and got ready to leave. I had to get together some bids for contracts I was bidding on and was staying home to finish them.

"You sure I shouldn't go with you? After that lapdance you gave Dave he will probably jump you and have his way with you!" I laughed. I was only kidding. Dave would never do that, much as he probably wanted to. Our friendship was very important to us.

"No, I will be fine." she chuckled. "See, only a pair of jeans and shirt with a bra. Nothing to get excited about." she said as she walked out the door.

She rang the bell on Dave's door and he let her in.

"Smells great. I meant the casserole. You smell good too!" he said.

"Thanks Dave for both compliments. This is shepherd's pie." she said. She noticed he was playing solitaire. "Want to play some cards? You know how much I like to play cards." she added.

"How about strip poker?" he leared at her.

"Dave, Dave, Dave, what am I going to do with you?" she said.

"Anything and everything I hope." he kidded.

"Well" she hesitated. "It would be only fair, you saw me nude but I have never seen you with less on than a swimsuit." she leered back at him.

Dave hesitated for a couple of seconds before he said "I was only kidding about the strip poker."

"I know you were, but I wasn't." she said.

Dave hesitated again. "To be honest I would find it frustrating. The lapdance was amazing but left me frustrated. Oh I jacked off after, but it reminded me of the amazing blowjob I would get from Caroline after she used to strip for me. I haven't had sex in a year! Sorry! I shouldn't have told you all that." he said.

"You chickening out Dave? You promised me a poker game!" she said.

"OK. I can't resist in a frustrating sort of way. But only if you get Brian to OK it." he said.

She texted me explaining things and her reasoning. It was a bizarre thing to ask of me, but for some reason I agreed. I would do almost anything for that woman. I texted her back and she showed Dave my text.

They decided to play a quick version of poker with the person with the worst hand taking off an item of clothing. Judy had a bra on which gave her an extra piece of clothing on to what Dave had.

They sat on chairs at the kitchen table. Judy shuffled first and dealt five cards each.

"What have you got?" Judy asked.

"No pair, Queen high."

"Hah! I win, Ace high. Take something off!" she said

He took off a sock. She lost the next hand and took off a sock as well. They continued until she ended up in her bra and panties and he ended up with his briefs on. The next hand was dealt and Judy lost. She took off her panties. She sat at the table so he didn't get a look at her.

"Keep your head above the table Dave!" she giggled.

Judy won the next hand and Dave had to take off his underwear.

"I win! Stand up Dave." she said.

He obeyed and stood up and did a spin. His cock was about eight inches long and extremely hard Judy told me when recounting the tale.

"Did I cause that?" she laughed. She took off her bra and it grew even harder.

"You bet you did you temptress! Man! Brian is a lucky guy! You have such gorgeous tits! I am going to have to go to the bathroom and take care of this before I can get my shorts back on."

"It would be rude to leave a guest like that. Pour us a couple of drinks would you." she said.

He walked over to the bar with his cock flopping up and down. "God you are a cocktease. I can't take much more of this before I have to relieve myself." he gasped.

She walked over and picked up her phone from the end table. Dave watched her intently as she bent over. "Look what Brian texted me." She passed her phone to Dave.

"You have my permission to give Dave one of your famous blowjobs honey. Have fun Dave!" was what I said in the text.

Dave's mouth dropped open. With that she took his hand and led him over to the couch. She had him lay on his back on the couch and then slowly licked his cock from the base to the head. He tensed up when she touched his cock. When she grabbed his balls he just about went through the roof, she told me later. Before she could go any further he came all over her face with the biggest cum she had ever seen. He just lay there panting and didn't say a word.

"Well, that just won't do. I just got started." she giggled as she licked some of the cum off her face and wiped the rest off.

"I see you have your portable treadmill set up in the living room." she said.

"Yeah, more room out here." he panted.

"Mind if I try it out?" she asked with a gleam in her eye.

"Uh, no, go ahead." he stammered. He stood at the front of the treadmill watching carefully as she started running on the treadmill. Her tits were like poetry in motion, he told me later. He wandered to the side and back and watched her body move very carefully.

"See any flaws in my running form? Hey Dave, my eyes are up here!" she laughed. He stood nursing his drink at the front of the treadmill again for some time. She stopped running and told Dave to sit on the rug.

"I am going to have to get that beautiful cock hard again so I can play with it properly." she said.

She turned her ass to him and waved it in his face. She has this erotic way of twitching her ass muscles so that her ass bounces around. She turned around to face him and leaned over him bouncing her tits left and right in front of his face. He reached up as if to grab a tit but she slapped his hand down.

"Uh uh uh! Brian has set a no touching rule. I can touch you but you can't touch me. I don't make the rules." she laughed. With that she kissed him on the forehead.

"Well, looks like your John Thomas has come back to life. My, that is a big one." she said as she grabbed him by the cock and led him around the room like a dog on a leash. She dug one of long nails into his cock slightly and he visibly winced.

"Amazing how easily I can control a man when I have hold of his cock. Feeling a little vulnerable are you?" she laughed. He stayed silent. She led him back to the couch where she sat him back down.

"Now maybe you can last longer this time so I can show you one of my talents." she grinned like a cheshire cat.

She held on to the base of his cock while she slowly circled the head of his cock with her tongue. She looked him in the eyes while she worked. Eventually she pushed his cock down her throat and starting pumping. She has an amazing talent of not gagging. She managed to take the whole thing down her throat. Her tits were slapping on his legs the whole time. Dave told me later that he couldn't believe it. He had heard of women who could swallow a whole cock but never imagined that he would see it happen. He said it felt amazing and although he lasted longer this time he came again quite quickly. She swallowed all of it and licked his cock clean afterwards. She then got up and got dressed, picked up her phone and got ready to leave.

"If I wasn't married I would love to have taken that big cock for a test drive!" she laughed and winked at him suggestively.

Dave stood dumbfounded still nude.

"Brian just texted me to tell you that that blowjob is the gift for the groomsman." she laughed again as she walked out the door.

We toned things back after that. After Judy confessed to me how close she came to fucking Dave we decided not to tempt fate. I am not into this cuckold stuff. I am too much the jealous type. Dave is our good friend and we didn't want to change that.

The wedding and reception went well. At the dance the guys from the bachelor party seemed to all be getting quite a few close dances from Judy. I asked her about it and she said it was nothing serious. They were just flirting with her. Of course she had to flirt back. Dave and her seemed to be laughing and giggling a lot together at the reception too. When I asked what Dave had to say she said:

"Oh Dave, he was an angel, texting me bible verses." When I said that didn't sound like Dave she added: "Here, let me read his text to you:

"From the Bible's "Song of Solomon"

Your stature is like a palm tree;
your breasts are clusters of fruit.
“I will climb the palm tree and take hold of its fruit.”" she said. "Dave was only kidding."

"What did you say back to him?" I asked.

"Oh, I just paraphrased Mae West, "A good man is hard to find, or in your case a hard man is good to find." and then I grabbed him by the balls and winked at him."

"You did what?" I cried.

"Well it's not as if I haven't had his balls in my hand before." she laughed.

I really didn't know what to say.

"At our wedding reception yet! Did anyone see you?" I asked.

"I don't think so. Dave went out for a smoke break and I followed him. I was only flirting with him."

"Did he touch you back?" I asked.

"Are you kidding? He wouldn't dare! Dave is harmless." she said.

I had known him a long time and she was probably right. I was probably making a big deal about nothing.

Recently Dave started going steady with a widow who surprisingly looks a lot like Judy. She is tall like Judy, has dark brunette hair, and has pretty big tits. I am sure it is just a coincidence. That ended any exhibitionist tendencies she may have had with Dave for the moment. She stopped bringing food over to his house too. Her exhibitionist streak didn't end though! But that is another story.
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Default Pictures that go along with the text

Pictures from the story.
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