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Old 05-28-2018, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by shhane View Post
I like your stories. Write more)
Thank you for the compliment. I plan to write more when I have time. I still have a few more ideas for stories. I just finished one today and will be posting it below.
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Old 05-28-2018, 10:24 AM
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Default #15 - Scavenger Hunt

About: Jodie 20 years old, originally from Savannah, Georgia, now attending university in Hong Kong.

Going to university in Hong Kong has been a great experience. Iím in a sorority at the university and we like to have various outings and activities. This past weekend we had a scavenger hunt. We found a list of activities for the scavenger hunt on the internet and modified them a little for our hunt, each with a point total. We then randomly picked teams of four and allotted 20 hours to do as many activities as possible. The team with the most points was the winner and would receive a dinner at an expensive restaurant in the city.

Some of the items on the list were to bake cookies, write a song about the sorority, and build a house out of tooth picks. I was paired up with two girls from Hong Kong and one from mainland China. The girls on my team were remarkably competitive and really wanted to win this scavenger hunt. We did as many activities as we could by 2am and then got a little sleep and woke up about 6:30am.

When we woke up we looked at the remaining list and what we thought we could complete by 9am, which was when we had to be back on campus to complete the hunt. The item on the list with the highest point total was for the team to take a picture naked next to a local landmark. This was kind of a joke item as nobody expected any team to take this challenge.

One of the girls on the team said that she knew of a local landmark, a clock tower, that wasnít too far that should be relatively empty at this time of the day. One of the other girls said she was willing to do it too. Iím a very conservative person and didnít really want to do it, but I also didnít want to let down my team since they are also good friends, so I agreed to do it.

We ordered a cab since the landmark was 5 miles away and too far to walk given our time crunch. When the cab arrived we all hopped in. On the way over we debated how we wanted to pose for the picture. Some wanted to be shot from behind, others from the front covering up the private bits. There was also a case for posing from the side. In the end we decided to do all three poses and then weíd pick the one that was the best (and covered everything).

When we arrived we didnít see any people around. We were initially happy by the lack of people, but then realized weíd need someone to take the picture with our cell phone. Our only option was to ask our very gruff cab driver if heíd get out of his car to take our picture. He initially resisted and said he wanted to pick up the next fair. We told him he could keep the meter running and that weíd need him to drive us back anyway.

He didnít seem happy about it, but got out of his car and walked to the landmark with us. Due to his lack of English, he didnít realize we were going to be posing naked until one of the girls told him in Cantonese on the walk over. He had a shocked look on his face. We picked the spot where weíd stand to pose and decided we had to hurry up and strip before we changed our minds or attracted a crowd.

In a flash we stripped completely naked and threw all of our clothes into a big pile next to the cab driver/photographer and ran butt ass naked to the spot where we were going to pose doing our best to cover up. We decided our first pose would be shot from behind looking over our shoulders at the camera. When I got into position and looked over my shoulder I noticed that some other people had arrived and were standing next to the cab driver watching our spectacle. If only we arrived a little earlier nobody would have been around.

After the cab driver took a few pictures we moved to the next pose which was from the side. We were all scrunched together trying to cover our private bits, and I could feel my sorority sisterís bodies pressed up against mine. It was kind of a weird to feel my friendís pubic hair on my naked ass. Our last pose was facing forward and we used our hands and arms to hide our private areas, not only for the picture the cab driver was taking, but also for the pictures the small crowd were taking. Hopefully none of these pictures end up on the internet. If you ever see a nude picture of me on the internet, youíll know how it happened.

After we were done taking pictures we ran back to our pile of clothes doing our best to cover up. Our clothes were now almost surrounded by the onlookers. Because we were in such a hurry to get undressed, all of our clothes were in a random pile. I decided to drop my guard and totally expose myself to the crowd as I start digging through the clothes. I found my bra and top first and put them on. I was now only bottomless and it made me think of that scene with Julianne Moore in Short Cuts. I then found my underwear and pants and put them on so I was fully covered.

Once we were dressed we walked with the cab driver back to his cab to head back to campus. The whole way he kept telling us how crazy we were. In the end we were the only team to take the naked photo challenge and easily smoked the other teams. Our team now gets bragging rights and we get to enjoy an expensive meal together. Because I did something out of the ordinary, this will be one of my cherished memories of going to university abroad.
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Old 11-18-2018, 03:11 PM
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Default #16 - Chileís Next Nude Model

About: Lauren, 24 years old from San Jose, California; blogger, traveling around the world.


For the past year Iíve been traveling and writing about my experiences in my blog. I hope to someday make a career of travel writing. Since I donít get paid to travel, I try to find odd jobs to make additional cash to help fund my trips. I just landed in Chile last week for what will be a tour of Central and South American countries. Chile is a very beautiful country, at least what Iíve seen so far.

The day after I landed I started looking for odd jobs to give me extra spending money. I often check universities because they usually have short-term jobs to help students make extra money. I checked out a local university and saw a bulletin board that was advertising jobs. Fortunately, I took a few years of Spanish in high school, and could read and understand the postings.

One of the jobs that caught my attention right away was to model for an upcoming art class. Since I was already on campus and was only going to be in town for a few days I thought Iíd find the teacher and see about the opportunity. I asked around and was shown the direction to the teacherís office. I wasnít sure if he would be in, but thought Iíd try just in case.

I got lucky, the teacher was in his office. He was an older man in his 60s and looked like they typical art teacher, very bohemian, but friendly. I told him about my adventures and that I would only be in town for a few days and asked if there was an opportunity for me to model for his class. He told me he needed a model for a class he was teaching the next day. He told me that that class was a human figure drawing class, and that the models pose nude, and asked if Iíd be OK with that.

I donít know why, but when I first decided to model it never dawned on me that Iíd be asked to pose nude. I think I was just excited I found something that could potentially work. Now I felt a pit in my stomach as I learned the details.

I told the teacher I wasnít comfortable with posing nude, but that I would be comfortable posing in a bikini. He told me it wasnít possible, that if I wanted to job Iíd have to pose nude. Thatís what the students are expecting as part of their learning.

OK, I lost that part of the negotiation, as I had to either pose nude or walk away, but thought Iíd try to at least increase my fee for posing. The teacher agreed to give me 50% more than the advertised rate. I accepted.

The next day I came back to the campus and went to the teacherís office just before 1pm. He showed me the classroom where Iíd be posing, which was on the other side of the hall a few rooms down from his office. He told me he was going to the classroom to start the class, and that I can get undressed in his office and put on a robe he had hanging on a hook and then go to the classroom. The teacher left the room and I grabbed the robe and moved over to a part of his office that was hidden from the window on the door. I quickly stripped everything off and put on the robe.

I took a deep breath and walked into the hallway. There were students walking through the halls. This immediately brought back memories of nightmares I had as a kid of being naked in school, only this time it was real. I held the robe tightly around me and walked as quickly as I could to the classroom, opened the door and walked in. It was a small auditorium with a space in the middle for the model and chairs and easels situated in a circle around the central area.

The teacher introduced me to the class and told them I was traveling from the US and would be their model today. The teacher told me I would be doing four poses, each facing a different part of the class so students will get practice drawing from different points of view.

The teacher said they were ready to proceed and asked me to hang up the robe and move to the center of the room. Here we go. I took a deep breath and removed the robe, gently placed it on a chair and walked naked to the center area of the room surrounded by the students who would be drawing me.

The teacher walked next to me and started to describe my first pose when the door to the room opened and two students walked in. They were obviously in the wrong room, as when they looked up and saw me standing in the room naked they stopped in their tracks and backed out of the room.

The teacher explained the first pose. With this one I was facing the front of the class, sitting on the floor in a crouched position. This at least gave me the advantage of hiding much of my body. It felt weird being the only nude person in front of these people, but I guess itís normal in the art world.

For the next pose, I sat on a chair facing the back of the class with my arms at my sides. After we were done with that pose I was told I could take a break, so I walked back and put the robe on. Then I decided Iíd walk around and check out the drawings of the students. They were all very talented. I wish I could have taken some of the drawings with me.

This gave me an opportunity to talk with the students. We spoke in Spanish because most didnít speak English. They came from all over Central and South America. I told them about the countries I would be visiting and they told me some of the places I should check out.

After the break I went into the third pose, which was facing the left side of the room. For this one I stood up with my arms outstretched. This one took a little more energy to keep my arms up. Part way through the pose my allergies got the best of me and I let out three big sneezes in a row. Iíve never sneezed in front of people while nude, so I laughed a little to myself thinking how ridiculous it must have looked to them.

It was finally time for the fourth and final pose facing the right side of the room. In this one the teacher brought a blanked and asked me to lie down on my back and use my elbows to prop the top half of my body up. It was a little uncomfortable and the teacher noticed the look on my face and asked if I could smile a little. He said he wanted this pose to be a ďlittle sexy.Ē Excuse me? I just ignored him, cracked a smile and kept my pose.

After we were done with the last pose I walked over and put the robe back on. The students and teacher thanked me for posing for them. Then I walked through the crowded hall again back to the teacherís office and got dressed. Five minutes after I was dressed the teacher entered the room and paid me. He said I did a great job and asked if I wanted to pose for another class later that week. I told him I couldnít as I had other commitments and then I left his office. Of all the odd jobs Iíve done since Iíve been traveling, this was the strangest. It was a good experience, but I donít think Iíll be doing it again.
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Old 11-27-2018, 10:27 PM
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Default Awesome stories

These are great stories, that have a sense of realism. Would you be able to write from the perspective of a husband describing the exposure of his wife in this style as well?
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Old 12-03-2018, 08:41 AM
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Originally Posted by jnrab View Post
These are great stories, that have a sense of realism. Would you be able to write from the perspective of a husband describing the exposure of his wife in this style as well?
Thanks for the kind words. Itís hard to tell if other people like my stories since I think most people on OCC come for the pictures and not the stories. Itís good to hear they are appreciated. I have a few stories in outline or draft form that I want to finish, but after those Iíll try writing a few from the husbandís point of view.
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