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Default WWE: Bayley vs Alexa Bliss - Extreme Rules 2017

Hey there. So, I've never posted here before but I added this close to a year ago to the website CHYOA, where you can write interactive stories. This was part of the "Bra and panties match" story over there. I would link to it, but I guess since this is my first post here I can't. So sorry about that. If you want one of the other different endings (there is four total), head on over there to check it out. I also suggest checking out the other matches over there as quite a few are well written.

Some background is that this match is based off the Kendo Stick on a Pole Match between Alexa Bliss and Bayley from Extreme Rules 2017. This is my first and, so far, only story like this. If you have any suggestions for my writing, please feel free to leave your criticisms below or send me a private message. I haven't looked at this in a while so I'm sure there are a few grammar mistakes here and there but nothing too noticeable. Enough about me, on with the story.


The ring is set with the kendo stick hanging from the pole in the corner. In the left side of the ring is Bayley, wearing her green and purple gear while staring at the kendo stick across from her. On the right, the RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss in her black and white attire with the championship over her shoulder. In the middle stands the referee and JoJo, who is ready for the introduction.

JoJo: “The following contest is a kendo stick on a pole match for the raw women’s championship. Introducing first the challenger, from San Jose, California Bayley!
Her opponent, from Columbus Ohio, she is the RAW Women’s Champion: Alexa Bliss!”

JoJo begins to exit the ring, but Alexa Bliss stops her, grabbing the microphone from JoJo’s hands.

Alexa Bliss: “Hold on, hold on referee! Now Bayley, I know you were so excited to go to the ‘extreme’ in this kendo stick on a pole match but I didn’t think it was enough. You see I loved embarrassing you at Payback… in your hometown… and taking your RAW Women’s Championship. But you see I know beating you down with that kendo stick will be enjoyable to me, however, I want to embarrass you again. I called Stephanie McMahon and she loved my idea.
So… this match will be a Bra and Panties, Kendo Stick on a Pole Match!”

Bayley begins talking to the referee and is checking his earpiece to make sure Alexa’s announcement is official.

Alexa Bliss: “You see Bayley, you are only able to grab the kendo stick after stripping the opponent to their undergarments. Then you are allowed to grab the kendo stick and use it how you want. I want you to really feel the kendo stick against your skin, and feel the humiliation of being in nothing but your bra and panties at the mercy of The Goddess. Now I’m tired of talking, let’s do this.”

Alexa drops the microphone and the referee confirms to Bayley that this stipulation is official. Bayley’s mind is racing as this new condition has been placed. At first, she was only worried about the pain from the kendo stick and now she has to think about her clothing as well.

Bayley is completely distracted by the thoughts going through her mind that she misses Alexa Bliss running across the ring. Alexa connects with a clothesline into the turnbuckle on Bayley. Bayley falls into a seated position in the corner, sitting on the mat and quickly trying to get her thoughts together.

Alexa takes advantage by stomping a mudhole into Bayley’s body with nonstop stomps. The Huggable One tries to block the shots but can’t stop them as much as she wishes. The referee pulls Alexa out the corner, allowing Bayley to pull herself up in the corner.

The champion gets the referee out the way and quickly drives a knee into the midsection of Bayley. Finally, Bayley gets out the corner and falls to her hands and knees near the corner of the ring.

Alexa with a smirk on her face makes her way over to Bayley. Alexa bends over, grabs the bottom of Bayley’s green and purple top, and begins pulling on it!

Bayley is still in shock about what is going on that she doesn’t realize her top is leaving her until it covers her face. She begins tries to fight with her arms but can’t hit Alexa, and finally the top leaves Bayley’s arms exposing her light blue bra.

Bayley can’t believe this is happening to her!

Bayley falls onto his front to cover up her chest from the audience. Alexa holds the top in her hands and drops it in disgust. As she turns back to Bayley, she can’t help but laugh at her trying to cover up. She knew this stipulation was a great idea.

Alexa stalks Bayley, walks to her side, and drops a knee across her back. Bayley yells out in pain as Alexa drops her right knee, then left, then right, over and over again she continues this.

After about ten knee shots, she jumps up and drops both of her knees onto Bayley’s back. Alexa rolls through to stand up, does a standing moonsault and drops the double knees again!

Bayley gives up trying to cover her chest and decides she needs to do something. She crawls over to the ropes and pulls herself up. On the other side, Alexa watches as Bayley begins to stand up. She walks over and grabs her challenger by her hair, and bends her backwards.

Alexa Bliss: “You want to fight now… OH!”

While trying to taunt Bayley, Alexa gets hit with a right hand. She lets go of Bayley’s hair allowing Bayley to wait for Alexa to turn around and get hit with a polish hammer. Alexa gets to her feet again and gets dropped again. The wind has changed in Bayley’s direction.

Bayley waits again and scoops up Alexa for a scoop slam! The champion hits the mat hard, and the challenger bounces off the ropes to hit a leg drop on Alexa. Alexa crawls towards the ropes and tries to climb under them, but Bayley is hot on her tail and reaches between the middle and top rope to grab Alexa’s hair.

Alexa lets out a groan as Bayley pulls on her hair. Alexa twists her body so she can face Bayley, reaches with her arm, and gives a thumb to Bayley’s eye! Bayley immediately releases Alexa and moves to the middle of the ring. Alexa moves back into the ring, runs, and does a high knee smash into Bayley’s back!

Bayley flies into middle rope, going throat first onto it. Alexa gets ready to grab the back of Bayley’s tights but realizes that her tights are tucked into her boots. She knows what she has to do and do it fast. Alexa pulls Bayley off the ropes and flips her over onto her back as Bayley checks her eye and tries to catch her breath. With this distraction, Alexa unties Bayley’s left boot and pulls it off, exposing the bottom of her tights and a black sock. She follows up by undoing the right boot but gets checked in the face with a kick!

Alexa Bliss goes backwards, holding her jaw after the impact from the boot. When she turns back around, she is hit with a forearm to the face then sends her reeling. Bayley sends Alexa off the ropes with an Irish whip, and connects with a back elbow! Bayley notices her balance is off and drops to a knee to tie her boot. She looks up to see Alexa stirring, and knows she doesn’t have enough time to complete the tying.

Bayley slides the boot off and holds it in her hand like a weapon, and waits for Alexa to stand. Once she does, Bayley swings the boot but misses as Alexa ducks under, and strikes with a gut punch. Bayley drops the boot and grabs his stomach. Alexa stands up to hits a dropkick to Bayley’s leg, taking it from under her.

With Bayley down, Alexa decides it is time to taunt for the crowd. The Wicked Witch of WWE grabs the two wrestling boots in one hand and the discarded top, that was lying in the corner, in the other hand. With all three items in her hands, Alexa waves them around as the crowd boos.

Alexa Bliss: “How dare you boo me?! You know what? Fine!”

Alexa turns to Bayley and throws all three clothing items at her, as she holds her shin. Alexa moves over to the corner that holds the pole. The champion looks up at the kendo stick and begins climbing up the ropes. The referee yells for her to get down but Alexa ignores him. The referee tries to explain to her that she must strip Bayley before she can get the pole.

Alexa Bliss: “I don’t care! I’ll do what I want!”

Alexa turns back to face the pole but she noticed something before she turned that makes her stop. She turns back to see Bayley beginning to stand up and make her way over to Alexa!

With Bayley approaching, Alexa climbs to the middle rope and gets one foot on the top rope before she gets hit with a blow to the back. Bayley maneuvers under the higher leg to stand under Alexa, and leans against the turnbuckles. In a swift movement, Bayley picks Alexa off to ropes and into a powerbomb position!

Alexa is flailing her arms around, trying to reach for anything but all she is grabbing is air. She doesn’t know what to do! Bayley grabs onto the back of Alexa’s tights, and lifts her off her shoulders high into the air… and slams her down with the Last Ride powerbomb!

The ring makes a loud thud as Alexa comes crashing onto the mat. She groans in pain as her back is in so much pain after falling from high up (for her). Bayley fell backwards after the powerbomb into the ropes, and is using the top rope to hold her up. She looks down at her upper body that is only covered by her bra, and stares back at Alexa who hasn’t moved much after the powerbomb.

But then her attention goes over to the pole looming in the corner. The referee doesn’t want a repeat of what just happened so he quickly gets between Bayley and the pole; just in case.

Referee: “No Bayley! You need to strip her before you can get the kendo stick!”

Bayley looks back at Alexa, and the challenger’s facial expression says it all. The look of dread and fear covers her face.

Bayley: “I… I can’t do it.”

Bayley goes over to Alexa, sits on her chest, and proceeds to hits some ground and pound shots on Alexa; instead of stripping her. Alexa uses her arms to cover her as Bayley tries to do anything to Alexa besides strip her.

The referee quickly pulls Bayley off Alexa, allowing Alexa to crawl over to the corner. The referee demands that Bayley open up those fists but Bayley is zoned out. She doesn’t want to strip anyone, but she doesn’t want to be stripped herself!

Alexa pulls herself up in the corner and is hit with a stinger splash in the corner before she can reaction. Alexa tries to fall down but Bayley holds her up, and Irish whips her across the ring to the other corner. Bayley waits for Alexa to hit the other turnbuckle before running.

Bayley goes for a shoulder tackle into the corner on Alexa Bliss after the champion collides with the turnbuckle. With enough instincts, Alexa Bliss pushes herself off the mat and Bayley goes under her and smashes into the ring post!

Alexa can’t hold herself up much longer so she drops down and tries to go for a modified Glitter Blizzard. As Alexa goes to roll Bayley through, Bayley holds onto the ropes with as much power as she can. It’s a tug of war between these two now as Bayley fights being hit with the move while Alexa tries to hit it. Giving up on the move, Alexa reaches up and grabs the hem of Bayley’s tights and pulls down!

Bayley screams as her tights have been pulled down past her butt exposing her cornflower blue, tanga style panties! Bayley pushes off the ropes, hoping to roll all the way through the move but once her arms hit the mat Alexa pins Bayley’s arms with her legs. Alexa continues to work on moving the tights up Bayley’s legs, getting the hem past the thighs and to her knees now.

Bayley is kicking her legs, trying to do anything. Alexa moves her legs off Bayley’s arms and stands up, showing that her trunks were pulled up her butt to display plenty of cheek after the Last Ride. Alexa pulls once more the tights come off Bayley’s body, leaving her in only her bra, panties, and a pair of socks.

With The Huggable One down to her underwear, Alexa Bliss is now able to go and grab the kendo stick and use it. Bayley, on the other hand, is in shock. She is lying on her back in the middle of the ring in only her underwear in front of millions of people.

Quickly she rolls over onto her stomach, exposing her ass to the crowd in only her panties. Once she does this and the crowd begins cheering even more, she realizes what she has done. Bayley quickly turns back onto her back, sits up, and scoots over to the turnbuckle. When her back hits the bottom turnbuckle pad, she pulls her knees up to her chest and tries to cover up as much as she can.

Alexa Bliss is laughing the entire time. Bayley’s humiliation as brought great joy to The Goddess of WWE and she has no problem taunting Bayley with her own tights. Alexa does her signature pose, where she holds the title behind her head and over her shoulders, but this time with Bayley’s tights right in front of her!

Alexa stops doing the pose and throws the tights to the other side of the ring.

Alexa Bliss: “Bayley, you are pathetic! You knew you weren’t going to win this match, and now look at you. Now you are humiliated… and are going to feel this kendo stick.”

Alexa proceeds to walk across the ring and begins climbing the ropes to retrieve the kendo stick. All Bayley can do is watch in her undressed state as Alexa’s short stature climbs to the first rope… the second rope… but then Bayley can’t take it anymore!

She knows she can’t do down like this. She knows she can’t go down without a fight. This match might be completely against everything she wanted to do as a wrestler but she will not be treated like this. Bayley stands to her feet, and crowd immediately cheers as her whole body is on display now in just her underwear and socks.

The champion can only think they are cheering for her as she reaches the top rope. She holds onto the pole and looks at the crowd as they cheer, quickly she realizes what they were cheering at as her legs get cut from under her. Bayley pulled Alexa’s legs off the top rope and Alexa stomach first across the top rope!

Alexa is defenseless as she lies there in her position; lower body in the ring and upper body in the ring. She tries to push herself up but she can’t really do anything. Bayley stands by Alexa’s legs and sees an opening to get revenge on her opponent. She reaches forward and grabs the edge of Alexa’s black and white trunks!

Alexa’s eyes grow big as she feels her trunks being lowered past her derrière uncovering her radical red shaded, thong style panties! She knew the surprise stipulation and now is beating herself up mentally for being so confident that Bayley would be too scared to fight back and careless about her own panty choice. Briskly, her trunks move down her short legs and past her kneepads. There is no fighting back as Bayley slides the trunks away from the champion’s legs.

Hanging there without any pants, Alexa is suddenly flipped to the outside by Bayley, causing Alexa to crash onto the ringside mats. Bayley rolls out after her, picks her off the ground, and slams her face first into the German commentator table. She does it about three more times before letting Alexa fall to the ground.

Bayley looks at the table and takes the covering off. After that the monitors come off, Bayley brushes the papers off the table but gets hit in the side with a punch from Alexa. On the defense, she slams Bayley’s face into the table but Bayley pops right back up and does the same to Alexa! Bayley picks the champion up and places her onto the table.

The crowd begins cheering as Bayley pushes the commentators aside and climbs onto the barricade behind the table. The audience members behind her begin cheering loudly as they have an up-close look at her backside. Bayley ignores them and stares at Alexa, who is laid out on the table.

Bayley looks at the crowd one more time before jumping off the barricade and hitting an elbow drop on Alexa Bliss, breaking the commentator’s table! The fans in the crowd are going crazy at what just happened to these women. It takes a bit but Bayley climbs to her feet and turns back to Alexa, who hasn’t moved since having the elbow driven into her chest. Bayley knows it’s time to take advantage.

She bends over and grabs the bottom of Alexa’s top. There is no fighting back from Alexa as the top goes past her head, leaving her arms, and exposes her radical red shaded bra! With Alexa stripped to her underwear, Bayley is also eligible to grab the kendo stick from the pole. Once the pole is grabbed, they can use it however they want.

Bayley picks Alexa up to her feet and drags her to the ring apron, and slides her in. Alexa rolls into the ring, stopping on her stomach and exposing her ass cheeks that as spilling out her thong. While Bayley isn’t having that problem as much with her style of panties, she is still showing off a decent amount of cheek.

Bayley begins clapping her hands, which to crowd soon follows in on. Alexa Bliss slowly starts to get up. She first pushes herself off the mat to be on all fours, then gets to her knees, and looks down at herself. At this moment, she realizes her situation… she is in her bra and panties in front of over 11,000 people live and millions watching at home. Her plan has backfired on her! She throws her hands over her bra to try and hide her cleavage and sits on her knees to shield her backside.

Little Miss Bliss’ face starts getting red but not from embarrassment… but from anger. Alexa climbs to her feet and turns to Bayley, but gets two arms wrapped around her! Bayley goes to lift Alexa for the Bayley-to-Belly but Alexa viciously stomps down on Bayley’s foot with her boot. The challenger lets go of the hold and bends over to grab her foot but gets her head trapped for a DDT!

Right before Alexa goes to hit it, Bayley uses all her strength to push off and lift Alexa. Alexa flips over and lands on her back as Bayley hits a Northern Lights Suplex. Bayley looks down her body as she lays on the mat to make sure nothing has fallen out due to her large cleavage. Bayley rises to her feet and looks towards the kendo stick.

Bayley has been humiliated, and is hurting from this match but she needs to get that kendo stick that is hanging in the corner. The Huggable One begins walking to the corner, with her buttock and thighs jiggling as she walks. She takes one last look up at the kendo stick before beginning to climb.

Bottom rope, middle rope, top rope… Bayley stands on the top rope in her blue bra and panties, and black socks. She looks at the crowd and while she still can’t believe she is dressed like this in front of all these people, she now is confident that she can get revenge on Alexa for these last few weeks of hell. She reaches up and grabs the kendo stick, and pulls it down! Bayley has possession of the kendo stick!

Bayley holds the kendo stick up for the crowd but quickly crotched onto the turnbuckle as Alexa Bliss pushed her legs out from under her! Alexa holds onto her chest in pain from the elbow drop as she stands behind her challenger, looks over, and sees that Bayley dropped the kendo stick out the ring when she fell onto the turnbuckle.

Alexa exits the ring, going under the middle rope showing off her exposed ass unintentionally. She hops off the apron, which causes all parts of her body to shake. She receives cat calls from the crowd and gives them a look of disgust as she grabs the kendo stick and rolls back into the ring. She grabs Bayley’s hair and pulls down, making Bayley fall back into a tree of woe position, forcing her to hang upside down from the turnbuckle. Alexa Bliss then gets an idea. She walks back over to Bayley, grabs the tag rope, and ties it around Bayley’s ankles.

The Women’s Champion strengthens her hold on the kendo stick and swings, delivering the first shot of the match and the first one to hit Bayley tonight. The kendo stick makes a loud smacking sound as it bounds off the exposed stomach of Bayley. Bayley quickly moves her hands to cover her midsection but regrets it as the kendo stick connects with her hands this time. The camera picks up on all the pain expressed on Bayley’s face as the kendo stick connects for a third time; this time lands across her thighs.

As Bayley hangs defenselessly, Alexa admires her work. Sure… things could have gone a little better for herself but now Bayley can’t do anything. Alexa wraps both hands around the kendo stick again and swings connecting with Bayley’s midsection again. Bayley finally lets out a scream from her pain. The fourth shot did it and Alexa is grinning from ear to ear. Bayley tries to reach for anything: Alexa, the kendo stick, the ropes, but her pain is so much she feels she is so far away from everything. Alexa sees Bayley’s hands moving around on the mat and decides to act.

With the kendo stick in one hand, Alexa places it into Bayley’s hand and pushes down hard. Bayley yells in pain as Alexa throws her other hand into the air before placing it on her hip. Bayley uses her free hand and grabs the kendo stick and lifts it off her hand. She rips it from Alexa’s grasp! Alexa falls to the mat when her support gives out and now she is eye to eye with Bayley. The fear written on Alexa’s face says it all: she messed up down. Bayley brings the kendo stick up, tapping it against her thighs and knees (not enough to hurt), and brings to pain with full force as the kendo stick slaps the exposed back of Alexa Bliss.

She wasn’t going to have it for long because as Bayley goes for a second shot, Alexa retreats to the outside of the ring. Holding her back as it stings from one side to another, Alexa sits against the barricade. Bayley doesn’t see Alexa and knows she is recovering, and now this is her one chance to escape the tree of woe. At first, she tries to pull herself up with one hand but so realizes that she can’t do this with the kendo stick in hand. She lets go of it, laying it down on the mat, and begins her climb. Both hands just touch the top ropes and she brings to pull herself up. Bayley’s stomach, hands, and thighs are all in pain but her hatred for Alexa Bliss is pushing her.

Bayley is finally up on the top rope and in a seated position. She knows she is tied up and begins pulling at the knot. The knot loosens and Bayley pulls the tag rope off her feet. She is free!

But she is suddenly smacked right in the back with the kendo stick! Before she can react quick enough, she gets hit in the back of the head and goes limp. Bayley falls backwards and smacks her back against the mat as Alexa Bliss stands over her with the kendo stick in hand.

Alexa smells blood in the water and it’s soon going to be all over for The Huggable One. Bayley seemingly has nothing left in her after that last kendo stick shot and fall off to top turnbuckle. All she has done is just lay on the mat motionless since she fell.

The Goddess of WWE has a smirk painted across her face as she arrogantly approaches Bayley… but once she is close enough she stops. She stares down at Bayley with a confused look on her face. What her attention is drawn to is Bayley’s bra and the fact that it looks loose. The cups of the bra are a little off but aren’t exposing anything, and Alexa wants to know what is up.

The Women’s Champion gets to her knee and flips Bayley onto her side and checks Bayley’s back. Her back has mark across it from the kendo stick but that isn’t what Alexa’s attention is at. Her attention is focused on the fact that Bayley’s bra is broke! The hook must have broken off when Bayley fell from the top rope.

The thoughts going through Alexa’s head are going a million miles an hour. She didn’t mean to break Bayley’s bra, nor did she want this to happen. She kind of feels bad about it… but that isn’t going to stop her! She could just pin Bayley right here and finish it but with the moment of time from the last impact to now, Bayley would surely kick out. The only thing left to do is to finish her with the DDT.

Bayley’s hair is soon grabbed by the hands of Alexa Bliss. Alexa pulls Bayley to her knees, and it is clear that Bayley, who is slowly waking back up, knows something is wrong with her bra as she has her hands holding it. Alexa finally gets Bayley to get feet and gets her in position for the DDT by wrapping her right arm around Bayley’s neck.

As Alexa looks down at Bayley, she sees Bayley’s bare back where her bra strap used to be. Now the two pieces that were once hooked together are now hanging off the sides of Bayley. Alexa has quickly pushed her feelings into the back of her mind and is now thinking of ways to make this worse for Bayley. Immediately, a smile grows across her face as she reaches forward and grabs the waistband of Bayley’s panties.

In one yank, the RAW Women’s Champion has forced the panties up Bayley’s big ass. The hem of the blue panties has mostly completely disappeared into Bayley’s rear end; making it almost like a g-string. What Alexa doesn’t know is that with all this time wasted, Bayley has slowly come to. Bayley feels her panties up her ass, she feels her bra is loose, and she knows what position she is in.

Just like before when she was about to get hit with the DDT, Bayley tries to push Alexa up but she is too beat down to get enough strength to flip Alexa. Bayley does the next best in her mind and uses one hand to grab the side of Alexa’s red thong. When Alexa feels this, she releases Bayley’s panties and sends a hard shoot into Bayley’s back. Bayley drops to a knee but gets back up again but this time uses both hands onto Alexa’s thong to try for a Northern Lights Suplex.

Alexa knows this and unwraps her arms from around Bayley. She then puts her hands together and sends a hard double axe handle that sends Bayley to the mat! The audience in attendance immediately gasps when Bayley crashes to the mat. Alexa Bliss has her smirk back on until she feels a drift down low. She looks down and instantly goes into shock. When Bayley went to the mat, she took Alexa’s thong with her!!!

The Goddess of WWE is standing in the middle of the ring with her own panties around her ankles. While in this shock, the fans in the arena and at home are getting to view Alexa’s naked ass and her shaven pussy uncensored! She soon snaps out of her shock and throws one hand over her crotch and the other across her butt. She has never been more humiliated in her life!

Bayley still hasn’t realized what is going on as she lays on her back with her bare back exposed and her panties up as ass. Alexa, trying not to embarrass herself more, descends at a snail's pace to the mat. The problem is she took too long as Bayley pulls her hands back, sending Alexa to the mat with her bare butt hitting it. Bayley looks at her hands and sees Alexa’s thong in her hand. She looks up and sees that Alexa is bare waist down except for her boots!

Something that no one thought they would ever see, Alexa Bliss is begging! She is sitting on her naked butt with a hand covering her pussy; another sight no one thought they would ever see. Bayley, however, is surprisingly relaxed in this situation. As she holds Alexa’s panties, she begins backing up towards the pole. Alexa is too distracted to see what Bayley is doing, but the crowd knows exactly what she is doing.

Bayley gets to the corner and drops the underwear to the mat… and bring back up the kendo stick! Alexa’s eyes go wide as she begins scooting back towards the opposite corner; creating more distance between her and her thong. With the kendo stick in hand, Bayley walks to the corner adjacent to the thong and Alexa. She motions for Alexa to go ahead and get it as she adjusts her bra.

Now in a lose-lose situation, either Alexa stands up to face the crowd while she is halfway naked or she stays right here and stays halfway naked. Unless… Alexa changes her position and lays on her stomach with her naked ass out in the open. With her legs clamped together, Alexa pushes up on her elbows and begins to crawl her way to her panties.

With her eyes on her thong, her hands meet the middle of the ring but she quickly brought back to reality as she gets a shot from the kendo stick across her bare ass! She screams in pain and begins to flip to her back, but quickly remembers she would be exposing her nether regions once again and flips back to her front. Bayley sends another shot with the bamboo stick across Alexa’s ass, almost like punishing her. Once the third shot hits, Bayley walks over to Alexa’s feet.

As Alexa tenders to her stinging behind, Bayley sets the kendo stick down and grabs a hold of Alexa’s right kick pads. Bayley quickly pulls it off Alexa’s leg, exposing her knee pad and her wrestling shoes. As quick as she did the first one, the second kick pad is pulled off. Alexa begins to crawl away but Bayley grabs Alexa’s legs and pulls her back to the corner!

Taking a quick second to readjust her bra so her straps don’t fall, she sits down on Alexa’s back and pins her to the mat. Now the other way, Bayley slides the knee pads down both legs and pulls them off; leaving Alexa with only her shoes. However, that doesn’t last much longer as Bayley pulls off the shoes to expose Alexa’s pink ankle socks. Bayley considers leaving them, but pulls them off as well leaving Alexa Bliss now completely nude from the waist down!

Bayley doesn’t take time to brag like Alexa and decides to do one of her trademark moves: the Slip ‘N Slide! She moves from her seated position to laying across Alexa and begins to spin around the Goddess of WWE. After that bit of fun, she gets off Alexa and grabs the kendo stick back from the mat.

Bayley looks as Alexa Bliss starts to crawl again but shuts her down again with a fourth shot across the ass from the bamboo. Alexa’s screams in pain and each scream continues to get louder with each strike. This is not how this night was supposed to go for The Goddess… she wasn’t supposed to get the one stripped let only naked below the waist!

With Alexa still down on the mat, Bayley lifts up the stick of bamboo high into the air and brings it down to hit Alexa in the back. It finally cracks and breaks as it connects with Alexa’s back, splitting the kendo stick right up the middle! No use for it now as Bayley tosses it out the ring letting Alexa finally sigh in relief that the shots are over.

Bayley sees that Alexa is still trying to crawl but is not even moving anywhere at this point. Alexa’s naked butt is out for all to see as Bayley runs towards ropes, bounces off, and delivers a huge leg drop that shakes all body parts on both ladies. Bayley raises to her feet and once again adjusts her bra straps. Once finished, she realizes that her panties were still wedged up her ass. Bayley pulls her panties out her butt so now, once again, it is showing only the bottom of the cheeks and not the whole thing. She peers over to Alexa and begins to think it is time to end this.

The champion is down and now is the time to capitalize on it. Bayley pulls her bra strap back up to her shoulder one more time before bending over and grabbing Alexa Bliss’s hair. The blonde locks of Little Miss Bliss are yanked as Bayley pulls Alexa to her knees. Alexa is somewhat still conscious to want is going on as she has one arm down to cover his crotch from the flashes of the phones and cameras in the arena.

Bayley keeps hold of Alexa’s hair and pulls her to her feet now. In one quick movement, Bayley wraps her arms around the waist of The Goddess. Bayley’s hands connect and now has Alexa in position for the Bayley-to-Belly! Bayley lifts Alexa up… but Alexa goes stiff in Bayley’s arms and weighs herself down. Once her feet hit the mat again, Alexa reaches around Bayley’s waist and grabs a hold of her panties.

Even though she just pulled her panties out of her ass, Bayley feels it right back here as Alexa pulls up and to give Bayley a wedgie! Pain is written on the face of Bayley as her panties dig into her nether region and sending shockwaves throughout her body. Alexa keeps pulling while Bayley swings her hand and spanks the left ass cheek of Alexa Bliss!

An embarrassed squeal is heard from Alexa as Bayley’s hand connects with her butt cheek, but Alexa keeps her hold on Bayley’s panties. The slap makes Alexa pull even harder on the hem of Bayley’s panties! Bayley raises her other hand and spanks Alexa’s right ass cheek now. Bayley’s ass is covered by nothing expect her panties which now look like the average g-string you would see at the strip club. Alexa’s, on the hand, is red from not only the kendo stick but now the spanks she just received.

With neither of the spanks doing anything, Bayley can only think of one more thing that would make Alexa release her grip. Bayley lowers both of her hands down to Alexa’s ass and Bayley grabs a hold of Little Miss Bliss’ ass! With a cheek in each other, Bayley squeezes and gropes Alexa’s ass cheeks! The fans in the arena are standing on their feet and screaming at what they are seeing. They can’t believe it!

The shock of her ass basically now being in the hands of Bayley makes her release her hold on Bayley’s panties; finally stopping the pain for Bayley. Even though the wedgie stopped, Bayley keeps groping on Alexa’s ass. She gets one more squeeze in until Alexa gets arms loose from this bear hug and grabs onto the middle of Bayley’s bra with her left hand.

With her left hand on Bayley’s bra, Alexa pushes Bayley back with her right one. Bayley goes backwards a bit while Alexa pulls. The straps begin to go down Bayley’s arms and Bayley’s hands leave Alexa’s ass and the two women begin to separate. Once the distance is far enough, the bra leaves Bayley’s arms and now Bayley is topless in the middle of the ring!

The bra goes flying from Alexa’s hands to the outside and both women turn to look at each other. With her 34C breasts exposed for the very first time ever, Bayley stands in shock as the fans in the arena light up the ring with flashes from their camera. The shock has taken over her so much that she can’t even move her arms to cover up her breasts! Her dark nipples are getting highlighted by the flashes and the tan around them show that Bayley tans topless. With all eyes on Bayley, The Goddess of WWE has completely forgotten about her pussy being exposing; allowing it to be photographed as well.

Eventually both women snap out of their focus and cover themselves up. With Alexa Bliss down to only her bra and Bayley only down to her panties and socks, everyone is on the edge of their seat waiting for what happens next!

The standoff seems to last forever for these two women as their pride is left on the line. It’s bad enough having one private part exposed, but to end up completely naked would be the ultimate humiliation. Bayley stands on one side of the ring with her right arm across his chest covering his breasts while Alexa stands on the other side with her left hand covering her crotch. The lights from all the phones in the arena light up the ring, as everyone is getting photographs and videos of this unbelievable moment… there are two women who are nearly fully naked in the ring!

Bayley looks off into the crowd and doesn’t see the faces of her fans, all she sees are bright lights pointed in her direction. Unfortunately for her, this distraction allowed Alexa Bliss to make the first move. Alexa rushes over to Bayley with her light hand covering her lower privates and swings her right hand. The swing connects to the side of Bayley’s face, sending Bayley reeling towards the ropes.

The right hand stays still while Bayley’s left hand touches the stinging sensation on her face that sent her back into focus. The Huggable One leans against the ropes and basically sits on the middle one, and Alexa tries to move quick and grabs the side of Bayley’s panties with her free hand. However, with Bayley’s bottom being against the rope and only using one hand, it makes very little progress in movement.

Suddenly Alexa goes flying backwards as Bayley used both arms to push her, sending the Goddess of WWE back to where she started. Alexa lands on her bare ass and watches as Bayley steps forward ready to fight! Alexa gets back to her feet, puts her left hand back over her pussy, and charges towards Bayley. She lifts her right hand up ready to begin punching but as soon as she is close enough, Alexa Bliss gets trapped in a hug!

Without warning, Bayley sets Alexa into position for a Bayley to Belly… but hasn’t executed it yet. Alexa can’t fight back much though as her left arm is trapped in this hug. She tries to hit with her right hand but can’t connect any of shots. She feels a cold shiver go up her spine though as she feels Bayley’s arms grab her bra.

It doesn’t take long for Bayley to undo the bra’s hook, leaving the bra left unconnected and loose on Alexa’s body. Bayley lowers her arms towards Alexa’s waist and pulls in tighter on her grip. With as much power as she can muster, Bayley lifts Alexa Bliss off the mat and the slams her to the mat with a Bayley to Belly!

Alexa collides with the mat and lies there with her bra almost off her body. Bayley gets onto her knees after the move and stares at Alexa. The stare doesn’t last much time as Bayley grabs the bra and pulls it off The Goddess’s arms in one quick movement… Alexa Bliss now lays completely naked in the WWE ring!

Bayley, only in her panties and socks, lies her half naked body onto Alexa’s fully naked body and waits for the referee’s count.

One… Two… Three!

The bell rings to end this match that no one saw coming. “Turn It Up” begins to play on the arena’s sound system as Bayley rises to her knees.

JoJo: “Here is your winner and NEW RAW Women’s Champion… Bayley!”

The championship is handed to Bayley and she immediately shoves it towards her chest to cover it up. She rises to her feet and allows the referee to raise her arm in victory. She looks down at Alexa who is beginning to stir a bit. Alexa Bliss reaches behind to grab the back of her head in pain. She lowers her arm to her back and quickly her eyes bug out of her head. The Wicked Witch looks down and sees her birthday suit out in the open; showcasing her 34B bra size boobs and her naked pussy!

The humiliation takes over Alexa as she sits up and forms a ball with her body, pulling her legs up to her chest as close as possible. She has never been so embarrassed in her life! Bayley stands on the other side of the ring holding her newly won championship tightly. She didn’t want the match to be this way, but she had to push herself beyond her limits if she wanted to win the RAW Women’s Championship again… and push herself she did.
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Now need story on Asuka versus Ellsworth, which happened tonight. The match could have been more interesting.
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Great story dude
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