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Old 03-30-2018, 11:39 PM
piecenick piecenick is offline
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Default Clothing Malfunction

These usually happen quickly, seldom can you get a pic. One of my favorites was when i was helping some friends recover from a flood. They had about 5 other people helping that day, I was getting ceiling fixtures hung and this nice lady was assisting. There was no a/c or fans, it was August, she had on a halter top, she was not buxom, maybe a 34b. I was going to lift the fixture and hold it while she put the bolts on, it was not light, so it took effort. We did a 1 2 3, I lifted it over my head, she got the 1st bolt, working on the second and the tie on her halter comes undone, she is topless, bare pretty tits. She starts to try to fix top, i say please get the other bolts on first, this is heavy.

She does finish the bolt, but since she was distracted, it took longer. I was pretending to keep eyes upward, but got a good show. It felt good to let it go, i told her i woudnt tell anyone, but she bragged about what a trooper she is to everyone there.
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Old 03-31-2018, 03:10 AM
Borracho100 Borracho100 is offline
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Mrs B is a stockings wearer. Sometimes hold-ups, never tights (pantyhose) and normally stockings held up with a six-strap suspender (garter) belt. These belts are generally ordered online from specialist manufacturers and whilst they're not always the sexiest, Mrs B has taken to using them for regular wear as they're far more reliable for keeping her stockings up than the sort of flimsy four strap belts available in places like M&S, Ann Summers or Debenhams.

Before she discovered the joys of a six strap belt, I recall three incidents when her high street belts let her down. The first was in a supermarket when a front strap had popped open. Thinking we were in a quiet aisle, she hitched up her dress and reattached the errant red strap to her black stocking. She was less than impressed when a family of four appeared around the corner and she got a filthy look off the mum who presumably thought she was giving a deliberate flash in front of her hubby and kids.

Another time, we were walking into town down a quietish but long side street wgdb she stopped after a rear strap pinged open. Looking around, theee was nowhere to hide/seek cover and the only other person on the street was a woman about 50ft behind us so not being overly shy, particularly around women, Mrs B just lifted her dress and reattached herself, giving the lady a lovely view of her white strap.

My favourite was at a wedding we were at though. Mrs B was wearing nude seamed stockings and a beautiful patterned dress. If I didn't know better, I'd have thought she was trying to outshine the bride. Shortly after the ceremony, everyone was outside whilst the photographer attended to the bride and groom before getting to the group shots. We were milling around making small talk with people when she mentioned that her stocking was falling. We'd been told to stay outside so as not to miss the call for photos so we meandered away from the main group and found a large bush, the other side of which afforded some privacy. There was a bench there so Mrs B put her leg up on the bench to reattach. I was keeping an eye out on the other guests to see if anyone was coming but what I hadn't reckoned on was the bride's widowed father coming out from the house itself, which was the other end to where I was on the look out. Mrs B got the fright of her life, and the bride's father the view of his life, when he saw her reattaching her stocking and tightening the other straps!
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Old 04-01-2018, 09:50 AM
whatnow3's Avatar
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Default Bra clasp

Back when my wife and I were dating in the early 90s almost all of her bras were of the front closure type. We were at a restaurant when all of the sudden her eyes went big and she felt between her boobs. She then whispered to me that her bra had come undone. I couldn't tell as it was winter so she had a shirt and a sweater on.

She went to the restroom to redo the clasp. When she came back she laughed and told me the plastic clasp had actually broke so her bra was still open. This of course turned me on because she at the time would never go braless.
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Old 05-15-2018, 12:08 PM
Omega88 Omega88 is offline
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Default Magic Shirt

May have mentioned this event in another thread but it fits here... Years ago my GF and I were at an outside party in late summer and well after midnight and more than a few beverages were starting to say our goodbyes to various and sundry before we got in my car to leave. We each had our arms around each other's waist and I pulled her to me as we walked around the uneven ground. We were just about ready to leave when this one guy who had a real crush on my GF walked up and engaged us in conversation, though really was talking to my GF. Being a good sort my GF did nothing to end the conversation and he showed no indication he was going to stop. I may have squeezed her a couple times, do not really recall, indicating it was time to go, to no avail. After more talk I finally said we need to go. We eventually walked away toward my car, each with an arm around the other. As we reached my car we disentangled from each other and that is when I noticed my GF's shirt was almost completely unbuttoned and the sides were pulled apart giving a perfect view of all of her chest, her sheer lace bra encased breasts and much of her stomach! Apparently my arm around her waist combined with the uneven ground, and repeated squeezes / tugs had pulled the buttons through their respective button holes leaving her almost half naked. No wonder that guy wanted to engage in conversation! The same thing happened a couple other times without my having any real contact, so I dubbed it her "magic shirt." It was an old and probably too small shirt and the button holes were worn, but then again, maybe the little minx was helping it along...
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Old 05-15-2018, 04:33 PM
ours01 ours01 is offline
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Default After-party floating nipple

Many years ago in Yemen, I rented a room at the Mövenpick Hotel and had a sort of small after-party up there at the conclusion of the annual Marine Ball, which was in the same hotel. Among the people who came to my party were some guys from my team, a few French friends, a couple of US girls, and two ladies from the UK embassy. So, somewhere in there, a guy from Louisiana was explaining the joys of a trailer park to the Brits and I noticed that the scoop-neck party dress of one had scooped a bit low and shifted, leaving her right breast (a rather pert breast) completely exposed. Since we were well into many, many drinks, I doubt she could tell the difference. So, as Jimmy explained life in Louisiana, I pondered the etiquette question - "is it polite to interrupt a good Redneck story to let a woman know that her breast is exposed?" So, as I pondered, Jimmy explained and I admired. I think I offered to make her another drink and in taking her glass caused her to raise her arm so that the breast went back in. I don't know if she ever realized she was doing some ventral cooling, but Jimmy had noticed, which was one reason he tried to keep his story interesting so that she wouldn't notice.

Lots of other fun things happened that night, but this was the one relevant to this thread.
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Old 05-15-2018, 08:48 PM
Vortexvortex Vortexvortex is offline
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At the beach years ago with my wife, her best friend and my best friend. It was a short shallow beach so the waves were really big but didn’t really go far into shore if that makes sense. We decided to rent a boogie board anyway and my buddy and I had a good time with it for a while. Then we decided to head to our spot and have a beer while the girls took a turn. Her friend went first. We were maybe twenty yards away. She did terrible as we expected. As she stood though her entire nipple was out. My buddy and both joked about our great luck. Then my wife went a few times and at one point she really got knocked over by a wave. She was under the water for several seconds so my friend and I jogged over to see if they needed help. When my wife stood up, her bikini bottoms had gone completely off and were only looped around one ankle. We’re only about ten feet away at this point. Not much was left to my friends imagination as she stood up revealing her shaved pussylips and clit visible. Her reaction of course was to turn away showing him her round butt and pussy yet again as she leaned over to pull her bottoms up. Lucky guy.
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Old 05-23-2018, 02:35 PM
nudony nudony is offline
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Originally Posted by Vortexvortex View Post
Then my wife went a few times and at one point she really got knocked over by a wave. She was under the water for several seconds so my friend and I jogged over to see if they needed help. When my wife stood up, her bikini bottoms had gone completely off and were only looped around one ankle.

My fiancée also had a "wave-induced" wardrobe malfunction. She was wearing a bikini top much like the one below. A strong wave knocked her over a couple of times, and when she resurfaced, her top was not only up over her chest, but it was rolled in a tangle. When she realized her breasts were out she tried to pull it back down and unroll it; but it was too tangled. After a few moments she realized everyone at the beach had seen her tits out; so she just pulled it around and unfastened it. Luckily we were in St Martin where toplessness is accepted; and even though she'd had no intention of going topless herself, she realized that there was no longer any point in keeping her tits covered. So she tossed her top to the side and decided to just remain topless.

That was a good introduction for her, one that would ultimately lead her to go topless, and then nude, a day later at Club O. I am ever so grateful for that strapless bikini top and those strong waves lol!

Last edited by Turtle; 05-25-2018 at 04:46 PM. Reason: Celebrity photo removed
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Old 05-23-2018, 04:11 PM
romikk32 romikk32 is offline
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Default Sometimes it needs a little help to malfunction

Altho she had a bikini top malfunction whule holding the baby at the beach as a 25 yr old new mommy..the best "malfunctions" were always with my help. Countless times, but have dried her tank dresses till they rode up on her ass..barely covering..then sending her off to hetr college classes knowing itd be a show for anyone in front sitting at her desk
..or shrinking while stretching the legs on her terryclothe garden shorts so that when she bent over at he waste..guys going by would have the benefit of the perfect A..clear to heaven..shtinking her little button tanks so that shecouldnt wear a bra and thebuttons were always straining..stuff like this always gave me a boner
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Old 05-25-2018, 10:39 AM
visa0061 visa0061 is online now
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Usually with my girl, it's two types of malfunctions.

The unintentional ones are the ones she doesn't expect. My GF is OK with her body so most of the time she just shrugs it off. For example, waves have knocked her top down on the beach more than a few times. She has big fake tits. Most of the time she will wipe the water off her face then calmly put them back in her top. Doesn't make a big deal about it. She wears small bikini tops as well so I can't count how many times part of her nipple is showing or her areola. Sometimes I'll just fix it for her and sometimes I just joke around and let her notice. Also, a lot of times on regular public beaches she will untie her top and lay on her stomach. She has forgotten a couple times and leaned up to get something. Tits just hanging down for the world to see. This may be unintentional or she just may not care. One time she 100% did not care and just swung around, tits full out, and went through the beach bag for a good 5-10 seconds. The guy 15-20' over almost had a hear attack. That was definitely intentional. For a while she also went through a no-bra phase. She used to wear pasties when she did this to avoid her nipples showing. A couple times she rushed out of the house and forgot.

I have convinced her to do a lot of intentional "oops'" Every now and then she will wear her super micro bikini bottoms when the beach allows it. Last time in Miami she was struggling to keep her bottom, which was a 3"x3" triangle with a shoelace string g-string back, covering her pussy. I said something to the effect of "Just leave it..." She laid back down. When I got up to get something, I looked over and her bottom was flossing her pussy lips. She was also topless. Her outer lips were pretty much out for the world to see. She's also bent over a couple times and put her ass in the air wearing micros. Another time, on a public beach, she was sitting on a beach chair wearing a thong. Her legs were slightly open. The bottom was super low cut in the front as it was; to the point where if she didn't trim down her landing strip that morning it would have been showing. It was low enough that her pubic bone was exposed. I convinced her to "oops" it down a little farther so the little top part of her landing strip was showing. She laid back in the chair a little and that must have pulled her thong up a little more in the back, pulling the front down more. Again, I get up to get something. I look down and see that her entire little landing strip was showing as was the hood of her clit. I know she knew but was doing it to put on a show and tease me.
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Old 05-25-2018, 11:49 AM
Omega88 Omega88 is offline
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Default With a little help....

Probably should not admit this but may also have done a few things over the years to increase the probability that the wife may show a little more than she intends and for the most part she has yet to say anything. Am thinking she likes these little "mishaps" - she is a closet exhibitionist so these incidents fit in well. Things such as trying to recreate the "magic shirt" my GF had years ago [mentioned above] by enlarging a few strategic button holes on some of her shirts [over did it one one and after a day of shopping she complained her shirt would not stay buttoned; unfortunately that shirt seems to have been donated] increasing the front slit in a skirt so much more of her thigh and maybe more shows, lengthening the adjustable shoulder straps on several summer / sun dresses so more of her cleavage and small boobs are displayed, etc.
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